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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - November 24, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaI tip ma.oiii., Etc Tor i a Jean Isle and proprietor. Tiona county Fra. The dollars in fifty cent6per an inclusive of Cento decosted in paid v Unce no pud. And Ibia the year and for cub actually mad one will be deducted taper discontinued until All arrearage Are less at the option of the editor. Vertu ernets not exceeding twelve lines in or Ted three times fur one Dollar and for every sub 9 Naer Tion Twenty five cents. Notices not no fors evenly five cents. For one or three insertion the some. Acc Eril discount to yearly advertisers. Sect lit in political. Ujj the u i o h the Wilnot proviso. Speech of Bichard Brodhead. Jit the Preterite moment when in Tome of of Ide North so Strong an Effort is male to de nationalize and defeat Ibe dem Crane party by foisting into its Creed Oclene of the Wilmot proviso we have pleasure in laying before our country rat Lars the following pointed and conclusive lion thai subject delivered in Cong using the last less in by Richaed i in Able and patriotic rom the Sejbl Kane stale if he voice in Sylvania Lias now spoken out Wilh in her ale triumphant elec the proviso schism in the demo our thanks for such a result Are Whoie of nor Public men who like Mrad were willing to meet that Issue sly Anil firmly in the moment of trial doubt Etc race this passage on the proviso from in Bill head s eloquent end states speech m support of the mexican ii t As already appeared in our daily the Wilmot proviso. Having said thus much in regard to the Max pm War and in support of the policy of Llie administration i come or. Chairman to cot Sider the amendment proposed to the ill in a consideration by my honorable colleague Var Wilmot the Bill proposes to a Iron ale 000, to be placed in up the l to lev Robere at Toga vol. 14. Kuot Csc to Eric of Cit conture Jyh Otolith agriculture ant Wellsboro november 24, 1847. Merely for their moral effect suppose that my colleague should offer resolutions in favor of the Cristain religion and in favor Republican form of government would not every member declare them out of time and out of place As my colleague or. C. J Ingersoll declared this slavery and feel bound to vote against them and then gentlemen would get up and say Why you Are opposed to the Chastain Rel Gion and Republican form of government do not these suggestions clearly show la propriety of acting within the prescribed limits of the Constitution we Ore Here not in own meeting but in a grave constitutional Assembly wild limited and prescribed pow ers. But there is want of Power in another regard it undertakes to bind the future be says he asks the Neutral Ern ment upon the subject of this if All be asks i submit it Ity of his gov s4avery if to the virtuous and intelligent mind of this Jio Itse and the country whether i have not shown that he should pot have brought form it is a peace breaker and h is seized hold of As the Hon Roble Gentl Eman from in ther Day. By bring the dem and to Embar nos culion of lot defeat the late and if or treaty should be formed As i t directs it is Well known Ileal it cannot be ratified for in Dianna or. Wick said be the whigs and abolitionists to Coralic party into tribulation Rasa the adn ministration in a this War. In will delay if passage of this Bill in be whole Jevc re the Amend me the adj of the Senate and thus the War will Tion of Congress. It says there aha no slavery Irr any territory which shall after be acquired by or annexed to the u states. Suppose we were to pass1 a and say in lit that it should not be Repei i would like to know whether we woul i not speedy and successful terminal subject of world 7 now m of tins Mei chairman As to the expediency sure what Ore the Imper selves to he ridicule of i be for years to come. This a i produced so much excitement United among the members that the Law 1 get thai it is our solemn duly de i with the president in Bringm the is present to be prolonged Nen Domeni has Anil irritation seem to Lor to co operate this War to a Ion at the ear reasons up n the score of expediency v hich should induce ibis Congress to exercise doubtful Powers and legislate in regard to territory tie title of which we have not yet got and cannot get except by treaty there Are none which have any found in fact and Many against it if we adopt the amendment we Virt proclaim to Ibe world that this is a we Conquest and we Are so greedy for Levi that we prescribe rules for its govern before we have acquired the title we a. Of the executive to be used by ourselves to ridicule by Countin ally tory sub tha n concluding a treaty of peace Wilh o and my respected colleague acting he be if Ihil the would Ute of Ftp acquire territory proposes to j the same by a clause that Etty shall contain a provision against that free t y in an territory to be acquired ships free g Jav two qua Lions present them series i slavery 1 Ibe Lefoi spoils before the Field is won if the Ter Norv is acquired by treaty it will of rot use be free and therefore if slaves Are i Ken into it they will be entitled to their Freedom upon the great principle or Story makes freemen and free Oda an Only exists by positive Law Liest practicable moment finally is it not Only an abstraction Whir a cannot possibly effect either Ine character or the inheres is of he people of the Northern states but May do great Hanji in creating a geographical division of parties when that kind of division lakes place this Union is gone and with in the protect and property which it affords Tion was Ever before to s Las Congress the Power to adopt the melt in any shape 7 ind it iss is it to a taunt to do it Al this time ind in connexion with this if f by oath fam o do Charte Ert ppr Sor an in a u 1 i Jerl i Leme the i s const mates m prohibit is mtg Atory exists for a Tine Itie Mic i ran 3 i Ore the co a Rojas i lera a i t r have not the Power it must be and that it will be a nullity if adopted. Member when he enters this Hall n oat i to support the Constitution of de b ates that is the whole of the and it is the one i took therefore am called upon 10 do an act in my the capacity j look for Ibe authority in the Constitution that great or our liberties enumerates the pow need to Congo Jess every intelligent in e pc Safly every Democrat will that we should not undertake to do for which a warrant cannot be found Sacre it instrument r if do there 5 b try to slate sovereignty and the is of the people new i want Gen who Are so Vehe nent in support of a dment to Point to the clause in the ution which gives ctn Ereis Power o regard to territories not yet l unwed Svi , to advise real Tif Tiraj Power Fliey might gentleman f. A hot do hat than to declaim in the rates of he Aioli Lonist about the and therefore is soon As a slave 1 Side permanently in a free or Terr be is a free Man this is one of the j principles o. The common Law recognise he courts if England As Well of the i whig Friend and colleague Ibe correctness of ibis Trine in Bis speech the Othet a he redly said Congress having no Poui establish and Al the Eime time having a clvsii.6 jurisdiction Over the Tern tone follows slavery can have no Legal Rixis tence in a territory Wilh or without the a Ory by i Ted or Doc an to Persona. But what no i plate with a foreign nation As to its tutorial policy the amendment asks that the president should make it article in a treaty o peace with Mexico that slavery shr l not exist in the territory ceded to us. Now suppose that provision to be inserted in the treaty we take Possession of the Tern Ory acid after a while admit it is a state i Ould not that state have a ngb.1 to authorise slavery with out the consent of Ibe general government every person who knows anything about our form of government will acini Tillat it would. Hence we a get into War again Wilb mex Ico for a violation of a treaty stipulation treaty. The institution of slavery it upon us and be must make the Best of la and gel Clear of it As fast As we can we never can get Clear e it exit presents to the state of it by abusing Whoie in who is s for it is a state inst Lut Ion difficulties of fearful magnitude poor Labouring free men end women would be without employment for the Blacks would work cheaper and live on less besides it Wou d be degrading for our tree people to labor with item. And if they did get into the free slates How much better off would be their condition we cannot permit them to vote and sit in Ine jury Box we cannot admit item to terms of political and social Equality and what is Freedom without privileges7 the truth is they Are a uni Sance whether slave or free and yet they Are a part of the human the human form the human voice and soul to Sare. To Bee is a great Deal too much fanaticism at Well in the Roplh As the South upon the subject of these negroes old a god bless her for in was there where my Cradle wat rocked and where my coffin Shull be occupying an position Between he dividing interests of the North and the South always moderate in pre tence and in Council but greatly in demand when Power either in intellect or in arms is required must with honest steadiness of purpose restrain the fanaticism of Ihu prevent the North and the South from coming o blows and thereby causing a dismemberment of this now Happy Union Tufa Tynion hold to be of morn value than the Furdon of All the negroes that Ever lived in it Anil yet we hear gentlemen whenever this slavery question is wrong by Forward calculating he Union s value and the Constitution s obligation they ought to remember that they but leach1 bloody is Tacuone which my Requin to plague the 485. Kilt is when the requisition was mad upon Ibn for volunteers to go to Max co the Leader or tins gang Kindred spirits enlisted Lei in consequence the organize up upon the r mini Otibe Ond a number a the Campaign on was broke Bow and which did exist by the act of mexi co in spilling american blood an j Merion soil to great portion of item engaged in throwing every impediment in the w. By of Ibe president they could and for Mere Pirty Pur poses invited the enemy to harass i and pro Long the War instead of promptly furnish ing the executive with men and neans la fallow up the advantages we had gained at Ibe commencement of Hobi Ili Iea and finishing the War by a Eop de main they Wil ully and withheld doing so and j referred discussing the subject of it should exist in a territory a Inch in United j Stales did not at the Lime own am which she possibly May never own. What i humiliating spectacle we presented o h world and hat belter encouragement could we give the enemy than the speeches of sen in Cork Vns ind Don Webster which we e circus Laird Over Hill and Valley used As arguments adduced by o prove Bat the War was unjust and unrighteous7 these scenes and these doings could no but have Bod a tremendous moral influence on Ine bulk of Ibe mexican people coming from the source they did. J again he course which the Federal papers have followed since the adjournment con Mexico and ourselves to Ever two More clubs have i porting into exist ence called be and the skin ners who bid fair to a mute the deeds o their glorious predecessors on Friday Ning last the bouncers and skinners came in Contact Al the Cornier of four in Aji Catherine to reels ii Heo after the usual accompaniment of loud pistol shots wer heard and a Young Man named Roger Kell seen to Tagg a from Ine Middle of the Street and fall upon the Steps of an epo Lecar store on the Coiner he was quickly conveyed inside Uhre be expired in Abou Twenty i Vei minutes the last words b uttered were thai he bad been shot by Uel Cowperthwai Ilc alias Jersey Kelly Mother was sent for who arnved Jost Asfa Drew his last breath the agonised feeling of his Patent cannot be Deacon bad 11 was i heart j spectacle Examina Lioi the wound was found be oui the Eye or in right Side the passage of he Ball was in Tell rellion backward and a outwards and upwards breaking up be floor of the orbit or roof of the aril rim entering the Pharynx at ils upper part breaking the greater Wing of Ibe sphenoid Bone Jupt Anterior to i Petrous portion of the temporal but did not go any further. The brain Bas not enters by the Ball but i in the Penoi Bone caused an effusion of by Iod in the Middle Gress has bad a similar influence they have maintained an unceasing warfare against arresting the War All ibis political clap in ten for the express purpose of weak dominant party in the estimation of i pie at Home and of furthering the can the Brit Federal or conservative Vej for the presidency Liaise and a Fossa of the Bate of the cranium by Wren the Dura matter and Bone and Between the for Mer and he brain the Joejr returned a diet Llinat Ibe deceased came to his death by the discharge of fire arms Jin the hands of Jersey alias pow Erlhwa Ite the authorities of soul h War k were i Media and in the course of he Ning to continuing the War 1 lie aril this constant talk Aboul the of of hav been r of me the Union has a tendency to familiarize the Public mind Wilh the idea and Lead people to believe tha.1 an event is to sible sir this Union should be broken Only with the last in lostion of a nation s heart or rpm of the Tiona each e. Philadelphia nov 10, 1847 National mexi can of the missionary disk report of deaths Market Cly. Friend i into ii mexican pipers and through the country with an Rona menu and Why should they nut More efficient Aid could the mexicans than Ibe Assurance they got in this that the War Ivas commenced by the Dent that it was unpopular and would be called to a strict Retro Nib commencing it the authors of those and of the fuse. 01 titles Are As morally of treason to their country us. If they h wished the enemy Ecith men and Artim to fight Agat Tut the Home missionary social of t and of Philadelphia a preps resume its benevolent labors m Rehe poor and distressed during the App Winter the space embraced by the Christian institution extends. I rough Man and these difficulties present themselves unquestionably in a for Yankee ingenuity Yankee Enterprise and country in which there is a Lar supposition Yankee legislation Are world renowned Ber of poor and destitute persons the gang invest on the succeeded in including cow lion of the Rase be pea aces of a diddle i effect Les we o Lime curated e com whal receive presi hat he i1 y f o r of Echos Gnu by id fur bad before Aldernan i of the attorney general at u Bat Itte evidence against Roi Suud Mam "6 ing the aching Irule it the Luble upon Llie supposition j Yankee legislation Are world renowned tier o poor and destitute persons who Ere that slavery receding from the Central por we Are looked upon As a nation capable of much relieved by us Aid last Ibe Lions of our Republic is to i Ste Iii itself South gome through with whatever we undertake society spent about in e thousand doll Lais in said into new regions but ,1 am one of and of performing Well that which we Hove relieving the sufferings of the poor of our Tion of Congress the Piotr e thai Cleve Rel tins problem undertaken Jet acknowledging All this Community their past efforts is a guarantee i let yields the main Point in of the Tori Story will be free r it if air Ettl and co Jig Rosa Kas no pot it to the of adoption of is Ivel in we All Arl Tiit and de 1 it omy Clauie which 1 can find in a Jtj lion which gues Porter o con Pon objects the one under con on is As fun lows be Congress Aie Power to i pose of and All rules and regulations respecting the y or other property belonging to the until the Territo i tired the jurisdiction of Congress i attach Cha word 1 no was inserted the purpose of pre Congress from usurping the Power 0 the president and Benale to make j the Fra ners of the const Lullion Ben cd v Are. J in of for t in f tru Ivov a when inserted the that there would be Mem Congress Tio would consider it their or y of control the president but it we have a right to advise the i and Senate Len the manner proposed and nent we would have a right to regard to All treaties now 6up o what i think the people and the lion have not a Hori aed and insert and Reaty should be by the president and ratified by the disregard of it would not such a e binding undoubtedly and there 3 clearly proved lat if we adopt it be a nullity it is a fundamental inn Al the Powers of the different depart f twin government ii Small not be blended. Id however Bat we should adopt it moral effect and that All who Vole it will be set Dawn As voting in t slavery that All who vote against the Nna Clvis to a situation where n a Ron represented. Sir. When i 1 Vota right because my vote May and my motives misrepresented expressed v he said or rather a pieces 1 his adj Ssmon the amendment it it so the null be Ever becomt1 a slate Congress would i no jurisdiction Over it after it should admitted in the Union Pennsylvania w have a perfect Nghil to establish Baveri Morrow if Al e choose to do it. At the c of the last session of Congress the venerable of Massachusetts or. And news similar to those i enter 1 Here Are no slaves in Cal Law get and a slavery has been abolished there f we Viere to make peace and in that p o acquire California there would be no of slavery established there unless it made in Art Cle of the treaty itself no one i s Laid that be Are Likely to More than Mexico and California most of thei e provinces Are above 36 Deg 30 minutes the line of the Missouri com Promise above which it is admitted or All hands slavery is to be prohibited All the the Southern represent Calives have offered ibis session to extend hat line to the Pacific Ocean ind besides slave labor could be profitable employed in either of t places. In Liber sugar Rica Feilon nor for and profitable cultivated then that climate and sol1 Hare Bacco can b truth to do with the Extension of slavery than thing Elt i no person need fear Hal is will be taken from the lotion and Rice it of the Southern states around Cape Horr Overland to California Hal country l be tile Home of a maritime people and course of settlement must be from the Board to Ibe Interior the amendment is out of and of a rider and has been a firebrand our midst when we Are engaged in a engr War Ami we should present an uni ded front to the enemy this question of very which has always been an exc Lin ement in political system is Thrift Ward to a icicle sectional Dis our councils and delay the adoption of measures recommended by the presiden presets difficulties not less formidable upon Yanke Elsm is at fault. There is a problem that All t Oci Lions will be supposition Hal a teaming Sla multiplying in n fearful ratio r to be coerced and concentrate to 1 within the limits of slave slates yet Ane of these met for myself i confess is Relief when i see a Prospect Lam recede from our midst and e popu lat inn now requiring solution that baffles us All. Applied f is it is steeped so Low in the Depths of mystery the major yesterday had a Lei de in Fei eral be unveil mainly that even our brightest in before him that Vennes Ibe old Ada Llie a resent be Lleces in the Atler rpt Are lost in impede the course of Irue never Euls must be treble Dai Lynene. 1 hat problem in Hen v. Ill i smooth mils Mary Jane Andi Reni me feeling of he mexican people come in heir sen is t i ored la s of steel Compla i slavery May when we consider our immense resources i fore his Honor thit a ver extend itself and the proof we have Given to the whole unt and amiable looking German Nar towards the Southern portions of our Union and finally escape from it in a Region still further Gould where the negro in a Conger Lal climate May find Hir Ruelf in Contact ail n ionized race accustomed in some degree to free institutions and dist from him by the lion barriers of lineage and of color in his View 1 am perhaps More willing than i might otherwise be to invoke the in Wor d of our capability of carrying on War i Seph Decker had on More than one in an enemy s country thousands of Miles j talked so seriously of dying for Laic a Distant from we consider Loo ing for the1 alleged want of it the invariable Success a Blob Llama Crounbie 1 Hirn thai she in fear of being i lire real and since re neutrality of the Federal government upon the Bui decl. After our Palm Folio had achieved our Independence and Lead assembled 111 con Ven lion fresh from the Battle Fields of the revolution Lor the purpose forming our present Constitution i negro slavery was Llie Apple of discord Ai l came near causing Bat and patriotic i convention to separate Wilmut forming present Union it was upon that memo Iamb occasion that the great Jim Good Franklin recommended Wisdom Iii igl a be Given to them from on High the consequence was that my Deale and Pacific councils prevailed a Compromise look Ore place and the present t Nion was he result to preserve that Union be same spirit Musl guide be deliberations of Congress upon the subject a the. To Fine of the formation of our by ids the of j in Sla Al for the for the of my Seal in this Hall Orthy of a place in it. For i would the coarse policy is the coarse of True duly and i will Vole As i think right cud risk of being misunderstood. But Lohi Absurdity of our adopting measures the vigorous prosecution of the War. Whigs seize of it to Unaka political ital notwithstanding tens of thousand people Are suffering All the hardships of Campaign in a foreign land at an expense Loo of near two millions of dollars a month Here we Are wasting our Lime in angry debate about negroes whenever a War or peace measure is brought Forward. All this of uncalled for debate has been Occam de by my colleague s and yet cons Ilii Tion slavery was Autt Iii All the slates importing slaves All had be o the Cou lilt South got Lar the most because Cli Nate of Bat Region were she labor Northern Popi oried by Law in in try but the e the Oil and est suited for i engaged in lakme them for it was a profitable by Biness. All therefore Are involved in the guilt if guilt it we Noil have near 3 000 000 of slave population the increase is very great for it is a us o Lallon that the oppressed faster than their oppressors difficult problem of two races c Der the same cons same country. I speaking of the err Barro Asing question said it have get the Golf to the Tan and can neither hold nor let him git Vith free negroes o once would be the could happen to i Blacks. Thousand them would go to i to Pennsylvania would oat hold Ibe Lulion and Jefferson human popu ays increase v e have the existing in the n 1820, when tha Soult greatest Cal be whitest a and Lens or e free stale ars and can to Ern states at Imit which s Well As the thousands of particularly or jails and alias Bouses poor and vicious and Ibe our arms in every part of Mexico since the commencement of hostilities Vilh that coun iry from he Day when Ibe memorable Battle j Ings or ome time or other against her will in a Way not congenial to i lady had a regard of Palo Alto was fought until real which witnessed the defeat of the mexican hordes under the Walls of their cannot As truthfully remarked by a contemporary hut be amazed at the criminal Fatu Ity which measures and comforts of a Long Lif charged with having on one o provided himself with a new to her that they should make then with us untarnished and Virgin b a Casee that d run a col de be pleased to Casion d kill Ken out id col e feel 3r the she fusion posing Wielus by of the declaration of the d was Jersey or cow Perl w Ai dim he was commuted to o her persons Rice t Trio v belonging to the skinners fitted to prison in default p their appearance the Enid the deceased had a Toie in arc in presence High it appeared g Man Bat it Tribl had is of on ail Ibe Ere As and were com j10go bail Lor Nee showed Bat i his band when his urges Ibe enemy to continue a contest so pal thereby make a Fine subject Jor a Long or at Pablo unequal and which has placed in our control the whole of his country we Are acquainted the Slub Burnesa incl obstinacy of the mexican Are aware of their Pride and hang1 Liness and their willingness to sacrifice every thing rather than submit but making All due Al Lun Noces for these we Are Velill surprised thai the people continue to hold out As they do they hive been Dele aled in general action by numbers infinitely inferior to those they brought against impregnable fortresses have fallen before the gallantry of our favorite plan of guerilla warfare has tailed capital even is in our of their principal officers Ore prisoners and to Crown All Ibey ire without an organized army in the pre Ince of the whole to Torzil they Are Defeated conquered and rendered by irreparable losses incapable of meeting our troops again in the Field on terms that Promise them the Rem Leal Chance of aucless or even partial advantage Why then continue such a hopeless contest 1 Here must be something on which they count that we do not know of there must be some Basil of a Hope which they rely upon for ultimately worrying and wearying the tainted states of the North Inlo on arrange ment Ray which they imagine they will better terms than hey can now we Are of opinion there most be something of this kind in the Bact ground and if we look at Home for it we Towk we can find 11 it is within Ibe knowledge of All that our legislative Halls last Winter presented a scene which would disgrace any country instead of our representatives uniting hand and heart in promoting the Honor Ond dignity of the nation in prose Cutino the War which was declared by a Salsman vote to exist Between us and Mexico least on exciting paragraph for the newspapers of course Ahe make fool of herself or Urnise paragraphs for the Public prints Aid the result was Tysl they broke off Mary seek Reg Protection Iron the la and obtaining it As far As the holding of Joseph in holds of s300 to keep the peace afford in an a he yielding1 quietly to the be a Etcitty of he Case a dreadful Accident occurred on t Les Day afternoon last in Llie Fairmount Iron works a Young Man named 1 Homas Mcvicker engaged in rolling Quarter Inch Roda. When one of the while at a red heat which had been drawn out to the length of Al out 30 feet und just As the lad had placed one end Between the rollers again i n consequence of the usher end coming in co null Wilh some thing this extremity of he Rod was by the Power of he machinery suddenly whipped around the legs of the unfortunate Mcva near Ibe Ancle Junt and he was whirling motion drawn of the where he remained fast until the Mac slopped on extricating him fuckers the a leers winery m Bis t the found upon the Steps Ard another 10 pocket we stated list week tint Rumor tha.1 a epidemic was pre Vail no in lower pan of own was Uri Rue. We in error for slice then Ine Hoard of health of the infected District Haie to paker Street in person and examined a number of boosts and the scenes which their Eljes were of the most Revo tug description i the int Rales found to be Labouring Una Flor some Malig Nant of posted Leier Winch Rol checked would be calculated to spread to b a Aminous Foj Tlell among the f Egnar de beings who Are crowded into the wretched hovels in that Street Here were found me n and women of every complexion and age Bent Down with to Allisom disease Una Ribeir bodies scantily clothed in which Illy calculated to protect emaciated for res from thei Winter s blast in one Doorn which was so constructed As to admit of no Leai Wiful Venu cation Ibert in a Man and one of the we Milter inquired of the la Ler Lidl Wai Trie matter she rep red i 1 up got Llie fever lie pouted to the Biar and who is be she 1 l is my Hus band has lie the Freifr 11 h no manifesto Ion of fee my she simply remarked he i dead it is now that the spread of the contagion has been of the most alarming Barac Ler Enon the w e rhed floating population n frequent their haunts in the i Street and Iiri uus hauls predispose j them to Duratz of them have Al i ready died from App Jacl and the Alm Zephere of some of the rooms is repro seized to be so fou is to be Deal Euclive to 1 animal 11 f e tie Board of health immediately resolved Thil Irp whole of Linker so feel be vacated the hoi ses implied of their occupants the so rets boarded up and the premises cleansed and purified i Heie Whol Sorre measures Banc had a enu ency to drava crowds to that j Section of fobs City to gratify that character Istle curiosity for which we Atren cans Are noted the report of the Board of health for the past week shows the number of deaths to be 132 9 of which Are from intemperance exposure and Negl Tel 21 from fliers 12 from consumption 5 from Dyne Lery 11 from inflammations of apoplexy t still born 11, mania e polu 1 whooping cot feb 3 Adelle g4 children 68 in new i Ork same period 283 93, women c9, to s girls 45 the continued excess of t Eatty of the and Ifcic Side is something unprecedented and is the eur decl of much comment in cry i Lour for c to use is Selling for for a Clra so 75 he slea mris he e had t lie or no effect upon flour s5a s3 25 wheat 33 for red and horrible situation it was found tha heated Rod had literally burned circles round both Lunos completely into the Bonne the blackened lacerated wounds presenting a sickening and ngh Luj sight the age by of Bis situation May be More easily imagined than described. The motion of the Machi i pre Erity of Toul Lery was Foit pately arrested in time i vent More disastrous results. These of the Burns inflicted renders it do whether amputation will Noi yet necessary. Some time ago there were in the i of Southwark a notorious gang of Rov Dies who puked themselves in being i ailed fur Oati 46 cents while co 76 cells Cato i de try wife a first and for the first two month could eat her up sorry .1 did Rol id a w a i left As if Ever since i have been judge Brace Enridge Ino reprimanding a criminal among other Hardi names called him a scoundrel the prisoner sir i am not so great a scoundrel is your Honor takes me to j put your words closer the judge new Patent baby for children of a larger growth they ire about three feel in Verry in Tiff like raw hide

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