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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 14, 1854, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaEase contracted by Case Coni raced by r Diny at would fled Lihi it Torfli in of College medic re the. Of the is me pleasure to or to Leasure to Adi a Phi have been led tap Vitic it realizing tha Len themselves and thei is of Iho wands urho Are enfeebled if not broken Iho cause or the cure to Tel Liten and a . U a Anuica me your Al work any ran tolled sut., f a indigo Batna from o been bund after veers f the most Peyric fans to to most beneficial in the and hence while it k Public As a is that character of which Reliance of to safety. In bordered medics he Bloot albas or cause such is weakness from Mirent has been confined to bed Lor Afier confinement abortion or cordial Cin Tot be excelled in ils m in loss or muscular Energy Ros Ermion seminal weakness lean indigestion de eat to functions nervousness c la me required it will be found Igor Ting cordial is of is in to Many complaints to re . It assists Ihu Uro to bunco i cd pct excesses and loss suffering it ague and Mig ladies would exist were Ley go the use of this cordial. Latties who r Lii use obstruct runs which females Are , by the use of a or two Jufen. Or practice so filial to tha Wist d it n she Young who Are most Apt to is irom an Ign Franco of the danger i Jet causes Livous debility a the system and Trematore a so May now to sufi Riog misled a scarce of disease occasioning the Onn Dir the Felt alies of makr1agk, no Inland body is pacify hold 1 cordial n Medicine that nature to restore Tojo Jln Ponall Ralph y , and will prove of Servia rare is a general remo ind of lie syst m. Ast it 13 unsurpassed. Place ii cordial on n footing Witk Ary for Henry s invigorating a trial to prove Tinl ii invigorating cordial 1 j m. Moinul Acinger s on which Islo msry. 42 per bottle for a s1gim per in s e. Cohen. No. 3-Frantlin below Iladel pm Iris j o adore Send. I respectable country. Coral St ret Philadelphia sole Geol Hio firc proof paint in genuine in icle. Jus t Roca red and much less than the former Price. M org egg. 185a to Roe s has comb. V can buy nil articles in ibo run n Short at an tin store he is preparing to keep All n-1 will jell cheap Lor cab. A with extra plates Hollowware of e. Grail. A Large Tope ived i re of Jones class Tare an Emilw a Tiey Jones Al f Market Price in our for is to s of Good Hui Mlock wanted for a bib cat sol ill Al Tfaye Tubby Lar. _ that country is the where labor commands the greatest 4.3 Wellsboro thursday september 14, 1854. Whole s36 sub Tutsi Saddle trunk harness Mano la Cirer carriages trimmed too Der and after the latest with or without particular atle Lioa paid to preparing. Lycra in county Pennsylvania. Opp mite United slates hotel b. Kenton address no Iii. To the people of Pennsylvania. Fellow citizens the manner of organi zing the territories of Nebraska and Kansas you will agree with us is not necessarily an is at n Riby j. Homce Pathy Allopathy Phy sue in this is not a subject con Nee t Simian surgeon is permanently government that they invoked the interposition with or without slavery As the people thereof the belief t Fiat was not within doctrines of the abolitionists and anti Larery of heaven and accepted the proffered Aid of the might determine. These claimed As the True scope of the agitators and Idof Eunoris the they generous stranger. For seven Long years did a precedent for tie act organizing Nebraska James have promulgated the Jabor to impress upon lord nor tet and and Kansas. It is for these reasons an in this the proposed restriction As to the e9 the false lights a thrown put Jay the ancient George Iii the virtue and Power of sense also claimed that the principles of non Rita which Are to be admitted into the Union if federalists during the Missouri controversy to science of govern intervention As adopted in should be re Nuj in direct violation of the Constitution is mystify the people lost owe repugnant to it principles we have Grea t Confidence in. The Vodrine of we might swell the list of authorities on this dope car sovereignty and in the Justice and via same Point from eminent american statesmen Dom of the people. They have saved the Conn living and dead try in Many Impi Octant crises in our affairs it is difficult to Force from mind the be waa the people that settled located in Chatham Valley and will attend to All in his profession. Ii Wiiiam Valley june 29, 1854 c e grat successor to Roy Sofield is stoves tit Copper and Sheet Kon Ware one door pc Bowen s. Cells Lowro. June 22, 1s5i. Fundamental truth in the ment. The attempt of that Monarch to bind the. Colonies in All things and to impose taxes without representation gave this principle growth and vigor and Cost him armies and an in spire. Since that Day to the present Lime it has been gaining strength in All Garden As a finality. As Pennsylvania is we Are not the advocates of the Extension of slavery and we deny that the principles of tie Nebraska and Kansas Bill produce that effect. It merely leaves it to the people o determine question for themselves it civilized countries. American experience has but the soil climate and productions of that re Folet Rio Eads Valeks in watches clocks 3ilver Veare jewelry and fancy goods books Sta ular attention paid re taurine clocks All wort warranted. Welu Boro. Juiia 22, 1s54. in dby goods groceries Crim cry. Re nil in nolo a lolling will Siloro. Jilli cog fid with the duties of a state executive. It is scarcely possible that the election of a govern or whoever May succeed is to have any particular bearing upon the future policy of those surely no Man will be so unreasonable As to hold the governor of Pennsylvania accountable in an official sense for what Gress has already done on this subject. It is a subject with which that officer has had and j a question of governmental policy Lourid within who my Vocale Anc voted for the Nebraska and on Tae social or political attain of the country can have officially Noah my whatever to do. As i. ,._,._ l-. fully solved and settled the problem of Man s ability for self government. Where can to found the instance in which governmental affairs have been submitted to or entrusted with the people that the results have not been Salu tary who will Hen at this Day doubt the fit Ness of the american people to dispose of any Gion Are not. Adapted to Slavo Labort is our firm belief that slavery will not enter Toliese territories. Those sensitive on this Point should not close Tler eyes to the evidence that surrounds them. The indications Are All opposed to its extent on to Tulat country such is the belief of Llie Ablest men in the nation those disputed even by abolitionists. The right establish or abolish the institution is admitted. The Only effect that the legislation of con Gress can possibly hip must be confined to the territorial rotation o. A state during which Lime it caning Tereise bit a limited influence up Spencer Aito Ivey Siml counsel i a enl Law Corning Steuben a a Junta n. Y. Leo. T. By Emmett. C. H. Thos1som Aprl sly p. S to cattle Bealer ill Fry goods car aware groceries Tioga Village Ivga Baldwin Ott Benset be. Of to Etall is in dry goods. I Edwarc Al Etc. Tioga Tii i co., in. S. P. Wilson removed 10 Lowrey a office. James Lowrey. Is p. Wilson. Tutor need and counsellors at Law a. Will intend thu Couria of Trago Potter and m Koui it units. february 1, Alexander Cohen of. I veal Iblis in Heady made clothing i Coak i inns Vesta. Urfis Cape a to Liuro. June 22, 1854. Late Graves hotel Wellsborough Tioga co., pa., p. P. Cleaver june s. 1904. Proprietor. Sajiv Axtel Herzog c.? n i a k r a k e r. The citizens of Weil Borough and in 1 Public Koner Nily. He hip rented part of in Jacoub St Reckly of Musil Street Opp Sile the. Luton of in Raj i j thai lie has a Hall tables Lnu ils Annj Oliwer i uni litre and i to order any ill his me of business. H m in ind the Niu irn u us Giulii Mac gaily Bureau svelte Borough. Dec. A member of the democratic party it must be presumed that he has taken an interest in pub Lic affairs and has not been an inattentive observer that there has existed a diversity of of incl in relation to certain features of this measure. Since the origin of our government with occasional intervals the question of slavery in some of its phases has been a subject of violent and at limes dangerous controversy in con Gress menacing the peace of the people and the existence of the National confederacy. Its adjustment within the territories has led to the most threatening struggles. These were invariably renewed by every new acquisition of territory. In 1820, the act of Congress fixing the Missouri line was adopted interdicting the Extension of slavery North of 36 Deg. 30 min., As a Means of settling the controversy growing out of the acquisition of Louisiana from France in 1803. In 1845, these lines were extended Over Texas which has just been annexed to the United slates and seemed to answer the purpose of an adjustment. In 1843, however the limits of the Constitution who will then contend for the absurd idea that a Man loses his capacity for self government by emigrating from a state in a territory who Wil say that a Man residing in Massachusetts should through his representatives in Congress be permitted to adopt and regulate institutions of local government for his fellow Man in Utah new Mexico Minnesota Nebraska or will our whig or abolition friends agree that when they shall live emigrated to any of these territories their democratic fellow citizens whom they leave behind shall decide for them what kind of local institutions they shall that their judgment and not that of the Emi Grants themselves shall control As to the institution of slavery or will contend that the people will be careless of their own True in their government will be feeble or injudicious whoever says these than Jas doubts All the principles of our Republican institutions and disregards the lessons of expert and the teachings of the sages of the revolution. Lief whole of slavery in the on de Republican platform after the territories is greatly magnified. The right of of 4ln a Sovereign state to control this subject is not people who attained Jackson 9gainst Moth Bant. It was the mass Combe people who upheld the country in time of War. It is to the people that we must look for Protection against the Uii Seral treason and despotic Wiles of the enemies of the Republic. The peo pie of Pennsylvania will be True to their constitutional obligations when once adroit item into the Union with Sla very a state can abolish admitted with out she can establish it. Should the people North of 36. 30. In Nebraska become numerous enough lobe admitted As a free state they co uld ish the institution even upon the principles of. If tie Missouri line or the act of 1820 had not p 1851, and 1852, Are evidences that they Are not of. The Day of wild fanaticism and bigotry on the question of slavery has passed by in this state and her democracy and her people Generelly have planted Kansas Bill As we i As those who voted against it. Or. Do Tiglas sail i i do not believe there is a Man in Congress who thinks it would be permanently a slave holding country i have no idea that it fur. Badger said i1 have no More idea of seeing a Slava popu lation in either of them Nebraska or than i have of Seeg it in Massachusetts or. Edward Everett said Iain quite sure everybody admits that is not to be a slave balding Region or. Hunter Sau does any Man believe that you will have a slave holding state in Kansas or Nebraska i confess that for a moment 1 permitted such an allusion to rest on my mind or. Bell Saib that As respects the South it was a contest Fot a Mere or. Benton said in his first speech against. The Bill 1 the question in these Ter stories slavery conflict that should be Dis countenanced unambitious but they Are if thrown open to territorial action will b e a by the Good men of All parties it is one of the they Are modest a pretending and slow been . Suppose for example that any of the states covered by the ordinance of 1787 were at this time to establish slavery when would be the remedy there w Auld be none. If the people of u territory should desire to have the institution but perceiving that con Gress might object to their admission into the Union they could forbear to establish it until after their admission1, and then do As they might deem Best. Hence the Wisdom of allowing that Power to control in the beginning that will most 1850 and there they will continue to stand whether Victory or them. They Are willing to see the of the territories determined in their primary assemblages Questi ii of Domestic without the control or dictation of the government which May by a usurpation of Power pretend to define the lines of Freedom and slavery by degrees of latitude and Longi tude or ii geographical boundaries. The democracy of Pennsylvania Nardin the Desti Nies of the great Central t certainly control 5n the end or at a subsequent Union will adhere faithfully to the principles sovereignty of the state its not to a dented that there a a most and the peo Piei and he Ujj violent and evoked by tins the nation. The pea ple of Pennsylvania Are purpose or of . A Homo however to t Tullu at a when it was proposed to extend this parallel of we have Inlet rated trial we of of number a question of the majority enigmas of human nature that it can become roving a hut they Are powerful for r Hlyn Luo Tara Nna t Tiffin not for to n run n of n no. Nu., in Kip in Nln a it attn n Foci r f in Tab i. N a Rule subscriber having purchased Tea Marble Yard of j. U. Sherwood of Tioga loj Bethe with All the in hand a quid Utt Orui tile Citi Zena of Tigu Ami adj Ucucu Courtl Tea that he us nov prepared to i monuments , tombs grave Sloncz fyc., on the shortest notice Oil it prices. C. H. 151-1. _ Tioga h Tioga Village Tioga co., Loicl in the county. Everything i an add to the Comfort inc convenience of Llie trave Hilf Public the Prici Prieor a i endeavoured to pro cure he i eau warranted in saying that be will Rei tier Antis Luction to All who. Pay e to him Bacall jambs Gourich Tioga Viliore dec. 18, 1853. Proprietor. 36 Deg. 30 min. From the Rio Del Norte to the Pacific it waa Defeated in the House of representatives after having passed the Senate by a majority of ten Voles. The agitation in the country soon became general and by 1850, it had assumed an alarming aspect. The Good and great men of All parties forgetting former differences and constrained by a nobler spirit of patriotism United in a common Effort to allay the mighty surging of an excited Public senti ment. Foremost in tins great work was the eloquent and patriotic Clay sustained by ass Webster King and others. A series of acts were passed familiarly known As the Compro Mise measures which were acceptable to the people and were ardently maintained. One of these acts organized the territories of Niew Mexico and Utah and on the principles. Of the plan of allowing the people to decide for themselves whether they would have the institution of slavery or not. The whole country seemed satisfied with the doctrine of non intervention by Congress in the regulation of the Domestic institutions of the territories incl diding thai of slavery. Without slopping to inquire into Tho Constin Lionial Power of Congress to legislate on the subject or to what extent that Power might be exercised the people regard it As Wise and politic to remove this topic of angry and danger Ous controversy out of Congress and confide it to those who May occupy the territories. We May however remark that the question of authority in the passage of the ordinance of 1787 discuss the abstract and somewhat questions of congressional Power which grown out of the slavery controversy in the Halls of the National legislature. We care not to decide where so Many eminent men have differed whether Congress has the Power to establish or abolish the institution in the Terri tories. Be that As it May we assert that it was Wise in 1850, As in 1854, to refer Iho whole question to the Sovereign will of the people to be settled through the action of the local governments c s All other questions of Domestic policy Are settled. The rights of property the Leatious Between husband and wife Parent and child guardian and Ward Ore so confided and we can see none More sacred and important in the social slate and we sea no Good reason Why Tho question of Domestic slavery the relation of master and servant should alone be withheld from the action of the peo ple it must not be forgotten that we have not he creation of Circum ances for ourselves but that we must Deal with existing facts. Tie same difficulty occurred in the Early history of the country we had the institution of slavery entailed upon us and the Only matter of inc jury has Long been How it was to be managed to Kansas the greatest advantage of both the White and diff cult for or against slavery and what Chance would 8o unreasonable in some of Good. The people of Pennsylvania a c Ilch has slave holders have in Sulci a conies no our anti Nebraska men should take care least by instinct and will crush to Aloizs Allih t to Chance at All. Tin slave emigrants Wilba out numbered and compelled to play at a most unequal game not Only in numbers but also in Point of Staples 1. His second Spe Achl or. Benton again said 1 believe in the fun lilith of this absolute futility in tile slave holding states and that5ncl n single slave will Ever be held in Kansas or Nebraska under it even admitting it to be passed Gen. Houston Seid there was no More probability of slavery being introduced into these territories t Ion into v even , who is astute on this subject thus expressed himself i feel quite Suie that Bbyers at most can get nothing More than Kons Asj while Nebraska the wider Region will escape for the reason that its soil and climate Alre uncongenial with the Staple of slave sugar Cotton and tobacco. Moreover since the lion Lias been so Well and so effectually directed towards the subject a Hope hat Sla very will not be atle to gain a foothold even in the mania of a wild and ungovernable fanaticism should possess them As it has already possessed Many others. The Imalain Matory and treasonable proceedings of an abolition Conven Tion in the City of new York not Long since Calls for the Earnest condemnation of every Lover of our National Union. Wendell the Union sentiment is the great vortex which swallows tip Hje great to rinds and they have Power enough for the time being to influence the people. The Only remedy for the slave is the destruction of. The government i Challenge any Man to Tell me what the Union has done for Wal Garrison proposed the following Resolution resolved that the one grand vital Issue to any Barneto especially to the made with the slave Power is the Dis Solu matrimonial. If a is of handsome figure ble Barriera to. A healthy flow of Public sen i ment. always been a Patri Otic Union Loving state. She has always stood by the Flag of our common country. She is the Keystone of the Federal Arch and standing Midway be Olwean the North and South she constitutes the great break water against which the Waves of Northern fanaticism and. Southern Folly have Long surged and will continue to surge in j. Ellis Boqi Flam chairman. Geo. C. Wilkes Secretary. Husbands for Sale. A Strong winded Matron tired of Matrimony. Publishes the following for Good Tion of the existing american Union and action and can Trot his two babies an hour was Henry Wright Apoka to the Resolution and Ilyin stands to the Cradle without never said snuffs at the dishcloth is not afraid of Loco no that Resolution very much. This lives no even those of the Germantown Hail country denies or if it believes in god i Road. He smart traveller in every do not. The Christian god is the most accursed respect a goad family beast. The present own . No Man s rights can be ascertained or being about to emigrate to California the but to Render Assurance doable sure we have by reference to a bib a a Law 01 a Constitution above property must be sold without delay stronger c Pinion from judge Pollock i Dent care that snapping his fingers for any of b s the crowded deck of an american Taining a Large portion for ready Only. Uii Flers Ign cd would infer n 3 a Iliakis of Wellsboro ii and a faintly he Bas Ugajin turned to this Ilure and opened a Over Emilii n slur where will be prepared to do tailoring n Alt its branches in a Gaud n re Workmanlike at pric s Tia cannot Fai to please. All eni trusted to him will be done i with despatch and a fit warrantee cutting done Short notice. Country produce delivered fall kinds taken f r it. P. Erwin. April 28lh., 1632. Farm make them our companions and equals and permit them to share the honors of the under the old confederation is a different inter marry with our daughters and friends one from the passage of the Missouri Compro i forcible language of or. Jefferson we Mise or any slave restriction whatever under have the Wolf by the ears and we can neither our present Constitution. Under the Conedera hold him nor safely let him go coif Tain ing abot 7 50 Akes of lat land Lei z the Tioga on Ilic East bunk of tout let forego its excise. Lion the institution of slavery was not recon the Constitution ill is in three several 1st. In fixing the basis of representation and direct taxation. 3d. La tolerating the foreign slave Trade in lil 1808. 3d. In providing for the rendition of Fugi from labor. If it even be Clear that Congress is possessed of ample Power to legislate on the subject and this is stoutly denied by Gen. Cuss and other eminent men of the country it was pro the resort to this Mode of adjustment in 1850, seemed most aus Black races. The later number several Mil Lions and Wear forced to the dilemma of re himself the whig candidate for governor who such Book or Constitution when the question of packet of them in bondage or a nos in a letter dated june 19lh, 1854 Sla Liberty or slavery is to be considered. The on Califon very can have no Legal existence in those Ter Ril Aries either by e it of Congress or under the false pretence of popular it May in fact a safety said that of All the acquisitions of Teni tory from Mexico there will not be a slave stale added to the Union and that tie territory embraced in the Louisiana Purchase not already admitted will come in As and yet much has been done in a Legal and constitutional Way for the amelioration of this info Ruunala race of people. The men of the revolution had to Deal with the institution of slavery As they found it and they so acted in the formation of the government. When these slalom were colonies of great Britain every one waa a province. At the Lime the Constitution was framed twelve out of the thir teen were slave holding states six of the original Thirleen have now become free not by abolition agitation in Congress but by the action of the people of the several states in their Sovereign capacity at Home. This leaving the question to the people waa by thing of importance is that the mass of the people venerate the Constitution. We should Endeavor to do away with this. I thank god that i am a traitor to that Constitution. I thank god also that i am an infidel to the popular religion of this country and of All Christendom the Hon. Edmund Quincy said that the Constitution displayed the ingenuity of the very should like a new if you we Eris have you been sleep ing Whede two nights since we left 7 i be been sleeping a top of a he s got better now and he. Won t stand it no longer free states. It should also be borne in mind that any territory that the United states May hereafter acquire must be sout i of 36. 30, and that this principle of popular sovereignty May drive the institution farther South than any positive act of Congress could do. Nor should it be for lose a gentleman was once negotiating with Devil and that the Union ought to be dissolved this during the Pendency of the Nebras Hampshire Hirss dealer for the Purchase of u a and. Kansas Bill before Congress. At the Mare but coiled not agree by ten dollars. Next same time the leading abolition journals were morning however taking up his mind to split loud in their denunciations of the Bill itself and the difference lie pos Ted off to the stable where treasonable in their opposition to the action of the first Jerson he met was the Groom. Mas the government. Horace Greely through the gotten that the interdiction of slavery North of new York Tribune saw Ini reference to the 30. 30., is a Vinlua. Dedication of the territory contemplated passage of the Bill South of that line by slave purposes. This has belter that confusion should a the first person he met was the Groom. Ter up Joe he inquired. No. Master be dead said Joe but he left word for you to have the Mare the a i will very Low and of Teaa Nablo in rms e been the moral influence of such legislation that discord should reign in Tho National coun following a Essaibi was politely delivered b and it would no count continue to have that oils belter that Congress should break up in Little girl to a wit of no inferior order if Vou effect. It Woald in All probability Rayfl been a wild disorder that the Capitol itself please fir. Sends vicious for the Honor the dignity and peace of first adopted by Congress in 1850, and was in new event for country had this doctrine should Blaze by the the incendiary or a i of popular sovereignly in the territories been fal and Bury All its inmates beneath its Crumb aug. 24.18m. Geek. ___. 12 cents per Yard perfectly jul colors just i of the store of Jones Roe. Until Luis johe8 be Roe. 60 Cocheco prints the Prosperity of tended to be general in its application to All the people and above All for the stability of our territories thereafter to be it National Union. Was to be a finality of to the principle to be in and a not this policy right and just invoked but not a finality As to its according to s-11 our theories of government a for that would imply that no More territories indeed we should allow ourselves to fear the were to be organized. This position is sustain consequence a of trusting any question of poli de by the fact that in forming the boundaries lies of morals with the people whether they be of Utah and new Mexico no respect Seims to resident of a stale or territory. This Mode of have been paid to the act of 1820, fixing what adjustment rests on great principles which in is termed the Missouri line nor the act of 1845 their made of application will he co extensive extending the line to the Rio Del Narte. The with not the territory we Rio wave or Ever can larger portion of the territory included in obese in 1820. We should most Likely have Ling ruins than that this perfidy and wrong be had a larger proportion of free states than we finally now have. There were Many treasonable exhibitions the Missouri Liue was never a favorite Mea of men ,. Sure with the old democratic statesmen. It aoniver9ary of compliments and would be much obliged if you would begin to be funny. If a girl thinks More of her heels Thau her head Depe fid upon it she will never amount to much brains that Settle in the shoe never get them. Young gentlemen will please put cute 1 cr8ate pieces of and Merrimack which areas enduring As the race of acts of organization was taken from the mexi Beautiful Tsylov Nave Ana we i 1634. Jones Roe Man. A among the Stales and the people Thomas Jefferson once Missouri a geographical Plause often ing for some great National calamity. At far Mingham Massachusetts treasonable speeches were delivered after which Garrison aboard named burned the Constitution of the United preaching a of much Avail but practice is much More potent. A godly life is the Stron Gest argument that you can offer to a septic. I m afraid i shall come to said an old patriotism As Benedict 0 it is a principle in can acquisition but they also a portion Iino of division Isth most protein Louston that Arnold or himself Una with oter Republican principle Ofahl Texas territory North of 36 Deg. Rfomiu., j such Are the. Ivice Nazary and Loflan Malory few of received y of Belf government the basis of our entire ass and a part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1820, he Wybe to John sentiments with which despicable fanatics Are june i Jones the Hoe to Wab for Llilas doctrine that our for Fath was covered that line. This territory waa a geographical line coinciding with a endeavouring to indoctrinate the minds of the window esp bribed their lives their fortunes and Talgren irom under 1820, interdicting marked principle moral and political once con. Northern people. Such sentiments Are fit different woes for Honor in the declaration of ind Epen slavery to rth of 30 min and subjected Cei Ved and held up to the angry passions of precursors of the recent riots Andi murder in nun a user a store. They struggled and bled and left to the action of the principles of the Compro men will never be Boston trampling the. Constitution and Laws in just Recci tid and for Sale their Bones to bleach on the Battle Fields of the Mise of 1850, that the territory thus embraced James Madian Der the foot of violence. July in 1551. C j Denison revolution. It was for shia principle of self should be admitted into the Union As states i must own that i have Avaya Learned to let fellow citizens discard the i have come la want was the re ply t want a Nice Youngr Man before you commit suicide Tase a cold Bath what people term despair is very often drat if you should escape the of. Others Hope not to escape your own. Trifles make perfection but per Letioa itself. Is no trifle pc newspaper

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