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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - October 16, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaPoetry. Editors a. Cd printers. Lively heart and joyous brow toe Vispi v Farmer speeds the plow j be lie sleeps both flocks Iii Fields to tidier Ain Plo put Lor Tabor yields. Fin no be Noble Craft no inti moves Iho world Iron Shaft Iligir Donly done Tom toil Jet begun. Frame and Reddish co gun Bulg Ami Ihu Rich with the fair in tit. Ivy eyelids lung with Cero infill mid Sluk Gith Java i which Coly at work tie stays. And Hirist to live in a uncut life Ami i lie Vav Raul Irnes of strife. Firm he stand at air out with a Jujic Grace he Ivy ill j Liirm-.-, and planes them Down i j St ins the Devil round the town f obis id dubs he spaces them i sentence in in. He h the cup 9 done i i j i i us fair Iii he Lead and rack his brains la n i a a Iii or wan of rams it i Rie i is Fud n there s so nothing else skip a j m is in or j urow ii i u mho did Icar Iho Ollie Down. I u new us i d Brevier i ecu Hurley drop n eur Momi i i Omund Bill in 1 Dick to Lill a Lien to Iii d Rano i mighty Squall do icy bad done u us ilm men mourn me can c or to borne in Lorinc s wheel Rin e Bors incl printers of Fol. H i i die l my r a Amgel in the Clouds. By go Ruck w do Ngay. Me Heicht Tho Clouds in heaven no fair Tiu is i with cities tilled in i turrets gloat Ming there i the castles in Tho air we of a build. I sends. In Trio realms of space on through seas of Blue and i cd Jud Ilmi Nutly Siracu tin Acme Wing Anil Dongol Fuco of one i know. S to sit upon i re Lunt Tirone air Moro n Crown o Light More Glon Nui thin the tin at a Hojic by Halo Roku no slum her vat re brio wis a Pleni in Here. In lore Winis incl b. In Kilien to Bear her in misfit a fond he i incr so Cir her int ivc Hunt in i be Lier Niho pick child 9 , w with Wihl piping Inlall us pc nil spin led on Roj pinions Arnm the dead to god on High sunlit Clouds Ore floating by i i alien Bow to Hoar of from yonder do n of tiring or from to Ijes am sketches. The berber Prince. Into s hew Romance the a copy the following spirited incident. Mijo s new Romance just published by Lam the hero n a berber Prince who the exploits in order to obtain the free of s Spanish Maiden whom he loves but has captured and carried to the harem c my eur is incl the Sultan. The Monarch has reviewing troops and now seated on " Ujj Jion with ins Iii a it son on Tho carpet , to 13 watching the feats of horse of beat Sal. Gaz two hours and More an uninterrupted of powder under the i lie Sultan bad been kept up and the a. Of the performance was beginning to Mii by s Ismail s face wore an air of no on arid to began to evince signs of and impatience. More than once thata sneer of contempt curled Tho courtiers noticed the look Odis action earnestly they prayed that or at least some bolder rider might would divert the rising Wrath of 1j to Only by a desperate and mortal Usu Gra Cerully Oia rider stood one foot on the Saddle the other extended in the air his left hand grasping the rein his Light raised aloft with his polished Musket twirling horizontally by the Mere motion of the fingers and so rapidly that it presented the appearance of a wheel. A the head of the Barb came on a line with the Imperial carpet his course was instantaneously arrested. So sudden anal so Complete was the Check that he did not even pass the carpet but sliding along a few feet with his haunches to the ground brought Bis rider right abreast of the Sultan. The horseman leaped lightly from the crouching Steed and bending Down touched the Edge of the carpet put his hands to his lips and instantly Spraig Back will his feet to the Saddle when he stood erect for moment and then quietly Sank to his neat wheeled his horse and leisurely walked Back to the end of the course. Sixty thousand voices rent the air with simultaneous shout of applause. Never had Auch a course been run in Morocco. Never before had such a Posi Tion been assumed will such boldness or maintained with such firmness and Grace or finished with such precision am agility. Muley Ismael straightened Himsel at the French ambassador and his suit grinned graciously upon his attendants and allowed several expressions of commend to escape . Excellent wonderful Well done of Fiji god there is one Man Here to Day who knows How to ride the deliberate Pace at which the horseman returned to the starting place afforded All eyes a Good Opportunity of scanning his dress and person. As to Hia features they were nearly the ends of his turban which with apparent carelessness were allowed to hang Down on each Side of his face but no better garment concealed the proportions of his Fine figure. A close fitting caftan or Vest of red cloth Over a shirt of while Linen and a pair of Short wide Wjite Linen trousers set off and revealed his Light but muscular form to the Best advantage. But no less worthy of admiration was the Horae than the rider particularly to judges of the animal of whom there were not a few on the ground. Tho Fine Points of Boron were noted and eagerly commented upon. His Jet Black skin immaculate from color except where his wide expanded nostrils exposed a delicate Circle of Pink. His Small but Long head Grace fully placed at the end of a tapering tend Inous and slightly arched neck his height nearly sixteen hands his Broad Chest Bia oblique muscular shoulders his Fine sinewy legs Long Withy pattern and the huge veins lying just beneath the skin and showing that a Large part of his circulation was carried on Over the sur face and therefore not liable to be hurried by the compression of contracting Muscles to nuts of course vociferous and swelled with their voices the Roar of soldiers and the popu lace. Even the sleepy Little Muley Abder Rha Man sprang to his feet at the front of the car pet and joined his childish cries to the rest the horses seemed to partake of the sensation and ceased their champing and pawing again the strange horseman commenced a career but not with the same reckless impetuosity. It was observed that his Steed although plunging furiously was kept Well in hand and All eyes Fol Lowed with intense interest his every move ment. He passed his gun without stopping to pick it up. What could he be going to do silence a whisper his horse swerved violently from Side to Side. Expectation was excited to the utmost. He evidently was preparing for something desperate. Some daring feat and novel too thought the crowd else Why move so slowly and Why such an a of preparation 1 the course was almost finished. He was nearly abreast of the seat of the Sultan when suddenly Hia horse swerved via gently to one Side bringing Bis hoofs on the very Edge of the Imperial carpet. At this moment it was observed that fhe horseman held paper which bowing himself from his Saddle he threw into the Lap of Manley Ismael. At the same instant with a rapid sweep of his Arm h seized the Young Muley adberrhaman., clutch ing the child by the clothes the Horser. Swung to his Saddle Bow growling while bending Over in the act almost in the Cai of the astonished father in the deep Gutter of the look to the paper and when you want bin Send to Casbin Subah Wheeling has horse Short round the berber leaped a Corner of the Royal carpet knocking one of the umbrella dashing through the shrinking slaves in the rear of the in a moment he was at the Bank of the shallow Stream Down which his Steed scrambled with cat like agility. A few jumps cleared the Nar Row bed Andrj Bre Asting by main Force through1 a Thicket of oleanders the other Bank was gained and the Gallant animal Wilh loosened rein was skimming the Plain in the direction of the Hills with a stride As steady and almost As rapid As the sweep of an Eagle. For a few minutes the Sultan his officers and the tourist. County . We clip the following from the Dublin Cor Respondence of the Philadelphia Evenin bul Letin after a few Days pleasant stay in Dublin we started out on a walk through a District which we were told would give us the Best specimens of Irish life a we could not have time to see the the county Wick Low. This county lies next South of Dublin yet it is not a least in the Interior much known to the tourists. We commenced one of these Beautiful Golden after they have much like our Indian slaves were lost in astonishment. Stupefied at he audacity of the act thur Matood As if doubting he evidence of their in sixty thousand minds arose Simul Tandoi s just at tins moment that there occur slight pause in the game. The eyes of an and foiling sympathy with his were turned who of the lower end of the f a single horseman sprang into or piece in front of a party who were pre no Ono could Tell whence or it no time did Tho stranger give i Tor question or salutation. The Beauty sri to Jet Graceful Case of the at a glow of admiration j of fit exclaimed thib horse hich feet la d from pkg 8htrp cornered and Spring on the Gallant Barb at Forward As if a thousand spurs Gether with Twenty other Marka and Points of More fanciful significance were loudly Indica Ted by the excited crowd1, As with loosened nein hanging head and a composed step he bore his not a look did the latter bestow upon the multitude. Hia whole attention seemed Given to his horse. Leaning Forward he patted his neck pulled his ears and caressed in a variety of ways at the same time addressing in a Low tone words of the Moat affectionate endearment. Of Boron he exclaimed. Son of the Beautiful breath of the East wind be True to me me not for great is my Strait and sore would be my trouble did i not depend upon thee quietly thy Cour age for the time of is at hand. Of Boron fail me not and her hand shall Caress voice shall cheer thee i swear it son of the Boron replied to his master s a turds with an expansion of the nostrils and a Low snuffle of Delight but he raised not his head nor altered his gait until wheeled with his head Point ing up the lists. Then indeed his whole Man Ner changed. His head was erect his eyes flashed fire his breath was blown from his nostrils with a furious snort of impatience the foam flew from his Mouth and every muscle quivered with excitement but still he stirred not. The shouts and exclamations deep silence prevailed throughout the Multi tude. Boron exclaimed his master and with a Spring Light As that of a cat the fiery animal started. With a loud shout the horseman tossed his Musket High in the Airl caught it As it descended and instantly stooping from Bis Saddle placed it upon the ground. As he Rose he Bent Down again on the other Side touching the ground with his left hand. Again rising he descended to the right and so on alternately a dozen times in rapid succession each time grasping the soil and scattering it in the faces of the nearest soldiers. Arrived at the Sultan s carpet he checked Bis Steed again within a few feet of the the next in Stant and then forcing into a series of lofty croup Ades and curves marked with the Sharp Corner of his wide shovel shaped Stirrup Iron the initials of Tea Sultan s name. There was an instant s pause and then such a shout went up As had never before echoed Over the Plain of Sakel. Muley smiled and again applauded the Rpyal attend a an i Dea of dins or Ultan the first to recover himself. A knew that the daring rider was no Djin and he bounded to his feet convulsed with rage and fear. It is impossible to describe Sully the scene of confusion that followed. Tie whole Field was in commotion. Troop pressed upon troop. The mass swayed backward and Forward and orders execration and cues of pain made a terrible chorus with the stamping and snorting of steeds and the clashing of muskets and sabres. Muley Ismael crazy with passion Drew his Cim Etar won. " re Woefle Rafaeil Beard dashed his turban to the ground and shouted like one possessed his orders fur instant Pursuit. The very ardor of the troops prevented these orders from being Early obeyed and before the masses of cavalry could extricate themselves from the confusion into which they had been thrown by the Effort of All to be first in the Chase the berber had been Able to gain a Start of More than a mile. At length the moors and Blacks got under weigh. The Little Stream was something of an obstacle but Points it was quickly overcome. Over it was poured the excited crowd until More than thirty thousand horse thundered Over the Plain gradually extending themselves in Long lines As the relative differ ence in Speed of their horses began to exhibit itself. Soon those who lagged the most began to rein up until Ere two leagues had been passed the body of the pursuers were reduced to a few score of the Best mounted whose pure blood thorough bred steeds enabled them to keep together and also to slowly but certainly gain upon the Ber Ber whose horse Laboured under the terrible Dis advantage of the addition weight of the child. Thebe cheers for that girl in Baltimore one evening last week As a German girl aged about 19, was passing along Frederick she was accosted by a Ruffian who attempted to take improper liberties with her. She immediately gave a severe blow Over the head with a bottle of Carphine which flew in his face whereupon be made his escape As last As he could run off. Chinese California courier describes one As follows they lowered the coffin As we do they then threw the White ban Dage worn on their arms into the grave then matches and Wax candles and a bottle of wine. Before covering the coffin each person bowed his head to the Earth and uttered some few words hot by us understood. Then each threw a hand Ful of dirt on the coffin and passed round liquors wine and Megara of which they invited each american to partake and the grave was then up. When deprived of health the Rich Man is poor indeed loaded by disease even the tyrant is tame the ambitious Are Humble and what Ever distinction May have marked them from each other in the Days of health and gaiety they now fait approach that level which death it soon to Complete. Summer Days by walking along the coast to wards Bray leaving our Knapsacks behind us in Dublin As we meant to return there and expected to find some hard walking through the wicklow Hills. The country about us a first had very Little of the wild character in it and in fact not very much to remind us of Ireland every thing was very dry and Dusty and the White plastered Walla and Hedges Brown with dust had nothing especially characteristic of any country. There were White cottages with Rose vines Over them and Park lodges and handsome country seats. Evidently we were not in the poorest part of Ireland. Yet one could see throughout a great difference from with All the pretty things around and even in some of the cottages arranged considerably with a View to artistic effect there would Peep out a Little of the Irish Slouch iness. Walls were broken Down in unfortunate places Hedges untrimmed the pigs were wallowing sometimes very near the roses. However All was quite of the Irish Thrift Lemmeu and that mixture of elegance and Slouch iness you see everywhere in Ireland. Coals brought in on an expensive waiter because a common Bod had not been bought. Silvers handled knives on the table and an immense Hole in the carpet i was struck whys Andi of Dixie Arkansas girls. A Memphis paper tells the following Story of i wend of the editors who wept Over to a with this in the beet part of i Kansas evenly. To a North. Al Morsf every estate i passed had a j dance knew before that the Arkansas Graceful Gate while the Hedges but not aware that nearly always untrimmed and the Cotta Ges within had mud Walls and no floors. The charges at the Irish country inns appear to be greater generally than in the English though provisions Are cheaper. Our walk the next Day followed up a Stream mostly on the High land in one Side of it so that the River unbroken Down to the Rocky bed of the Stream below and beyond Over the Hill they would take such a powerful fancy to a Nice and cling to with such vice like grip As is Here represented. Our Yankee Gir Sare More shy to strangers still when they Are once thoroughly satisfied that he is a Trump card they do not let go in a hurry. The ladies upon the occasion were arrayed in their Best with All the Gay colors an uncultivated taste could suggest. The gentlemen were nodes and valleys covered with Tress for a great in Homespun clothes and none but our distance. It was a Clear Cool morning with he outline of the Hills perfectly distinct and Friend had Broadcloth upon his Back. During the evening Sweet potatoes of an enormous size., tray Jock and old tree brought out most pro in the ashes were handed around to the mently in the Bright Light. The whole scene i company together with a handful of Salt to each with Oie wooded Valley and occasional Clear no and pure air was and i walked along Almo american t imagining myself in a mount am rumble in my own land. But i was Oon awake from any such dreams by a Little conversation with a poor fellow who was i a cart on the same Road i was travel of. I he said was 11 shillings and he could not earn More than a shilling a defy then he must feed himself and his Mare with he would have been glad to help out his rent by Harvest work in England but he could not get rid of his horse and to save his Towl he could not raise enough Money to it to America. The majority of the peasantry do not earn Over 25 cents a Day now in Ireland i have no doubt and with this Large families must be supported. They have Learned to live on very Little. This Man said he did not taste j. J , oui lie Usu Nui lame pleasant for some the glimpses of fresh meat twice a year. Oat mean or if the Blue sea on our left with the Rich autumn i it that Indian meal is their Prin Cipal food Bacon and kale. Autumn Light on the Hills at our right and the shadowy Peak of the sugar loaf Mountain before us made a Beautiful landscape. After walking on till it began to grow quite dark we stopped just before entering a wild the Glen of the some one assured us would not be Safe at that hour and which we especially wanted to see by Day Light. Our inn proved to be one of the mean Little houses of entertainment As they Call them where you have the real Irish Cabin the bed room in which we slept had the door half broken Down and As there no particular provision for an outside door we were in rather too intimate connection with the Street. However after putting our watches and Money under the pillows we settled Down into very comfortable night s rest Only disturbed y a Man s stumbling in about Midnight for a the Glen which we entered in the Resh nees of the morning was a deep opening n the mountains lined on each Side by iras to be very summits of the Cliffs with an occasional cottage on the lower slopes evidently from the Jana tents belonging to some great Man s is ale. After passing through this the appearance tone or so Well White washed that you could of detect the material began to show the mud Walls. There was More filth around them and general appearance throughout of he cultivation was poorer too and the Only lops almost were Oats and potatoes with a few atches of turnips and now and then a wheat eld. The Harvest season has been a remark Bly dry one so that everything has been favor ble to getting in a Good crop but both Here and n the North As we afterwards found the wheat As suffered badly from the rust and present appearances look badly for the Corn t was thought this same w Eather might keep off the rot from the potatoes but judging from those in wicklow their must be a poor yield of these also. As i said the country looked More miserable As we advanced. The dry weather had parched most of the Beautiful of Ilage we had heard so much of in Ireland the crops were poor and the gaunt ragged forms which met us constantly begging for gave a most painful impression of the state of the common people. Rags seemed to be worn in every imaginable form in which they can be and yet have some resemblance to a decent covering. It was strange enough to be among a Rural population far away from cities where such skill in beg Viivi Inen their women nearly All work As reapers and even the children at least in the North we saw at work drying the flax in the Fields. When the Winter comes is the hard time. The potatoes which they used to Lay spare All gone in summer for How could they Lay up said he with All their tints and taxes and poor rates i asked one of them who was living in this a very intelligent Man How the Indian meal was liked among them. He said when it first came they thought it was t Tood fit for but after a while Thev had come to like it better though it was t equal to Oatmeal to keep the hunger k was ground badly he thought at first and they did not use to boil it and they found it better now in making it into bread to mix it guest. A Beautiful Young lady soon became smitten with our Friend perhaps with his magnificent and resolved to dance with . She thereupon turned Flo a Friend and addressed her in these Sil hold my Tater while i Trot around with Thill Nice Hoss what s got on store our Friend was clinched accordingly a could t extricate himself from the grip of the rustic Beauty and he was obliged to Trot around after her for one mortal Long hour before he could obtain a respite from his labors. He made his escape the first Opportunity resolved never again to go to an Arkansas his principles. Said a stump orator lately in Wisconsin who was running for a seat in the if you elect me my opposition to All sorts of Banks will be so Strong that it will break the track of a Herd of buffaloes. Volcanoes May pour out their lava reducing cities to smouldering May Engolph in the vortex of premature corf Large and populous acts May disgorge their aqueous contents Mak ing nature Are Roble with the continuous the Thunder s stroke May prostrate the mightiest monuments Ever raised by the combined Aid of Art and vivid and glaring flush of lightning May rend the sturdy Oak of the Forest and make the Iron hearted quake with fear but do you think Feller citizens that All this would darn Clear u 0.__, Lake he vote in favor of a Bank with wheat flour. There was Many a Workman of it. He knew who 1 ived on hardly anything but in Dian meal in fact we have known some observing Bachelor is responsible for the tires i a woman who passes through life our walk through this Vale of is like a fair mansion left by was a. Very pleasant one and the even Markoly is an impression of massiveness with them a i Usu Sun tight breaking n occasionally into the gloom of the and that changing of Light and deep Shadow on the Blue Side of the grand Mountain which makes perhaps the finest feature of Mountain scenery. The objects however which Are most inter Esting to travellers there Are some strange old ruins in the Valley called the rums of the seven the first among them which strikes the Eye is an old round Tower rising up More than a Hundred feet with no building attached and looking strangely enough in that wild solitary Valley. Near this Are the ruins of several buildings built in the rough style so Peculiar to the Early Irish merely with Ivy covered Walls others with Arches and even roofs still remaining. They appear to have been among the oldest churches of Ireland having been built somewhere in the sixth Century. The origin of the round Tower is entirely obscure As it does not seem designed or a Watce Tower and has no resemblance to any ecclesiastical Structure. The whole effect of these ruins in that wild spot is singularly a press Ive. Our walk Back was right through the Centre of the country along a Road built by government or the Pasage of troops in the disturbances of 1802, called the military i was we went Over it As giving us a specimen of some of tie Interior of Ireland. I certainly had no idea that so Large a Trail of desolate useless the builder unfinished. The Hall that is completed runs to decay from neglect or becomes at Best a sorry tenement wanting the attention Only the Moiety of a sort of Garnish the Man who would cheat a Printer is too mean to receive a passing Grunt from a hog there is a morn a pestilence continually around . His mind is filled with wickedness and when he goes Home he flogs his wife if he has sufficient courage. His children Are ignorant arid Mali Cious for they never care to read the stolen per. The dogs Stop wagging their tails when he passes by them. Reader do you know such a creature. A Clergyman not thirty Miles from Boston who was noted for his nicety of pronunciation went to a Shoemaker and engaged a pair of boots to be made. A few Days after he called and inquired if they were ready and Wael answered in the negative. Will they be really by next asked the Clergyman. Said the Shoemaker but you can have the Toby next i a Drunken lawyer on going into Church was observed by the minister who i addressed thus i will Bear witness against you at the Oay of the lawyer shaking his head with Drunken Gravity replied i have practice Twenty five years at the bar and uninhabited land could be found in Ireland. After always found that the greatest Rascal is the first Radall i walking along a gradually ascending Road a new Miles on one Side of which was a deep Val Ley where a few miserable cottagers managed to live we began to enter a Hilly country where i i 1 in i v i e u 11 no Rimboi u. Tiivi r us Ulii y Vav a crts gig was shown As was Here in the wilds of scarcely j ves Detige use could be seen. Wicklow. I showed More than anything the degradation of the people. Our walk All that Day to the Vale of Avoca i was through a country much like what i have spoken of above sometimes varied by a Large estate on the Side of the Way with a shiftless looking Pirk and sometimes by a crowded dirty Little Irish Village. The descent to the Vale of Avoca was through a Long Avenue of old Trees and was very pleasant indeed but the Beauty of the Vale itself i was exceedingly Dis appointed in. It might have been the Dull Light of a Cloudy afternoon or it might have been our disappointment with scenery but certainly we saw which affected us As at All remarkable in far famed and i am half inclined to suspect Tom Moore chose the Vale for his poetry full As Mueh from the rhythm of the name As from any Especial Beauty in the scenery. We stopped for the night in Rathdrum. The inn we were in was one of the Best class of country inns yet you bad throughout specimens not a cottage or rough Cabin no Bush or tree no cultivated land and no Wood upon the Hills was Bare and Bleak and deserted except where an occasional sheep was nibbling. The wind swept bleakly Over it All and the Clouds settled Down near the Mountain tops in a Man Ner Moak cheerless for the traveller through the desolate Region. On each Side of the Rood away Over Hill and Valley for Miles and Miles stretched the Irish bog. Only relieved by the heaps of peat or by the purple Heather Flower and the yellow Flower of the Furze which grow upon it. If this were Only for a few Miles it might be endurable but for nearly 30 Miles this tract of bog land continues without hardly even a mud Cabin upon it. And yet even Here when Home poor Man builds his rude hut upon the bog and manages to scrape out a hard livelihood by some Means or other we have the insatiable Rand agent or Lythe collector coming on their the few feet of useless bog pay the hard earned shillings to Home Noble Man who May own half the county beside. We slept that night in a rough Irish Cabin and were glad enough when after a few More Miles walk we escaped from the desolate bog country into the pleasant environs of Dublin. C. to turn slate s a Yankee and a southerner were playing poker on a Steamboat for some 1 Havn t seen an Ace remarked the Wall i guess you said the Yankee but t can Tell where they Are. One of them is up your shirt sleeve there and the other Are in the top of one of my never set yourself up for a musician just be cause you have Drums in your ear nor believe yourself Cut out for a school teacher merely be cause you have a Pupil in your Eye. Somebody never troubles a Busy this we know to be false. us a busier Man than an editor and yet he fortunate if he has no More than one Devil to trouble especially when copy is Short. A Man recently tried soft soap of smooth the harshness of his wife s Tongue Lisook off a Little of the roughness but made it run faster. There is a Man in new York who makes a living by just throwing Orange Peel on the walks. He is employed by a surgeon in you want to grow Adye tiie. Newspaper if spa Peri

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