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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - May 4, 1842, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaS Are the Means Laws Are the d the functions of the location of ills. Of the mental Etc., Etc. Djs been engaged oms of magnetic is Pic result of i hat he believes no these Ossum Bull reprove to be Are in s much so As any be illustrating the a lures of Man. Be illustrated by a some of which a the while Ren of surpassing by worthy of Pat Nous Ond scientific stand the mysteries the plates will be inasmuch As they m Many magnetic i unknown or not b or More will be Oss features in the in magnetic courses different a thing never before ill be see the Only physiognomy Ever in a word the Wilh new and by question relating Enlal and Magnet i explaining the som Nami a insanity and fanaticism the exhibit the the attention of the Sist them How in or May be used rear invariably m in no Case be r for it hag re Ember Wall be Issue myndred n procure Sobson d to retain the p f printed and vol. the Nigga , to Gapa. Gandhi on All letters and be toil paid to ensure i no subscription re Civ de for a Shotte r period than six months nor will any paper be Jisoo i died until All area rag s Are paid b of the publisher Jdeen Lisments making nil be inserted three tint j i react y subsequent Inse Ling or advertisements it dog Teni a in ton. Exceed a Square and ants for every time after. A three in tritons the same .1 Liberal reduction to those who y Ike year on the launch of a first 31.171 cos Raoux England Haila thee mightiest child of n Hearn resounds thy takes Thea smiling a 38. not More than rur out Tion Lio Enty urged in the s in six lines Hose making t Jive the Price Iffatt or Sosa pub tight d every wednesday by j. P. N t at the Square to Fate cents. He Sjef metro will be in Una 183-4 for one advertise Date. H emotion Val Art Oheim o her heart. Giant Oaks of bold expansion o or seven Hundred acres fell All to build thy Noble mansion w Here Oor hearts of Oak shall d i ill. St. Midst those Trees the wild Deer bounded Ages Long we were and our great grandfathers sounded Many Jjo Tiai Hunting Horn. Oaks that living die1 latent grandeur from our Earth and Alcy still Robns the spirit in our timbers shall not die. Ship to abbe in martial glory Thau shall Cleave Ocean s path freighted with Britannia s glory and the thunders i her Wrath. Foes shall crowd then threat Ning havoc sails and Fly Bee .0 their deck when afar they first Descry thee like the coming whirlwind s Gpe Gallant Bzdik thy porn and Beauty storm or Battlene or Shad blast tars in Pride and duty Nail thy colors to the Mast. K. S it Tom Campbell happened 10 me Early m life la meet with an amusing instance of Highland superstition with regard to i lived with a family on the Island of mull and a mile or two front their House there was a with out any Church attached to the lonely Moor. The cemetery enclosed and guarded to High that it was hoi Vever commencing the slut ii of to Liny at the time ind thinking there might be some Nice Flowers and Tunious by an Iron railing a scalable. I was .1 f i up Fiphs among the Gravestone inked by help of it y handkerchief to the railing Anu was soon scam Pering Over tie tombs. Some of the natives chanced to perceive me not in he act of climbing Over to but skip pm Over the burial ground. In a Day or two i observed la e family Loo cing at Roe with unaccountable though rot an Gry seriousness Al last the Goi id old god Mother told me with tears n her eyes Vijai i live Long far that m7 wraith had been and Pray where3" leaping Over the Ortha the old was much relieved to hear that it not Rhy wraith but o the pilgrims of Glencoe. I Mist not have such noise an drily exclaimed the keeper of Porter b use to a Man who had been patronizing his bar too frequently and annoying Svery body around now a stammered out the drunk in Man it you want to keep House you must t sell he landlord was conquered. The Al tie Malot expressing a doubt to How Many masses would a Sou the Cardinal re a i lock head As Many As it i would Tak s snowballs to Heit an How can a Man who is afflicted with expect to get Well while i a Demiul i 1 _ from Acott every morning in drinking go i j the phrase Aho Job your head a is Hak been politely converted into to insert your phrenology Evel pent into lire orifice of a canvass spectacle. Or East the Way but in reduce the is allies Edas Sions dire de w Fessio their most Ness by o Jecter Tion n army Only Agen 00 a payable half yearly in Advance or so not paid within the year. Wills thorough wednesday May 4, 1842 of a deserter. Al. Lits office la off the c. 1t1tt, civilized countries where War is a to a science and a profession Ici est discipline enforced by pen of the greatest severity is require 3 substitute for the ferocious Pas hat in Savage nations Are comp tent to the work of War. Found the Ork of War cannot be accomplish Ere men fight from merely pro Al motives or in obedience to ulers without a system of the rigorous compulsion. The weak he tender even a the outward vices must be sub to this Voli ust be the whole move like so Many machines Las the will of some controlling shall direct. With the dread Ful Severi ties not to say atrocities of this system i believe the Community at Large pre very Little acquainted. Some times indeed the severity Falls on one Illust Potts by birth or Fortune or Char Acter an Andre an Asgill a Hayne and t Eia Tio Rily o butt who i sever circles once Genet of the Pere Lars v War the v a Vic go if Esa. In Lacer Gree one de ii Trouf a Cou Dehnen Public sympathy Anci commit i Are excited and the cruel seve the Laws of War Are the Fate of a poor private Soldier More generally the victim of such to rarely known beyond the of his family or his fellow sol Dies spectators or actors in the Mel a tragedy. Believing that a i knowledge among the citizens scenes of the Camp and a More t acquaintance with the Par Tieti hich make up the compound of have a tendency to diminish alike i shall relate a scene occurred in the last War with and of which i was an Eye wit 1814, i wag stationed with a de Entov of United states troops at Bush in the state of new naming several prisoners Confin the Provost guard House were it out to hear the sentences which t martial had annexed to their fences read on Parade. Their appearance indicated that their lot had y been sufficiently hard. Some the Marks of Long confinement i All the severity of the prison had unstamped its looked dejected at this Public sex Alrea wore and g House they and anxious to learn their Fate. I had before of la soon their i newer seen the face of any of them and Only knew that a single one m had been adjudged to As their were called and sentences were announced i Dis cent 1 by his agony and the Mise Able Man on whom that sentence was Man n the Bloom of and the fullness of health and opted by feelings of sympathy d next morning to see him in there chained by the leg to am of the guard House he was g the Bible trying to prepare fas he said for the fatal de from him the circumstance of his c be. He was the father of a Fame Laving a wife arid three Young child in thirty Miles Distant from the Camp his crime wis desertion of which i he had been Thiee times guilty. His Only object in leaving the Camp in the list instance he declared was to visit us wife and children. But what Ever Rashis intention in was a deserter arid As such he was taken and Bro t into guard Betti on the sentence and its execution was t authority in whom alone i ested the Power of reprieve or Pard by Distant thus he had no Hope and c Only requested the attendance of a minister of the gospel and permission to Sei his wife and children. The first part f he request was granted but whet Lethe was permitted or not to see his f mily i do not now remember. Dreading the hour of his execution i Reso ived if possible not to be present at the but the commander of the Post lie and under a of his fellow soldiers. The time col. L sent me an express Ordein to attend that agreeable to the usage s of the army i might in my official capacity of surgeon Aee the sen tence fully executed. To e poor fellow was taken from the guar House to a escorted to the fatal of spot. Before him waa his a Bojaj of rough Pine on the shoulders of two men. The prisoner stood with his arms pinioned be tween two White Cotton gown or winding Sheet reached to his i it with Black and had attached to it Over the place of the red heart the image of a Mark of which the executioners were to aim. On his head was a Cap of also trim Ned with Black. His Counte Nance was blanched to the same Hue of his wind no Sheet and his Frame trem bled with agony. He seemed resolved however to suffer like a behind them were a number of prison ers confined for various to them was a Strong guard of soldiers with fixed bayonets and loaded muskets. My station was in the rear of the whole. Our procession thus with much feeling and in Low voices on the part of the moved for Ward in slow Steps to the tune of a death March Roslin played with muffled Drums and mourn ing fifes. The scene was solemn beyond the Power of description a Man in Vigdor of life walking to his grave the tune of his own death Anarch Fri the last a weep Ove not by no Nhis burial ends assembled to perform office of affection and to Rhein in the last sad these but by soldiers with bristling bayonets and urged by violence o As he stir no look of Tern command o the death to a fellow s the multitude he beholds tear of sen hears no plaint of grief Stern As Stern As the Iron rigor of the Law which decreed his deals. And who made that Law it is the work of thard necessity and As such is just. But alas who created that passions the Pride the vain glory the false Hon or of men the voice of that blood will soon cry from the ground whom shall it accuse it will complain not of the sentence of the Law but of guilty War cherished by human will and Pride. And whose Are that will and Pride to whom shall that widow and those orphans look As the authors of their desolation whom shall the spirit of this poor Soldier meet at the judgment and j charge with this guilt amid reflections like these Wev arrived at the place of execution a Large open Field in whose Centre a Heap of Earth marked the spot of the deserter s grave. On this Field the whole Force then at the Cantonment amounting to Many Hundred men was drawn up in the form of a hollow Square with the Side the grave vacant. The executioners eight in number had been drawn by lot. Soldier would Volunteer for such a duty. Their muskets had been charged by the of the seven of with Ball and the eighth with powder alone thus pre pared they were placed 1 aether and each executioner takes ins Choice. Thus each believes he has a Blank cat Ridge and therefore has no hand in the death of his brother Soldier striking indication of the nature of the ser vices. The coffin was placed parallel with the grave and about two feet Distant. In the intervening space the prisoner was directed to stand. He desired per Mission to say a word to his fellow sol Diers and thus standing Between his coffin and his grave warned them against desertion continuing to speak until the officer on duty with his watch in his hand announced to him in alow voice two o clock your last moment is at hand you must Kneel Down upon your coffin this done the officer Drew Down. The White Cap so As to cover the eyes and most of the face of the prisoner still continuing to speak in a hurried loud and agitated voice. The kneeling was the signal for the executioners to Advance. They had before to avoid being distinguished by the prisoner stood intermingled with the soldiers who formed the line. They now came Forward marching abreast and took their stand a Little to the left about two rods Distant from their living Mark. The officer raised his sword. At this signal the executioners took aim. He then gave a blow on the drip which was at hand the executioners All fired at the same in Stant. The miserable Man with a Hor rid scream leaped from the Earth and fell Between his coffin and his grave. Guard a moment after shot him through the head with a Musket reserved for his purpose in Case the should not pro Dace instant death. The sergeant from i motives of humanity held the muzzle of his Musket near the head so near that the Cap took fire and there the body Lay upon the face the head emitting the mingled of Bur and burning hair. 0 Wir dreadful1 even in thy rid even in thy compassion. I was now desired to perform my part of the ceremony and placing my hand where just before the pulse had beat the life flowed warm and finding no symptoms of either i affirmed a is dead. The whole line then marched by the body As it Lay upon the Earth the head still Everylean might behold for himself the Fate of a deserter. A thus far All had been dreadful in deed but solemn it became the sending of a spirit to its account but now the scene changes. The whole band struck up and with uncommon animation our National air Yankee and to its Lively measures we were hurried Back to our Parade ground. Having been dismissed the commander of the Post sent an invitation to All the officers to meet at his quarters Wilber we repaired and were treated to a Glass of Gin and water. Thus the melancholy tragedy ended in what seemed Little better than a Lair specimen the former of the dread seve latter of the moral sen Sibili prevail in the Camp. Do scenes such As this Ever enter the minds of those who Hare the chief Agency involving their respective countries in a War do Ever flit across the imagination of the statesman while he is talking loudly of insult to his coun try s the splendor of military glory of the necessity of warlike action to wipe off imputations upon the National courage do they Ever cast their dismal Shade Over the glowing picture of chivalry which in the ardor of passion rises to i i vision Are they entertained in the conceptions of Hose who without Examina Tion reject As Idle dreams All plans for the adjustment of International difficulties without resort to War and deride As visionary All specific action for introducing the principles of a better my rally into the code of International Law do the great mass of men Ever eager at the voice of their leaders to cause the Standard of War to he up reared know in reality what War is no. The words of the poet Are but too secure from actual warfare we have lored to War hoop war1 alas for Ages ignorant of All its Ghast Lier we had Beewi for War and bloodshed animated aporta. The which we pay for a a thing to talk of spectators and not combat Nti 1 no guru anticipate be of a wrong unfelt no speculation on conting Ney however dim and vague t o vague and dim to yield justify ing Caw and Forth stuffed out with preamble holy and abjuration of the go 1 in heaven we our mandates for to certain death of thousands and ten thou Boyi and Gyrli and women that would Gran to we a child pull off an insects leg alled with War the Boet amusement for of morning Maal the poor wretch who has 1 he Only from curses who knows Caree words enough to ask a Blessing from his heavenly father becom i a fluent phrase in absolute and technical in victories and deceit. And All our Dainty terms f t fratricide terms which we trundle or Boothly o or o or tongues like Mere abstractions empty sounds to which we join no feeling sad att ten no form As if the Soldier died withe it a wound As if the fibres of this god like Frame were gored without a As if the wretch who fell in Battle doing Moody deeds pass off to heaven Transl Ted and not killed As though he had no wife to Pine for hint no god to judge him the before evil Are coming in us o my countrymen and what if All avenging Strong and retributive should make us know the meaning of our Ordi the desolation and tha agony of our fierce doings Force to feel from Aroun the Orang of he Tang or mallac1 Ourant Youtang which liter ally Means a Man has been class Sima or ape Gen Edas a specie of the Lus though it is generally admitted by the zoologists to hive re semblance to human beings. Many attempts have been made to procure adult individuals and it is now one of the greatest Dia Derato among naturalists particularly of pare the habits and singular burlesque such it is. In their outings Are universally gregarious and As they can use miss fight erect with Clu America to Corn capacities of this upon humanity if wild state Outing Les and generally they Are in ring Vincile except to the musketry of Man and often attack tigers with Success. Young specimens however Hars been taken and trained in Africa Java Borneo and Sumatra and although they have survived but a few month the restraints of civil life enough Hai been noted to encourage the belief that the Orang Outing my Chimpanzee if not a specie or race of humanity must be the connecting link Between it and the beasts. By Fin sternly advocates the former and relates his own observations of an Orang Zutang which h saw he was mild affectionate an Good natured and Sij is and words were sufficient to move him. I have seen says he this Amin Al present his band to conduct the people who came to visit him and walk As gravely along with them As if he had Formeca part of the company. Have seen Nim sit Down at a table unfold his Napkin wipe Liisu lips a s Oon knife or Fork to convey his Victual s to his Mouth and besides pour his Lii Bur into his Guss touch that of the person who drank with hint. Franc la by lard in his voyages says Seirra Leone there is. A Strong Yecies that labor As servants carry vat a on their Heads and raise glasses carry them ecu ill to Gran too says he saw at Java an extraordinary female very modest who walked erect with no hair on he r face except for Eye brows. She m Ide her bed neatly every Day Laid on Ler Side and Roger de herself with bed clothes. If her head ached she bound it up with a m brim Speaks of others that mixed with africans m. De guard saw a feat tie Chimpanzee or that could heat an oven with care Anc on a voyage was expert at the or in the rigging As an old tar. In is Meatra i was my self told by Many that in one of their villages a family is k Lown which sprung from a female Ouray g Outing that was married to a malay. She soon followed the customs of other women in her Mode of living and working and Al though her offspring Tor three generations were nearly dim they now speak the same As natives. Indeed Many of the old men on the coast More resemble Orang outings than they do men. One in Man of rank too who came off from Pulo Kic to the ship was very like this kind of he had the Flat nose the deficient Chin Possy front ears Large eyes and a profusion of hair covering his whole person in Short having the Peculiar Marks of the Orang Outing excepting the Long arms extra distance of upper lip from the Nosa and thirteen Fie had also the same ludicrous Gravity and melancholy quiz calmness of express the Orang Outing always of course i cannot vouch for the truth of the Orang Hutnan Story but As Herodotus says they so informed me who had the Best Chance to know. The Mirror of under this title and on a Broad printed the annual Cost Royalty the Cost of the Queen s ministers the expenses of the Queen s head Cook the Cost of Law the army and Navy Church from this Penny trifle we learn that in the civil list Coachmen Postil Lions and footmen Are charged to the Public per annul. Thus it appears that a few ignorant Rockies receive double As much for Gui Ding the head of a stud of Over fed Hor tas As the president for governing with Justice and equity upwards of seventeen millions of people. We have also charged on the account of seven ladies eight maids of of Honor and eight bed chamber women which exceeds the american president s pay by whether the nestling places of Roy Al personages Are of wildly different nature to our own we know not we Are certain however that if All these bed chamber attendants Are necessary for the fulfilment of unmentionable offi there is some mystery in he affair cannot reveal. Then again we have charged for officers who take charge of tha Royal furniture Only than the american president but As Royalty a thus dear to us who would sigh for Republican government a carib Tel gentle Man boasting of the Nearnen and regularity of his wife if i get up in the night pitch dark i Ean find my clothes Down to my very gloves All in their proper places i waa up Thia mor Ning before Daylight the gentleman Here put his hand a his pocket and pulled out his Nightcap instead of his handkerchief Church Bells Are among mod Era wonders. One has Luijt Jareen cast in Sweden its diameter is six feat and its tone is to be finer than any n Wai Bell. To most men experience is like the lights of a ship which illumine Only the track it has passed. Whole no. 194. An editor s life. Go Down to the office Bright and Early in the morning pick up the papers to see what we can gather from our bretheren of the Type for the grat of Calion of our readers. A gentleman enters and o subscribe for our papers. Pleased with the proposition we make All possible haste to receive it but to our infinite mortification find that he has not at present any Ironey about him but Call in a few Days and pay us. Recommence read ing struggling with our reflect ions on the recent event when a rap at door is heard. We hid them come in when a gentleman enters wild accost s i sir i have a ham1 Bill for Joulo print and should be glad if it could be done soon. Very Good sir we reply it Schall be i immediately attended to he thanks us for our accommodation requests us to Send it to when completed to charge it to account and then another rap at the door. Come in. A boy from the country enters with an advertisement for the next paper and mention that or. Received our Bill but had no Money about him at the moment. He will however Call in a few Days and pay the old and new one together. Another gentleman enters with an advertisement and enquires. Can this appear in your next paper of yes sir. Very Good. He Money of course. Immediately another appears with a letter. Requesting him to take a seat but he cannot Tarry he bids Good Ning and retires. Read the sir i am very much dissatisfied with your notions on a particular subject and you will therefore erase my name from your subscription list. I will come in m Day or two and pay you by and by in the paper maker and wants Money got none for him. Put him off As Well As we the Pressman Calls out the Ink is out o Money to Euy any More. What is to be Bill take these Bills and try to collect some Money and Here turn Here is a bundle for you too. Don t suy. No sir no sir. Enter a i wonder How it happened i got no paper last time i Don t know indeed j it was sent to the place you ordered it. While endeavouring to satisfy him proof is called out. Begin to read proof and another Calls for copy. Copy is furnished in comes in Philadelphia or. Is in Baltimore or. In the country or. Had no change about him mrs says you must Send again or. A says you must not Send to him for Money when he has it he will Call and pay you. So there is go Money. Attempt again to read proof but again interrupted by a Call for Money. While endeavouring to Tell the Best Story we can in comes Tom with a tale similar to the person goes away disappointed and leaves us mortified. Tom is sent to the pod office. While he is gone the proof is finished. He comes Back with a bundle of letters commence Reading hem find one a Long communication from la Friend which it would be improper no insert another a complaint Tor not halving published a philippic against a Friend a third a communication on an indifferent subject and on which we have the postage to an order for the paper but without the advanced enclosed. The Al Ore with some variations May be taken for an editor s life. Varia la is the very spice of life which but w very unpleasant savor since the Varie i gives it All its flavor

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