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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 12, 1849, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaImd6ebigaegspll.ff.l j wednesday morning september 11. 1849. Pennsylvania at two year. Select i. From a a debate o Magazine. Do pm believe thai Man and woman can be. E question put to me towards my quiet room by a. Wag Labouring under the scion a Ness of first love which void Jinow dyspepsia of the i Arlam yearning pour into my bos ii its new Burden of Hopes and fears. This Way he took to approach the to Tad i i Jim a. In la on was had such a question put to me towards Bachelor dinner and have earned i reputation for satirical humor by ban Iii unsophisticated Young propounded him to Blush. Pm any one blame me because in my own the Haze of Edgar smoke and glasses the Roar of Good follow recklessly Independent of and her society for my enjoyments but i from Tho Bachelor Herd when half whispered by girlish i that in spite of our express agreement in the beginning he would become a Lover indeed i believe said i shuddering silently at the Fate of this unhappy gentleman who in his declining years had fallen into the Young girl s hands. How endearingly she. Must have beguiled him on step by step to be a Lover and then with what contempt she must have scouted the abject victim from her presence because he had approached her under the mask of very mask she had compelled the poor old fellow in the outset to adopt by this time we had emerged from the Long Avenue of Trees and passed into the Broad Moon Light which poured a saintly radiance upon a a fair innocent brow and sparkled along her hair with a liquid gleam wavering As it does upon rippling water. She was of Small stature but her shape was Beauty Polly moulded and from the slender Waist form swayed with logs were quite insensible and was sorry for them if they were. Would that i might convey the slightest impression of the absorbing glory of the night there seemed to be no Morrow never to such a thing Asda Light she and i were the Only dwellers in the empty world a Moonlit Visland Dusky Ocean the air of which was Ever whispering life a self Shell. The Field before us sent up air Anstess chorus of endless sour ads every Blade of grass was a Tongue sighing All manner of drowsiness yet so As to pro Dyke the most intensely Wakeful spirit in the listener whose every facility be came keenly alive to the dreamy Delight of that i was soothed into a holy feeling a sense of mystery and boundless thrilling life such save Are subject to in childhood but which Vas novel and refreshing to a confirmed Bache 7iole no. 579. Like a water Lily rocking on a or Ficen the world. 1 was penetrated wave. There was in her every attitude and gesture an unconscious Appeal to the chivalric part of one s nature and she inspired that kind by a consciousness of the purity and sweetness which enveloped my companion like a Halo. The stars flickered like torches in Tho open air quest a lips on a warm evening Between summer Lime of liking that temptation to Caress which a pet i on a eti11 Rig lit. Animal will excite by its Mere softness and i said i is a Constellation to which you should often turn. I could believe that you bad been born under its influences. There close pret mess. It would be better for us she ctr in a musing tone As though she were talk ing to herself and the stars yes this whole world would be better and More pleasant to live it if men and women were allowed to form of Imse mysterious nights which j friendships. Fop my part i sincerely believe to promote Tho growth of poetry .1, that the intall Gince of either sex can never to men one of those nights quite developed in its perfection without the Ivka Iii Mon Lianas Over us cold Distant and in its inexpressible glory when v n a i which we Eland seems loftier us in More empty when the stars i r t Are lost in that boundless rim. The whole world seems to Grope in spice am Man As he looks up ords Mccu into a state of painful in pc for some human company ii a nov his St of respect in com i influence of the other. I have observed said i in those gentle men who Are distinguished favourites and much in the society of your sex a very Peculiar de a elopement t of mind do you not know sir that most unfair to use irony because no retort can be made d really like a practical joke. It is a by polite Way i of saying that you think me very foolish and at the same time you Lay a kind of of a for me so that i May be de to offer him for jul j Coj cd by your grave tone and confirm your to rest opinion by foolishly taking you to be in Earnest. My respect for you let our Intercourse hitherto i gave you my believe plead for me. Will you think me she said wit i earnestness. You have if i ask your Friendship i will exert every treated me with More than the scare and delicacy faculty to become worthy of a brother there snot of blame added very earnestly the fun of unkindness towards you in my course of my life depends on your i see How . I i have wearied you bin j i think i can Trust she replied gravely trading my society continually. I knew once after a thoughtful silence in rant your request i that the Best friends cannot with safety the frankly and truly As i believe it to have been brought into Contact and i once practice the died away in my Throat round which like a Bow horrible embarrassment was Light Ning its folds. With an instinctive impulse i Drew her hand irom her eyes and pressed it to my lips., there was a moment of the band remained passive in my own a a die Rit Blush kindled in her Cheek As the Priset Breaks through the summer Shower. Slowly her head Sank upon my shoulder there resting for an instant and for an instant i held her to my breast. Thus we made another treaty which should be. Unbroken for life. But i lost my _ do you still i asked at the close Ai of i. Re a of the Long interview which followed that men and be trodden As its Fellows were into common irksome and my vanity is Quick sighted and and women can be truly friends made. The remember shone cold As Ever you mistake Roe she replied but the stars twinkled Misc deviously and colouring deeply. Night wind sighed around me As it sighs around j if i Mist confess it myi last remark was not a solitary Frost bitten Leaf which is about to exactly made in Good Faith for i never detected from its of single blessedness a sign which be wed that my presence Xmas Mold chapter ii. The question settled. Three More had passed Jay since the evening. When i t n my i a lumbers i i repented the pitiful impulse to try he gentle girl which had prompted me f and i hastened to atone by leading the Way loan explanation. And contracted for her in ends p. Lou ii. _ a of cau4 of not my course will ave a you pain Lou Tell me that we can be friends o we met at a sol Itaev snot Amah the r i y la no longer. I can image Trees in a Rocky Dell where a Brook rain and together on their phantom steeds ride Castor and Pollux who approved themselves such friends on Earth that they were thought worthy to be translated and their names Are written fide by Side in the firmament. Now a Days in in classical age male Friendship generally consist in a Mutual agreement to do in company what each party would be ashamed to do alone so As to double the excite Meh and Divide the Shahine of excess and have each other s countenance in Youthful i do hot know the nature of your friendships it must be very difficult for gentlemen to be re ally at All times friends since they Are forced to be rivals so often. We Are capable of a Friend ship in which there can be no jealousy. You know that woman seems bom to be sympathizing with something or somebody. Indeed Al though Rit is not flattering to believe it i ams uce that some men seek our society merely for the repose they find in our companionship. There is no trial of the strength of different minds permitted among us and there is a boundless Power of appreciation which we. Delight in exercising for our instinct to find out and take to heart whatever is excellent. Besides All this we never let a Friendship to do not happen to be in the across the tolds from the Black Forest which skirted the fading breathing of the night wind Ever and anon heavily tossing Back the waving hair which Lay Damp with the Dew upon her temples. Still with her Sweet voice and child like Man she pleaded for the Beauty and holiness of a Friendship Between tie sexes. She spoke of the elevating influence of woman an influence which i could not help conceding although re solved not to be the object of its particular excise. She seemed to think it worked the Mir Acle which we see it performing throughout the world by indirect Means and that Mankind did not become any better for it because each individual Man was More or less in love with some one woman but because every Man grew accustomed to respect All women. I had the strength of mind to insist that the respect which we pre tend for the whole sex is merely the kindly and passed away in a that i suppose sir is a better simile to express effect of our vanity our conviction that by Dubi lifting influence of the innocence of your sex and the subtlety of taking a Little can inspire any one of is it not so irony is the weapon of an Assassin i you will excuse the you Are unquestionably in the i re plied quite Crest fallen in my astonishment at finding my Best sneer returned on my hands in this Way. You must forgive me. I have a habit or being ironical now and then but i mean to and Orblin a -. Bandy their drowsy up. Sings i and he Cricket Ever Anil amen ins come Brume chirp. I a them in turned to by Maii being just Wasillie. Cason the Little which by shining noticing disrespectful by it believe m the Moonlight on my Arm gave me so i i r a thrill whenever it soft Becam. I l complain of it because we not at All it woman s f that is harm compared with the pain it you believe that Man and woman can be her manner wa3 singularly Frank and gentle she asked looking up to me so i tend Tlle 3pirit wllicl1 Rne so unexpectedly betrayed left my mind in a glow of interest which Hourd of sentimental conversation would not have kindled. She deemed me then not Worth the pains of a sisterly correction. To filled her Earnest Eye and i s m that sin meant the Mic Dtizo n to be a ii i there set at rest Ever. Rattler than to Orcil on a metaphysical discussion 111 Tiro Solidi file of Sincli a Nii lit and in i am in Earnest i said advancing the gladly have for gathered position that an unmixed Friendship Between the sexes is impossible morally and j physically. You cannot make such a heaven of 6ur Earth As ii a proposed me Riddle by the might be so Long As there is marrying and in marriage upon it whenever the Lamb alone somewhere in the Des m lop of a that cannot believe it pos shall safely associate with the Wolf a Man May i lustily to Lief abrupt ques court the society of your sex without precaution i or the Trees shaking or a child play about the Den of a Cockatrice Roiti Inco were gathering irony is the weapon of an Mur j i that with some i mered i. Make a plausible kind of a f she did not heat my faint retort i nov in scr All the purposes of i of Are not in Earnest or. S. I will i a. A Power i am sure to give the polish Wlinich is a Little dramatic Confidence quite As essential to the Brilliant use of your in Ipp know How to sympathize so to collect Ual strength As to the keenest of a when they they i is the Only immutable Law of have a bitter enemy in j sword. Where else except in the society of what is called the softer can you acquire the faculty of being alive to the fainter impress is it la y s affections. No ttys retorted my Vou will not think a n sure it my Export enc. I shall living once made the acquaintance twi Erin much respected. I was very Young n altered to to discover that seemed t o find v o Bonamo i myself whom and very secret the confidante of ions of Beauty and poetry in life where else Oak Ness ,1 my the world at Large mean can learn How Graceful thought May s convinced that you have been trifling j look at the Moonshine near the fixity of that tree beautifully it flickers upon tie Earth among the shadows of quivering leaves so with the inspiration of a poet it Falls upon his soul cold and monotonous As the unbroken Moonlight. We must come Between him and the source of his inspiration and Only then recon the Light play and sparkle with life and take a thousand fantastic shapes and become Genius. Do hot think me boastful for a moment i have forgotten that i am a i had by no Means forgotten we had paused at the end of the turned towards a Low Fence which bounded a lonely Field she was folded arms upon the a Shewn upper rail having become lost thought. The rough bark of the log contrasted strangely with those round White , resting warm with youth luxuriously upon it. I won dered if in spite of their proverbial reputation person in my intimate and in a proposed Llma we should enter in agreement to be friends As the its do. He chose books for me to Hia notes of the tool written on at first they were philosophical Foo ii is brought me. Poetry. At last he would can you believe continued with sorrowful simplicity by even a no of. Of but Flowers. Them with consuming affection. We look benevolently upon these gentle creatures who Are liable at a word to become victims of a Hope less passion for us we strive to make their lives pleasant to them Ere they Are blighted forever the feeling will not suffer myself to be laughed out of my in j we Are tender of our worshippers As we Are of the Sake of the incense we Rich they Send up before the lord of creation the number less graces which they Lay at his feet. The teachings of la Roche Foucault have ruined you i she exclaimed laughing they told me you were Odd and cynical and were hurrying to become a misanthrope in your youth. But you shall not spoil tie whole race of men because one Man has a Good opinion of himself and a bad opinion of the rest of his fellow creatures. Yet am i sure that you have not a bad and her Bright eyes fixed on me shone into my Beautiful to look is will a in yet i added touched a myself have had friends were truer and More in Irrie Fri Eide than any Man Limicy Are dangerous companions this outset of life while we have 1 be did not hear the word drunkard lion from others. J used by or. Northway or any one. And during sunny Prospect for the conversation on enquiry of. B. Lar Northway told him lie had no personal Inow remember not _ said i to look into the Gulf now opening y or Between us which shall never be shall reports Cion of the cause of her distress but knew Well subject to influence that that it was far better policy to ques surrounds you never Morei worship in the Limong her. Besides this her Beauty was just j anti nobility of womanhood. Mast our then of the kind Winch absorbs the intellect. Which have become interwoven be i do 111011 i Iii v c i ii Sci w to v Cluj us -------1" the Colon died away and Rose again in her Cheek i torn 6uddeniy apart Snall feel the fir to named Cole i a the Shadow of thought alter thought drifted i i s la umber Salt. By Quatman be with and referred him to the place where the reports Tioga aug. 17th, 1849. T signed Benjamis Young e6. W. I it King. Thought drifted like Clouds Over her soul. Her lips quivered her Eye had a fixed Lustrous gaze and in them burned a Dull feverish Light. We have been very much together the pressure of your hand in Welcome or Exchange a parting word i paused and restraining myself proceeded you should know that during our Brief ave Nave Ueen very much Toge Itier some Graceful trait of yourself has she said at last nervously interlocking arid become associate3 with Nan my in Inion any Sunshine forme. Full of sift with you iries As they even tone of gentle become associated with each of my opinions loosing the clasp of her slender fingers. J 80 that j can full into mood Pullou not by any Means so much As i could have you. Now i said i for the hours of our Compin and separate you from my Mem Ion ship Are the Only hours of the Day which have i Sivutha Gold dust from the Sand. The rest Are dreary and j your voice the look and Westun counsel and gentler reproof who i a vat me As i spoke there came before me one by one j must be silenced and obliterated Ujj you see the the incidents of our Brief acquaintanceship the task must be will you make it your business to forget said she sorrow fully. Yes. I will try to remember you As a plea Sant dream and not regret you As a substantial How the Noontide glared upon the Distant Fields and the everlasting rustling of leaves lonely walk in the Woodland where the autumn leaves were dropping the evening Conversa Tion so absorbing the Midnight came unwelcome and found is More Wakeful than every spot wont to visit was alive with some Bright thought of her All my recollections were musical with her Sweet voice All gradient with the Beauty of her presence. The a round us. Grated on my ear the sing Iris o1 Folden scene thus gathering became Bleak and the Grasshopper in the Sunshine was an in Flower desolate at the thought of resigning her Friend Able Burthen. I ship. I was alarmed at the strength of my 1 of if i could have forseen All she feelings and arousing my Pride with a Grout exclaimed clasping her Little hands together Effort i strove to hide them from her and even from myself. I submit to the sentence of banishment t without i continued after pause 11 am grateful for the past. You have taught me to unlearn much evil which i had previously got by heart intending it for the use of society until Ali As transparent skin. Blue veins Rose and you could Trace Thoy wandered chining through the and said a Goon ing More and More Wilder Erl As this Ife the last hour of the Friend slip Between is i ask your forgiveness if i have Ever Given you pain in any and the world. You remember How the stars and i extended my hand Tsinung to part with of which we Are told in revelations fell to the j her before Jit became too difficult but she. Had Earth and became worm Wood you. Reversed covered with both her hands and was the text and restored to its High place some part of my nature which had fallen and turned to bitterness. You have sometimes put to flight the twin demons of distrust and unbelief which Lormeau me. A few Frank words from you have fallen on my soul like the drops of holy water on the brow of he possessed. I have from you a Little enthusiasm and a Little weeping by Terly. A thought flashed across me at my heart leaped As if the Earth at my feet had received a sudden Jar. I Julia you Tell me that Friey say we Are i she made no answer nor did i Well How she could have answered he. All language the last named is an Odd fellow. We dial 1. We did say we could not Cosci Eutmio sly give our appointment and pulpit to or. B. On a funeral occasion. 2.1 As a reason for the above we said we did not think him the right kind of a Man. 3 Vve did refer to certain reports . ,4. We did say we were perfectly willing to give up our appointment and pulpit on a Mineral occasion to Kev Imp. Calkins or Anys her or-1 Thordox minister. I 5. We did attend their meeting and Tell there where they might go and on whom to Call to ascertain whether these reports were True or untrue. J reasons for what tee Jas. 2. Two or three Days before their funeral been appointed at the methodist e. Church m this place on Sabbath july 22nd, at we hour of my regular appointment without any one previously consulting me about it. I was told or. B. Was the funeral ser inon arid lie being in the place i thought pro Bably it was so. Had it been appointed at Iny other time i could have left the whole matter Lor the trustees of the Church to Settle but now the was on so i knew to be in direct opposition to what we be Lieve and Leach and if we Are right they Are while we would not curtail Acy of. Their privileges or Prei ent them in any Way from the enjoyment of to Biml we cannot so far Aid in the propagation of their doctrine on any occasion As to lend our churches much less give up our appointments to the this with us is a matter of conscience. There Woof members who Trio Ugnit it would be inconsistent to give up my appointment to or. B i went to enquire of a. D. Co e. A member of our Church who was to preach Nie tineral Sermon. I found him at his shop two workmen and no others when i made the after some conversation i he asked me if i would not give up my appoint Jent to . I then made Thuc reply i have already stated. About tors time s. B. Willing ton came in and hearing my remarks asked me Obj i not give up my appointment to or. I. 1 replied As . If he had not asked i Nat Given but being asked As a reasonable Man i was bound to give them. And Al vie said against him was said of Hiiri As a minister and resins for is paper

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