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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 4, 1850, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania2v of Cimon newspaper i devoted to. Foj. Jul no. 3. A 0iuic0, .3fttfl, cite nature and amusement wednesday sep Emberl 1850. Fore it was the inseparable altar for mourners. Beyond these at the distance of fifty paces a succession of Plank tables extended in the form of a great Circle or the perimeter of a polygon completely enclosing the area about the Spring. An odoriferous steam of most de Licious savor diffused itself through the air. This was from the pits of the adjacent Prairie where the fifty slaves of Peter Brinson were Camp meeting was held in j engaged in cooking the promised Barbecue the Grove itself was literally alive teeming swarming running Over strange figures in human shape men and women and children. All Shelby county was there. The Hunters had come rifles in hand and Paul Denton or the Tjia a meeting. By Sam Mirfield. St week in september l Hole i employ the epithet Suc Bunis several previous failures had cell its of a Liko kind per i Macc a the Meridian at the Mot uncongenial to religious and tort the country bordering on Aili Iii occupied rather than settled by .1 of adventurers almost As wild is Savas m they had scarcely expelled 5pj Trio Bens of any which their forests. Professional Gam t rr.-. From every of Fulse Iii ves. And murderers into Roper i a Imo is a of uneducated Hunters and up Iho strange social Nils Cal inv cchirl.--, or prisons or churches o i Van tic Shadow of civil author a sort of unprincipled pan d Wainui fierce passion sat enthroned its sceptre the bloody Bowie accuse inc of exaggeration Sili Ruf dramatic effect 1 am speaking Sii Ivy Home of the Lynch Lurner where ten years later were paid onus to death at a mar is by Nevi this that in such a Community be disposed to patronize Camp and accordingly a dozen different 3 Varim links had never collected a by Ciric l liim.-rr.-, on any single occasion. But fee cd ii were not allowed to worship in Price uni funnily the first Day or night a bind of armed i pc docs headed by the notorious at re Mil. Chief judge and executioner of for Striby ranchers broke into the altar Ami Icid tin Niwor Nurs or ascended the Philpit Roii a Ilii urea hard to a gratuitous Robe hence All prudent Evan i u Eli in the left Bank of the Uva a Var an advertisement a nil her Effort in behalf of the in it Niffin a perfect of sickening oders and rank doth your fat Feer in heaven prepare the precious essence of life the pure cold water. But in the Green Glade and Glassy Dell whet the red Deer wanders and the child loves to ploy there god brews it and Down Low Down in the deepest valleys where the fountains murmur and the Rolls sing and High upon the Mountain tops where the naked Granite glitters Liko Gold in the Sun where the storm Cloud the Thunder storms crash and a Way fur out on the wide wide sea where the Hurricane howls music Waves Roar the chorus sweep ing the March of god he brews it thai beverage of life health giving is Barking at their heels the rogues Refu everywhere it is a thing of Beauty gleam. Gees and gamblers with pistols in their belts fing in the Dew drop singing in the summer rain and big knives peeping from their bosoms while shining in the ice Gem tree s seemed Here and there might be seen a sprinkling of Well dressed planters with their wives and laughters. The tumult was deafening a Tornado of Bab bling tongues talking shouting quarrelling betting and cursing for amusement. Suddenly a cry arose colonel Watt Foeman Hurrah for col. Watt foe Nan and the crowd parted right and left to let the lion Lyncher pass. I turned to the advancing Load Star of All Eye and shuddered involuntarily at the Devil ish countenance that met my glance and yet the features were not Only Youthful but eminently handsome the Jdc Rusness Lay in the look full of Savage ferocious murderous. It was in the Reddish yellow Eye balls with arrows pupils that seemed to Flash jets of lurid flame in the thin sneering lips with their everlasting icy smile. As to the rest he a tall athletic very powerful Man. His train dozen armed desperadoes followed him. Foeman spoke in a voice Sharp pier pin As the Point of a Dagger. He Brinon where we want to give him is the new missionary a plumed coat he has not yet replied the plan Ter. Turned to living a Gollen veil Over the setting Sun or a we into Gauze ii round the Midnight Moon sporting in the address of the democratic state Central committee. Fellow citizens approaching elec Tion for stale officers and for members of the legislature and representatives in Congress according to an honoured custom Calls upon the democratic Central committee of Pennsylvania to add a few words on the issues involved in the contest and on the general aspect of things through Jit the country. It has been Well Eaid that the democratic party of the country never Calar acl sleeping in the Glacier in occupied a higher or More enviable position than the Uhitil Shower folding Bright Snow curtains at the present time. Out of Power at Washy softly above the wintry world and weaving the in ton and at Harrisburg its measures have Many coloured Iris that seraph s zone of the sky nevertheless vindicated themselves by the most j porn causes the rapid whose Harp is the rain drop of Earth whose roof j triumphant while the general policy of and widely extending interests of our stale intended to be fulfilled have no regret now Bare that those who sided to defeat the democracy less than years ago should have Only been convinced1 of the faithlessness of those they then confided in by the Melan Choly failure at Washington to which we have referred. Have not the members of the great democratic party therefore profound cause for congratulation amid the general feeling which holds up to the imitation of our rulers the enlightened example of democratic administrations j it was under the impulse of such feelings As these that the democratic state convention which assembled Williamsport on the .29lh of May last placed in nomination the several candidates for state whose names Yoa find in scribed on All our banners. These candidates deserve the support of the people of Pennsylvania two of the officers to be voted for have just been made elective by the legis lature thus imposing an enlarged responsibility upon citizen in the discharge of his elective duties. Is the Sunbeam of heaven All Check ered on still always it is that life water no Poison bubbles on fits with celestial Flowers by the Mystic hand of refraction blessed Brink its foam brings not madness and murder no blood stains its liquid Glass Pale widows and starving orphans weep not burning tears in its Clear Depths no drunkard s shrieking ghost from the grave curses it in words of despair speak out my friends would you Exchange it for the Demon s drink alcohol 1" o Ery democratic 1 ministrations is the pole Star by a have our elections year after year Triumph Atorthy of the Best Davs of the glorious wings guide their shattered brought with them an increased importance and and which even the wings go barque and by which alone they Are enabled to keep themselves from political Shipwreck. A Little More than a year of experience of a whig National administration has furnished to history another interesting and valuable sex j ample. Coming into Power with a Huzzah and elated at the Prospect of continued Rule the whig leaders themselves were among the loud est to much All Mav have re client vigor to contend against the Lask at every filling Opportunity. J therefore pc democrats we invoke you to Harmony air Al concert in several of tie counties differences exist which prudence and patriotism May Toon compose. Will not o or. Political friends in those counties pause and the importance of sinking All per Sonal differences for the Good of. The common cause. Remember if these feud Are left open ing and festering you May have whigs in your stale offices a whig United sales senator and a whig congressional delegation which in the event of the next presidential contest going into the House would throw the vote of democratic Pennsylvania against the demo cratic candidate. How utterly humiliated those will be who failing to exercise a disinterested spirit May Aid to give Victory to our adversaries and who in the hour of democratic defeat May be held justly accountable for the fatal consequences we again invoke our political Bre Thren to exercise All prudence and in Voke All candidates to remember that the cause is higher than Mere if our counsels shall be heeded we May look Forward to a. Well suppose we must wait for him but put the Barbecue on the boards i am As Hun Gry As a slurred i cannot till the missionary comes Barbecue is his a fearful Light blazed in Fernan s eyes As he t Jok three towards , and fairly shouted a shout like the Roar of a tempest answered fretted thai the immediate Cavise should be the sudden death of general the Termi nation of a Regency Lilje members of which going into place amid boasts of lability experience and statesmanship remained in office Only Long enough to make themselves universally odious every department of the general government under their influence gave during that period melancholy evidence of the incapacity or unworthiness of. Its Secretary. On the one hand our foreign relations were conducted in a manner to cover the whole country with ridicule and. With such blundering awkwardness is to exact even from the representative of that foreign nation which sympathies most with federalism the remark that it was weak and a Silica need never Tell me again that Back woodsmen Are deaf to the divine voice of Elo Quence for i saw at that moment the missionary held the hearts of multitude As it were in the hollow of his hand and the popular feeling ran in a current so irresistible that even the due list Watt Foeman dared not venture another interruption during the meeting. Fetch the meat instantly or i la fill your deuces of Mournful in mib icat Iun. Is but i m to its Tenor and ivc it verbatim Bunp there will the s a. Ast Pring 1. 1 Slit Iby. inc Ting to com of this month at the near Pulcer Brinson of in Cpin with a. Splendid own stomach with a dinner of Lead and steel a this was the ultimatum of one whose authority was the Only Law and the planter obeyed without a murmur. Trio smoking viands were arranged on the tables by a score of slaves and and the throng prepared to commence the sumptuous meal when a voice pealed from tie pulpit loud As the blast of a trumpet in Battle i Hare just reviewed my report of that sin Gular a Peech in the foregoing sketch but Las the i discovered that 1 have utterly failed to convey a full impression As my re soil and imagination received it. The language to by sure is there i never could it lacks the spirit the unutterable pathos the Ca Onusic alternating with unpopular. The Treasury department not withstanding the intellectual Riant As he was Are being made Tosil i to will lie a Good Barbecue better of gospel i. Missionary m. E. r i Onmi it was nailed to the y Hanusi and grocery it was Liri Fost Trees at the intersections principal trails and even he nuts Fui ind it in the m rail of away from i habitation. A hoax y wicked wag in ridicule of but this of Peter Bri Json double Spring he had been pm i i-1 a stranger calling himself by to provide an Ampie place to i Tho better you Loo was the invariable crashes of terrible Power it1 lacks the called head did nothing during the same i space of time bul establish the fact that the Secretary in his War upon the system of his predecessor had forgotten the plainest rules of political Economy. In another remarkable in _ stance we saw one member of tie same Reg ii a Light such As never beamed from Sun or stars j by urging a claim against the government for and More thin it lacks the magnetism of an exorbitant Siim of Money most of which he stay gentlemen and _ till the giver the mighty soul that seemed to diffuse itself received himself having just driven a hard bar lation now Graceful As the play of Willow in the wind and anon violent As the motion of a Mountain Pine in the Hurricane it lacks that Pale face wrapped in its dream of the spirit and those unfathomable eyes flashing of the Barbecue asks Goj s Blessing very hearer started every Eye was directed to the speaker and whisper less silence ensued for All alike were struck by his remarkable appearance. He was almost a giant in stature though scarcely Twenty years of age his hair dark As the Raven s Wing flowed Down his immense shoulders in masses of natural ringlets More Beautiful than any Ever wreathed around jewelled brew of a Queen by the Laboured achievements of human Art his eyes Black As Midnight beamed like stars Over a face Pale As parian Marble Calm passionless spiritual and wearing a singular indefinable As have been shed by the Light of a Drcar from Paradise or the Luminous Stead us of an Angel s Wing. The heterogeneous crowd Hun ters gamblers homicides gazed in mute astonishment. Trio missionary prayed but it Souri Ilid like among the hearers As a vie less Stream of electricity penetrating the brain like some secret fire melting All. Hearts and mastering every volition. I the Carnap meeting continued and a revival attended it such As never before or since was witnessed in the forests of Texas. But unfortunately the last Day of the exercise news arrived on the ground that a neighbouring Farmer had been murdered and his wife and children Carpi cd away prisoners by the indians. The Young missionary sprang into the pulpit and proposed the immediate organization of a company to pursue the Savages. The Sugges Tion being adopted the mover himself was elec Ted to lend the party after several Days of hard Riding they overtook the barbarous ene my in the grand Prairie. The missionary charged Foremost of Liis troop a and having per formed prodigies of bravery by the additional risks lest our people should fail pro Perly to appreciate and vigilantly to defend their liberties. We Point with Pride fellow citizens to the Workings of our Republican sys tem and conduct severally of those democrats who have been chosen to fill our place of Trust especially since the election of the lamented Francis r. Shunk. The policy of governor s administration was the salvation of Pennsylvania and has been an example to Alt others which it would be. Madness Democrat us state of Pennsylvania. John 1 Edward Maynard Kviat chairman Fec a pro. Tern. The faffllfi.jcircl1. 1 11ju 1 Iliili Beautiful Similie. The attention of a Little girl being a Rose Bush on whose Topmost Stem the eldest Rose was fading but below and around we Rich three Beautiful Crimson buds were just unfold ing their charms she i Art Lessly exclaimed to l in them not to follow. The High a souled Independence and Stern integrity of that executive j and the strict responsibility to which offi cer of his administration was held soon led to those great results and to the establishment of that admirable system from which so much that to the state has flown. The Counce of the same statesman like governor on a the subject of banking May always be Profita Bly referred to and imitated. Where is there in jets Broad Union a system of Public see Willie these Little buds have just to kiss their Mother before she there Are few hearts so insensible to the Elo Quence of the simplicity and innocence of child Hood As to remain indifferent to such a senti re economically and More indefatigably con ducted t the revenues of the state improve ments and the expenditures necessary to keep in an exhibit into which the democratic party might fearlessly Challenge investigation. Under democratic administrations no greedy Galphin Are found among the honest men Yho control Yojiro Public works audit your Public accounts or pay out your pub Lic Moi ies forgetting All Law and All propriety in the anxiety to fill their pockets with dishonest gain. Democratic policy and democratic in lifted off the Load of debt which the sentiment of a pure heart. To us there something sweetly Beautiful in childhood but when the Little rattlers speak Wisdom above their there is a sir Ange divinity in their eloquence which makes us think of that Happy kingdom to enter which we must All beco me is Little in heart and undefiled in mind. What n Beautiful and instructive volume for the study of Tria Turnage the simple half worded thought of childhood would form i questions answered. What is Joy 1 tis the Well Spring of plea a messenger of peace a precious thing a hallowed dream. grief the evening to All pleasure the deep and a Ormbre feelings of gain with his client and then obtaining the Aid of his colleagues in carrying it through its Vari Ous processes without Law in Defiance of Law and in utter disregard of the whole course of the government in similar cases. To Complete the striking picture Congress by. A decided vote including several Independent whigs rebuked the Regency that had supported the claim and had agreed to its payment in terms of the severest reprehension. The Regency left office amid general execration of their conduct and at a moment when other developments were about to be made proving still further their unfitness to conduct the affairs of a Republican govern ment. I it is a fact that Speaks loudly of the inconsistency of our opponents and of the Triumph of democratic measures it the same time that while the last whig state convention refused to nominate for canal commis no other prayer Ever addressed to the throne of hand of an by a shot from one of sooner because of his vote against a just War a the War with Mexico or. Fillmore the new w to that i a precious was the j proposition which most of j h id an Opportunity to verify j Neil Thul an intense excitement Rumor took wings and flew on in to a of exam Echo its sound till v l Sci heard but the ill became the t Nous of thought and thus the unknown insured one thing in embracing the entire population wa3 60ic Pur a m that part of Texas at the being inflamed by thu took Cut although some trouble and at Rny eyes witnessed the scene i May Well despair of the o paint pen of Homer or 11 of Una mall were alone adequate to j burlesque of the complicated a Rte the an Suller outlines. Or pm by " Clcil Raj Otway Piura Ediale Lavini Cuenl double "r1 Lorce sufficient to turn a in the very Cuntro of the Evergreen re a pulpit Sci ii raised and both e almighty. It contained no Enron Putns on the splendor of the divine attributes no petitions in the form of commands no Orison s for Distant places times or objects and no implied instruct Liou As to the administration of the government of the universe. It related exclusively to the present people and the present hour it was the cry of the naked soul and that soul a beggar for the bread and water of heavenly life. Lie ceased and not till then did i become conscious of weeping. I looked around through my tears and saw a Hundred laces wet As with rain now my friends partake of god s at o the table Arn then come and sit Down and Lis ten to his it would be impossible to describe the Sweet tone of kindness these simple words were uttered that made him on the instant five Hundred friends. One heart however in that Assembly was maddened by the evidence of the preacher s wonderful Power. Colonel Watt foremen exclaimed in a sneering or. Paul Denton your reverence has lied. You promised us not Only a Good Barbecue but better liquor. Where is the liquor 1" answered the missionary in tones of Thunder and pointing his motionless Finger at the matchless double Spring gushing up in two Strong columns with a sound like a shout of Joy from the bosom of the Earth. He repealed with a look terrible As lightning while his enemy actually trembled at his feel there is the liquor which god the eternal brews for All his children not in the simmer ing smoking fires choked with pois Onous gasses and surrounded with the stench his own horsemen i need scarcely name the Reader will have anticipated incarnate fiend col. Watt foe Nan chief Hangman of the Shelby Lyncher and Len years later a at the poisoned wedding. Such is the Only fragment the biography of a wounded soul twinkling Ray of a dazzling luminary thai Rose and Sot in the Lorn Leaf from Paul Denton s Book of life. Peace to his ashes. He sleeps Well in that Lone Isle of evergreens surrounded by the Ever Green sea of the great Prairie. Nature s beloved son inherits her consistent Tomb last Possession the inalienable fee simple of All time the i m and the mocking Gosse in his history of the Birds of Jamaica gives an amusing account of the mocking Bird. The hogs Are it seems the creatures that give him the most annoyance. They Are ordinarily fed upon the inferior oranges the fruit being shaken Down to them in the evening hence they acquire the habit of the Orange tree to wait for a Lucky wind fall. The mock ing Bird feeling nettled at the intrusion flies Down and begins pecking away at the hog with All its might. A iffy not understanding the matter but pleased with the tit Lalion gently lies Down Anil turns up his Broad Side to enjoy it. The poor Bird gels into an agony of distress pecks and pecks again but increase the enjoy ment of the luxurious intruder and is at last compelled to give up in despair. I love to see the word of god Well thumbed is if it had been read until the inside got dirty. Buttle re Are some i Grieve to say Ivrose bibles lie in a Corner so outwardly Cov ered with Loisl thut May be traced on it with the Finger in legible Chi Ojiem. Whig president at first entirely overlooks Pennsylvania in his Choice of Cabinet officers and confers the Treasury upon Corwin whose opposition to the same War was so bitter and so uncompromising that Mexico elevated him into one of her household gods and the american soldiers Burnt him in effigy on the very Field where he wished they might receive a Welcome with bloody hands to hospitable Graves. We refer to this significant history of very re cent events with no desire to revive unpleasant recollections but to show to the people of Penn How utterly unfit the Federal i Pirly Are to administer the Laws secondly How inevitably their false and factitious course before every election covers them with disgrace when they get into office thirdly to place in contrast with their doctrines of expediency and extravagance the Plain practical popular and comprehensive Creed and conduct of demo cratic administrations. It is in View of these facts now a part of the history of the country that we think every Democrat has occasion to be proud of the position the National democracy occupies at a time when placed in a temporary minority. Under these auspices the democrats of Penn. Sylvania have gone into the present canvass with renewed courage and Confidence. They feel that their cause is right and just and they instinctively recall the whig pledges and pro Mises which preceded the election of compare them with the proscription and Perse cution that have since broken and trampled them under loot. Convinced at the moment these professions were mad that they were never Teg Rity lifted off the Load of debt which had been piled upon Pennsylvania by the Galphin Coli d of sorrow. That ruled and ruined ill the administration of what is haired.1 an envious name a theme Joseph Ritner. No longer is our fair Fame for devils the Parent of envy jealousy and outraged by the apprehension of repudiation. No longer Are the state Iuva movements used for what is sin the son of satan twin Bro personal and party purposes no longer lire the i to death the father of corruption. Canal commissioners engaged in gambling for j what is religion the Pilot of the votes with the people s Money in establishing the Bright Fields of heaven a communion with soul to missionary to Reward political Demissa i Ries or in openly corrupting the Baillot boxes. I father of spirits. What is love an inexpressible thing a the jeffersonian doctrine of economical Espen i volume in a word an Ocean in a tear a whirl Dit re honest agents and Low salaries has j wed n never been More successfully tried than by tie what a truth it is that principle which democratic party of Pennsylvania. I emanates from the the throne of the deity he we Appeal to every citizen to give his sup Greal Champion rights of men. To the democratic Norain Lions for slate j what is happiness an Unis Cen thing a composed As they Are of Able honest Golden Drain of pleasure the great Desider and energetic of tried integrity and capacity every one of whom has been endorsed by the Voles of the majority of his. Own immediate fellow those who know them Best and have known them longest. We Appeal also to our fellow citizens Ami especially to the democratic party to keep con stantly in View the great importance of electing honest and Well tried men to represent us in the state legislature men who will advocate atom. What is death t a Steep a rest a frown Earth s toils , a separation of the soul from the Trail Len tement of Clay. What is immortality undying name Home for the redeemed sons of Light. 1 value of Christi Ciufi ends Iii. Friendship is necessary to our happiness Here and built upon Christian principles upon the usages which have made our glorious Prin Wullich Only it can stand is a of re so much abide by the nominations made by the majority in h t f a i. L Bat Friendship Only love which a United states senator is to be ejected in senator a elected m the name a love which c an toil and january for six years next in sum the 4th of watch and Denv itself and m Roll March it is due to our slate that such a Democrat shall be chosen As will prove to be equal to the lofty responsibilities of the position and a faithful representative of the Well known opinions of the democratic party. It must not be forgotten fellow citizens that however ample Are the causes pleading in favor of the Success of democratic party and however odious 4e political principles to which we Are All opposed Victory cannot be attained without a vigorous and harmonious Effort on our part. Do not let us suppose that the whig party is by recent events and cent exposures. We1 have seen a majority of whigs on the floor of Congress voting to sus Tain theod Upbin infamy and we must Iii be astonished to see the whig leaders in our state trying in the face of recent occurrences to of lain the Mastery in the coming contest. It is now Ai it always has been a contest Between the two antagonist parties Between the friends of aristocratic doctrines and expensive govern ment and the democratic Doc a frugal government and however disastrously the fortunes of the Day May eventuate to the first it will retain enough of its an watch and deny itself and go for its brother. Worldly friendships Are a poor Weed compared with this and even this Union of. Spirit in the Bond of peace would suffer in my mind at least could i think it were Only Coeval Willi our earthly Catcher. A Pillow for the to sleep Well Lay these things under your head. ,1. A precious Promise out of the scripture. 3. A Sweet verse of some evangelical hymn. 3. A Hearty prayer to god. 4. A Good conscience purified with Christ s blood. I 5. A feeling of forgiveness and Charity to All Mankind. 6. A Resolution to serve god on the Morrow 7. A glance of the Faith at live Cross. Reverence. Reverence god s name and Neve j. Me it god s Book and Bow to us Deci House and frequent it prayerfully punctually and brother s charac Ter and vindicate it if truth will the saying of the Wise and Good and Ujj. Deavor to mutate them. Newspaper i v

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