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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 21, 1854, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaOr i a profit tar College r s unlike o the a wow disease one of them of Long notice w w ing Semul onal Jur exception the work published in t Reat Oit fit Areren us can of text to puking to Thor hat Nore 00 Hitte breath to pub nose lie Tho world Henily prise of Cotui the Fra of Ara most Mac Jewwl r Wilfoot tto Knorl. Ibis invaluable work it would in mortification end Somner r charge Ptak t aha an Clergyman in Ohio Cal Manuel says our Yool by evil and sons. Have been led into of Vilh Oul realizing the sin fetus by Pon is of thousands Are Rai Biog Ami. Enfeebled if not Bro Liett Down and w Rte close or the Core. Sajt Hlat so Penl so tenant Check and null mately to remove of human would Aist Blessing next to Tho religion of 1 Ibe present Ami coming Effene Ratolo. Or Tho of i tin upon Thoom Ltd 13 act i to i human race. Accept my Thanki k Aii inked and believe Roe your of orders must lie addressed. Y Alf respectable druggists a country. T. W. Dyott sons second Street. Phinia Delphua Ohio fire proof paint of the Reoe Ivea e at much less tha athe former join Rich 23, 1863. Jokes r Ngo rep Stelni Jota in and will sell cheap Tor Caw. 553. And a toward 3. 85 Terelia str will Hilbert mar Tut or in the bides to be delivered also Vii of Good re for Kwh very at the Tanne y i l w i f v up vetoed the government Wai Toast Ore for these ing tag the horrors of the French revolution up a bugbear to Wyto Tfaye Ataw gave mints a it Len from Europe Eucy restrictions upon .1 a. Binuya Auvo Cadieu Eucon restrictions upon quire Tharah Ter Ier selected tji cited Stales does not citizenship and pm sued Sach. A hostile policy to vans should return at staffed and Short periods he fluid Gard All Frei eneral i tical principles and antagonistic Par 21 in governments Flora their first institution to the th8 of will tie an Power of self totem new it and in Feci denying their right As Welt Ai their Ca c Togo Jern themselves the Piber claim he language of our declaration of in that All Meo be erected equal thai they Are endowed by their creator Eert Sio inalienable Ngata that Ore life Liberty and tha that to secure these rights governments ate instituted among men deriving their just tue irian the consent of Tye that whenever any form of government becomes death Octive of these ends it a ight of the Neola to alter or to abolish it and to Institute i new government laying a fat idalion on Auch principles and organizing Ila in such form As to them shall seem most Likely to a f 1 dependence the Fermat led to our War o alerted Dis Raissi me audio r r get of self government but the capacity also to exercise the right. The Brit ish of that Day and their inner ends in this country denied this right As Well a Chis Capa City. Our fathers heroically Mph joined their positions and established their governments a Poole principles for which they ought and the right of Man to govern himself and his capacity to do it in this country at least Are irn but although to conquered from reluctant England and obtained from All the governments of Europe Tho recognition of out government thus established yet the despots of the old world Ever looked with a jealous Eye tip on our Republican add we had a Purly among us during tha wat of the revolution awl to have never bees we unit such a parly particularly have denied Man s Ris Iii in a ability to govern when inc const Tut ions of the Severa l states of the Union were under consideration ibis parly without an exception were strenuous ill Ribeir endeavours to clothe the government with Alrano if not arbitrary Power to jeep As they Saij the people in i Beck. They Hook All the Power they could Iron the people and vested it in the government thus reversing the Declara that governments derived their just pow ers from tha consent of the governed and it has taken the friends of the c from that Lime to the present to Correct these arbitrary provisions in their organic Law. It Yorac of the the aristocracy has so entrenched itself behind be barriers of wealth at d exclusive privileges that even in this age of Progress the people have not yet been Able entirely to them and. If not in their organic Law in their Ordinary legislation the Pec pie of these slates have been subjected la a t detection of heir rights and a tyranny in their government scarcely exceeded in those countries where despotism prevails. In forcing tha con thulion of the United slates these opponents of Tho Plov rights endeavoured to establish a consolidated govern ment which should tend i o centralize in the general government All the Powers and rights of the several Stales As Well As o Tho people. They claimed o establish a Strong and magnificent government with numerous offices High asiatics a standing army and a Large Navy us whenever Ibey were in Power and bad the Opportunity they carried these views feel the the. Day a o the Revola was composed of those Whf co anal the rights of. The Peck be who pot Fonh the. Declaration., of and maed their government upon the principles i in it. Ours was it his bean a Model for All Struj Requeni in the Stormy Days of the revolt the Union of the Stales was e by a Cense of Mutual danger and e sense of Mutual dependence thar . Government of the Over i of the people endeavoured to emas democratic a they could. Still influence of habit an attachment to of Igor forms to which they had Beten acc Stoin ignorance of the firms in which Weir principles could be heat carried out and a disinclination in new adv o it rement Only certain specific and enumerated Powers that were absolutely necessary for such a limited government or confederation. Their a has been stated were Lor clothing the general almost unlimited Powers which if granted have made it a sol dated even Rmel find in the end Swal Low tip the state governments entirely. The rest it of was to establish a government for the Union of unrivalled Excel which combines the federative and the democratic makes it a govern men of Compromise in which the Powers of government Are limited restricted and confined to lose expressly gun need or which follow by direct and necessary not merely Convenie Imrij Caliban from those granted. This govern it Evhen properly All. In e Ere necessary purposes and yet leaves to people and to the states All their fights uni i fringed. He imbrarta1 Wae Hington was by Unal Mons consent placed at the head of the gov . He called around him the statesmen and soldiers of. The in Feis Cabi net were found very discordant materials. Both the Antigoni Apical principles to which we have before alluded were , and it required the whole weight of that eminent Man s character to prevent their operation to the prejudice of the country. Col. Hamilton a Man undoubtedly of talents who had been conspicuous for his services in the Texdon Leonary army during which lie had enjoyed much of the Confidence of sen. Wash. Ing on had been selected for the situation of Secretary of the Treasury. In the convention of j787-8 he has however shown his predilections for a Strong government which if adopted a hold have made us Little belter than an ele Tive monarchy with a president and a sen ale for life. He of. Course headed the party who coincided with his views and distrusted or affected to distrust the Power of the people to govern themselves. They assumed to them eel res the name of federalists falsely alleging that they were the exclusive friends of the form of of these two statesmen the Federal Patty were rancorous and malignant in their opposition to the government of the Union verging Well nigh on to in the doings of the Essex Hartford refusal to furnish men and Means to carry on the War. In which we were engaged with great Britain from 1812 to 1815, emphatically called Tho second War of Independence and their constant apologies for the acts of great Britain during that War mounting Over our vie tories and rejoicing at those of our Jackson however ended that War Iri a Blaze of glory at new Orleans on the 8th of january 18io. Jackson fought Many Battles martial and civil for Hia country. Top to the line of this federalism Al though foiled and Defeated had held ils Crest erect and displaced a portion of its former Pride and curing this Ever it assumed the name of the peace party and since then has been known by almost As Many names As there has been political conflicts in the country about the War its Cadira in to in in Ranto a change of would be better to waive the proud pretensions they had assumed of possessing All the talents Ell and All the learning of the coins try and see it Success fanning the embers of discontent in the hint was the parly dropped and since then they have been found upon even occasion fomenting divisions in the democratic tanlc3v by in framing the passions and prejudices of any portion of our Citi Aena of Mcclea either from the influence of Circum stances and Trade upon their pecuniary affairs from Politico or personal Diaab ointment from local p rebut lines or habits from sectarianism or fanaticism in religion Tir any other they fave never changed their principles whig cry the present Day is the federalism of 1799, Grewo Morelia running it has stooped More Teri Tripus. Fax null Hough Power does not always corrupt of which we have had Many admirable examples Jet its to corrupt of which we Okay we have hat Nof 11 Flthe principles of j less two in the coming contest in Penney Vanta. The democratic honest and candid a their principles open Day they Bear the same honest name they or More bin half a Century. Tot name conferred upon ttemji9 a term of tear Jacoc has won its Way to Public Confidence ances teem arid so much is the Power of that name that an Sceini Difede Ralissa Aow u a bigger Bias of Teri sought to Seal ii to deceive the people. Democracy advocates the equal rights of All our abhors Allex elusive privileges to the knows no distinction Elween. Our native born and natural than Constitution has created. One of its first acts when or Jefferson ame into Power was to Amend the Laws and facilitate the Means for the naturalization of foreigners. A Ming the causes assigned for declaring our country Independent a i. Important , tha. The King for hell. In Tih. Uon rising Ana populous Western a k t states Onkey Olfin womb Iare Stilt Lizett Ter Nasonal Cna racer degraded at and disgraced Ina Tea d of a Preat name and Power and Tery among the Natrona Folte opposition to those of foreign birth constr Lutes Mich of the Ottar Bodtfer a present Day in at Clow of the Feder Alitta of s3. The alien commander of any or vessel. Which Shah enter Tobej United and accordingly time of of Robatin. Still Liff ther Eit dded by Thiart of Lonb chief officer Iii the Tot site 1 1 Only ruined a if no Comet Mhz to five write or Irig Wes or nerf voted Stow Civ else idea of be i con i St Ali Jimrae Datery make report in writing to Toms of fill aliens on Board his vessel specifying their names age the place of nativity the 18s8, to fourteen years and a Declara Tipa Ofin years before the admission of the applicant to the rights of citizens fat. It is their soc cupa lion and sf3escription their per sons and on failure do to a forfeit he sum of three Hundred dollars and in default of pay. Men the vessel waa to he detained by such col Lector or Olshef officer. The collector was also required forthwith to transmit to the depart ment of state Tuftie copies of a Inch All other Acyl they Haie carried out the Princi Ples mis called Jons of the sires of 76. Our elvers Friea Are endeavouring to crawl in to Power at by Piall their own partisans proper and an alter int to excite prejudices foreign and Ini Nical Tetzie Constitution of the unil Vej Stites in relation to sets calculated o the Syro Patles and prejudices of portions pour citizens. ration of the uni Ltd Siales the institution of slavery which had Raen imposed upon us by the mercenary cupidity of great Britain just where it found Mere municipal regulation of the Stales in which it existed. Pennsylvania immediately upon the does of the revoke Tom abolished this institution within her Bordere and almost All the nor Hern slates have followed . Before it All be slates if the True to Ives of Rufi abolition could be to Teal the would not a loss a Rich credit As Many claim for ils abolition it wis found slave Abor i h was farming these the motives of pecuniary interest super added to list were deemed the principles of humanity procured itt abolition in All the orig Inal states North of Maryland and Delaware. The compromises of the Constitution upon this subject which prevented any Gen eral government on be subject of slavery have been faithfully carried Only by the parly in every portion of the Union. They hold that no one state has a right to interfere with what belongs to anotherl31 the Congress of the 3 United states hat the r Power to Adan t new slates into Lheu Nion and. They ih5lead.of Paieri Egitto love Oai iounlry.1- Sive Toniea corps orations a de 0f course in the sire to draw implied Powers from the. Cons Titu eing. Sere was a lion and exercise them for their own selfish and to establish a citizen ship Contil tote he dogmas of our political adversaries it is Renoo Nable to believe Usta change motor very system of government their ultimate Success. This Jii stoical View of the parties their Priori Ples Tad acts More space Tiaa waa we must hasten to the Willious emotions and conc Sjon of this our last address. Remember others neatly connected Vilh me would have fellow Siti fens that the motto of our party is become pair there in but All of principles and not yet in the popular them to Lueteen from me. In sure. Been ele Cliona selected As the Standard prevented from saving a brother from receiving beavers of parties and of their pm cites. They in fishing of a father Mother and Are hut the representatives of their and from soothing their by my party and Are bound to carry but its in Sciples. Your unwarrantable and test the coirlmg1 contest by no unfeeling false issues be u. Confine the a Tobej leaven that has leavened the Issue to for which out fathers Foughi and whole Lump. Rights of the people. Every other Cau opponent have Ever been at Ibao Tipon this element Jet Ompton to be Larod Nocei into it is a . The one constituting a a fyn themselves into which whenever pos Dot mental principle of their political Earth the fact abused. Remember the cause freehand fill Feten Stonoff the Riglis and bless of the of Bem Sracy Fita uprights straights in. Human of Jumeily that de Forward course rear its Banner High March was Nnoli re publican. The Sufie Ringe which were caused tornany45f Tien by this conduct of the federalists Are in calculable As to said ulc. Emmet in a Letler to or. King t should have brought Ai Long with Theony his family in Clad my a brother the lamented so Herl Emme whose name perhaps you not read shores As a the Jotte party brewing the sex rights will in Trion of that Liberty and that hatred to titled dignitaries am various forms of oppress the Caus of f Eilts Geoid a a Weikel Secretary. I newspaper

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