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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 19, 1853, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaJ r of p of a Reify Al 0 door Snoj de n. Jumber i London w v Pearson. r in valuable Anta Mercury in any infer to. E retail Price has w aim Span the Narne of Tish Jhoss. Ala Able family be maj Reft of Jit my nuts Eufe. I Jieping god hero my see the my Tea Gwal Labora Chestnut Philadelphia and sold All 5n-l1ltf Jutow a the put Fate to oboe in be careful Iii me x l Imd Corre my on the Dutt Leiam y Mav be imposed on by Madl Oliie Blada of them by a Parson similar name Well talc Ilacad to dec Kiwi. In Aux sch Fehn prot Ken 04jandl06jorm St., new ecsa tical. Tobx Octal or. E principle Wuich. Thu let so Peiser Cringle Nim Nej for. Fetus to men Iovu Wynta of a Tawe Efon i l Kief Tiff take euro Pic y of Var wins of the born la talc Aie Bil Herto foun.1 no tit a gift from has on 1 his going to College some years ago but Hartvin to Cereoli of Trevor the Only More of he came off Shore. The family. To lad Hia Mol flier a Days and Days passed on and everything i k and his tall Sigil form and that wealth , and it.1i other see Ned perfectly identified Energy could effect was Pul in Pra Alice but Tea tastes and Habata of thi3 parents and Henry s loved remains were no where to k be Tatle Sisters a Hundred new enjoyments found. Tin have arrived with Iris i All language were faint to portray the Black Hrco Vouge people now lived in the open Shadow which now sealed Down in j Licary wis a splendid darkness Over tie trevors. The loud weeping Sam mar or Boatma 3nd ten y was equally of a pert Tritsc oat or inc Lillor or they would excursion along Cliffs and headlands or mounted on rugged Little fiery excl pics they Mould per crate into the a Orges Ami mid beside the lakes of the a Winch lowered behind their Bouse f the Otter Ard the 1 re Golden Teafile. In the month of june the of the gentle girls lha hysterical passion of their Mother continuing for hours and breaking the health and t he heart. Dry sleepless agony of the father Ever accusing himself As the cause of his sort s death and up and Down the room in silent the grief which does not speak. Withers Ali e o a wrought heart Anil Bidi it their affliction More Ever if they were one in the Day of Joy jute w As storm i re together. It Well then at Brighton and Bow much More m the night of sorrow. Their inn of life and of Oral Amon the South of piety too deepened under the lria.1 and often Feher Meu wis ume fable. This Tern when unable to master cruel agony they t me aude Only awl went in like Tranner would fling them Setosa on their Knees and pour fes n. _ a fir a twins a Bur out the overflow Mursor their distracted spirits after wowing a her out the their distracted spirits if Cal a buteo by in own in prayer to their heavenly father and Comfort the sea to no at was came Down for the Tims though Hope was dead nand m Llic Cire to. Tie Iii Isenba Long Bil weeks on but the work of years had Iowa of the Ailan Lic creates with foam and Wal ugh on their1 appearance or. Trevor s Hrc fell one after the other Lih Johnn once sliding Black hair was All streaked with do bolts up the Beach and sect ing to share lines which Griefs Pale Finger had the Shore and rocks it h the Logons of their drawn there. Hie wife s health like her poor Dertod artillery or racing round Elji to n by boy s life was wrecked away Newa Sanways pcs of the Blue head 3 Loi Krejsl Placid Martyr shattered nerves. While by out on the warring Waters Lite a great mind the fair girls were iils i two Young Trees Bentum link ii amidst Iron Fles. And drooping from the Shock of a terrible Tern at even Muf Small was seen by tic red pest. I they now determined to leave a lha scene of their misery. Their carnage and scr Clarc of the Eduig Supi Drifting rapidly Luik led arc of Rock n Rich go aimed tin Little at theeb Bof tide a rapid set _ _ Vonta arrived next Day along with an old Span northward jut outside Lii Dange Oua Reif but Iel which had belonged to Henry. A tide was flow the now she a Viddal by was not aware of the Ludden danger till she had Etrat Rcpt and then appeared immovable wedged nto the Rock. Sli Jwa 3 seen to hoist signals of the Roar o a solitary gun came shoreward in the wind. The ail of ibis dog affected the grief stricken family their1 Luggage was All and their carnage ordered to be at the door Al Day b reak for they had a Long Day s journey to go. Lato m the the Spatera walked on the Beach the sea was Calm and Beautiful and or Trevor Aid ims son were watching her from the Beach non the Sun Over it in thin cloudless of Black Stith Many Olbert and the former now offered and Gold i hey went to the Flat Rock irom i handsome gratuity to those who would launch whence Henry had leaped into the Pinnace Bill Maun boat and no off to her assistance they did nol speak one word bul weeping but All Shook their Heads for truth to say the abundantly each Bent Down her face in Utiss the Marine of a was in a very discreditable spot on the Rock which their brother s Steps had condition and exception middling sized pin last pressed. The poor girls mingled their i ice they had no Craft lit for such a sell As was tears with Iho remorseless brine which now i raw before them. On this gently Camp in to Caress their feet As if Eor. Henry into the Pinnace which rowing and paining for Ltd fault silently i nerf r returned Home and Bow they ail in their Soa Musk played Ion his sister s Hia Iead was very astray he said just then and the i sic appeared to come floating along the water but it was a Mere Phanrasy though he said Oriade him smile and so he commuted his soul and his life to him who once trod the Waves to stillness and Iben All waa a Blank till he a woke faint and treble in a strange bed and among strange saved most wonderfully saved. He had been poked up by a scotch fishing smack which was returning to the Island of Skye at the first break of Light. He was All but a animate Vuthoo found and fierce fever Sel m on his Elba used Frame , but Hia Kmic captors too a him to their wild bul healthy Job where he was tenderly nursed by their women and though delirious for a Long Lime his youth finally triumphed and lie was spared for the enjoy me it and All Iho Bliss of the pros enl moment. He had his recovery twice from says bul us tellers miscarried Ait having had urse of Gold Wilh him which ihes6 lioness fishermen Neveri no Erfred with he went to Gla in a fishing boat aim frown Ihen be Lorne where his presence was hailed a n Resura Elliou i indeed and he Irois the dead. Dusavel s adventure in the Well. One Eaily in seple her 1836, As due Joel one it the Laborera employed in sink ing a Well at a place near in France was to descend order to begin Bis work one of hid Conigan on called out to him nol logo Down As the ground was giving w a and threatening to fall in. Dutu Veloid not however profit by the warning bul exclaiming Bali 1 Elia i have plenty of Lime logo Down fur Niy Basket lie entered the Well which was Amity two in depth. When about half Way Down he Hwd some Large Stoneb tailing but he Neveril Coli imbued his decent and reached the Holt in in safely. After placing two pieces of Plank in his Bahakel he waa Prepa ring to re ascend when he suddenly heart a crashing sound above Hia head and looking up he saw five if the Side supports of the Well breaking Al once. Greatly alarmed a shamed for Assis Lunce us loudly As he was Able bul the next moment Large mass of the Sandy soil Tell in upon him precluding the possibility of hut escape. By o singular Good Fortune the broken supports fell together in such a manner Hal they formed a species of Arch Over Hia head and presented the super incumbent bail Troin fal ing Down upon him otherwise he Muot have been sino tiered . It will be easy to picture the horror and de Spair of poor Duft Vel when a found himself thus hurled Ohvo inure bowels of the Biml to All appearance forever separated torn the real of the world und doomed to perish by Sulu cation or Fain be he had a with and child when ins thoughts turned Tolliejoe beloved objects whom he was seemingly mover More to behold and who nere Honce Turilli to a left w thou a protector How Muk his heart have been Wing and How bitterly must he have re Gietter ins Imp agent obstinacy m descending into the Well after being warned of the danger to which to waa himself but Al Dusavel regretted tie past and teared to future a did not even in the dreadful situation in which he was plac6j, give Way to de spa ii Cain and self possessed he adopted precaution in ins Power to prolong ins in the1 Hope that his companions might Yel buc in Samc As such Adelvi every Day to Champert the name of the place where the Accident happened that u was found necessary to erect a barricade and station a guard of so. Diers round the scene of the Accident to prevent the crowd from obstructing the Ope rations of the miners j meanwhile the situation of Dusavel was daily becoming More deplorable. Tie cavity m which he was enclosed had at first been seven feet deep but by the third Day of his confine ment it had become so much smaller in Conse Quence of the accumulation of the falling Sand at the Bottom of Tho Well and l in gradual sink ing of the mass above thai he could Aland nor even sit upright but was crushed up on the ground in a peculiarly inconvenient and painful manner. He was pressed Down on his Back against the Bottom of the Well while the upper part of his body was Beni Forward by the on which it rested. His right. Leg was doubled Back below his body while his left was extended Al full length and the foot squeezed Mcelween two planks. His head was Bent Over on one Side and pressed Down against his left shoulder. Hia arms however were free. And he availed himself of Circum stance to Cut away Juh his knife such paits of the broken Wood work As particularly Mommo ded him and to Widen the Bole by which he communicated with the exterior. Such was the dangerous and difficult nature at the ground that neatly a week elapsed from the time of Dusavel s imprisonment before the miners had formed an excavation to a depth equal to that of the Bottom of the Well although they and Day. On Friday the 9lb of be Pleniger having now descended several feet lower the level of Dusavel a cell they began to a Elighil ascending passage or gallery towards it. Al plus Lime the officer who directed the operations expected Alliey would be Able to reach Dufayet in about Twenty four hours j but the increasing obstacles presented by the treacherous nature of the soil soon showed the fallacy of this Hope. Iso unsafe was tie ground that the mide rs1 of Carat neither use pick axes nor shovels lest they should be overwhelmed by Ibe Mae oed Sand. In a passage two feel and a half height and two feet in Width the Foremost mar worked upon , inserting cautiously with Light blows of a Hammer a pm piece of Wood into the ground and tier wards gathering up Wilh his hands and passing to in Ossa behind him Llic Sand which he thus detached. The Progress one.4f to medical men m. Bienvenu Waton my beside him while he ale i. Were trouble and the doctor perceiving this awake Lim. A you have Lone Well in waking cried Dusavel but surely my head has been crushed and my body wounded whether this was not really the Caw. In his feverish bad dreamed that be was at tacked by two furious bulls Waich crashed him Between Lilieni i till his Bones were his mind however soon became tranum lived again and a pro fuse perspiration taking place he Felt greater relieved and Java m. Bienvenu a detailed account of what hid occurred to him further to which vac the we Brit Marchot s 9 per hour exclusive of the occasionally produced by partial fallings in of the ground. Considerable obstruction was also experienced from the difficulty of pc Piug lamps burning in so contracted a Pas Sage and a pair of forge Bellows had to be from time to time Tor the purpose of supplying Frush air. All Una Lime Uji Favel was bearing up bravely. A Cousin of his who was like himself a Wel Digger having gone speak Wilh him Dusavel inquired whal Progress the miners wore making and bagged Hal he would not deceive him respecting his dances of escape. Vou end to thai i am keeping up my when to d thai in was honed he would be set free on the Day the it will make Mara than eight Days re plied he that i shall have been kept Here bul f can wait Well Ono Gli till he afterwards spoke of his and charged Bis Cou sin to Tell her from him to be of Gabd cheer and not to allow herself to Lone heart. Care was la Ken to Supply Linn daily with Broth wine arid other Ampler of nourishment 6y Means of a Small bottle which was lowered Olum through Tho Hole formerly mentioned As Bavin been made by the pulling out of the rope. Furge Bellows were employed at intervals to Supply him with air through a lube inserted into the Happy meeting with that i e whom he bad once thought he was never to see again nor shall we do More than allude to the tears of Joy which he Over his infant child which did not at first recognise him muffled up a he still waa to protect him from the cold and his Chin covered wih a Beard of More Han a fortnights growth. I i in the afternoon he was so Well that or. Bienvenu consented to his being conveyed to his own Home Abd he waa accordingly Porta d thiibe.1 in a As before by a great conc Uree of people. Fluff Tel wis now out of danger but the excitement which his extraordinary Fate bad produced was nol yet suffered to die away. On Iba week Fol Wirig his deliverance the trans actions at Champert were dramatised for rep on the parisian Elage and attempts wore Azen made to induce jul avel Himsel to undertake hts own part in the drama. This however he declined doing but not to be Bali my his neighbors in turning n s suf Teringa to account he set about composing a narrative of his experiences m his subterranean prison which lie shortly after published embellished with his portrait. T have often occasion to my through s Vil Lage on the St. Albans a correspondent of Eliza journal at one end of which there is so tidy and convenient a Public House Hal i always give1 my horse his bait there if i happen to he travelling m my gig i had frequently observed an old Soldier who having lost an leg and an Arm in the service of his country Hud pretty Well earned the privilege of idling the Rettof his life in a manual particularly congenial with the habits of one of his calling. What most interested me about this man1 was his love for Young children. F e was generally surrounded by a parcel of curly breaded and often have i seen Mist Ess of the Little inn consign Hen infant to the Protection of his one Arm when by an arrival she had been called upon loj attend to the business of the House. The old fellow never appeared so con tented As when thus employed. His pips was Laid aside his jeer forgotten and he would Only think put amusing and d resting Hia charge or of lulling it to sleep. The bigger children would Cluster round him clamber Over him empty his pipe upset his can Ake All sorts of liberties i Obj him yet never Mel with a rebuke. At limes however he would appear lost in Nin easy thought gazing with earnestness upon 1 the features or the sleeping infant while tears would Courso Down ins Cheeks. As 1 drove one morning up to the door of the inn and pissed the Beach on Weich the old Soldier was As usual sitting i h Hia Little flock of children playing around him one of them a Young one suddenly backed into the Road and m another moment Mere would have been but the old Man sprang Forward with a vigorous and wonderful to Effort he seized the child with his Only Arm and threw it r several feet out of the Way of danger he fell with the exertion and was among my horse s feet. In up i us unwittingly done _ vim Stoa had already been my. Sacked of All Kat wild have i fresh provisions it was Many had heard the creak of a and we had been on very Short was no reason to expect much Villa we were now ordered to. The 5 who had just marched out would of have helped themselves to whatever Porta ble and must Hare. Previously Well drained the Pace. We made search however judging that possibly something might been concealed from therby the Leasau we actually soon discovered several Houma where skins of wine had been secreted. and novel was and Many a poor follow who had contrived to bide he last skin of wine from his enemies. Was of. Jigged to abandon it to his allies you might see the on All Tidei running away some a More Jolof food others with a skid of wine in their arms and followed the men Alesand staggering Steps of the weary and. Half Drunken soldiers. Wine waa the every part o the Village. Wine i ask for said i to a poor and half starved and ragged native who Wai ing off and hiding something under Bis torn cloak wine you beggarly scoundre., give me said i. I Ibave no he cried As he broke from my grasp and ran quickly and fearfully away. 1111 was not very had not had half my i pursued him up a Street. But he was the fleeter and t should have lost him bad i not sadden1 turn and come right n ran him in a forsaken Alley where i suppose dec the poor thing dwelt i seized him by the Collar. Kef was spell and. Spare and he trembled under my Gripe b. It still he held his own and Only wrapped Cloa the closer round his property wine t a risk for said i me Winel my child t i have Only my he re 1 _ i had already drawn my Bayonet i i am ashamed to that we died to do that to terrify the poor and make sooner give up their liquor. And i held him by the Collar with one band. I pointed the Bayonet at his Brest with the other and i again Oriedo i t i have no know i have no and he spoke the words with such a look of truth and earnestness that had i i could Trace through the folds of Bia cloak the very shape of a email wine skin i should have believed him. 14 11 have no know i wins and he spoke the words with a look of truth and earnestness that had i not fancier i could Trace through the folds of his cloak he very shape of a Small wine skin i should hire believed him. Lying said i so Yuju won t give me the liquor then the dry Earth shall drink and i struck to Hent of my Bayonet deep into that which he was still bugging to breast. Of sir f it waa not w be that trickled Down was blood warm blood a piteous Warl went like a chill across my heart the poor spaniard opened Hilj cloak he pointed to Bis wounded child and his wild Eye asked me plainer than words could Lave done. Tier i Are you satisfied of 11 was sobered in a moment. 1 fell upon my was Lide at Tho they would go for the love t icy had for the Young mauler. The Cheek of or Trevor waxed deadly pile but he a a Brave and note hear Ted Roan and thought 1 is son was in thu path of i duty he was a pious run Loo and be i Hal god would surely not Brake him. The boat was into the surf amidst the. Cheers of Hie prayers Aud tears Lei nol your Hearl be Sweet words yet sad. His deep melodious voice quivered As he read them he thought of a fair son lying in the cold sea mrs. Trevor hid Ber face in the cushions of the sofa and her daughters Bent Over and ined to soothe her. They Knell in waa of Weir Little evening worship which he had often shared and always enjoy Elf. N appeared sunk and h a the of the wave Yel u would to my lie next watery Lull and was fast reaching he reef under Ilse Meleady stroke of the Practised Hardy Henry s form was Seta in the fast receding Light Tilting erect invt in Stern sheels and steer ing with coolness and s a doth Cap was polled tightly Down Over his Etna i head and the ends of Blic Millr hand kerchief blew Back in Jib rom Bis Fine Throat. J i in a Short time they appeared o have reach the reef atom Wardel the Brig the Strong Lily la Pinnace Riding und the shelter of her Lee. Had been comparatively Calm fora Brief space Btl in a moment a bin k Squall which Hill been gathering at sea Cama Rushing and roaring towards tha Shore covering the s a and producing instantaneous a Rhrou Naiu wave swept the vessel m a moment or two and a third succeeded nil the ship gradual y weakened by these re treated shocks a Lirely broke of and total wreck. My was her Crew Vhey wore All saved. In the Pale Moonlight w Rich succeeded the Rodden passing away of the Gale the Hardy Paace might to seen1 Riding amidst the Long Burrowa of the sea and Drifting rapidly into the Shote. Tossed and a nearly full of Waler e in was hurled by fhe jail water be Ever floated on Jig ton the Beach Tod Fie Crew drenched stun Nee and bruised preserved from 1 a watery grave. The four Young fishermen were there too one we ird Trovor was not the number and was not found. He had been 1 hit seen on the Brig s deck assisting a Mother her child into Iho Den a big wave had broken Over them it Etc lips and they had Hast by cast off and a lao work to bile the boat supposing they the Young master on Board but seeing nothing owing to the darkness and contusion and Obeidi Mcughy of keeping the boat at ajl afloat am in such a the of or. Trevor at this discovery knew i Fco the fat let would have Troken plaints above him in such a manner Aslo endanger his safely. He therefore Cut the Lope with in knife which he had no sooner Cone than it was drawn up by those Al the Mouth of the Well. The Holo made by the Pas Sage of this rope wis afterwards of great use to Dusavel. Ily in he received supplies of Izreah air and eventually of food and drink while through it lie was enabled to con venue with the uni Francc might have the old dog had been for the last few minutes Birch Giand smelling round room and whining All the or. Trevor threw u i i see a Man on Ellie grave Wall he said who is it new postilion i Hope Carlo will nol hurl or the dog had leaped Over Tea window Sill. The next minute a fio ure sprang in Over the Low Saslie and with a loud cry precipitated himself towards be party. It was whom god had sent them Back. Mother Mother me to your heart Dearest Dearest Mother beloved father me i am come again never More to part m this world of lha deep the unutterable Joy of that to Mem a of god of heaven of my merciful a exclaimed the transported father it Jis my wan so worn it is indeed my own son i 4 All this time the Mother Ronld not her face was on her son s locked in his i Tifful embrace and silently straining him again and again to her heart. Disengaging Henet and pushing him towards two fair girls who. Stood trembling and All wild and weeping for Joy she turned her face to her Hus band s Faith Ftp Boom saw on his face the flu smile come Back which she thought had gone for Ever fell into his extended arms and lilting up bet Happy voice of our god we thank thee for thy unspeakable mar Chi for this our son was dead and is have he was lost and is found his tale was soda told he had been knocked Down by the giant wave his forehead was Cut and he Lay senseless under the of the deck a Mast had fallen obliquely Over him but had not touched or Hurt him. When Cona coup no ski returned he bad just time to throw off nil coat to swim when the Brig went to pieces and the recoil of a wave washed outside the reel into the rapid current which eats strongly there to the North and completely off the Shore lose which it was still possible to do. As the Naas of shot Sand above him had Only filled up about fifteen feet of the Well. In the user darkness of his melancholy prison Louse Dytri Vel was enabled m a curious enough manner to keep reckoning of the Progress of ume. A litre Fly found us Way into his cell and continued to keep him company All the Lime that he remained Tipiere. When he heard Lus insect buzzing about he understood Itiat it Wab Day and when it went to asleep he concluded 1 a it was night. This winged time deeper boarded As Well As lodged with Hiiri As aware by the circumstance that m lilting us he frequently disturbed the Fly which had been seated upon it helping it self Wilhour ceremony add which when thus meter Raptel in us repast flew away buzzing As if intending to reproach him for his Unema Ness in refusing u a share. He afterwards confessed that the company of this Fly Baa been a Consolation to him during his suf Hal he had often envied the Facil ily with which it could pass and Repass through the narrow opening Between his dark Dungeon and the upper world. While was Tenan Ting his lonely cell his fellow workmen were doing everything they Cou d to effect his Rescue. Al first they loaded tithe had perished but when they Drew up the rope and saw Hal it had been Cut through in the manner already mentioned they knew thut he Rouse Yel be alive and redoubled their exertions in his but More skill persons Han these poor labourers were soon engaged m the same Good work for the Munici pal authorities of Lyon on being informed of the i Luction of Dufa Vek procured the assistance Oft band of military miners who. Under the direction of experienced officers began to a subterranean passage for the purpose of reach ing him in the meantime his singular Fate had Tab Home a subject of general interest. Pray in for ii safety were offered up in Iba churches of own anti the inhabitants of that City and the places adjacent thronged m such numbers the Means of attracting the attention of those above whenever he wished to speak with them a b etl was suspended at the top of the Well which he could ring by pulling a Small Cord the end of which was passed Edwa o him for Hal purpose. Succeeded Day and still the expectations of the miners were deceived and Detavel remained in his subterranean Jooe. On tues Day the 14th of september they were Only i l inches from him and yet it took them nearly two Days longer before they were Able to reach Bun although their exertions were incessant and directed with tie utmost professional skill. Very minute the ground was giving Way and it sometimes took them Sinany hours to repair the damage Hal a single moment had produced. Besides they Tell it necessary to proceed with the utmost caution when they approached Dufa Vel Tor there was great reason to fear that whenever a communication Shou a be made be tween the Bottom of the Well and the gallery in which they were working the mass of Sand above his head would fall Down und perhaps suffocate him even As it were before their Al length about two o clock a Tho nor Niue of Friday the 16lht of september the miners succeeded m effecting a Small opening into Ibe Well just behind the shoulders of Detavel who shouted for Joy at seeing them. They then be Gan to saw through lilo planks on which he was leaning in order to open a passage through which they might drag him. In this work do Favel himself assisted them with Lia knife and alter their United efforts had removed the Obsta cles from his Way he turned himself round and Bari aging Forward threw his arms round the neck of the person nearest him and was safely pulled into the horizontal gallery in which the miners were. He was Coave Yec along to the commencement of the ascending passage where he was enveloped in blankets b protect him from the cold of which be was particularly him to a bed and after a Little Lime Roscov he we so severely a after remaining so Long buried in the a. He was then seated in an Arm chair and drawn up to the surface the ground amidst the acclamations of a Large crowd of spectators. Several eminent physicians were in attendance and after examining Bis Condi Tion and pronouncing it to be Hig ily satisfactory they caused him to be placed in a litter in which be was carried in procession preceded by persons bearing torches and allowed by the mul Inide to the Bouse of a gentleman who re ended in the Vicinity. There Lieh Vas jul to bed his1 last. The first words he uttered were the we assured him the waa. Safe but he would not believe us and it be came Send into the Village to search for the Little creature who had been hurried hone. With the otters upon the conf. Aton thai the Accident Hue occasioned. He continued to Call the child and was in the greatest of mind till we had found it and had taken u to him a 9 he Lay. Ills Delight Al seeing it alive and unhurt was intense he wept lie laughed he hugged it to his bosom and it was not till he or i a very faint and weary that he would suffer us remove it. A surgeon arrived and pronounce j that the poor Man was so much Hurt inwardly As Well As outwardly that be done to save ram and desired us merely to give him cordials or i Cooling Drin As he should appear to . He Gerej fora few Days. Jihad been the cause Houg i innocently of tie Podr fellow s death of course i took care that All that could alleviate sufferings and As Long Asle lasted i went every Day to Jassa few hours by bedside. The Rescue child too was brought to him each Day by his own desire. From the moment he had j first ascertained that a was unhurt he bad been Calm and contented. He knew he wis dying by be could part with the without re Gret ant the Cloud w Neh i bad so often observed upon his Weaver bean countenance before Accident or Afier returned the Day before he d Edas was watching alone by his Side he asked me for soon after he had swallowed it he Laid us hand upon my Arm and said sir f you will not think i too great a trouble to listen to an old Man s talk i think it will ease my mind to say a few words to you., he was of course encouraged Ito proceed. I have had a loan upon my heart which is nol quite removed but Lisa great Deal lightened. Laver been tha Means under provi Dence of Saver la a Young child 9 life if i have the Borer Ign to Tell Yoi what i Wiah will understand the Joy that blessed thought he brought heart. I i him another cordial Piej spoke As Iowa i i i was in a stirring time of the Duke of a Ellirington 4 wars after the French had re my hands round a Finger of each of us. He looked at us alternately and seemed to ask alike from his father aug Hig murderer that help which it waa beyond the Power of one of Earth to give. The changes la the poor child s countenance showed that i thud few minutes to live. Sometimes it Lay so still i thought the last Pang was Over when a alight convulsion would agitate its Frame and a momentary pressure of its Little hands would give the gasping father a Short vain Ray of Ippei. You May believe sir thai to old Soldier who has Only Beena Able to keep his own life at the expense of an Eye and two of his who Baa lingered out Many a weary Day a Camp Hospital after a hot have Learned to look on death a cutout any unnecessary concern. I have wished for it myself and often have Felt thankful when my poor wounded co Recos have been released by it from pain. I have seen it too in other shapes t have seen the death blow dealt when the effects have been so instant that the Brave bean s blood has been Pul ses have ceased to beat while the Streak of life and health was still fresh upon the Cheek when a smile has remained upon the lips of my brother Soldier even after he had fallen a corps across my lath. But of sir what it All this compared with what i suffered As t watched life ebb slowly from the wound which i had myself so wantonly inflicted in the breast of a helpless innocent Chili it was my of yes i know it i know it Well and Day and night i have striven to forget that hour. But it is of do use that piteous Wail is Ever in my ear that father s agony will fold w me to the grate i a pause Between words the parts of which will form a word is frequently necessary to Mark j Send me in that set of said a gentleman to a dealer. It wants two said dealer. That is a replied shall i Send them incomplete sir a yes Send them in Complete. Whose was the j Joy makes us Grieve for the Brevity of Lite sorrow to be Leuth care and Industry can Lott Render it Buppert ble. I _ individual who broke us pc first Trump dmm Lisp Aprl is papyri

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