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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 20, 1846, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaJ-vmjb3 p. Juabot. and proprietor. Tioga co., two dollars ind fifty of fifty cents de i Vear and for Cash Acluba will he deducted discontinued until All arrear i at the option of the editor. A intents not exceeding twelve times for one Dollar and for e. Twenty five cents. Hiji lines inserted for a evenly filor one or three insertions the j to yearly advertisers he Book of Lif in cd if o in a 69, by us faces not e cents ame. In five paces. By James Rees. of the l lie Ivun he Book of than All the Pierog by the native and recorded l bulb. And he who attempts c Rale the mysteries of the pc a Lathi one from in of and rendered practicable b to not pretend to a know litre s the Book rior Aua of doing so but 1 and have read a Fen a hich i respectfully sure Dif a pics Nysted y the read life s stage agriculture 38. Wellsboro Wedny 20, mass. The pages were filled with Trade and traffic and it the hurry and contusion of my vocation i lest sight of individuality. circumstance occurred which brought up immediately before me. One of the actors on extensive forgeries had been and so ingeniously Loo that the rogue had upwards of draft s were a Large Cotton House in new oilman on their i ready realized from the broken forty thousand dollars. These purported o have been agent in n circumstance Crescent City Quantance in York and Ali when 1 first Vijard the. Name of he fir i i was struck with inn curious coincidence i hat associated my gambling a ill the forgery the name by n of of jape de of Elob am a Ages 1 the g ail Ester orca most master he is in Del u Macon. Riv see took of ii j r ,-.i of a House in be is d mixed assemblage features Collid trs of crime and passion. Besides Jiose who gambling Mac the table was cover Tjon Ustich the excited Wrel and As Bolh ape Fatch sol he soul burs Inlet ring or a i a True picture of Bell i his Art he was known in that City was mor ton and the drafts i ascertained were made payable Mortimer. Tiue the similarity in name was not in itself sufficiently striking but what strengthened my suspicion was the fact that the gentleman alluded to in the second Page Ai being robbed was a clerk in the very House by whom the drafts were said to be i drawn. Satisfied in my own mind of the. Trinh Tif my Nurt Niles 1 immediately started i off to the broker to get a sight of one of the just Ai i reached the Corner of the Bletl in office was located who i should 1 meet the object of my suspicions. J was followed by a Black Man carrying a i heavy soon As he saw me be Chan e read j color and passed rapidly on Wilh head aver Leil purposely o avoid me. Fie is Guilly 1 exclaimed and hat filled the third Page of Iho. Book of life . Whose he .5. In irk grasped Dollar after up , and the j How it soothed the Uirt he won but there were the a u id their Couf that reigned lips compressed the i or Jurj hat the spirit of g i i horrid work. One you us. .i.i.iitin. I m i i i recognize lev Juicer. but his coun i of be smiled m Ehl c discerned a n us or. And Ervans i n. A Lold Hal All a Luule of life Ope in. Was a jotted count Busine in with eiga h a n c a them out in oaths a Gam e wild lastly of his be who dances item. Nervous Mali Rig Man raced Fel Triance it the us Tion of As d Vitie. Mini use All Mil i to Rabiy after h Siti . Ami i Idin Thi Isicc Adi boarding House was Beautiful i Ilaf Mir i Sippi whose Darl in of Ibe Ocean in All t Rory of the father of a Liron boats to Arteil Alon i Ine upper a for Europe Gay nudged was the i this Page of the to Craun Al Anil Bright a i a std 111 new hear Page . Blood Linth he Enslid now. In the Olden Lima. Ere human purged the general weal a. And since too murders have Heen per Rihm i top terrible ih1 i it Wei in a wild part of the stale of Penn Sylvania Lin the year 1s37, where lha huge mountains Rise up almost perpendicular and Lollar As of they playing hide and seek with the Clouds. I there for the Benefit of my health As was also some thirty or forty others. We enjoyed out time most Delight fully Bunting Anil fishing two thirds of it. Then we made no dailies for when the Moon poured Down its rays upon the water we Sang to the wild notes of music which gave to the scene a romantic and which found a corresponding chord to upon in every heart. 1 shall never forget my visit of the mountains of Pennsylvania. In a Placebo Remote from the e infectious vices of a populous City it was to be that the people were virtuous Anil Happy i f Tsor had there occurred aught to disturb the tranquilly which prevailed there until the second Welc after our arrival. One morning the body of a Young girl was found on the Bank or rather the margin of a j simile Stream which washed the base of the pirate t Mountain near the Lown. It was recognized for ill the sin be ices u opened Waters e Gran Laden Ood by Maori Jok of As l lha i 1 thou Juhls carried off of were Sjoling in int fir a Tiki. Of the future itch s a is thought 1 darkness play thwart 1 . Ins Crul Able and frer c we find Louis of ill thing i me Union whose coun e a Hajowy of grief re Teil and Siul the 01 in great a change my 1 enquired the i i to Robbiel he replied rubbed of As of a poor woman who mangled for the boarders of the hotel. How did this fearful Accident occur was in every Mouth. A Here Are Marks of violence and evidence of foul suspicion soon rested upon a who. Had been seen jerking in the neighbourhood and whose Sud Den disappearance gave Rise to the report that he Meisl be the murderer. On her person was found a piece of paper with the evidently written in haste meet me at eight the place signed Juhe paper i saw the letter m. S a Jered me i there was something in its appearance that attracted my attention it seemed to speak. A mysterious feeling crept Over me As 1 gazed and i mentally is Morton i turned the piece of paper Over examined it closely it was evidently written on a portion of a letter. A what do 1 of the address these letters were part of the Post Mark was on it and could plainly decipher cans it no key it As Plain the letter was Post marked and directed to Martin it strange murder comple Ted the. Fourth Page of the Book of lift cd Anil Hundred Ibe Young Man of came up i caught beneath my Hiil do Lakin i my very is watch s valuable lever we hav thief in the intently As he Cash. He Gam Eye it guilt up Lei Ange i the gift. I Oke and yes and a too eath his i ail he hastily left tily r that Man in rooms i asked. K that Man is i " robber Why he Isle son Why suspect him Kec Aufai the the fint and Sec on career Are written a la eternal tablets. Myself i .11 Book of i they j tha robot a Vires of the chapter they shall lost copy busily the great Page 5. The execution. Good rest As Wret cries have o or night that wait for execution in the the Page presenta a View of the Gal lows. The scenery around it differed from any that i Ever gated upon before. On the right rolled the Walers of the Susquehanna a on the left arose the Blue mountains covered with the mighty Oaks those old Forest Trees whose alone be reckoned by the Wood rangers for they bore the impress 9f and immense multitude had assembled to witness the execution of a hardened Crim Inal one c convicted a committing a most Hor Rible murder. It was a fearful sight to gaze upon. Scaffold was erected at Point of the Forest renown As the Cross roads it was a rude constructed thing but firm. The Clouds were gathering in dark folds above us but Ever and anon Ibe Sud would Dart Forth its rays and striking the dark Shade of the Trees gave to that portion of the scene a supernatural appearance of brightness. Around and about the Gallows Stock the anxious specie tors a mingled look of Pill and Defiance on each countenance which gave to the uplifted faces of the thousands an unearthly if not a fiendish at inst the culprit ascended a adder Fol Lowed by the Hangman the Root was strange a a solemn silence reigned among be vast a sound was itself suspended the Clouds had sickly Ray while upon the awful prep ceased to Bine Ibe Clou fill Bunde Ning a Breez a mighty Hurricane Ewe Mountain. Att Hatmone Hia head from his h gazed around with a j action Attr our eyes diet and the launched into eternity the fifth Page of Book Ted f Light shone for a rations. Again it i gathered in fear rolled the Lilit which swelled to t Down from the it the unhappy Man breast and ind maniac stare cited his attention moment lie was was Morton of life is comple written the Tioga Eagle. Persever when we look around the vast mass of mind Wii Talts Are in Dowel we see and changes As there Are natural Phenomena which King place around us. E mighty fabric has a mind ment is directed for the some purpose and this cannot be a trifling object As each Man is the framer of his own and May be directed to ennobling and intellectual pursuits which Bear upon Bis end not infrequently upon the destiny of nations. And surveying this amalgamate nce. Poo the Earth and which us i Hshi As Many variations in the Are constantly la cd Pierson of this whose every move accomplishment of d creation we and that before any thing can be performed he mind must be presented Wilh objects upon which to act Ihen a is to be made As to Irir selection perseverance must be called into action to ensure final Suc Ceis. I without this last every Effort of Man would be abortive since All to could perform Independent of its operation would ail to produce any result that would Aid or Advance him in the transactions sign or intention is Over f life. Every de Ime if not attended by this prompter of activity and Diligence which removes the of Stadurs that attend the of Mankind especially in the sea son of youth. Tho position which Man holds in relation to his fellow be Riga is greatly influenced by this principle if his Iho than fountains of Ign contented with a Harvest gals Rise no higher Rance he wrist be of the if he Ance Boug t the Liberty of free operation i the useful arts hav been the i the r t s title 1wb. Ard ill Plain d need seed reaps Lei Seim secur disco Verin Frucce Arduo n Menf the f u Wail of liver 1 is Cove a in thing a vivid t Guions o the Skie mysterious course y it Tiea 1i Pola 1 is of plent i t. Pared in g e Llhee from Clit i hone daughters. Great mistake made by id treatment of their daughter Matri Morrial mailers. Man to be nor worn ant Ojel Hap the thirsts for knowledge or Fame he May reach Ribeir Honoris if he desires the triumphs of the these May be he pants for j education an Enigh med mini or role naive Lowers of research per Severanco enables him t e grasp Ribeir blessings. I All who Bave Aris j in to the rights of Fame selves in the pursuits of 1 names id be Puritt tufted history have been Index throw Cul be for their Success. What profit arises Jojn most Hill inn distinguished bpm i be or their upon pages of roed to perseverance i intellect if this Slabi Lity be want ins of what use is it is to re main Wilh ils possessor i without a principle to Encile it occurrences which Are place Arotine us answer these if we turn Back the folds of pages of the past brought to View in age As the nudism by o action let the constantly taking Lime and acan the find this principle nation clime and which the comple Tion of every design it perfected. Receding from the present to periods of egyptian and Babylonia in reign., to say Noth ing of the nations before Elhem what striking Marks and existing monuments do we find to confirm the fact of acc. Go gaze with w As lofty pyramids rear to hand while domes Pilla strewn beneath your As j their sacred character or mysterious to Tell the Story of the ii untiring Persever Onder at its effects Ems elves on e in her is and temples Lay scarce fail Fame. Go in imagination to the Gates j babylonian see them bid seeming Defiance to the assaults of armies or Lime Muse upon her palaces or View Wilh wonderous Delight her Heights and turrets which seem to Pierce the cloudless sky. But pause armies Range these scenes Victory in sheaths her sword princes conquer monarchs and nations fill before of persevering ambition. Xerxes leads his countless Host to moves to i spoil the Youthful band but they persist try drive him beyond the precincts of their country s soil and from Hii nation t fam i. Behold Loo the Genius of this age the Jive of demos Benes bears record of unabated Effort while grecian Halls spread far the tiding i of unknown Talent the country. He goes into a store and works his any lip by labor i a till he becomes a Ine Chi Oiler comes a Mechanic fat in n Laws on a taught Man to trac acc. To drava it Froilo show the Mac and Trace its Prim was caused to Tarj engine to Speed be ship on in ils Cej urse and rapidity an it inti Points of d lulls to oils Tujan the Tig Ity by spation s it will Ful wings to the l in above the casual impulses around d places him up in a foundation we him Rorn till the innovations age me it invent. Thus he per 11 of science each him More and Mure him a stronger Power Sofeni e Climax of Compa he stands a Inonu Cul ovation and greatness sown unyielding persevere a Clitius the h be step renders i give ill he anime Lintel t of h its. No is name is emblazoned in Chara Cui Lustre upon Tae tiblets of Fame. I l. A Angton in to lion t for a Al Indus if. A 36ful in Whir the rattling Cejer along our Meads and St Gates nature s most his inclination with sleep what is More tiling s Flash or. Toe it every class Mair he Farmer sows assiduous to repay his Lent of the scholar May 6, 1346. I Oung mar comes to this c acquiring properly. The by begins to smile upon the come Rich they t they Hare been attached Iii in to Weir nature Village or Rasper i they res the Bildsoe sane one in their own sphere t years Roll on wealth incr a becom their of Amiens also. To of extract vice to Jet of Mcaffr let her virtuous indie t Usu mistress of me few Anent a Quaker 3 and Ephew on the sub Lifie Piodi be All that Poi Iii. Let her be Mph ashment which does h it. In to strengthen and a e o daughters Ai Well As i Al _. That she should Rais go. Around and that sex requires the Par i alte lion and Protection parents Lee Row u h the Mechanic a Aoji Hirv grow reach wealthy in Many or course through to manhood and can fal t h e m s i the it girls have to hard fight upon those who to Day Kee Wealby. The clerk becomes .1 in Erchin Rily increases they become Frond. The o a Jan re 1 Lisl Glend ill Vor r i rid Ai it and the fact need not he disguised. In Antime the parents say to each oth and eloquence. Senate to the voice of a Ciciro even eloquence Hung with Delight upon led with such intensity pies and arteries. The Earth stood tall moved in systematic order around their Gen eral sphere until Gall and people listened he sounds that Ebril or ought roman Tern inns and planets Leo broke the chains of ignorance taught Earth to Rind her unknown orb and the Sun to in nature s favored place. Philosophy Slot d mantled in a garb of Bung head beneath the shades of Heathen Sophi try until a Newton and determination of nature and Point Wilh Rema Ruals energy1 Rose to show the truths out its Universal Laws. With invincible firmness settled on their brows with fond expectations pictured in their hearts and Firtik trance for their i lotto the fathers of Opp to he Iha i m Nti til re he an Ace a firs see Par Bat be but a Pas de us he we o a Tipri an to i Ca place upon t Lection and companies w rent of Dan s i he nets he Irh enc. Fia3 t l i in souls i in. Ii not or fit in i John being Best suit the to in Lively Lempe in Ith every one so uld to he if Edn Tak it n his or and t when Popini d of mus marry in the Higler j an pay for the daughters Peihak the thing is acco of they live on in a stale of s Ess till they really become a e it into their Heads to Elope Schmar the Gardener or some e Liose pockets need rents May blame themselves for the merchant look around him he been a clerk worthy invite Louse. If be proposes for hit e if his capital of car actor is in say take my daughter Wilh let the Rich Mechanic do jibe he promising Journeyman is Willi be brought into a Mills misery and discord. We As a to his own in Tain that too liable to be cheerfulness mistress of p address Cal please and performance Tentio new than a habit qualities Abse nce of a which under Ter every i which is the end to be Republican but. In or Nat its we have ways of shout Good bad news. Ewi weakens the action of the heart uses tie lungs destroys Che appetite s the digestion and partially suspends All unctions of the system. An emotion of flushes the blanches Joy nates it and an instant thrill electrified of nerves. Surprise spurs the pulse Galloi. Delirium infuses great Energy on co nmn Nib and hundreds of Muscles to cite. Powerful emotions o often e Bode at a stroke. Chili Diago Ruf and cles died of Joy at the grecian games news f defeat k lied Philip v. On of does c red of an i motion of the ludicrous s pet Monkey Robed in pontifical Ying the chair f state. Miley moloch i Apon Tai tag a of in his army give stricken troops Sho r of under of Conwi Nelly died ded. Head h he Ted Rico ingress a tired on hearing o. Ned of e Lagrove and Cempe Case of fresh need Hong d the Edou Field of Battle unable upon Way be rallied rolled Back the tide of a the door the Lis. Eminent sea ers in the midst of an Oque uce or when the his the emotion that produced it has suddenly the parisian died when that tie musical prize de was adjudged t Hill in Newyork he me nory of he a i Aken before the i n perfect health mental a b 00 f Oti Bis nov trips and h dead Bee. Foi an is a p lice 0ny comp Itile Vilh the of f ily Trio us Are in coins curated to ii at to him. Anc examine the writing excellencies i b ppe though Spe sible qualification ver tires the Eye. There to Lesty implanted in our be Hind which implanted our Arkid More strangely in the in t in male which it re est violation of nature and of depravity in us to Ink not thyself Ibe Bap Bas shown thee a preference modesty was overlooked Loo de toward thyself there it be a one has it War to pm the Harp of itt to Vilein the tool. Revenue a As with Barbia u As religion. Let soul it i dark with malice and studious of walk through the Fields Clad with and adorned wirti1 Flowers to Bis Eye a Flowers Loi Hini exhale Tab Fra Grance. Like his soul Robed ill Cable. The smile of cheerful Esi lights Bojt up Bis Bomm with Joy the furies of j hell and Reader my As tin tenable at he object of his Bate. But him by band Tipon his and revenge father Ifor Gire me nature assumes a at i cast from it 1 for Girt and new and Garnier that it will be forgot the character nral for women which to be lion which they Bear at of Lovely dependence an of thy Choice should d delicacy of a female her eyes to thee and whole Reliance for pro a. This should be a i Erful frankness the a Jairt that or restrained Ough and feel Iii of Ryan and Wile As one. Sention that thy nature nil Houg Alful it will at with a Bee Ifill an i wife. I affirm not tha. K for a temper opposite engage meals Man j i or was to Turk Uilah the Antiquity j of i g n c o i n w b i c h w p n t to m a k a rep should of Chosich an of be cd 1 h i Lestin the be id of so a Ful a Frame of mind is Nnapp iness unrelieved by vivacity. She or would be sell sing manner and a gentle not to strike be will tutored Grbav but to in the inferior civilities and at scarcely less amiable Leral Benevolence. The be prescribed imply an Ess and irritable feeling t disposition May Emit Cial life of All coldness Jolove and radically in Thi of s of Tea lists and Point l conjugal character and Iling of fee Nice loquat an exemption f of which will be Merl in or portion As the instances of it 6tine55 in a wife is Cal state i Man coldness to Aleni loquat Citto Madden him. Of happiness. Go search to e p tomes of human the works of confucius a copts of Seneca and All crates. Collect All the inc int and modern mor a sentence equal to the simple prayer of our Saviour father Fob give r viled and Fering the Gross with thorns and minting cur and Placid a her Nursling his enemies was worthy Bly that Bis acquaint inc friends a re j was pure and tier do Brothers to you should seventy t husband expect Peif human. Ii Petu Lenl Aid d eat. Temper vigilance let to Aid Way of Lif ing fires Ful Auerlio Sivate with Plant it n 6 partner s pal i Bre the ascent i the prayer of mercy for it forgive of its out Gaiba genial Var nil that Cheri us along tha ing of rave Inge a kind is d away to die no Annabi s from his lips Sweet Springs of a Mother for 0, it Rigin proving inca Tesla was from heaven ave you Ever quarrelled differed if he who it forgave the bitterest Ell to cherish Precept is not even limes but ves you Bave no right to i each other. To erf is ill Mako ointment ruffle the Srai oth a then with unremitting slops controlled the lure. Then indeed Are the Meads str Dot and it Sowers is tit music of the Grove delightful to the ear and the Vroile of virtue Lovely to fait tool. Of All dats Coni Geralrd to the memory of tit per Ipi the outfit one jarring Mast by Strong contrast with its the Day when the coffin Bai been carried from the House and the Light if heaven admitted through tha recently darkened every object looks so unfamiliar. We have be Corrie accustomed to Ibe dim and the Long shadows they sympathise Wilh us. Now tit cheerful Sun looks in mockingly it rejoice not in the face of Day it brings not Hope Bat Mataio by to our minds and we Only watch the glad Dening beams to think that they Art Ibin Ioc on the narrow grave. Cultivate feel lbs or kind nest toward others. By constant in your those about you ind tit that attention w respectful even to children and Servalli. Do not get angry when Yoa express your probation of any thing and when 7011 Bat expressed that disapprobation let it pass that no enmity by harboured against you. A correspondent of the Seneca Ohio advertiser tells the following anecdote of by gone times of Michigan Bao Kinf which it copy. Judge it lab la present Alt and worthy governor of Michigan in the Timot of which i speak was one of it Board of Bank commissioners Abate duly it was to examine Anil report upon the condition of these institutions. La fetch s District to Bart was a Large number of Banks and alarmed at their heavy Issue be made a must rigid examination of the books and moneys on haad. The books Iho red to a Dollar the amount out was much Lei than Suppo sed and each by the by dirt accuracy of its officers verified the str it accuracy of the books. The Money an Bane wit rather larger than one Dollar to the of of the outstanding circulation and was mainly old Coin. In counting inns Gold Rifae rom Viamon of several up tha 1 Gold on hand and belonging o tha i Bank. At the next Bank the comm fauna1 co n of a site 1 c r and Hen a Light i began to brr Alc in upon his mind that a game of was going on but he Lvpl his own counsel at the Nett Bank the i coins were again on ready to be counted and sworn to As the funds of the at the next and the next and to on until but one Bank and that at some distance from the ethers was to a examined and still at All he found Monsieur Tonson in the shape of the identical Coin he bad to often counted instead of examining tit last Bank judge Felch took the Back track lha Banks and found their vaults empty. By forced Ling night and Day the commit Mioner was enabled to Lay hit hand upon and wind up every Bank he bad previously examined except the Init Nulious bad gut wind of the game going on and bad got the same Gold Back again that it had when first exam ined. Vive youngster who had Jeen smitten with the charms of a very Rosy jerked Kitchen run id to the employ of a ugly respectable family in Southwark found Umi Elf in rather an awkward on monday ironing while making his Devoin to his fair Charmar. In the midst of a conversation in be basement the foot of tha mis rest was lean upon the stairs and no time being Gaffur led for a Retreat he was shut up in tha pan by by the girl. Munfor unitedly the Mistr tis ame into the Kitchen for the purpose of get ing something out of the pantry and upon opening the door espied our hero who vat a medially hauled from his biding relieving Bat be was secreted for tit per lose of robbing the Boose a policy officer a cadent by passing Al the Lima was called is and the love stricken youth was conveyed to a neighbouring magistrate s office utterly con funded at the turn which Bis amour Hart Takeo. Hera however to explanation took lace and the culprit was permitted to de part. After listening to a a court from the Alderman the youth appeared lot to Aravt n hit determination never Loba caught again in such a dilemma. So Saya it Philadel phia Ledger. No verned they Art Consu a r strife of respect conduct. Be gentle affect but eradicate the the in in above All let to feel to find Babor in your breast obliging actions even i lice on cattle. It Yoti Are in the habit of buying your cattle you will often find them Usy i Hongji you have been Partick a july Agentive to your Wood ashes sifted on Miriem will kill the ver a Nice to will Sand Hough Many far to and on of Iraj palinic Trie Loo much. Loam Scatterer a Over barks has ten to vermin and a this a Tmea of Leoinal. Tobacco juice wih kill Mem and All other animals but chewers. These will Holt it in their for a Long Lime though it is Apt to trickle Down the Lorneze

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