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Read an issue on 19 Nov 1845 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - November 19, 1845, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaWeekly by Jas. I Magill proprietor 7 Iowa co., a. R a tvs fur one Dollar and for every sub Twenty five Cental ivelices not Linw inserted for seventy five cents. Tor one 01 to acc insertions the same. Xf3l Ili wound to j Early advertisers. V 0 e t r Light Money f sons of toil a p i on the Ocean o the Poil i a Quarry i Hewer of the j Money pays the hand Uriu cannot pay the soul. N on the Cathedral Al i a Urreli Meri the sky Imp i foundations i n Pyrih and , i in those foundations ill a Sliner there y i i with a Jirld never soar ups to in Iho i r. Uri slip Nisi be crowded t i i m pm a top May be Bright i in i 111 in diet not plough i1 i Jutt i Edvild net write. R i i hts Lull be hallowed i in in i finns for Man i ii. Of Lionor Kir of great plan. S i i it from heaven p 9 m h a it May i i l s people part. I phone Bursht Day. Ii i d s Irue Sunshine i d o or Cir Ali All ree 1 i i1 _ of men v c i fill tile sea. 1 i Olio turns Ilia soil nil i n Ivi an rat Lily mind i Iii i Coal or n t ii in spirit Blind 1 i in t Lin lit on ii i Ivor Oliy Inabni done 11 i in Minoe of the Sun. T a lilo Cobbler Mil i in in or us ii a air thin a i id lie l life at Nin link of All ins ill Lur , too a Ifni Ini Riveir Vav Liat made i As a shoe clip prs the musing a the divine 1 i Nii Ilii that fur his f ii d 17 will i Rinnier i in omes Arnm heaven l i heaven s Lii it. V i then do ii it ih.1 in i 1 ii i Lui i inst tired i. Ukr i lies ii ii i r run in fired. I e Iii i urn i a tip Lupio u i i trip _ j in i i i in Irr unt f v in ins fir try. to Sci Etc a Jet Crattie and its mint. Wednesday 13. Boror whole a. 379. Voice of the spi t of Liberty and cello Corn Lonj and sheep from the for n to death As Young men of t Anil tha Maiden Nette the or the foraging party. Ack Tupy be round airs to fight under fight in and co tee and ajar i can Aee maim to keep Svaip erect excellent Young see i ban t but one daughter and ii Don t mean be shall marry any mar who excellent Asho May be through All this War has never drawn a blared nor pulled a trigger for1 love1 of Bis country. Your word Ogilvie was the younger Brothers Are Al her with Honor. Stead facing the Waters of bos Bay. R elms overshadowed the roof Aridj Brood interspersed with Woodlands expended r Ort the right till they met i Elcus Woodlands of Squire Harwood a Man i Tantal wealth who bad an Only daughter Annette shall be he. Paused thinking he Beard the sound of oars. He looked Seaward but the Twilight rendered toe obscure to detect Auy boat approaching yet each moment the fall of the sweeps and nearer and in soon enabled to discovers Barge pull ing in towards the Bridge his position in the Shadow of an overhanging limb shielded him from observation. He saw that the boat contained at least Twenty men it moved slower it Drew nearer land person standing up in the Stern directed its Landing. T struck the Shore close by the Bridge with in the Inlet and almost beneath where be stood the party debarked. He now saw that half of them were seamen and half marines and that All were armed. They were commanded by a Young midshipman who form no Belh into a column marched them up the Bank and on troja Bridge. Edward As Bey came near drew1 himself of into the Imp and was concealed by its foliage while he observed Wilh Surprise their Stealthy movements. How far is the grist Mil hence Sambo asked the Young officer looking about him after a a his party bad gof on the Bridge save a Man to guard the boat. The first Mill am bout a Bird of a mile up the creak and the to ther one where be most grist be a a Nile. There is Good path along the Creek Shore Man in the True Yankee negro intonation but speaking with reluctance. If Ybo deceive tie Darkie Yeu re a dead Man s said the middy very positively. I knows Dat Well so 1 tells Yoa the Ruth Tho i hates to mightily i know All bout do placet Coz i used to lib Here once Dar is far Squire Harwood live and our Dat Widder Ogilvie an 1 wish Lis Digger was Lafe in dark Kitchen i Webber go in Boston ship nor no o4er one Ter taken pria Ner by the British Ai i m time i Webber see Blue water Agen it i gets Tail Liberty Dis time Hist with your noise each of you March Orward in silence. We in an country and Ray it t guess you better said the negro Alki y. If de country people know d you Deal two mad All on pm by in de Mornin find out Yoi land there in a prize Only two Gunj aboard and thirty men off Clear to Halifax Fie grist from Mills and sheep a wed in adv Ivic d turkeys too for de lieutenant s a fancy Dey swore Den and i sect it Squire Swara nuff for a whole regimen Foi Jward c All of Udu and caution theyl to Fly the b Ridge and taking the path Lomg when the. A negro led the Way they were lost to the aint of Edward id e middy be so filly and with the gloom of the Ovi Frangi Creek. Tahse fleeced Las be let himself Bridge ,1 the vessel i Man Banks of the men their Are he re upon the a bound to Wilh a midst Twenty her my course i to men take Thim an hour to of in when is enough for and Trio and thir e to seek the m and Drilli and if i and ten 5 decided on it visit both Mills. Half 1 shall know Wilh the Fife Rafn Ariail them to Litia can find Twenty Brave lit the selves under my orders i will win Annette before to Morrow s Sun As he spoke he j filled noiselessly away from t in Bridge Anil after getting beyond hearing of the Man in the boat he flew like the i id across a Meadow a Section of what Ras called the of Village habitations the was a Large country be should and Assem men the dig Boring Tov half a mile Distant 1 a Cluster irm Cipal of v. Hich the n. Of in Taveri where he knew of he militia a part in the review in to 13 inn was about Budge on a Road n the rear of Squire Harv Loodus farm across which leaping Edward Ogil vie w is now Hying with ipe Speed of a Deer tavern As b the me i near was so quiet had that in that left it r their Respi Light in the tap i find some persons assembled there. The windows As he approached the saw i Bat the bar room wat nearly filled with n be sought left f4r their respective hotties seeing Wever he hoped yet to through door be press excite bears with Perso while stack them listed part i the next be. His i Merit and a id from his a foment he a in Thair Twenty men in Mer rats divested of All Calm and Resolute s. There at least part Jent Moat of them Knapsacks and Bayonet Bells upon their is and some leaning the guns of the res in a Corn of t Olbe yarn of certain exploits were smoking ing to a Loti ally performed at t Oil div Ward a in noticed upon their muskets of he party were e room. Some of i drinking and All e Bat train no Day go you Are no i you for you by one of the a himself person be of a Wallsburg. The landlord first a tavern on a i Ogilvie glad to see you. Maneli of a fighting Man brother s Sake who Are re Jug their country. But there must be is As Well As and every Man to nod upon the Young Way into the floor All s parse his trade1" All eyes were Mam advancing he Slid Wilh a firn ii am glad to find so Many of you Here Alisej bled. If he iraqi men among you selves under my i Bours i will Lead where you can win Lith Honor and prize Dre willing to place you reel on for the two you said spoken with that rings the landlord., spirit a exclaimed several your brother George " but what is it cried All crowding round. I you be led by me there is Dan Ger to life and person but i ask no Man to Folk w a where i fear to the Man Baa courage if he is a irked one to the Obei Wilh Surprise. What have Yon discovered demanded two or three of the most Forward of the men. You follow me and obey my orders if i earn place ii have landed Lead and the your hands As prisoners Jamen and an officer who in was the general re in commenced arming Luem told them All he bad wit enthusiasm. Among the Tia men was a Young Man whom he de Apo Sel Vej Mil spa to Squi nuts the Squire briefly Edwared. All a a Harwood. In Twenty i was on the spot mounted on lie horse and armed with his Brand Sirard. Fije of his faint men had followed others came in Iron All aides. Edward with Elgreat coolness and skill Toik n himself this conduct of the whole of a suggested that the Squire Wilh to men should Cut off the Retreat 6 the aging party Iod take them prisoners. And Whit will you do asked he Squire. U Are not going to keep out of the Dan ii no sir it there Are Twenty Brave men e who will Volunteer to go with me i 1 proceed vol their Bott take Possession of and embark far the ship. Iri the night can Board her without difficulty As we u lot their party. Once on Board the ship will easily foil into aur hands for the Moa of her of ize Crew Are ashore and in to head Jeadie proposition at first started the them. But in less than five enly of them had volunteered minutes More he was at their g them to the Bridge while the band boar after a so Squire detachment proceeded o Cut of the enemy. Result was in All respects successful the English party at the Mills surrendered after a in self skirmish and were taken to the tavern its prisoners within an hour after the Squire bad left it Edward and his Brave d the ship without suspicion and t conflict be was master of her he took her by the Aid of the released ame rican Crew into Boston a r bar Iha next Day and we need nut add Dat within less than three to Nib s he was rewarded with the hand of the Beautiful Annette Harvi Ood i rom tit of. Y. Obs mtr. In family government. It is a Felly easier to find fault with other people s family government than it is to have a perfect system of your own yet this is no reason Why we should not speak of their errors and avoid them and mend our own As we find them out. This is the Way to improve we Hai it has neither e Given up reason a thigion common sense or experience to rate commend it while there Are Rea sons and mighty to justify its total and immediate abolition. It sours the temper of the children so that one thorough scold ing prep ires the Way for two or three More. It sours Sweet w to scold to scold four own temper hich is a question provided it was if you Are prone and thus Iofe More Rou will have because you have become crosser and your children likewise. Alienates a hearts of your Chil Dren. Depend upon it they cannot love you As Well after you have berated them soundly us they Sid before. You May reprove them with rinness you May punish with seventy adequate to the nature of their Toften Cess will feel the Justice of your conduct and love you notwithstanding All. Bit they hate scolding it stirs up the bad blood while it discloses your weak Ness and sinks you in their esteem. Especially it right when they Are about to retire heir a Flats should be melted and moulded with voices of kindness that they May go to them slumbers with thoughts of Lave steal ing a to i and their souls and whispering peace. Our be Gibbor mrs. Up. Is very uneven in her ays Temi of government. Or rather she bos no system she lets her children do very Mich As they please until they become so into Erakly troublesome that her patience 13 Emp led completely then she flies at them be a Ury whips them All around and then sits do in to have a minute s As be Veny pathetically expresses it. But the minute is dreadfully Short. They teat mis chief gain before their tears Are dry and this scene of forced submission and Swift re Vellior Pecl ii is often As Milit be Xvi be re tin re is no evidences of tem per an system of discipline maintained therel is no peace in her and never will or child although mrs. C 18 a very sex woman and loves her children dearly. Who lives opposite whips his n too much. They have become Hickok a hard sned. He is not a passionate Man u c be has grown up with the the to i is the Best Medicine for children and As All children need o be corrected the ro-1 must a the appointed Means. So he whips on nil poin ble occasions. And the occasions of course come often. His children have lost that sense of shame which they would feel i lost deeply had he governed with Dis Frelion and therefore they often fall into Condel Nalion. To has a Rimacle a great mistake but of is on of those men who a Trow More than everybody else and consequently will never change his system. Hare trying for some Lime past to mijigle1 Gerit Leness with firmness patience with decision and it ,8eems to work Well we ind that the of Chi Dren Are net made of Stone they will yield to the dues of kindness and impressions made by of vict ten did authority combined ire the impressions which ought to be made on the Young Bearl. Punish oar children when Bey Deal be punishment and they have no idea Hatji Octove for them will Ever shield them from chastisement when disobedience demands the Low. This in oar system and we mean to g be it a fair Experiment. Thus far ii to b Well and we find from year to year Crasian to use the Rod and More plea in observing the growing willingness of our children to regard their parents Withes air strongest Lavorg Flo Plai i Shii we wit Vei etry ii sub Bow glorious nature looks a her the Are filled with Wood dressed in its Green livery and the a carpeted with grass and Charles i was thinking of the aame these Flowers Are and they Are gathered and put into a Pofi a piece of Good fat pork Ibey make the Belt Green in the Hoh Dat. The English ror respondent of the com Kiernat advertiser gives the Vollov tag de script on of one of the Raster to Richbe a sued Al a Small town in the heart of Staffordshire. 11 on descending to the Little parlor of the inn on monday morning i perceived the household were in the gayest attire Kail that do one entertained any serious of work or Hatinen had dispatched my Ioli tary Bra fasl of in land eggs and other i country dainties and waa looking out with mixed feelings of Delight and envy upon i be Prospect before me a feta the door of my room suddenly Aung open and six Roty cheeked ring melted Young be Ltd tit tearing very much and looking very fool lib at each other and then at i am not to give the Devil Bis due i rather a handsome Mother Baa told me to a thousand times 10, upon the Liole i was rather gratified by this piece of admiring attention. But to off if it alone in a Little parlor with ban a dozen girls of quires seme nerve and i began in feel rather qual Mish. I am rather bashful Iber Fafole h and a mortal repugnance to being thus exhibited Gratis and so to put an end to Icene t caul in As careless a tone As Moold command what s the matter Mary t " Well she answered i tet Yoe Don t understand our but Yoa Matt lit in Bis Chat if you please and she indicated a Kair which j perceived in the bark Staves of which were entwined Lau Rel Ivy and of lovers. Anxious to conciliate them i complied. With her request resigning myself tata with desperate fortitude. Scarcely bad t taken my sent when they held me up in the chair As High a they could three or four times laughing most outrageously at my look of bewildered horror i gave myself of for Loel in unfortunate Young Mon who lad strayed into a rustic wilderness far from Home and his friends entrapped and forcibly carried away by Lix pretty girls. But if i Vraa horror struck at this proceeding judge what wat my consternation when the Leader of the assailants that wry a try who bad brought my Bres Kfaft half an Lour before and leered upon me Only a a charmingly wicked Young woman can Leer advanced seized me round tha neck and impressed up on my half parted lips a ferocious kits. Tia was the Climax. I defied destiny from that instant and resolved to meet my Fate like a Martyr la said Mary you Are quite alarmed i most have another just to bring you to your senses and Iha had another and it Del brine me to my senses How soon one gets used to killing All my terror bad vanished at Thi Salute of be third Damsel and i repaid lip service of the Aizle with interest i got id fond of the sport that i wanted to repeat the performance and would not have cared to employ the Entile Day in such pastimes now said Mary you must know that our heaving Day of to Day the Young girls heaves he Young men whoever they can Cetoh gentle or simple and to narrow the Young men heaves we if Ihry can Caleb us and them As Don to gel a Man or woman pays a forfeit 1 was also informed that it was customary to give trifling gratuity in the ladies As a Keepsake a practice 10 w hich i conformed by giving them a trifle of Toney which they did not keep Long Anil they left me Well pleased Wito tha Success of their exploit while i Wai no less to. I Rode on the mail coach to within about two Miles of my Friend s House and walked remaining distance my Road Lay through narrow lanes and across , until i came upon a Small Village hitherto 1 had rot met a soul but was walking merrily on whistling or singing in love All be world not omitting that most important item in the but 0.1 i entered the straggling via up i could perceive gown and Many coloured flitting backward and Forward and had an intuitive consciousness of women resolved on having achievements lying in ambush behind impervious Hedges which filled me with strange trepidation. 1 proceeded however calling up a look of magnificent stand off or ill bite you expression thinking in the innocence of Ruy too familiar Advance by an assuaged hauteur. I teas miserably deceived for Strong built Young lady in a state of Molt Barba Rous health came Forward to meet me with an awful carelessness of manner evidently wishing to pure Ade me that. I waa unnoticed and that she was going to Iha Spring for a pail of water but when aha arrived Witk m grappling distance tha Flung her pail away clasped me rudely around the wait end be fore i could say she lifted me from my feat and kissed Matvich violence. She offered no apology for assaulting on the Queen s Highway but laughed in my face i moderately and called out Sukey i be got him of dear of dear had he spoken before Sukey and bet and Polly and a dozen others sprang into being from invisible places and i want by a laughing shouting group of unfeeling robot females. I expostulated and end treated in vain i was pulled about lifted up and kissed1 with out Cut Ray till making a disparate i bunt from their embrace and fled along the l land at top of my Speed followed by de cheers from mar baffled persecutors and of laughter from their by Imandi and Brothers who bad left Tea red lion to see the somebody men Thiak Are sober because they Frei car ardent its. Many people get huddled with love More get drunk with vanity Wobito trips up Hae i and Biro into a beast. Reason it your Only

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