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Tipton Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1930, Page 1

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Tipton Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - August 12, 1930, Tipton, Indiana Entered As second class matter oct. 4, 1895, at Post office at Tipton iud., under the act of March 5, 1879. To 1.1 me we no. A a. Tii ton Indiana ties Dav evening Al til St 12, 1930. Amp old chd is Buck of fess id his Jos new g. 0. P. Chairman is strictly a regular Republican at All times. Is a confirmed dry storms Iti Iii a earn crisis so is look to i it it Fin heat Jeneva aug. 12. Agriculture throughout Switzerland is facing a great crisis owing to violent storms Iii the last six weeks. Crops of wheat Corn potatoes Aud fruit were destroyed or seriously damaged with the result that prices have mounted 2u to to per cent. A Many Farmers Are ruined and the country is now depending on american and Canadian wheat As during the War. Tile situation is so serious that when parliament reopens in september agriculture will he the first question examined in St. Louis plane nears one fair flyer to another Jackson and of brine probably will take Mark from Hunters. Only few hours left smallest Man physically in Senate has a big Job ahead of him. Hiller tourists Complete tour St. Louis aviators plan to stay up eight More Days a going Good. Washington. Aug. 12.�? Sena Quot i Simeon it. Fess of y u w Springs Ohio who has succeeded Claudius la. Huston a it chairman of the Republican National committee is a dyed in the Wool Republican of the a old guard Quot school. Whatever else they May say about the Little senator from Ohio none will Ever question his . As is the Case with Jim Watson Reed Smoot. Samu i Short Ridge and others of the a stand path Camp in the sen. Nut in i \ Hill. A Republican. His name Bas associated with Progress that word is used it on. Or. Fess thinks Reg a regular votes regular chairman of the National. It seems certain that a \ surely function As Day Nix it after covering 3,800 Miles. A to ate but not Sivi a alar Fuik it and. As re committee be will jul a a it ular. It was i tor Horah St. Louis aug. 12.�?the Mono a plane greater St. Louis piloted by Dale Jackson and Forest party reached Tipton Mon \ of brine approached the present record of nearly 55 4 hours held i by the Hunter Brothers their plane continued to function Well i a so Well in fad that John Hun a ter. A visitor at Lambert St. Lou i is Field said a it looks As though i they have got it in the Jackson and of brine had been i i circling Over the Field More than 531 hours Ruder endurance Fly i ing regulations they must re-1 main up an hour longer than the i Hunters to break the record. Although within sight of the i record which they formerly held Jackson and of brine had no in luge Fok rices coh if Peshawar reinforcements sent to War zone in India to combat tribesmen. An armoured train looting of villages continues despite arrival of troops in area. Upton on Leviathan tells of Steerage trip to fort Tine London. Aug. 12.�?sir Thomas Linton sat in a luxurious Cabin on the Leviathan on his Way to join his yachts in the United states Waters and recalled to newspaper men that just sixty two years ago he started the same journey As a Steerage passenger. A i was then 17 years he said a and my sole ambition was to make Money for yay Mot her. I worked hard at my first Job in one of the Southern states and at the end of eighteen months returned Home with $400 in in pocket. In those Days i thought i was the richest Man in the Smet is my g. S. Farm machinery orders totalling s40,500,00 have been placed. Record for period Bombay India aug. 12.�? Strong reinforcements were sent this afternoon to the Peshawar area to if necessary to come it Afridi tribesmen who will exhibit if Stute frs much of Money to be spent will be for farm tractors is report. Flew Over Niagara Amelia Earhart Only woman to Fly the Atlantic says Good Luck to mrs. Martie Bowman seated in plan of Hempstead l. I., before leaving for new York. A Lisa Earhart is to compete in have been engaged in an attack members of Tipton county the woman a air Derby on the West coast while mrs. Bowman is scheduled to participate in the Washington to Chicago air Derby starting August 22. International newsreel the Miller tourists who left Here monday morning july 21 for a three weeks trip through the East arrived at the intersection of Federal Road 31 and the Range line Road. About 6 o clock a e on that City. I an armoured train fully manned 1�?Tunjab stronghold ninety Miles by troops left for raw a1 hindi i Southeast of Peshawar. From where they May he moved up immediately toward the City at the Entrance to khyber pass fortified by great Britain to keep Barbar 4h clubs will compete with others. Enter judging team Gus Supply Ian invaders out of Indi i. Who dubbed Sena a a a pseudo Republic an a a a Louth with Brook Hart. La re Ollet a. Norris and others of the Ogress be group which in past ear. Have so consistently refused o toll in the organization Lead Roll i. And a get Ese inv a Way of coming Back n election years. Washington continues to speculate on just flow they will react to the election of the Ohio senator As the. Greeting head of the National Yurt it organization. La 1928. When Herbert Hoover til non need his candidacy tor the presidency senator fess was not inning those who rallied to by rapport. However with the Nom nation of or. Hoover at Kansas a Ity fess be rattle one of his if longest supporters and in the dorm sessions of the seventy first Congress the president has Tad no More energetic or stanch rapport or than the Man he picked o succeed Huston. What sort of a Man is Hie new Republican chairman in the first Dace he is physically the Small St Man in the Senate. In still Las just enough hair left to keep Lim from being described As a Aid he is clean shaven Atli wins a pair of the most piercing line eyes in the Senate. There ire times when he reminds one if a country methodist preacher incidentally he is a member of lie methodist Church. He has a Lig Mouth a straight line in the ight place a fairly Large nose hat is straight ears Are set a lose to the head. He has an Ling ally High forehead Bushy Eye it rows. And a regular old time Milo smile that is almost always n evidence except on occasions v Hen the Republican party is Miler fire. In recent years those occasions have been Many and lever far Between. In december senator fess will be 1 9. But he looks ten years roil Liger. He is always Alert at Imes he gives the impression of leaves. In the matter of clothes in does not care what style is. He or Esse a Well hut the clothes Are always Plain generally severely o. Cutaway Coats Are his favor the. In the Campaign now getting hider Way senator fess will in Pestl snably stand Buncom Prounis ugly and without apology or excuse for the Hawley Smoot Tariff hat Law is going to be a Para Lount Issue in this Campaign. A continued on Page 2. Monday evening rile i Ipton peo Tention of an Early Landing. They pm Wen met there by Automo Pannett q remain in the air at Biles and brought on into Tipton Hgt Aste get Days beyond that it pres. After Good byes were said to those put record remaining in the big greyhound John Hunter who a to Ltd a bus which was used on the trip. Spokesman for the Brothers a Flor ibis veal the trip covered j or arrival Here yesterday As about 3.soo Miles and it was an aured thir St outs rival the it one. Atlantic t it it was would no attempt to break the added to the itinerary this year Rei Ord of he 4ireawr St. ,.lluis and the tourists enjoyed this in thi8 year if a new Mark is j. The tribesmen so far have been apparently successful at least Iii j practically isolating the Northwest Frontier City. Aii Telegraph fair when tin Indiana state opens in september Tipton county visitors As Well As others will Lineal see some extra Good entries from new York. August 12. Orders tor agricultural much winery to it get 40,,non have been placed on be bait of the soviet Coliff Tive and state fat is with United states firms. About 85 per cent of the orders is for tractors which will be used in the 19 1 Spring planting. Shipments will Start in november and he completed in february 1931. The orders Are the largest Ever placed for the same period of time for farm machinery according to m. Kalmanovich. Vice commissar for agriculture who came to the United states to arrange for the shipments. County Surveyor l. J. Rich Ards announces the successful ones. Men at work in Sharpsville Hope to revive old time Gusher. J out of Peshawar were Cut and the members of the Tipton county government it Simla summer 4.11 Cli is. For some time Mem-1 capital obtained its Only inform Bers of a be a have bet it a a a a Euille mation by Means of wireless and., ,1 i their entries read and they will air planes. _ lie in prime condition when the big fair opens. Ii he Yui Jet Hurt. Son of my. And or. De Murphy struck or automobile. All under estimates drilled in 1906 ter nationally known will la Summet j achieved. A we would like to place. Practically All of the mein boy make hers took a dip in the Ocean. A a _ at new York the tourists were died at South Bend. Given a privilege of going Back stage at the Roxy theatre and miss Wilda new House a member of the Tipton party received ail introduction to the manager who saw that the Tipton party were shown everything. This is the most elaborate theatre in the mrs. Margaret Gillespie i Iii i in Ltd Ile re. Word was received in Tipton tuesday morning of the death of mrs. Margaret Gillespie which took place at the Home of her world the furnishings being prac-1 Dau her in South Bend monday tic ally beyond description. At Niagara Falls the tourists got a real thrill they flying from the Canadian Side Over the Falls and Hack again. Only one member of the party did not take this la Iii lit she preferring to remain on the ground. Moving pictures were taken All along the trip some exceptionally Tine views being obtained by Irvin Miller the conductor who has 2,000 feet of film to he shown at the annual reunion of Miller afternoon. The body will he brought to Tipton and funeral services will be held at St. Johns Church thursday morning at 8 30 of clock and conducted by the Rev. Father Billstein. Burial will in in the Catholic cemetery. Mrs. Gillespie was a former Tipton resident the wid by of the late Mike Gillespie who died about twelve years ago. Mrs. Gillespie was Horn Iii county Mayo Ireland on december 25. 1 852 and came to the United states on july 4, 1872. Tourists to he held at the Tipton 8he Wah married to Michael b. Pam september. Gillespie in Indianapolis april Hilling the entire trip there 1875. The deceased is survive Vas no unpleasant incident to de daughter in South Bend mar it. Several members of the min roae Gillespie who is a party had Days when they were teacher in the schools there a son not As pert As they wished to he Andrew in Hammond a sister but there was no serious illness Barbara Lippe of Indianapolis continued on Page 2. And three grandchildren. Flying boat being built for submarines will i fold on sea As Mother Craft dives Washington aug. 12.�?details of the flying boat now being built for use on submarines disclosed that the Craft will be of the folding Type and is expected to be completed by december. It will be a Low winged monoplane w Ith detachable wings and will he housed in a Large tank just below the deck of the submarine. It will have a Low Center j of Gravity to give greater stability on the water. To launch it the submarine wings will be fitted in place the undersea boat will submerge and will Rise to the surface the flying boat will be left floating and ready to take to the air. To take the flying boat on Board the after part of the submarine will be slightly submerged. The aircraft will climb the ramp to the deck the wings will he detached and the flying boat lowered into its compartment when the submarine will he ready to submerge and carry on its own operations. Even with these arrangements it is not believed the flying boat can be operated in heavy weather. Its main Mission will he in scouting operations in sheltered Waters to advise the submarine by radio conditions. The flying boat is being built As an Experiment after a previous Effort in this direction ten years ago had proved unsuccessful. County Surveyor l. J. Richards who has been considering bids submitted on the Oliver Smith. Elizabeth Wendt and John Legg ditches last saturday has announced the successful bidders. Robert Reise who has done considerable drainage work in this county and Ted Mckinney and son who Are at this time constructing the John Zittinger ditch near Hobbs were the Low bidders. The estimate on the Wendt ditch South of Tipton was $7,-5 35.62 and it was let to Robert Reise for the sum of $5,150. Or. Reise also secured the contract for the John Legg ditch Southeast of Hobbs. The estimate of this was $3,563 and the bid on which it was let was $1,966. Mckinney amp son get the contract for the Oliver Smith Drain Iii the Ekin Community. Hie Esti a mate on which was $9,821.67 and their hid was $6,015. The highest hid on this work was $7,168. The highest hid for the legs Ditc h was $2,310 and the High bid j on the Wendt ditch was $6,3 28. I the county Surveyor was appointed superintendent of construction on these jobs and he feels Good Over the results of the letting. Fourteen bidders were Here from different parts of the country All Well known dredging j men and the figure were Cut to the lowest possible Price. The Surveyor has found that the Hest manner of letting these drainage contracts is to Grout them and let several jobs at the same time As in this manner More Competition is secured. On account of the successful bidders in this instance having dredges already at work in this county he was Able to secure a very Low figure on the work. Following the Experiment which elided in nothing being discovered in tin Gas or Oil line on the Sturdevant farm in Hamilton county another was started Iii Sharpsville More than a week ago. Hut this time the object is to disc ver Gas alone of course til promoters will accept a Good Supply of Oil if it conies. Plough Mont Roe and de Tyner of Greenfield experienced drillers and Gas Well men. Are at work cleaning out the old leap Well Iii Sharpsville which was drilled in 1906, and in its Day a Gusher tarnishing Gas for Many families Bombay aug. 12.�?looting Oft i villages in the flooded Simi is go-1 ing on night and Day without setup. Although troops have been poured into the disturbed area by platoons. The Lawless elements have Cut the railway from Quetta making reinforcement movements difficult. Among the exhibitors will he Ahmadabad India., aug. 12.�? Salt reappeared today Iii the Indian nationalists program of civil disobedience. The volunteers paraded through the main streets offering for Sale contraband Salt which was wheeled along in a hand cart. When police stopped the procession the volunteers massed around the cart. Several volunteers were injured and fifteen were visit in plane. Lieutenant Kenneth Garret of it is believed that let clean san Antonio tex., flew from it. Ing out the Well a Gas Supply sufficient to accommodate several families will he found. This Well when drilled was sunk to a depth of 950 feet and mopped when a Good Supply of Gas was found. After being thoroughly cleaned if no Gas is found it May be put Down a few feet farther. In cleaning out the Well the workmen were surprised to find it contained about 900 feet of old piping and they were put to a Large amount of trouble in getting this out. They have kept it the work and believe that it is about All out. Although it has not been in use for the past two years there Benjamin Hanson sunday after Hugh Harlow who will have shorthorn calves a Lair and Meredith g Ossa re who will have Hereford calves John Wyt Ici. Who will have shorthorn and Angus valves Glen Watson who will have Duroc Jersey gilts Robert Barr who will have Durn Jersey gilts Woodrow Hallow a Bester while gilts Robert Heron who will have Hampshire gilts Jack Nash. Hampshire gilts Ralph r wit Weiser who will have Berkshire gilts and a senior sow. Mildred chares will exhibit a school costume and Margaret Tyner will exhibit cooking. Gerald Foster will have an exhibit of in ears of Reid a Bellow Dent Corn. F the Tipton county clubs will also have a live Stock judging team entered in the state fair i contest on monday. Sept pm in r i All live Stock exhibits by the clubs will be judged on saturday an Accident occurred at the Corner of Independence and Jef Ferson streets monday evening about 5 of clock in which a 13 year old son of or. And mrs. De Murphy of i pie Street sustained some severe bruises and his Bi-1 Cycle was wrecked. The lad was Riding East on Jefferson Street and was in front of an automobile of mrs. Ralph the ter residing Southwest of Tipton. In some manner the rider got in the path of the car and was knocked or jumped from the wheel which fell tinder the Auto. Mrs. Toter stopped instantly and bystanders ran to the assistance of the youth who was taken to a local doctors office where it was ascertained his injuries consisted Only of severe raises no hones being broken. Or Young Man in bad. Threw Rock through Windmi Leht of Virgil i it in a. Noon and visited with or. And August 3rt and a number of tip mrs. Rolla Hiatt and son Ken ton people will be at the fair Neth at Arcadia. It. Garret and grounds to see this done. Holla Hiatt were formerly to Gether in the air mail service Iii miss Ruth a Ain of India Apo Panama. He landed in a wheat los returned Home sunday after Field near Arcadia having recent visiting Here a week with or. In been transferred to it. Ilarra and mrs. Tom Foster of West son. Jefferson Street. Three Young men from Elwood who were Here monday night Are in the Tipton jail on a charge of malicious trespass following an occurrence which happened late monday night. The men were at the Fairgrounds and on returning to Tipton one of them threw a Rock through the Windshield of the Pyle car. Pyle gave Chase but was outdistanced and he returned to Tipton Aud secured the services of acting chief of police Ros Quot Coe Jones. Iii the meantime Pyle Paris. Aug. 12 a a review of marked by the National federa. Bad w urd he numb a a of the textile strike in the North of Hon of labor have been Able to up a ,.ontaining by Tow and France in which More than too produce the 1.000,000 francs a on f of pm we found on bebop men Are now participating Day necessary to meet the de i5 questioned he gave the in my is a Strong Dor of a i about the has led observers to the toni us Mand of the strikers Wai Hest. The others and tuesday morn Well and it is believed that we Hen j Ion that a Long and bitter Strug on the other hand the pm Jug acting chief Jones and Sher a Lea nod and recused it will furnish a Good Supply of Gas for Domestic purposes. A few decades ago Gas Wells in on Long French textile strike forecast million francs daily in Union Chest ail improvement. The condition of auditor w. A. Kendall of South main Street was reported to be More favourable monday. The attending physician has noted encouraging symptoms which the family re hoping will be permanent. Gle Between the employers Point out that the work i to it Vatu to were at Al Wood and Sorblum and the workers unions Era Are losing 3,000.000 francs returned with iae8ne Henderson i Likely to Dally in wage and by paralysing a a Bro her Jamea and Ken k the employers through officials f the textile Industry of France Kyler they Wal remain a a Jan this Community were on every of their group organization have they Are playing into the hands Utji their Case is called unless hand hut the Supply has dwindled taken an emphatic stand against of its foreign competitors and Bond Povod a More and More until most of the the workers demands for a raise laying up a store of hard time swells have been abandoned. Of in wages of 25 centimes to meet in the coming Winter months. A a he. He Hwy forts made on several of these to the requirements of the new so a the possibility of serious clash revive the Supply have not met Elal insurance Law and the work is Between communists and those Minnie Edwards and her with great Success but in this in Erst spokesmen have reiterated strikers who have obtained their daughter mrs. Robert Brown re stance the men believe they Are their determination to hold out demands from a relatively few Home monday evening on the right track. Until they win. Factories no longer Allied with then Bloomington messes. Mont Roe amp Tyner Are the employ irs however Are employers consortium were in they visited a few Days with counting upon limited financial visage today when Large bodies friends and relatives. Or. Rath men who have had forty dears experience in drilling and they Are inclined to believe they will get Gas. Resources of the men to weaken of mounted guards rushed to the Mandler returned with then and the strike and Force them to re Franco belgian Border on the will visit with mrs. Brown for in turn. But so far socialist groups Halluin Menin Road. Short time

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