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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - March 21, 1849, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaCueta Ture Jet Orasith. Agriculture . Published weekly by j. P. Magill in Wellsby rough Ting Al county. Pennsylvania at two dollars a year. 31. Wednesday morning March 21, 1849. I whole no. 554. Ski but Jolk from Holden i Dollar Magazine. Hand and Glove. By Phil chapter t. M a Bun Crous i he determined to obtain the Flowers that very night when none were abroad to wit Ness and ridicule his attempt. This chivalrous plan required some rather unromantic Means in the shape of an Iron bar and a Coil of rope. These he procured from his sleepy landlord and after a few minutes brisk walking prepared to descend the Cliff with Ousby ill delirious and poor Rose wept that the had cast away the right to be by Bis Side. Daily a servant was sent from or. Nevers to inquire after the sick Man s health but it was always Rose who met him in the Hall and look the words from his at last the news came landlord that Sun or was slowly recovering and Rose again wept and now for a Lyle for challenger i cruel silo Vitty ili6 i Lefiti me. 4 Yoo line i have seen Many coquette by nature and Mony Moro who strove to obtain that killing the but never on who failed to completely As my Lovely Liu c pet in childhood Rose Mont Rose. At eighteen she was mistress of rare Beauty a spiral my flow of spirits arid a most provoking bewitching Short every a unification to succeed in her ambition a Ceol simple heartlessness. Her Mother was never More trial a Mere fashionable and had always bought to educate Rose for the same useless lire. Even at the Point of death she finally enjoyed upon the guardian a kind hearted but inexperienced oddity of an old Bachelor to keep her daughter at a certain finishing establishment until she became properly qualified to crier the world As the fashionable daughter of a fashionable mother1. One can hardly won Der. Ilia her mind trained under these influx look an arli Ficili Bias. And indeed what Young Beauty spoiled by education Fortune the close Friendship of romantic school girls Wool. A different ambition on her first Peep at the world from that of supremacy Over the of creation and so Rose Mon Rose flirted laughed and played the unmerciful despot. Bull Wiio knew her Well was perfectly aware thai a l Tina was foreign to her ii Ved their help. The bar was firmly driven into tie Joy that she or old soon Sec him and frankly a a. A. I explain she Feu no nc3ilation at the idea of exposing her own foolish weakness for he had not a right to know t but one Day a close Carriage whirled by the House and her next messenger brought the Newa that Sumner had suddenly departed even before he was perfectly restored to health. Two weeks after this or. Nevers paused in his perusal of the paper and read aloud Earth and the rope with knots every few feet fastened to it securely. With a Strong grasp he then commenced his do Cunt. About half Way Down he stopped to rest for a moment upon a crag that pushed itself boldly out from the almost perpendicular Side of he precipice. Descending still farther he found that the rope resting upon the Edge of the Rock just above suspended him at some dozen feet out from the main Wall but when he had swung in the list of passengers for the last packet just opposite to the Flowers a few violent Springs we notice the name of l. Sumner esq., the enabled him to gain a firm foothold. The prize talented artist. The Point of his destination is was now in his grasp but in the eagerness of understood to be Rome his object of course is Success he loosed his hold of the rope and it to study the mat sir us in his Art. We wish him swung far out of his reach. However there was nothing peculiarly dangerous in his Posi Tion. Like the famous Samphire Falheier in a similar predicament he knew that a bold leap for Uio rope might pave him and at the worst the deep flood was rolling Only fifteen or Twenty feet Belvoir. Carefully securing the Flowers in Bis bosom he watched the oscillation of the rope and at the critical moment sprang nimbly out into the air. His agile limbs Practised in boy Hood among his native Highland mountains and tall sea Cliffs did not fail him now. But his full weight cast suddenly upon the rope Tore it at once from the bar and he dropped into the cold sea. The first natural impulse was to swim for r the nearest Point of land and the second to burst i be 1 m Tad that her arbitrary commands a somewhat silly laugh at arose from a non Oil timidity to con this uncomfortable termination of his Romance. Cal itself in the role she would act just As cowards sometimes in endeavouring to assume coolness Rush desperately into Ilie incl jest Dan Gers. In no Oil or nay could i account Lor her Caprice of a moment and ice Hie next hour. Birr p Patti shares Wtulik occasion Oll and Lien Ink Forth in a torrent of Jurk wit at the first semblance of ment or be the tru Litas that she knew the sacred fullness of her hearts emotion and shrank from exposing it to one no Mif Fht see but coulis not u lil Poi ind. A bail 10 me by a Young Friend of hereafter whose occasional once on Shore he hurried to his quarters in the Village inn. Like a True Lover he first dried the Flowers and arranged them Graceful Wreath and alien More like a Man of sense exchanged his dripping clothes for a warm bed. 1 but his sense came Loo far behind Folly and i on Ilie morning after his Chilly immersion he us voc in a Ingli fever. I Rose Mon Rose was sitting alone with Blush ing checks and a soft smile beaming from her half closed eyes. There was nothing i it .1.1 the Maiden v.o.5 Only receiving Delight from Llin to Iii a Eivins emotions that Rose up from her heart Tutei Uulu in first love. A Sweet full or. Nevers looked up and saw Rose gliding unsteadily from the room but he Only and said not a word. Chatter ii. 11 Lovo Cora i the tic from. Tile Crown of All humanity in Olence Aad Alono to seek lilo Ole cled Longfellow. One year from this time found Leonard sum Ner still in Hia italian studio and Happy Only when the glowing subject of his Art reminded him of a reality More perfect and More Beautiful than even the delicately created shadows traced by his Pencil. Prom the first he Felt no resentment at the seemihg1 heartlessness that drove him from his native land. His Noble heart Only swelled with astonishment that such in worldliness could and sorrow that it did exist in a form to captivating and a mind which he were received with a species of Cool gratitude that a titled the artist s Fervour and reall perplexed him though it seemed to please inwardly the careless Young spaniard. But Bis hand was Quick and skilful so that after abandoning from the Arch and tempting face a Der twitch and the drooping moustache fell from the Cor nere of her Mouth now drawn of into a merry laugh and id foil Beauty Rose moot Rose stood before her Lees Lovely image. The Jose slender this sudden interest in the graceless boy. Fingers seized the Brush and skilfully traced a Ner derived real pleasure As an artist in watch j fairy Wreath of with Flowers such is the artist ing the a Rogic development of Genius hitherto Drew All faded and dead from her bosom. One unskilled Only in Lite finer Rulea have drawn from the spirit of the great masters. The portrait clasped tightly n single Glove and the other seemed passionately by bean together in ibis singular com ried in the Flowers. And then with a glance Panio Nihil but a Day or two when a sicilian Nobleman entered the studio of the foreign Art. Is whose Pencil Hod attracted so much Atten Tion throughout Rome. His desire was to obtain a painting of a free glowing and artless Swiss part of merry Pride part of anxious fear upon her work Rose withdrew. The next morning Leonard Sumner entered Hia studio with Tho determination to solve the mystery which his Young Pupil had thrown shepherdess a Mountain i around him. A single step within a single he withdrew with munificent offers glance at the portrait and the whole Iru i of patronage leaving Sumner already rapt in rushed upon his mind Wilu clearness even be the Bright creation of his fancy and impatient Wilder my in its simplicity. He battened to to be alone. Day after Day he wrought with or. Nevers House without delay. Passionate skill upon the Canvas wholly absorbed in his labor and scarcely exchanging a look with the boy who was studying with equal j ardor in the opposite Corner of the. Room. Thus Side said she was sitting alone and As one might who knew that her Lover was near. A walked straight Forward and seating himself by her i were they busied. Sumner upon his painting the Young spaniard in mentally delineating the other s features in his Earnest eyes Vohen the sicilian again appeared. It is unfinished exclaimed Sumner. Unfinished said the Noble hurrying to the easel with an exclamation of Delight then do not finish it. Touch it not with your Brush is matchless divine. Another of paintings and this shall be such unfinished doubled. He placed a heavy purse in the artist s band. Sumner quietly returned it. I i cannot part a ill this either flow while it is incomplete or at any other not part with they exchanged Low bows and the sicilian walked out in dignified resentment. Sumner gazed one moment on canvass with a Burn Artles Ness was so ulain that none in cum us ,0vu. L an Cockney could cull it heartless certain t of though s surrounded with in confessed will a twi thai he was chant enl the single idea that realy chant enl the sing reigned within and swayed the fairy sceptre Ever her had Lii Herto prided Hor Selfon her queenly command upon other s hearts. Al that moment she did not think of his feelings for iia confessed with a once Soh an one. Their Wjk had been a blended to Trio full second mile before either of the pair had awake from Ihil absorbing conversation. Rose Mont Row was leaning on the Arm of a Youn gentle Man Ulios dreamy Orlist Liko Eye had a Cecii Patoin Nalou seeking Liers for the last half hour in vim. Lie had been pouring into her car nary and in i i clog tie thoughts of others hed on Lully. Premeditation drawn j r Ove be her Coquil Riih hypocrisy of the knew to be so richly endowed. A smaller soul Long 6yei then turning he Davv Hla would have been considered puffing with offended Pride he thought Only Wilh sadness that a Kindred spirit was imperfect. Still there was a wound and without any angry haughtiness of feeling he experienced a saddened mor Ifica in manner. Perhaps he thought less of it than no first but this was natural and in time had also softened. His whole energies urk a iui3 living proof that Sumner s heart had in Weie now Lim red to the cultivation of his favor breath cd upon ins imagination and mingled the Ile Art and already his studio was visited by the enchantment of memory with tha creations of munificent patrons of Genius. His soul. Blit the master Sun none of this for one Day sir. Novora unexpectedly entered Eyck were fastened upon that Sweet and the room Tho Young Arlist greeted his Friend generous face. And then tic Pupil with a pow with wat Mph before he thou Gill of the awk Elbr Plhal sent the blood fro a his Cheeks dear Rose May i repeat a Lut words at our last hand 7" of forgive the exclaimed look ing up wite , and forget my Folly my madness. Believe me lust i knew not what i said that i feared to Day what i fell that i was weak bul Earnest and heartless. Remember that no True Light find Ever shone upon me that i had lived Only in the world and was All worldly. I see my fallings i know that in what constitutes the noblest part of human character i was incomplete. The Frame of my heart was there is incomplete at this moment. When you stood before that portrait and hurriedly unveiled a heart of whose Rich Ness i had been ignorant i saw at once where was my mistake and indeed my Sweet Pupil half fancied that the Spanish boy knew More of Rose Mon Rose than did even her Well one Day i had a a Mil car ried off by the bad to be toted into Why he had a vault there. So i rubbed Down the old mire and pot her in the fills. A sir that Cril tur knows As much As an injun and More than a Nigger. She s As sober As bed a when be gets the that s what i Call the her. You would not think she was a three Minnta nag to look at her. Well sir As Lack would it by a sort of providential inspiration the Day be fore i d took off the old wooden Springs and set the body for i thought it a hard Case that a gentleman who d been Riding easy a his life should go to his grave on wooden a i Deal Well Wilh my customers i thought of Patent boxes to the wheels but i cown t i hard it and the Parish is so mighty stingy. Well i Gol him in and led off the fourteen Hacks and a Dearborn Wagon at the Tail of the funeral. We mide a Fine show. As Luck would Haic in just As we came abreast of porters Oul slides Hal eternal torment Bill in his new trotting sulky with the Brown horse that lie bought for a. Fast crab and ii mighty Good at a nub but Saint got nigh so much Bottom As the Mare. Bill s Light weight and Bis sulky a a Mere Seillier Well sir Rill came up along do and his horse a bit. Lie looked at the nag and then at me and then he winked. Then he looked at his and put his Tongue in his Cleek and winked. I looked straight and Only said to Lover. A Rose behold the Glove you gave me and hurriedly seizing him by the wrist Drew j once and would Grant me nothing him Forward full before the easel Aad this is the hand that should have a there is Luiere nol something companies that Eaid the blushing bar i for the first time the boy now saw the paint frankly placing it within ins own. Inf i who Chi Sunn or had 1 r03e Montrose. A Crimson Dye strangely blushed through Hia dark complexion As he gazed Wardni Solof then1 meeting but his inquiries for am jp3_ sp0ke very calmly though his tones t subject had never Arisen bul Sho the health of miss Mon Rose were As Cool and trembled somewhat in the Eaines Ness of Bis the thought of her own deep Pas business like As any fashionable gentleman could j word9. And Ihen delicious color that con have desired. Jar. Nevers was More a Borras j Aye the painting la perfection itself but had called furl fled from her Cheeks cd. The Good old. Bachelor fidgeted upon his there is something incomplete in the expression chair during the preliminary remarks that Fol a of Fitce. I see there frankness and a Gen Lowed As usual and Llin with awkward Di-1 Erous a soul but the emotions 1 she feared to jul Sumner had not seen through Fortu skill which slows Neu i Ion Ilie Fri less. Slie Lead listened in in Jujj All la Nul Tivious with until their path coated Sci arc i no of a Cliffy and she awakened Foin Kiersi ii to the artificial again j ii was to Stop the nervous beating of her heart i interrupt the burning words she yet longed to hear that she stepped Forward to the very Edge and rallied on hurriedly or Sumner All tins is very the scenery i mean As a Oil is your eloquence. But certainly Liobe were As Chval Roua As they were Fon is a to so much for such a Sim ple s y in no As ii lady s smile. Look half Wiy join Len tji ight Rul Cliff and you will Cee Flowers growing almost out of the which she Ihen feared he might perceive that which was assumed to hide her heart. Suddenly his step was heard the my Lenous working of woman s to be detected while her fice was yet transp agent of limit and full erg she raised her eyes redness explained the particular object of his j which Spring from the very heart have not risen visit. It seemed Liat he had picked up pro luge to beam from that countenance. The Model from which that was caught May possess inner in the person of a Spanish boy whom he found in the streets of Cadiz. The youth appeared to be educated was friendless horseless and at the time or. Nevers saw him was gazing away an afternoon at a Beautiful painting with but a real in his pocket. Affirmed to at he had in car of Rose sin tier s ctr playing the coquette in future. Nature had evidently m a confused consciousness that tended him for an artist and or. Nevers1 pre to finish her of the coquette. Sent object was Loolam for him a place in some nobility Depths of True affect. Lion but that nobility has hitherto been stifled and those Depths remained As sealed fountains. And there must have been causes too which have restrained this natural faulty education perhaps or inexperience for All to him. In her game. Never More than n Sumner entered t now if a Cavalier were Here like and flushed face wherein these you have described How gladly would he risk s neck and seize those Flowers to wreathe some my d hurl i am glad that the gallants of our present Day have More she spoke and tie he cast his eyes Down precipice Bent upon him an irn Ploung look As if Hirn nol to hear words Hal she would Jive worlds to Unsay. Bull was too late. Were such in one Here be would rejoice in the Oppio Tuimil to Tarn a Boon that Ehe could nol refuse lie would place the Wreath in her band and she would her hand in his.1 his Ere impetuous halt enquiring the Imam blood mounted to her she fell her Salt Possession vanishing yet spake eagerly the word of Lier heart. And she would keep the Flowers then she shuddered and calmly added come Lei us leave Ilus silly Romance and they walked Back in silence. Int blindness she fancied that otherwise her studio As Pupil where he might fulfil All the heart would be unavoidably revealed she expectations which his Fine Promise had exc shrank from an exposure of its Depths most of led. Or. Nevers told the Story Well she was nol yet sufficiently accorn although he was walking on strange ground trays bungled sadly and a clog a part the very thought of which bul iwo months before would have made him irregular step Roll up his eyes in comical amazement. The idea of a constant companion was not plainly burned Lover s a peculiarly pleasing to Sumner who lived Only action had she not loved it would when Alono with his memory but the wishes of Ier More Cool collected and uns Par her guardian seemed almost to come from Rose info i her coquetry but ast was she trembled herself and he could not decline Wilh him and fully shared in nos supposed affirm. Nevers withdrew with an Odd expression and she hardly knew whether she was i half of pleasure half of whimsical armely upon in wrong As he hurriedly placed a Wreath j his honest countenance Flowers in her hand saying abruptly and late in the evening Sumner left the House of or. Nevers after an unsatisfactory visit. He saw thai Munji of her of query was affected bul there was still enough to cause him serious in husky there your a yes these Are the pretty Field Flowers i and med so much yesterday. You Are very kind in being so thoughtful and really deserve Tomc her words crowded on each other Wilh desperate is too useful a will not this Glove answer your purpose 1 Why you soem afraid of it u is Only a Glove that i am giving All this was very silly and very cruel and so Rose Well knew but for her life she could nol but my hand and left the artist to follow out Tho train of delicious imaginings which their sudden meeting had called Forth. Foolish certainly and profitless but he almost fancied himself again with Rose and the past year blotted out forever. Say otherwise. He received the Glove she care Lessly tossed into Hia hands the color fled from his Cheeks and lips his tall form shivered As he bowed coldly and staggered rather than uneasiness. Several umps had he endeavoured to draw from her an answer to his ardent and undisguised avowal of love yet hitherto she had Emden the subject with the full woman As Bill cry called her girlish Blush ing timidity. But she had now almost Chullen walked from the room. De him to the proof of his Devotion and a vowed to appear before her on the Morrow with i claim for an audience Wlinich Sec could Root there was a Acorn Loo a he fancied in her tone when she praised the Caref Jil Wisdom of modern gone it was reality then. Rose sprang to the window and As she remarked his faltering step and remembered the wild feverish expression of his face knew the truth and wept. The Weslh was cast violently upon the floor and trodden under cause of their had been at the peril of his life. But it was his raised it again and pressed it to her bosom. Soon the news thai 1.9 was danger 1 cuss you Bill Sikes by and by he let iii3 horse slide. He travelled a Hundred Yards and then held up Lill i came abreast and then he win lied and bantered me again. It Nas very agg Raea Ling. Says i to myself says Ihal s twice you be Dune in my Buzdum Friend and Sweet scented you does t do that Ere the Thiru tire lie bantered Rac i let him have u it was Only Saj Uig scat you brute Anh she was thai Mare. He had All ode you know for i wag Loti no a two Hun Djercj Pounder Orui he ought to Hivo beat a breaking Sticks now Lead he he had me at the first Brush far i told you the Brown horse was a mighty fast one for a Little ways Tim soon i rapped him. I Lead no whip and he could use i Hue Hump and i afraid of losing no Cus Tomer on the Road. But i was More afraid of losing the race the reputation of the old Mare wad at stake and i swore she should have a Chance. We Well so Fust the Post and Nils by Lilje Roadside looked a log Fence. The old Church and the new one and the colleges spun past like merry Andrews. The Hickok in did not now Illace was to pay and afraid of not being m it the they uhe strings on to their Teaino and came c altering on behind As if satan hat kicked them on end. Some of the mourners was so Ramg characters and la fit craned Oul of the Carmine windows and waved their hand kerchiefs the president of Harvard College himself inspired by is scene Looi off his Jaq Inre tile As i passed House and waving it three times round ins head cried go it it s a of jul. And i Cal him air i beat him in three Miles a Tiura Rcd rods. He Gin. It up sir in despair. His horse off feed for a week and a bin he look to Corn again he was t Worth a jjlimorou., the fastest funeral on be card. I Lorruli the dead ride fast Dost tear to ride me 7 Burgher Leonora the u of Low Hytti no feeling of Liu bushmen Hamlet t had crossed the Long Bridge leading from Boston to camb Deport and was plodding my Dusty Way on foot through that not very agree Able suburban a. Sultry afternoon in july with a very creditable Thunder Cloud coming up in my rear when a Stout elderly gentleman with a Mulberry face a Brown coat and Pepper and Salt Smalls reined up Hia neg Aad after learn ing that i was bound for old Cambridge politely invited me to take a seat beside him in the Little sort of lax Carl he was driving. Nothing Lois i and we were soon in route. The raw. In know lodged on All hands to to the fastest funeral on record though i say it i consented Mare to drove was a very Peculiar that lady seems Young too Yeung it my be to j Ghe a few Gooc Points to the Eye being know that she carries a falsehood on her face that years and epochs have not been shown her Tiow different she really is from the artificial character she bears. Yes the portrait is in Complete. Emotions the teachings of the heart and the heart itself arc not there. Yet she is not or will not always be thus unless her exis tence is meaningless and she no Liue woman. Believe there Are lines and features in that Early in the next Day came his visitors. The Young spaniard delicately formed and with be rate . Bright eyes throwing air of intelligence Over member to be parted with lightly his Clear Olive and rather Mooreh lire finely inem v by Long Jot tresses descending upon his shoulders might perhaps in other circles have become that Pel of All somewhat Young ladies a handsome boy. He seemed about seventeen certainly no less by the Long delicate moustache that drooped daintily from the Corners of a finely Cut month. Though Clear and High toned his voice seemed somewhat strained into a Manly promulgation of sound. Al first sight sum Ner involuntarily rated his hand of if to Clear Way something from before his eyes but on a second thought and a deliberate Survey of the other s person merely formed the opinion that his future Pupil might not prove the source of annoyance that he had anticipated. A Short conversation confirmed him in this belief and after the departure of or. Nevera he proceeded to the first instructions with a Hearty pleasure that astonished himself and indeed seemed to confuse the boy a of Sumner s advances face which if rightly traced be Token a better future. In this manner it is Sumner gazed on this Noble boy with amaze ment for As he poured Forth these rapid words his Eye burned with a strange brilliance and the while Frame seemed shaken with a Power Ful emotion which he waa too proud to conceal. A new but undefined thought leaped into life within the artist s mind and he longed for Soli tude to Analyse it. He spoke in general terms quite different from ins impassioned manner but a moment before. It is True and grevious wrong May have been done through ignorance. But that was not my meaning. This is indeed a portrait of a real Model and i May say Correct in general but still there is something in the know not is not Here. I have tasked my memory in vain that otherwise faithful representation lacks some hidden pro Perty of the original. Perhaps longer thought will enable me to reach he seized his hat and departed leaving his Pupil in the same attitude but now with a Blush upon Hia Cheeks and softly murmuring to him he suspects a undoes not know., a How rash and Hasty those Forward words that came before a thought of prudence. Will to now think the less of me f not for Allia done. I know matters something incomplete i could have told will Tell him now be fore i go never to enter this studio again. First away with this a Little water removed the dark Mooreh Hue your Mare ran away heavy bodied Hammer headed thin in the shoulders Bald faced and rejoicing in a Little stump of a Tail which was almost entirely in Nocent of hair. But there were lots of mus As major Longbow says in her Hind Una rulers. She aint no menus said by new acquaintance pointing with i whip to the object of my scrutiny bul handsome is As handsome does. Them s my sentiments. She s a turn in to look Al bul a Good in to "indeed1" yes sir that Ere Mare sir Lias made Good i say very Good Lime before the Hearse before the before the Hearse Spose you never heard of burying Man on time i m a sex Len sir and crossbones at your Sei Vicc daddy crossbones they Call me at por Terv a i understand with the ran away a child could hold her. Of j yes of course she ran added the old gentleman looking full in my face with a quizzical expression and putting the fore Finger of his right hand on the right aide of his party coloured proboscis. My dear said i you have excited my curiosity amazingly and i should esteem it a particular favor if you would be a Little less oracular and a Little More explicit i Don t know As i d ought to Tell Eaid my new acquaintance very and tantalizingly. If you was one of these Here writ ing chaps you might poke it into Iba spirit of the and Ihen in would be All Day with re. But i Don t eare if i do make a clean breast of it. Ronor Bright you know of Well then i live a piece up beyond old can see our Steeple off on a Hill to the Light when we get a Little further. Shoum it i m an sir and i never yet was on subsequent inquiry at porters where the sport my Semon left me. I found thai his Story sync try Irue in All the main a terrible Rui Piu was kicked up about the lace bul crossbones swore lustily that bus Mare id Rin an Hoed away two inches of her lips m trying to hold her up and that to coulis not have Lone otherwise in Jere he bad run her into a Fence and spilled customer in the a sch. If any one expects to die aay where m the Sexton s diggings i can Assue bpm that the Jolly old boy 13 Sull alive and kick ing Ace of and Jack of and that now both Patent boxes and Elliptic brings Render his professional conveyance the easiest running Ihms on the stray subjects arrested and bound Oier. Scotch tune ago a Sailor. Who had formerly belonging to Bis majesty s Navy went one sunday to the Kirk in his native town of id Caldy lie behaved with great propriety until the minister read his text which was As follows who. Will go up with us to the Bol Leof Ramet Gilead the Sailor having Dusl crammed a quid Oslo Bacco into his Cheek Rose up put on Hia hat then looking about him and seeing nobody moving exclaimed you cowardly Lubbers will none of dim my eyes i la go for go Oul he went giving three cheers at the door to the amazement of All present a City item s aunt Betsey tees a Story of her near neighbor who waa meaner than purvey. she says he happened to get hold of a half Dollar would give it such a squeeze that the poor Eagle would outright i an irishman came to his Patron to com Plain of the usage he had met with from a Gen Leman to whom he had applied for employment. He told Eaid Paddy to go to the Devil and so i came straight to your

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