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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - November 9, 1842, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaDressing. In rented in Stab o wired and Drake takes and Lew carding just finished lied for Fine one for cum the operation Eive Wool to 1 favor him will also be nth neatness on at the same department i Nunt and will edible manner season to Dye and madder red ill other colors both the above produce Inken filiation Norm will commence incr the of the Sadie gentle tree sent the school to ducted the past now in the Toni facilities ten Urf Ine Iaione Noi Luary in the stale. E terms extremely lined on reasonable lat the Jou Bof our i Junues will Nofe e advantages which at from one to in i is. Ill a president. E e s. Emery vol. 13. Written fur the Eagle. On human physiology. By f. S. Hhoade3, m. D. No in. I taking a Survey of the great Noil of nature As created by an All and creator we find Hiji definite attributes Are attached to Eirlis different species affording Marks fax which they Are known Romall oth Eis. These Maiks arc always the same in the same species. Distinction give be id Divis i 1-1 and sub div Laius that re rent t cies May Beano in in whatever pall be world they Aie Lound. 1 lie first grand division of thie world i o or Mic Ard Inorg in c matter. Or 5, 1 in common Point out the Beu Veen them. The line of a Kation is fixed and. 1 organic matter has a certain Vel Emmate Oiin for each species grass or an Eai published wednesday by de and Dies ten drawn the we find toe a a Livorse a Blade of the Loi m Peculiar Loi Oach of is never hauling except in a few a 1 i o1 h or Itile 1.1 in All ,.1-. Us monstrosities. I the except Ion of crystals inor matter varies in Foi in As. A May be one shape and mail. Be an t a i he same is True of Iron Clay u the constituent parts Are Dis i ii Lar in. Shape and size As Well As the second. In inorganic the con i quient parts air of All shapes except c ii i i ate s Ira 11 lines or angles except 1.1 crystals i i organic Mailer n t and All in each Perii a a unit him shape in of the world. 1 mid. Or Gimp Mallei has a Leti rim i no Bizu 111 .3 us each Blade of in Hilarj in 1 All the rest w Alhout Vai lation except 0111 some incidental i Sun s afccl1.Ai d Lii oily in Deg Ieti the holi s Iru of Al i ural Vori s Bill a i is it inc w 01 j. In Iii Idamc matter we a Lime i to be a Peble or a Mountain and a. Tiore a v Buta feet or t a reach Lor mile. T o ii in. La organic Mailer rarely cd n j n but o a simple in each As we never Lind Clay combined i i am of tier while Rodu Mallei is always composed of iwo or simple substances As Wood is closed of oxygen Cir on and by i milk i.yc., Are Adso com Niba lances. I organic matter has a tons tent a to change going on while inor j Mailer Lias none except w Hole s be involved. I Nus in the and deca of vegetables the Lange is Alinoia me rival but i the decay of a Moue the Deconi is uniform tins j it of Dilke retire is Pei nips the cd car .5 and most Piombi Zient of All the Dis icons thai exist Between to Jese Twu i divisions of the works of nature. In organic matter the Jearls actually depend upon each Oiler Lor is Deuce but in Inorg Oil Matt i u not so thus in animal life. Arotca so Moji its the Power and of i c a of oxygen As to cause to be a of life while it we in erased in an atmosphere of Arole 1 ii .1 ulu do 1. It in to Nous. I i f sin t. Elect la Irue also of vege Job t Lii a the parts Are mutually de iry ii each other though Arcile i i Structure. Inorganic bodies carpal ways i. Fluid or gaseous j i Hod Clay Ore Rock there a mixture but nov Era a com c in but in organic matter two or tit these enter into a slate of i As in the blood exams e nil trial which the waste of e solids As Well As the fluids of the to g ill. Organic bodies May be of by disease and recover i but if 1e so Rulure of inorganic bodies u de it never recovers Asio the Ani Creshon or the vegetable world stances of which daily pass under our the Point of the animal creation to the lowest of the vegetable kingdom the difference Between the lower or Ders of Aniels Anu the higher orders being More imaginary ors assert thai locomotion Shing Mark but to refute Only to she tvs thai the zoo of pc Etab than real. Some Ai is a Distin e a phyfe is Al while the water. Others fir difference the Sens Ali the gentle the Flam the most these Plai but the invariable first. A n c c f r o m from a ably Are Ous Hub Sta second. Arote in the substance third pre Domin tables the Quantity. Fourth their Sti u trained in animals Toad these s of Disi pc c tables the Acler. Oil by Maskuli Good o la. Cd Wellsboro Novemb 1842, whole no. 221. T. Where the line is once it will always a regular gradation from hed to rocks in the sea floats through the pc sensation to Mark the f so Why do the leaves of Plant shrink and Cut at ouch or the Little pods on e Plant split and curl upon careful handling surely Are not animals. In juts of difference fixed and e urals derive their Sustin by Els nearest at hand and Nee while vegetables inva Noti Rahed from the co Tigu reason and also for Mansol aggression and sustenance other Points of difference exist but they would be Erol Reader an Ted. Uninteresting to the Gen ii therefore they Ore on it co., 1842. From family Champion info tub Polly pea1 loss Fri s wedding. Possess animal do not in Structure Whilo do. Fluids Are by far the most Elln animals while in vege lies Are much the most in most promo variably i Acter of the again to at the i c. Vegetables arc vesicular in ire i. E the fluids ittle Oblong cells while in so Rulure is cellular mus the most prominent Marks n Between animals and veg possess an unvarying Char cars Xvi it be added which o a few exceptions would Irit Leif a must Sanflice. Our of be to Point out All the Barack Crail is of Tach diets inferior to him. At his bidding the will beast is tamed the lion u 3 w 1 look Foi cd govt Rancil in Oil sign his farm determined is Aie made to ascend the nags Ai e held subject to his in Marks the recent dead to of re vilification and Intel artied for hundreds of Miles eed of lightning. A decl will Over Cost he great to that oppose visas Ping no undertaking is too vast too Complex for his ingenue but to will and the labor is egress. He Point wherein does rom the rest of the animal Ligi Nice is ill the hit inti Esi Obs Lac a m i 111 o n. I to labor lip rapid or but to Man Ditlef Ere Ilion 3 Fust. S Mac parrots a soul second animal and no distinction Jim is so important that some naturalist i Jiava considered that to this Eis the on v Anim Al that con ence by articulate sounds. Come Oiler Birds use Artic s but not to convey ideas. He is the Only two handled he Monkey tribe has four Allier animal has any. This substances differ from inor in Many other respects but these Are sufficient to Mark by l them. Organic matter is divided Intro animal and vegetable. In the difference Between these sub in those already mentioned 35 existing Between the primary Divis the features fetch Are Well Mark peculiarity Over All Tajn kingdom third can sleep fourth that this is evident Perior sex cles of the the lower of the be Bottom of l in Heel a a science Back of la head fac Al lab. Laughs Anc express p they Neve sed of a religion. Seven Man than is meant of the ear of the Nosi median i eighth is phys Ida of self Del Man owes his superiority other Ribis of the animal Ian is hts Only animal that n his Back. His position is As intended for his position rom the shortness of his us empties the size of the High and leg the breadth of tart of his Bick and the size is the Broad surface of the is foot the prominence of e position of the eyes the the Strong ligament in he neck for the support of the e is the Only animal that keeps for though monkeys jew Saferi or sorrow by a doleful cry shed tears. E is the Only animal posses or Lidral sense or a sentiment of the facial Angle is larger in any other animal. By this me drawn from the Center through the Eye to the Root ind from thence through the of the head to the Crown. Man is the Only animal that air defenceless. For his Means dependant upon perhaps they might sighed sentimentally at the Folly of the bugs and must vetoes which were attracted round the rows to get their pretty Little wings scorched incl lose heir precious lives or they May have talked of True and plighted their vows for we know. Old Captain Pablo som and his pipe during the while were the Centre of the Circle in front of the House who had Gatier Edt found Wortley Man s Arm chair to listen to his twice Loki my stars that Parson is Power tales of hair bread la of Jill a coming. I reckon he wan t bal Les am had Pas so tedious gelling to his own wedding for you must know Captain As he is coming one of the was n0 a Soldier ail Sunshine bridesmaids of miss Polly Peables Sporri had burned Gunpowder As she bit to make them Rosy defence of beloved country and peeped if Ito a Small looking the Especial request of Squire fur the twentieth tune. Tomp kith the Captain narrated the he preaches enough about the perilous adventures of Newnan s Lille shortness of an marked among the seminoles. How other pouting Mist How we j bold Newnan and his men lived on ought to improve our opportunities i Alligator flesh and parched Corn and not to to cropping along like a Snail Hare fooled through the saw when a Vav Bolij wedding party is Waii ing for him and the Ivai Fles Are getting cold and to e chickens burning to a have patience girls and maybe the Man s his spurs and can t get along any was the cans Laio As Trow sered ing the boyhood jumping wit the last of a Birdi of by Appeal of an Arch looking Damsel As she a grapes. Of peril is his old Fox cared horse it of the pasture and the n has to take it Sui old mixed the fourth bridesmaid. The Brudd used to appear a ent amid the general Resl Veness of her aids and would Aftel extreme Merri tenants Cha Getty and r wanted Folk nent but her shrewd being Glicr More to believe. Ged her hello Fityo shouted old Captain 3iu of doors to his Coper son who Yong beaux Down them rocks and put the bridle on snip and see if you can t Sec Parson Gypsy and Tell him Al waiting pc r him. He must think weddings Are like his meetings that can be put Otto the sunday tier the a in next Afier fourth Sauin the crowd s hear the pre him go Clos he s heard to ail gathered and ready to if you Don t meet i to his House. I Spect at Brushy Creek Ned is Here with hip fiddle and has taken a As the wore on no Parson had come yet to1 Washington unite the destinies of Geo. Hodgkins and the ble and accomplished miss Polly pea Blossom the former individual Intima Ted to his p tended the propriety of the time by having a passing Oft Lance. Polly ask after arguing Ion in Heilo dance be consented. The Arlist and away w Erson Polly Pearblossom Thomas Jel partner and Kins Wilh his partner. Gentleman to every Lai y the Middle cime Georg Ner who in and the Yard Lightwood under the t mysteries chickens of croup Besid few pensive Giddy Dan if All them How Alliey met buy legs and a Isi warriors Oear pain s Praise and what there. Lie amusing incident of Biu Cone and the Crapin Sheh raised laughter among the Young Brood who had flocked to hear of Inq wars. Bill the sent industrious efforts rather Indi Fler at fid la feats was cute Taiti of the neigh of agility in flood throw ride Down the Road and to hurry along we Are .1 her a and her athe Fash Carolina that it was not me. In North re the ceremony at last from Brushy Creek was called in and after much turning and spitting on the screws to stamped his foot and struck up Money it the country dance. Brother crossed Over the run of Jim Creek and arrived safely at the Parson this caused laughter Floyd simply noticed in by observing to his yes you think you mighty smart before All these and resumed his route son Gypsy p with Little Prospect of reaching the end of his Story As Ever. Mrs. Pablp Stoin tried to coax him to Jill say if Tho Parson was com ing or not. Polly begged him and All the brides i my Iford. But Floyd went Oil when i some to the be continued old snip so cd something m the while Over the Bay Gall and shy d clean out of the Road he expressed a of the sort which the Captain Only noticed with the exclamation my. Pearblossom insinuated to her husband., that in her the i polity or better sort of people the North Ca find had a prejudice agin being mar ried by a m a Gist rate. To which the old gentleman of your nonsense old lady none of your Duplin county aristocracy now. The belter sort of people i think you say now you know North Casmirri Jun t the Best state in the e Dun try no How and Duplin s the poorest c in the state. Better sort of Peon it Quality the d he would have stopped would be hard Junly be is evil s better than we Are Ari x we honest an l we raised our children t i 1_ 5 today if the impatient Captain had Learned them to read Wulc and Cher not interfered. A it under Newnan and Floyd that gentleman with a Peculiar glint Al the head Vvhs As George Washington Hodg Olly s sister Luvisa or Polly danced to every and Tho. Jel Terso i danced then up and Down in and hands All round. Next Washington part Lew Cut the same through the process As Daboll s aril mimetic was lit up by three or four ires which gave a picturesque appearance of the groups out Side. On one Side of House was Daniel Newman Pearblossom and a heavy of youngsters who either could not or did not desire to get into the dance probably the Furmer and who amused themselves by jumping and wrestling. On the other Side a group of matrons sat yes and discoursed on the of making butter pm ing he Pip and children of the islam Entinghe misfortunes of some Irei Hor or the indiscretion of Bors daughter who had run some neigh away and Riar ried a circus rider. Eschewing a the couples promenade the Yard and admired the Moon or wondered Camden peace to his As the Captain familiarly called him was sitting one Day against the logs of the Broast work drinking soup out of a Crapin Shell when a random shot rum the enemy and Bolce the Shell and the soup whereupon he raised Hii he id above the breast work and s ing Yon bigger you could t do that again if you tried Lorly times. The.1 the Cape Lin after repeated in port unities r own his1 pipe cleared his Throat and Sung. In Reverl on 1o our station the on be orc sudut Rule thei shot and Liillie d bold inc Nan s Fiig Tjce and Uvo men by Hia the remainder of the epic we have to Golien. After calling out for a chunk of fire and delighted his pipe he dashed at ouch Over into Alabama in Genera floyds army and fought the Battles of calf Bee and of Tasic Over again i detail. The Ai rom Baldwin county blazed away and made the Lillic Hoys aforesaid think they could hear Thunder almost and the rifles from Putnam made their patriotic Young spin is Long to revenge that Gallant corps. And the Squire was astonished at the narrow escape of his Friend had falling into the hands of and his Savages when he was miraculously rescued by Tim Phoehe Bra Nard the Tenee chief. At this Siage of affairs. Floyd not the general but the ambassador Rode up with a mysterious look on his countenance. The dancers left Oft in the Middle of a set and assembled around the messenger to hear the news of the Parson. The old ladies crowded up too and the Calairi and the Squire were eager to hear. But Floyd Felt the of his situation and has in no hurry to divest himself of the momentary dignity. Well As i Rod a Down to buggery gut i who cares what the Devil you exclaimed the impatient Captain ill us if the Parson is coming first and Yod May take All. Ii get to Tell the balance if you like i continued Floyd Pertina Well my dear what did you see said mrs. Pearblossom. I saw that somebody had Token away some of the rails on the crossway or they had washed away or some How did any body Ever hear the said the Captain. And so i got said Floyd and bunted some More and fixed Over the the Boggy Here Polly Laid her on his Arm and requested with a beseeching look to know if the Parson was on his ill Tell you All about it presently Polly and then when i got to the run of the Creek of the ejaculated Cap Tain stalled be still Honey let the child go on his always would have his Way you know since we had to humor him so when he had the interposed the of lady. Diniel Newnan at this juncture facetiously Lay Down on the ground with the Root of an old of the Eye i marked Well there. One Way i can bring him to a As he took a Large Horn from Between the log and rung a Wood note wild that set a pack of hounds to yelping a few More notes As loud As those that issued from Roland s Horn at Rob aces was sufficient invitation Loev Ery hound foist and cur of Low de that followed the guests to join in the chorus. The Captain was a Man of Good fixings and the Way lie did blow was the As Squire Tomp Ems afterwards very happily described it and As there were in the canine choir some thirty voices of every key the music May be imagined better than described. Tidwell the first bridesmaid put her hands to her ears and cried out my we shall All blow d Tbs Domrud effect of Abbrev Laiing the the messenger s Sloy was produced As that prolix personage in Copperas w is soon to take Polly aside and whisper something i her air. Floyd you Are joking you ought t to serve me so. An l you joking bump a sided Polly with a look that seemed to beg he would say yes. Ii s Irue As he replied the cake s All Polly whispered something to her Mother who in Rev up her hands and exclaimed of and then whispered the secret to some other lady and away it went. Stich whispering and throwing up of ail eyes rare for the count re Why Damn it we Are the cry beit sort of people. Stuff by seen at a quake As in title were worlds like meeting. Consler face. Poor Polly was a very personification of patience on a Monument s ruling Green and j cd now the Captain discovering that some thing was the matter drove off Chr dogs and inquired what had happened to cause such confusion. What the de Vil s the matter he said you All look As Down in the Mouth As we did on the Santa Fec Santa fee when the quartermaster old us the provisions had a-11 give out whal s the matter won t somebody to l me old Oman has the dogs got into the Kitchen and cat up ail the a Tipper or what else come to pass out with it a old mad bad news said the wife with a sigh. Well what is it you arc All get Ling As bad As Floyd a fellow to Parson Gypsy was digging a new horse trough and Cut his leg to the Bune with his foot adze und can i dear i wish a had taken a fancy to a done it a week ago so we Mout a got another Parson or As Long As no other time would suit but to Day i wish he had Cut his darn d eternal head of my mrs. Pearblossom. Brushy Creek ing in the Piazza with his fiddle stick up the old tune of Well dance All Road Day Light and go Home the gala in ua.6 Ned s Hirt caused some movement nonsense the wedding shall Goon Polly shall have a mrs. A i Eye lit i her Cheek flushed As he heard the old North state spoken of so a Paras moly but she was a woman of sense and reserved the castigation for a future curtain lec Ture. Things were soon arranged for the wedding Ard As the old wooden clock on the Mantle piece struck onor the bridal Patty were duly apanged on the floor the crowd gathered around eager to observe every twinkle of the i Bode Groom s Eye. And every Blush of the Blooming Bride. The Bride Smalls and their male attendants were arranged in As i in a cotillion i to form a hollow Square in the Centie of us cd were lie Squire and the of tooth no parties. Each of the Boie a Candle. Miss Tabilha held hers n a Long brass Candle stick which 1 .1 1 belonged to Polly s grand Moth i. And length some Hing tescon Cleopatra s mis Luv in bore a Flat Lin on a the third attendant bore such an Daniclo As is usually Bun Pended on a Nail Agnost the Wall and a Fouilhe had a curiously Devit cd something Cut out of Wood Wuh a pocket knife. For want of a Fui Lher Sun y of the male attend inns Lull naked candles in i hair Hamis. Pull w is dressed m while and wore a a Flower with its Given leaves in her Bur and the whisper went round now Don t she look pret George w. Hoi Jukins rejoiced in a while salt.1 Stock and a Vest and pantaloons of 01 an go color the Vest was straight co l like a Continental officer s to the revolution and had Eagle button1 o i it. Were a Fine i looking couple. When Csc Mything was ready a pause i ensued and All eyes were turned on the Stu us who seemed to be undergoing a mental agony such As fourth of july Oralois feel when they forget their Speed hts. Or a boy at an exhibition w Hen he has to be prompted from be Hind the Beccne. The truth was. Squire Tompkins was n Man of forms but did Alvay taken them from form books and never trusted his memory. On this occasion he had no Georgia Justice or any other Hook from which to Road the marriage ceremony and was at a loss How to proceed. He thought Over Ever thing he had Ever Learned by even to Days Atli the month of september. Tie same May to said of Jura april novem but All in vain he could recollect Noth ing thai suited such an occasion. A suppressed titter All Over the room admonished him that to must proceed with something and in agony and desperation he began of nov All men by these presents that he paused and looked up to the Selling while an audible the Corner of the room was heard to say he s drawing a deed to All act of and they All laughed. In the name of god towards the dancing top people when the As from a reverie excuse ibid voice 0, the Devil j what weep All thinking of Why Here s enquire he it tit per fowl t Hecere-1 Mony. 1c a t marry folks what s the use of Jav Lanner did not coma in Betti up Fame to the children of Israel in the Wilder Ness than this discovery of the worthy Captain. It was As vilifying As Ais How or of rain on Corn that is about to shoot to shoot and Lassel especially u. Goi be w. And his lady love. Squire torn Kins was a newly elect la second time Only to hear another voice in a loud whisper say he s making his will now. I Tho t Ive co to lift live Long he looks Oak for his Pillow and care of o it Yaxin de magistrate and somewhat diffident jangly to his a to Wake him when of his abilities in this but cd apartment. Vou t Lay me flown to sleep i Pray was the next essay when some erudite gentle a an remarked he s not dead Bat yes o yes Ronti vied Squire. Okie in plied of Oil no Don t i o Bali nine Nair out co i the laughter was Genera i co. The no per i of the from heir candles All Over Tho door in the bridesmaids spilled the tallow m

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