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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 27, 1838, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaOrvla wrench Villa y lands of Ira Kil the estate nth by the y main Street Eon-1 eighty feet rear be barn thereon cution and to to Maynard. Eng poor by the right inestimable Jable to tyrants dependant upon r tenure of their slip works and Lymont of their of filers and sent i masonic Parfai and eat l s Ith Che Banks to diction foreign to vini., his assent to ions of the spirit the people have with illegal Shin along internal improve lined Dpi county Aries to Awe the the his work of deny already begun s of cruelty and paralleled in the a and totally in and of a civilized disturb the Union War Between the id to the Aioli known e Constitution and Lal galation of All is. E that the Laws Are by not com Pel Biddle Render its monthly auditor general s upon the people id the i an offending citizens an inclement sea be tried for pre before a self i be every act thus disregard of the forests of his con to be the ruler of a is dislodge not from . It less memorable treed us from the reign despot i 1 was theh and is now a West Branch Bank. Pair of Aid or they will idiot be attended to. Be it by the voters and tax payers of Tioga county that Joseph Ritner since his e Section to the office of governor has increased the state debt and thereby rendered the Treasury bankrupt after having solemnly pro a message to the Legisla Fiat he would in no Case con sent i b a permanent increase of s a e debt. Fihe Kail 1 Dorter s tote. Ike Gazelle fan Amis Ville Villanyi Villany i every Day discloses the villainous conduct of Stevens and Dickey in the allotment of the Public work at Farrandsville and adds to the Black list of enormities which for the Sake of human nature we had supposed they or their friends would have at least at tempted to refute. Our former charges against them of wilful and corrupt Vio lation of official High handed a daring disregard of All Law and morality in order Tore elect governor Ritner remain in an swered and we now re assert that they dare not deny them. We Are prepared to prove them in a court Justice to the letter nay Many of the facts Are stronger and present the conduct of the commissioners in a More infamous Point of View than our charges. The testimony of the editor of the Lycoming Eagle is his statements can be corroborated by Twenty witnesses. In addition to the charges heretofore made Public we Are now prepared to prove by testimony indubitable that the work has been allotted to political partisans at vastly higher than the bids of As Good contractors As can be found in Pennsylvania who were the friends of David r. And to show that we do not speak without authority we will give Itne at of the most abandoned of the which several of the actions Are being voters of Pennsylvania we ask you in All you prepared to Sanc Tion by your votes the con net base sycophants that now infest your Public continue in office the Public plunderers that Are now pouring out the funds of the s ate like water fort electioneering the facts Are before you and cannot be disputed. We have shown nearly Twenty thousand dollars have been taken out of the pockets of the people in the allotment of four sections and those Bujno Means the largest and As there were upwards of fifty sections disposed of if the same system has been fully carried out it is Plain that Moi a than two Hundred thousand dollars wire lavished upon Mece friary politicians at the Farrandsville letting to Aidun sustain ing the most wicked and corrupt administration of Joseph Ritner. Not Only have democrats Lieen proscribed and hunted Down by the bloc hounds in the pay of the Bank of the United states who Are endeavouring to move heaven my Earth to defeat Jomoc racy of but thousands up on thousands of the people s Money have been squandered to accomplish their vile purposes. Democrats arouse pc assert your the Good old ship Pennsylva Nia is bands of pirates sail ing under a Black heir object is plunder. Rally then round r Porter voted Lor the same sections 01 As Guu i Auu the of u. A ,4. Hold and and the guns of the Bank of he United stated the Fox Ardo which furnishes n munitions and be forever Wood of Muncy i John v. Woodward John c. Oliver. Co. Of new for the Sarce Sec the rest of their fabrications. We Hope Wil. Examine the journals and Federal slanders. Section 14. Was allotted to or. Shoe maker of Newberry the opposition have been Ancil Are still engaged t in inventing and coining the most barefaced falsehoods and. Disgusting slanders against general Porter and hiring to perjure Tion difference Section 31. Up Digraph of Newberry Woodward Oliver. Co. Bid for the same Section difference Section 33. Allotted to Gibson to swear to them in Hopes was allotted to v m. To deceive the voters of this Commonwealth. The Means they re sort to Shew their desperation and is a sure presage of the defeat which awaits them. One of the basest Means they use is their continually dragging up receipts and transactions Between Gen. Porter and his falsifying every., thing connected therewith. We have Shiow n that gun. did not owe cent of his own debts but that he was pressed for tie debts of his pm Rater. We have also shown that or. Patton his partner took the Benefit of the insolvent Laws and that Ajith he returned r Porter As a creditor to up wards of l All this has been still the Rit nitrites the Peg 13eaty, abolition 30 90 spiked democrats arouse Yfe the reign of terror is revived j the Days of Black cockade whipping posts gag Laws a Oscrr Pioh anti parsec Ilion have re .tftrned1 the Federal party is again in Power which under the elder Adams disgraced . Where Are now of 99? where Are their descendants will be tolerate with impunity now what your fathers spurned Wuh indignation no then to the polls and on the second tuesday was Smith co. At Woodward Oliver 4 co. Bid for same Section difference Section 37. Allotted to we. John i son Woodward Oliver 4 co. Bid for the same Section 797 30 of of Ober a Victory awaits you Glori Otis As that achieved by the democrats of in tie election of this. Wefler democrats arouse Feder Al party in Power have violated every principle you hold have denied you equal rights Ann privileges they have violated the Constitution of your country they have. Enacted Laws in open violation will of the majority they have disfranchised you and deprived you of representation proportionate to your taxation they have bartered away the right of the people to self government. And difference Rit nitrites the feg Jie aty Apo Nuon making a difference on four sections Jaye you Siavos and vassals of an party say that he refused to deliver up in favor of Ritner bidders of Nineteen Tyva Nical and corrupt moneyed Lus property to his trustees but used thousand three Hundred and eight they Are now Caling with ii himself and Shew his. Receipts and thirty five and a half roof despotic Power violating As to which the and thus plundering the Treasu i a without remorse the constr ution the Huntingdon advocate says re picking the pockets of pc Laws of the land and the plainest Prin j now Trie truth is Gen. Porter never pie to Reward corrupt election errs t of morality. They a a plunder had any1 trustees. Tje gentlemen a anti Cable them to carry their no your Treasury and reducing the pointed never Bond or took schemes of bribery and corruption to state to bankruptcy to enable them to upon themselves tie rust but having secure the re election of governor Rit in unon the democracy full Confidence in hns integrity they Ner. It is fair to presume that All the i and his creditors lentil with him to make sections have been allotted with the settlements and manage All the business same object in View and in the same manner. Indeed we have heard it confidently asserted without contradiction that Section 15, which was allotted to John b. Quigley the ring Leader of the i this of itself gives the lie direct to the above charge. At the time of his failure there was and it prostrate democratic institutions sections have been allotted with the be then 1.he poll on the second tuesday of octo and perform your duty As you your rights As citizens and. Ven the pure principles of democracy for which your fathers fought and bled. If Vou do so the result is certain. Ii inc ume of Iusi music Vic Jonn me Jiovan unpaid Dolla against himself Ritner party in the upper end of this and. Ten unsettled claims against the old county and the tool and cats Penni 0very Hill and every Valley in firm of Patton and of Stevens and Dickey who did their Dir a shout will go up from which Hes has Long is ice paid in to work at the Farrandsville letting of Porter and democracy of the other two he believes and has was Given to him thousand Dol Pic try always contended have been paid in Lars above other Good bidders of has Lull by who was in own party As a Reward Fot his extra or Justice bound to them and when chary exertions and Superior claims Over a jury of his country shall say that to show that this is the fact we assert rhe must pay them Over again he will fearlessly that he dare not publish his Ido it and is abundantly Able to Oiso. Bid will he dare to compare it with a Neyer pleaded the statute of the bid of a Tyler Esq. Of Farrands limitations in if Ville a respectable gentleman of his this clearly explains the matter rela own party no proposed for the same i Uve to the receipts which Are flourish ing about David r. Porter settled his own trustees work. Few men in Lycoming county Are better known As contractors than John c. Woodward and John c. Oliver of swept from beneath to base charge insolvency brought general Porter by one incontrovertible and undeniable fact the whole and for his own he tween eight and nine Hundred do Lars from two citizens of this i to whom he had previously sold land in North Bea ver now see How one utterly annihilates the whole sweeps from beneath it the whole foundation upon which it rests. To general Porter Neves had any trustees. The gentlemen appointed never gave Bond or took upon themselves the Trust full and entire Confidence in his honesty and integrity they yid his creditors confined the management of the whole business to himself i in addition every particular con Rie tej i h that whole transaction has been have Jeen fair honest and honorable. From the Unton times. The the question to be decided by the democracy of Pennsylvania at the com ing election is not simply whet Lier David r. Porter shall be the governor for three years to Como. It is True he has been selected As the head and representative of the democracy of the and is in every respect worthy of the distinguished Honor which har thus been conferred upon him. He is one in whose firmness and spotless inter in to All May safely confide. Yet in the approaching involved print i Ples of the highest moment of Cotta. Pennsylvania alone but to the whole Unichi it is a contest the result cof which will Tell upon tie destiny of Thiis country in future years. The great question to be decided is whether the government shall again be administered upon the sound Republican principles inculcated and set Forth by those who it__01 whether it shall remain is of corrupt incl irresponsible agents who bid open the popular voice and recognize no Rule of nation but their Awn will. And the. Grand alternative is Row before the peo ple. If they desire to see Hie state govern ment once More administered according to1 the ancient and ii sages they c Csire to have the popular Yoree Heairt and respect id and tile affairs guided by the dec. Who look As the agents not the masters of the in Short they Are opposed to that Des measure of the Federal to promote the interests of the. Few at the course is Plain. They have but to Rit by under if lie Broad Banner of democracy and give their undivided sup port to the Peoples candidate and All will be Well. former political career they have the brightest evidence of his eminent qualifications to amp ister the government. Upon the whole some principles of genuine democracy. Such has been his p , that even his worst enc is have pulled to re Spect it. They have been driven to the degrading extremity of attacking hid private reputation Jand. Although they have assailed it with a rancor and bitterness rarely equalled and never excelled in party strife he still stands before his sullied and Nusca in conscious innocence. T if on the hand the people de sire to retain in Power the irresponsible agents who now Wield the destinies off wish the state to groan under the a Narmous weight of a heavy and increasing state they ave satisfied with such rulers As. Give. Their unqualified Sanction to tie a Cathy some doctrines Ofat Jitian and Amalga willing still longer to ruled by the absolute domination of corrupt a faction As has Ever existed the bosom of a Jle Public since the darkest days.6f erotics degeneracy urged and goaded on by a relentless and desperate monies is equally Plain. They have butt re elect present incumbent and their desires will be fully accomplished. Re election of Joseph Ritner would in deed the Triumph of federalism of Bank whig ism and abolition. But we do not believe the if lie we part one of the delegates Wii another i i from the Allegheny Democrat. To nation of. A Eft 3m Washington -1 to my fellow War ,9 Crip to his tors 4 u. Avo Owaru Usu w. The matter into his hands. He has paid Newberry they Are men who have been accumulated every debt he thought was due and a several years engaged in that business hip to we triumphant proof his Good character ant have executed Many heavy jobs of Laws. Thus the charge Winer a Fri tend in Twa _ tl7j.-i. In tit ticuv6r Patilu f Tot the us proc Rev Ted i to he a Rumpa one s goo Carcer and have execute Many Eavy j. May. Be found in the fact that the next work on the West Branch canal on in the. Beaver a to Yaar after he failed l he received every the Sunbury and Pottsville rail Road attempted i tie Butone in own township on the Reading rail Road on the Tio. Vitt of the and was elected Arr Ember 6f the legis Lowin w is in the the tide water Ca. Recently on the William sport and Elmira rail Road. They _ la lir j words records that instead of a for this use of copt How Tion. They wish to retain the Power in their own hands and they cab do it and will do it in despite of All opposition. The army of office holders de retain him where Are using Means the most desperate to do so having to lose their places by the they Are arrayed on one Side Are f i that would have his business Well Are men of High unto Zoiea Navid i f i can and will pm Overly foe it was i intimated a t Vil. Vinous abuse of ten by certain of the Ritner _ in the convert Ion us Rad oiled upon their own he left your produced a precisely contrary e county in 1808, when his exceller to they father was appointed Surveyor Genera rebuke to Benedict of Pennsylvania under the lad ministry Timon of gov. Snyder. T in 1812 he left Lancaster and Remot to Barre forge in Huntingdon a pointy. I was then u member of the s eds ate intimate in his father s family and often consulted by him about his removal to Huntingdon this period and from that time to the the exception of two years1 or Ritner and was chosen one of the residence in Wiik Baite from 1816 to Ritner delegates for Isis i was a constant convention in this City the courts in Huntin Donon inst. I did attend and took i in or. Porter formed a part i i conventi Oti. I Rifi ship with Edward. B. Patton in tie a repetition of the charges against Iron business at Sligo forge and sub and after sequently sold out to his partner. Pat Vej idding t subject i was firmly ton conducted the business about a and sincerely impressed with ear became embarrassed and Multi the charges were false and Cor Nia Tely failed. By this failure David rapt and that Gen. Porter was a much r. Porter lost his. Whole estate which injured can. I cannot give my Aid up iad been invested in the. Works and. Sacramo t contemptible and became responsible for the debts of pled Atton and Porter. These debts were i much reflection i am of opinion that to be and should been paid Byj t in Best i interests of oar Edward b. Patton. Iri february 1810, i be endangered i not the redi Torrs of the late firm drove or Success of Jeseph Ritner. Porter to the last resort forego for r Nate debtor i was the worthy the of his in general Porter. Taat time there was Nota whisper against t Robert f i f

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