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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - October 26, 1842, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaSet new department u possible manner season to Dye madder red All owe colors both the above 3 produce taken i i m Green. 1 6m. A county a on. Nun cations must be i in. I for a Short or period by be Discon i Are paid but Al the More Aquart rur owe Dollan and in Twenty free cents. Ged in the same pro. I if six until will lit i use making six iw5 18 13 yrs be Muse who Cademy. Institution give no Lerm will com medic under the or Ibe Saunio gentle lager get the school ondi cited the past i is now in the most oilers facilities to a Lei Anre not j in the state. The terms tailed on reasonable that the South of our j or unities will not Ite advantages Vav Heth Titi on. In classics navies Mincia logy ing and English 1.00 Burn 3 first 75 Al Troin one to in tals. Mitis president. E e s. Tama i f. Emery s notice. Ten that letters of the estate of John a been granted to Ovington township persons id estate Are request Ime and All persons ent i. Gerould Ery at Law county Fenn a. Loess and despatch w j to Bis care in it for the Western flu and of thu courts 1 Otter and ant. Of a splendid new goods of a j i. Meek. Aspect fury Anno Anco received a new goods which n reasonable terms. Goods of printed and pub shed every wednesday by j. P. , at of a eat payable half yearly it Advance or if not paid within the vol. 11 White Josefe. They were gathered for a bridal i knew it by their Hue fair As the summer Moonlight upon tha sleeping Dew. From their fair and fairy Sisters they were borne Wilhoit a sigh for one remembered evening to Blossom and to die. They were fathered for a bridal and fastened in a Wreath and purer vere the roses than the heart that Lay beneath yet the beaming Eye bras Lovely and the Coral lip Loir. Preston Pessary i Lime she War wit Tore an Best Inte no try establish like be i Jure Ihei May rest to the set reap the Buth to ral of Ana Uio vim up and the gaze looked and asked n for the secret hidden there. They were gathered for a bridal i where a thousand torches when the holy words were Pokon j and the faithless listened j and answered to the vow j which another heart vet a was present j the Ono i , the forsaken. Wellsborough wednesday october 26, 1842 year. Whole no. 219. Has been said upon the com of the Chest to Render it Unne or me to present proof Al this Wing this to be a practice at the principles of human a i diametrically opposite to the of the human race to in the Economy of nature is on a firmer bases than that gets and if persons in by this practice they sure that their offspring o id and third generation will sequences. Of our Laig i villages and cities is ranked among a woman Gratis Picallo i of knowing that in the Cou abridged when the they were gathered for a bridal and now now they Are dying anti bring at the altar of broken fish is summer life was stainless and not like her s who Woie them they ate faded and Farewell of Beauty lingers o or them evils Sha were. The to neck am n of bronc Lions ant lives. ,1, frail Lifur the Eagle. Of. Human by s f. Rhodes m no. I. Me. Editor desire to rese to your readers through the Colt mrs of your paper the following i of a ies on human physiology. The science of Medicine in All much to interest acid Edify Llie common Reader but the of human physiology in a Pir manner presents attractions in neither of its other in Point of general practical surpasses All the others. It will Leach a person avoid the evils that lend o derange the Structure of his body and in Ere by induce Althe Sanic i me it will enable him rationally to and luxuries which i in scially allowed prove beneficial to bodily health. Were Tea kind to obey strictly us governing the actions of ins a to Nure am i thai inflammatory and affections would of More rare and the be vied Pant endurance in Oglu j would realize Whit he no a season of Reo Osc and i i a tame Lime find much to feed Vij pity by the facility with which he disease from the vigorous of his patients. A great portion of the Community however charitably we May judge ire m perfectly reckless of the effects of their upon their health the fait test and most Distant a Sci of pleasure or luxury Are causes jul scent to induce them to set at Lafi once the Laws regulating their to much the following articles will Ibe melees except As a source of Arule. those who desire by Liv ing m to the organic Latvia governing their natures to secure Greiert earthly Blessing perfect Hea Jyh will be found of service not oily As an amusement but a guide to in enjoyment of happiness Anil a to indulgence in those sex Zaich by de ranging the a Coo of nature induce Dispane and pre mature death. The poet poke truth when luxury is living by producing Dis ease in ire human system ii the direct cause of 111 cd of the pain and misery entailed i on the human family. J want 1 bodily exercise too in con Junction with the last mentioned evil j produces Tiuch disease of the Liwaj Chest and Ardc a Jeff and also of the circulatory and mind literature tin d he purse lion by Gull ii arc head Chi these effect ,0 health Fence the of the it me tit of and Ait or for 31 to 1 by i he Are Gie ajl con i on Rule of fashion i begin it and the Corset in Many be of the obsolete articles of wardrobe and we have the in the greatly iry Loo il8 use and we anticipate hip time Mjor tet and All its attendant be among the things that e of dressing the feet and g females is a fruitful source Al and pulmonary consume Oes much to shorten their i Etise is a cause of n Ich of the premature mortality which 1 As occurred in the last Twenty or Uii y years. It having become for people of Quality " to us Foi t severe manual labor they spend lure in sedentary employ ments v-1 Ich Wilh their Mode of dress and living already alluded to induce insidious by Active of the or i his eagerness to open to in Troa Stires of science and devotes to the subject the s his course without Rei Axa and by Day. And the re Oon in a disordered St and Abdomen. Acquisition a however be greatly Niti n Observance of the primary of physiology a no Cinoc of Llie great increase of Premala i Morl Lily i our country number of that autly occurring from the of a i Chi very. Thin of itself pro f r Gotful amount of evil when looked collectively but when View re but single examples of the sedentary habits Puu the they Are of frequent occur out the length and breadth i multiplied by a Sei Iii delicacy in the one Case desire it tile old Strunjo that a hire Hama ii should keep in tune yet i Emagine that if the. Strength id of Constitution of the present were compared Wilh that of Bis we should stand in no enviable Tuitoo. The Many abuses and that fashion Iron has imposed upon the human race enlightened countries Hare to in Cream Dincau in lot of and abridge Ibe Unglo of human among these Abu tej " neg prominent. I the offspring those parents who the victims of this if enfeebled in body degenerate in a and de crypt in morals thus for Iii Ronda in which the seeds of vice take deep and thus Perpetu us evil influences. I of then fashionable1 abuses Corv i cd As it actually Over a Aile Teit of Cou ulry among 000 of pimple and the use of almost an infinite amount of machinery it is neither e alarming or prodigious As Ould appear to a casual us server yet it Liioi Ifilio the amount might be great Dimin by proper regulations. Ing the Subj act in every Point of View ure Aad no cause adequate to produce in increase of sickness and Youthful mortality but what might be greatly d finished Observance of that govern the human system to next articles shall briefly explain the Anatomy of the Ivy maa general Reader May undersea Rio More definitely what May by us id upon the physiology of action upon this part we shall be As con Ai Aud be understood for Raa Soji that to those who have knowledge of the Struc Ture aft if human Frame the subject will be and uninteresting i no. In. Be Fard proceeding to treat the physio of y of the human by atom it foj1 the Benefit of our readers that i scribe in a Brief manner the Anatomy of some of the principal parts Hud an system. In looking at Man As we see him Ordinary affairs we behold about Hia him a Liri mind eat we Enqu thus g body possessed of a rational of choosing anti refusing. Into the reason Why he is receive for answer that he was so in aled the casual Obser Anc ver this v but would in their Arcanum c Ould be a sufficient answer not a Ali say the inquisitive searches into the deep dark nature. We would desire to know Inq Why and wherefore Wilh this inquisitive spirit if we in it upon the study of the human sys tem we find that she capable of per forming several functions which acting in constitute human life. The instruments with which these functions Are performed arc what will now receive attention. The human system is composed of solids and fluids. These Are sub Divi ded into several species. The solids Are , mus Cle nerves secretive or Gans membranes and cellular tissue. The fluids Are blood urine milk Gall saliva and gastric the solids in proper Ion to the fluids measured by As one to nine or according to other authors As one to three hut the former Are much nearest the truth. They Muy ail be reduced primitive Princi Ples Viz and Ner Vous tissues. N. Either one or Mote of these cons i cute each of the solid pails of the body. Bones Are composed chiefly of cellular tissues we Nita give them elasticity and phosphate of Lime which gives them strength hardness and firm Ness. They give by rape Aud solidity to the Frame and act As levers in perform ing the various motions of the body the Muscles acting As the rotary Power the joints As Fulcran and the object to be moved the Point of resistance. Muscles Are divided into v Oriun tary and involuntary. The voluntary Muscles Are bundles of Gores Itiat obey the will in perform it the various of the body. The involuntary Muscles Are Llose that acl independently of the will such As the hear and arteries bladder intestines Sec. 1 hese have no lion with tiie Bones while the former Are connected Wilh the Bones at their origin and intersection. Muscles Are divided into Liam ends and ire subdivided into fibres each filament and Fibre being enclosed in a Sheath of cd Lulai membrane. The voluntary for the Anont part Are connected to the Bones Al their origin and intense Cipun by i codons which is an Extension of the us Catiis enveloping the fibres and filaments. A nerve attends Fibre to give it Power and sensation. Cartilage is a White elastic similar to Boue Bui not at i Jirous nor Tiuch phosphate of Lime. They Are More yielding in their nature and situated in different parts of Ihk system. They Are the substance that first gives shape to the Frame and they serve As a medium for the Dis Poai lion of Bone. In forming the Long Bones the Bony Deposit commences in three places in the Cartilages Viz a each end and in the Middle of the and it is until Between the fifteenth and twentieth year that Unis and several other Cartilages Are perfectly organized or rendered of a Buny ii azure. In the Flat Bones the Pouls of ossification Are Yunae Rous which enlarging run into each other and Complete the process. Ligaments Are a modification of cellular tissue insensible and Are scattered throughout system. It to the cellular of Issue that Jig Amenu Are indebted for their insensibility. It this substance which we Call Gristle in our animal food. Nerves Are while Fords composed of smaller and these Are subdivided into a series they Are composed of substance Rea the or spinal which they have their origin. Twelve pair arise from the brain seven from the Bones of the neck twelve from the Bones of the Back opposite the Chest five from the Bones opposite and five or six from the Bones below these. The first division Are called Cra Nial nerves the second cervical the the third dorsal the Fourchy Lumbar i and the fifth sacral their branches Are so numerous that they pervade part of the human Gys tem Insomuch that the Point of the finest Needle cannot penetrate the skin without wounding some of these Deli Cate fibres. A ganglion is a Reddish enlargement of a nerve either by itself or connected with the branches of some other. A Pleat is is an Intima a Union of several nerves and branches of nerves without any undue enlargement. croaks of three kinds. Glandular follicular ind a Lens and Are situated in every part of the body. 1st. Glands. These Are tutors sometimes of Large size that secrete different kinds of fluids. The Princi pal Are Lymphatics liver Mamma or breasts salivary and pancreas. 2d. Follicles. These Are Small roundish tutors situated in the nervous membranes and Are of Feve Rul kinds. 3d. These have their location in the skin and nervous Mem branes and Are the organs of the simplest form of sensation. Membranes Are s think Lamina situated if several parts of the they Are sometimes ten Dixous some limes fibrous. They Are found in the head Throat Chest Abdomen and spine. substance is the most Ivi duly diffused throughout the system of any of these substances constituting the primary principles of the system. enters Large y into the Struc Ture of every solid part of he human Frame and is entirely insensible and As in the ligaments so in every other part into which this Structure enters it is insensible though it is so widely Dif fused and so closely connected with Oiler structures it never loses its own Peculiar characteristics. We have now gone through a Brief description of most of the solids of the human system. The fluids will next claim our attention Ufler which we shall proceed with All due expedition to the of Trio physiology of these various organs and in disease to which each is most exposed together wih their causes and results. Jackson Tioga co., Victoria in Edinburg. We Iii id id the new an me retailing account of the entree of the Queen into Edinburgh hut we have room Only Lur tiie disc rip lion Tif Iho prot Sion to thu Castle which we Are sure wiil be acceptable our readers As hut Little has been published of the Royal visit to event which Seldom occurs. I live seen Many a regal show in my time but none that Ever equalled Ilia picturesque and magnificent spec. Ivacic of this . The first glimpse showed the cortege approach ing hum read through that sequestered Dell on the South Eastern Side of Tho cily admirably described in the heart of. Mid Lothian emerging from this deep wild grass Valley scattered with huge rocks and fragments which have descended from the Steep Cliffs towering overhead the Queen suddenly found herself in front of the Palace of her scottish ancestors Holyrood Memora ble As the abode of the Lovely and unfortunate Alary the last Princess that occupied its venerable Halls. The enthusiasm of the people assembled Here when they saw a Queen again Dri ire into the quadrangle was expressed by the most deafening cheers and it said that the emotion of her majesty waa Manifest not Only to those Imo mediately around but to the multitude who was looking can we wonder that she should experience the most affecting sensations on such chieftains such As the do glasses the Murray the seasons the Mcleod and rather great families of whose Fame Hist jury and still More tradition is full. Although the lordly palaces whence Flo Aioli the Ensign of those proud and powerful have now become the residences of the vulgar the mean Hose engaged in the com Monest Drudgery of life yet Ihei Pic and antique architecture sex tools to this Day the admiration which was freely Given in the Stith Century by the Moit polished foreigners of that age and in liter times by Johnson and Burke. On the present occasion every win Dow and Housetop beside a continued line of scaffolding on each Side of the Street was tilled with the Beauty and chivalry of Scotland and no one can describe the effect of these build Ings of extraordinary from top to Bottom with human beings in Holliday attire gaily flaunting hand kerchiefs and banners in the wind and joining in one Universal acclamation god save the Queen a Barrier had been erected at the Cross in the High Street and Here the magistrates did what they intended to do on the Day of her majesty s land ing. They delivered the Silver keys of the City into her with a congratulating speech to which she replied with her characteristic Felicity. Here too the Days of the ancient Scot Tish chivalry were recalled by a splendid corps of1 highlanders All plaited and plumed in their tartan under the command of a Galiant Young Nobleman the Marquis of Larne of the Duke of Argyl. This was the celtic club composed of Hardy looking Fellows each representative Mory the impression of the extraordinary spectacle that was presented when the Queen appeared in front of Par Apet. There she stood her face grow ing with the exercise of climbing her tresses waving in the wind her Scarf off Carlesly and displaying a a Dutiful bust a while from tie masses Awe bled below who immediately re cognized her arose shouts of Tion and Delight i louder than the wild commotion of Stormy Billows on a Rocky in Seif As the of the ancient dignity Power of his c an and enthusiastic combats with Sharks. An heroic instance of disinterested Friendship and personal bravery is re Seaman of the York West capt. John Barnes at bar badges about the latter end of Queen Anne s reign. A Man bathing was bitten it Twain by a ravenous shark and the Juwer part was swallowed. The severed trunk was snatched away by some of the people and placed on the deck at the sight of which the horror and emotion Othia attached mess mates were beyond description. During this affecting scene the insatiable fish was traversing the bloody surface of the water in search of the remainder of his Quarry. Fired at the sight a faithful Friend vowed that he would make the devourer disgorge or die in the at tempt and seizing a Large pointed knife he plunged into the deep. The shark no sooner perceived the Man than he made furiously towards him and both deemed one for his prey the Oiler fur revenge. The lie monster opened his Rapa Cious jaws his adversary dexterously gave him repealed stabs in the belly. The coir Bat was anxiously from the of the adjacent Vescola and the spectators were Uncer Tain from of. The combat aau the in preserving i b Traditi onary j blood Lul at length they their Marsule proportions shown off to to advantage in the garb of o d Gaul won Gen sral admiration. One of the most Rel Ica turns in the affair was the apis France of the Royal archers who the Queen s body guard in Scotland and look planes around the Royal Carriage. They Are gentlemen All of Good a Biily commanded by officers of High rank the Juke of Bac Clouch being their Captain the 1 which had Duke of Roxburghe Earl of Dali Mousie j before our arrival. A it did with the re collections of the varied fortunes of her line and with All Hove and associations which Hallow it to a Young and ardent fancy. The carriages halt Fain would she Hare braved the risk of contagion to visit the apart ment of Mary and the Cha Pel where lie the remains of the Jameses but the Case of Scarlet fever that had occurred within the Palace was so Malig Nant that her physicians Felt it their duty to interpose As prep lordly As subjects could. After All it was the the Queen who yielded. She wag told that although she might she might impart the disease to her children. This was Holyrood was unvisited and the pro cession turned immediately into can ingate which with the High Street forms m direct route from the ancient Palace ascending ail the Way on the of a Hill to the Castle which Ler mintes it. It was by thit route that Charles Edward Down Holyrood on the occasion of triumphant Entrance into the City of Edinburgh after the famous Battle of it the rout i of prow Syionn in former Days when the Seoul so parliament opened or the was visited her a sover the Holteg were the abodes of lord Elcho sir John Hope 4 the corps the enthusiasm of the crowd was greatly height a de a seeing the Sovereign thus sur rounded by the Flower of the scottish Law and enraged shark Raa Kin g Beach where he was stranded. Lie quickly dragged High and dry when the Victor ripped him open recovered the remains Othia lamented Friend and procured them a proper Pul care. We Well remember says writer in Colburn i Magazine the interest which every body related an incident it Madras Juat a Hindoo was u King his Eilain aran through the. Surf accompanied by Hig Only boy about seven or 3 ears of age. Sud Denly companion was washed off and before could recover his nobility and Gentry at guards instead hold dragged Dow i by an attend of tha paid Low born persons who Usu i ant shark. The agonized father re ally attend in that capacity while the solved at least on being revenged. He Beautiful picturesque dress of the polished Knight therefore with a knife Between Hig Teeth plunged after the ravenous Mon by sir of be Voldness suitable to the but in time Only to see him Swol rank and the of their mistress j Low quivering prey. Still further made them perhaps most aural. J irritated he adroitly gave creature live part of the spectacle. N several wounds near the Gill Al the Caille a select Aad by. The shark i voracity was so com gushed parly was assembled. Soon i pie sly stayed by the Cal which it had As Tbs cavalcade arrived the artillery just made that it did uni seem at All poured Forth repeated the disposed to Wriler upon the encounter Rock was wreathed in sumo it which j to which it had been so roughly Chai added greatly to the effect of that i legged. But repealed Atsus roused it Lime object which rears to proudly its i the desperate twice the As bold front above the City which it j sail ant was compelled to dive below so often defended i had often i huge to avoid a similar Fate the Queen in London but never 1 in i to trial of hit Aon and vice Rose to lha did Phe appear to better and Van j surface of water to recover breath. Lage than tripping about this ancient the were Lage fortress. Tripping one was dressed with exceed ing Only brilliancy about her being the colors of the Sileci Stuart tartan of which her gown composed thai Beautiful tartan in which Edward and lately George the Foi Irth appeared in the Saloon of Holyrood. In moving from Battery to Battery and in visiting the the different parts of the Castle she Quile delighted the Loyal noblemen around by tier Freedom and affability and the spirit with which she climbed several sleep ascents and the utter Dis regard of cold and Damp with which she gaily bounded in Light wafer Soled shoes Over several courts that had been Laid with bark now thoroughly Satura Ted by the morning Shower. She seemed to throw aside the character of Monarch entirely and to give herself up with get line zest to the enjoyment of the hour while her strongly marked and intelligent features were lighted with flashes of emotion that really made her look Beautiful. The highest Pininia Cle oif the Castle is the bomb Battery. The View is one of the grandest in the world nud. Of course this height is is y descried from almost every the City. The multitudes were eagerly turning their eyes to this lofty Point and never can be traced Iron my pne to see him plunge Down once More but soon by the ens an Guinid Hue imparted to the Waves around concluded that the work of vengeance was accomplished. In fact the bereaved father had succeeded in driving his knife to the Haft into the belly and drawing it Down Ward with ail his strength opened a deep and fatal Gash upwards of a Yard Long. Consequently the almost exhausted Hindoo Hail not Long reached the strand before his Gigantic foe was washed ashore and what remained of life was soon beaten out of him. The crowd immediately Cut him open and found the limbs of the ill fated child severed though not Mastic Ted. The Dei pooling Parent threw himself on the Sand for a Lime absorbed in heart rending grief but his constitutional serenity he unfolded his turban placed his precious though mangled Corpse upon it and carried it to his thimble Home for cremation. Brave fellow was pointed out to us wearing a Silver me dal which the governor of Madras had Couf cred of him for Liis exploit. Spectator. A Man ought to Blush when he if praised for perfections he does not 1 m m jews paper newspaper

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