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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 8, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaIt Flo life mrt0, 0mnfe, Cit Mittie agriculture quit 3um0tmtut. A by7. W. Kirk in Wellsborough Tinga wednesday morning May 8, 1850." at whole my enthroned on High Uji deity i f j Nir of a first or f in i i ill " irm re lire of 1-od our King Milt nit hah doth nil Maros Iran Urh Grot Friend Send Jar Paco f a he r. F i Jit Nee and of m Vond the slurry Erica 1 rl90 Tir i n Road k will display 1 fro i by world of iov0t Roilens r in Llola work m in Lily Al 0 lord i i inti in the eternal Man Iho Saviour Dies. Engels lend his name h i saints Lov proclaim. . Micone to Ciro t i coi Irbon today and d Lys to come m haul end in our Homo 0, suppl from Jay to Day p. Kim Ami Ltd us when to Pray. To. Grateful s l13 descend i n Dijt curtion Placo a o1 i rtt cd inc a i .3 Ira to. I 1.1 or pm any or Thuu receive t i re our Nui i our s faults u a Brcik b t l Oliy Book. To c c i m i rail tiny Traco 19 if t i a pm race 1 5 it o 11 Nutu la Anil love i r i l l flip by Earlb to Bovo. i irom Jin Imi in 1 in mercy Raiano if ice pics and ins hellish ways in his name who bled Law Ioimo pour our every need. i i Chiron help Oslo fat no Winlon jute thy conquering son from All which can annoy d and May our soul destroy n Fth i i upon betide in Ipi h 0 in our feet Paulc it a e Trifil and Cleave to Trifiro , and mortals to Oboy. I ii Meny. Lord forever free r tip Cristion knows to god but Tho k and Emp re m my fall Tim eternal Tho of All Fjor h be t Oliy name Adorcil by Earlh Anil he t Prano of saints Ond be Tenno own to shoe the everlasting one firmer be thy Triune memo at Orcil to i n Losanna be Tho lord author wig i in idiot in twin 26ili regiment i i a is infantry and w n porn Onyx of i of t ppr h. Hies so Tim a Echt encounter. 1 1piriteu Aid cml Reno sketch. Tie a lowing spin Tod and exciting sketch we a new work just pub i to fico t put non new York. It in want of a might Cico Unter which i the in t r , r British vessel on a Voy Lime to Vera Cruz after certain Iscie which accumulated there. I 12lk the break of Day Wien my father lira out with Tho watching of an anxious night Ujj re Rcd to Liu berth that the unwelcome an i Conant of to " broke upon ins ear. Where lie shouted up the compan to or Junco tie first mate who was Tho r i la off Tho weather was the 7 1 what does she look Lickl t Rio Square no Rcd vessel air with every "7 set that can draw from Royald Down. She be a my r i moment he was on deck with his Glass Anil or to to perceived in the Dull the morning was a Largo Alsip five or p to Windward. Dropping theol Safrom Afier a momentary Survey he turned to Joni what link sir it ,8 mighty there is no about it. A English frigate As Plain As the nose the very fellow that Lias chased a sir there can to no doubt of or. Jones you see Iho Baa got the Brown fore top Gallant sail. Sho "5 race a Fresi breath of wind w o ? t it m a moment More when i Hope the the name of the Schooner will allow of her usual ser doubt sir Tho old girl can show her anything m majesty s service and " ei1 tlll3fellow of Orten not to know 8ure of w8 Werc up to litre to Airt would be a Little More m uus can do it without Strain any up Iong onou8h to be dear Earl our Couric of Fow now off her sheets and set the Square sail. We can afford to indulge that fellow in Hia humor for studding Tho Atalanta fell off before the wind Briner no Tho frigate nearly astern a Point of sailing in which Square rigged vessels generally have the advantage but of no use in the present Case As the Schooner had the usual Quality for ves Sels of her class of sailing a Well before the wind As close hauled. In this Way they continued for some time Tho Atalanta rapidly increasing the distance from the frigate when a sail to the Leeward and ahead was announced. In a few minutes it was ascertained that she looked Ike a Man of War. Orders were Given to Brace up bringing the Schooner into her original Posi Tion with the wind abeam the new vessel to Leeward and the frigate to Windward and a Little astern. Sail to shouted a look out for the third time. What another where away v dead this is something More than to bargained for or. a air this is coming thicker and faster and considerably More of if that Chap ahead is Johnny Bull with his tact Cut we shall be in a regular Well a fix it is said the Captain with his Glass to his Eye he s an englishman and there s at least three rows of Teeth beneath that mass of the Eun was now fairly up above the horizon dispersing by its warmth a slight Haze which i Hud obscured objects at a distance and disclosing two More sails one on the starboard and the other on the Larboard Bow. We Are in a nost of Etc by heavens exclaimed the Captain. What do you think or. Jones " a regular trap sir and i think the sooner we turn Trail and try to creep out the Way we got in the we never could Doit. Those two chaps would rub u3 to chips Between of their guns without firing a Well then Captain i m really afraid that it is a gone Caie with us. Of if we were Only up there pointing to Windward we should be Safe Well we must get it is impossible sir impossible or not we Muat try Chey can t do More than sink us. Take in the Griff top sails haul aft the sheets Luff Luff her come to a close As she will in an instant the Schooner had altered her course heading up the wind in a direction obliquely across the Bow of the rapidly advancing frigate. There Well at exclaimed the Cap Tain taking the wheel into his own now men go below All of you we shall catch a grist or two of grape and you May As Well keep under cover As much As you to e two vessels Wero now rapidly approach ing each other the frigate steadily pursued her course apparently confident that the prize was within her Grapp while the Atalanta with the Luff of Hor fore sail shivering was in the expressive language of the Sailor eating into the at a rate which put All the calculation of her pursuers at fault. Soon she was nearly athwart the fore foot of the frigate and within Musket shot. I a Flash from the Bow port and a Twenty four Pound shot dashed up a Cloud of foam beneath Tho Schooner s Bowa. In an instant another evidently aimed at her passed a few feet astern and in a moment More the frigate braced Sharp up let Fly All the guns she could bring to Bear. Bid Man Ojivre lessened her headway and be fore she could repeat the discharge the Schooner had got so far to Windward As to be out of the Range of her ice broadside. Although unable to hold her wind with Tho Schooner and rapidly falling off to Leeward the frigate advanced through Tho water with a Velo City that soon brought her close to on Tho Lee Quarter of the Atalanta. Falling on a Little which while it made her Loose ground enabled her to open her weather sent Forth a storm of shot which at first hurled harmlessly Over the Cruft. Again and again it came but with better aim enveloping her in a Shower of grape riddling her sails which were fortunately new and Strong and the splinters from her bulwarks masts and booms but still not an essential rope was Cut or a spar Materi ally injured while each instant the distance Between the two vessels was increasing. You Are hit 1" exclaimed or. Jones to the Captain observing his Refl hand drop from the wheel shattered by a grape shot. Ready was the Only reply shouted in a tone which brought the sailors instantly to the deck. In a few minutes More we shall be within shooting distance of Tho other fellow Down with the Helm or. Jonas Helm s a Lee the Jib sheets were loosened and the Schooner came up fore reaching when in the Eye of the wind at the rate of three or four Miles the hour and then falling off upon the other in a direction contrary to that the frigate was pursuing. Following the the frigate also tacked but it took it much longer and when she came round and gathered the headway she had Loat the Atalanta was More than a mile off lugging the wind with a Elora Euross and tenacity Peculiar to clippers and chop i Ling her Way up to Windward after a fashion which would have rendered Pursuit by any Square rigged vessel perfectly useless. A shot from the frigate s Bow Chaser sunk it Force quite spent a few feet a Stern. Shouted the mate 6nable any longer to control the pent up excitement of the Chase Hurrah and swinging his Cap round ills head he gave it a Shio Over the Lee Quarter. Echoed the Crew with responsive enthusiasm and imitating the monkeys in the Well known Story of the Sailor and his Caps they allowed the example of their officer and in an instant a dozen tarpaulins were floating in the Wake astern. Whether the englishman fished any of them up As he1 came by is hot known iut at any rate it was his Only Chance for a prize. At Day break the next morning the frigate was nowhere to be seen and the Schooner and cargo without any further adventure arrived in safely at new York. Wonders of the atmosphere. Prom he Doldt a the atmosphere rises above a with its Cathe dral dome arching towards the heaven of which it is Tho most familiar synonyms and Symbol. It floats around us like that grand object which the apostle John Law m his i vision a sea o Glass like unto so massive in it that when it begins to stir it tosses about great ships like playthings and sweeps cities and forests like snowflakes to destruction before it and yet is so Mobile that we have lived years in it be fore to can be persuaded that it exists at All and the great Bull of Mankind never realize the truth that they arc bathed in an Ocean of air its. Weight is so enormous that Iron Shivers be fore it like Glass yet a soap Ball sails through it with impunity and the thinnest insect wave in aside with its Wing. It ministers lavishly to Al the senses. We touch it not but it touches us its warm sooth winds bring Back color to the Pale face of the invalid its Cool West winds re fresh the fevered brow and makes the blow Mantle in our Cheeks even its North Blasl braces into new vigor and Harden children o our rugged climate the Eye is indebted to n for All the magnificence of Sunrise the Ful brightness of midday the chastened radiance o the gloaming and the Clouds that Cradle near the Selling Sun. But for it the ram Dpi would want its triumphant and the Windi would not Send their Fleecy messengers on errands round the heavens the cold Ether would not shed Snow feathers on the Earth nor would drops of Dew gather on the Flowers the kindly rain would never fall nor Hail storms nor diversify the face of the sky. Our naked Globe would turn its tanned and a shadowed for cheap to the Sun and one dreary monotonous Blaze o Light and heat dazzle and Burn up All things Yvere there no atmosphere the evening Sun would in a moment set and without warning plunge the Earth in darkness. But the air keeps in her Viand a Sheath of his rays and lets them slip but slowly through her fingers to that the shadows of evening Ore gathered by degrees and the Flowers have time to Bow their Heads and each creature space to find a place of res and to Nestle to repose. In the morning the Garish Sun would at once bound Forth from the bosom of and Blaze above the horizon but the air watches for his coming and sends at first but one Little Ray to announce his approach and then another and by and by a hand Ful and so gently draws aside the curtain o night and slowly lets the Light fall on the fac of the sleeping Earth till her eyelids open and like Man she goeth Forth again to her labor til the evening. Gems from Longfellow. Morality without religion is Only a kind o dead Endeavor to find our place on a Cloudy sea by measuring the distances w have run but without any observation of the heavenly bodies. Many readers judge of the Power of a Booi by the Shock it gives their som Savage tribes determine the Power of Musket by their recoil that being considered the Bea which fairly prostrate the purchaser. Men of Genius Are often Dull and inert i society As the blazing meteor when it die scenes to Earth is Only a Stone. With Many readers brilliancy of style passe for affluence of thought they mistake butter cups in the grass for immeasurable Gold mine under the ground. The motives and purposes of authors Are no always so pure end High As in the enthusiasm of youth we sometimes imagine. To Many the trumpet of Fame is nothing but a tin Horn to Ca them Home like labourers from the Field at Din Ner Lime and they think themselves Lucky t get the dinner. Critics Are sentinels in the grand army o Letteris stationed at the Corners of newspaper and reviews to Challenge Overy new author. The natural alone is permanent. Fantastic idols May be worshipped for awhile Tut a length they Are overturned by the continual an silent Progress of truth As the grim statues c cd attn have been pushed from thei r Pedestal the growth of Forest Trees Whoso seed was sow by the wind in the mined Walls. To Young women. By Mathew Cabey. Some one hath said that Matrimony is with the great business of life whereas with Man it is Only an an important one o be sure but Only one among Many to which i Cir attention is directed and often kept entirely it of View. Now this difference gives the the sex a great advantage Over you and the est Way to equalize your lot and became As Vise As they Are is to think As Little about it As lies do. The less your mind dwells upon lovers and Matrimony the More agreeable and profitable vill be your Intercourse with gentlemen. If of regard men As intellectual beings who have chess to certain sources of knowledge of which of Are deprived and seek to derive All the one fit you can from their Peculiar attainments and experience if you talk to them As one ional being should to another and never remind hem that you Are candidates for of will enjoy far More than you can by regard no them under that one aspect of possible fun ure admirers and lovers. When that is the my absorbing thought you have not the proper use of your faculties your manners Are con strained and awkward you Are easily Enbar based and made to say what is ill judged silly and out of place and you defeat your own views by appearing at a great disadvantage. However secret you May be in these speculations if you Are thinking of them and attaching untie importance to the acquaintance of gentlemen it will most certainly show itself in your manners and conversation and will betray what is held in Especial contempt by the stronger sex. Since the customs of society have awarded to Man the privilege of making the first advances towards Matrimony it is Tho safest and happiest Way for a Weijian to leave the matter entirely in his hands. Ibec should be so educated As to consider Thal the great end of her preparation fir be equally attain in married or single life and that no Union but the most perfect one is at All desirable Matri Mony should be considered As an incident in life which if it come at All must come without any contrivance of yours and therefore you May safely put aside All thoughts of it till some one forces the subject upon your notice by professions of a particular interest in you. Lively ingenious conver Sable and charming Little girls Are often spoiled into Dull bashful silent Young ladies and All because their Heads Are full of nonsense about their beaux and lovers. They have a thousand thoughts and feelings which they should be ashamed to entertain and their pre occupation with a subject which they had better let alone prevents their being the agreeable and rational companions for the gentlemen of their acquaintance which they were designed to be. Girls get into All sorts of scrapes by undue pre occupation of mind they misconstrue the commonest attention into Marks of particular regard and thus nourish a fancy for a person who has never once thought of them out a an agreeable acquaintance. They Joose the enjoy ment of a party if certain beaux Are not there whom they expected to meet they become jealous of their Bast friends if the beaux Are j there and do not talk to them As much As they wish every trifle us magnified into something of fruitful source of things of real importance Are neglected for Chi Meras. And All this gratuitous pains taken to defeat its own end the labor la All in Yap such girls Are not the most popular and those who scent never to have thought about Matri Mony at All Are sought and preferred before them. We May add the advice that Young women should not consider it a serious misfortune even if never married there is nothing disreputable while there May be much happiness in the condition of the old maid. Democratic principles and measures. A strict construction of the Constitution and no Assumption of doubtful Powers. A diplomacy asking for nothing but what is clearly right and submitting to nothing wrong. No connection Between the government and Banks. An and Malorum Revenue Tariff. No Public debt either by the general govern ment or by the states except for objects of urgent necessity. No Assumption the general government of the debts of the states either directly or in directly by a distribution of the proceeds of the Public lands. No extensive system of internal improve ments by the general government. A constitutional Barrier against improvident state Loans. The honest payment of our and the sacred preservation of the Public Faith. A gradual return from a paper credit system. No Grants of exclusive Charters and privileges by special legislation to Banks. No swindling corporations. No connection Between Church and state. A preference for democrats Over whigs for office. Acquiescence in the Rule of the majority in All cases of party discipline. No proscription for honest opinions. Fostering Aid to Public education. A progressive reformation of All abuses. The rays of happiness like those of Light Are color Esa when broken. The value of the Mechanic arts. The following article is taken from the Phila Delphia Ledger. We select it for its intrinsic Worth in advocating claims which the Public especially the generally Overlook a writer in one of the Public journals As Crimea the Prosperity of Philadelphia to com Merce. Commerce especially when free and unshackled in Poneot the most important sources of wealth not Only to Philadelphia but to All countries and to every City but there is another worthy of the most profound consideration and which we Are too Apt to Overlook from the quiet and unobtrusive walks of its labours. We Al Lude to the Mechanic arts which lie at the Bot Tom of Philadelphia Prosperity and have made us so distinguished in every foreign country for the Beauty and solidity Ana Speed of our Loco motives the Superb elegance of our coaches the taste and Power of oar fire engines the splendor of our household furniture and the Utility in general of All our mechanical inventions and machinery to perform and abridge labor. The Mechanic arts Are so familiar to us that we too often fail to appreciate them. They Are so riots less that we hear not their voices except when we enter Tho factory where hundreds of opera Tives Are building up the wealth of society on their part to Aid the Farmer and the Fisherman in their productive avocations and who furnish All the materials for Commerce. Every depart Orient of labor is the link Ofa vast Chain but the Mechanic arts forge a thousand while Commerce Only constitutes one while it depends on the thousands. I every part of a Noble ship comes from the workshop of the Mechanic As Well As the locomotive and car. Every Parl of her cargo is furnished by the Farmer the planter the Mech anic and the manufacturer. Mansions stores palaces towers forts citadels the magic action of the Mechanic arts. Interior embellishments Are alike indebted to its Agency where luxury lounges on its easy Cush Ion or the Caprice of epicurean indolence laps itself in the soft dreams of Sardana Palus in the Power where Beauty slumbers in the Saloon where literati discuss or in the Senate where statesmen debate. If All these facts Are trite yet How Seldom Are they thought of do we not Overlook the details of wealth while we revel in their enjoyment j do we not forget the Hardy weather beaten tar while luxuriating in the tropical fruits brought from Distant climes by his labor 1 what do we owe then to Iho Mechanic arts to husbandry and to the fisheries everything. Yet How Seldom do we Accord them Justice How prone Are All to ascribe to other agencies All the merits of the Mechanic arts and to assign to the Mechanic a position inferior to that of All other agencies Commerce is a great element of civilization but the Mechanic arts Are As Superior As a thousand horse Power engine is to a locomotive of one horse Power. Philosophy or sneezing. Some writer who professes to be a a Ennois Send thus gives Hia views on the subject of sneezing. They Are not to to sneezed at we Ripe to May not be branded presumptuous if in Tho matter of sneezing we pretend to be connoisseurs. Of a proof of our taste we hate one of your snivelling dry half frightened to death sneezes but one of your Clear sonorous detonating reverberating explosions of those reports that set the wine glasses on the sideboard a Jungling and Wake Pussy we say for one of those earthquake sneezes we have a love inferior Only to that which we Bear for woman Favorita dog. A to be in Good crack like a Rifle in a Clear morning. A receipt for a sneeze of Iii Genius is As follows when you feel a tickling at the Root of your Hobo Sci just jump up if you be seated run to the window through which the Sun shines throw your head Back until the bump of presses on your coat Collar open your Mouth snarl like a half starved Hyena at a piece of fresh meat and then Blaze away. The effect will be prodigious an Echo will Salute you from the1 House top Ovca the Way the Good House a Rares will order the clothes taken in the game cock will turn up the red of his Eye to the Sun and you will1 have the Assurance that you have not sneezed in j velocity of lightning. The Flash of Zigzag and Sheet lightning does not last for More than one thousandth Ofa Sec Ond but a less duration in passing than one Millionth part of a second is o the Light of electricity of High tension. In compari son with this velocity the most rapid artificial motion that can be produced appears repose. This has been exemplified by prof. Wheatstone in a very Beautiful Experiment. A wheel made to revolve with such celerity As to Render its spokes distinct As if at rest when illuminated by a Flash of lightning because the Flash has come and Golf before the wheel has had time to make a perceptible Advance. Ithe color of lightning is variously Orange White and Blue verging to Violet. Its Hue appears to depend on the intensity of electricity and height in the atmosphere. The More electricity there is in passing through the air in a Given time the whiter and More dazzling is the Light. Violet and Blue coloured lightnings Are observed to be discharged from Storff Clouds High in the Atmos phere where the air and analogously the electric spark made to pass through the receiver of an air pump exhibits a Blue or Violet Light in proportion As the vacuum is Complete. Idleness and Industry. Doctor Franklin gave a Sage advice to parents when he said that had better give their sons a trade1 than leave them a Fortune. The observation implied a proof find a know ledge of human nature and its wants and Capa cities As it expressed a benevolent disposition to preserve the Structure of society in its Radical principles of Harmony and usefulness., so Lite As thirty years ago it was a rare occurrence to meet with a boy in Philadelphia who was not apprenticed to some Trade or profession. Even Rich thought they Best consulted the Hap piness of their sons by giving them i Trade if not from the necessity of living at least to have them from the misery of idleness and the affife Tion of vicious habits that idleness engenders. The present age presents a wonderful contrast to those customs of the Olden now it almost seems a general practice to permit youth to grow up in idleness ranging the streets or banding for disorderly and unlawful purposes and contracting habits As directly tending to their own perdition As it is certain to damage social interests. All this must be the result of the want of a just appreciation of the value of a Trade and Tia importance of useful occupation to All Ages All conditions. Silly and contemptible indeed is that Pride which can prefer ignoble idleness to useful Industry. Any Trade a better than is a Maxim so old that we fail to Trace Back its origin. If youth Are vicious or unhappy a curse to themselves or a nuisance to the Public inquire into the cause and you invariably Finis it idleness. It ii the industrious youth who makes the Happy Man and ends in the establishment of the respectable citizen. We abhor All coercive or even legally persuasive Means to produce Happy social results which ought to be the spontaneous effects of a sound organization but if any Means outside of an enlightened Public opinion could be consistently used to secure a Trade to every boy it would Joe a donation of fifty acres of land to All who could show that they passed through an honorable apprenticeship to master a Early Davs Thiers in his history of the relates some very Grange and previously unknown particulars respecting the Early life and penury of Napoleon Bonaparte. It appears that after he had obtained a subaltern s com Mission in the French service and after he had done Tho state Good service by his skill and daring at Toulon be lived for some time in Paris in obscure lodgings and in such extreme poverty that he was often without the Means of paying ten sous 5d for his dinner and frequently without any meal at All. He was under the necessity of borrowing Small sums and even worn out clothes from Hie acquaintances he and his brother Louis afterwards King of Holland Hod at one time Only Between them so the Brothers could Only go out alternately turn and turn about. At this crisis the chief Benefactor of the future emperor and conqueror. At whose might y name the world grew was the actor who often gave him food and Money. Napoleon s face after so famed for its classic Mould was during this period of starvation harsh an d angular in its lineaments with projecting cd week Bones. His meagre fare brought on an unpleasant cd to igneous disease of a Type so virulent and malignant that it took All the skill and Assiduity of his accomplished physician Corvi Sart to expel it after a duration of More than ten years. The squalid beggar then the splendid emperor threadbare a Siliment the Imperial Hovel and the meagre food and the gorgeous Friendship of a poor actor the homage and the terror of the exile and a such arc the ups and Downs of this changeable life and such the lights and shadows of the great and mighty. Brain labor. To Many persons it seems a Small thing to sit Down and prepare matter for the periodical press but let those inexperienced to the pen and whose brains have never been trained to systematic thought attempt to furnish intellectual food and recreation to Fellows and he will soon realize that mental labor is the most destructive to health of All other toil. Wera one to grub stumps out of the Earth or Sling the Sledge Hammer twelve hours a Day a would be Able to stand the Drudgery with less injury to his body and soul than hair that number of boors devoted to mental employment in the Way of writing matter for the Book or newspaper press. Those Pithy articles which constantly appear in the periodicals of tote Day contain the very essence of mind or thought and such literary gentlemen As Are the Best at itemizing Are the first whose constitutions Are broken and who die of imbecility i Tion. Facts i fac give us facts. Rhetoric v id muscular inane s do not appreciate. Philosophy we do not fathom. Facts we can comprehend. These god gives and he gives no facts of and of scripture. Give us these in the fir bold solitary grandeur or in their True relation give them to us m their variety and impressiveness with which god Giurea them. Give us these Yemen of school room of Tho press and of the pulpit and we will hear you and our common sense and conscience will endorse while our memory will your testimony. I it if spa Fri a paper

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