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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 26, 1849, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaVol. 6. R r i e s n s j m. Wlm Lur Catl cr7 hat Cam i Norm or i calmly flow j bul one for j on of Conj lint of Climor my own Souli Lika memo arc never dreary ,no7er weary or til Ono. . Pilicy Siy. Pro Clit bul Stul Noss i Jill y Boun. 1 1 now Uro Low Willi in our Ineil is Glat Lnig 7 f i res should our borrows Loo. I p on our Nemko Limo Derror l i in tilth should prove Sli uld to Iho clearer of to licit Annj 90 called liw if ill no vain i los Raspud the treasure i seek fur to aping. Law Kiili by Jieri a Are breathing Riml shop love and truth 4 with garlands breathing 1 i lilo honors of Youlls. I in i Aro round us Ever a 1 ill1 b Mcl is 01 is soul s endeavor1 i of Wal Sciull Gnu her yet. Our Liouta Aro Ling ring in c mid w u unknown yrs i Fiji und i loser clinging in ii Trivi t nil our own. Of k butt Side. I v in a for i pc wandered wide n j i r and 30.1 it i nit Roii to i i b1 Ruth for me. T air in t brighter Clow in i u it f full Tido cannot dwell k i1 n i c u u 1 t i. O try i Lias Welcome kind in uric Reno heart h l 1 till a a Niv i a i Welcome arts a True i Welcome be to i Nim Olliej it our own g of d fireside. Ill de Jujj Chevy the rows asks. Sliu Wai Hoo i roam of in try. Int my not so w Nilon or in Buciu Tifuh on Mother Are to Csc diamonds really for m said cd Iii Gray As she flow to the Mirror i Kiln my their flashing Light nud her dark in i surely never did a Mirror reflect n like a Gem amid the clustering curls of that Fai boy whose arms encircle her neck. Yes she i a Mother with no More traces of age than Ali child who nestles in her Mother by not a wife god help her. Look again sees us tears a thicker and boy with his tiny hand tries to wipe them away and now and then put up his pouting lips to kiss her. The Mothe gazes at him through her tears parts the Hai front his Broad forehead and murmurs so Lik his then in an agony of tears clasp him to her breast and weeps till she has n More tears to shed. Poor Edith so Young s Beautiful so trusting so wretched so ruined but look again night has come on the hol stars Are keeping watch alike oversaw Tan sinner the merry Birds have hushed their Songi and nothing is heard but the Distant cry of the whippoorwill As he sings his melancholy song blessed be god for sleep the Friend of the wretched look now at these fair dreamers the boy s arms Are thrown about his Mother neck As if even in sleep he feared to be Parte from her his Little cd week is flushed and glowing As it rests upon her breast she with a tear Sti glittering upon those Long dark Eye lashes he lips slightly parted her Rich hair floating like veil about her face and figurs lies by his Sid but look again throws those White Arm restlessly about and those parted lips Mure the holy name of Mother i alas Edith thou Hast no longer a her Grey hairs have gone Down with sorrow t the grave. But still in her dream Edith is a innocent child. Her father s caressing hand Laid with a Blessing upon those clustering lock Sisters and Brothers throng about her Rankin the air musical with their merry shouts. Poo Edith and will not sleep befriend thee she rises wildly from her Pillow gazes a those holy stars whose quiet Beauty seems mock her agonizing misery shrouds her foe from their pure Light and falling on her knee by her child sobs pity me god be merciful to me a sinner the Eye that never slumbers of sleeps looks Down upon thee Edith. The ear that i never deaf to the cry of a broken heart hear thee. The hand that is always outstretched t save the penitent is extended to thee. Daugh Ter thy sin is forgiven thee. Go and sin n with a prayer for her betrayer and a kiss of her babe Edith Lay calmly Down to sleep by was an Eye above that slumbered not. A year had passed. Two Young men medics students were sauntering along one of our inn Cipal streets. By Tho said one we shall have t splendid subject for dissection Beautiful creature who has been betrayed and deserted by some scoundrel. She died at the Hospital wednesday morning september 26, 1849. Pennsylvania at two whole no. 581 he an 1 with or without adorn Ofa broken heart and not a Friend to Clanther a Var this of papi Sud i by Juve she is Beautiful. Come in and see i while a Bright flu i flitted her. Mother smile Fly Mph s face was uncovered and with one groan of agony Fitzhugh fell lifeless to the Dis j meeting room floor his blood sporting Over the lifeless body of his innocent victim. Vengeance is mine. I will repay sail the. Lall i interpret that Lii by arc thinking of Fitzhugh of ill attract his attention j to than l in k Lith s Check and her i d by their Long Labh right Mamma 1 con a Noble air he has and u 1 her Mother i think in love already with i Jacii , it docs not need months or out u nether a Man is replied her Mother then rising and her kreliea.1, said beware Edith t care heart till you know whether Wirdie guard air said Edith As a the bounded from Tho room cd l no1 pc a win me to the Ball room fair the is Laden with the perfume of Sotl eyes look love to eyes forms and gliding feet to Lenv the voluptuous swell of music or acc he attraction of All our Lovely Edith. Here fa1 the air of diamonds to night locks full Over a neck that Robe Rit Hugli is by tier Side. J of matchless Beauty a talk ii Urc features and a Peri Etcil by Intercourse Witry Tho Best a Vij h s in j forc in countries added sweetness and Power was he not Lor our Lovely warm end to guile there god help Edith and now her Deli la circled by Hia Arm in the Giddy Kimpon her Cheek while t f Aro Licard on j adar do you Sec that Low roofed cot by Aux unsent v w la cling is roses and Honey Vou May we lookup at that Small and turn it Lovely picture. Is there a o head look at the Rich Black the lips ten " and Tho but Mere and How it lie. 1nfw spa Peri the conspirator. Louis the fifteenth had just Aada his in trance into and he believed that the free and Imperial City had at length Given up All idea of recovering its Liberty. He believed so but Strasbourg still preserved its old Pride and its innate Jove of Independence. He had yet to learn that it could dissemble its desires and that it was not rashly about to expose itself to the destruction that must follow from a useless resistance. The episcopal Palace which the King inhabited had been decorated with unheard of magnificence. Opposite the Castle they had erected on the 111 a magnificent triumphal Arch and on the River were to be seen men and Young girls in fete dresses who seemed All anxious to display their Devotion their loyalty and their love for the new Sovereign. It was upon the 17th of october that the boat men of Strasbourg and All the rest of Alsatia came to present the King with the spectacle of a naval Battle. Arriving two by two land in the most perfect order they ranged themselves on each Side of the River and prepared for the evolutions that were to precede the Battle. An immense crowd passed along the 111, and the roof s of the houses were covered with people Louis the fifteenth surrounded by the great lords of the state and his courtiers took his plaice at a window of the Castle. The spectacle that was presented to him appeared to gratify him extremely and the acclamations of the people upon beholding him actually Drew from Bis the tears of happiness. Who to look on he Large massive features of alsatian could doubt the sincerity of their Joyful cries on a sudden an almost imperceptible move ment was communicated to the crowd. All eyes then turned toward the upper end of the River where there was seen Small Green boat or rather Skiff of the slightest construction and n which was a very Young girl dressed in White who descended the 111 with the rapidity of an Arrow. Her oars scarcely touched the surface of the Stream and her fairy like boat hardly left a Ripple on the water behind it. The dress of the Young Giri Wae that of a pea slant girl of Alsace except this that it was a Little broader and entirely concealed Hei figure. Her lace was Flie very personification of modesty and gentleness but when her Large Black eyes rested upon the crowd it took an expression of boldness and a daring Hardihood that it would be most difficult to describe the Boatmen were astonished at this unexpected apparition and for a few moments their attention was absorbed by watching her in her downward voyage. However As the signal for commencing their evolutions had been Given they finished their admiration by the Endeavor to arrest her in order that by removing her from the the sports settled for the Day might be proceeded with. She did not permit them to reach her for sometimes avoiding and repelling with her oars the boats which attempted to impede her Progress she by unexpected Good Luck was Able to arrive be Neath he very windows of the Castle. There new attempts were made to seize her but she by a species of miraculous address rendered them All her Little Skiff glided like a Serpent among the boats of her opponents she seemed sometimes running to meet their Shock and then by a skillful she freed herself from the Strait in which they placed her. Sometimes even a Boatmen was Able to get of close to her As to put one foot in her Canoe but the instant to did so the girl passed an oar under his foot and pitched him into the water amid the Huzzah and laughter of the crowd. The King was greatly amused at this Singu Lar scene but As he feared it might terminate in a disagreeable manner for the Young girl he made a sign to the Boatmen to cease follow ing her and they in obedience to the desire of their Sovereign returned to their places. The Young girl then stopped her Skiff and As the current of the River was by no Means Strong she had a difficulty in making it stationary. Then turning towards the King she Flung off the Loose Robes she wore and appeared As a Butterfly has first burst from its Chrysalis. Her dress was a Rose coloured tunic made tight at Tho Waist while beneath were White tight fitting pantaloons a handkerchief was Coquet Tisha fastened round her neck leaving its two ends to float freely in the wind and her hair fell in thick Flaxen ringlets Upo n her half uncovered fair shoulders. Thus dressed she appeared to be some fairy some fantastic creation of a poet s imaginings so full of Grace and Beauty was those who looked upon her were equally surprised and delighted. She saw King s attention was solely directed towards her. She placed tier pretty fingers to her lips and appeared to blow him a kiss. The latter replied to her by a the Young girl then Drew Forth a Sling placet in it a Ball and with wonderful dexterity it Over her head and into the Chomber where he was sitting his majesty map a slight movement As if for the moment Over Conie by Surprise whilst his attendants instantly Rose to pick up the projectile and present it to it was a Little Black Ball made of Wood and hol Low that opened Byj neans of a Spring. On the tall was an inscription for the King an Louis the fifteenth was neither timid nor suspicious but still he did not deem it prudent to open the Ball himself but confided that duty to one of the lords of his Council. There fell rom tre Ball a sealed note which the King in stantly opened and read in it these words has been a conspiracy formed against you. Y6ur life is in danger. Admit me to an audience but it must be alone for i do not wish to speak before witnesses and i will reveal to you All that i know of the conspiracy. In a Quarter of an hour it will be too ate. Above All things do not Tell a human be no Why you admit me to your presence. By doing so you will greatly Compromise the King appeared to be greatly agitated while Reading this letter. After a moment of hesitation he wrote with a Pencil upon a note hese three words i expect the Aper inside the Ball and threw it towards the Foung girl. She caught it As it fell and having read the note Tore it into Small pieces and then smiling at the crowd that surrounded her rowed rapidly up the Stream. In a few minutes afterwards she presented herself at the Gate of the Palace and in Obedi 3nce of the King was instantly admitted. At he same time the Hall in which the King sat was cleared of every person but As a matter f precaution attendants were posted in the neighbouring Chambers. Charming said the King i am deeply sensible of the interest Yon take in my Lafety. Although i do not fear for my person till you must be conscious that an attempt upon he life of a Sovereign is always a dreadful rime and must be punished in the manner the aws have ordained for such an yes sire i am conscious of replied Thoung girl and i know also that your Noble Oul is Superior to All common fears. Still i ave thought it my duty to apprise you of your anger and if possible not permit that you Lould be basely assassinated. Strasbourg has Iven you a magnificent reception but let Elf not be deceived by outward show. This Ity still mourns its lout Liberty and never will of be Able entirely to subdue that feeling. 111 thoroughly comprehend what you mean in same observation has before now been made to me. But let us come to the object of your visit. You a rave spoken of a yes. By a singular Chance i have Learned the scent. Your death has been sworn to by the conspirators and at the very moment when you least expect it will the attempt be Well Well we shall take every precaution but explain yourself More fully. What is the hour fixed upon for the commission of the crime a i fear sire that All precaution will be use less. The conspirators Are full of guilt and gifted equally with address and but then if they Are arrested if the time does not suit to carry the plot into execution 1" said the Monarch becoming a Little impatient. Alas sire there is no longer time. The conspirator charged with delivering Strasbourg of its tyrant the Yourg girl pronounced the last word in a firm tone of voice. A glance like lightning glared from her eyes and before the King could recover from his astonishment she bounded towards him armed with a Dagger and with a sure steady and Strong him right on the heart but luckily for Jim self Louis wore a Cuirass under his purple Robe. The Slid Over Tho the King free from danger grasped the hand that still clutched the Dagger. The attendants that had been posted in the adjoining Chambers instantly appeared and Laid hold of the Young girl. She remained still Calm motionless cold As a statue. She did not even make the slightest Effort to escape from at the moment the King was informed that the administrators and sheriffs were wish ing to obtain an audience to his they were desired to appear and it seemed that As they proceeded to the presence Cham Ber some one had informed them of the attempt King s life for upon being admitted the administrator thus spoke sire i am rendered most miserable by this foolish this novel this wicked attempt to disturb the general Joyt the guilty person can Only be a Lunatic n but still she deserves punish ment. We Pray Wou however to direct the persons present nit to speak one word of this affair. It is not proper that the slightest doubt should be cast upon the Fidelity and loyalty of Strasbourg towards your Royal i then the administrator turning to the Young girl thus addressed her in German of which language he knew the King and All his Cour tiers were ignorant Ger Urchin Das voter land nerd Noch Audre Rachor our country will have other avengers a King s attendant asked one of the sheriffs what it was the administrator had said to the prisoner. The latter with imperturbable Ance replied he has told her that Gorl will punish regicide with eternal damnation the Young girl smiled and then Saick " nun nein Gott wird Sich Meixiu r Emba Merv " no no god will have mercy on me. Misci Lawus. An essay of Kic Kable people. I by Xanders. There Are As we must have Felt certain descriptions offences and offend ers that have a Strong and Peculiar tendency in you the desire of kick my your Man accompanied by an expression or feeling that no other kind of punishment what Ever be so suitable or would so adequately express the sentiments you entertain towards him would in Short be half so satisfactory. Banishment Fine imprisonment suppose you had the Power to inflict All or either of them would not answer your would not express what you would be at. Nothing in truth would do this infliction of a Good sound kicking and that yet not so much from an idea of its Superior capabilities in the Way of causing pain As from the delightful expression of cordial and thorough contempt it convey. It is this last consideration that makes kicking so satisfactory a punishment so great a luxury to the infliction Kic Cable people Are of two descriptions. Among these Are your Kic Kable subjects Prima Facie those whose provocative Are visible and external whose incentives for you to kick them lie chiefly in manner and bearing jilt is hot necessary that this person should actually say or do anything to you to create in you the desire the kick him. The de sire at the very sight of him and his supercilious air. His tone of voice and swaggering gait Complete the temp tation. This kind of person you feel disposed to kick without further inquiry or provocation. All Bucks bloods and dandies of a certain description Are thus highly Kic Kable subjects Prima Facie. _ insolence of office is pre eminently Kic Kable. Who Ever went into a Public office and was treated As he is very Apt to be with most offensive hauteur by some saucy Well paid oferial without feeling the desire to kick him rising Strong within him i without feeling that fifteen minutes kicking of Puppy would be one of the greatest luxuries of life1 Petty tyranny is also eminently Kic Kable. Few we think can have witnessed the unfeeling conduct of the Little the tyrant of Ordinary those beneath him to those who Obj of him and whose bread depends1 on obedience without feeling that a sound land Well prolonged kicking would be just the sort of punishment to inflict on him. What a treat to take the Petty tyrant in act precisely at the moment when he in Ami bullying some poor dependent and give Twenty minutes of a Well directed shoe u nit on the Seit of Honor conceit of All kinds is Kic Kable Ina very High degree. The soft simper that bespeaks the mentions within our knowledge Worth hundreds of if the patentees knew How and had the Enterprise to bring them Home to the knowledge of by these failing still never Ealise Twenty thousand. Whoever this City cheapest with almost any which will meet a general want hitherto most expensively met cannot Dove Rose too much if he knows How to Adver Tise at All. And yet Many a dealer in our cily pays a thousand dollars More for an eligible located store than he need pay in a less frequented Street and does not pay one Hundred dollars a year for advertising he willingly pays a thousand dollars merely to some Tea thousand people know that he has certain Artic Les to sell but grudges five Hundred dollars to give the same knowledge to millions. Family Circle j the Farmer s wife. The life of the Farmer is often mad Eithe subject complimentary remark so often praised for its peacefulness and Independence that the Farmer s wife might very rationally be supposed to be the happiest woman in the world. From her relation to the lords of the Sou Ehe should Bethe lady Fethe soil a peaceful healthy in dependent woman. That the reverse of this is the general fact will be universally conceded by the wives of the Farmers. A Young Farmer arrives at an age when he thinks it time to get married and Settle he has had a respectable education and wants a Vroman who is his equal. He looks about him and makes his Choice. She is a girl fared beside him in the country has been Well educated reared by c careful parents and is Jin the truest Stehsel a lady. She loves books possesses skill and taste in music and is in All Points fitted to reign the Queen of a Happy Home. She becomes the wife of the Farmer is ambitious to do is much As her Neighbours and her husband is soon Aya finious enough in to allow the woman of his love to become his most devoted Drudge. From thenceforth her life is one of most unremitting toil. It is nothing but mend and botch Cook and bake Wash and Iron churn and make cheese pick up chips and draw water Bear children and nurse them. The family enlarges the husband grows wealthy becomes important in Community rides to town every Day takes his ease when he chooses but the cares of his faded and broken Down wife know no relaxation May outlive her husband but rarely does and not a second wife comes in to share in the Money that should have been enjoy by her predecessor through a quiet old age a Usu will 1u1vc Iii u v Ull inc. It i i a pleasant feelings of the vain ass As he thinks one had not yet finished speaking when the f 1 or me Condl Thrift nil Nanri Nti of Tomii guards entered to Lead her away. At the moment in which the King s attendants were about to give her to the soldiers she slipped from their hands made a bound towards the win Dow and disappeared. Her Lovely and beauteous form was raised in a minute afterwards from the ground frightfully mutilated Ana a. General exclamation burst from Tho she was a Lunatic i _ upon the evening of the 17th of october Tjio wine Rose As on the proceeding Day from Hio fountains erected in front of the Castle fire works were exhibited and the City was minted. The population appeared As Gay and As Happy As before the sad events we have described occurred but Louis the fifteenth was no longer the same. He was sad sorrowful care sat upon his brow. There was Joy no More for him for those be not deceived by outward rang in his ears. A Man of Collamer the Post master general has received from the University of Vermont the honorary degree of l. L. Of course the Post master general must be a Man Learned in dead letters or not we can not say. If it had been the degree of l. D., death on we should have seen right through it. Of his superiority Over All Mankind arid Over you in particular the slight smile off conscious Abil j Ity that plays round the Corners of his unmeaning i Mug. Who can without feel-1 ing an itching in his toes 1 there Are dirty bits of conduct too bits of insolence on the part of those who imagine this is no fancy sketch it is drawn from 1 and in every country town and neighbourhood its truthfulness will be recognized. Now ave dispose the Good for nothings of fashionable Ife As much As any one and have no affection drones in any hive. We Are aware that Cir Chi instances sometimes demand extreme labor of the Farmer s wife but in new England Ihbe not prevail and while a would Leive no woman to eat the bread of Idle we would see the class of which we Are speaking released from the Circle of everlasting Drudgery i paves them of the privilege Christ was born among the poor grew up among the poor toiled with the poor and died for the poor. The cases in which he Ever came in Contact with Rich men Are noted with emphasis in scripture As remarkable exceptions. Some one looking at a Rich Man said poor Man he toiled Day and night until he was forty to gain his wealth and he has been watching it Ever since for his victuals and it is not what sol earn but what we hat makes us Rich. It is not what we eat jut what we digest that makes us fat. It is not what we read but what we remember that makes a Learned. All this is very Sim Ile but it is world remembering. Example moves where Precept fails and Lesa read than falsehood goes on one leg upon to. The one limps the other walks upright and firmly. Y the things Are now discern Able in the of soon a Telescope. If any body cart Tell these strange things Are we will Gay their imaginations full scope. Among the rtt bings to be seen is a Chimney smoking. N 1844 a Volcano w in discernible in the Moon. Themselves your superiors that excite the desire j of relaxation for a Day and the time which they to kick pretty strongly. Yod would not perhaps go far out of your Way to inflict it nor would you give it very severely just twee or three kicks to show he you entertain towards tie offend i and to give him some idea of the respect you have for him. I As regards his person the eminently Kic Kable subject whether Kic Kable from offensiveness of manner or Cor duct is excepting in the Case of Buck perhaps a Little Snuffy i paltry insignificant looking creature his being so if a tyrant for instance rendering Hinr doubly obnoxious to the punishment of kicking. J in the Case of such a person of one wife with a wretched and contemptible figure sports the most offensive insolence of manner and conduct the desire to kick is All but Irre Sistelle. How one Longs to apply the shoe Point to the rear part of the conceited Over bearing Rascal there Are dear Reader As you know a Good Many other Kic Kable sorts of people but As your knowledge and experience is quite competent to Supply these we enumerate them. The Way to1 advertise. The n. Y. Tribune in an article on Reform in Trade gives the following hints in regard to the item of advertising a we have remarked that extensive Advertis ing is one of the Means by which the Reform ii Trade is to be accomplished. The two classes buyers and Sellers have common interest in finding each other that is to say it is for the interest of him who can Supply a certain want cheapest to have buyer aware of the fact and it is for the interest of the buyer no less. An expenditure of fifty thousand dollars May not be too much one of five thousand May be too Little for that purpose. If for example some body has discovered As we see it stated fun a Southern paper a substance or chemical com Pound which will dispense with the labor now required in washing clothes or the half of it at a very Small Cost the owners of this Patent May spend fifty thousand dollars a year in advertising it and then not spend enough. There Are in would glad y devote to the maternal education of the r children. Jeff from this life the girls of err Day earn to Hrin k. Nut because Lii try Are Lazy but because they they Are to be sacrificed. Not be cause tha calling of the Farmer is1 not Respecta ble but because they lilo not ish to become his mistress nurse and Boot Jack. Now Tho foundation of All this wrong is an avaricious spirit Ijan ded Down by father to Eon which makes the Dollar the Standard of respect ability and land the Only source of happiness. We Hope to see the Day when the Farmer s wife shall share in the peacefulness and Independence of the of diner s lot and we Call upon the ladies to engage in the Reform themselves and to teach the lords of the soil that there is something to live for besides potatoes and that life can be enjoyed More truly by a proper preservation of the health Beauty accomplishments and Good spirits of their Springfield publican. T Farmers daughter. There is a world of buxom Beauty flourishing in the shades of the country farm houses Are dangerous places. As you Are thinking Only of sheep roof curds you May be shot through by a pair of Bright eyes and melted away in a be witching smile that you never dreamed of till the mischief is done. In towns and theatres and thronged assemblies of Tolje titled fair you Are on your guard Vou t now what you Are exposed to and put on your breast plate and pass through the most terrible onslaught of Beauty Safe and sound. But in the Jse Sylvan dreaming of nightingales and hearing Only the lowing of oxen you Are taken by Surprise. Out Steps a fair crosses a a Stile you you stand lost in wonder and astonished Admir Ilion you take out Yotter tablets to write a spinel on the return of the nymphs and dryads to Earth when up comes John Tominc and says it s 6nly the Farmer s what have Farmers such daughters those farm houses Are dangerous let no Man with a poetical imagination which u

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