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Titusville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 27 2015, Page 1

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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - July 27, 2015, Titusville, Pennsylvania A Fez Etta Stoutte Deralb monday july 27,2015established june 14,1865. The first daily newspaper in the Pennsylvania Oil Region. 75 cents gunman in theater shooting had history of seeking vengeance by Claire Golofaro. Melinda Deal att and Kim chair he associated press Lafayette la. The stranger clenched his fists and Shook his head recounting a time when he tried and failed to beat a cat to death with a steel Rod. His audience two women lunching at a Lafayette Bistro on a saturday afternoon sat across from him shocked and silent. The Man in a hawaiian print shirt had pulled a chair up to their table minutes earlier. He stroked their dogs and started to ramble people spend too much Money on their pets. There should be a cheaper Way to euthanize an animal. This stranger told them he once took in a stray cat and it got sick so he bashed its head with the Rod but failed to kill it. A the was Hurt that the cat lived a recalled Bonnie Barbier who listened in horror to the bluster for 30 minutes. A it was this twisted sense that he wats doing the right Days later John Russell Houser a photograph flashed onto television screens across America As the Man who opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater. A my stomach dropped a Barbier said of the moment she saw his photo Stem and unsmiling. A that was the Man from at the Bistro the Man seemed unhinged and self righteous Barbier remembered. He had written letters to newspapers about conspiracies he told her. But he was too smart for the world and had to dumb Down his missives so the masses might understand them. A a in a just sitting there thinking there a something wrong with this. He a out of his mind because Normal people done to talk about this kind of thing a a she said. A the was just so Odd and i Felt really weird feelings with him. Something inside was like a just done to set him off. Just smile and she and her Friend found an excuse to slip away. Houser a mentally ill 59-year-old, terrified his own family and ranted in online forums about african americans jews and Gays. He had lost his wife and his House and left behind a paper Trail documenting a Long history of seeking vengeance. Five Days after the Chance meeting at the Bistro Houser walked into the theater bought a ticket to the 7 . Showing of a train wreck and picked a seat two rows from the Back. Twenty minutes into the movie he stood up in the darkness and according to those who knew him let Loose a lifetimes Reserve of rage. Five Hundred Miles away in Houser a Hometown of Columbus Georgia some former neighbors say his life was a decades Long collision course with disaster. A a he a been known As a Lunatic and a fool around this neck of the Woods for years a said Patrick Williams an Antiques dealer who once filed a police report alleging Houser sold him a stolen Iron Fence at a Flea Market. A the was a highly intelligent Guy but mean As a Snake and dangerous. I Wasny to a bit surprised when i saw his picture on to. And no one else that knew him was surprised Houser who went by Rusty was known As Odd and eccentric in the Cluster of towns near the state line Between Georgia and Alabama where he lived nearly All his life. Neighbors said he filled his in ground Pool with hundreds of Koi. He flew a Confederate Flag passed doomsday fliers around his neighbourhood pounded out angry online missives about corruption and injustice and spouted admiration for Adolf Hitler. He fit the familiar Mold of mass shooters said James Alan Fox a criminologist at northeastern University author and prominent expert on massacres. Houser was paranoid blamed everyone but himself alienated his family and survived in a world of self imposed isolation. 4 Huzzah Herald photo to Lohr a runner for the Somerset frosty sons of Thunder nicknamed Moose rounds third base hauling Home for a tally As a teammate cheers him on. Ballasts play matches at pinhole City ghost town by Joshua Starling pinhole this Long abandoned City a streets were filled sunday afternoon As no fewer than 300 a a Cranks made their Way along Windy and wooded roads to watch a game of base Ball As it was originally intended to be played in the 1860s. Donning knickerbockers and Short brimmed Caps the Pittsburgh Franklins took on the rival Somerset frosty sons of Thunder at a makeshift Ball Field located at the Corner of second and Duncan streets where bails of Hay were the Backstop and Large Trees often came into play on Well struck line drives. A number of vendors Selling classic Ball game fair were set up around second and Mason streets where banners announced a number of sponsors for the Days event. Two full photo pages from sunday s game. A Quot it As the lawns filled with families of base Ball enthusiasts a known in the 1860s As Cranks a and history fans alike the arbiter yelled a play Ball a and the hurler took his place on the pitchers Point. The first of two matches got under Way with shouts of a Well struck a and a a Huzzah ringing across the 1860s Boom to bust City of pinhole. In the age before baseball mitts painted lines or Outfield fences the teams scouts pounded their feet through High grass and bumpy ground to track Down deep Fly balls. The Ball sometimes getting caught up in tall Pines As ballasts searched for the lost leather sphere while another runner chugged around the bags. The relay throw came into the Rover but alas the tally had been made. By the time the dust cleared the first game had ended in a 10-10 tie. Between innings and before strikers came to the plate the a Wildcat regiment band a a civil War living history group from Southwest Pennsylvania a played tunes of the age. The second game pitted a team of locals against the travelling squads but no score was kept. In the third and final match of the afternoon the crowds May have thinned somewhat but the spirit of the teams continued at full sprint a for the love of the see base Ball Page 3 Texas county where inmate died has history of racial tension by Michael Graczyk associated press Hempstead Texas in the searing 100-degree Texas heat Sylvester Nunn uses three worn Beach umbrellas to protect himself and the produce piled in the bed of his old Chevy pickup truck As he carries on a generations old summer tradition. The 78-year-old is Selling watermelons by the Roadside just outside Hempstead where the perfect combination of Sandy soil and rainfall make this the Watermelon capital of Texas. During the first half of the 20th Century the area was the nations largest shipper of the Sweet red fruit. But its a More troubling tradition a of racial strife a that has resurfaced Here in the Days since a Black woman named Sandra Bland died in the county jail after a traffic Stop by a White state trooper. Video of the confrontational Stop ignited Long simmering passions and caused some Blacks to raise their guard around Law enforcement in Waller county and the county seat of Hempstead once known As a six shooter Junction because of White supremacist violence in the 1800s. A a in be lived Here my whole life a said Nunn who is Black. A i know How it could happen but nothing a happened to me. Its been All right with other people insist the area about 50 Miles Northwest of Houston has left its troubled past behind. Bland a 2009 graduate of nearby Prairie View a amp a University had just accepted a Job at her Alma mater when she was jailed july to for allegedly assaulting the trooper who pulled her Over for an improper Lane change. Three Days later the woman from the Chicago suburb of Naperville was found hanged in her cell a a suicide according to a medical examiner. Blands relatives and other supporters dispute that of the race the Campaign for Pennsylvania a us sea by Marc Levy associated press Harrisburg a democrats can expect to decide a primary contest in nine months to see who will Challenge . Sen. Pat Toomey a Republican who is seeking his second six year term in the 2016 election. The seat is expected to be crucial to determining control of the . Senate and democrats Hope their four to three registration advantage in Pennsylvania and heightened voter interest in the presidential election will deliver a Victory to their eventual nominee. Here is a look at the race and the candidates the incumbent Toomey 53, of suburban Allentown is running for re election and has the Republican party unified behind him. Toomey is a free Market advocate and fiscal conservative who is popular with anti tax Small gov emment and business advocacy groups. The . Chamber of Commerce has already run a to and this summer supporting Toomey a candidacy. Still Toomey does no to always agree with business groups or even Republican leaders. For instance he opposes the reauthorization of the Export import Bank and he voted in 2013 against legislation to raise the nations borrowing limit and end the Federal governments 16-Day shutdown although rejecting the legislation risked a National default. Toomey is showing that he is not afraid to Wade into polarizing social issues he is listed As a co sponsor on Senate legislation Banning most late term abortions and he worked with West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin to expand background checks on gun purchases in the Wake of the school shootings in Newtown Connecticut. Toomey a aides tout his willingness to work on legislation with democrats. For example in addition to the background checks legislation Toomey and California Democrat Dianne Feinstein introduced a Bill seeking to repeal the Corn ethanol mandate in the Federal renewable fuel Standard. The challengers Democrat Joe Sestak is returning for a rematch but it appears hell have to beat Katie Mcginty next april 26 to do it. Sestak was a relatively unknown second term congressman and former Navy vice Admiral who decided in 2009 to Buck party leaders a including president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden a to Challenge longtime . Sen. Arlen Specter a moderate Republican tuned Democrat who switched parties to avoid a near certain primary loss to Toomey. Sestak 63, beat Specter soundly in the primary a largely thanks to democratic party primary voters who had opposed Specter for years. Sestak went on to lose narrowly to Toomey in a Strong election for republicans. But Sestak cemented his reputation with party leaders As a Maverick he did not coordinate his Campaign with the wider democratic party slate and he prided himself in standing up to party leaders. Mcginty 52, joined the staff of then-. Sen. Al Gore in 1989. She a huh went on to become a top environmental adviser to the Clinton White House Gores 2000 presidential Campaign and former gov. De Rendell. After a stint in the private sector the daughter of a Philadelphia police officer ran for governor finishing a Distant fourth in last years four Way democratic party primary. But she made enough of an impression on Tom Wolf the party a nominee that he tapped her to head a political action committee that supported his general election candidacy and then he hired her As his chief of staff. Some democratic party leaders remained uneasy with Sestak a repeat candidacy and sought an alternative including Mcginty. Mcginty resigned her Post with Wolf on wednesday and democrats expect her to announce her candidacy soon. The Cost expect tens of millions of dollars to pour into the race mostly for to ads. According to the Center for responsive politics a Washington Campaign finance watchdog candidates and outside groups combined spent More than $82 million on last years Senate race in North Carolina the most in the election Cycle. Pennsylvania a last . Senate election in 2012, Cost about $40 million when . Sen. Bob Casey beat Republican challenger Tom Smith. The Cost of Pennsylvania a 2010 election for . Senate exceeded $50 million. Toomey has a head Start he had More than $8 million in Cash through the last Federal reporting deadline of june 30 Sestak had just Over $2 math democrats have two things going for them. They own a four to three registration advantage Over republicans in Pennsylvania. The other one is this republicans Are defending the seats of 24 incumbent . Senators in the 2016 election while democrats Are defending Only to. That gives democrats More chances to narrow the current Republican majority of 54-46. Find us on f Facebook find us on a find us online Index classifieds.9 comics.8 community.2 help.5 opinion.4 sports.6 vital statistics.3 Contact us the Titusville Herald 209 w. Spring st., Titusville a 16354 phone 814 827-3634 online wow. Titusville Herald. Come mail news a Titusville Herald. Com a. 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