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Read an issue on 30 Nov 1848 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - November 30, 1848, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaPfc uni in newspaper shoo left to politics stye 0cicncc, cite vaturi futo Raling apiculture and amusement. Thursday mor1vjng, november 30, 1848. Whole no. 537. Ohm from the Yankee u self con two part int is Betir i de jest. Ili i Art the fir , Don to i beseech Yot i am sure Lor a Lile Linic on the table and i guess my Cheeks Felt As Burnt As the cakes Ivere. But that was not i worst of it. When we a inc to eat the Odi Don to take that Ous Odear they were just like leather. Old i said i the a held St l led too Etc a like so much Clay being not half hone and the Cream was i. I relied ill in Roll Ucil flutter Irons fisc the in l if i Roob or u Arri a i presume he is ill i i Nailer chamber and rinds a very Earnest i t Bini Lingle res i. And then her line in itself into serious crowded each other beautifully and i wag just Piff on the d out to clap my wings at Sulci entire Success irl Thad been in n Cream from the baby planted me by the i we Ore e Era dec. I had to slay a few a r quiet .111.1, and when i got Back to my , your in a a Cre in ref o in i a a plan on lie Ilia Lake h til Lori ended him seas Here last be o que Sucre Burnt very and uie tea7s a where a Rcd to her eyes in the midst of her stairs t was 10us to think of nuyt Lynnjr else then Burnt and abominable As they were i nut a Chi bitter As is orms Voi a. Now airs. 13 l needs Ness that it i i professor in Sten so yes 1 re ering sell c did he die of 1u3l i her pretty face i do to uni scr can t take boarders mrs. Liv she As woman Nurs let. Comes Here to Tea i Virv i am Orry to hear you is f in i col Tiu Rind of i Peculiar. Irli Tjw my pc or from of cuing i Lulu jul left Lut i i her frown Reid inn i Cumiea ii Ltd j i i very Pireu o want he shod us at and be some Gingerbread before sve came out or t meant it fur Gingerbread but i left in in the Ovion till it As Bird As a Brick besides for Gelting to Pul in the Ifni for living ton laughed at the Pon girl s Misuo s Lul concerned for disrespectfully i p must give you n. Know he will d in my Mondoil airs to Only sensible us she step to examine the furniture laced in the Hall Urnis Liinar a room for 9110 of the Lueil or Livingston " but Lay is. Miss Chickering right Here i 1 still have them carried up pursued miss Chickering that in Are and such a Nice chair As have Cost mrs. Liv tuke3 the place of the late or. Ember replied miss Chick Jing to her budgets but is hat i Chickering and Sil never in said mrs. Ness full most intimately associated wan her Livingston As she saw the look of distress on and her Mother saw Willii pain Arm a Eli i a null Rit Inri Linn 1 Hull Imp your n Ami or my m u Iii l in i in ni1 it i 111 1 run replied s Are All cry i posed to cry Sallary by hid Irav a i i in afternoon and eve Hesler played and Sang and conversed de i in lev and her Molher Bil Terv i new i r and i Nui enl i h r. In inc m n. To t in for. In v nil is ill liase on k i r or Ami Ai i i Emir my 1., a i Pirn it a in re Over so to once a in no no s he i Olca in i she soul old Goi-i., a i Kaly ,11 Coji lil a. And n i in scr is a am n .1 Ian be he uni Sias almost Al a and his r me of Sulci a him 1c Jarir uits ill l he Ufa r in. I univ lit is to f 1 b i let fake vo1 your Ronni Fin Vou Cin r a Girini iils filled Lull her Molher to re i yourself before Max r Arroo for to Pir Ihre tit Van. Nuich of. Is i he Reso Nelly Assi lied her i no her 1 subject of properly furnishing 1 Rotts Arriner Sapir Meril. In vain she could not aft no i Heel tie Roo a w is very Loic Ramy fur Nisik a r opinion but in mover s Cthery tiling in in Nii an and . No Phinij it hu1. A in w Carpel a new Mirror i in ii and Large hair Clollis Roc Liing ild be in vain to her Mecl dres excl 10 s ii sly like a in a i frolic with inc so me the l Surri funded Huminiuc. F or. Seas distressed Ai Hei Ler Sov is arbitrary bul Hester seas soil u As very do. Site i Enrri a her Mother into so a i Hallin or. War Riili a should pay Lor t to he i eng god . Seas sex Pein cd to gise ins room l in Appe i Aiice miss ii. I t As befit i la seas Lor mrs. I. Nil Ltd ii i1 incur such in in it . As she in outta nol b. In and the i pm Bills of her t to sons svh., Ihen cold be soon income Dun. I. Nile revolted at any i Osny sufi Bills As ,. Llic a Vince Board and tuition for her in fighter no mrs. A Idress s Schmin iry i ii i ble nindo.1, and la ser s Quarter Hur nit Ier had a i most Espin i. To he another Bill. Ilov she All t a Espen Sii be came a Soj Irce of in a us Anvil in. Uii Ihl Aud Day to the led Molher. I i lie Cirp -1 Svi i r de. And a Lesler Sery a Iii by and Lah irions y Svor cd on in. Evhen a nol Ilela Mcd Ivy company n me Virlor i real s to Iio to her Molher a r a uial portion of her Lime since the i is College de. , m in Numi the clip i of m on the Miil try son who look the Grad of the , and Ihen with usual dignity or her per Sicular Friend. Miss to Cambrai Cap and to provide Irr inst he Al of like in Annm i sve Allier she lie self Vilh tin engr Amli Riccer i Hill inv Elled in in is paper fan which rallied and u Rick led. Nne in ked and creaked As he slowly so sell it in Ronith and her table would be air. To add Mill father to to the or. by a Circle of i Silty of her p. appearance a pair of o d Meel Lio sved Pec Vaclev Ssith eyes i round a an Osvil s which Fonn i c is in enl for of the Exi us Euce. Like Mot other of i ungainly Bio daughter in River Sli Ould i foully hoped u Loo polite to my ii liked like a p very confident in Hur Long Esubi Iliad on and never hesitated to a i j and g nit Llie most and pro dish Reserve conformed a Elf to her 1 Urilla Scisi in. Cha ii t in Hester act her Mico n , her a in and kill 11 no in it she foul and did ind is Sli a i to aliud n ass lid c. To or. C v him a i re he hid 1 Ziril j in the c ind a of in i i. Airy a Days before la to re no Abs Lyle the Calm deep Iola. And Ramon Loie lie on her Runje Eulahn Siam and ii the Connery Sla Danl of a abit ipg the Modifica lion in Mai in is and in Cilev Duricr by a i , and 111- v i passion of a. Young and ardent Luppi ice Clou Lis in Irvinn fairly in emeled for n of , is i re noun Leil upon the lops old Maizlish and i of her Lind and her Fin new Purol huns on her be i sell led Down very near Hen Mje Iret special la. Of i Rufes or Winch had been s mice enl love by o come he most do ight no be Llie Cise. The seas male to the old so Ian that she re Cal Surch bad Emu Jyh Caln Killil user and Pron your with Uherc Luu 1 Indi a 11. In ire Pongee silk Cape and ram inc o her Gray Reg Lela either to Iri Gillil i one or cd civic an Irrer Essiline of Slie concluded rather than to endanger the old lady s in ibid dues Al All to detain de turf of Llic , and veil lure Llie Odd iils of her in so Hoard or is ill the and Rel Buunk it of Llie Young g gentle Lengli signified Hal Slie room is Hen she had a in Sicly up the is Slie ill reached her own Lesier a the . The cd and up Aliance. In let ing the arrangement of pro Good s men mis her lip Long Luibil of Soult where s Hester mrs. miss Chickering. Why Here s l room plenty and ire v a Lille nearer to her hostess and called out in Lone uric gently loud certainly to he. Heard the Clun hers in Sii of heeler ome to your Lea. Child c have made p inc Lor the Tussi Lueil cons Sivc y the Ile App Ciric seas i Only to tin i it Artil Slajs. B in j l door she v. Re Pic lore o Ine Kcal of com warring beautifully i acc. Mrs. 1, , a i wanted him c a i in orld 1 r Airl m Ilc con it i i -.i, y ,11 an car or i rep ii id i c i i. Per d i ill a i Mil s Nir Ikon Tor by in Rii 1 Laven. We i Aligner with i Lake Ord full u or. 1 in in a i a no her away i my in her p Coo Iii uni id lie Lau Lis at n i hid hem per sin. The fun lure seas fled and to the door and while it in the Sli Sirp Loo up to the i and mis re Lily thick crag Vitha stage Lind n Unk. B my hoes Basket and Bun Llop Lier i Adt a Black colion a Vibrella in her , alight i d and Loile l up the Avenue to the hopi a Cser and anon Uio King round to give can Ion and Din it on to the , lest in Lio ild crib i or Icar that or drag Llie of her an Ico of her most inns in Lily Bas Gaire. Rini Iii Reg Fiul y Liru a her under in r non. And a i j up her very car full lev. -0 nolo flu in a Lylo disclose Llie Vani by of Cihir i in her under gear one another Slie relies de poor John of a Carpel birr a Large Willos Bisk i Ssith on the top. A Vij Niffin. spa Eil in win. H Tho invariably Midi Liged h a Ell at Church Bel in my at the inlets Al. O her acc Isi Umed . Nil Llic time ing she Paul the , Devoni at Tention. O Hois the Inicis her tools ass j Isis fretted lie r i when she of tiros Lissaa la Igor. Fir Ihu to Iii a Veis an i blk exploded breath the of from cig Hiir to nil Riopta Broil t Chi Irb a in nol Al Sill 0-h she m their selection. A Pink a Puppy a a great to Iri Urr Dahlia answered the of a -1 i Pally Well so us a prig i i Scenic int i uni Ted is il1 i la Fau aspic of in Uirl by Homshe shard robot More a Century and. Could nol do of hers 1 Iasi at tract Lier a Cavid to Lily Hare Allan Ulii. Ilex lir Ivd of unreasonably , she a Nio to concluded not go a c urch Al All. My l hic Kermig s hurrying sva it a Foo. Ihli a is Mil in of of Slif to be As Fash Ion i ble and in m her dres As a Suomu Ami Illus Iii for ill. I ii Lara Tion of Hans nod tales and inud11 of thinking. Ssh cd irid Kiili is cd go neral on in her in of miss had been a Donna Llie liter iry circles Sonere Alie Nio Seil a Man of moral Sci l Eiichi Iron r Inie ill Trong gush of Ini in of n a dark at r i i l in tilt e o c of her l n i t dry sit c i Ilis of poll clo i Caen i d my i los 1 is .1 . R Llu a a1 i 1 t Lic c ii h it 1. Hut Ile la Stalil a Andi Ian Lor la at there disc in i Dlhy the a t a did in r. Fur eral Lender in of i us ice Asur or i irl. That on c 1 a i a uni is jul i Rau and j re s ill Lorn inc Dlo i m. Peace and sol Mil lie Cou d Lav she was Nul a Little Erini for her Molvier he a valued the co operation of in the dispose Ion of the Lor ures of Profe Tor warmer s that it seas fixed As file i in the room should undergo a Schumy Vilh ten dunces to u in should be and fir sighted Kiln. B ered Iii Emily lid ims a i i i lilo ugh it a i by or. Leiila she Seemel Lilac so be Nob eol e no Oral Mison , in bul Only Edbin Mno to Crnin e. Mrs living.n bin been reared Inalta and Man cd i Man of Deal r a Auu. Quite m her Iru l oud the, other i i run life Sucre. Year of Alir. Isl Lapp nirl s four Fui e wild run cd Risieri ii about her filling to the very Arnii her cd i lice of a in the Niess Migi r of Deith Canelo her i to is Ehid and bore assay her a i Nan. Id ins isl sol finn sol Iii her Hall Sis nod m her o in unassisted ,1 .1 bul a Trkach a l blk Idle Iruh lie c. Use is bean Ful Jirl he kites in is and had a b1" up Loriot i in. In dimmed lie Lre i Rtl-1.-. H id been cautious la con i in d. La ii into Iii l herself Mai dil Junna Pracko the sle abhor i 1. Or Hinus lie in l off if a Miniri i and be t a amiable and Gen ii i nun so Uci Iuie Llie Rulh Liui Lencs if i or Ici lore her la her or. In 1 Clife ii Mior the o i i in porn my close a Judd and d air Ami i l in ii a pc. A dui Cienci Iliili Ipi l alia.-, to s mole ,101 an i v ire.e i. Lle or liar. D in i. Fisi is s i Lav cry t my of k Cie i m a Jelv. T i a 1-1 who i Rimini a. Ind i n a r 11 l l Iii s i mrs. M u i i lie i re Tiv on eve Ilu i Ssith i can in oper Ilion u Vars he Nee la ii in. Do Teil Chiin no other ii in in d. A i or y i a c Linnius by .Vi to i.t.1 by and the old ii 11 r jail i it the Iii apr , jul Iam Urc Lime id Lier Rirl l Csc had in Irel Ted miss l l in r of i to in her is Cru a y v. Id i in she such a ii .1 a. I r i i ii a. Iii a a k e Hesler had Lime to expostulated in seas in and sol Dosun mrs. Livingston s Virlor seas the favorite re inc Habil of carrying sort fall lit Rary refined and agree Llie vase unfortunately full of i Able people in w mrs. her ruler in the b in was m her hand Suhich was Jelf was a. Highly educated arid elegant Stoman Idy marching loss Ned stove so is vet and amiable seas she in her hear ser led to the stood in drops on her Orr nil the a she exerted All her to Force an y a to Circum obstinate Secretary to its place lie Rind made i mrs seas at Llie done Vilh a smile i under of Welcome and a cordial Grasu of the hand for s you used to her eccentric old Friend Long before Hester con i i Rcd them up after 1 had in Ovon must Kiosk he took a y troublesome just Ihen and got n to he or fir Adford is sex fond. Eluded her Remar add out to get i Why l d be do mrs. I m la so Good on Fie t and Carpel in i setting it on in Sirej Ullh of Llu sealer j confusion on in and d Alery track Irum Ilie place a litre Ucler and deportment Ihil Sll who Knesz Alc across Iho neat so Luis cover i not Only her add Nirta bul her fast e spot sphere it seas Depoi led Hester her eldest daughter seas truly Iron rather Loo violently for the Uchau Laiful in person poll had and a i naming in i Nice Ani As could swim in in. They swelled up and Rind to a my .vv. O see you and of i could extricate one of the Carpel ads i would give it love in Token of my f reproving delicate , snap is Cut de Seal and the next moment and fragile nos Lay in mingled. I Slove Hearth the Slater in Pirig Duson in Little torrents on bad. Mies. Chickering i wish nok from her Mother silenced the that sprung to Hosier d lip. Her manners Gnu silly gifted in Mii Cal poster with a mind Ripe an a Sivong lies Oil ire , partly Erl her. She Sash the elegant App Una Merild of her beloved and Beautiful Home pass i ing h ads and she bitterly wept she looked i her children is la clo ser to her b and Slacken Boim Lookin Svonder Marly Al for an a Jil ill Ilion of Bjelis Rud and strange proceed a id tie e 1 into her Souta Surpi Iglo a Vicli made s nor to emergencies and Resolute Uini a ii i mile.-. The Sod and in lure of like a ired for her and Scal or Only it spread 1 be i m Puly. B it y like a leprosy Lair Urh her c . She .1. I a Tini Woisard her m Wilher and a id in say also i los in 1 kits her a Cru Iii Shile b a Chin 1 am1 _ in is. R lip Sven has n t n -i1 1 Echirn l Tias Urne a a Vitus t her b.llerries-. Olev pressiu0. Llie u pro c Ai i cd l1 a i e p re Cli Edness Ihn. And i sed on. Hesler Liv in my intellect cry or correction hey had acquired a c Lrol Suhich threatened nol Only her her own happiness hut ibo Happi lion of her children and she determined to porn cure for diem by her own dignified und Linn in 1 May Cleil love an treni1, conflict a class Cen his de tear drove Slepp far

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