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Read an issue on 1 Sep 1847 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - September 1, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaF of James p. Editor and proprietor. Up Desborough Tioga co. A. Guiua. Two dollars Centi per an do Sive of postage fifty Centa deducted i the year and for Cash actually in and " one Dollar will be deducted 1 1 a fit paper until All sire Ragm Jim j unless at Ibe option of the Aljier Irementa not exceeding twelve lines Bree limes for one Dollar and for every sub uni use lion. Twenty five cents. Wolice Enot Vjio ii Linea inserted for seventy five to no Rios politics Citero Tut agriculture Anh or three insertions the some. Iberia or ascends not to god hire a to do a piece of world to Ibe supernatural Quality of the perfectly spiritual hey body of ii the human affection Are not you can do yourself on 1 d an unbeliever it will be a and thus conjoined they exist Tia sphere and a in its and by the influence of Day by he appropriate dunes Al i Cious and Lar reaching work of Unity disease in not known so la is Wilb spirits Guus a borne to which if to them in succession in written with a vast background of their const. Being escape Ibe body on for or of life shall bring no More Stock than you can keep in Nylic Mil philosophical knowledge while Light and Alicles they b ire educated in Ibe and Ion to the after Days the heart order and that of the Best kind to believer h will be of course Lile their Leteney Uliey lie whole int Elligen turn of feeling run into debt without u reasons use with an archangel on the comparison die but into repose by gifted Are Here and of spirit in probability of solving it at the tit no Lief worlds with ours we simply their a a which seek a Poplion. Mora and a curse where the d Pic to Ecru Job our columns Wilb an regarding this As Iti Scover Brea or a Eligid Che deepest and that Economy and Industry Are c tvo from the work and to inform metamorphosis f escape with of men and Iamb rest can be inflicted on it is two great pillar of the Prosper 1 i to believers and unbelievers in Clairvoyance of Delight and Are hence plea sed position determined degree Lika tent which i it of a Book which will by evanescent of uie body Valion am Haiby for opposed Send Forth their some Pood family newspaper and pay Tor it in Advance try Tab s Bro orb to the imagination Planel look of approach mgr each sphere of unchecked thoughts Una allowed dreamer to visit Ibe past to stars changes and a of Itier and Wal air untaught in their love carry your notes in your pocke1 ensure Bis own value in creation and As natural and table to relate in Hal ii and Forth to prey upon Lor Ine desk or trunk is a More approx own stage of Progress Between chaos existing Vicissitudes by a Peculiar or and and its to be found wanted perfection and in Short to forget care few but in to the la an the but other band there n a buy a by la i n j Al an auction i Fles very effectively and go off on a particles Lear bodies is of Ribeir Interior to he Home which no la u Loxi Cating and elevating imaginations of their for Bat every spirit Baa Ipi tort Tan describe article n cheap unless you have use for it More suggestive and edifying Book at Fine and bul a Little i l own and also a one. M Yean the Bear b Lime let us say could scarcely any form but that which a heavy c in Wilb pleasure -pint3 to the and to pleasure in a for your tools and your fool in i of in places after the Bible but without farther per n the form longer associate with each according and interweave of pending a ram Dov at the Dran Furlion let a come Al once to Ibe work of being less Active and lest Quality of the which is a Man of holy to foreign jct on thirty years Ifon their do the hat wants Mengji run Davis Elair Verrant in a Yoong Man Avedge duration their form s Ai the Are capable birth i Flat Long even though you be fond of the Chase or la Iwen y one years of age who has been with pleasure for a be forgotten and with the Hook indulge occasional v by Noe s Asprer lice during Bis youth an intellect they the Innabi Taifita do at lease some Check Bis a 1 Lilli or no e Nealion the Lui rvs and Lions fit their immerse their one evil of an heart Rand often to i Ufa injury of Moro important con Cerni t the u a Jarl Olmer 1 by a one concentrated a dialling them upon it to her again the voice driving your business before you and it he became a Aid to consultations on Isabro annul perceive thai enters the and to the paths. Of holiness Dine Aspi and gradually developed remarkable n Sweet i would if it i process of rather it is How unspeakable is per mining your business to drive you Powers in one of his clairvoyant seen by an i of used by an influx to the when Homes like this will have opportunities to indulge in in Nocci t divisions in give directions for preparations to a gush hat i f those John revelations for a Book appointed the not be Mode of by and through Eye men to Rufft your Money in the bad of of the to ume now in our bands close Ibe witnesses to be present at is Thiis distinctly a and their unequivocally sex i Sions beam a s b opiate with one another by the guidance of their Graba and interest or a debt becomes due pay delivery among them a Clergyman of High i with and As Shete Are proud Clima of is Are six Hundred and at the time whether your creditor wants t or not never Osk him to wait till next Blandi he subsequently Lenou Cej All that they Are res Pom de id by the Interior desire of this men is Kocialek in Christendom but pay it never Minbu Nihim by i Cla m to copyright or proceeds of he Fec Lioni of every other being 1 hey higher b a kno Uledge of All to the Oiler their you do not Wunt it punctuality of of tha work he revelations occupied h Well n Hose farm inherent degree of Rutily proves that they a Rcv to every Man s Chest from half an hour to four a curs they fill to thai of a than moreover 1 perceive trial Ibe rest to Ribeir pulpits prove constant temperance., habitual Moder closely printed Davo of nearly 800 with a of every person both male a lacks upon each exercise and unaffected Boneeta you Wil All the terms of science and Phi Oso Poy taken from a Are rendered Iro in treasured up in Ible memory they the people void the fees of the lawyer and the sheriff Al the command of the producer to cold and they Art Here brought Jorth Wilb the appearance opponents their a Good report and probably add to oui Book is divided Inlo three parts the into families and nations Hal makes in Bolh in resling and bickering prove caul once at least ten years o Active the revelation the application the Farr Ilies Are of such in Jan Euclive those Iii Ign which Are to the other ask a is purely abstract the revelation have a the company to the memory Are or posited in be Wisbey is see a Friend Calls to see you treat him Ces Wilb an account of the original a of Interior and concealed from Ibe View of Erial and he will the utmost complaisance but if i Moor of All matter before the world was created Inlo being by the prevalence of those one but Bis Tbs fact of the Case business Calls your attention politely sex of the throne or of infinite nations the whole experiences which u Delight in Thule out anti Church Are i Gencur of the of Mason of millions of perfect in the overthrow the you in Ink of building a Bouse be i n Che r respective planets of the Are exploring Ion of Al 1 but their own. In a hurry but have every material on Mert of the i eral vegetable and foregoing gives idea of the is of though arid g deeply to Aee in Ember spot Dud have your be Law As Large As the Kir aom1 and of Man and of Ibe which the clairvoyant describes the causes of things is to the to his to with in Ern pal of account of the different planets and he stagnation but Industry rest Anli Church so far As any _ Hunt ird their inhabitants of what Man i the geographical surface the in every this the one in Vrzich Ibi a received or Given i t non i is up Call arc spiritually of the process of animals have nol room and Illi Well that right have they to cry Ved and paid out o and All of the great spiritual Sun of the extracts from 01 the engaged in that which be has Church vie Are opposed o of importance and Tirone of divine As we a much More portion 11 hey to just is Many arrived at tins important Peel every Reail a who would be and Phenomena i perceive that when Infanti Are you will imitate tha prudent traveler t in our saying More will himself read the who e Book we proceed Al once to give a fort Taine Only in a two of end entering upon a we quote ire re and then dissertation of Many Exi Alence. A sentence from a is on these from the human race Linto Ibe first or inf Nof Bociel they Art believed to be to n among hem for appearance Are to preacher s always keeps in View where he is next i Bow and in that Way you Suall Best o contents m terrifying to same a to families human race beg to be seated a the business of farming j the inhabitants of Mars in their to Many it seems things the infant is their Coone to my ends that r Cal and menial constitutions Are As Many by dreaded and 1 his is in it behold and Admire for it quid was dropped into Lind and Macready More perfect than we on Earth of wrongly the kindness and it ulale Sabbath. The Man we Are Superior to the inhabitants of of dying and if the Rila from be human that Are would Ido All his alleged clothes and manner and Mercury Herice to the Mahabil sols of Uca ulies that the living developed while in the human body in Bis he 10 slipping Doorn Macready is the greatest actor of the n Ike inner planets condition would seem we ii escapes from form have bad their and to night Day he is moreover a gentleman i p a Lection an 1 the exalted condition of the As lne human it perfect no plea misdirected be a in most of the Only requires to be Humoured or kept us u Rihab tapis of other planets would be Perfec lab persons Are Jingo ibis pub he am desired to give o be made a most agreeable Lellous lion Acord i t j our Upas and As Boon As has arrived As infant Pamla Are unrolled Are on tuesday night in conversation once get the hand s As the inhabitants of me cry have con in spirit control Over dered Beautiful oils irom the ill be a per milling you Are ruined h Impo rip Macre Aily Cpl on of perfection far Ibone the process of formation h race no have been bulb Ili Jecies the Gates of the he Eon of Genius and has a Strong liking to looses so Are the magnificent is not for a few Consolate and who have trials 1 be for the reception All hat is exalted Art witnessing Ion of the Saturn much but for Many years during which Al Icli ans of the most character and Lovera there will be Ltd s performance at her majesty s void Yiirs in Jolla inconceivable faculties nod Power of the inner lived to the bosom of first or held at tammany the other evening Macready was 3 of he inhabitants of Mars third Doc july Ullh great g. To commence at harmed electrified the enthusiasm Clung i say they Are perfectly form and the sou1. Its great a the desire to Tern Happy Gratis on him All the night next morning he o a h guest conceptions we can to tha spheres when a spirit leaves human form a be received by a out sans a Cremonie to Jenny s pretty to not transcend the spiritual peace approaches age the introduced Inlo ibis it for a the door Benefit of the at Wimbledon sent up Liis h Raty that exists among them of cannot realize the spirits the education of stranger As be was 10 All bul that 0 s m their minds become instantly office required by t aping one the aame form and first they lie men a b f Mission make will Genius one Kin p Eiith upon their countenances and Roottier the if they were on lo1 a Touhl observe Hal looked at Ibe card w c tie Mouth and Tongue for their Energy brilliancy and knew not and is up the doctry that i Ai on it in a twinkling the eng 4 and not As the agents for hmm to the u is Well to relate who Ialo in 1848, but tragedian was in the of the c that glowing radiation which in almost disco from Ibe Mutual Aluc Benent while on Earth believe Earth is just a Good vocalist at onre the Twain were i while conversing is to us and then the is id Iba pure and ire continue o preserve an and for a Hundred years at bom m each other s Good opinion 1 Wiable their Eye Are Blue and of a sphere and i ii an for another lie least Tbone Peirona up resend highly he he 1 Buffen in Sion Are very full and expressive of me world i spot res and f oae the Foroi in the late to Church the night Blore with their most Power Uii agent in moment Ibe other this will no difference proverb better and act i a Auu no that he himself wion one a though by sensation 01 of Iho if one has Inan Confer a particular to Sartor and but it woul 1 or Aliv him exceeding l y wort to express it he casts Bis Oll rolled und a by Ibe pint. Id purity and Ibe Ono me generally if upon the Eves of Nolner and he u then becomes Ibe material farm Wisdom will and Wear the clanking of he la an inv amen to Wilness his become known this Lostant in Elbow fail of the Olber natures heeled does not Accord with Otto of sea Speare t Chirac concerning Obj Boman inhabitants of a most imperceptible As if Adairo Ilalee and Lully and it those who May Jenny complied and commanded King pier their relation to for Iba which bail to associate with and a snooze at the Lime on the night a Poi n 1 1 j i Teinja 1s much closer Ibe appearance children Ara loved Are not to one of e is s a c the per my and Beauty of form exceed those of s , no not Wii tha deceptive for the p Iba Interior is far to death. Bul these Orcesi occurring in Beautiful a Sanjit they Are on Earth. A cording to Iba purity am attachment degrees joined a Realine i of Ribeir Fofi Nomani do the Doo not Only give a Gro shop service is Over As u in House the appear Ajce of is extremely annoying Lor the Syren she wbb in ecstasies _ with the performance applauded frequently a and appropriately it got wind that she was in the Bouse and two or three times John jct but assume an Loci and fre possible the the much As be proper Here for tried Bard to get up Izreo cheers for s mag their hands and arme in w us Muscles of the spiritual stale that of the receipt by a sire to be seen most agonizing Ilia an think Appl Calioo the of Ibe sunday Lind. Good venae however. Prevailed and to bal intended Honor was a no wed to incline 1 position blvd formed Joy unspeakable id being and Book a Likely to Knif Down upon in my Sermon Ara which a become an established Henl it and h j and yet to town a i 11 the countenance is coat Fatrie oct but Lach is itself when led lain n not d expression of author be outpouring i of Walb la piety and of Lla due Ais All manner of n analysis of so of in Propri wish you All Little paper a my Benefit therefore i Alfonize hat Eole flaming by Aalto and your own out aide wanted to give Jenny a Sal c Voas she proceeded to her Carriage but she c Cave them the slip by of the 3 w la a Hgt and Iba body Abaca and ii is Good that u tar greatly us last possess Amile la in Lla assaults majority door Vii Man their the of Haas is a clergy non most pm and our of Moor of rasp Lendall common Willin Fineza 1 we Worth writing May procure Rago Tomb but c Ibur inward Tutt Pravades. Home id the for individual thugs alone can deserve in epitaph b Jarr dict. Facts Fei Farmers there things that Farmer should know. In in error to Plant from a slate Fui Iller soil la in a season Only the St so of a Cofler climate will Ripen Well Ollen breaking up j surface a cps 3 Oil in he Dill Lor it in a Haril bound Sale Enri Jhing Bowers run off and the a Lunbom or cd pinot enter weeds Siren Irish of the ground and if suffered to grow Niny be called Gnu Rlyn Mih Neier keep y nor caller Short far Peru can it. Ii j of them they will Surve i it will not do to h it i great Field for a Little prop or to mow Iii nov acre for five loads of inv. Enrich the land and it will pay Yon for in better form Kihnly acres Well Blun Firigy acres by in do y pastures d g ror Iva Lei on lie brow of o Hill Springs Are More frequently near the on a infill Linn in a tale. Cut Hughes that wish of destroy in the simmer anal j slurp in Irun enl lire will bleed i Coly Aid in never plough in i ail Weitmier or w Hen 11 e ground n w e1 Vav i n in Uncle nine no wanted in tin Toj on u be fully aside Hui lot in in 1 run Oli Tairi Good i Jour blk Tikelis sir in Lave j of whiskey Kiili in i beg our Bay it i Hedvi not Twili your blankets Over haul them. Show your pockets you Oun l look me i smell in where h ate of Lieen to Wah my blankets Lor my Meis in i ii go Long i u n i e a on have in do Tim no big y u Hal so soaked with , i urn 1 old pongc1, hit on Sii cil s link is a in i Lille i one i i no in his in in i s. Four Gill uns of win sic i j o u us the Blyn Aud huddled Wisconsin the me Iliili Ane in wheal the red Chiff and the Hile Slem inv been raised in several of the Farmers in he Cuington count during life it nor of the Zinc Ville courier sped a of each is b ing to any Quality in general use. The Mediterranean Loducca the longest Heads and ure Aiesi number of berries he counted 111 from one siem the red chaff appears 10 Nave the largest Berry and the Blue Stem is the most prolific. Pass on makes them Loo la who otherwise Are not so and shows them to be fools which Are so

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