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Tipton County Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 3

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Tipton County Tribune (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Tipton, IndianaFeatures Plan proposed to fight drug money laundering WASHINGTON (AP) — An international task force is recommending a worldwide plan to uncover billions of dollars being hidden by narcotics dealers through 'intricate money-laundering transactions. ''' A major element of the plan, according to Deputy Treasury Secretary John E. Robson, is a requirement that financial institutions report questionable dealings by their customers. "Specifically, the task force recommends that, as in the United States, finandal institutions must be able to report suspicious 'transactions to law enforcement, in ,good faith, free from fear of liability ' Under secrecy laws," Robson said at a news conference Thursday. "Suspicious transaction reporting has proven to be very valuable to U.S. law enforcement,” he added. The 40' "action recommendations" were adopted by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering on Feb. 7 in Paris and announced Thursday by 1he participating nations. Robson headed the U.S. delegation on the panel. The task force was established y^iollowing last summer's economic vkummit of the Group of Seven .^Industrialized nations in Paris to vassess    current ;>anti-money-laundering efforts and Coca Production Estlrnated maximum amounts in thraa Andean countflae □Pam ^SoDvia BColomhta ftitBtrkJions “2S0 SiMd on an SHÉfiQe oonvenlon nii of $00 Mograrm or *y oooa iMtf aquali one Mloeram orooean* MCt tKXirct. rmonai NarcoKi muipance Consumar Cornnmaa, 1909 ‘1o consider additional preventive efforts in this field." In addition to the G-7 nations of Britain, Canada, France, West Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States, task force members included Austria, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland and the European Community. President Bush and other leaders of the G-7 nations will consider the recommendations at their July economic summit in Houston, Robson said. Many of the recommendations will require government approval elsewhere, but most already conform with U.S. laws, he added. In addition to the reporting requirement, the task force recommendations include requirements that financial institutions adopt procedures to identify theif customers and to maintain adequate records about customers and their transactions. “With money-laundering cases being investigated months and even years after transactions take place, adequate recordkeeping is essential," Robson said. "At the same time," he added, "the recommendations reflect a rer^nition that law enforcement objectives need to be balanced with burdens on the financial system.” He contended the recommendations would not transform financial institutions into policemen. The task force report said the United Nations has estimated that dmg trafficking proceeds worldwide totaled $300 billion in 1987. Drug trafficking and money-laundering are "inextricably connected" and require, an international solution, Robson said. Thus, "countries must link together to have strong domestic anti-money laundering programs for detection and prosecution and must cooperate freely with each other in the many cases that cross international borders.” The recommendations, he added, "should establish a network of comprehensive programs to address money-laundering and will facilitate greater cooperation in international investigations, prosecutior^s and property seizures.” The Cocaine Trail COLOMBIA DRUG SUMMIT It begins with the coc»-growing peasant In Boiivla or Peru, moves on to the Coiombian drug baron and ends up with the user in the United States.{ The suppliers The users Millions of users in the U.S., 1988 21.1 Ever Used ECUADOR Ecuador is becomnoan imponanl nwney laundering and trafficking center In South Americe Police estimate that up tpS400 million was laundered or invested in Ecuador last year. The U.S. provides Epuador with $1 miHion a year to help fight dnigs. COLOMBIA CotombiaisreponerXy responsibte for 80% of the cocaine senttot)eU.S. The U.S. has pledged $es mlion in miiiary aid and another $5 miion to protect thraatened judges. Colornbia's major roie is In the refining of the coca leaves from other countries are Peru and Boivia. This is prirnarfly done in remote regions accessible only by air or slow'iTx>ving river transpon. PERU Peru is the main supplier of coca to Coiombian oocaine producers. Farmers produced coca leaves cn 114,240 hectares and Peru destroyed 5,068 hectares of coca in just lour months last year. Drugs bring up to $1.2 büon into the economy while total legal exports bring in 12.5 bitton. BOUVIA An estimaied 300,000 people depend on ooca-leaf farming and oocaine production for a livelihood. Coca leaf provides a 100% profit to farmers and coca-leaf aaeage inaeased by 20% in 1987-88. A single planeload of cocaine shipped to Colombia letches $10 million lor the shipper. Coca leaf yield 1968 estimated amounts in metric kxis 124.000 Ecuador ranges from 300-500 SouroH: U.S. SUM D«p<.: U.S. Drug ErtoroaiMfX Agancy, Nalonaf NarooTiCi InlalligerK» ConuiMf%ComnWM: D^a. o( Haalt) t Human SarvicM Bank accounts frozen in drug scheme WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal investigators following the money trail left by Colombian drug dealers say the-Medellin cocaine cartel stashed $400 million in 754 U.S. bank accounts — most of them now frozen under court order. The Justice Department said it won a court order freezing 684 U.S. bank accounts as a result of a painstaking investigation of financial transactions used by Colombian drug lords to hide at least $1.2 billion. The order, signed by a federal judge in Atlanta, also directed 173 banks in 22 states and the nation’s capital to provide records to prosecutors. The Justice Department said last Tuesday its long-running investigation of Colombian drug Networks, Toons fight drugs NEW YORK (AP) - Bugs Bunny, Alf and the Slimer share.an I honor usually reserved for the ! president: They’re appearing simultaneously on NBC, CBS and I ABC. Four cable networks also will tshow the Toon talk at the same - time. The TV program granted these ’ State-of-the-Unionlike privileges is ‘titled "Cartoon All-Stars to the ;;Rescue," a half-hour special ;warning youngsters about drug and .'alcohol abuse. ; In what participants call an Ajnprecedented show of industry cooperation, the networks, cable ^channels and more than 200 independent stations will show the program Saturday morning. ; ’They want to be able to reach Avery single kid who watches lelevision. and we know from bxperience wKh kids that the way to grab their attention is to use characters they know to convey a story and a message," said Phyllis Tucker Vinson, NBC vice president for children’s programming. . >The participating cable networks áre Black Entertainment Television, |he Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and the USA Network. Ted Turner’s tBS and TNT cable networks, and Lifetime also will run the program, put at different times. ; "All-Stars,” which will have no Í CLASSIFIEDS PAY h 'r.r.Tribune Published Dally except Sundays and holidays. ;' Mall subscriptions $70 par year In area; $80 par year postal zones 2-6; $90 par year postal zones 7-8; no mall aarvica within Tipton city Hmlts. Dallvarad by ntwspapar aarrlar, $6.00 par month, $84.80 par year. Dallvarad by motor route, $6.50 par month or $70.20 par year. - Offica located at 110 W. Madison, Tipton, Indiana 46072. « Second Claaa Poataga paid at tipton, Indiana. < Poatmaatar: Band addraaa phangaa to The Tipton Ttlbune, flO W. Madlaon, Tipton, Indiana 45072. commercials, tells the story of Michael, a 14-year-old drug atxjser who is saved with help from Bugs Bunny. Garfield, the Chipmunks, Alf, Slimer, and other cartoon characters familiar to children. George C. Scott provides the voice of Smoke, a sinister, dmg-pushing apparition. The program, financed with nearly $2 million from McDonald’s Corp. and its charities, was produced under the auspices of the Los Angeles-based Academy of Television Arts and Science. In a speech in Los Angeles last month. President Bush praised the show and said that 'Ihe days when popular culture glorified and glamorized drug use are fading fast." A 15-minute preview Thursday in Washington won applause from members of Congress — with a hint of skepticism. "I hope this doesnl devolve into a mere self-promotion activity in which we finally hear from Hollywood and this is the final shot," said Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. "Showing this once or twice isn't really going to change anybody’s mind who’s going to use drugs." Vinson, in a phone interview from her NBC ofíice in Burbank, Calif., said there have been no discussions yet for further programs. ‘We have not talked about it," she said. "I think it will depend on what the reaction to this show is. But of course, there are other subjects that we could get involved in.” Vinson^ who has four children and expects her fifth next month, said she plans to watch the cartoon with her two oldest children "and then I’ll talk about it with them. I hope a lot of parents do that.” Because the show is unsponsored, it won1 be rated by the A.C. Nielsen Co., she said. "I wish it were, so that we could tell how many kids were watching," she said. The show’s Saturday air times in the different time zones are 10:30 a.m. EDT, 9:30 a.m. CDT, 8:30 a.m. MDT, and 9:30 a.m. PDT, according to the academy. dealers, dubbed "Operation Polar Cap,” determined that the accounts once contained $400 million the Medellin cartel amassed from selling cocaine in America ' All but $50 million of the money was spirited out of this country and placed into foreign accounts. It then was wired back to U.S. banks to finance continued cartel operations in this country, officials said. Authorities said they did not know how much money is left in the accounts. But information from the records should "point fingers in a lot of directions," helping investigators pursue the money trail further, said Peter G. Djinis, a Justice Department lawyer. "The manner in which the Medellin cartel has laundered its money is overwhelming in size and complexity," the Justice Department said in court papers. Through an operation known as ”La Mina," the cartel laundered more than $1 billion through the Chase Manhattan Bank and the Bank of New York in 1987 and 1988, the department said. Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Customs Service used information from banks used by the cartel in eight foreign countries to unscramble the complex web of financial transactions. An important break occurred when Colombia turned over;bank records to U.S. authorities after it agreed to extradite Eduardo Martinez Romero to face charges that he laundered drug proceeds for the cartel through American banks, Djinis said. Martinez "was the sheepherder" of the money transfers, Djinis said. The investigation also got a boost in October when Colombian police seized financial records of alleged cartel member Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, officials said. An analysis of those records enabled U.S. authorities last fall to freeze $62 million Rodriguez kept in this country, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Greal Britain. Those countries furnished bank records used by investigators to trace funds frozen this week in the U.S. accounts. The U.S. accounts allegedly were set up by Martinez or other representatives of cartel members, including Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa, officiais said. Escobar and Ochoa, still in Colombia, are among nine defendants charged with Martinez in the Atlanta case. Banco de Occidente of Panama has pleaded guilty to money laundering charges contained in the indictment. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh said the Justice Department’s action, "seeks to lift the veil of secrecy over the financial network of these narco-terrorists." The money also was traced through banks in Uruguay, Canada, Colombia and Panama. In Miami, Customs Commissioner Carol ^Hallett said the bank accounts could not have been traced without the help of the Panamanian government that replaced Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Justice Department officials said they did not bother to seek Panamanian bank records until after the U.S. invasion that led to Noriega’s arrest in December on federal drug charges. Noriega is awaiting trial in Miami on charges unrelated to "Operation Polar Cap." The Justice Department said it does not have evidence that the U.S. banks were knowing participants in the money laundering scheme. Education — a high for your mind New In This Areal Susan Crull ¡S now taking appointments at the ANNEX Tuesday-Saturday ’Spiral Perms* ‘Regular Perms* ‘Cuts & Styles* ‘Color + Highlights* 552-0911 SATURDAY, APRIL 21t1 8am-2pffl \TS 1    ODFM OUR ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE FOR THERMOGAS AND GAS GRILL SHOWING 20# GAS GRILL TANK FILL-UP Only$ ^ 00 tax not included Limit one per customer Good Sat April 21st Only (no coupon required) ALL GRILLS DRASTICALLY REDUCED!^ Our prices include set-up & delivery YES! We will have a complete supply of parts for most major brands of gas grills ThermoifaM 2441 Arrow Avonuo, AnderMn OPEN MON-FRI 8-4:30    642-0214 Miller's Merry Manor to honor... Volunteei's ’ There are so many people in the Tipton area who have given their time, talents and gifts during the past year in order to enhance the lives of the residents of Miller's Merry Manor. In their honor, Miller’s Merry Manor will be conducting a.. VOLUNTEER BANQUET Tuesday, April 24 at 6:00 P.M. at the Ash St. Wesleyan Church Fellowship Hall Featuring: * Dinner- catered by "The Wright Place" * Entertainment * Award Ceremony * Fellowship    ' One of the greatest gifts we can give to one another is the gift of self and caring, and those individuals who have shared these gifts with us at Miller’s Merry Manor are indeed very special to us. For the many people who have shared with us, we are very proud and thankful. The dedication shown by those who give of themselves to us by coming in on a regular basis is something we grow to depend on. Your services are appreciated more than we can ever express. Thank you on behalf of the residents and entire staff of Miller's Merry Manor. 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