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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 25, 1854, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaUken the men Narf aft air r subscription. 5 years there Haio i Neasure in which a d been Famili or Public h. An now. Of peas for fare Ami presents them Ier As to illustrate no 1in" in Annot Jetoo highly i Over in memory i a Tennien and a r Public career hav Ille t0 01 sri Wand t -5 1 booksellers Ca ramen inn log applied wholesale at the publisher s Pii Kienit of a Large profit. Must to Post paid. Jorosa pocket Man his Owh Pat lojas the Fortieth edition Wilh Ono Hundred showing Pisen ses and malformations of the human system in Ewy present a copy of the a Icola pins Lohu child. It Moy Savo Early Graro. Let no Forniz Man two to the secret obligations of married life the Ascot apis. Let no obon a a clued Coomb pain in tie Whol. Iram Given Nyby their her moment con saying the poc Tot have the married or Pedi Wunt read this in uly useful soot. N the of a Laturco from Tho be be consoled on any of i i diver est publicatroni., at e St Jeet. The Xci has Ovate. Now can buy All articles in a Iron of Jiing a Cau stove an tin store a be i. A a cheap no and will Al cheap acc. Bushels of both pealed emacs e importance to or those _ , by of Assort rent now be at that country is the most prosperous where labor commands the greatest Buchanan. O. 40. May 25, ism. Walt Ian May 34, ism. G Ujj Loti undersigned having listened with truthful of last Dyen a of Odd Fellowship would in a respectfully solicit a copy of the in this love which a inculcated by Odd fellow ship is not merely a love of fraternity in its Usua acceptation but spreads itself Over the in lire 5eld of this moral exercise. It recognizes i her efforts be Ted it is important that their prolific cause should be understood. Taking the world As it Side the elements of discord be removed and Appeal through the Eye to Iris beyond her proper sphere. But this object the reign of peace add love established upon Lence and sympathy. Over the characters lion if would establish the the Earth. If Man can a brought Back to of men Odd Fellowship watches Wilh a sleep that unless Man can at once a made per every being wearing the human form is for the basis of their calculation they Obser the Law of fraternity under which less guards it As the greatest feel As nature will allow he should be at n my of Norinta tinny Iho minol to Elf Iho min Lite Ali Urainna Rena of to in i tha waa Perl Liv inf Librn us High n Man a. I. 0ruur High regard we Are yours a f. T., h. W. Williams n. A Dei new Jod. Rib Kolle. Havana a j 1854. W Willi Nowood others brother Permil me to express votaries from those immoral vicious prac Licea which degrade our nature and bring suffer in and ruin in their train. Prevol the effect by removing cause to make men happier by making them Beller. Sherif assails the r errors Wilh the weapons of truth and Dis covers to men their faults by presenting to them b Correct Standard of human conduct. She by Lional prejudices these in their turn Begel a Lional Anim Silies and these create National wars and the Earth trembles under the tread of contending armies and groans beneath hecatomb of the slain and drinks warm gush ing from Len thousand Noble hearts the purple current from the Well of life. Again in every nation their Are subdivisions with their respective interests in the Advance ment of which clan comes in Contact with clan party with party and Cost with Cost fends contentions and animosities arise and ranking passion rend the human breast a Hitler hate evolves the elements of strife while kindling rancor fires the fevered mind and Man Indus Ger in eternal Hale. Happy were in for the human race if lion found a limit Here. For then within the narrow limits of party clan and cast might dwell the True fraternal feeling and the social and moral Virtues under its enlivening influence might push their rapid growth. But still the wort goes on. These clans and casts Are composed of families each having interests which they regard As separate from if not incompatible with the interest of the Resl. Hence jealousies arise Foj Tenily against family so ruling up Itie activity of worldly interest and worldly preferment. Each in his turn using the Oiler to attain his end pulling each other Down that they May Rise regarding each the other s Fortune As their Fate. Bul Here we sure can pause. For within the Hal Lowed precincts of Domestic life the strife Rauel end. Would it were so. But1 even Here self interests arise to mar and sever the ties of Tenily in so much that in prospective death without interruption to ply her towards its erring members May by Possi for her from such a. Objection. Lies and put Lorth her energies for the Public ability a so construed. That Odd Fellows Bat inst ii Good inasmuch As every Advance towards its accomplish men must be though a Complete Triumph is not secured. Every individual who is brought to subscribe this Doc Trine and yield to its practical influence is so much effected toward the consummation of the ult into design. Nor is it a hopeless Case for by the Law of influence by slow but steady Progress May this desirable Reform be effected. Much has already been done from Small be ginnings. Tha Center of the great deep of institution compels the principles leaching Good men to associate with the wicked and of tha institution and Are not excluded 1 the bad. Whereas the Bible says come Grant. But Odd Fellowship in this is True to out from among them and be be lie Rolf True to her principles and True to Ier we Grant i Tristian should come Otil object. The work of reformation by the and be Sepa. Rate from the in spirit and employment of moral Means such As Odd practice so far As that practice is sinful but Lelly ship wields is not the work of a moment. Where divine Power is exerted and superhuman agencies Are employed it May be thus speedily effected. But where such a moral revolution is to be effected by unaided deny that in is the design that we shall not Nusso Civite Wilb them in our characters As christians. The relation which the Christiaa and the Christian Church sustains to the world _ clearly teaches duly of a proper Asso the Public mind has been agitated. Wave Juman instruments the process Musl be be. Ciai Ion. They sustain the same relation 16 has succeeded wave in and Cessa Rily slow and attended by such Abera the world and perform Emhe same office thai we yet Hope that in of time the Lions. For it lakes the Man Wilhour any Salt does to the article to be seasoned or pet period will arrive when be most Distant Shore change having been previously wrought and served. Be Are the Salt of the earthy shall respond to this influence and the world by the presentation of moral precepts and the he Saviour. This necessarily implies con shall Suomu to the Law of brotherhood and application of moral principles seeks his in tact Between the Salt and the substance to be love. Pro vement and Elevation. And As to would preserved. Let us suppose for illustration but there Aro evils arising from other Cau be Folly to expect that the first lesson should that lire Farmer having killed his animals sos for which Odd Fellowship makes provi effect in entire revolution so would it be in should proceed w adjust the meat in the bar that no morality however pure Wise to abandon the Effort upon the first est in the most approved manner. He then prevent which come alike upon the evil and Dence that the was not completed. This procures his in tit Aad is very particular As 16 the Good upon. The fraternal and the selfish would be contrary to Universal precedent and is Quality. Dest. Proceeds to place his against this common enemy Odd Fellowship fatal to the whole system. If Iho Pupil for gets his lesson he is taught to try again. If the Mechanic Mokes a mistake in reducing the rules of his Art to practice he is. .re Trieve it Iby repetition and. Practice. And even in Feli duo there Musl be sine upon Lino and Precept upon Precept. Much More in moral science and Nora i Nikecha Mem should meat m the comr and places the Salt in tha Garret. Will this arrangement preserve tha meat 1 Here is the meat and there 5s the and Salt it is known will preserve not be you answer no. quire Why 1 you Tell me because they must be United in order that live preservative Prin Ciple of Salt May be imparted to the sub itself or Benignant and Lappy in its Mali Itice. When the principles . In receives Tel i us cites and upon which its movements con fences her work of moral reformation depend erroneous and vicious in them the nose impressive lessons upon the degenerate files. Core Ilion of Man. An Well might the play and Funcil Ansof Man s perversion or rather Inver any Sicili organization be healthful and vigorous Sion of the design of the great architect of the the circuiting fluids contain the Poison no verse by which the Superior nature is to3 elements of disease and death and Are Dis brought into the most to them to every part of ii living maths if Erin and by which Man has become the come. A9 for to exact a salutary share of his ape tiles and moral influence with Wron principles. For these Dai triess in which sin has enveloped him As he principles Hoo the life current arc insinuating Gro is Bis Way through the Dee Pang to selves into every member ant portion of Allied by every fitful glean of in Tea whole system. Joy men which he mistakes through the of Toliese principles whirl give character to the insteness of Bis moral vision for the pure Light ii tuition have been made the property of the of rational full Rongey Deline so confident Are Iho Mcra Bera of. The let. Aslo leave a lasting impression upon every under int they will Bear the Pridea of scrutiny mind not More elastic than the air itself and investigation that they have inscribed them upon every heart ool Hoarder than the Granite the Boner and thrown them upon the r. And m that which is too she represents bin m the Nusl Edious and As an unmeaning Mollo is to be found destructive Litcht she Points to the darkness of Law Brood and firm foundation of his most no a starless moral night to the swelling mde of institution Friend m Aery and won to the a Sling pestilence and fun jute Arol Temh " her comic Eption of devouring War to Tab a Jab and method of makes a common cause and though she can not bar the door against his unwelcome approach she strives up Render the visitation is tolerable res she May. I refer now to bodily disease. At this hour the selfishness of a heartless world is fell with its most crushing weight. When enga Ulii ged the Active duties of life he mind by the Pupil be expected to make advancement stance to be preserved. Well you Are the men often sigh for the advancement of their healthful and Active employment forgets the by slow and laborious degrees and open Salt Earlh and in order that you May View and an interest regarded sacred cold and unfeeling treatment it has received mistake in the practical application of his season Andrj save in you must mingle and a because supposed to be purely their own. Here from the selfish. But when sickness comes rules. It is by the Taw of progression that it. F too quarrels for pal irony and preferment arise and Man is taken Rorri the life this wort is to be effect rein the Abs Etide of but you Call them Brothers. do a red the Power to work or cause we Reco Gerceyne doctrine of Universal of death and Over the coffin Corrie times de suffering hang its dismal drapery around this Law four Bei by. Fraternity ail Wea Are Threlk Ibe bitter Waters of strife gush Lori. The Couch of pain and the chamber of sick vicious Lor flog to port us not brother brother thus the world presents the spectacle of As , Ivore but for the assiduous attention of during All our lives they have grown with for of Cine Obj cd Many conflicting inter Eta As men and As Many conjugal affection which before his eyes is our growth and Streng thened with oter years by the employment of the same Means. Wearing out the energies of life in the partner and can Only lie overcome by of his bosom arid adding poignancy to his and persevering efforts. Branc Vafier Branch sufferings ii might die almost Unpi lied and alone. In these at fictions the offices of Odd fellow. Ship fall with comforting and soothing inf in ence upon the mind. At the bidding of her Laws Brethren in Whoso hearts dwell the feelings of , Glide like ministering spirits about the Couch of languish 1 a mmi1 a whether ivies to be claimed As a secret. Always appended to present. By the Conjoint influence of these the bylaws by which precepts and exercise a Are the Virttie us Emo each is governed which can 01 Ticu. Lions and which have Long been held therefore be no Mew As secrets. The men i Otto to love enlivens the Solitude and kindly offices borage to sensual Lar and vice to to m Bers Are of meeting Ruhe ans i Refore being removed it pres lift the Burden from the heart and hands of Vigo rated and while their of and hour of Raee Lilli ends one of the grandest and most inviting afflicted companion. So far then As sym Pressor for want Oline co operation it the so fat As or concerned Fields for philanthropic exertion. ascertain attention scan alleviate Alibi voluntary exercise become in he business Dino those meetings add a the truth in reference to i fils we Back Odd we ship carries out this feeble and Relas and Man a to us from Hia benevolent design. During these Duys or proximate the lofty in Ilion to cd e a Are not then a society months of the income from Fellowship proposes to elevate him. Thus is in a having but let us look labor which is necessary to Supply Tho com her weakness Devotion to this charge. If it Means anything forts of life Are arrested Odd Fellowship from and her apparent Lenity to vice the it most be based upon the Assumption that All her Treasury or sympathetic heart pours in deadly hostility. Secrecy is wrong. This necessarily ascribes a Lido of unfailing supplies and prevents the such is conflicting men As compose the vast population of the Globe. From this corded selfishness arise a Large proportion of the evils that afflict the world and the crimes that disgrace humanity. Tyranny oppression fraud theft robbery extortion and All their Kindred attendant evils and miseries Are traceable directly to this v these Are Ettfer the results of arrange ment and design on the part of creator or of incidental causes. If they constitute a part of the grand design of creation then every Effort for their removal is rebellion against the throne and sinful in its character. The Only proper antidote under such circumstances would be a stoical philosophy which would nerve the soul to the desperate to Bear without complaint whatever evils they cannot avoid. But if the toot of these evils be an of this deadly Upas is to be pruned awry one practice after another abandoned or Cor rec cd and thus by progressive Steps the life conformed to the Rule adopted ii Las institution. Thus too Are the moral faculties to be sch there a objection to you Are a secret this also i am prepared to by in intended what should be intended by bring ing such a charge. The Constitution a that which As its name implies constitutes or gives therefore a one of Iho most important things understood i Tor regulated by the Coos Aiu application of the Der to a Correl How wedge of Odd Fello Shiji maxims and precepts taught Fly this order. in and the efforts of the mind to conform its inor to anticipate every wish and every want. Upon their lips is the Law of kindness while feelings and to the Standard they be claimed their sympathies distil a Healing Balm Leto the wounded and mitigate the anguish of the heart. The Light of Friendship and in the history of tha world to that period where tha original design is developed clearly defined. The Law existing at the time of Man s Crea Tion and under which a runs made be the Best expositor of the Saign of that creation. And that Law which is the Law of Universal Empire is thou shall live tie lord thy god with All thy heart and by fellow As whatever therefore. Contravenes this Law could be no part of the grand design of human existence and whatever is calculated to estrange the feelings and hearts of men is inimical to such design and compatible Wilh the divine will. This is further stated in the following words who made of one blood All nations to dwell together upon the to it moral character whereas in depends for such Are her deterioration of hts temporal re principles such the objects at which character upon the nature of the thing turning health shall re open the former foun Aims and such the Means which she Secrel. Let me illustrate this by a sup Tom for his wants. And should kindness of their adaptation i cannot speak for want suppose i were called upon to sympathy and skill fail to arrest disease the of time. I have endeavoured to present the Odd fellow feels that his wife and Little ones whole in a Plain and a ostentatious Light. Will find a shelter in this Fesl Rution from the her principles Are right if her object be Lauda cold blasts of adversity and want and finds ble if the Means employed Are justifiable she a Solace in the principles and integrity of this asks your sympathies. She would be glad to bound by the lies of common origin and univer Beeri performed for the sufferer and his Spir Good she mingles not in party sisal brotherhood. He constituted one great in it Haax Iseed away Odd Fellowship throws it knows nothing of creeds and sects. For re Teresi in a twofold form and made depend Between the survivors and the gloomy Union she entertains the boost profound Vene upon agreement with the original design. And Crim Merce of Donth Sheds the Light of Hope ration and regard. She claims to be the pro As Cotita never have a nose he Hearth and extend3 the Miler of Concord and peace. She is not a unite two Loving hearts in the Bonds of holy Matrimony at a specified time and As is Usu ally the Case under such circumstances Shu d be requested to keep in a secret till the affair had transpired. I keep this 11 Moi drawn from the sic a Seo timed of the nor nor the from Saz Meriea elevated to the Bow of mercy and Promise to " i Guion fable Bol from the Lile like the world she of the time when the of inspired history where it gushing tide of Healing mercy n i the proves of Par _. I a Kaiui Jtj wet cow Tuoi Jug vim i connected with a morality As pure As the eternal Fountain shall sweep away these evils which sigh through Iho whom of Par and restore mi4der, happier Region of love. Dahi peace and Are have i done wrong or have i done let me suppose again Hal i am informed of a design on a certain bight to Rob a certain and murder its inmates and no re Quested to keep this do so u .1 or i a around Ine a Sofaie Neuru ease Una design is consummated Piave i Otow or War Protection to the defenceless wid Christian association but purely a moral one. Wrong in this you will All say i have done _ Wand orphan. I have not Given this Fea she does not propose men very wrong and what makes the All the possible interests of every men bar of Ture of the institution the attention to which Hans but to make them better. And while a. There wa3 n Kep m cases your the or Robinjr family and that every interest it importance would entitle it for the reason pure and elevated philanthropy animates her win be thing kept Secrel in the first should be Subserve by and depend upon the hat undue relative importance has been Al prompts her efforts and her Good wishes Cafee supposed was right and therefore i was advancement of the whole thus Corr q Thig in of Many follow the race she sub Iii her claims to the Jusli Hable if keeping it but in the latter Trio Cedeira Zingalli Inola Juan rent of the world and asks Only Justice Hing was wrong and Here Bre i had no Nehk be Elin of uni the entire sum of the system whereas it is at their hands. then the Only but one of its Many excellencies and is in be the Good resulting from the influence of is secrecy depends for its character upon the upon this foundation Odd Fellowship plants self Bat the result of the principles upon this order May not be readily perceived for nature of the thing kept secret. Bat the in Tseu for the Roscue of the world from the evils which it acts. While they have thus Regar it must necessarily harmonize and mend with Liberal spirit which urges this objection makes arising from the spirit of selfishness she ded it they have Only seen the vesture in the influence of every inst tuition and every i vitiate every performance so that where the urges the plea Allye Are she which it is Clad. The pecuniary benefits it cause calculated to produce the same or judgment is convinced that Odd Fellows Jip is seeks in this Universal fraternity an antidote confers and Tiff services it performs Are but a Lar results. That this is an age of moral As doing a work designed to bless the race they Versal fraternity. L or position because in upon such a precarious Foon Dalion. God Aad to incite in Stropa in behalf of fellow Man. Shines Briggler amid the to Lead the mind from sin s Deluque paths to or adversity and Tho pare Light of virtue s Walto she Ponta to the Distant Highlands of a future world in Vestal Robes of sinless pleasure and strives a raise our aspirations to their holy rights. In Short All that is Sublime in the history import amid the Vacis Saludes Fortune these being Circum and because we be unable to they do it. Let me illustrate this which can be advanced to the detriment Otan ther in distress and his family in affliction mete out to each and every cause their just supposition. .1 Tell a of mine Bat urn other by at the expense of Justice of Happi Al who Are benefited by these scenes share of influence should not be going w the Village of Tioga that there is a Nam an the general Good and so far As Odd Feho ship contemplates the win movement into evidence that any one of them and poor widow there who has a Large a wily of men can be brought by her influence to see of those who minister As Well a Comfort scially this Sarli Clarone has done nothing to children Desmitt Teof the and feel that the interests of All Aro so blended of those to they minister. Here in bless the world and elevate the Standard of that t am going of wants. Well hat no Man can injure his neighbor without these schools of affliction Are the Rontal feel moral Worth against Amr acknowledge ten says my Friend that is truly praiseworthy inflict liner on himself an equal bless Ings and sensibilities developed. The sense Dency of the precepts which Sha urdu locates How shall Fey in without securing to Himsel fas of Numa dependence is deepened and the and the she enforces. Nor Wal you. Jernay a Strong and sufficient the Bible is not Only received but most forcibly of or aug Mem another s Lappi. Fraternal feelings strengthened and the Mem should the fact that the work she proposes on foot shall you Tell the who you the Point of impressed upon the mind by the Workings of disown will Bera of the order better to a com to do is not All that is necessary to Are and Nifke the la f a hobble of much wrong is principle and in prac which must be poured upon the troubled Waters Jig of associated will Lead to Gin it should regarded a be of her sex Liber j j i j wot Kolh i acc to oter come and Riecl thee evils m order that their As lation Niay sub Kindred offices wherever suffering makes its Cehe news that she does attempt to Rush militate Triy Pla n. Whereupon Hie up apes

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