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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 15, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaVol. 15 f a Ribau. Whole no. 614. Liere himself he rolled it Over the door flew open and out tumbled the most astonishing mass of arms legs and body Ever presented to the astonishing gaze of human eyes. One moment was Given to next the woman scampered and then mortal Risi Bles could stand it no we rolled on the floor in Little Short of convulsions. Tom raised himself up too Happy in of ins first Shower Bath in j his fancied escape to be very at us but in a Shower Bath. And Render did you Ever Taka a Shower Bath Tii wit cold one and in cold in a How to appreciate Friend Tom a upon the a or As is Usaj Liim self to say he was Ami month of March 1849. J still evidently trying to assume some dignity from such a figure in such a Vve louder than Ever arid Tom finding to As he could get it of no use joined in the chorus until we and Woods were so j were compelled to Stop from sheer exhaustion. He having hustled on a part of his Gar our repeated enquiries of Rhow it happened Why to see when i got into that infernal Man trap then i bolted the door and then it took me some time to screw up my could no without to fee a Luril and six feet four win lit1 sir Csc ies. His breadth is not Quito his Bones were gotten tip for j Flint fairly covered with la -.-ii, f would Liao been valuable to liar num. To i Atli is. Tom very lean indeed and Ite Ionn Csc him exceedingly Llis Nyu j lie of at the elbows and Knees i Iii Ellis tuns of this of his fill tar follows vowed to Jet fit if Only for the Sake Jevc Rinty. A strop kind Friend the gym a a Likely Iob acne Ficini and Tom Forth himself it Sheridan a. It was i list met Liim. And a Good fellow p in y nil wit in him he proved to a pipe of his Ungro Nimg exterior. No like Iron insists or. Vav. Was con not Only fur hid skill in All Al Cletion s it fur Liis form muscle. When he Lual Iod moot i a a woman so Tyr As Ai a Sci iras Thasco Ofa pocket her our Friend Tom envied the doctor i lid he put to him about Rogi Man. Exercise. Ac., and their effect in producing a he human Frame. The or. Attributed to plenty of exercise plenty to a Sobov Ai to the daily use of the Shower 5-ii.l Tom nut Day with his in Imit thoughts for Young men. By Horace Mann. I to Down a list of be among the first no exaggerate i knew it was All fired cold and i wanted to bring Down the Shower a Little at a time. Waal you see i pulled the softly about an Inoh to once. I had my Shoul Ders drawn up my head Down my eyes and Teeth shut and give it another pull when Ker Chouse came a Hull Ocean of ice water tight slap on my head blinding away my breath and fairly quacking i made one jump for the door but the plague thing was boiled and Over wont the Ker slap on the floor then i got frightened and thought i was drowning sure snuff. May be i did t sing out and try to strike out but twant no use. .1 filled Tho machine so full i could t stir Knock nil the skin off Knees Ani elbows. Just then you came and lift me out and you know All the rest. Pragji elation take the Shower Bath i would t take another if i was to make me As fat As daddy nor has poor Tom to this Day but remains a perfect Calvin Edson on a mamm6th scale. A betting a Young a medium sized Light Brown moustache and Gucci a suit of clothes As fashionable tailors to their i m sure i be skinned up and Dawn customers on accommodating is cuff is fur Cating on Tlle insecure credit into a to tint one i Iancin Cate Milt to m race Street yesterday afternoon and after Skei Clon As mine. 1 i were a Young Man duties health should Uei in items in the catalogue. Is Tion of its value for health is almost every form of Humin Fetij Bement it the grand auxiliary of usefulness ana1 should a Man love the lord his god Frith All his heart and soul and mind and strength he would have ton times More heart and soul and mind arid strength to love him with incite vigor of health than under the palsy of disease. Not Only the amount but the Quality of the labor a Man can perform depend upon his health. The work savors of the Workman. If the poet sickens his verse sickens if Black venous blood flows through an author s brain it be Clouds his pages and the devotions Ofa consumptive Man scent of Hia disease a lord Byron s obscenities smell of Gin. Not Only lying but a dyspeptic stomach is an abomination to the lord., at least in this life so dependent is mind upon material functions and manifestations of the soul upon the conditions of the body it the materialist hardly states practical results too strongly when he affirms that thought and passion , imagination and love Are Only emanations from exquisitely organized matter just As perfume is the affluence of Flowers or music the ethereal product of an eolian Harp. In regard to the indulgence of appetite and the management of the vital organs society is still in a state of barbarism and the Young Man who a True to his highest interests not at create a civilization for himself. Tlle brutish part of our nature governs the spiritual. Appetite is Nicholas the first and the Noble faculties of mind and heart Are hungarian captives. Were we to see a Rich banker exchanging eagles for coppers by tale or a Rich merchant bartering silk for Serge by the Pound we should deem them worthy of any epithet in Tho vocabulary of Folly. Yet the same men buy pains whose blasted his Haltli blasted All Orchards and Cane Fielda also. Verily the Man who is Phy Siolo wicked does not live out half his Days nor is this the worst of Hia punishment for he is More than half dead while he appears to live. Let the Young Man then remember that for every offence which he commits against the Laws of health nature will bring him into judg ment. However graciously god May Deal with the heart All our experience1 proves that he never pardons stomach Muscles lungs or brain. These must expiate their offences an vicarious what wreck so shocking to behold As the wreck Ofa dissolute Man the vigor of life i Hausted and yet the first Steps in an honorable career riot taken in himself a Lazar House of diseases Send but by a heathenism custom 6f society not buried rogues have had the Ini tial letter of their title Burnt into the Palms of their hands even for murder Cain was Only forehead but Over the whole debauched or the inebriated the branded of the person of the signatures of ii fury Are written. How nature brands him wit i stigma and opprobrium How she tangs Label All Over him to testify her Dis gust at his ence and to admonish others to car Nile a How she loosens All tempra aloof his Muscles and is Frame a if to bring him upon undred brutes or to crawling How she As if intent upon obliteration his her All to. Hit All Are of his joints Seridis Forward 1 burs with k in reptile s Ronn tenancy traces of 1 Over his .5 Bis breath and every pore of upper Rity and Honor my of i mum or own image so halt she May a she never made him pours eyes lends foul spirits to inhabit shrieks As with a trumpet from is body behold a beast such a Man i y be seen in the streets of our cities every Day if Rich enough he May be found in the is loons and at tiie tables of the but surely to every Man of up to every Man whose Wisdom As Well As whose 1 Eart is unblemished the wretch who comes crop Ped and bleeding from the Pil Lory and redolent with its appropriate perfumes would be a gue Tor companion unless offensive . Now let Iltha Young Man rejoicing in Hia Man to j Nijiu ice Kivini ii my in prune Cost is greater than the amp est Fusil of by proportions and in his comeliness look tit Irma Fin to in in i Don t try that Shower about us two such volunteered to show him Short order. We no Nitzl states Lintel ii i a Jii a cum one in til ii d ill tit basement Story of Innise were a Lar e number olb Iii diff y titled up to Villi h ii and Shower , 1 r was temporary boxes , on the inside and a very in tie to t Leo a warm Uilah Wiliie Tom made a ii one in the next room. As the were very thin i heard him liter Lilia . Upright Coflin with Liole in party and offered to bet with any Man present that the ship Susquehanna would not be Sucese saturday. This Binter not being take up he proposed to Wager five Dolins Llinat or. Webster would not be this seemed a stumper too for nobody accepted the Chance. T the exquisite glanced and remarked i want to Mike a bet of some kind. Don t care what it is. Fit bet any thing from a shilling s Worth of Sej jars to five go Hundred dollars. Now s your time gentlemen do you propose v i sipping a Glass of Beer in on Jcj Corner of the bar room sat a Plain old gentleman who looked like a Pennsylvania Farmer. He. Sat Down his i Glass and addressed the not in the habit of making i in i Scive Iii the top my pass for i Uoss if we ibid it your anxious about it i i afro we had it wonder How it t t1 in Long thing a in Sinnon Sully n your the servant girl just come mi1 the crier works. I cried the girl Don t you know tis a is snuff you pull this j i i eness you la see a Shower and outside hold of the the girl could interfere gave who n Down came a deluge i pm Plieni and swimming the gratify you. So i la bet you a Levy s Worth of Sixes that i can pour a quart of molasses into stature Ani figured. Id Sublime countenance shall be con their purveyor and mar i this picture and on this and then softer the digestion and neuralgia by their Butler bottles up Stone and gout and the falsely Labelling them Sherry or Mader a or port and the Stul tidied masters have not wit enough to see through the cheat. The mass of society look with envy upon the epicure who Day by Day for four hours of luxurious eating Sufie is Twenty hours of Sharp Ach ing who pays a full Price for a hot supper and i Yon said the girl Indig i replied turn very Cooty. In1 considerable but i had tint the fun was yet finished. To the room on the other Side Ike Kirl to wiping up tie water on. Turn had gotten ready Tjo Inbi i. I we nut of memo arid pcs Rwjr All hid been still in his room for Sev a except an occasion a mattering of sentences such Bonder there is about this to fatten a heard Noah was very fit and he it forty . Mighty Small place to Ray carcase guess there in t much of the Ivi Ter coming up High enough to wonder if " twill Tell any Liing As Shower did Down to Bali last sum Ltd him his closet phut the which carefully bolted and the next thera came crushing bang on that followed by terrific screams and shouts of of of Thunder and Light murder fire v water let me out help for god s Sake help by calling of to Voicik crossly. I in int not Only i but every servant others within hearing male and female Hie room. Although to Hail not ceased nothing was to be seen of Tom but it your hat and turn it out a solid Lump of molasses Candy in two minutes by Tho watch. Done said the exquisite taking of his hat and bunding it to the Farmer. It was a real Florence hut a splendid article that Linne like Black Satin. The old gentleman took the unil requested the bar keeper to Send for a quart of molasses the cheap the kind i use in Thia said Over six coppers to the bar keeper. The molasses was and the old far Mer wild a very grave and mysterious countenance poured it into the hat while the exquisite took out Hia watch to note the time. Giving the hat two or three shakes with signer Blitz like adroitness the experimenter pinned it on the table Anil stared into it As if watching the wonderful process of solidification. Said the Dandy. The old Farmer moved the hat. Well i do i believe it Ain t hardened said he in a tone expressive of missed it somehow or other that time and i suppose i be lost the bet. Bur keeper let the gentleman the charge1 do of the floor Laid the Shower Bath door d. And Tho whole affair absolutely Tom s Euper Hutnan. Of torts to re in my the roared the you be spoiled my hot that Cost me five dollars and you must pay for j that was it in the mildly answer cd the old gentleman but i la let molasses which is a Little More than we agreed having drained the Lena Cious fluid from Hii Beaver As he Best could into a spit Box the Man of Mouala Ohea rushed from the place his foxy not Miido abated by the sounds of ill sup pressed laughter which followed his exit. He made has complaint at the police a lit appeared that Experiment was tried with his own consent no damages could be recovered there is Only one thing worse than ignore. Ance and that is. Conceit of All intractable fool an Overwise Man is the worst. You Way cause idiots to. Pojl Sophise you May coax Don keys to forego Don Tever think of driving common sense into the head of it conceited person. R is so pleased with his bargain that he Tiro a in a sleepless and tempestuous night As a gratuity English factory children have received the com-1 miser Alion of the world because they were j scourged to work eighteen hours out of the Twenty four but there is Many a theoretic re publican who is a harsher Pharoah to his stomach than this who allows More resting time than he does his watch who gives it no Sun Day no Holiday no vacation in any sense. Our pious ancestors enacted a Law that suicides should be buried where four roads meet and that a cart Load of stones should be thrown upon the body. Yet when gentlemen or ladies com Mit suicide not by Cord or steel but by Turtle soup lobster salad they May be buried in. Consecrated ground and under the auspices of the Church Anatlie Public Are not ashamed to read1 an epitaph upon their Tomb stones enough to make the Marble Blush. Were the barbarous Law now in Force that punished the body of the suicide for the offence his soul had committed we should find Many a a Burn at our Cross roads. Is it not humiliating and amazing that men invited by the pleasures of the intellect and the sacred affect Tionson the heart to come to a banquet worthy of the gods should Stop by the Way Side to feed on garbage or to drink of the circe an cup that transform them to if a. Young invited by selfish principles alone inquires How he shall make his appetite yield him the largest amount of the answer is by Temperance. The True epicurean Art consists in the adaptation of our organs not Only to. The highest but to the longest enjoyment. Vastly less depends upon the table to which we sit than upon the appetite which we carry to it the pallid epicure who. Spends five dollars forms extracts less pleasure from his meal than Many a Hardy la Borer who dines for a Desideratum is not greater luxuries but livelier and if the devotee of appetite would propitiate his divinity he would not Send to the Yellowstone for but Aloea tongues nor to France fix Pate , but would climb a Mou n Tain or swing an axe with health there is no end Quantity or to the variety from which the palate can extract its pleasures. Without health no delicacy that nature or produces can a zest. Hence when a troys his health he destroys so far As he a con a caned whatever of sweetness of flavor and of the teeming Earth can produce. To him who. his appetite try excesses the luscious pulp of grape or peach the Necta Reous juices of Orange Are but a loathing and a nausea. He-has1 turned gardens and Groves of Delicio Struit into gardens and of ipecac and aloes. The name vicious indulgences that the Hammer. The following appropriate panegyric of this primitive instrument which was the first invention in mechanics and also the first in War is taken from the scientific american the Hammer is the Universal Emblem of Mech j Anica. With it Are alike forged the sword of Contention and the ploughshares of peaceful Agri press of the free and the shackles of the slave. The eloquence of the forum has moved the armies of Greece and Rome to a thou Sand Battle Fields but the eloquence of the Ham Mer has covered those Fields or tit Victory or defeat. The inspiration of song. Has kindled High Hopes and Noble the bosoms of Brave knights and gentle Dames but the inspiration of the Hammer has strewn the Fudd a Vii tattered Helm and shield decided not in Jay the irate of chivalric combat but the Fate of thrones a crowns and kingdoms. The forging of a Thunderbolt was ascribed by the greeks As the highest act of Jove s omnipotence and their mythology beautifully ascribes of their gods the task of presiding at the labors of the forgo. In client warfare the Hammer was a powerful Wea Pon Independent of the Blade which it formed. Many a Stout Skull was broken through the Cap and helmet by a blow of Vulcan s weapon. The armies of the Crescent would have subdued Europe to the Sway of Mahomet but on. The plains1 of France their Progress Wafe arrested and the Brave and simple Warrior no saved Christen Dom from the Sway of the Musselmen was Martel i the Hammer the bulwark of the Hammer is the wealth of nations. By it Are forged the Pon Drouha engine and the tiny Needle. It is an instrument of the Savage and the civilized. Its merry Clink Points out the abode of Industry. It is a Domestic deity presiding Over the Gran Deur of the most wealthy and ambitious As Weh As the most Hui Ible and impoverished. Not a stick is shaped not a House is raised a ship floats a Carriage Rolls a wheel spins Spade delves or Fig , without the Hammer. Vhf without the Hammer civilization would be unknown and the human species Only As defence less brutes but in skillful hands directed by Wisdom it is an instrument of of great n Ess and True glow ill. Oddities of great men. The greatest men Are often affected by Tlle most trivial circumstances which have no apparent connexion with the effects they produce. Or. Johns on used always pin coming up Bolt court to put one foot on each. Pavement failed he Felt certain that the Day would f be in in qty. Buffon the natural 1st, never wrote but in full dress. Or. Routh of Oxford studied in full canonic a. An celebrated preacher of the last Century could Naveiro Unbe a. Sermon with his garters on. Reiseg the German wrote his commentaries on Sophocles pot of Porter by his Side. Schlegel lectured at the two extempore in latin with his snuff Box. Constantly without it he could not get on. And inventions. Air balloons invented in prance by mongol Ufier 1763 and introduced into England 1784. Air guns invented in 1656. Air pumps invented 1654. Algebra first known in Europe 1494 anathema first used by the Church 387. Apples Trees first brought from Syria and Africa to Italy nine years before Christ. Apothecaries first mentioned in history a 1345. Arithmetic introduced into Europe from Ara Bia 991. Arithmetic Decimal invented 1402. Astronomical observations were first made in Babylon in the year of the world 2234. Banks first began 808 that of Venice 1157 of Genoa 1345 England 1649 of America 1791. Beer first introduced into England 1492. Books in the present form invented by at talus King Ope Garnos 887. V Book keeping on the italian method first used in England 1569. Bread first made with yeast by the English 1650. Bullet Trof Iron first mentioned As used instead of Stone 1550. Calender first regulated by Pope Gregory 1579. Candles of tallow were so great a luxury in England in 1300. That splinters of Wood were commonly used for lights. Chess the game of invented b. C. 60s. Chimneys not known in England 1200 not used except in kitchens or Halls till 1300 clot i. Coarse Woolen introduced into England 1191 a first made at Kendall 1390. Coaches first used in England 1500 an act passed to prevent men from Riding in them As effeminate 1601. Coals discovered near Newcastle 1234 Firat 1280. Coffee first brought into England from Crete 1641. Compass mariners invent cd in China b. C. 1120 said to have been used in Venice improved at Naples 1302, its variations noticed 1500, its dipping 1577. Land 1609. Etching on Copper with acids invented1535. Gouging invented 1570. Gunpowder invented by a 1330 first made in England 1418. Indigo first raised in the United states 1747. Inoculation first tried on criminals 1721. Iron was first cast in England 1544 first discovered in America it la. Knives first made in England 1563. Looking glasses made Only at Venice 1300. Mile the length of the English first deter mined 1593. Paper of Cotton rags in use 1000 of Linen 1417 manufacture of into England. 1588 White paper first made in England 1690. Penny Pool first set up in London 1693 in Dublin 1774. Pipes of Lead for conveying water first cast 1530 i of potatoes first brought from America to bag land by sir Francis Drake and introduced into Ireland 1610. Printing invented by Faust 1441 made it Iblis by Guttenburg 1458 brought to land by. William Caxton 1471. Rice first cultivated in Carolina 1702. To Saltpetre first mide in England 1625. Sheriff in first appointed in London lls9. First1 worn England 1633 the buckle introduced Silver first coined in Rome b. C. 269. Surnames introduced into England by nor mans and adopted by the nobility 1200. 1 spinning wheel invented 1530. Straw used for the King s bed 1234. Sugar first mentioned 625 introduced into West 1510. 1 sundials invented b c. 559 first erected at Rome b. C. 308. 1 tar Mineral discovered in England 1799. Telescopes 1590 first reflecting Otie 1792. I thermometer invented 1620. Time first computed from thes Christian Era 516. Time measure by water invented 156 King Alfred s time keeper Wax tapers each 32 inches Long 887. Tin found in Germany in. Barbary lb4d. Tobacco first discovered by tie spaniards in Yucatan 1520. Tragedy acted in Athens Wagon b it. 535. Voyage round the world first nude ,1525 Viatches invented in Germany 1477 first used in astronomical observations 1500 first used As in modern by Charles a 1530 brought to England 1577. Weights and measures invented b. A. 860 fixed to a Standard in England 12.57. Tile family my. A shout file site Story. One a poor Man and Hia Bon a Little boy eat by the Wayside near the Gate of an old town in Germany. The father took a loaf of break which to had bought in the town and broke it and gave the half to his boy. Not so Taid the boy i shall not eat till . You have been working hard All Small to support me and you must be very hungry i shall till Yon Are you speak kindly my replied the pleased father your to me does me moire Good than my food and those of re mind me dear Mother who left. And told you to lore me Ehe used to do and in deed my boy you have been a great strength and Comfort to me but now that 1 have eat the first morsel to Pleace you it your turn now to thank you father but break this piece in. Two and take you a Little More for you see the loaf is not Large and Yon require much More than i i shall Divide the loaf for you my boy but eat it i shall i have abundance and let thank god for his great goodness in giving us food Anc Giying what is better still cheerful and contented heart s.1 he who gave a the living bread from heaven to nourish our Immor Tal souls How shall he hot give us All other food i hat is necessary to support our mortal the father and son thanked god and then began to Cut the loaf Iri pieces to begin together their Fruga meal. But As they Cut one portion of the loaf there Falls out several Large of Gold of great value. The Littfe boy gave Eliout of Joy and was springing to grasp the unexpected treasure when he pulled Back by his father. My son my son a he that Money it is not burs i know not As to Horn it belongs but probably it was put there by the Baker through some mistake. We must inquire. but fatties interrupted the boy Yon Are poor and needy and you Hale bought the Tnp to lev a Attar lift l the Loat not Puy Iii Gold in it. It the Baker sold it to me in ignorance i shall not be so dishonest As to take advantage of him. Re member him who told us to do to a we have others do to us. May possibly cheat us but that is no reason Why we should cheat him. I am poor indeed but that j r is no sin if we share the poverty of Jesus god s own son of let us share his goodness and his Trust in god. We May never be Rich Bot we m in always pfc honest. We May die Bot god s will done should we j de in doing it t yes my boar Trust god and 1 walk1 in hid ways acid you shall never be pot tos Arne. Now run for the Baker and i will i stay and. Watch the Gold till he i so the boy ran fur the old Man. Brother said the old Man have made so Iii mistake and almost lost Yoor Money and he showed the Baker the told a mho had been found. It thine i l alkyd the father if it is take it i v my father Baker is very poor my child put me not to shame by thy complaints. I am glad we have saved the Man from losing his the Baker had bees looking alternately upon honest father and his eager boy and upon the that Lay glittering upon the Green thou Art indeed an honest the and our neighbor Javid spoke the troth when he said Oliou Wert the hone test Man in our town. Now i shall Tell thee about the Gold a stranger came to my shop the other Day and gave me that loaf and he told me to sell it cheaply or give it away to the hone test poor Man i knew in the City. I Toi David to Send thee to Mer As a and As Oliou would St not make the loaf for nothing i sold it to thee for the last thy purse and the loaf with All its certain it is not thine and god Grant thee a Blessing with it the poor father wad to the ground while Trie fears fell from he eyes. His boy ran and put his hand round his neck and said shall always like you my father Trust god and do what is right for i am sure it will never put us to Edinburg. Christian Magazine. Tutti Wozbet. A writer beautifully remarks that Mother is the Best representative of his maker Milf Ottwie and own crime set up no barriers and tier sorr. While Mother will have one Friend in who not listen alien he is slandered who not desert him when he suffers who in his him of Hopes when he is ready to despair. Her affection no ebbing time. It flows on windows of Glass first used in England foe houses wire invented in Germany 410 Mills for making it 1563. Wood cuts invented 1460. Year the solar introduced by Cesar b. C. 45." invented by p. 54.0. And a peaks happiness through a of Tern and ceases Only the Ocean of eternity. It is Bettyb to have Little knowledge with humility and a Weik than greater treasures of i carring i Tiv set conceit where Merit appears do Justice to it out scruple. 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