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Read an issue on 13 May 1852 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 13, 1852, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania3l Laniuli newspaper cup Tab to Notos 0dcncc, cite vaturi agriculture amusement that country is the most prosperous where labor commands the greatest Wellsboro thursday May 13, 1852. 717. Poets Niche. For the Tioga Eagle. . Ii Clil in lilo Lowers in nth i u Irig in towers. roams t red cml hour in Ann Milain. Lair y Rhino i Nir Liliie rum. To Iii Art do ail ii cur. As Ami Spoor tits n in hrs. April Najj a Rioin la Muir thru Ilic lulls Vullgr Yah rung u Ili Ihnn Ivr cry of Loath liar in i in to rut Luj Fie clout of woe of i o it run woe Tirri Dinelli s Fiji it l is pro hurl the Mali Meta w allow Crow and Blue out first consulting her mistress. Unit. Olite Jay and in Inid Fumu Ier the night Hawk screech owl. The animals hunted for their fur Are the cat the stray dogs those chiefly for their flesh Are the returning to the Temple of Koo Neh we took j risk rat Skunk and Wood clock. A path Over the Plain through Fields of wheat the fishes embrace a great variety from lupins and gentiles to the two colossi which we a i i 8 the Bayard Taylor on Moranon. Had already seen from a distance. These in j Mense sitting figures 53 feet above the which hag buried their pedestals look Over the site of vanquished Thebes and assert the Gran i 1 a in a the Bull pout the sucker Tor inner the principal articles of consumption Are White , Apple Sass and Rye whip Tjie principal articles of import a Cotton cloth molasses bogus cigars afro Point oysters. The articles of Export . I soul s perfect purity and what is called of the cheese Pudil n w mighty hat need a added upon the subject of consisting of Many strips of White paper to Sci i poor Susy her obtuse intellect could not to tempt Tyril Japan now possesses in j bed with moral Ami religion is sentence. I pent who understand English and russian " the names of the three principal islands Are 1 in i Japan. Relieved by governor a Lomonof. I All that these a Kerpelo As Well us dutch and that since these interpreters an a Conklinjr to Liebold stationed utter cycling Consin Creble i at dire Petit Points All round the external coast Island is i the fact of in expedition being i n preparation fur the possible approach of any r government to visit it we give i strange ship j the japanese language was Lonj supposed to be if not a Mere dials of the chinese yet As j closely connected with it As the and i italian Are with each other or with their com Mon Parent the latin. But it has been fount that this is not the. At laugh the Japa Nese and chinese reciprocally understood writ ten works in tit chinese character one of the. Many Japan yet their spoken language in the ifs Crillion of Iti ivc find in Tho new Vork Mirror the subject of the proposed expedition to a Sci in no Ordinary attention. An pm for t to since Simul Limo ii of christianity and the for in lir in hermetically of All against Asiatic with thu exception of one principal islands Are intricacies of a Laboured satire. She floundered Niphon Kinsin and Sikoff. Tha territories of i through trial editorial in Hopes of fishing the the whole Arclie Penso of u p some new the conclusion furnish islands extent from-30 to 41 degrees of North i of her with grand materials. I nov. The Cream of the affair not the Cream of the Vyas this a Larse and select l company of City friends., very fastidious genteel people and been invited to Dine on tha Morrow ind that same editor of that same Village paper who was a sort of Nabob in the place As All Vil Lage editors in All country villages Are., or ought to be bad received a summons to partake of the dear of which they and Karnak are1 tie most striking remains erected by am j Flo Knoph Iii an Tho Urh the faces Are totally Dis Iriel coat figured the full round Beautiful proportions of the colossal arms shoulders and thighs do not belie the marvellous sweetness of the features which we still see in his Tonus. Except the head the nil Isles of Export Are few being of anti Nous i know of no ancient portrait so Only such things As they Don t want them Beautiful As am Knoph. The Long and luxuriant j principal Are convicts to an hair flowing in a Hundred ringlets the soft Grace j Burn and Sig sing prisons and emigrants of Ibe forehead the mild serenity of the Eye the ,0 California Fine thin lines of the nostril and the e Fem Iriina u i r to. I. I tenderness of the , Triumph Over i the chief product oms Are White headed cramped rigidity of err Putian sculpture and which in time grow to be lumber Harmony of greek Art. In looking on that Heads men peelers deacons quire politicians cannot help thinking that the subject Over pow j Antl rogues. In list in one sen port town which Lime Carcel a word of in i c i it Loni Chim to f Victory is to Ench other. This May easily 1 in recon Villod when it is that the chinese Charn Carrs Ilo not express letters or _ even words but representations of ideas which tic s Inch scion tic physician Attah Tui i the words As the numerals 1, 2, 3, Lii tory Mirhel be Able to glean and pub so convey in idea of Tho several numbers to i s Ich n history far surpassing that of a to the in Ives of of latitude and from 139 to 143 of East Longitude. The Island of 1000 Miles. Bread Ali 160 Kinsin length 220 breath 130 Sikoff length 100 55 population extent of territory Square Miles. Temperature highest heat in summer 90 dog. Greatest cold in Winter 35 army 338 000 infantry. Cavalry. N Ivy not Worth memo ninja very inconsiderable. Frequent fogs. The japanese Are Superior in Many respects would m itself be eagerly sought Afler. But it ih., Rev int time this interest is greatly Liy actin a Liili the government is Alio it to Lake a a jew of Fatien Fly with country. The vents which will in nil Nibi Mility follow the move Merit if Comini Fllori pm Rry will have so i motor Lanton Lic Triner on comr Torci Natl the Prosper by of the Pacific Ami Rhrou Solhem. Tho whole country Ilmi consid Era lie Pirimi better Era if y Iassc of inc Rea. Of i. Inn Iron. by passing Over Politi my Mattura Lor the nonce and a Brief of that almost Irrera 60 far say ninth rings arc to be and throwing Lin it pre cd by Worda. Tho chinese is a monosyllabic language whilst the japanese is to their neighbors of China. Though Roacher i baited Good things with the rest. Mrs. Lane the Mother director nurse and housekeeper in one was accordingly anxious that come off right her Bill of fare was All arrange with the exception of the pudding so to wards evening she just stepped into the Kitchen and addressed Susy thus now Susy which of you Good puddings shall we have to Morrow shall it be Plum of ered the and Lead him to the. a truer Art. Am Knoph or Memnon was a poet in soul and it was meet that his statue should Salute the rising san with a sound like that of a Harp modern research has wholly Anni Elliis Bonu Titial fable. Memnon now sounds at All hours of the Day and at the com Mand of All travellers who pay in Arab five to climb into his Lap. We engaged a vender of modern scarab i who threw off his cracks of the polished and soon hailed us with from the knee of the Sta their Means of. Gering a Are in and ostensible however a which they Are very expert swapping horses trading cattle getting Boot. The Clinef. Amusements in Winter Are keeping up a Sre watching the weather going to whittling and breaking summer these Are varied by they have Many Brave generous and redeeming traits Are humane inordinately polysyllabic or rather limper polysyllabic since curious and fond of pleasure giving importance the simple pronoun cannot a expressed in i to forms and ceremonies beyond any people in Jis Vanesse by a lasts number of syllables Thun the a vol a and spend inf half their time in at five Teal Akosi and to multiply 7 into we re Tendance upon the capricious edicts of the court quires the further addition of a Dis syllable a which an extraordinary influence Over Tea Lalosin Domo All this is to the Empire by a system of espionage extend shove that Tho japanese Are a distinct race and not As Haa been imagined a chinese see Klaproth s Asia pol Golta. A the works of science and official papers Are written or printed in chinese characters. There Are however four other setts of characters Kal nkana which is held appropriate to the use of men the id Ragne similarly appropriated to women and Tho Man Yokana and the Yama Logana. Print at is known among them. Japanese literature Ctm irises works of science history biography geography travels moral philosophy in i Enot Irh of obtain. Of course no natural history poetry the drama and ency clo made to do More than give a very pc Lias. Beading is a favorite amusement with of the matters a furred j them. The Only science that can be said to be cultivated ii Japan arc Medicine and in Hill Winn sketch i have drawn upon i r 1 rank Vun Liebold Molto Brun. Gilco roes. Loot her with some valuable Ritter Joath Prycl from manuscripts which i i have Urt our ecu i. Mich More properly be Vermeil Mere memory a article would be in Prtrt a i believe however " 1 the fuels stated can to relied upon As the Best sources of which we have information. 0 the car lick of Japan it is needless k present condition of Linn Dpi including uninhabitable now to matter of tiny croat interest. I a made in Tho twelfth and Whir to Japan but without a Portu Vuoso ship driven of weather off Tanga Zima Koi irn in Trio province of in Simra. The i Al n Crew of about two Hundred men and list Nii Ilii the japanese acquainted with people with it is said sixteen different Rio Jcj Comaj Biran. Who brought them1 new manufactures and. A they trafficked with them face by and their daughters in marriage to As settled Amon Cost them. The Jesuit Mia followed. And were also Well re i hair wag Rapij and exr for a i an key of nor Mph Yew. Even at m very Vicinity of thy Dairi. Itch engaged in the poli _ Trio country and were expelled from the Acra then a Mir can carrying on Active and lucrative is o. Urt of the seventeen to. Cen i although Tho chinese formerly carried on the in Espa Perl in h1v e arc Medicine and astronomy. Of these original words and translations of european Oji Thors Ihen Nice stable Ore in tha scientific japanese Are equal if not Supe rior to the chinese. The drugs employed in japanese pharmacy Are mostly animal and vegetable. Mineral remedies Are . The japanese possess some Little knowledge of mathematics mechanics trigonometry and civil engineering. They have canals intended chiefly for irrigation and a great variety of Bridges crossing them. They have Learned to measure the Heights of the mountains by the barometer and have latterly constructed very Good maps of the Empire. The arts Are More adv nerd in Japan than in China. Painting is very elaborately executed but not ofter nature. They Are unacquainted with Oil painting. Wood cuts or prints Are abundant. The knowledge of sculpture is not known but they understand a Little of carving. Their proficiency in lacquer work is truly remarkable. The japanese do not understand cutting precious stones and they set no value upon them. They Ore skilful workers in As an example we May refer to the Beautiful work called Anil which composed of various metals blended together resembles enamel work and is used in lieu of jewels. But the Branch of this Art in which they surpass most other nations is Tho tempering of steel and their sword ing to every individual however obscure. It would be a difficult matter to Over estimate the advantages which May of the expedition about to Start. The whole Commerce of the cast turned from the old Channel will find its Way across the Pacific and the. United states will thus become the great commercial entrepot of the world. By the Aid of a Wise and far seeing government the now Eland in the Way of the enterprising Seaman will be pointed out in enlarged sphere of action will be opened for our merchant and the out rages to our shipwrecked mariners who Are now so cruelly with will in put a Stop to. In selecting for this duly an officer in every so Well qualified for the position As Commodore Perry the country has h surety that All that cad be accomplished by ability indomitable Energy perseverance and courage combined will to effected and that the stars and stripes will wave proudly in the Breeze not Only As the Emblem of Liberty but the precursor of science in those hitherto so imperfectly known regions. Whether Prince Louis Napoleon Calls his government a Republic or in Empire matters very Little to us matter of fact people. The twelve millions francs per year which he pockets Tell their own tale. An enterprising arithmetic Ian has been whetting his rules on the amount by reducing it to its lowest terms the quotients come out somewhat thus or. 00 00 per year. Of i la make the exclaimed Susy culling her Short. Well of course but i was thinking of the kind perhaps a Bird s nest or a Don t you think of i la make the said Susy again with additional emphasis Don t you have no sort of fear let me Lone and i la set As Fine a pudd n before your great folks As they Ever got Don t believe they Ever so much Heerd of a Scie Tiffy Pomeroy cheese pudd n she muttered in a Low tone to herself. Mrs. Lane hurried and worried Only said Well Susy i leave it altogether Only do your won t i though a chuckled Susy when left alone won t i Sho Mem what country Cooks can do Scie Tiffy Pomeroy cheese pudd Nain t that a name fit for any Krow s Susy was not the first person taken in by High sounding title in t there something in name me. There is a certain Stone on Memnon s Lap j which when sharply struck gives out a Fine., metallic ring. Behind it is a Small Square aperture invisible from below where one of the priests no doubt. himself to perform the daily Miracle. Our Arab rapped on the arms and body of the statue which had the usual j dead sound of Stone end rendered the musical ring of the Sun smitten Block j e la reports throwing obstacles in the Way an Avenue of sphinxes once led from the colossi i f p Chlio improvements talking politics scare crows and getting Down eat ing Reeo apples. The rain Joe of Domestic duties Are confined altogether to Chance and the women the principal business is interference in other people s affairs to the ii mire neglect of exaggerating to a grand Temple the foundations of which we found about a Quarter of a mile Distant. On the j Way Are the fragments of two other colossi one of Black Granite. The enormous a obstructions i of the Temple and the pedestals of ils columns have been sufficiently excavated to show what a Superb edifice has been lost to the world. A crowd of troublesome arabs thrusting upon o and chores. The Young leave the parental roof at a Lender age and commence on own look pop Corn. Rin a i ,1 and Lumate a Cross Between Lapland not quite As cold As the on and a Good Deal colder than the other attention newly baked Cinerar urns newly i healthy. The principal diseases Are lame 00 71 68 2283 39 it will tuba be 00 per month. 00 per week. 00 per Day. 263 00 per hour. 4 39 per minute. 07j per seen that la the Prince receives As much in four Days As the president of of the United states does in a year. A fancy Dresa Ball was Given it Syracuse on the 8th instant and As on Jbf the incidents of the evening is recorded tie marriage of or. James Duran who appeared in Tufe elegant costume of a Knight of Malta to miss Bartlett who was elegantly attired in the dress of a greek girl. The morning came there stood the Cream of the Dresser As yellow As a Marigold the eggs were beaten to a froth spices All were ready and Susy Bright and neat As a new pin Weril Fig eting Roubid waiting for her mistress to join the excursion made up expressly for the City purty they were going Tro the Falls. Mrs. Lane just ready to Start looked in for a second. Said she it s bad to leave you alone have you decided about of i la make the exclaimed Susy a Little impatiently it shall All be ready when you git Back you be trusted me she Nolde i with an impatient toss of the head and to work hurried the Good simple girl As soon is her mistress disappeared to grate up Lii cheese. Dinner time came and saw sixteen expectant faces ranged round the arid full Justice did sixteen Good appetites do to the Fine Turkey chickens Chicken fixin a that were served out with alacrity. Meantime in the Kitchen Susy had ranged the pudding pans on the Pine table ready for dishing. They look Nice on the that s she murmured snuffing somewhat suspiciously roasted antique wheat and images of nil kinds fresh from the maker s hand disturbed our quiet examination of the ruins and in order to escape their import unities we Rode to4.he Memnon us. Tribune. O Donnel one of the Laie captains Genera of the Island of Cuba carried away with him Ilia said a million of dollars which he had acquired in his office. A letter from Havana published in the journal of Commerce of this morning general Concha will leave Cuba with Tho Soldier s and kit that he brought with him not replenished Ereo with a a balance of some two or three having expended his salary in the promotion of the local arts Industry and institutions of Charity. The like has not occurred since the departure of Valdez who went Home by the provision made his warm hearted friends. Improvidently generous he was not calculated to govern nor could he Well govern himself. Tacon next cared for his own Fame wanted no Money extorted none but claimed what he deemed just of All. He saved some thing for the Rainy Day but Only whal he earned by the labor of purification of the administration and establishing on effectual criminal Juristic they did t a Good As they looked and when Susy had turned them into the dishes her heart foiled Eer such a Medley is they presented pools of butter clod s of curdled Cream floating cloves bits of cheese and Musty Uncertain color marked the scientific pudd Nas something really remarkable. Poor Susy she had Only time to thread Over the crust which she did in a kind of despair be or. Charles Dickens we see it stated in the Home Jurnal enjoys in income greater Proba Bly than was Ever before derived from Litera Ture by an author., the Sale of Bleak it is computed will average thirty thousand numbers a month and Dickens share must be at least a thousand pounds per month. Then Dickens is said a Hundred pounds a week from the Hau Selwold words besides o Large sum from the Sale of his other writings. At a very modest estimate therefore we May conjecture that his income a Twenty thousand pounds or a Hundred thousand dollars a year. Stomach delirium Riemens and folks articles of luxury most esteemed. Are codfish dried pumpkins and Wool Len in fans the articles of furniture Are a cooking stove mop pail and Wash dish. implements consist of an axe a saw a log Chain generally hooked and a knife. R their education is confined la Weir name guessing off hogs and making axe Helves. Their moral and religious ideas Are vague and Loose. They generally live to a Green old age and die As Green As they their habits Are predatory and Migra tory. The principal places of resort Are the platforms of Railroad depots bar rooms jus j times courts and Public and private offices where they have no business. If your Friend is a Bachelor it May be interesting to him to know that the female with a few have no front Teeth but their Eye Teeth Are Cut Early and Are Sharp and Well developed. If there Are any Points not touched 6por, Likely to in fluence him in the Choice of a residence i Hope you will i Vive no hesitation in further enlightenment. Yours an honorable now George you must Divide the cake honorable Svith brother is honorable Mother it Means that you must give him the largest Mother i d rather Charlie should be honorable. News Pavesi

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