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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 22, 1851, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaPoets mch1. L Wellsborough Arroga county Pennsylvania at two doll4rs a thursday morning Rifaa 1851. F whole no. 666. Flowers. Tovo will Tho Flowers Flowra Are san of gentle Opp her Greco her youth of in match opt Lender gratitude. Al inn Lite Shin on on thou Art glad n t n on Corth to so Teeth she Bunla Forth l n Banjo. And gives thai Bock i for warm brr Gill Lovo of fort pro. You my boo Thorn born Oil and i april Inonu or dry a i r gift in arc Iho Ilo Vons that look on them in o Hoo s As upon lilo 0amo in Chr Sunna. Others Rod Jim when reflecting la Jiw i j proud moods Trio Burn Dan of Iho sky. And now of nil fur Wim i Boesl thou Boit to hts 7 for to t Jucson More wonderful 1 in any who bloomed on on ont in runs in Lior h roast thoth Small and Saul by Noil 1 Riti am or dirt prefer i to of Bine for her i Tinner by cold or no haunt to limbs a Wood und grown or co whip or the Viool i it min. Ivhon Rinrin in in her cell Oslo avoid r nos Frim tit r m 1 vet. Nil urn Dolli not clip Oil or our Precept Ress Forth if Brood a tilt a Juil no All Sliko if to men Nisi Udo get Alen y leads Minerv and intr fruitful to lion to mire hit Windum Hob h by Leaf and Bloom o or Tulip and Dalora Ili my mount uni Sylvan Boli Mlot to in Waters ung Tho Long a car hint i on Nih the Der nil san. H in of or ago Fumu Forth its grateful prayer no Gotful to stray. Tales and sketches. Donatello s St. The statue of s Georgs stand m the artist s nil Florenco came to look at it Allex 3-nined it with curiosity All admired it with Rie orness All pronounced it the Capo to hint tint in time he might tread close the Cois even of Donatello himself but t Les sanguine men and great friends of own bos idea they spoke at random. I led this student Michael Angelo. He had str of a Long time regarding it with " civic Vij and folded arms. From i coition to another measured it with ins anew from head to foot regarded in be i Imd and studied its profile from various v the venerable Donatello saw him and i4ri Long ind absorbed Oxar nation with 1 rut Crau Pride of an artist and the , of father. At length Michael sin cd onco More before a inhaled a breath Anil Broko the profound silence it wants Only one muttered thei boy. To l cried Tho successful artist what is tie first censure which my Litorja has elicited. Can i improve is it m Clay or the Marble 1 Tell but Tho critic hid Isip pred. Linow the mighty Genius of Michael Ane to. Lie had beheld the flashes of Tho a fire and watched the development of tie cued the old Man Michael an to Lime and not a Ward of advice my ils Luc. The scape Grace but i see him again or by Nous i will Fol him to the Al Ernul City. Hii opinion is shut of All the world but one a looked it listen and to the Mur which it Drew from All who in Hig face one Cao it be 1" rolled on Michael Angelo remained r made excursions to other places but had not yet returned to Florence. Where Ever he had been Meu regarded him As a Comet fiery terrible tremendous sub Lime. His Fame spread Over the Globe what his chisel touched in hallowed. He spurned the Dull Clay and struck his vast and intensely Brilliant conceptions at once from the Marble. Michael Angelo was a name to spell of the Honor to the world. What he praised lived what he condemned perished. Donatello grew old his anxiety grew More powerful to know what the inspired eyes of the wonderful Arviat had detected in his great statue. At length the immortal florentine turned his eyes to his native Republic and As he reached the Summit of the Hill Wlinich rises on the Side of Pola romans he beheld the magnificent and glorious dome and Campanile shining in the soft Golden radiance of the setting Sun with tha Broad topped lower of the Palazzo Vecchio lifted in the yellow Light even As this Day it stands. A death can no Worth Ward thee must the inspired artist s eyes be his band motionless his heart still his inventive brain As Dull As the Clay he models yes Donatello lies so reached on his last Couch and the Light of life is passing from his eyes yet even in Hal awful hour his thoughts Runyon the wishes of i past years and a sent for the florentine artist. His Friend came instantly. I am going Michael my chisel is Idle my vision is dim but i feel thy hand my Noble boy and i Hoar thy kind breast sob. I glory in thy renown i predicted it and i bless my creator thai i have lived to see it but before i sink into the Tomb i charge thee on thy Friendship on Why religion answer my As i am a Man i then Tell me without equivocation what it is my is George v the gift of was the reply. A gleam of sunshine1 fell across the old Man s face. The smile lingered on his lips Long after he Lay ooh As the Marble on which he had so often stamped the conceptions of his Genius. The statue remains the admiration of posterity and adorns the exterior of the Chresa d or san micke ies. A Story of College life. On a certain memorable Day in 1847, a Large Imper reached Oxford por great Western railway and was in due time delivered according to its direction at Christchurch con signed to Francis Buckland esq., a gentleman Well known in the University for his fondness for natural history. He opened the hamper and the moment the lid was removed Oul jumped a creature about of an English sheep dog covered with Long shaggy hair of a Brownish Colour. This wag a Young Bear born on mount Lebanon in few months before who had now arrived to receive his education at our Learned University. The moment that lie w released from his irksome attitude in the Ham per he made the most of his Liberty and the door of the room being open he rushed off Down Tho Cloisters. Service was going on in the Cha Pel and attracted by the pealing Organ or some other motive he made at once for the Chapel. As he arrived Al the door the Stout Verger happened to come thither from within and the moment he saw the impish looking creature that was Rushing into his Domain he made a tremendous nourish with his Silver Wand and Dart ing Inlo the Chapel ensconced himself in a tall Pew the door of which he bolted. Tig lath be Leser As the Bear was iveing scared by the Silver Wand turned from the Chapel and scampered frantically about the Large quadrangle putting to flight the numerous parties of dogs who in those Days made that spot their afternoon rendezvous. After a Sharp Chase a gown thrown Over Tig and he was with difficulty secured. During the struggle begot Ono of the fingers of his new master into his Mouth he bite it off no poor thing but began vigorously sucking it with that Peculiar mumbling noise for which bears Aie remarkable thus was he Levi Back to a Sroop walking All the Way on his Hind legs and sucking the ringer with All his might. A Collar was put round his neck Aid Tig became a his Good nature and amusing tricks soon made him a prime favorite with the undergraduates a Cap and gown were made altered in which to the great scandal of the dons he accompanied Hia master to breakfasts and wine Par lies where he contributed greatly to the amusement of the company and partook of Good things his viands being muffins and ices. He waa in general of an amiable disposition but subject to fits of rage during which his Vio Lence was extreme but a kind word and a Fin Ger to suck soon brought him found. He Wae most impatient of Solitude and would cry for hours when left alone particularly if it was dark. It was this unfortunate propensity which brought him into Especial Disfavour with of Chris Church whose Creek quandaries and. Hours of real were by Tig s la mentations. Of on one occasion he kept Iff College till after the had been shut and there waa no possibility of getting he out without the Porter seeing him when there would have been a Fine of ten shillings to pay the next morning for during this term an edict bad gone Forth against dogs and the authorities not being Learned in zoology could not be persuaded that a Bear was not a dog. Tig was therefore lied in a court Yard near his master s rooms but that gentle Man was soon brought out by1 his piteous cries and could not pacify him in any other Way than by bringing him into his rooms and at bed time Tig was chained to the Post at the Bottom of the bed where he remained quiet till Daylight and then shuffling on to the bed awoke his master by Licking his took no notice and presently Tig deliberately put his Hind legs under the blankets and covered himself up there he remained Lill Chapel Lime when his master left him and on his return found that the Young gentleman had been amusing himself during his Solitude by overturning everything he could get at in the room and apparently had a quarrel and fight with Tho looking Glass which was broken to pieces and the Wood work bitten All Over. The perpetrator of All this havoc sat on the bed looking exceedingly innocent but rocking backwards and forwards As if conscious of guilt and doubtful of the con fences. Near to Tig s House there Little Monkey died to a tree and Jacko s great amusement was to make grimaces at Tig and when the latter com Pope himself to sleep in the warm Sunshine Jacko would cautiously descend from the tree Aryl twisting his fingers in Tig s Long hair would give him a Sharp pull and in a moment was up the tree again chartering and clattering his Chain. Tig s answer Wasj m Ost would run backwards and forwards on his Hind legs sucking his paws and with his eyes fixed on Jacko uttering All sorts of threats and imprecations to the great Delight of the Monkey. He would then again Endeavor to Lake a Nap Only to be again disturbed by Hie Little Tormen Tor. However these two animals established a truce became excellent friends and would sit for half an hour together confronting each other apparently holding a conversation. At the commencement of the Long vocation Tig Wilh the other members of he University retired into the country and was daily taken out for a walk round the Village to the great astonishment of the bumpkins. There was a Little shop kept by an old Dame who sold whip Cord sugar Candy and other mailers and Here on one occasion Tig was ire aled to sugar Candy. Soon afterwards he got Loose and at once made off for the shop Inlo which he burst to the in Ull Erable terror of the spectacled and High capped old lady who was knitting stockings be Hind the counter moment she saw his shaggy head and heard the appalling Clator of his Chain she rushed up stairs in a delirium of terror. Wien assistance arrived the offender was discovered seated on the counter helping himself most liberally to Brown sugar and in was with some difficulty and after much Resis Tance that the offender could be dragged away r. Buckl Jfe had made a Promise thai Tig Ould pay a visit to a Village about six Miles Distant determined that he should proceed thither horse shied when Ever the Bear came near him there was some difficulty in getting him mounted bul at last his master managed to pull him up by the Chain while the Livorse was held Quiel. Tig Al first look up his position in front but soon walked round and stood up on his find legs resting his fore paws on his master s shoulders. To him this was exceedingly pleasant but not so to the horse who not being accustomed to carry two and feeling Tig s claws kicked and plunged to rid himself of the extra passenger. Tig held on like grim death and stuck in his claws most successfully for in Spile Oil All the efforts of the horse he was not in this Way the journey was performed the country folks opening their eyes at the apparition. When Lerm recommenced Tig returned to the University much altered in appearance for being of the family of Silver hears of Syria his coat had become almost White he was much bigger and stronger and his Teeth had made their appearance so that he was rather More difficult to manage the Only Way to re Strain him when in a rage was to hold him by the ears but on one occasion having loss his temper he Tore his Cap and gown to pieces. Lime the British association paid a Visil to Oxford and Tig was an object of much interest. The present on several occasions when he was introduced to breakfast parties of eminent eavans and much amusement was created by his tricks albeit they were a Little rough. In More than one instance he made sad havoc with Book muslims and other fragile articles of female attire on the whole however he conducted himself Wilh great propriety especially at an evening meeting at or. Daub Neys where he was much noticed to11 his Evi Dent Leisure. Still however the authorities at Christ Church not being zoologists had Peculiar notions respecting and at length after numerous threats and pecuniary penalties the fatal Day arrived and Tig s master was in formed that either he or the Bear must leave Oxford the next there we no re sisting this and poor dear Tig was accordingly put in a much larger one than that in which he had Send of to the zoo logical gardens Regent s Park Here he was placed in a comfortable Den by himself but alas he missed the society to which he had been accustomed the excitement of a College life and the numerous charms by which the University was endeared he refused his food he ran perpetually up and Down his Den in the vain Hope of escape and was one morning found dead a victim to a Bro ten heart i t Mac Ellaniors what constitutes a tent Leinan. To be a gentleman is a laudable ambition and every Man should aim to attain that character. But difficulty arises from the various fancies that More or less prevail As to whal cons Lilles the True gentleman. J i that Young Man Wilh a on his upper lip imagines himself a Fine specimen of he genuine article. How elegantly he is stiffened and searched with corsets straps and Dickey boots Are just the fit and his Tai Lor made a dead hit when he Cut that he has no visible Means of sustenance and yet to picks his Teeth with elegant non balance in front of the most fashionable hotels. He car Ries too a Gold headed Cane wears a quizzing Glass swells Ikea Toad talking of his upper ten acquaintances goes to the theatre criticises learn edly dances divinely is admired by the ladies and after dark prowls the streets to in Eull the poor girl who is returning to her hum ble Home wearied with toilsome labor. But that youth makes a great mistake. He has not a single element of the True gentleman in him. Strip him of his Geog avs and the distinction Between him and the Monkey would nol be Worth mentioning. Bra Inglesi and heart less they Are the Mere scum that float upon the surface of society of no use to themselves or anybody else except As dolls. A million of them would t be Worth As much As Little Billy Button who Chilom flourished in Middle Street Force did do something although lie made a mistake when he whipped his wife for jelling the Light Ning get into his closet. If the Mil liner and the laundress desert these Minnikine the difference Between the false and tha True would soon appear. But look at the Well dressed Man with Black whiskers. Is nol he a gentleman 1 we should hardly dare to Tell him to his fact otherwise if we should he would probably Knock us Down and we can assure those of our readers who have tried in that the position is neither comfortable nor Graceful. Yet we will just whisper in your year privately mind and while his Eye is turned another he is Nota gentleman the contrary quite the he lives by victimizing at the gambling table or by other still More Dis honorable practices. He is worse than the Semi comical animals above described in possessing great ability to injure. Yet superficially though the foulest bogus he tries to pass tolerably Well As current Coin in very like the state prison or the hanging is not meanwhile snap him up and close his eventful career. Some Young men have a notion thai to be a True gentleman they must scoff at religion avow disbelief in a future life Snaer at profes1 sors of the christain Iii Ali Spud Sale All virtue boast of their licentiousness and seductions drink deep and Long and swagger their Way downward to the Gutter. Faught such miserable wretches Ore to society what the Green putrid stagnant Miasma tic Waters Are to the Beautiful ing the poisonous doors of death All around them. Dress does not make the gentleman. If it did then the greatest fool and Knave in the world might Lay claim to the character provided he had Money enough or sufficient credit. Fashionable accomplishments do not make the gentleman. A Man May be exquisitely courteous in his May Lonch his hat and make a Bow with the reputed Grace of May be All smiles and Savity yet he May smile and Twila and a a it is an old adage that mind makes the the exterior is but the covering. Many suppose thai this outer packing of muscle and Bone and sinew is the real Man arid ladies Bome limes say. Whal a handsome Man he is Why it they could Only look beneath this Fine Frame work and see the Interior life they would behold deformity utterly gnarled and twisted out of shape by Demoniac passions. The he Art makes the gentleman. We have seen men steeped to the eyelids in direst poverty Balling manfully hour and Day after Day Wilh Adverse Fate for the Mere per Mission to live and we have Felt thai they de served our profoundest homage. Wesee Euch indeed daily. A dismayed they struggle on with their heart warm and their Hopes Ever on the Wing. In a Little Circle of their place sacred and glorious and Beautiful to them however Manifest All the Amani lies and drink Fin All the Joys thai Home is de signed to produce. With firm Confidence in Providence and the final rest in heaven they meet All trials cheerfully and breast the heaviest Waves on the rough Ocean of life with Strong arms. Through All forever beams out the heart smile. These Are gentle Man not fashioned by the tailor s skill not spawned from the Money Chest but made and moulded in elegant proportions by the artistic hand of the great architect. On our Way to Church on the Sabbath Day we sometimes see a Young Man leading his Ven Erable Mother to the House of god. We Mark the watchful Eye with which he guards her loitering gently he leads her How whole mind is absorbed in tender re Gard for that Mother. Her face is seamed All Over with she has no wrinkles in he. Who denies his Tille to a Patent nobility he May dress plainly perhaps May make you an awkward May Lack All the graces and charms of refined yet he is in the noblest sense of All the truth Gen Eclectic. Apprentices. Of by which the youth who desired to learn a Trade was indentured Lill he was Twenty one years old has fallen into disuse to a great extent much to the injury of our youths and to the disadvantage of regularly liaised mechanics and honorable employers. In our Day a lad enters an establishment without being bound acquires a smattering of the business and then if he gets affronted or is of a capricious Lemper a goes off and hires As a Quarter or halt hand in some mean concern where the for a months until he is ready for another change in a Vagabond life. He acquires vagrant habits never practices self control Gaines no charac Ter in any one establishment which will serve him in mature Hie. Besides this such youths Are under Little or no control As regards amuse ments associates dress and the improvement of their minds. Under the old system the apprentice waa a Ward and the master a Guardi in. Lie was abused and neglected it is True. But this is True sometimes of children by their parents. The general truth was that apprentices of Worth and Industry grew up into the Confidence and affection of their masters and their families underwent a wholesome discipline and a judicious restraint and As they approached manhood they were conscious of having formed a character and established u reputation with their employer and Vith those having with the establishment which in after life often proved the Best of capital. They frequently make themselves so useful and necessary to their master that when their apprenticeship expired they were introduced to a higher station As foremen or partner. There is no comparison As a general fact be tween youth trained of the modern plan and those brought up on the old one either As regards character or prospects in life we have watch i de the effects of both systems in numerous in j stances and we speak what we know when we consequent increase of health vivacity strength Grace of action and expression. This is a remarkable effect of the water consists mainly in a certain regular and prescribed a Ries of bathing that ladies would resort to it for the improvement of their looks if the re covery of their health were not a necessary concomitant. The relation of general and entire cleanliness to Beauty is simply this no person can he Beautiful without health no person can be healthy unless the Ekin maintains its proper and the skin cannot act with vigor without the cleansing and tonic effect of a daily Bath. Worry through life with out it but those who Bathe every Day enjoy and whenever you Mea a clean fresh Rosy Beauty with big illness in every look and on elastic Grace in every motion with the Light glancing in her laughing eyes and the warm blood playing in her damask Cheek to sure that her skin is refreshed by frequent bathing in cold cure journal. Pat and lie oysters. , who had just been transplanted had been sent by his master to Purchase half a Bushel of oysters at the Quay but was absent to Long that apprehension were entertained for his safety. He returned at last however puffing tin Der his Load in the most musical style where have you been exclaimed his master. Where have i been Why where should i be but to fetch the Isles and what in the name of is. Patrick kept Long 1" Long by me sowl i think i have been Purley Quick cons therm All things v considering want things3" con Sither in what things 1 Why cons Therin the Dressin of the fish to be sure what what fish Why is what do you mean what do 1 mane Why i inane As i was resting Down Forden Tlle pickled herring and having a drop to Comfort me. A Jetle Man axed me what i d got in my sack. Said i. Let look at pm and he opens the bag. Och Thunder and says he who sowl de you it Wias Mick Carney the thana of the world what a blackguard he must be to give them to you without dressing amt they dressed 1 j. Devil a one of says he. Musha says i whal la 1 says he f d sooner do it myself than have you so abused an so he takes pm in doors and dresses pm Nate and clan As you la opening at the same time his bag of Oyster i empty As the head that i hundreds of half taught i youth now afloat in this Community the fruits of the modern system who will never by any a Miracle attain to either skill Means Short o in their Busin Unity. Ulea or respectability in the com a while nearly All the trades com Plain of the lick of skillful and Good moral j workmen they cannot be found at any Price. We throne put these suggestions for the consideration of parents and youths too who would Rise to be useful and respectable in the Mechanic arts or who would escape the dangers of City the again. This wonderful Nicro finance r assumes pro a Many shapes As characters. We hear of his actually performing in the Market the other morning the following Experiment on an egg Man i what s the Price of asked the Fakir of a Broad bpm mid Louii Trimn. cents a dozen if you want a single i Only want says the Fakir will you life or the influence of our shops which Are j five cents for Ona v pouring Forth streams of turbulent reckless youths. Organ. How to be Beautiful. Venus the embodiment of female Beauty was anciently represented As having Arisen from the go away or Don t bother me i want to Well my j i la give Yon five cents for this replies the Fakir coolly picking up an egg. Well if you Are Sash a fool you May take sea. This is Only another Way of Saemg that the pair gave we five took out is necessary to Beauty. Without his knife and cracked the egg Aud out rolled ten or twelve half eng los. Placing them in Hii i la take says the Fakir cleanliness there can be no health no Beauly. A hand left unwashed for a few Days becomes Grimes ugly Aud repulsive. If one can conceive of a face loft unwashed even for a week we must imagine something very far from be Dutiful. A face freshly washed looks More hand giving the Man another five cent piece. Cracking the next out rolled afe Many More. I i take All them save the Fakir. No you says the Matt covering his some than at any other time. Bul it in in. Vain j coat Tai Over the Basket and Makin to Wash the few Square inches of skin we have away far Home in such haste that expert boys in sight if the vastly larger area we cover with i have f d on our dress is left from Day to Day and from week gel let out so Hort to week uncleaned from its constantly Accuu Laling impurities. The health and consequently the clearness and freshness of the skin require j that every Square Inch nay every pore should i find and we have not heard the result but rather guess that if the country broker opened his be Yolk be in its Best condition and that cannot be if i a single Pote Knelt clogged with the impure matter which is continually pissing from the j we saw the Fakir drop e Dollar in the Bottom of the Basket so that the Cost that should ensue would not fall on the egg system. But the action of water upon the skin and especially cold water seems to be More important even than its first office of cleansing it from impurities. The rain bathes the Lovely Rose Bush washes it from dust but it also re j English newspaper shield freshest and enlivens every Leaf and Petal. So the cold Bath not Only cleanses the skin from ils impurities but gives it Lone strength and Glossy smoothness and r fresh appearance like that o f alias professional pomposity is Well taken of in the following anecdote which we find in a late doctor looking Learned and Peai no slow Well Mariner which tooth do you want extracted is u a molar or an Jack and it is on the upper tier on the Larboard the Rose just washed in nature s Bath a finial Bear Iland you swab for it is n Pine Shower. Jaw in a bloody bathing in All countries where Beauty has been esteemed and health is the fou Laio of Beauty of life eased fell become fresh Rosy Bright and Lovely after a few months of systematic bathing a thorough purification and renovation of the Ikin with a a Western writer thinks that if the proper Way to spell Tho is ate and has been considered the first necessity to beaux the proper Way of spelling Pota i have known Many ladies jaded Dis miserable and looking As badly As they toes is . Commercial says that turnip has become an article of manufacture in Cincin Nati. The turnips Are peeled chopped up and put up in the same manner a newspaper newspaper

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