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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 6, 1846, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaRe by James f. editor and proprietor. Us Borough Tioga co dollars ind fifty Conw Sive of cents Dei i n Ihu and for Caslov actual a Dollar will be deducted discontinued until All arrear the option of the editor. Cements nol exceeding twelve ii Tvr times for one Dollar and for flee ration Twenty five cells. Nol lines. Inserted for seventy five " of one or three insertions lie 1 Ril discount to Henrly advert users jul tickets cards circular buds if Ming Dune Al fico Inch will blitzed cards on hand Ali j in Der on Reaa Onalle terms. July for Sale at this o fice. Ions la sales such As sheriff s Dee executions de -iavat.ions, judgment n warranty la Les. Us. Trachi Zient Blanks i or Hale at office. To subscribers. Pm Sot country pro it cd at he Ragle office s 10 Ilie establishment Al i .jan., 1846. V. Damon Torney at Tioga co services to the impaled m the my John w. May Izard Nih him a i Rulif sepi counsel. 25, 1811. T lj1 county to All professional to Ispir charge in the Cou i Atif Jid Potter and Mclean at the a Enue v.ii.1 s no a. P. Co n eat Lam. Tioga county i in the courts of Tir _ is. A in. 31. 1r4g. F. Houston at Cut Rui a join qty 1 Ike Dimill. Sherwood v 1 Votice. Noje item to me Are l to i All and Settle their nip or Oilie of. It is now n. E n Ali of ill is kind nude and i ii of Ilir Given Al in Tel in jul Tusti be 6. Gin Iglo 18413. 8eeo. In no Hugenor Clover c u d j id for Sale by it u Kiliam of Vujih 184g. Dried apples. Fit1 of an exc Bluit Quality c a by 10 suit purchasers a t the m in Motif Sto f. Jell Abouo Academy. I o1 a ,1 i pm of this in ii Nii n thursday the 5l.h c a Mcnuer eleven weeks. c a Smullo ha., is teachers i. A Nisei codes the necessity o 1 Noi Ceat this Lime. Rates of tuition Natii Jan orthography and eng. Gramm chem jury Volany Rhea drawing lie obtained at bonding to on terms. W. Moskis Trust 7. Cd if in and Ca m by sub Ces not cents. Too to Fri us vol. 35.1 the Swallow s lament. Our poor old barn Why Huw ill looks scarce one Short year pay e mar ans St a in hic. Pleas i ill be if. R. A. Business lies of Lson. Cmok in a., and r2l with lingering footsteps o or the sunny Earth. Since in a merry joyous Tram we came a flock of Happy swallows and with Joy hailed the first glimpse of thin our Parent Home where sheltered Neal its pm Chi roof we feared nor storm nor Idle Schoolboy a wicked sport. Hut a in ruins now it lies is roof no More can give a grateful Shade to Thoie who sought its kind Protection As each Spring. With cheerful voice called us from Southern i what word shall i carry to loved ones afar i of How can i Ell them of plunder and War mow Tell them of wilful destruction and harm alas of for our poor Swallow barn my mate the Sweet Light Wing sits sad and alone of How can Tell her she now us Home us o nest for her Brood for their shelter no roof where in peace and Security childhood and youth May pass As the Sunbeam All Jamoua and and Lite seem to them Ojie Bright sunny in the sorrows of Earth she Neer borne a part. And must i fill with anguish that fond Ling Farewell the the Home of my childhood alas that thy pleasures and glories Are All with the past 1 it hut my heart s pure affections and warm shall Hallow the site of our old Swallow the Mournful song Liat on my careless ear Lall Nas Foith i strolled but j Cater morn. To taste the hew freshness of the summer air now died in the far distance and with Rye upraised and fluttering Wing urging its Way i far toward the sunny South a gentle Bird was Clearing with impatient ardent flight the Clear Blue Ether Healing to loved ones there tie sad and Mournful tale of re Ned Hopes nipped in the very Bud. And then i knew that two the swallows messenger Bird that 1 seen and to whose sad lament Llad Lent a willing ear. Go gentle 1 cried and Tell to lot ing friends the Story of the harm and wrong that Man hath done. Yut in thine indignation just think not i Alt Are such us thou cruel unkind but know there arc some hearts with fresh and warm for every Bird that sports on airy Wing through heaven s vault. Go and my Blessing on my heart will treasure up Why parting Oft in memory on my list eng ear will fall i in thrilling strains the Echo of the song of Summers earliest Swallow. I Nina. Welt siiro4 de in. A tale of the heart. Not Many yearn ago we read in a Book the Story of a Lover who was to win his mistress by carrying her to he lop of a High Mountain and How he did win her and How they ended their Days on the same so we think die scene was in Switz eur but the Mountain though High e enough to tax Bis Stout heart to the it Teim Osl must have been among the lowest. Let us fancy it a goad Jolly Hill in the summer Lime. In was at any rate so High that the father of the lady a proud Noble thought it impossible fur a Young Man burdened to scale n. For this reason alone in scorn he bade him do Ilar d i i daughter should be hit. The peasantry assembled on will March i res. Feb. 24lh 1846. Idem. L. I. .1 w. Gue Insey. Erbeingrnowperm8 de will Boi would in of and los Vicinity thai nil fam mrs of and clocks be possible manner and on reasonable to Busi Ive their Graves a Short not. A May a Tentio and rec nearly oppo ail repaire j. B. W by calling Boon at la Mammoth i Yore. D mrs. A More 1c, .c3, or at the Valley to1 witness so extraordinary i a sight. They measured the Mountain with their communed with one another and Hook la Weir Heads bul All admired the Young Man and some of his looking1 at mistresses Hoij Glt they could do a much. Tie father was on apart and sullen repeal my that he subjected his daughter even 10 he Shadow of such a Hazzards but he it would teach his Iti Ferira a lesson. I the to Ting Man the son of a Small landed proprietor who some pretentious to wealth but not to stood Repec fully looking but confident rejoicing in his heart that he should win his mistress Hough at the Coit of a Noble pain considering who who it was he was to carry. If he Jed for it he shold at least have her in his arms and have looked her in the face. To clasp her person in manner was a pleasure he contemplated with such transports As is known Only to real levers for none others know respect heightens the Joy of dispensing Wajih formality asyl How dispensing with formality ennobled and makes greater tha respect. The lady stood by the fide of Pale desirous and dreading. She thought her lever would succeed but Only because she thought him in every respect the no Blest of Hii sex end that nothing was Loo much for his valor and great fears overcame her nevertheless she knew not what might happen i in chances common to All. She Felt the bitterness of being herself the Bur Den him and the and dared Nei ther to look at her father nor the Moun Tain. She fixed her eyes now on the crowd which she beheld not and now on heir hands and Finger j ends which she doubled no towards her with prel r. Entry to Bim the e is now to chs by Pelt once the of try she Ever used. Once a daughter or a Molher Slepp erf of the crowd and coining up to her Ilie fears of lord Baron kissed the hand which she knew not to do with. The said now sir put an end to this and the Lover turning Pale for the first time took up the lad the spectators rejoice to see the manner in which he moves off a Aloiv a if to in Corrnne his nji8tress mount the Hill they proceed but sure they tit halts an or be tire he gets Iii Elway and seems refusing some thing then ascends at a Quick Rale and now being at the Midway Point shifts the lady front one Side to the other. T the clamors give a hour. The a Ron wit an air of indifference Biles tie end of his Gauntlet and then casts of them a look of rebuke. At the shout the Lover resumes his Way. Slow but not feeble is his Slep yet it gets slower. To slope again and they see the lady i women Fay he again Middle s him on the forehead. The begin t o tremble but the men vill be victorious. He resumes he if half Way Between the and lop he rushes he Steps he Stag Cru but he docs not another shout from the men and he resume once Imore his task two i hindu of the remaining part of tha Vevay to conquer. They Are certain the lady kisses him on the forehead and on the eyes. The women Hurst into tears and the stoutest men look Pale. He ascends slower than Ever Bill seems to be More sure. He Halls but it is Only to Plant his foot it every step and then gaining ground with an Effort the lady lifts arms As it to lighten see he is almost at the top he stops he struggles he move s sideways taking very Short and bringing one foot time close to tie now he is All but to the top he halts again he is fixed he staggers. A groan through the Multi Tuple Sud Denly he turns full front towards the top in is luckily almost a level he staggers Forward yes every limb in the a move ment As if it would assist him. See Al last he is Ori the lop and Down he with his Burden an enormous shout re won he won now to Caress his Unis Tresa and she is caressing him for neither of them f it no. If he fainted it is with Joy and it is in her arms. The Biron put spun to his horse the crowd following him. Half Way he is obliged to dismount they ascend the reit of the Hill to Gether la e crowd silent and Baron ready to urst with shame and impatience they the top. The lovers Are face to face on the ground the lady clasping him with both arms. Trai or exclaimed the Baron Thoa Hast Practised this feat before on purpose to deceive j Tou expect it a worthy Man who was Rich enough to speak Bis mind. Sampson himself might take his rest after such a deed As that1" fart them said the Baron. Savers persons went up not o part them but to congratulate and keep them together. The people look close they Kneel Down they Ben 1 an ear they Bury their faces upon them. Cod forbid they should Ever be Par Ted Laid a venerable Man they never can he turned his , dare he ing with lean and looked up at the sir they Are dead the task. An affecting of the Mountain lovers. By Leigh the allowing a Fec ing Story is re lated by the Rev. H. Edwards of eng land in a work recently ii show s that the most determined Pride of it pase cannot always conquer and that the latter emotion secretly enc Oun ged sometimes prey upon life and produces deals. There Are those who la go and sneer in supposing such a state of things and Aii Tibule such effects 1 weak mindedness. All however Are not constituted alike and the annexed dimple tale May be Regar ded i h sympathy by some readers. The dauger of country curate in Hampshire of her ale being reduced by Thede Allt hard necessity of seek Home Mode of subsistence could Linda Rio other than going into the service elfin old female Friend of her Morihei a her Mai ii Emelia that was her received from her parents the bests de Caliph. She was hand some a very pleasing figure i veg sensible dish feel reserved and of mod est . Unfortunately for her a j Oung gentleman of Good Fortune to Vas a Friend of Hori she ii red frequently visited at ouse. The Miller and mistress tie 1 keep tie if a 11 g t the you g Man. With ant Day May 6, 1846. Only Bree Footman poor Emel 10 generally thus the family with ssi sied in Opportunity Oreee and fell in lore was aware of the Bat sentiment in her heart. Him before she Ess of she did perceive it her reason it died her 1o oppose she made Strong Effort s for lint purpose indeed set vip Lenl were her Aller Ermi it reds who in vain sent struggles that her affected by them oved her tenderly having Consul de several phys Ier to the House of and Twenty Miles distance to Hethe any service 1 the Abse ice o the abject of her of no Ery. And h Belor by res Allier Chil nent in r co i Ess ins a i firn enilo phys physicians Tot being Able to discover the cause of Ber disorder thought that she just be a flee led by some deep Sor in entrust or s be was not or do bal new Vahi Deal cans doubt contributed to her she returned to her mis ving the aame oppo Luni her passion ived to conquer it or to ban to Way to an at elite Oil her she relapsed Ruble suite of health. The and pronounced her in tale Mial Rees entreated her or with the secret and to Affelli e her o Belr liar the Dan promised not Only or i most by id her c a tips of h her in from and Rece o do to y her Confidence but to a i Obla Iri the Means Mcnessa overcome by the of r , she a knowl Assion begged her to con him who was the object of of h h Wou a info Stu her Isban the that Niel see and finding by degrees observed the merits of e prevailed upon him be pity i. Heir oriented asked to being previously prepared r entered into him h be subject he a they Lituanio or i i by h Era Atiqi Wilh testified the ire to see her health re i slide Aid even went so far As to he could be Happy to marry cried she raising fixing her eyes upon by me1 and throwing her Shn instantly expired. Ulat ipg the assessment and col own Shiryl rates in the counties of Iowa and Potter and fixing the review in and confirming roads Sung d Mages where loads Are Lough improved lands in said if alar arms a Back act re Tion of Adlord inner of d of ass d out t unties. S Atod Aid s lip foil Aid t at thei ing c Pao v to at a Eph Chi be Cler Rece Esti said and turn Ved it Jill resignation the r approaching dissolution d at last deliver her from ate passion which All her Een unable to s could nol help informing of the discovery. They it Odomd Man upon 15 Helm Isle Fouse of h of be and it i e same Highway in her be a Emred before of the be Tow nning with highways of Jay of towns for a for pay May be funds of or Nibbio no Road Ai nearly As ii Oitim ept by to he d of the late ii s he Stid so a be ship Trevaun file and Thi e do la Valu Alio ble for having i urn Tea Etcil o a with change of air would be of i i to her. We Wail by it to Mcoid by Che representatives of the Commyn a Sylvania in general Asi Emily hereby enacted by the authority that the commissioners of Roada a of each of the several town Oun Tiea d they f of Bradford Tioga and Are hereby authorized Laking they a judge it will As purposes far Palo Mak an estimate annually tha first Day of May in each Rob Abl e hips Foi the in such e nil Nam Foresaid to wit pay o in trea of any entitled expense of their res the ensuing year he Day of Junr after Tomace in which Esti r the Iarmount which in a needed in the eos for of the follow for the support of the of commissioners of roads and township auditors for user for pay off town y of collector of township taxes. Other officer or officers to compensation out Aid Tow Iship Alio for Hooka and one Ryand other incidental expenses and materials and for it of township and by Igei in repair and the Ebli if any Luch exist the Haiie can be ascertained the shall tied the came k be entered in a to be Tov n clerk who shall be Aid and keep a in official Ali and when said enter i it shall be signed by or a majority of them town clerk shall immediately Ifield co y thereof to the town who Aall keep the lame on Laid Ahall pro a twentieth Day of May in each a tax of not exceeding one cent on the adjusted aia Eitmant of persons and property made county p in Paea inlaid township aame at a certain per lilt to be made in Al Der of he Namei of he Anno int assessed to each by last adjusted my lament and valuation for Grega Tiole Job. 403. Count r Purpo Aei Aid Lush Erion it taxed while Liat Iball be or turn Al which Laid tax rate per centum at aha ii be entered by Book to be kept by b not. He amount with which y this act to fixed the rate per Cen a levied and the a e amount of Tittl in hit and the which they Are levied he town clerk in the m at aforesaid and said clerk Halll deliver the the township Trean re a certified late meet or said aggregate i mount of taxes end rite per Ettam and the m Roe of Thi Perrin to whom a duplicate there f Baa been delivered for collection Beni Var such delivery been made and the Tine of such i Lively. And Laid Miti Inera Ball Cau a a duplicate at Anch alphabetical Liat of Ieroni and taxi to be out to which they shall Annex their warrant signed by them officially directed to Stiie Avitable pation by them to be appointed collector o township taxes which a Poi it meat they Ai a hereby authorized and requited to make r to collect the Ami o f count rect i by tha or array Ente proceed ii and t pay the said a the collectors of Quiring him to proceed in tha same manner Ai Tate and levies Are Dita of county commit icon e Collet Lorr of the la Piej taxes when collected to the township treas or in the lame manner county rates and Leviel Are Ijes tired to same to county Trca and the Coll a Tori of township taxes appointed a Puri Anica of this act Are Here by via Ted with like Bowers and authority to proceed in the collection of the lame and May proceed in like manner Ai collectors of shall Letto dump i de to Counley rate and lev proceed in the be entitled to i it Tamo Feea Ai collect i of county a ate aforesaid tha collector o before i the first of j town clerk who aha Tor a the Book for a. Are by Law Athari collection thereof and m and levied. And the Rith Tea warrant of the Momii Sonera a mixed shall be deliver township taxes on or be in each year by the i charge the said collect with the Laid duplicate letting Ford in Laid charge the aggregate amount of Tjoei charged in Laid duplicate and the time Lefiti delivery. Froit did that before ibid duplicate Hall be delivered to Laid collector he Ahall execute a Bond to Laid township in Luch penal sum and with mob Inre Tiea Ai the said Commin i toned for the fail Wiful performance of hit duty a collector of town clerk Baring the Date of an Namet of the surety liver the same to the keep the Miami further that when Laid Road commit them tha moneys r from the Road tax 01 any other source w debt and defray to at least two in trumber Oneri shall approve con Low Nihil taxes and the entered in the Book Afore the penal my and the i in Laid Bond shall do i township treasurer who on file. And provided ver in the opinion of the toners or a majority of cured or to be received unseated Landi or from 11 be sufficient to pay the e expend ii Ai aforesaid during the current Joar it shall not be Law Ful to the tax mentioned in this Sec Tion unless they Are required to do 10 by the court of common pit i ded. I Section 2. That Ai Ai ii herein after pro whenever any collector and pay Over any to of township taxes is All have failed to collect with the collection of which he been barged in pursuance of this act the i6wnshi i treasurer May proceed to Institute a suit in the name of the proper township on tha Bourl executed by Laid col Lector and Bia Lur Etili before a Justice of the peace or in the court of common pleas As the Lum claimed to be due from Laid Colatc Tor May require an May prosecute the same to judgment and h Caiwei. Section 3. The roads and Highnam Lector of township ship from the in the duplicate of Coj be execution Ai la other t tie of May exonerate the col axe in their proper town ent of any taxes charged Luch the mar manner and for Ilki ouse As Coll con of county rates and 1 from the payment i Section 4 tha vies May be exonerated f the same by the county no other or greater lamps a Beall be levied by she commissions is of Road and Highway in ant one year with a View to he collection of Tbs lame in Money than is authorized by the Tion of ibis act common pleas of to i proper county May upon application to Inch Ting Forth that and him direct notice ways of such said applicant and named by the said to visions of the first Sec except that the court of court by any person set township a indebted to f such application to be Given to the commit toners of roads and High ship and after hearing Orn missioners at a Lime court of which Tima parties shall have due notice May order Inch taxes to be increased but in no Case Iball such court order the aarae the be increased above two Centa in the Dollar of the Lait adjusted Amie ziment and valuation of Cerioni arid property in Saip Low Nihil As aforesaid and whenever the ourt Ball order id in Levy More than one property of such to any one year. Or this Lection halt be collection in Money Hare been levied b crease of taxation ii to tha provisions of in of roads and i shall increase to nothing a this act theorize or compel tit said commissioner to any township according Bis act the Hayg of Toiro ship same accordingly but nil be Cen trued to a a upon the persons and Dilip to be collected in video that no Lfting in construed to prevent the of to which shall the Commisa Toneri Al Road and highways with a View to collect. The name in labor in pursuance of Taw when Ever the charged with much Tyz Iba neglect or refuse to pay tha same in labor Ai Ter due notice. Section 5 that the Money collected pursuance of this act be paid oat upon order drawn upon the Low Bip treasurer by the of Road and for the payment of the current expenses of the township Anil in payment of the top ibid debts and the debts of longest standing shall As far Ai practicable be paid first. Section 0 that any perion or dissatisfied with the location of Lauy Road heretofore Laid out or which May be hereafter Laid out by the commissioners of Road and highways of any township or townships Iai Aid counties May give notice in writing to the town clerk of the township in which such Road ii located of Luck. Dissatisfaction and raid town clerk Ball appoint a Day not More than ten Daya Distant from the time of receiving notice Foi the meeting of the Laid com Antii Toneri and person or Cerioni giving men at the office of Laid town clerk or it some other convenient place m the neighbor Hood of which time and Placa the commit Lioner and person or persons giving the no Tice Ball be informed by the town clerk at lean Fjor Dayi before the Lime of meeting at which time Arnil place the town clerk Iball attend and if the Mil commissioners or any one of them shall attend he or they May name one commissioner of Road and High ways of an adjoining township and Ibe per or persons dissatisfied May Alia aim one com Timoner of Road and highways o an adjoining township and the two commit Lioner thai named May agree upon a thin commissioner not of the township in which Ibe Road complained of Liei and the commit Thui named shall proceed to Icv Ier the Road where the location 11 complained of and May confirm alter or vacate the lamp and make report to the to Wei clerk of the township in which the Road Iii and thei report shall he entered of record Ai in oth cases end thai be final and conclusive in it Gard to said Road for two years provided that if the said Road is altered c vacated by the commit Niones who Revie their Day wages for such service b paid by the township in which the Road i Sii Atid otherwise by the person or Benor who notice of dissatisfaction and Pri that if no thai attend Al the time and place named by the town clerk to name comm Moderi to review then the town clerk Iball name one on be half Elf the Cormui toners of Laid township and Ike proceedings shall be Ai if the commissioners or one of them bad attended and it n further provided that no re View shall be bad in pursuance of the pro visions 9f this Section of any Road Laid out after the first of september next unless no Tice of dissatisfaction is Given to the town clerk within thirty Days after the report of the commissioner laying the lame been filed with said town clerk. And provided further. That in All cases where roads have been or shall be Laid out in any of the Levi ral townships in Laid Cono Liei by Laid com Mitsi Ontis prior to said first Day of septem Ber next such notice May be Given at any time previous to the first Day of october next but not site retards. Section 7. All damages sustained by any owner of improved lands by reason of the laying out and opening any Public roads through Taid improvements shall be paid by the township in which Laid Road is located and the method of ascertaining the same shall be As follow the owner of such improved lands who May consider himself injured by the location of said Road shall file with town Cowk a statement of the injury sustained and of his intention to claim damages for the tame which said statement and All subsequent proceedings therein by Tbs officers of said township shall entered by said upon the township records bad it shall be the duty of the Taid clerk within ten Days after receiving Loch statement to notify the commissioners of roads and highways and the Auditori of the township of the same who shall Ai soon As practicable examine raid claim and if necessary View the premises and if in their opinion or that of a majority of them such Parson sustained damage by reason of the location of said Road through his improved lands they shall in the Srihn Tel and give the applicant notice thereof in writing Wanh As Litile. Delay m possible and if the person a applying Lur redress shall be Content to said amount As a full compensation or his claim aforesaid Ibe Road commissioners upon receiving notice la writing of Bis willingness to receive the same shall draw in order on the in Rasmer of the township in favor of said applicant for Laid amount but in Case said Road con Unis sinners and auditors or a Msj Onty of the lame should be of opinion Ilat said applicant Wai not entitled to damages or if the Laid applicant should not be witling to receive the amount fixed by them in fall of in claim he May by petition to the court of Quarter Sessi Ohi of Tho proper county letting Forth the cause of complaint and thereupon the said eur it in full appoint three disinterested Soni to View the premises and assess the dam age., if any which such Petitioner May Hare sustained by reason of the laying out and opening said through Bis unproved lands a aforesaid. Section the viewers so appointed after having been duly worn by any person Hir ing Power to administer or by one of their own number who is hereby to administer we hand truly to View said and Tully and equitably to alien the damages Ahall proceed to per form said duty and make a report signed by a majority of them to the next coat i of Quarter sessions of said county setting Forth the length Ana manner of location of said Road through the improved lands and tie amount of damage if Arr which been Aasland by said Petit loss n

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