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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 17, 1855, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaOf goods i on Irani Tor toss halt to it tone of re any we for Sale by on Poun Dat last Sale of Isth fax booed a amed to do the bom business of any wheel Imit yes Over which the water in applied to Erec Andol be any waste of a rotating be i that it Abms almost perfectly required under fight no bus under 20 feel head Ween obese m proportion according to Rem it we Lake them out and re to wheels put m under leu i Lime 6y c. G. Deni3on co. Ing Flora where sole and Vetoll Alto of priory Prico. Cull and a Newbore j Raj Owen. 8-j-i he Bam a Pound or Sattar Joel Jones be Wojt jewelry. Ii Mir be be store , n very Large id a Hoot by k Ever i before such in by ice., elect la Tell it. Cloth incr i m of Unm Hing in the Imp of he Mil k at the i sip. Cow is unit it in Ifwers Jones it Roe jul air in. 1 Abr a Moira d a to j. R Bowen. F books. E a Story for the Yonojo. Era n Youn g people. N Al tie i a. the ten r .vc., Drc. Iv5l. 1 Obert Hov. Huh co Aud merjm.1ck Ful is it re fird by Jones Roe i i Tell a pot., m it pm i. Flowe hand no the Fure of Rob. To inc examine re at Jones Rue. Pot almost Ken fur Kobetts stoves am n tto and e Gray Wonlu the to Ihei Larye oomph Nidja of bang Range is of premiums. Susor Trneny of parlor or below Elo int prices and Siwis wanted for tera made to order it the to order and in 1 Best ire carefully proved before solicit the patronage of w anything in their line Sicney can be aved before Purd Hamff else h s notice have Black 3o., dec re re in hero it Iii filed Loo pair acne and those having b. Will Prem i them fur j. H. . Xis or. V. S. P. Wilson. At of Tioga. Potter and m by 1, to Sale Jbv Case _ the. Mures. Fur Jyh. Rte of a r t l Zvarts Muecki Teui. Wellsboro z7otzoe 3 hereby Given Iii o the trial of the cases wit to held at the Tourt House m Wai Sboro. By the Hon. Wilmut i umm Enog on the 3d monday of june n. Al to one week t Donaldson Prole a 7 j. F. April ii is55. J. Emery Lor use of from in e new York Tribune. W h a t s t h e use. Beecher George Samuel m. Al., Tor i Aroos Hiram Beete George Wallace Travis Natl Turaer Lanil Puiul Irvine one tin. Is. To Imp l co cd Only is. Phui uns f Morris is. Same is. Mur elevens is. We Likiche. Ell. Is j. H i Herl. Juju w Quern eyes. Lill v p. a. S. I url card Lur it Al. Is. Is. A. Cd gun Schilf is. Film but is. Jeremiah the is. S is. James Hill at Al. Is. Isaiah . Is. Isaac Bonbon. I w. Juhn m Agee. Sylva Parine tier h. W. Bostwick it. Al. John a. Maynard 1 Hilemon bolter Alt Alcazer Orvia j j. N Orris eur. I 1. P. Cleaver Al. I j l x-kes1 air pm s. Eruslem Wra. Al. A. Same a s. Shum waft t court orphans 1 a i Ikic u., an of l he orphan court of the Cohly of Tutu. I m . Of the estate of Kun w Akil m Dei used will i Jiose at Jib n Iii i premises on Friday. Hie 25th Day no m.i i. No one p Rio. A in the Aller noon Ili Wiite and la i i no Lay in . No one p Rio . Ill Ihal Lul Irand c Ali k i Lorner. Of lol of b. B. Smi then Aloni the Lincoff soul Mic n the i mom . Lilt i vhf Iii tin w h a Imine .kv.-ii. House Bali nil Glicr ,1111 n terms made knowl i Ide Diu s Smith ih50. Let see. It is not much use to sit Down Andi suck your thumbs in Case of Accident or for want of business or because customers Don t come to your shop. Why Don t you advertise let the world know what you have lost or what Yogi have not toss full whal s the use v that s the answer Bat we expected we it it Juite lately we 4t s the use a vial be seen when we Tell you a Lille Story. It is the Story of a dog. Not much of a dog either. A Little dear Little pet dog such As Little children love and Are made Happy by Loving for the brute teaches the human animal lessons of Fidelity. Suah a dog was lost. Strayed or line w. 7 nobody said. Let him go j done for every body loved the dog. He was Alec Lionte and above All he was not like some of the two legged dirty dog. Early one morning the dog went away Only to teach his betters Bow much better it would be for them to be like him Early t past time one waa in a gentleman s House m Brooklyn. A Bright eyed Sweet Little girl was watching for it As the Carrier came along the Street and tossed it Down by the basement door and hurried on As though life depended upon bus Speed. And what do you think that Litile girl wanted with that paper t she wanted to read the advertisements. 1 what s the use t who reads advertise that life girl did. Why 1 on list tuesday morning aunt Mary came Home from new y., Wilh a Little White dog and that Litile girl said of aunt Mary where did him 1 May 1 have it 1 1 it cams running after me in Broadway. It was lost and wanted to come with me. J could not drive him Back and he would not go with anybody else. 1 suppose i was dressed like his mistress or else he wanted some one to be his Friend and take him Home. So i look him in i the stage and brought him along of then May i have him for my yes if the owner does not come for him. He is somebody else s pet. Perhaps some other Little girl or some lady is in trouble he is lost and will be very glad to get him again., but they won t know where he is. How can wanted Willlams itch i. i fire of h ii him a mini you3tg ladies High it French il4o Elob i Laid div for Lii Hose who .vh.i mend the school. Terms As or. Momorn will cont Duto War and will hog pen irrow. Her Brinn Duj it _ _ Arnen Lary Johb tale i t Kullnad. in. Whereby Given to nil a i to Manku Minini Diale i Paynen clo will prudent to Iii Kame a n Rock w pm. And Ltd. In Viand. Ngn i k Ailini Tralor. V " . I and so the dog went away and no one thou t whether he bad gone till breakfast time and then it was discovered that Little called him Del for a Short name did not Start j inc bark and run to the door when the break fast be 1 rung and did not come and sit Down by i his mistress chair looking for a Mouthful i no he came not like Many another Rover he had gone away irom Home a and the seduction o the world hindered Hia return. Up ana1 Down All through the Street in every basement in Alley court and backyard the Little Pel was hunted a score of were offered a Dollar to Brm i him Back and away i hey snarled for thera i a magic Power in a Dollar that sets the world in motion flow they did run those 1 boy polling every Little girl by the sleeve i by s on we. U a . The re i i re John Waklee May -55. A i Votice if Ven i on be in in l i l the Sranne will be enl Lullice or a of in ii f. M i j 1 a upon the to m lire Olvi a i in g a. Police is i 10 Jyh is oks indented to 8a.d of the same and whoa i Low they did scour and Down looking for lie to i dog by by the lady saw her pet or thought she did in the arms of an old negro joing the Street past the next Corner. How the i Hinlers scamper now the old woman is lame and walks but poorly. She will be Over taken Ortho pursuers see the head of their her shoulder. It waa an exciting one is ahead. I now comes and passes him. Who would Ocul run for a Dollar who will bet who wins Orio or two both will lose for now three a ahead. Now he is and has the old woman by be skirt. She turns around and there smuggled in her arms is a Hal dog los log Noj there is a negro baby with a White Woolen Cap on its head i so for three Days Hope went out in the morn ing and d Sappin Lenl came Home at j sorrow stept there for the dog was lost. It was riot a Mere life and hum in happiness Are made of bundle of was lost and the bands i were lose and when a few Nwe were gone Lay advertise. A dog lost and de fic Ribe him and then we should know whose it was and it would be wrong if we did not return their Pel then i they Don t advertise i May have yes and so the Little girl ran every morning for i the paper and read the advertisements and this morning she came Wilh a tear it one Eye and a smile in the other and said. Of dear aunt Mary sure enough Here it i is Here is the Advertis Eisent. Heie til. Of. Yes he he answers to the name. My poor pet the Lille dog was asleep in the rocking chair but to heard his name and came Wilh a bound i to his Litile Friend. She was a Good Litile girl i i she cried Hitler tears when aunt Mary Vreni j away with her Litile pet in her Artna. What s the 1 use but the first Bud of a Christian heart had opened its Blossom in hers and in did not Mur l Mer Houghl it was end. And so the dog went Home Wilh thu Samo Good j lady heaven bless her thai found him astray m the great Highway of nations the Broadway of new York. Was she handsomely rewarded 2 a a her. Not in Money for she would have none1 but had what Money cannot buy. She had done a acl. She had made others Happy and she was Happy herself. What s the use of Ever making them other j whoever reads advertisements ? you Are answered. You need never say whal s the use 3 you were not Here the gentle Eacher of a Little Village 6ch90 As she placed her hand kindly on the curly head of one of her pupils it Wae recess time but he Little irl addre8sed had to frolic away the in menu Les not even left her sent by sat absorbed in what seemed a Fth guess attempt to make herself of a sum in i0njv her face Crim soned at tie Lemartt of her teacher but looking no she somewhat re assured by kind glance that met her and answered no a am i wis not bul sister Nelly f 1 i remember there was a Vitile girl who Cal led Gray Cami in yest Rjay. But i did not know she was Yonor sister. But Why " d you not you to. Orb very much.1 i it was not because i want was the St answer and Ihen the paused and the flush again tinged Hal fair but continued Afier a moment of painful embarrassment Mother cannot spare both of conveniently and so we Are going to take Lens _ i m going to school one Day and sister the next and to night i m going to have Learned to Day and to Morrow night he Wil. Teach me All. Ehe learns while Here. It s the Only we can think of getting and we want to study very much so aug som e tune keep school ourselves and Lake care of Mother became 6he has to work Verr hard to Lake care of ." with genuine delicacy Mist a for Bare to question the child sat Side her and in a moment explained Iho Rule Over which she was puzzling her Young brain so Hal the difficult sum wan easily finished you had better go out and the air a few moments you have studied Viery hard today said the teacher a the Litile girl out aside lie slate. I had rather ear m irfj8_, delicate that it waa Almori Ninipo Wilb to Stippert herself and a lighters. She wag obliged to keep them out of school All Winter because they had no clothes to Wear but so e told them Hal if they could earn enough by doing bred chores for the Heigh Bort to boy each of them a new dress they might go in the very ear Nestly and carefully she hoarded of the Copper coins which usually repaid them they had nearly saved enough to by a new Calico dress when Nelly was taken suck and a the Mother had Iiri Money beforehand her own Money had to be expended in the Purchase of medi Cine. I did feel so bad when school opened and Nelly could not said Mary. F told Mother i would t go either but she said i had bet Ter for i could teach Simer some and it he better than no schooling. I stood it for a Lor Light but Nelly s Little face seemed .11 the time looking at me on a Way to school and i Way by which we1 could both go. And i told Mother i would come and the next i would lend Nelly my she might come and that s the Way we have done this week but last night Don t you think somebody sent sister a dress just like mine and now she con mme too. Of if i Only knew who it was i would get Down on my Knees and thank them and so would Nelly. But we Don t know and so we be done All we could for them Aje be prayed Jor Aew and of miss a we Are so glad now. Ain t you indeed f was he emphatic and when on the following monday Little Nelly in the new Pink dress entered the school room her face Radiant a Rose in Gow to behave. The chinese have a proverb like Imu ele6 with Jour Ftp j s d be a very Rule App i -ealate8 Little a bred children have away of using their Haode about their hair or ears or nose which is very disagreeable and unbecoming. You will understand .ublpat0 More subject for i doubt not Many of you hav been "0 flle9e ii i9 not a person is a habit and How it cling to him. 1 thew a 13 even now a scholar though n one i knew a Gene Evan who Nevev nails he Habil offing student. He will sit ail Day in his Lenl Over a huge volume and or every thing around him quite unconscious is an external world and when he beaten off 10 tha and really very pain Zuj. He has tried in Manv it a t l 111 it my to overcoro6 which or whiff f clowns around them or wearin. Gloves he is Only conscious Lor the Lime of a Grance. Aud the moment in is removed into his old Way. Sometimes people get in a habit of spin ins Nirh Lime do with much noise As i Hough it gave them on air of importance. The inn by it Aci oin ponies the bad customs of s chewing , is one of the ulna Green blend Lul consequences of a bad cold or some disease. That any one not suffering from these Shou d allow such a habit to vow upon them a very surprising. I i have run persons who suck the air their Teeth with a Veri .v-ii me rest i Here was such a Peculiar tone in l in voice Pupil a she said tear my dress was led instinct vely to notice i. It Beautiful sketch. It was night. Jerusalem slept As quietly amid her Hills As a child upon the breast of its Molher. The noiseless Sentinel blood like a statue at his Post and the philosopher s lamp burned dimly in the recess of him chamber. Bul a Darker night waa abroad upon the Earth moral Darli nees involved the nations in its _. I co pa., Man Hoo 1855,s notice. In. Ibata Wil Allend Ray auditor in ceased Al life Are battered. Poor Pel he is lost he will never come Home again.1 and so the children cried and the Molher she d sympathetic tears. Hope went out and came not in a Good Genius whispered to calf Back Hope. Bae but Nin Pendy i print of a been washed. And while looking Al in Stia Mem ered that during the whole fortnight pre Vious Mary Gray had attended schoo the had never seen her but that h a thoughtful Little grrl.1 she to her self and does not want to Jer Molfar i wih i More such .rho.r. The next morning Miry was absent by her Smer occupied her seat. There wad 6omet so interest info in the two mixers the one eleven and the other eighteen months younger agreeing to Allend school by i urns Tami alias m could of forbear observing them very closely. They were pretty faced of delicate forms and fairy like hands Fer tile elder with dark Lustrous eyes and Cheet Nin curls the other with orbs like the sky of june her while neck veiled by a wealth of Den ringlets. She observed in both the same closet attention to their studies and As Mary within during he play time so Cid Nelly and upon speaking to her As she had to her sister she received the same answer i might tear my 3ress. The remark caused Misam the garb of her sister. She a approaching the teacher s table exclaimed i musical As those of a freed Fountain i to school Ever Day arid o. I am so miss a Felt As she had never done before that it is More blessed to give than 10 receive. No millionaire of Iii he saw his name in Public prints lauded for his thousand dollars charities was Ever so Happy As the poor school Leacher who wore her gloves half a sum Mer longer than she ought thereby saved enough 10 buy that Little fatherless girl a Calic. . St. Paul Wana Mechanic a pm Fer of Lens from Goat s hair and Inutile pc juror s opinion he Model Mechanic. Jelfas not Only a Workman at Hia Trade but Scho master not oily of his a Hrew but of three foreign a know led a of which he by close study during Leisure while serving apprenticeship it was a Cua Tim to and trouble or give them p8io Burthey should nod of ret Nelvina the ing their neighbors Wii it i have ird this done a in the Cheek or under the Tongue itself. Eat ing is so entirely a sensual animal gratification its ranch Deli i nuts or Tuo Tongue or the fond about is inexcusable unless the Napkin is used As shield which can be done in great necessity. There is a second kind of personal habit to which i now Call your of Tenton. 1 Viean that necessary care of p fron and dress Wlinich is Peculiar to the Brand. Chairtie Nimg Wilh the hair. Can anything a More disgusting Ihan when ii is j the hair was to an a Naim it and with Niani i n but Paroly uni a Csoti Rifi a i m Nul i to practice by the wealthy and it was a com Moji a verb among them that if a father did not teach his son some mechanical occupy lion a Tadahi him to steal. This Chislom was a Wise Orp and if the fathers of the present Day would i Minaie ibid example their wrinkled checks would not so often Blush fair the helplessness and not criminal conduct of even if the father intended the for me of the it would been in Ible Benefit to that son to instruct him in Branch of mechanism. His education would not Only be More healthy but Hai might at some future time in Case of failure Nins profession find Hia Rinde very convenient As a Means of earning his Broad and he be More competent in of Mechanic All persons Imere sied in me Sel num Are notified to attend Thos a1 f pm 1 in 1853. I i o in. Leather. Co. For a c h c k i 1 of sleds m red and Oak sole Over the minds of men like the cold and inefficient sinning of a Distant Star. The in Imi reality Ofmani spiritual nature was unknown his relations to heaven undiscovered and his future destiny obscured in a Cloud of mystery. H was at this period that two forms of Ethe real in old hovered 6ver the land of god s 6ho what the use pc nobody reads advertise ments Don t they 1 try it it is Only Haifa Dollar yes do a come 1 will give my half Dollar.1 and then the yes Yon have already offered Trou Tec the upon some embassy of love. The one was of Majestic stature and in the Well formed limbs which her snowy drapery hardly concealed in her erect bearing and steady Eye exhibited the highest degree of strength and Confidence. Her right Arm was extended in an impressive gesture upwards where night of i feminizing it very closely she that it was Lufi same it not fit so pretty on Nelly is it we no and she was evidently at ease when she noticed her teacher looking at the a right Pink Flowers thai were so thickly set on the Wake ground. He discovery was one that could no l bul in treat a heart a benevolent As that put Sale in the pros no of the Village school teacher she the residence of their Mother and though sorely shortened herself by purse that same night having found at Iha Only store in the place a few Yards of the same material purchased a dress for Lille Nelly was a Mechanic was Mearly a Mechanic working under the superintendence of another s brain. Let be Rich and proud no Loncer look upon mechanism As regarding to him who adopts a Branci of i Las his calling. It a Anoble Sallme As Nobile As the indolence and activity of wealth is by Rev or. Adams break probably in did t come off. Much addicted Lite ration. Of machinery them o who regularly love the hair Simke of the every Day. I duri in i hat such person Han and gloss locks which Are Beau till to at. It i her water nor Oil Nur any of the various or Lions it use Eslo relives Are needed to make the Hak Shine which is thus brushed be very careful not to allow your Brush to re main we., or to 6hut it while wet in a close drawer and do not put much water upon your hair Espe Chalfy in summer. I know some Esti Mable people whose presence is anything but agreeable simply because their Nemec de hair surrounds them Vith an unpleasant odor. Perspiration of the jihad and feet retained i0 the first instance by Iho hair and in the other by the closely fitting soon Unbeha Rabin very warm weather. Vuu cannot Ihen of Grea-1 a mention to cles Nalinee a for health s Sake and for your own Comfort Aud that of your friends. J there is quite a of Nolish custom which some indulge of using perfumery unless perfumes Are particularly Choice and All such Are very expensive they soon Loose their pleasant odor and become offensive you can get pleasant per fumes Foi clothes and drawers put in Silic bags or in paper which Are not liable to this objection. Of course everything acquire from such Only a Subtle delicate fragrance which can offend no one. Open in churches or in e noded places of Public assemblage when Yoo crave every breath of fresh unpolluted air a person near you will flourish a pocket handkerchief loaded theother partly Fulke a ii mining Leps or i Masaid that two thirds of the meth Odist clergy belong to the now nothings Tim it to St Jewe Arjit. J of Fiji by v a Book s we " Luelf lock if Nio t and sch00 nil., i n Large asset Lmont 11 s s a Ion cry Cecelo sell paces. Of. 12, Issi if. F be sometimes to produce sickness and feint scented becomes nuisance a Perfin Horn cloth fun by Ihirg m the Fine olm the of Ibe most or Coal add of every 15, Jyi Telf of Jones Roe. Slot Al the Empire to Ujj of Boavig and shoes in Iraq Lime b Oase. At Lime by c. I den1son co. Flora i mini life by my. Of v 107 Price Coil an j exec b Bowes. Try is nothing like trying is an old 1 very you write it a yes. Never iwand is an old Fitrer and Kencil j so under the head of lost and in the Tribune next morning there wis an Adver lost from and so Street on tuesday morning Young poodle clean and Vorte except color about the e4ra. Answers to the name of 0el. A hand Sonje Rewat will be paid by the owner did you Ever see pne of Hoe s steam ver presses at work Yon Are walking Over every Fine you pass the door of the Trimmie building. U is right Onder the sidewalk. Go Down there some Day. Thursday is the Best for Theo in works All and my almost big As Che one that took Sebasto a month too Boon Are at work sending off lost and or any other advertisement faster ban All the boys in the City would run about the Ati sets and Tell the Story. So the advertisement was printed by steam and the papers flew As by the wind and at when in moistened by Dews and her Bright but troubled Eye scanned the air with ardent but varying glances. Suddenly a Light hour. She waited Only to place her in neat order in her desk Are Sie miss a and whispered to _ Jinny women in ornaments look . Tai. Now away Wuh Ihetu apparel and Leava As Juno did generally confined to the vulgar who Are Defi mi8tres8 Hood said 4 when he a. A ens and of nil and Hope hailed with exulting songs the ascending Star of Tel Lehem years seen in ing Man whose happiness to consist in acts of Benevolence to the human race. There were deep traces of sorrow on his countenance though no Ono Why tie for he lived fit Tho practice of every i loved by All the Good and Wise was rumoured that the stranger cles Tho the Hind saw spake and

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