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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 29, 1844, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaE1 yearly whole no. 302. May 1 8 4 4 Texas eation. Mcdear Arch last an a pledged Derlega Weisto Tomore Uio Ion regard to the c i assent of . Upon negation o this Trie Anat. The djs Pps it i did n i Power i object shot we Bould be complied with in full Seadorn t the convention. This perform. But Lesl my i Vesia making a Public avowal of whilst a negotiation Sion pc pending Sho Tild be i a Hill Send this to a Kho will delivery As Long Iha Tranbe done consistently it in with the require letter and the a Post nos Over in Tii he cons been ente4d upon by the executive. T of Constitution is now Jurese riled by you h however in precise Brm. Then the Applina Tio Al Power inquiries the same was for Texas i i Dent Stupl to its am objects which it was written Yon by no Means operate the Imp to of the abject upon which you have been pleased to address me. Is Boi Only a quit for of intense interest ,0 every part of the country but also one in regard to which we May not Promise ourselves that Jipa or pity in opinions which is so in when Gie Al National questions like this Are to be decided. That which i am about to express will Jii at least one important particular differ from that of Many Fri funds political Jam , whose judgments and of views bold in High and Hal a expect 1 san Well imagine and quite evident from the Tenor of letter that they will not in All res correspond with your pwn. If Tver such of my fellow citizens neither by prejudices warped by self inheres a concede i opt sons Merit of having been de under views directed to the p vat Ion and advancement of the i and Best interest o our common try a whole and expressed v Lin Cerite which has Lar As our feeble natures will permit us All personal considerations my favourable anticipations will be Rev it has already been made my to act officially on Al least two b occasions but in different forms the subject matter to which your Lions have reference. Having charge of the depart stale in 1829, i prepared by i of the president instructions minister at which directed to open without delay Lual it is but the Loriant braced i Lerr Ilori a View ultimate states at Ion o Texas Sion in proper on com action a the Rig of Cour now 3 Are nor my pm Ono spun ill a exas to the United Stales. First question of on of a foreign ind Epen Lead Ever been presented to a invent. In deciding upon in that ought to be made of find it necessary to of constitutional in which the accomplished if deem Lahd proper. Both these terns reply of the Secretary of minister As subjects be a Saliou of which had no a Marion copy minds of our Public men s Well before the close of the revolt Ion Between that event and the of the new a i n is however Only a link in the of evidence id probable Whit events hat the framers of the Consitt Kiuon had heir eyes u port this very question when this Section was settled. That part of Ibe Constitution appears Fly the journal of the proceedings o Vinecor Verili in was presented in a variety of fonts before the shape in which it was finally adopted in the resolutions offered by or Edmund Randolph As a basis Forth he abuse of which might involve to an Quilly great of he Republic and which abuse he Constitution has provided no other than the responsibilities to Hen constituents and to the and Gahose whose Sanction is Neces sary to the Validity of of con Noi it it very unreasonable to that those who based their government upon the great principle that new canst i i o in immediate admission t j the Union As an ind Epen 2 your question looks Only elation As Perlof the territory of the urn i Ted states. There is no express to Var Given to any department of the Civi Nimens to Purchase territory True or erts specified in the in question constr Tubon Viz for arsenals a Tower has on several Meryim of casinos been regarded Asem he trealy making Power and a Hare been so Annex Eil with id under engagements or then into the Union As of there be nothing in the Situ condition of the territory o Rhib would Render its Adonis the Union As a new in cannot perceive any objection Tut ional grounds to ils Annex on an 1 which Colaine the first propositions of charade which were submitted to it the Power say that the was considered a Jyh that attention Here due to so and care which and by ii la Iii l i o it is the right of the people to alter or j the Ista is. Under the full influence of feelings of sincere Al include for the Prosperity and permanent welfare of a Young and neighbouring state Independence we had been the Faist to feelings which con Siule and i sin Cerely Hope ever1 will constitute the i Eva log sentiment of the. People of in coming to the abolish it and to infinite new ones in i decision which in became my Doty to As the May think most Mae i was aided in addition to the to effect their safely and Happi other members of Rumy Cabinet by the Ness should feel themselves secure in Cou r Noel and advice of two trusting to their representatives in the distinguished citizens of your own Sec i _ _. I a first or apr was described follows Viz that provision ought lobe made bribe of states lawfully rising within Ike limits of the u. States whether arising rom a Volun Ary a Jenci Ion of government or other Wise with the consent of a number of voices in the legislature less than the Drift it lature Shal states into terms with or. Charles Pinkney s proposed that the have Power to admit new the Union on the same the original states provi the Senate and in the execution of the Union live chair the right to admit new Mem intellect great experience 1.1 Public be Sinto the confederacy will no other fairs and whose Devotion to own restrictions than those which they have As Well a every other Section of the thought proper to specify. Union was above All question. T be ii was under this View of the constr our United opinions was an of Lousiana in bounced to the texan minister a communication from Fotofi the promising the ale or , the substance incorporation of the ceded territory in which i cannot better express than by i incorporating one. Or to from it in this letter. Upon the Gene ral subject my own views As Well charged from the it Tuhet Otisi Dialion of the after upon us own nor were the Friendly relations then existing Between that re Oblie and the United states to its Honor be it any degree in paned by this decision. Standing m position before the country it becomes no duty to consider whether either the nature of the que lion or the Circum stances of the Case Haxe so far changed As to justify me in now advising a policy from which i then in the most solemn Torra dissented. In giving to through you to the Nab result of a very careful and dispassion ate Exa Tai nation of this grave should neither do Justice to yourself to the patriotic stale which you in Conj incision Vilh Are to Repi Seiil in the convention to. The peo ii ded two thirds of the members present in both houses agree leading out the clause in respect to the character of the territory. Or. Randolph s proposition containing the result action confining the Orp Oraon o the Union and the admission As soon incorporating one. Or two one extracts As possible of the inhabitants to the from it in rim letter. Upon the Gene enjoyment of All the rights Adan Ages ral subject Tny own views As Well a unities is of the United of my Cabet Ere thus s used Powers within to states Gnu fully arising limits of the u. States m wis ratified confirmed and so Long As Texas shall remain at Fin by every Branch of he War while the United states Are at cd e .1 government whose co operation peace with her adversary the by the Constitution. It Tori of the texan Plen Poten the pot and Senaie May As i have already observed by the exec map of Trie treaty making Power acquire territory but sales can Only be admitted by and the sole authority Over i new i the sur o do Moat sized duty veral upon ques it of Clion 3 tie our a a be with the Jart o for the Purchase of the the then province of which he was likewise aul Horii insert in he treaty a provision. Loi Halin the Louisiana and i for the incorporation old similar Lorica he in i of Texas into the Vij on As soon As it could be done const i Telly with the principles of if feet l co Lillion. The reasons in favor of this measure i slated at Large in lha Docu ment. In taking this step the administration of president Jackson renew w was supposed under More favourable attempt to Ace same object which had been to ils immediate predecessor. Lions similar in their general had in the second year of the i ministration been sent from apartment of state to the same minister at Mexico. I an that there were any Matej Ial differences them other to those of 1827 proposed an a territory As far West As tha being i believe the Western Boundary of Texas w a Sid for by president extended Only As far West As i of the desert or grand Prairi of River nieces for the payment of Ion of dollars was authorized the administration of Jackson the american mini permitted logo As High Safdi five millions. Theorized agreements for san tons of territory and the modified accordingly. To the proposed stipulation of Roate incorporation of the ii into the Union both instruct tical. In August 1837, a promo deceived at the department from he texan minister of ton proposing a Negolia Alioa i by to r1 Consul no p in i do i a no 1 ii p Nicholas had been published in his Lile time or his attention been in other Way directed to their contents he would from Bis habitual care in such matters. Gen. Hunt for the United states to an hive avowed the change and explained Texas to their territory Are duly the on which it was based. It appreciated but weigh y is equally True that the acceptance of u certainly they Are the cession As Well As the admission of opposed in policy and the obvious welfare of United the inducements mentioned the by same terms with the and 5h. That the be they Are of reason to the original i Slature might make conditions with slates concerning the Public by Congress addition into ibis r restriction. Thai these i words taken themselves Are Broa do enough to authorize the admission of the territory of Texas cannot i Thirsk be Well doubled nor do i per upon what principle we set chive up lid by recognised by the cons nution am s the and that degree made is lube object tier and Iha de Ameri not a an that Nisi icon Rio Del extreme Pilsl the Jackson e Centre which and that Jne Mill whilst resident ser was a and if both a ller por payments d. Respect Utti habitats on Ilion was of state washing or the an Tion thin re fio stations to a Power so Una Tia lifted and the convention and after that done the was adopt substitute Tor the hofe Viz simple words 1 have quoted. Ith which no other provision of nil Rumen conflicts in the slight but if with no other the new Debi then subsisting. The 3d, 4ih 5th were stricken out by the votes of had Beer de a b new Legi Spalti state shall be erected within inc Linnus of any of the present states without the Ion Keut of the legislature of such state a i Well As of the general out that part of the first hich. I coated to the Domestic character of the territory states May he admitted by Tho re into the Union but no new the state became party questions and were contested with partisan warmth. Of the vital importance of i great acquisition to the safety Prosperity and. Honor of the whole Union there can however now be a diversity of Opin Ion. Bui the of the nation in the course of to be at divided upon the tonal Power to accept All lure clause guides than our own discretion we As we a itsume a minions upon a Power so Gene Al we Are at least bound to give intelligible and definite Chancie. The most natural and in deed the Only one of that nature which has been suggested and which was pre by or. Jefferson in Terra Ned double in re Speet 10 the con Stilu ional to admit Lousiana that the to be admitted must be firmed out4f territory not foreign but which constituted a part of the u. Slats Al the declaration of Independent a or the adoption of the con Litu far from there being any a language of the Cou Stith onto to be found in the extraneous circumstances which ded ind attended its adoption to thai i such was the intentions of is f amers1, they Are in my judgment strongly the other Way. In the the articles of confederation of which the Union was originally which gave place to the of and this sub Sii Lute was subsequently revised and amended so Aslo make it conform in its pin ideology to Ibe Section As it non stands in the Constitution. These proceedings show that the proposition to restrict the Power of admit new Stales territory within the original limits Lih cily adopted by it favor ibis of the United state was Dis before the convention once and finally rejected in a making the in general. Whatever Ferenc so in the r. Opinion May exist As 10 the propriety of referring to extraneous question of cons Titu a cession of to reign territory with a View to its ultimate admission into the Union. In 1819 the Spanish treaty for the cession of East and West Florida containing the usual stipulation for ultimate incorporation into the Union was ratified and upon the Call of the names of the senators present it appeared that every one voted Tor the ratification. Upon the of constitutional Power so far As thai Case went the Senate of the United states had therefore become unanimous. Certainly no remarks Are necessary to show that Here can be no possible difference produced in the Constitution question by the relative positions of the territory comprising , the Florida and Texas in respect to the i old United Stales. I have gone thus fully and minutely Matte the consist Union where its language in firs uni for St. Bit the d there can certainly no of Jec Lioi s to a resort to such aids to test the connective Ssofi inferences having no other basis than supposed Impero Babilis i have not been Able any other Salis Nten fion of the convention to give the of admitting new states to con exp Liei is o an re sent Constitution looked1 directly to a b order Extension of the confederacy. It on lashed a provision that Canada Ace to the confederation and Wing. The measures of the United shall be admitted into and in d to All the advantages of this Urivon no other Colont shall be admit in to unless such admin sic n be agreed to by nine the practicability As Well As expediency o m King Canada a member of the Union i 1 certainly to some extent at least posit be of look j re to influence the construction of into sense this matter As Well from a deep of the vast importance of the question As from a sincere desire to satisfy those of my friends who May differ from me on this Point arid whose hold in the highest respect not yielded my asset by or a advisedly to the views Here taken on the subject. Treaty , respect Lor that integrity of character by which the u. States have Southl to distinguish them selves since the of their i Juht to claim a place in the great family of Tho in general Hunt s letter that Texas might be induce to extend commercial advantages to other nations to the prejudice o the United Stales was Ihus noticed it is presumed however Lylial the motives by which Texas has been governed in making this overture will have equal Force in Impell ing her to preserve As an Independent Power the most Liberal commercial relations with the ignited states. Such a Dupo Silton will by. Cheerfully met in a corresponding this government. If the answer a Liili the in Jer signed has been i relied to give to the pro of general Hunt should unfortunately work such a change in the sentiments of that governs no As to Atje rapt to extend commercial relations elsewhere upon terms prejudicial to the United Stales this govern ment will be consoled by Ilia rect Ude of its Intelli Ida certainly that although the Hazard of transient losses May be incurred by a rigid adherence to just principles no lasting Prosperity can be secured when they Are that these views were not altogether Satis factory to general Hunt nor probably to his government has been seen. Bull think 1 May safely say that Ever has vision by this government of a question of e Hearty concurrence. From this act of our government just and proper in All respects As it was an inference has been drawn and brought to Bear upon the present not Only very far beyond ils real bearing Bat by which its Irue character is entirety reversed Many persons who enter upon the consider lion of the subject with the purest intentions and Are incapable of knowingly giving a false interpretation to any thing connected with it take it for granted that the United slates in recognising the Independence of the Sas declared to the world nut Only Bat she was in but also that she was Stich of right. Acting upon Thi erroneous construction Ibey very naturally conclude that hav ing gone thus far having examined into and passed not Only upon the existence of her in dependence but also upon her right to its enjoyment it is now and More especially after the lapse of the several years Loo Lale to he s the question of annexation or the ground of any existing controversy upon those Points. The fallacy of this reasoning will be apparent when it is considered that the usage of nations to acknowledge the government de Facto of every country was established for the express purpose of avoiding All inquiry or the expression of any opinion upon Law ques Ion of ight Between the contending 1 lies acknowledge no other Power in any m Dis Wilh the same the with no other limitations than which Are specified in that Inspru the language of certain restrictions the subsequent exclusion of grew Hose Peci adopt Hafiz which is now referred to together with Tion to Combine to Render this interpretation of the a Constitution the True one. Pro Viz answer of voter inquiries1, of immediately Anne Xing Texas to the untied states or so soon As her consent to such Annex May be obtained. Have already referred to an application for the accomplishment of the Lon or e a he subsequent conc o. Government All seem s of the new government All seem s Hilst i Vas presi Ilia on or Emertt Uyl exas Wii us. I ions for annexation can certainly of a character so unwise improvident As to strike Dent. The history of the Texi Aji re Volution and the Iben condition of in As yell As the probable with but if Over Llie conceded Powers of con Green we shall also find Many r others lion. Placed before Able Communia ii can scarcely be necessary i qual magnitude been More decidedly of More unanimously approved by the people of the Uii led slates. The soon after it took place communicated to con Gress and although the Public at Oie line in a Siale of the highest excite men and the administration daily assailed through very Avenue by which it was deemed approach. Ble urn yet to see the first sentence of com plaint upon that Point in any Goa ruler of the Union. Even a Resolution offered in Senate declaring annexation it could be effected consistently with the Public Faith and treaty stipulations of the United sales Desi was ordered 16 be Laid upon lha table and a similar disposition was Mads in in Houise of the papers upon the subject which had been referred to the committee on for eign relations and that committee was Dis of inlay than thai whih isun fact i hey cannot inquire beyond that Point without nerf Erino with top. Internal concerns of other practice which All and a disclaimer which it has been our invariable usage not Only to make but to scrupulous Fidelity. To recognise the Independence of is also a matter of state necessity for without it Nei ther nor diplomatic Intercourse be tween any such Power and the nations of the be with Success and the social interests of Mankind requite that these should not be arrested by quarrels be .tweenss6tltesting parties in regard to their respective right to the supreme Power. La respect to All beyond this the Laws and usages of nations require the Observance of a strict Neu Ira Lily Between the contending parties As Long As the War lasts. It is due also front every government to its own a revolted Colony shall be regarded As an in dependent nation because it belongs to the government alone to make the declaration and and in is made or the Parent stale relinquishes her i Atins Courtla of slice must consider the ancient state of things As re unaltered and the Sovereign Power of he Parent state Over that Colony As Bill sub sisting but nothing Al can he farther from no to the act of Recagni lion its True character than to suppose that u has the slightest Bear upon the rights of the parties it being As l have already said recoiled to for the express purpose of avoiding any such such is not Only the Law and usage of nations but such also have been the reiterated avowal of our own do not re number that the recognition of texan Independence trave Rise to any Tco and our government arid if i have not the Means of stating us but the principles upon which All suck Are i newspaper i newspaper

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