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Titusville Herald Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Titusville, PennsylvaniaCold dark and wet considerable cloudiness today and tuesday with a few showers and widely scattered thundershowers turning cooler High today in the 60s Low 48 to 54 tonight temperatures on sport Page ten cents put oud in the Birthplace of the Oil daily paper in the Oil established 1865 Titusville a monday morning May 20 1963 Juks Jet streaks nonstop to Moscow 15 records set russian claim of impossibility is disproved by Reinhold g Ensz Moscow a president Kennedy Jet Airliner streaked into Moscow on sunday to set an International Speed record for a nonstop flight from Washington the 5004mile flight took 8 hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds and it answered a soviet claim that the United states had no air Craft capable of flying nonstop to Moscow the us embassy said the plane flown by Kennedy personal Pilot col James b Swinda 46 Large amount of dynamite stolen by Don Mckee Birmingham Ala a a Large dynamite theft preceded night bombings that set off rioting by negroes a week ago in this integration target City sheriff Melvin Bailey disclosed sunday there is plenty of Loose Dyna mite in this area Bailey said the theft from a storage House of two cases of the explosive several Days before the blasts has been under intensive investigation he said its a frightening amount sheriff added the1 Ala 580 Miles an hour and set a of 15 records in route Swindal said the Only other non Stop Washington Moscow flight he of was made some time ago by a soviet Turboprop transport in about 12 hours the russians use the tu114 for Long air hops such As on their air route Between Moscow and Havana Kennedy plane is a Boeing 707 equipped with fan jets which pro vide More Power than Standard Jet engines it landed at Moscow Sheremetyev Airport in sunny weather at pm Moscow time it had left Dulles International Airport near Washington at pm Eastern Daylight time on Satur Day after flying fhe president from Washington to Nashville term Huntsville Alan and Back to Washington from Here the plane will Fly to Cape canaveral Fla to take astronaut Gordon Cooper to Washington on tuesday in three Days off lying the plane will have covered 12800 Miles Al though Swindal is in command there Are other pilots in the Crew to take Over the controls Swindal reported no problems on the flight to it was a smooth trouble he said we had fairly Good tailwinds As is customary on flights into the user the plane carried a soviet navigator and Pilot swin authorities had nearly 1300 Law enforcement officers on Call this weekend As a guard against an other strike by bomb tossers Birmingham racial troubles were discussed briefly saturday by president Kennedy and gov George c Wallace who met at a Tennessee Valley authority Cere Mony in Northern Alabama neither disclosed what was said earlier Wallace filed suit in the us supreme court to bar use of about 3000 Federal troops which i stationed at two Ala for possible action in i Birmingham the sheriff said two cases of dynamite was a Large amount but he declined to be specific there have been no reports of explosives stolen since the bombings he said Federal state and local authorities Are investigating the blasts which ruined the suburban Home of a negro minister the Rev a d King and a negro Motel Headquarters for integration leaders no substantial Progress has been reported by investigators several Hundred state troopers special deputies City and county policemen held the uneasy City under tight Security col Albert j Lingo state safety director and head of the Highway patrol said his Force alone was about 700 men this includes some deputized National guardsmen Well be Here indefinitely Lingo that was the attitude of City and county authorities since the bombings and rioting a week ago caught them off guard Dawn found the troopers and deputies on duty eating breakfast in a Park where Lingo has set up Field Headquarters in a Mobile unit a Block from j lie bombed Motel in such an atmosphere and with the nation watching Wallace and Kennedy exchanged formal Greet Ings saturday after the president stepped from his air plane at mus Cle Shoals Ala a surging throng of lab anians cheered the president and the governor often called the fight ing Little judge remarked to a newsman later it was a tremendous and fitting reception the people of Alabama really turned out to pay Honor to the president the Drake 400 Are arrested in Durham trouble dal said Friendly they were very but another Crew member said they were More impressed with the food served inboard than the plane they seemed very surprised at the size of the steaks we gave them he said they were try ing to figure out How Many Kilos the steaks weighed a kilo is 22 pounds the chief purpose of the flight was to Fly Glenn t Seaborg chairman of the atomic Energy commission and nine other us officials on an Exchange visit to the soviet Union but the White House announced that the presidential Jet aimed to establish a Washington Moscow Speed record eco rejects u s proposal on tariffs Geneva european common Market nations sunday rejected us proposals to attack world Trade barriers through sweeping across Leboard Tariff reductions a common Market source reported the common Market nations France West Germany Belgium Italy the Netherlands and Lux to insist that the United states give selective treatment to us tariffs that the european nations consider Abnor Mally High the deadlock threatened to de Lay the Start of bargaining ses Sions Christian a Herter president Kennedy chief Trade negotiator had urged saturday that the bar gaining sessions begin May 6 1964 with the aim of achieving across Leboard Tariff reductions of As much As 50 per cent a common Market official said however there could be no ques Tion of setting a Date for the bar gaining talks until there is an agreement Between the United states and the common Market on How to approach the problem eruption continues Jakarta Indonesia a Balis it aging Volcano belched out boulders and lava sunday for the fourth consecutive Day in angering lives within six Miles Jakarta radio reported Durham Cap More than 400 negro ass were arrested Early sunday night As anti Segre gation demonstrations struck at racial barriers int dirham Public eating places for the second straight Day sheriffs deputies using a dozen cars and Highway buses hauled the demonstrators to jail during three hours of wholesale arrests the chanting hand capping students were arrested in the parking lot of the Howard Johnson rest Aurant where they were refused admittance at Greensboro demonstrations time without carried out for the fifth consecutive Day against downtown cafe j Ferias and Heaters which practice 1 segregation More than 900 demonstrators staged an afternoon Long Salute to the 941 who have been arrested there since the racial tension be Gan wednesday More than 700 of those were still in custody re fusing to make Bond or accept release on their own recognizance pending a hearing May 28 it was for those being held in an unused Hospital converted into a temporary jail that the student demonstrators turned out sunday they ringed the Structure on the outskirts of Greensboro and Sang hymns and chanted their free Dom song for about four hours a cordon of 50 police officers kept the demonstrators from getting on the property and from mixing with about 100 White persons who gathered nearby Durham negro leaders said to Days activity was the beginning of 30 consecutive Days of mass demonstrations n school siting spread in North by John Curley Englewood no a rep Adam Gayton Powell d by urged negroes sunday to step up their demonstrations against racial segregation at the same time negro Lead ers announced that a Satin by unregistered negro children at the predominantly White Cleveland elementary school would be extended monday to two other schools in a fiery half hour speech to an estimated 2500 persons most of them negroes in Mackay Park Powell unleashed a barrage of criticism at what he called Black Uncle Toms the great est enemy of the Black Man and at in ambassador Adlai e Stevenson whom he termed phony Liberal Powell exhorted upper class negroes and poor negroes to March together and stand with your hands together and move Forward he said that since negro goals Arent in reach of the courts of Law any More negroes get together and do things to Gether the negro congressman called on Englewood parents to step up their integration efforts at the cites three predominately White schools Cleveland Arles and Roosevelt we stand now in the Middle of the Black mans revolution make no mistake about it this is a revolution no Black Man should be anything but a fighter i am a fighter and pm proud of it the greatest enemy of the Black was one negro on the in staff of 500 under president Dwight d Eisenhower in the Kennedy administration Stevenson at first blocked any attempts to add negroes to the staff now Hes agreed to three but As Clerkly posts and that the great Liberal the Leader of our Liberal forces Powell said a spokesman for the us Dele gation at the United nations said Powell is wrong the us Mission to the United nations employs 112 not 500 people and it employs 12 negroes not la s Powell says 27 dead in Everglades bus wreck worst tragedy in Florida Auto history by Ben Funk Belle Glade Fla Al night search for additional dea1 in the murky Waters of an Everglades canal was halted Sun Day and the death Tol remained at 27 in possibly the worst High Way tragedy in Florida history thirteen five women and nine men air negro Harvest workers died when a bus hauling them Home from the Field Side swiped a truck and plunged into a 20footdeep canal fifteen Man aged to get out of the sinking vehicle and swim to safety i think we got them All now George Emerson a Highway patrolman said sunday after divers had worked through the night searching for possible other Vic Tims poor boy slims bus operated by Edgar Lee Anderson to carry migrant workers to and irom the vegetable Fields of this truck farm area was rattling along Over narrow bumpy state Road 827 when disaster came truck driven by James Scon yers 34 a Belle Glade dragline operator attempted to pass the right rear fender of his truck snagged the front left bumper of the bus we were hooked up for about 70 feet Sconyers said then we broke Loose and he skidded Down a 10foot embankment into the water inside the bus As it Sank slowly below the surface the 42 panic stricken riders beat at the win Dow with hands and feet four windows were smashed and the survivors scrambled out some reached the Bank bleeding from cuts divers went to work and a wrecker was brought to attempt to raise the bus to the surface flashing red lights from police squad cars cast an eerie glow Over the scene As the work went on finally the bus was brought up filled with victims aged 6 to 65 ambulances brought the bodies to the Belle Glade armory four Hundred negroes Many moaning and crying gathered outside officers allowed one to enter at a time and occasionally a scream was heard As someone found a loved one cuban rebels attack base near Havana Miami Fla hit and run attack against militia bar Racks near Havana was reported sunday by exiles observing Cubas Independence Day the attack reported by Tele phone from Venezuela was attributed to commandos inside Cuba of the second National front of Scambray an undetermined number of casualties were inflicted on Mili Tiamen the report said the attack was made in Early morning hours of May 19 anniversary of the death of the cuban Independence hero Jose Marti Cooper gets heros Welcome tells of reentry problems Green Light go away troubles seen humorously at press meeting by Howard Benedict Cape canaveral Fla a a relaxed astronaut Gordon Coop or drawing several laughs from a packed news conference reported sunday he Felt like ignoring Green Light that indicated Trou ble with his automatic control system during his dramatic 22 orbit flight last week then i decided id better not he quipped i decided it just go away thus he described in Cowkey humor the suspense packed end of his historic voyage through the skies he finally completed the 22 Cir Cuits of the Globe arriving Back at his jumping off place he came by Jet from Hawaii where he was reunited sat urday with his family his actual space night was a Little less than 22 Earth orbits Cooper touched on All aspects of his flight in the news Confer ence held in a Motel auditorium in the nearby missile of Cocoa Beach Cooper reported of the Clear Day he was Able to distinguish Man land features such As rain Road trains trailing smoke and the Wake of a boat on a River on the arabian Peninsula i could see Dallas and Houston he said i saw lakes in the area of but i see my House because they left too Many Trees around it came up with still an other theory on the source of the mysterious fireflies first spot Ted by John h Glenn or on his Orbital flight in february 1962 Glenn at first believed they were something in space but the flights of m Scott Carpenter and Walter m Schirra or subsequently led to the belief they were pieces of flaking off the capsule sur face Cooper Suid he was con Vinced they came from the thrust ers the Small Jet motors which regulate the capsules position i could see each thruster fire and the fireflies came from them in great Quantity Cooper reported there was a regular Stream from each thruster had no trouble at All sleep ing in space i slept very soundly he reported and said he had dreams but could not recall what they were about China he said appeared very much As it did on the map he said he saw several chinese cities Landing party for a whale boat upper from the Carrier Kear Sarge is nearly swamped As it approaches Gor Don Coopers space capsule near Midway Island to attach a Cable for hoisting aboard the Carrier frogman Are Busy attaching the flotation gear and lower the Job is about completed a Means associated press Pearson faces opposition resolutions Ottawa a Canadas House of commons begins a week of policy debate monday which Al most certainly will see opposition parties move one or More Nocon Tidence votes against prime min ister Lester b pearsons Liberal government former prime minister John g Diefenbaker will Lead off the de Bate on last thursdays speech from the throne and he is believed ready to introduce the first of the test motions such a move would have to win the support of the two smaller parties however in order to succeed in toppling the govern ment this is not considered Likely one of the big issues of the de Bate is expected to be the govern ments decision to accept nuclear weapons both in Canada and for religion caste Are real Indian issues reduce just buy a Baclit Huntington n y a Norman Pearlman interrupted his shipboard routine sunday to take inventory of his provisions for the two weeks task that took Little time its not much of a chore to count a handful of Vitamin pills a sack of Tea bags a couple of cans of Coffee and three or four casks of drinking water the 38 year old lumberyard operator explained Pearlman has been living on such meager fare since last monday when he forsook his Home and family for a 21day solitary crash diet aboard his 35foot Cabin Cruiser anchored j Campaign sees Little discussion of other lines by Henry s Bradsher new Delhi India a voters cast ballots in two parliamentary by elections sunday after campaigns which have exposed an its Atlantic Alliance units in eur a few Hundred Yards off Shore rope in Huntingdon Bay old tradition slipping a Little us Sailor kept walking in soviet front door by Richard f Whalen new York a testimony by a Parade of 17 Fri agents has unfolded in Federal court a said tale of International espionage three times and probably More in fact Drummond related he was Given a Bonus to slay from Thi that might rival a carefully selected were the secret documents Ger spy thriller up to a Point an american Sailor is on trial i on charges of Selling military secrets to soviet diplomats his an Fri agent testified that i Drummond usually dipped into a file in his of fief and brought out a fistful of papers in grab bag fashion lawyer is scheduled to begin the was the Money used for lavish defense monday 1 living in exotic cities or perhaps Fri testimony last week Dis sated away for a spree water on closed some of its counterspy the Fri said Drummond methods including surveillance by close circuit television As Man Are those Black Uncle j Well As the sailors signed state Toms that Are against you po1 ment on How the spying was done tit of i cry Al o Yov i but was it All stealth by Black Uncle Toms he said rendezvous and disguise he meant society negroes negroes who have been living the life of luxury stevens0 not Fri agents testified that the defendant Yeoman la Nelson c the in ambassador has refused to take negroes on his staff at the United nations he said there said drummed 33 of Baltimore 9 walked in the front door of the bought a bar and Grill in Newport a few Miles from the naval base where he was stationed the russians apparently did try to maintain some of the Trade Tamal standards of espionage Drummond told the Fri that when he was transferred to new port from London where he said he was first approached in 1958 p v on a Street div Park Avenue at least in a Black bag and one of a pair of Matching cuff links with a who said he had heard that drum russians recall top operatives new York soviet design he was told to walk South on mond was Short of Money it was eighth Avenue from 125th Street testified that Drummond look on the first saturday of the month and 8ave stranger a signed after his arrival in new York he j receipt then the monthly meet was told the answer yes i will i jugs started Lvi flin 22 orbits pleasant do says astronaut tells How he flew capsule Down by Bem Price Cape canaveral Fla a Gordon Cooper Cool Pace explorer was welcomed ome sunday by a cheering Flag having crowd and then held a news conference which made or ital flight sound easy in his drawling Oklahoma accent the Tecumseh boy with the Trong Chin concluded that Bis 22 bit spin around the world was l very pleasant Mode of flight he had arrived by slow 600 Milea hour Jet from Honolulu at am with his wife Trudy and his two daughters Camala 14 and Janita 13 Honolulu was a seven hour Ball with Flowers flying like confetti after a medical examination and scientific debriefing he went to lunch and then drove seven Miles to the news conference along a route lined by a huge crowd including space helmeted children waving american flags there were yells of Well done Gordo and i Gordo it was one of the largest crowds Ever in the history of this Florida Sand Frontier town of the space age at the news conference Cooper told of his Sticky Landing prob lems on reentry into the earths atmosphere after part of his automatic control system had failed he made it sound about As ii dual As Landing a put putt air plane in a Light wind in any Case it shortly became Clear that Cooper brought his spacecraft Faith 7 Back to Earth with enormous skill using manual controls in effect he flew it in with the Aid of a Windup mechanical notebook Cooper told of his flight practically on an orbit by orbit basis for the full 34 hours and 20 minutes of flight with considerable logic he started his account at the begin Ning observing that right after liftoff i Fet As if i was on the Point of a Needle being put right on the target he had his version of the mys Tery of the fireflies originally reported by astronaut John h Glenn or he said the greenish snowline flakes were caused by the discharge of his attitude control jets when asked what he could see of the communist Mainland China and How it looked he replied it looks just like it looks on the map while his wife and daughters sat proudly in the audience the 36yearold air Force major also reported he could see stars of High magnitude in Daylight an invaluable Aid to future Astron auts travelling in the solar sys tem in dropping a satellite bearing a flashing Light while in flight Cooper reported he could see the xenon Gas lamp Only in darkness Early in the flight he said be Cut off the coolant in the Cabin of the spacecraft and noticed no change in his Comfort and that he he Union shaken up Over West show v011 the Way to the person j Drummond Ern penetration of its intelligence system has recalled to Moscow at least 300 of its top operatives stationed throughout the world the new York Herald Tribune said sunday the newspaper in a washing ton dispatch by James e War who asked him can you 1 Way Drummond told the Fri he met his Contact exchanged passwords matched cuff links the Ren from was arrested last 28 while sitting in his f Inin filling car near a diner in Larch negro he said earlier they had hiding while secret a file in the where he worked two of the arrangements were agents were watching on closed Ner said apparently every i made that he would receive circuit television equipment russian attache or civilian in a e Call was j shadowed him to the i i paid bonuses of 51000 wooo and Larchmont diner where he was Tell gence employee who had any for which he claimed helmet in the parking lot by two Contact at any time anywhere nothing special according soviet diplomats the Fri said evil at the heart of Indian democracy the contest will be decided mainly in the basis of the religion of the voters and the candidates and their place in the hindu caste sys tent the Congress party of prime minister Nehru who denounced traditional thinking along religious and caste lines As a negation of democracy has taken a Lead in exploiting traditional prejudices in one by election Nehru appealed to voters to support his party candidate to strengthen Congress ideals the Indian press has expressed opinions that Congress and other parties have compromised these ideals in the elections there has been some discussion of National issues though no local ones what counts is religion and narrow caste loyalties despite efforts by Mohandas did not turn u on Gandhi and others the Rural ready for reentry masses still consider themselves Connie dog on his reentry As belonging to a particular group i Cooper said the operation was parties usually nominate a Candi easier in the first portion than Date from the sub caste that is there had expected since his Auto largest in the constituency Power Matic controls were struggles within Congress parties at state Levels usually Are along caste lines in the background is bloody history of religious Vio Lence especially clashes Between hindus and moslem and sikhs is most alarming moment when one straps on braking rockets which had India with a real thump fell across his window it turned red hot White hot then broke into pieces and burned that took perhaps a million lives and went floating off in 1947 and the Many smaller j he also noted somewhat dryly clashes that have torn villages apart since then India now is trying to live Down this past but the by elections opened wounds that he thought the fireball was somewhat close this fireball is caused by a reentry temperature in the world with col Vladimir f Penkovsky executed last week As a traitor in the latest Moscow spy Case has been summoned Home to Fri agents their testimony they closed in and arrested him j at x Ruji t indicated that the payments May As he handed Over the documents i ill nor Iaze is have totalled Over fourth the russians Vears Drummond who i s married the Fri said Drummond was i faces a possible death sentence if first approached on a Street near convicted he joined the Navy 16 of some 3000 degrees on the Blunt heat shield end of the Cap sule Cooper said that just about the time he was inserted into orbit Youngstown Ohio a noticed his rocket Booster Ihl s residence in London by a Man i years ago Robert Sipe 39 died in a Blaze j trailing him and it was close that Campbell firemen said prob enough to reach out and touch t i ably started when Sype fell asleep could read writing on i while smoking to his apartment Side

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