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Tipton Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1950, Page 2

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Tipton Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - August 12, 1950, Tipton, Indiana Page two the Tipton daily Tribune saturday August 12, 1950 the Tipton daily Tribune entered As second class matter oct. 4, 18d5, at the Post office in Tipton ind. Under the act of Congress of March 3, 1379. A published daily except sunday by Tribune publishing co. Telephone f7 and e8 member International news service subscription rates All mail subscriptions payable in Advance. By Carrier in City per week �?______________________25 cents one yer. Tipton and adjacent counties________________$6.00 papers mailed by single wrap one month 75 cents round town Witt the by r. D. Maney this morning we have on our desk a reprint from the i a digest. In which a congressman tells All that he has the solution for the debts thai Are at hand and might be interesting Reading but for the one item it Only tells us How to recover a billion dollars in unpaid taxes a my it s getting near election time. And the congressmen who voted themselves extra salaries. Are telling you. The taxpayer. To in to recover some lost taxes. He is the Man sitting in the Drivers seat. Who can do the Job. But As usual he is shift mouthing of the politicos. This is not True. And Well feel Safe to say. That there will be More Independent voters in the next election than have been seen in Many a Moon a my my the Burden on von and i n m a who have no say so other ?0 of. I,n0,s a than the one he tells us about. A my the article is the slap taken so often at tax exempt organizations. And aimed of course at the co Ops. As the Laws Are written now charitable religious educational co Ops labor unions etc., Are exempt. Naturally when the Laws were made years ago there was not the thought that someday these might shield huge holdings. Corporations profit making organizations. A my y it that very thing has happened and today. J under the Guise of non profit organizations. Quot Many Many.1 huge Dollar making organizations Are operating. What was set up for the Benefit of educational and religious organizations. Is now a giant mushroom. Making your tax Dollar and mine a Little More to share. A my conscientious Charita a ble organizations Are o. But for every one that is sound there Are thousands that Are not. And Are hiding behind the skirts of the tax free organization. Maybe they Are in the office of some Law firm. Do not have any set program for social or Public welfare. And if there Are contributions to Charity Etc it is indeed Small. There Are huge holdings etc., that Are sold by an individual to a a a charitable Trust at a modest figure. And the vast taxes Are now payable no More. Do you suppose that for one moment the Man who sold the holding is not directly associated with it now in some manner a my russian humor i financial report of Tipton North Central association dues 10.00 Indiana University consultant service other activities i 4,515 46 200.00 school City Tipton county Indiana special school fund receipt Bash balance aug. Of 1949 $32,212.9lo.-a1 taxation -----------30,i28.34 j Rojan of Bligh school Library Transfer tuition Cicero tup., i Jan i 1,001.07 gds. 1-64.8jo books a. 1.092.19 state tuition support c.ool.19 Library 8uppiie�31.75 auditor of state for \ Terai Ina free textbooks a. 3.168.99 or. Program 3.633.81 Pree textbook supplies 17.75 j Industrial Art s department 239.35 refund on excise tax 77.26 rental of gymnasium Jefferson and Prairie turns. ----200.00 balance of Cicero twp. Settlement for school year 19481949 i 1.000.00 Cicero twp. Rental of free textbooks for 4s0.59 Cicero twp. Settlement school year 1919-195017,343.66 miscellaneous receipts 265.07 medical inspection 616.00 total receipts special school fund total expend it in school fund balance on hand july 31, 1950 _____$27,570.20 expenditure so general administration school Hoard salaries 600.00 Premium on treasurer s lion a attorney fee printing $ 5,987.75 capital outlay heating lighting and plumbing 1,243.20 instructional apparatus for commercial department i comp Ometer 516.00 i Royal typewriter 99.75 i Remington typewriter ___99.75 files 120.00 typewriter tables 23.50 scrubbing machine 320.00 204.38 ,122.00to in scrubbing machine ----$97,aj9.3.> Rev kit no. Pet. I h la permanent bleachers dentist puts Teeth in old town clock by International news service Greenfield q. A ins a pigs is pigs so the Story has it and Teeth is Teeth. You can to fool the Greenfield town fathers about that so they have hired a dentist to replace the Teeth in the ancient town clock. It Isnit As foolish As it sounds however for or. Ralph w. Hull knows More about the venerable god Speed Ashland Ore. A ins a Oregon a shakespearean festival held yearly in Ashland was recently congratulated in a letter from sir Lawrence Oliver producing director and Star of English motion pictures of the bards works. He wrote to your a god Speed read the classified ads. Christian science services $ 7,748.58 j total expenditures from special school fund ___$69,969.15 tuition fund receipts s5.00 Cash balance aug. I 1949 --$56,458.69 local taxation 32.s29.82 75-year-old clock than anyone i a soul Quot is the subject of the los else. He gave the clock its last i son Sermon in All churches of overhaul Back in 1922. J Christ scientist on sunday a when the Council advertised i t for hic i. The Golden text is a the Lorda. J time the j is my portion Saith my soul there lowest quoted figure was $405 fore will i Hope in him Lamenta without fixing the strike and i tons 3 24. $385 if the Council wanted the i the lesson Sermon also includes taxing of the you Are to phone or wire your congressman immediately. They How Many times have Are suddenly concerned with a you heard the old gag a you j billion in taxes. But there the taxpayer. Are the Only one who can save the country. Write now to your congressman and Tell him that we want Bla Bla. It s a fact. They think in he House stays away from �"�5sb.�?ossstc addressing a Trafalgar a Square London demonstration organized by the British peace committee Ilya Ehrenburg russians leading Newspaperman blandly says Tho russians Are too Busy building cities and tending their gardens to think about War. International a s,re,.,Auona pro Kiam j Transfer tuition a a a a other expenses ipe inti clerk office supplies 9,589.49 $10,536.51 instructions i instructional supplies _____1$ 2.263.94 diplomas and commencement Shaker 272.17 salary. Kindergarten teacher 1,298.00 salary of clerk in principal s office 990.00 veterans training program. 4,318.su Cicero twp. Pro rata share of prot to from transfers 1,446.04 j. P. Oiler vocational agriculture travel i ____114���� summer hand instruction ___426.06 Slimmer 4-h club work for months june and july. ____500.00 Junior High school coaching 400.00 summer Craft school teachers $217,791.31 Mark. For $1 an hour plus the a soul has infinite resources with total receipts tuition fund $149,237.55 finance july 31, 1950 68,553.76 expenditure so teachers salaries ---------$144,803.82 salaries of vocational teachers paid out of tuition fund 4,373. 3 total expenditures. Tuition fund _________________$14$,�?T237.55 Bond fund receipts Cash balance aug. I 1949 a i n,592.72 local taxation a ,793.10 total receipts 3.385.82 total expenditures. Bond fund 2.225.00 that everyone is a stupid Ward heeler. And takes for gospel truth. All of the. T did you know that the was no asking for a letter or University it. Of Michigan now Ware to your congressman when win a run Airt Thal they were raising their the a few of the Large and there is no cry to do so a a a a a sea colleges have tax free when a senator or member of private business ventures the seem to the now exempt items. And the fellow who is shouting the loudest. Your congressman and the rest is the fellow who should do something about it he is in the seat to do it. Not you and i i pc ration a wag of janitor i Coal _ \ is Ater lax Light and Power. 260.66 566.60 balance july 31. 1950 _____1,160.82 expenditure soit of principal it 2,wm>.h0 i or rent charges it of interest 225.06 i properties a 120.00 Cost of any necessary parts or machine work including new Teeth for the ancient mechanisms gears. Which to bless Mankind and happiness would be More readily attained and would be More secure in our keeping if sought in soul p. 60. Notice to taxpayers of tax levies in the matter of determining the tax rates for certain purposes by the Library Board of i Ipton tip Ion a linty. i ii Library Board. Notice is hereby Given the taxpayers of the. City of Tipton and Tipton i oui it % Indiana that the prop r u ral officers of said municipality at their regular meeting place on tile 31st Day of August 1956, will consider the following Budgie % budget classification services personal services contractual i. Supplies Ravine ila.03 a a it it. $10,144.13 6,263 6i ii _____771.96 8.8.99 of total expenditures Bond fund. $ 2,225.60 vocational fund receipt Cash balance aug. I 1949 1.802.05 total estimate a a Complete detail of budget estimate Mav he _____________$16,380.00 a a 1,57. >.00 1,125.60 5,150.60 a $26,815.25 Cen in office of Library estimate of Library fund to cd raised 792.27 local taxation 73.66 _ 4.337. Funds required for Kex pc rises to dec. 31 of incoming year important vote. Wonder if be the Only ones disturbed. They think they should be and Are Orr led Over some of a docked for overtime then notice to taxpayers of tax levies i1. Jilt. I. Ii. To i ii inns t i. L at s . I the civil town of Windfall. Tipton mull. Indiana. Lictor t b. A in of town trustee. Not Ltd a is to i. By Given the taxpayers of Windfall. Tipton Bounty Indiana at the proper Legal officers of said municipality. At la irregular place on a 2i t Day of August Uco Nill cons Dei Hie following budget budget classifications for towns Gene Al fund general fund continued debt payment ll6.uo principal on loads water z.simi.00 service personal salary of trustees salary let rat Lea surer _____2�m a i f an marshal 7vt.na total i a rat fund i omit a atom town a Street fund sen Lees contractual service personal 11 at. Lilit. J a it wer and wat a 1.45a.ot salary tied commissioner i a no Iii baud ctr iit4 i supplies it i in a supplies election. 19 >1 i Pitt ii Chat . Aul in nil urn i top fit s l Loipl Bleul my advertising a a the r contractual a Iii Jal Boud 75.06 salary of employ is 2.aa sender Contra dual 166.60 p of it tar materials .-$6,599.60 $ .866,66 25u.�i janitors supplies care of grounds j Telephone 258.69 state vocational allotment a 1,427.8?total budget estimate for incoming and the old gag of j other expenses 91.90var a i Crit voile in a i total receipts vocational necessary expenditures to in made write your congressman is j j 20,301.71 fund $ 7,567.67 from appropriations unexpended july not to be swallowed. Maintenance a total expenditures. Vocation 31 of present year ,. Upkeep of grounds $ 32.75 i Pond 3.963.56 addition appropriations necessary to and sinker Bellair of school buildings 3,9s3.60>. Be made aug. I to Dee. 31 of pres a. J Rogy in and replacement of sibilance july 31. 1956-----$ 3,664.17 i Cut year anymore. Heating lighting and plumb a expenditures i a i ing 1,985.26 salaries of vocational Tabeh total funds required a ,. Instructional apparatus _____1.123.18 3,903.50 j i kids on hand and to be received a line can be drawn with furniture 123.21 receipts from sources other than proposed i ii a enter rises that Are being r i j a window shades 324.16 cumulative sinking fund a the enterprises Mal Are , careful you other. Equi ment a 217.21 Cash Balm. Aug i. 1949�?$ entered into. Some have denied .,-4 it nov local taxation -------------31.774.91 permission in their meetings to and should demand that study s buy additional property that will be fair a ill a Quot of a it thur h business. Because they can to allow any of Sod for kindergarten 300.00 see that the Burden of taxation legitimate organization. To Remai is too great on the individual. Educational that is o. K., to continue fund a. A i.909.�6 attending educational meet Library fund $26.s 15.25 10,179.12 895.00 a my every a organization tax Levy actual balance july 31 of present year taxes to be collected present year to it a i receipts cumulative december settlement a sinking fund _________-$3l.774.911 miscellaneous Revenue to be received to 66 i 66.66 should be taxed on some of Brick Bradford. But. Cancel the others lugs 110.13 1 total expenditures cumulative sinking fund a balance july 31. 1950 --------$31,771.91 expenditures july 31. 1956 $ Oft i signed l St or . Aug. I of present year to Dee. 31 of incoming year schedule on Hie Iii office of Library Board special taxes see schedule $31,889.67 13,638.v7 7,212.72 116.22 Secretary of school Board. A leak tilt Okay total St re t fund Bond fund payment of interest pal Hie it of Bonds it a $ $ i $ total Bond fund 5,6.���?� b i nation fund estimate of town funds to be raised fund requited for pics it. To dec. 31 d to in 31 of to a a and Tut is . N it it it a for iii1 Outing to i mad a i it i. 1 j Aly general fund 6,596. To Street fund s.666 66. _ i. I 56.66. 5� 6. 1 1 $9.66 1,60 $ 571.66 1.666 6 1 -.-$1,371.66 1,171.60 recreation fund # 112. It i ii tired. Ban .61 to in i it e led it ures Oiler than proposed total f i in it for re in so tax Levy Vinal balance july l of present i a t. It. A i i. Present Lear 11 n a tubers Tel Nunt Ellen a Revenue to i i a so. D a la. I of pres it Lear a a a i n e. 31 Al in a Gnu ii Quot car s. It ii. A. J a of Tow n 4terk-Treasureri so Jai taxes see sell Dole of is a lid All other Revenue see be edit tot i fund .1.ii la n t in it i inti a. A i a a i for a a Pei i Quot Del it incoming i at tip ration Balau. Not Iti a Ess a a a a use Jan. I to Han 2.6. Less Inis. Natl Quot us i venue in same pvt Ltd liaised by tax Levy v. I 6.imi 2.192.00 2.1 <1.66 210.00 4.5 lf.66 3,894. To 350.00 13,3 7.66 6,387.tm� 1,521.ny 4, 89.oo 10.997.60 2,390.10 125.06 total funds net amount to be raised for expenses to dec. 31 of incoming year operating balance not in excess of exile use Jan. I to june 30. Less miscellaneous Revenue for same period $20,0u1.m 11,197.80 6.215.21 amount to be raised by tax Levy proposed levies net taxable Proney. Tieton county. $25.950.io number or taxable boils. City of Tipton $4,137,sir, Library Pune Levy on properly. $17,113.10 i a 7 4 e amount to la raised $12,975.30 1, 137.<0 $17.113. To comparative statement of taxes collected and to be collected fund j Library to i be collected to Ole to i to Olle t in t Ollet a 191< 191.1 n 1950 451 $17.ii 3. B whims be theater by Tom Sims end b Zaboly can a int to i j 2.515.60 net funds a i net Ai Stet lot d. 11 a i Ca t iou i a Lon 111, $7 to ital $ 4,211.00 proposed levies �?��?T�?�7"5 on number of taxable Levy on ?l2> Rolls. I St amount to be raised $1.21 2.515.0-. 1.571. Quot name of fund i. I j it i Iii r _. Ai at iia i t it a l comparative statement of taxes collected and to be collected collected 1943 % to .�?�7.eu 42l.tmi collected 1943 $ ,3.191.00 5,661. 61 collected 1950 i 4 i 5.33 3.257.50 1.4 37.66 71 i5 i i. 91.1 ii 9,1 29.06 $11.943. >8 i a i. Is api cola Quot Ball bv., Light to by Beard thereon. After i. Tax a 5 a s i Ltd i in a in i a in.,i i. Ii ii it Siut to to Liq Bouillin auditor no in r to an two d to prior to the it i to monday in september and the Levy ii a by t i Bounty tax adjust Al bo.,id. In til in Tail it a a to to. By the Bounty a Ditol Tea of Aioli let ill Iii to a agg tto a suet i it irs. A Chi ii to la. Stat Quot Board a a i tax commission s for further and Bual i a at ing tin recoil i a tiling with tto county auditor a a or before the fourth of porn Ber or on or be i a the to nth Lay after Public ii Tion by tin county auditor of tax Tut it ii i gel. Slih Hever lat is later Alai Hie Stai Iii ,.x a Dale for be Arius in ibis county. Kral Stralko Tnomas Davis Jum la uni it tits Feii. 213-269 a to j at d l l Lay of August Apo. Rot its Spiik efficient a Coho Mience Economy i Quot pm i Poisal Quot adut Brit in hit Irti of a i . Tribune press taxpayers appearing Sli ail have a right to it a . Aft r the tax levies have Chen of trained. Aint prs tiled to tin county auditor not later i than two Days prior to tile second monday in september and tile Levy fixed by t the Bounty tax adjustment Hoard or on their failure so to do. I it tin Bounty. J auditor ten or More taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by levies starring Popeye i to a a Appeal to the state Board of tax commissioners for further and Buat hearing by Ding of petition with tile auditor Oil or before the fourth Al May of september on or before the tenth Day after publication by tin county auditor of tax rates charged whichever Date is later and lilt state Board will fix a Date for hearing in this mar. Dated this 3rd Day of August. 193. 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