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Read an issue on 26 May 1847 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 26, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaThe t i o a Eagle by jambs p. Magill 1 editor and proprietor. Wellsborough Tioga co., 1 dollars ind fifty cents per an num or Claire of deducted if paid within Thayer and for Cash actually in and Vance one Dollar will be deducted no paper discontinued until All arrearage Are paid unless at the option of the editor. Advertisements not exceeding lines in erred three tirade for one for every sub sequent insertion Twenty Sotic snot exceeding sir fors evenly five cents. The charge for one or three insertions the same. A Liberal discount to yearly advertisers. The Light of the son has been ascertained to move at the rate about Miles 10 a second of time travelling Toto the Lun to Iha Earth in seven minutes and this was accidentally discovered by an while Joe Otey to neros politics Sciens Cifer Situu Otto Raling Ana amusement. V whole Job. 459. Vol. 40.1 Sboro Ste Day May 26, 1847. Be of Light and 19 not one of the while Walls am windows were burnished by the Las rays of the aun As it gradually whirled its Brnad disk below the Summit of he Western Hills i the child of k Long Jui Cellaneous. Things appear Black. Because they or elect Little or no Light an affecting tale. Ore to say about the Colon speak of refract in if Light meets another body if reflected Law a any o sinking again i forget Hia while Obj ring the clip sea of the satellites of jul i it these eclipses occur very frequently and had been calculated As Are those of the Ion and Moon for Many years to come it was found by observation that when our Earth was Between the Sun and Jupiter they appeared to take place fifteen earlier than when the Earth was on that u tha son nearly opposite Jupiter the difference of the Earth s distance from Jupiter in these to positions is the diameter of her orbit or about 000 of Miles this discovery puzzled philosophers at first but it could be explained on no other supposition tbsp that Light like other bodies cannot be in two places at the same instant of urn e and bal it required fifteen minutes to traverse the diameter of the Edilh a Orbic 1 know not what opinion philosophers held on this Luh Jeff previous to this discovery but it is probable they believed that the motion of Light required time but that they had no idea of its rate of velocity i will attempt to explain ban the apparent difference of time in the eclipses of jul Poitr c Tatel Itea proves that Light travels at Ibe Rale above mentioned Many of my readers will understand it without any explanation More and Especial y the Youthful will have to put on their studying and pay strict at tension or they will not comprehend the Best explanation that can be Given the cat elites of Jupiter like All the other planets primary and secondary Are seen Only by Light Light trom the Sun which Falls upon their surfaces and is reflected from thence to the Eye la travelling from them to the Spectator on our Earth Light must occupy a length of time proper honed to the distance sri in pasting across the whole Width of the Earth s orbit it will of envy time in proportion to that distance when the body of Jupiter gets Between the Tun and one of his Talent is the latter is said to be eclipsed it ceases to reflect the Sun s 1 get because none Falls upon it but will tint change become instantly i mile to a Spectator at a vast distance 7 no the Aleile will continue to appear Bright As usual nil the last Ray of Light which was reflected from it the instant before it entered the Shadow of Jupiter Las reached the Eye. If the Spectator should be in Hal Par of the arid s orbit which is nearest Jupiter and ins Moons this last Ray will reach him sooner than if be Hail been posted in the opposite part of the orbit 90 000 000 of Miles More Distant the difference of time Bema lamed by observation As before stated to be fifteen Minuter and the diameter of the orbit of the carib being known any scholar who understands the Rule of can Tell How Long 1t requires for Light to travel through Given space a very Small Stream of Light is called a Ray a larger Stream a team and a beam of Light is said to consist of rays in free space and in transparent bodies of unvarying elements Lex lure and density the rays of move in straight lines but in All other cases their direction changes either gradually or suddenly with one or two exceptions which will be Motejl when come to of refraction there Are different kinds of Light which Are designated by Ibe different colors which they present to the Eye these Are commonly reckoned a consist of seven Viz Raj Orange yellow Green Blue indigo and Violet but a particular analysis has led to the opinion of late Bat there Only Terrt or elementary kinds of the red yellow and Silitti and that the remaining colors above named As Well As All other varieties Are the effect of different Combine Toni of two or All of these three Bilbao Peers have not determined the qualities of Light upon which the Colon de Pend and it is worthy of remark that the same effects May be produced by different degrees of pressure upon he Eye Ball new ton suggested As cause the different Velo cities of the particles of Light there Are consideration which seem to Render this theory probable while on the other there Are facts not yet explained which stand in the Way of its adoption. If Light were All of one color we should Lack the principal Means of distinguishing ode object from another and Tea pleasures of Light would be almost entirely unknown. There would be no variety in Ibe appear Ance of things that arising from the different of intensity in to one color from ill objects. The Beautiful of Rovreit would id. Mme As the parched grass or the withered Leaf nothing would appear White for lot it s Combina Tion of All the colors. The rain would be tis Blu on the bosom of the but shorn of All id Pethani some enthusiastic philanthropist night think Iden Tity of color in Light t god Send o the poor it would remove Tea object of wicked which drives him from society of other Nea. No Inch thing he would Hill be Black for Black it it is either Rufi Ehen absorbed or Tram matted t is submitted to the same Lier body that rebounds on a substance which it cannot by boy knows that a Ball falling perpendicularly upon the hard Leve l ground will bound directly upward and Winter had passed away the la of the North wind was spent 1 air came stealing from the Outh ing new life wild fragrance my Here really be nored into that if it is cast Down in an inclined direct j of the wot id. Tion it will Rise with he same inclination tree and Flower. I he heart Cin in Eniar of the in beyond the Point where it strikes and that making a Little allowance for the weight Olibe Ball it always rises Nith the same inclination with w with the part have no discont the regularity the curious ice it Falls it is just so Lea of Light except that they Rable weight to interfere with if their Reader movements will not need the Illus jars in the Commerce of the by Licule about us we May Seei Novin find reap a full Harvest of Ejvor. But Sheie is no Ailt Majlio 91 a c i great i 0 Herb Hough a Uto arrows for the y Nihil for re i lordly 1 or so Wiel As the file Surel which Springs from this very suddenly la tones of Llie evening Belli answer can exp rime traction of the h Ball a plane Mirror will Bia purpose better with that he Pon Light itself. He cannot so Well a Erchard the direction of a beam of Light As that of a Ball but be can vary the Altitude of the Mirror which n no answer Ibe same purpose if he has any knowledge of geometry be lean measure the angles made by lha Light on the Mirror before and alter being reflected Mercury. Fell upon my to Valley a revert rated from Hill and rolling Asil were Bil we often for tue k ambles. To one Vij Lio is of a nature calculated to enjoy soviet Haig like 7iiral who will Linns Elf the Busy scenes of the moving who i till sit do in and look out upon the Cochio Tiomi and cooled my ener Gies Vav hic surround him and feel Wil Ling to dream a Vay the remnant of a troubled 4rte to such an okie our own Little Towb has Chims of a lasting and endearing nature. It a Joe Good for the 3 Youthful observer to run about the Gle in numberless Vicissitudes and leave Llhee tracks of Loul Steps far and wide but finally sit Down m quiet retired while new ibo now dashed away a tear that bad been gathering in his Eye with what effect " ish ing by slowly ejaculated Ibe wag ii brought Hei right to just like a shot and the Way she skied into that Crout showed that Twenty four hours Baru exercise in the Chapparal Mas a greatness to the appetite it took at least Twenty to inuits to collect the scattered Ihrl broker their ropes when the laugh that succeeded this Termina Tion to a lad Story broke upon them urea political. Democratic meeting. At a meeting f the democratic citizens of Founty i Wellsboro o Hay 18j7, in i motion of nvened1 at the Coort Hoose tuesday evening the Isth Rutan re of previous c Kooi Esq the Hon Brewster we bin Oinie Peai the Hon a Justis Paek Hurst and Joseph w a Eurssey ask vice presidents and to Elliott and Hoyt secretaries on motion the following named gentlemen were Hippo Mcd to draft resolutions expressive of lha seme of the Emery j c. Cox. A h Pardon Damon ported the Folio unanimously and Loleit icon Henry Sherwood and Virlio by their chairman re ing resolutions which were Attali id principles have political parties incipient eating the in i representation hat the same features and distinguished the two great of our country Iron the first f Independence to Ibe present democratic of equal rights and Oum led upon and not Junior. A Law student Alabama. An Exchange that or c w to Stu a died Law in the office of a senior member the bar in some town in some state Ted to Alabama for his examination judge p said or c Friend now in the Village will go you go and Stan your of course c consented he bad been veral Days anxiously waiting for the Julga a the Exchange alias grocery alien Dogger Aller the formality of an introduction the judge Aid Well or c you to be examine i for admittance to the bar yes sir 1 Well sir let s Lake something Odnel barkeeper give us two juleps Jar c can you swim 7" yes sir i said c great y by prised 1 Well sir Lei s take another drink e keeper two cocktails the cocktails vanished and the judge same c have of got a horse certainly said c very said the judge As sobe As though charging a grand jury or if you please Tell Lake a drink Barkeep two teddies the teddies disappeared and c of he beg Jan to feel rather queer horse from i 7" a c sir a messily said the Juige he j tried o u i oof of that rear ends would by in lining r Home Moio j _ one him not and Dorres tics j he knew that belong to be Ger in forbidden Campi hat she was loss Hal she was crazed and he determined to arrest her coiling the anal or leather rope to his Saddle in his hand he Sel off full Speed Arter the Bew Imereda and fugitive threw it gently Over her head and thus checked Ber flight to Call his daughter Lal acquaintance Strong Demk occasioned thinking thai she might assist in soothing the Hen said the judge i Jib Mere de Gravity j our horse Cun so j can swim and by the blood of h a think you Are Well qualified for an Alabama lawyer give me your commission and 1 will sign in meanwhile barkeeper give us two punches for my Friend or c and myself i m c continued the judge i Demk Success to your admission to the Alabama bar Blitz the ilium big in order the better to understand Ine Ful lowing joke it should be known Hal pledge. 1 1 _ lain of my Taklie the said a reclaimed Man in Kent to anti Teelou me to have More to do Una than l was d Consu i poor girl Nas his first impulse to proceed 1 her be the Camp of Ber lends and de i liver her to those who must be anxious Lor my other things out of p edit and got More than my former property around Mesa san a not a word you had leave in you him a word is a if tie think Ever Teeto Alisa has we Mer of Strong drink i pledged my pledged my bed i i edged i in Short every i her safely was his second thing that was Pleitz Able and was Lomg great was he Joy of her relatives glad Ever Hope and Blessing Hon tee total truth Jeneda were the hearts of All who knew her me me Anil convinced me Folty Folly 1 Hen j at she was brought into Camp bul soon i pledged myself and by soon got emotions were changed to bitter sorrow and anguish As they discovered that the fairest Flower among the emigrants was hopelessly hideously deranged the Sweet caresses Olber Mother and sister she answered a vacant kind offices of those who crowded around her were un-1 cared Foi disregarded. Her half frantic Loter a he uttered words o. Comfort and endearment was answered with a look that told plainly be recognized him not that he was forgotten. Restoratives of every description were resorted to but in vain. A favorite dog As be wagged his Tail with Joy and endeavoured to lick the hand of ins its treas in Token o f gladness at her return was spurned a stranger. Songs thai she had loved in childhood fell in soft cadence on her ear yet she heeded them not preen is from Ber Lover gifts that she had treasured in her heart of passed Over As Idle toys. Her once Bright Eye so full of Intelli gence and life was now vacant and Lustre less. Jer round full face once so gradient with a mean Lesa Blank and As her Chendt Gaz d upon her they wrung their hands in sorrow and us misgivings that the Region of the poor girl was lost for Ever. At length continued Bill in i Darly mat it has stirred up a of sing a word has saved Man Many a life. A word unit ton would Long have lived country who can Tell the feels produced by a trifling Ful what you say. Think t and you will never be nor sell or cause a thrill of Pai the heart of a Friend 3e not to familiar a lib a of danger nor with inferiors for it 19 mile cent far less with mean be pie whom ignorance renders insolent inso Nuch that Berng insensible of the Honor the is done Tatum they presume it to be their due. Good actions once re solve i like fixed stars should Bald one and tha fan Talion of firm Neil and should Dot Subj it to irregular Little ride motions we know but tribe suppress a character ered and Hancil a Pride to Bis Good or bad of Vord f before you speak fied with your to Flash through land to Buiu. Priora for fear Blitz is a Celebi aled ventriloquist and i clan. In the course of his travels Blitz was standing one do in fro n i of a watching the movements of a Clumpy Man who was attaching some horse Roach the Ulra occurred to him to a Little sport the irishman brought fresh horse and about to put on h Ness when the before supposed dumb declared he would not Start on his Jol Irney until he had Bis onis Leech from upon proper Ibe doctrine of personal re Pons Bilay in Oppolt on to chartered Immon nit Iree com petition in a and Monopo lies to the rights of the states As Index Emlene snities and the assume lion of no Powers b the general government except such As Fere expressly ranted by the a d s Antes that it is the True office of Goi. Ermerl to secure the greatest Good to be Gre Alful rubber the other the whig party under whatever name in May be whether Pederal Nat Republican whig or and other Avail Abl name advocating the rights of the aristocracy in opposition to t he nil is of the Fojon Ltd upon arc Rol upon the doctrine of chartered immunities in oppose dior to individual responsibility of a constrained i Mead of a Liberal Cor strut lion of the cons u Monopo lies ror the Nch mislead of i the Competition und finally Hal it is the Uty of government to legislate for the Rich aril Bat the Rich will take care of the poor retailed that u has been he strict adherence to fundamental principles of lha has so in preserved the democratic party in tie and that though under Trp pc Herrera of the moment she May for a Short nrrn1 have been i put Down by the combined Powers of wealth acting 10 concert Jel the Scono sober thought of the people has always been and the Sun of Derno Iarj been clouded for the to orrery orly to thine More brightly thereof apr 1 , it in i a rom nation and election of k Polk to the presidency of the uni Eil Bio i we the opera lion of Demoniac p Qirici so in had i minis ration we Bale sep principles Emu entry illustrate an Fai fully carried i the Ai negation of will in All future time he la old a a glorious Era in the of True in Sciples tha resistance ors of met can i Macau lira and the Couch i no War 10 Glori i Oua to american Aims and Arrer con charac i Ter will make the Era or Irit Prest no admin str Nikon one of i Corr Ron Bugh Trees in Iha i annals of american rus tiry 1 r toned that we fail w h exultation and p ule the glorious Etaf Nis of ame arms Thi Spert in v i ones of our heroes uhe Lher marching in the ranks of the Iriva e to Dier with the Epa Ile Les of the sub edit ale i i cer or hearing the p omes of the Cam Naid no rat while a have me n to ibid or and Scot and Worth en1 Pon Phan and Kearney and Pat Lerson by 1 Hartley and Ard she tvs Ard in jigs Aid com or Ard s Oklon and blurt or and Perr Ard a Host or others the american arms can be disgraced or he e Tuchton of our Coj glory a tar n shed retailed that we recognise in t e admin is ration of ii Salmi the exhibition of democratic or Iii in opposition to the continual warring of ism against the Trua interests of the we Lail his reborn nation with pleasure and Pirle and As an Oman of Iris Phani that tit Star lid Jack astonished at the s from Ibe horse and recovering a Little his astonishment anal looking the brute full in the face he an do be pretend to say be inv n t had yer oals Noo n of a single coolly replied the Horsa Pat held up his hands in amazement and cried Fer bloody liar an so or Aid for Jemmy Google gave be a ptct., if be pad an oat still the horse flatly denied his having the i election As a member of he canal Board i l Oats and Pat greatly incensed rus bed Inlo i e " Assurance that As far As he is concerned an the Public interest will be zealously guarded. In he Corring Campaign will fight under the Bai Ner of la Sii Wiik and democracy Polk and the people fully conf Lenl Hal we shall signally Trout Mph Over a party whose Banner is inscribe a i h win and federalism not w withstand no the May attempt o degrade the character of Neof our heroes by attach ing his Nane to a combination to unholy and attempting to Force him to become the Leader of a Patty who have denounced the War which he has helped to Rake Sobril part As l4 Infa Mous unholy and god Abb oried re Solitrin that in Morris lung Siket the Moni Pomery county Farmer our Candi Date for canal commissioner we recognise a Man of pure democratic Sterling in eerily and sound judgment and that hit Ibe. Stable crying has Billy bad no Oats ibis morning 7" Shure he s had his Peck o Ibe lying divil an a swears be Hant had the bloody one at All a Tal the Peculiar twinkle of his Eye Tifeld Bow much the ventriloquist enjoyed the a Ujke. Jeu d Esprit a Mason speaking of the difficulties of making a cellar rather deeper u is usual to have them was answered by the owner

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