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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 5, 1918, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaWellsboro Gazette thursday september 5, 1918 your boy s life for your suit whal it Means if people refuse to economize on cloth nation Hurt in Many ways one of Currier our cases . Viv idly illustrates the vital necessity of to save the country in War time. By Paul m. Warburg vice governor of the Federal Board .1 am of one Hundred and five million of inhabitants of the United my duties Are the. Same As . Of every other True and those of every other True Ameri can Are the same As Mihe whatever i contribute to the cause of the coun try i May expect in his own 105.000.000 people. Let us suppose for the purpose of illustration that i decide that. To shall effect a saving on clothes Lect umbrellas or any other article for which i regularly spend my Money As i Hare no desire to Sinele put any one comm Silty but clothes lend themselves to my thu Wirht. So i name them. If i my mind. Then at this that to Wear old. Clothes is More respectable than to be seen id if i de cide to buy one new suit of. Clothes less than i Nisi Alliy Purchase each year and if i figure that suit to eos to More than cout itry As s whole should pull it Pether and act in the Samp lines would thereby River. One billion dollars. It is trite that in Alrh our . 000 population we include children and Many poor people that could no say ten dollars each never spend More for clothes than they absolutely on the other is n much smaller amount than the. Ave rape map or woman up parts for a new Salt of clothes. The a billion dollars conic parity be Sard on clothes May. There fore be. Accepted As conservative. The first thought that occur to us in this connection is. That by this Sav ing in clothes Over one billion dollars would to be invested1.-Fn Tab party loan Bonds. That is the first important and most obvious result. But there Are other economic results Iri this saving that Are of a greater importance than the Mere say Ine of economic Are vast. Let us consider first what one big dollars Worth of clothes Means suppose they were half Wool and half Cotton and that the value of the raw material constituted Only 50, per. Cent of the primp paid by the ultimate con Sumer that would at the present Price of. 00 rents per Pound for woo and 30 cents per Pound for Cotton Spect ively. R present .208.334 tons Wood and 416.667 tons of a Cotton Cari you imn Jinp How much freight space would by required on water. And land in moving this mass of raw a do. Yon realize that of these Hales a pop put into freight earn As Sam inc a loading capacity of 16 ton for Wool and 13 tons per for. Cotton., this would represent Box Ina de d with Wool and 32.05f Box i hrs Iii did with Cotton Assn ing.75. Cars per train there would by about 000 trains the total length of these trains would be approximately Miles. Anal Lipse trains hauled b 000 he pimps when standing in line would approximately a Nyer the Dos Tanap from Baltimore to Pushu St i fan you imagine the amount of Coal consumed in first transporting an1 bpii1 win Velnp this raw material int cloth fan Yon imagine the number of hands employed in these processes and then consider that Stirp Coil. Inorg inbox and morn transportation Are rpm Nirid in distributing the cloth and again More labor and More to real to convert inc it into clothes. Antn Knorp Inbur and transportation in rpt Ailine finished pro Lurt to the final consumer. Us he mindful that All the time these proc Psi snap being curried on Tuncle Sam s Short of the men a pcs sary to do split a his work and furthermore that Shier once of Roll and the clicking of the Whf is of to Nespor Talon ii sip Stopp cil his Progress it most critic no to Mcjims and in the pros. It to itlinu1 to remain a roast Iii Tnp Nncy to the country. May Cost your son s life. My new suit of to hns. There fore. Dulny for our i Lilart Linns Lela in in t run port ing Ping Nin. In to to Jurn. I to to nor they in ii menus and a duration of he War my new sum of Rani off May rest. Therefore life of my Soh the Supply of i torts. Of Inhar and of runs per it anti Ihn Virrl h is r that i Suffi i omit to sniffy no win s thin on Peri of in lived. Tinl to edit Tiv Marty to i Wil l no ref strut live Al i in in and Utt increase in Price. The of Brintl for our anal for our is Tim Large end Nike to Ilromi v if or nil wan in i ii More Jihnu is fur our Ina int native ii it Wurf Buly s duty therefore. This Lixxie to Lii lit a Chr Holf Toifl to in fake a ceo Uiltje 10 live on thin 11 slice of tie i of of he Abii. Unless Tomt of done we must but foot in Neutral countries hip Ralty air no ton a sgt thai should be kept for military Nind incr Ensinia our in Hedji Istina our balances Ripe try countries. New spa Pei if in h1v to return to our Story of Rait of clothes during last year United states bad to import pc Uii ils of Wool representing a value of about. About half of this came Ai Fri Tibia. Our suits of clothes on lied for n substantial por Tion of this Wool und therefore to that extent robbed Uncle Shi u of the use of his ships. Moreover our factories being Busy in producing the things required for the prosecution of the War and our borne consumption still pro exec Lunf at almost six de the Quan Tity of goods Val Blile for shipment to Argentina payment for the Wool or for that matter to Chile for nitrates to Peru for Copper and so is insufficient. As a consequence the United states had to pay for More goods in South America than South America has had to pay for in the United states thereby causing a decline of Dollar Exchange in these Neutral countries. This shrink the Price of the Dollar Means that it has lost a part of its purchasing Power in Neutral countries. The of goods available for our Export Trade has thus become a Sernus obstacle in our Way in trying to secure at reasonable prices or in Acler Quatie quantifies some of tie things that absolutely re Quler from foreign my suit of clothes has Hurt. Uncle Sam therefore. In several ways i have consumed More than Neces sary and thereby forced the United states to import a correspondingly targe Quantity of this have consumed More Wotton foods than Nec and to. That extent have deprived Uncle Sam Means with which to pay for the minimum of Wool who re we May have to import. Clothing but one of Many. 1 have used the illustration of m. New suit of clothes it would be though somewhat to How that we have been dealing Only with one Case . The country is Short at this time of hides and skins and has to import Large quantities from Neutral countries Beca us we Arp sex Fra afrant incur individual Purchase of shoes. Though we Are the largest producers of we Are forced to import Copper from Peru our civilian population has not begun sufficiently to curtail its use in like manner we might ask ourselves is it at All excusable that at this time still manufacture such articles Siik when every thread of must be imported while we could use our own Cotton it is impossible and unnecessary to enumerate the Many articles that Are in a similar position. Many billions of dollars can easily be saved when once we Are capable of realising the cumulative effect of individual Sav take the word saving in its larger meaning As involving not Only Money but also goods and if every individual could be made to see. With disown eyes that of saving of this sort Means decreased War efficiency a prolongation of the War. And a. Larger number of casual ties. If every one. Who has a son or dear relative the fighting lines across the water could be made to feel that millions of Small savings directly affect his would be no doubt that we could secure the pit conscientious and enthusiastic Coop ration of All the pie Opie. Thus we must say with 100.000.000 see the connection Between the Salt of cd Braes and the Llop of the boy enforced Economy. s military Success is largely predicated upon her ability to Cen Ter the entire upon the business of War. It is Srofe in say that she never would have Hern Able Ito Henr the burdens of the Fivie As Well is she has during these four Long yen is. Had it not been for fhe Envoi ced Shiv Rii s . Money and i ii i tip in it about the British if it had Vihti for the credited by. That Monk Ide the German people would not have been willing to submit to famine rations res to Fiyod. Shops and other similar articles it is difficult t o shrine about dust la Economy without the compulsion i by Linzil necessity. For us the problem is or not. Of our own Fri a will i shall be Able to establish our own voluntary blockade Aen inst waste and extravagance. It is n problem whose solution requires Intel lick nip and the in test of unselfish patriotism it is a problem this Ivyll put the spirit of our the severest test. The Anvern moist is devoid of Menne if promoting peo Nomy. War ind strips boned. The fond the and finding their Way Home nothing ,1s More curious or More difficult of explanation than the Stor ies recorded of animals conveyed to one place finding their Way Back to their old Home often Many hundreds of Miles away says one of the stories in the animal Story edited by Andrew Lang. Not very Long ago a lady at St. Andrews promised to make a present to a Friend who lived somewhere North of Perth of a tint cat which she wished to part with. When the Day arrived the cat was tied safely up in a hamper put in charge of the guard and sent of its Way. It was met at the station by a new Inis Tress who drove it Home and Garo h an excellent supper and a comfortable bed this was on Friday All saturday it poked about examining everything As cats will but apparently quite Happy and Content with its quarters. About 7 on sunday morning As the lady Drew up to let in the Sunshine she saw the new puss Trot Ting Down the Avenue. She did not Fay much attention to the fact till the Day Merit on and the cat who generally had a Good appetite did not come in to its meals. When monday Canie but the puss did not the lady wrote to her Friend at St. Andrews saying she feared that the cat hid wandered away but she would make inquiries at All the houses around and. Still hoped to find it. On tuesday evening lord mews were heard outside the Kitchen door of the St. Andrews House and when it was opened in walked the , Tatlier dirty and very hungry but otherwise not at All the worse for the Wear. Anybody can see if he looks at a snap it is a Long Way from St Andrews to Perth even As the Crow flies. There Are also which must be crossed the Tay and the Eden or if the cat preferred coming by train at least two changes have to be made. So you have Sider whether granting it an instinct of direction which a remarkable enough in itself the animal was sufficiently Strong to. Swim such Large or whether it was so Clever that it managed to find out the proper trains to take arid the places where it must get out. Anyway Home it came and was Only on the journey and there it is still in St. Andrews for its mistress had not the. Heart to give it away a second time. Of course cats Are not the Only Ani Mals who have what is called the Houri Iii sheep have been known to find their Way Back from Yorkshire to the moors North of the Cheviot where they were Borri and bred although. Sheep Are not Clever beasts and they had come a round about journey by train. But there Are Many such stories of dogs and one of the most curious is told by an eng Lish office. Who was in Paris in the year Day As the officer was walking hastily Over the Bridge he was annoyed by a. Muddy poodle dog against him and dirtying his beautifully polished boots. I he has tily looked around for a Sho Black and seeing one at a Little distance off at once went up to him to have his hoots re blacked. A few Days later the officer was again crossing the Bridge when a second time the poodle brushed against him and spoilt his boots. Without thinking he. Made for the nearest Sho Black just As he had done before and went1-oh his Way but w4ien the Saine thing happened a third thine his suspicions were and he resolved to watch. In a few minutes he saw the dog run Down to the Riverside and Roll himself in the mud and then come Back to the Bridge and keep a Sharp Lookout for the Well dressed officer who would be Likely to repay his . The of finer was with the poo dle s cleverness that he went at once to the Sho Black who confessed that the Dok was his and the he had taught him this trick for the Good of the Trade. The officer Tycen proposed to buy the Dop and offered the shoe Black such a Large sum that he agreed to part with his bread Winner. So the officer who was returning at once to England carried the dog by coach and Steamer to London where he tied him up for some time in order that he should forget All about his old career and be ready to make himself Happy in the new one. When he was tet free however the poodle seemed restless and ill at ease arid after two or three Days he disappeared entirely. What he did then nobody knows but a fortnight after he had left the Lon Don House he was found steadily ply ins his old Trade on the Pont Henri a Northumbrian Pointer showed i Atill More. Wonderful instance of the in ions. issues j panic sagacity. He was the property of of Nti 1 of r Gri culture Alt ii tin c Len of intr pro ii i tinn and dec runs tis cops. Motlon. Mijc Rcv my be a orly of tin Wliole-henrf1 of Overy citizen of the run be enlisted. Health notes if the eyeballs foe sore and tired from overwork or Strain of any kind apply a cloth saturated in hot water Over the. Closed Eyt lid.-. This will also remove the of weeping. To make Couch syrup take a table spoonful of molar ses and stir it thick with around Cincer. Make Only a Small amount at a time and it will always be fresh. Taxe a or As much As is needed. If the hand not Tood and the nails badly shaped try to improve the latter by training the cuticle. Every Nelch soak tie of incr in hot water for five minutes. With an Oranne stir a pres Hack the cuticle 1o the nails. rub in cold in am. Not omit this or the of Oti Kinc will the dry. When for any reason Alfalfa turns yellow it should he Cut immediately and removed from the Fishl. A careful examination at such a time May indicate a Lack of Este rive inoculation disease or need of Lime. Yellow ing sometimes occurs however when All of these conditions Are apparently one Edward Cook who after paying a visit to his brother the. Owner of a property in Northumberland set sail for America taking the Dos wit i him. They travelled South together As far As Baltimore. Hut after one to two dog disappeared and was supposed to have itself j in the Woods. Months went by without i anything being known of the Doc i when one night a dog was heard howl ing violently outside the North umber i land House. It was admitted by the i owner. Or. Cook who to his astonish j ment recognized it As the Pointer which his brother had taken to Amer Tea. A spider s dwelling place it is not a very easy thing to build a Tower even in these Days when workmen can erect a Large building in a few months but what would you think of a Tower being built by just one tiny insect who must bring All her materials herself and even make most of them it seems astonishing Doe it Nott Well i run going to Tell you the Story of a Little spider lady who i Iii Hir Tower Loupe in somebody s Garden and i think you find it very interesting. You know Flint hns a Spade nor a Pic it in real workmen , she must dig Crl air with her own Little claws and Sci Felong the Best Way she can. Taif a. Too she Dors not scratch up the foil As you a five often seen your dog do dig Fiir flying in every direction but picks up every tiny Grain of soil As it becomes loosened and carries it to one cide where it cannot fall Back into Hole again. Finally when the cellar is about two inches deep the Little worker be gins upon her Tower. She finds a Short grass that seems to her a Good sized and this she places Down beside the Edge of her cellar. This stick she lashes firmly to the ground Strong Silken thread which she spins for the purpose. Then she finds three other Sticks the places around the three remaining edges of her cellar until they form a Little rough Frame with four sides. These Sticks Are also lashed firmly to the ground with the Silken threads. You see these threads being made of a Sticky substance they adhere 01. Stick fast to the. Ground arid As they soon become. Dry and Harden in the Nir they Are very secure. The next thing this worker does is to run Down into her cellar and bring up. Tiny balls of soil which she places along upon the tops of the Sticks she has just fastened to. The ground. When she arranges these Little pellets of Earth thus she begins at the first and walks Over them and As she passes Over each in turn she presses it out Flat with her body. Her object in doing this is to prepare them the next layer of Sticks which is to be placed he on them. So she first a layer of Sticks and then a layer of mud pellets until her Tower is just height which is usually about two and a halt inches from the top of her cellar. When All this hard work is Duprie this Little spi Der lady decides to decorate her Bouse and so she begins to cover the Walls of her the Tower also with e pretty Silken tapestry which she spins. A Little Rirs. Sold car has Many talents for not she build a House Yand paper but 8he knows Liow to be a very neat housekeeper As Well and if at any time stray pellets of soil manage to fall into her pretty Home she does not attempt to sweep them out As any Ordinary housekeeper do but she picks them up in mandibles mods them tiny balls and then running lightly up to the top of her Tower shoots them off into space sometimes to the distance of a v As a. Mother she is the kindest in All spider arid. She will carry her Nur Sery around with tier enclosed within a Silken Ball lashed to her Spinn erets. When at last it is time for the Bur Sery door to open the Little spider Lings come Forth to find her waiting there in Motherly patience they Raa quickly to . Climbing on her Back she carries them around thus for Many a Day Are to look themselves. That they May not fall off As she moves about the spid Erlings spin tiny threads of Folk and fasten Thern selves to the body of their Mother Aud so ride in safety and York Tribune. Hiss at Arizona indians in weird viscountess Curzon one of England s most Beautiful women viscountess Curzon is giving up All her time to look after and care for the wounded soldiers in the Lon Don hospitals. This prominent British noblewoman is very popular with in valid troops because of her kindly and helpful acts. Lingerie. I in the Way of tiers is a j Novelty brassiere the andean or j Der. It is Ini Irle ont arc by. Of real fillet lace with a diaphragm band and i a lining of Llesh co cred net. From coast to coast Fato Rable to the of tar Alfalfa. Gang rapidly and carelessly with the Buffalo n. Y. A remarkable Chain of Home Testi Mony. And Wellsboro. Adds its j voice to the grand chorus of local Praise. I from North to South from to weft in every City every Community. V in every state in the Union Kiniris out ibo grateful Praise for i Doan s kidney pills. I represent alive people in j every walk of life publicly testify to Quick Relief and i Ustine results. Am it s All for the Benefit of Fel Low in ibis and chorus of local Praise we Semro is Well represented. Well known Wellsboro people i Tell of personal experiences. Who can ask for better proof of Merit m. Howe 7r Pearl St., jays i fief Fermi from backache anal a Sharp pains in my loins. Often in the Momi Nir i of Darhes and 1 used different medi Cines i never Irple much Relief. I heard about Ponn s Kiln by pills and i a Supply at the Corner hip and Boron taking them. They greatly benefited me. I always Cerp a in the Price 60c, All dealers. Don t simply ask for a kidney i loan s kidney name that or. Howe had. Foster Milburn co., thing i Why drink emetic. Sacramento a traveler has jut returned from a Jow Ney through the Panama canal to California. He said the most impressive thing i during my travels was the of the hop Indiana on their Rea Enra Tion in Arizona. The Hopes neither Welcome nor levied tribute monitors of whom there were a Little More than a Hundred present. There was no charge for admission and no collection. There was no posing and no imposture. Neither the snakes nor the men were under any hypnotic or narcotic influence. And credible investigators who have examined the serpents after the dance have the fangs and bags of Poison intact. I have r sen the fire worshippers in Persia but i have never witnessed a ceremony so primitive so imposing or Fco ancient As this. I believe that nothing in the a bred exceeds it these respects except the rite of Caj. Nibal ism which is said to be practice in Central by the too Dorosan the West indies. Yet it was performed in the United states within 100 Miles of a Railroad in a Village. Scrupulously clean among a Peop who ate fruit arid vegetables preserved in cans whose features Are regu who possess considerable Phy Iii Cal Beauty arid who present the sign it a High state of civilization. The. Abject of the ceremony is to obtain tie rain which is greatly needed desert at times the Snake dance is the culmination of a festival that lasts several Days Dur ing which preceded by other dances. And by foot races. It is per formed by a religious fraternity int which the members about the age of puberty. They prepare themselves for the rite by a fast and diet for a few weeks before during which they collect the snakes. At the conclusion of the they an. Emetic and use a lotion the contents of which Are secret. This regimen is said to Render them immune. The dancers were covered with War paint. Their Only garments were Loose flesh coloured breeches not reaching to the Knees Tail composed of the skin of a wild animal some wore neck la ies. Of . All had headdresses with feathers. The Iri usic was made by rattles shaken by a Row of. About ten men Koine of whom represent the Ari Telojia and Buffalo fraternities the danc of was performed by about Twenty of the braves in couples one of each two holding red leathers with which to tease the. Snakes and sought to divert attention from those that held them. _ v the dancers entered in single file passing be the after each had stamped upon a place of Wood covering a Hole so that they might thus communicate with the great spirit in the bowels of the Earth. This iras followed by a dance consisting of a measured movie meet of the feet of the dancers and musicians As they. Stood in rows opposite each other. Then As they circled1 around the Stogie e of each couple in turn took a Snake fro Rii the mass of Shrub Bery where the snakes were hidden in bags the snakes numbered nearly fifty mostly rattlers with a few help snakes and other serpents among them since rattlesnakes were scarce. Upon the first round each Snake dancer seized a single Snake grasping it in the. Middle by his leaving it free to Coil with the Tail around his Arm or to writhe twist arid rattle while it might with its head Hiss strike and bite. Later some would take two or even three in their hands and Mouths. At times a Snake was thrown fro Rii the dancer s Mouth upon the ground where it hissed and rattled. One of these charged upon the spectators but a White Man in the front Row caught it by the neck and threw i Back into the ring. In spite of the teasing of the feathers the Snake More than Brce closed their Teeth in the faces necks and shoulders of those who held them but the War paint Coli sealed any blood . Throughout the indians chanted n prayer that the serpents would per Saade the great spirit to give them rain and women wearing Bright col ured Shaw threw meal upon the ground. This lasted about half an hour. The indians then threw All the snakes into the Middle of a ring which they formed before the inner Side of the Stone and divided them among diff i ent couples who uni with them Dowie the trails upon the Side of the Cliff going East West North and South i til they found Dens aiming the of the desert where they Deposit the serpents. Finally the Danucci took Emetics and ablutions in the Ter being assisted by the virgins of in tribe and returned apparently unharmed to the sacred caves they had prepared for the ceremony. The dance was followed by a storm of rain which blocked the traffic on rally Oak a r More than a Fox farming. Silver foxes it few year Apo brought As Liph As a pair in the open Market. The enormous prices obtained at that time were due largely to speculative operations according to a new publication of tie United states department of agriculture and ranch tired Silver foxes have recently been advertised for Sale it from too to 00 a pair. With a comparatively Large of Silver foxes in domestication with a clearer understanding of their successful Manasc Nic it and a return of moderate for breeders a steady healthy and Gener Al development of Silver Fox farming is predicted. How and where Fox farming May be undertaken with the. Promise of any decree of Success is fully Dis used in the publication mentioned bulletin the to Meuse a Ted Silver Vrzich May be had on application to the United Sites department of agriculture washing Ion in c. Frozen desserts. Even without an ice Cream Freezer some of the choicest of Frozen Dee-1 Serto Are an easy possibility for the Home table. All the equipment be j Pessary is an airtight Mould or pail with closely fitted cover and an outer receptacle to hold equal parts of ice and Salt. The Flavoured Cream it placed j in the inner receptacle and left in the ice pack for three or four when it will be found of the right consist ency to serve in individual cases or to use As the a bombs or fancy form Cream the outer layer be ing of a different mixture Frozen More solidly in a regulation frees ser. As whipped Cream is the principal ingredient in this Type of a stirred i Frozen desserts the texture unlike Ordinary ice in this class Are included the desserts for. Which the1 highest Price is hotels and such As parfait i biscuit Glace arid Morisse. The significance of these is1 Worth remembering a each accurate Lydea Cribbe the particular dessert to i which it is applied. Thus parfait is 1 said to have been named by a French confectioner who had been expert menting with whipped Cream and ice. Cream in combination. Feet he exclaimed at last when Jimial the proper mixture had been arrived j at and this particular form of Frozen Sweet has borne that name Ever since. Biscuit Glace appears in individual paper cases of the size of Little Bis. Cuita with a sprinkling crust or. Powdered top to slum Well browned crust. Mousse takes its name from its Moss like texture. J French confectioners often concoct j a delectable parfait by beating into j ice Cream half the Quantity of Sweet ened and Flavoured whipped Cream and then repacking the mixture until firm arid the ingenious Hoine caterer can do. The same. Allow half a pint heavy i Cream to each pint of Plain Vanilla ice i Cream whip until stiff sweeten with i. One Quarter cup. Of powdered sugar and flavor with chocolate Coffee or any preferred fruit Puree. Before adding the Flavouring Reserve of the. Whipped Creain to decorate each portion when served. With a thin Blade knife or Spatula i mix the whipped Cream into the Frozen mixture. Repack in equal parts of Ide. And Salt for a half hour or More. Serve in tall slender parfait glasses and each with a whirl of the whipped Cream reserved for the purpose. A farther Garnish of a bit of fresh fruit a crystallized mint Leaf or a piece of candied Ginger will add Beauty As flavor. The same mixture divided into individual paper cases and sprinkled with Macron dust or. Chopped nuts should be repacked for a slightly than when in a single Mould. Professional up rifecti6ners set these cases in an ice Cave with shelves but a lard pail will the Pur pee quite As Well As its Well lapped cover eliminates the possibility of the Entrance of Salt and a layer of Parat Fin paper Over the top. Of each paper will keep the portions from touch parfait so serve d is known As Bis unit Glace. This method of preparation will be found much more1 simple than the More involved process of boil Rig syrup until it spins a thread pouring Over beaten egg Yolks cooking to the proper Point and then Cooling before adding the whipped Cream. The results will be quite As Good. Mousse on the other Handi is Sim Rii City. Itself. A general Rule is All that is necessary to each pint of Cream stiffly add four table spoonfuls of sifted powdered sugar. Flavor. To taste turn into an ice cold Mould and let it stand in Salt arid ice for three or four hours fresh fruit flavourings such As peach Raspberry and Strawberry Are favor ites for , and either the crushed pulp or the juice May be used. Per an elaborate dessert a hostess cannot do better than to order Plain Vanilla ice Cream from a confectioner and use it for the lining of a Mould. Fill the Centre with sweetened and Flavoured whipped Cream and repack for two hours. The Best combinations Are those in which color and flavor Are in Strong contrast. Thus Vanila ice Cream with a Centre of. Raspberry mousse is As Good to look at As it is to y. Sun. Recipes Strawberry together for fifteen minutes two cupfuls of sugar and four . Soak a Tea spoonful of Gelatin until soft in three tablespoonfuls of cold water in the meantime and then pour the boiling on it. Strain and when cold add a pint of Strawberry juice and the juice of two Lemons. A quart of Ripe berries pressed thru a colander and then strained thru a cheese cloth ought to give a pint of juice. Freeze the mixture until stiff remove Dasher and prick for two hours. Tomato pounds of Ripe red tomatoes two carrots one Bunch of herbs two quarts Stock one and a half ounces dripping one and a half ounces cornstarch. Six Peppercorns Salt and Pinch of Castor sugar. Break the tomatoes into an enamelled sauce pan with the drippings herbs and scat Sonnip. Wash and Prate the red Pirts of the carrots and add to the other in cover the pan and Cook for half hour. Add the Stock and boil for another half hour. Mix the cornstarch to a smooth paste with cold mock add it to the soup pass All through a and recoil. Has five boys in War a. P. White Champion War Mother of Tenn wee. Knoxville. Champion War Mother of Tennessee and perhaps of Dixie is mrs. A. P. White of Powell station Knox county. She has five sons in the service Captain Roy d. White lieutenant John h. White. Private William Pomer White. Cook Marvin b. White and private Edgar All my boys she de clares proudly. Dakota Prairie dog becomes dog St. Paul Pard i m a Prairie dog from North Dakota and i want to go Over there and become a Devil and Rel Leylek himself of this sentiment William d. Knickerbocker of a took his place in line in the United states i Darlne recruiting station Here Knickerbocker passed an Al most perfect and ifs now on his Way. To Paris Island s. C., to the Marine training Sta Tion there. Fix my Teeth i i Well Davis sol i car bite. There f i care tote Opeo 1 i pie i would like thus the i Germani emperor i in a playful Rii Ood i 5 1 or. Arthurn. Davis. 1 i spoke urfa info of 1 s he would like f he spoke insultingly of president Wilson and e i other prominent hairier icons who dared to oppose him. Told it All in th6 i startling articles i that Are to appear in 5 this paper. E Don t fail to i tie kaisers i knew him i place your order Early Market prices Are continually rising and every thing hard to get. We have a line of sporting goods red Cross and Beechwood stoves and ranges pipe less furnaces Hay tools Etc. hardware 59 main St., Wellsboro a. Profession and. Home that a run inc a woman ran of up up her profession anal her Hemf is Well "8 a fid proved by Iho Prin Riper of of of in Post Probola for Pirr in new Vork. She has a room spa Mont Nin by a nirl Neil n shr Tonk up her to a Hijiko Aplin when her Dauchler was 2 years old and has manned to her us Wichtor for roller re at the it f of 15. Anne Warner the born Marrical three years her at Home by Hoffr Hoesr Kepping by nine o clock in the Stirt shut inc herself up in her study to write 5 a Man to which she considers herself entitled. A careful business Man is careful of his stationery the stationery that we turn out in our Job department is the Best in town. We strive to please our customers. Before ordering your printing where see us newspaper

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