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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - March 18, 1852, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaOf Oman to 3to0, politics 3vrte, 0cicncc, literature agriculture amusement. That country is the most prosperous where labor commands the greatest vol. 31. Wellsboro thursday marches 1-852. Whole no. 709. Poets Niche f r no Glass for me. By c Foskit. Of Nair fill in fur to my Boh in 1 in it i m it Rituno pfc nth and Cimo t Juull Tutlo by Leo i my life i on a narrow piece of Plank in a sloping positron and has been placed in that position merely to put it out of the Way. The folks in Lima do not think anything of the remains of poor Pizarro and Duro by a in. I in l y to to. For me r i 01, t air not to jul ouro Light Jitni tit anal Vriner Noemi my Lio Tinti shut Tiro win Bright 1131. Lobl Loi Lloro Iilo Tho drop Slony heirs lint i he ill Hont c Minim i be nay Lio Iii Cumi fur to t Teh the tulo i i it y n 1 up in it h in Vav red i Shpir child. N sur Rod Lertsr y 1 Rovero to my to ill non Al str Ino l Trio Pride miscellaneous. Vested would procure for any curiosity Hunter i the whole of the remains. I boys done a Way with. I there Are no boys. The crop is harvested in i Many a parlor to night and the Grain is called Young even my old Prochep Tor who is shaking on the grave s verge has slowed away Hia sign of Eoj s and nulls up in fancy lintels Young gentle men s our discarded tailor snip has dropped the word roundabout from Bills and Speaks of Coatee for Young. I Young gents the race who St tit with canes at five years of age in d Aro critics in Poma Tum at eight who am Learned in Cassirer is at ten and understand me mysteries of Amoul Elte Soufle at who tyrannies Over their Shoemaker at Killeen my profess the mysteries of the bal lot at i a smite ago who boast of amours at eight in and fairly scandalized their mothers at Twenty we saw one this morning in an upper Avenue. In was eleven and he had just risen How the Eye is swept and washed. For us to be Able to see objects clearly and distinctly is necessary that the Eye should be kept moist and clean. For this purpose it is furnished with a Little gland from vol Rich flows u watery fluid tears which is spread Over by the lid and is afterwards swept off by it and runs through a Hole in the Bone of tie inner sur face of the nose where the warm air passing Over it while breathing evaporates it. It is remarkable that no such glands can be found in opinions of the press. There is a Man up the country who always pays for his paper in Advance. He has never had a sick Day in his Lite never corns or Toothache his potatoes never rot the Weevils never eat his wheat the Frost never kills his Corn or Beans his babies never cry at night and Hiss Ife never Ptter. And the pigs never break into his his wife never beats him Over the head Ivity the horses never run away and break the eyes Offish As rhe element in which they crops never sons Are Good live answers the same purpose. If the Eye had i daughters Are All Al not been furnished with a liquid in Wash it and i ways sleeps sound Hod the n lid to sweep it off things appear As they if he should die with All his do when a e nok through a Dusty Glass along bins in repealed he would not Brj confronted the edges of the eyelid there Are a great Many with a Printer s As Little tubes or glands from which flows an oily substance which spreads Over the surface of he skin and prevents the Edo is from becoming sore or irrigated and it also helps to keep the tears within the lid. There is also six Little Muscles attached to the Eye which enables us to move it in every direction and when we consider the they Are capable of giving to the eyes we cannot but Admire the goodness of him who formed them and has thus saved us the to Tible of turning our Heads every time we Vav isl into View an object. Although the eyes of ened in his sight like the ancient hand writing on the Wall. Reader have you paid for your in paper Advance look on that picture and then look on this to jul family Circle. The mischief maker. The Confidence of social life. Nur do they Trust Iligir alone but speak a language of their own can read a nod a s a look far better Titian a printed Book Ronny a libel in a frown or Wink a reputation the duties and obligations of social life Are often misunderstood As Well As sadly the Confidence of friends is abused and tie insidious the hypocritical and the malignant take advantage of thoughtless expressions uttered in moments of excitement to provoke distrust brr Nunt jealousy and thus Bush bitter Ness and ill will. U Lias been Well and forcibly Sabbath Reading. The worshipper of self and of nature con6rma himself against the divine Providence when he fees the impious promoted to honors and made Nobles and primates that they More Over abound in wealth and have elegantly and magnificently while he worshippers of god Reir Iain in contempt and poverty. The worshipper of self and of nature thinks dignities and riches the supreme and sole Felici Tiee which can be Given consequently the real and essential Felicitits. If in consequence of having been initiated in divine worship in his infancy he thinks any thing of he Calls them divina1 blessings and so Long As from these Bles n bnylnib8 he Famh that there is a god. And worships him there lies hid a motive which not then know that he May be b god to still higher dignities and More abundant wealth and if he attains Oliero would find More room in a Mosquito s Eye than a Bull Frog in Pacific Ocean he Oug lit to r in. I i. Of in Winter n Inci Ilcent. M his recent series of capital amuse for night in Al i Inu Hill truthful manner the adv Liture of dict m i Iii who an Eye witness Viry Olar Dartry circumstances to the. The . Tho officer through wandering in foot and at a. A do Purt of the country i at until overcome with Fali Pun threw a. 1 on the dry Spear grass and i i Ilio fait cd go of la Dawn appeared fell n doubt of it i slept soundly i i hav never Binic slept in Tho i i r i Ulier soundly or Swei Fly Tor my Awak full of horror before i was fully i had a strange perception of in Inch tied Down to the , warn nil motion. I knew thai Llu re i i creeping Over me beneath a i jump Sikic Liuigi was Wisest resource. My lower extremities were being m n ii in non if bad been infused into ,--y-.tetii. All movement of whew or a 1 i Wake Tantan some animals Are incapable of motion As the Fly the Beetle and several other insects yet the from breakfast he had yawned Over the news creator shown and goodness in from imirnpr., but had digested the Torres their eyes with thou salads of Little Case with his chocolate. He had Cut out Sun Wilry about dogs and. Some re Ferring to mysterious interviews with half the letters of the alphabet. He had aired a Hun dred Dollar Case by his Bath room fire and inc needed in severing five hairs from the Noiin of his Chin with a piece of polished Sheffield. He liar Cut his father for refusing him a Valet and Slang mid the outer door in the of nurse who had come to him for the fiftieth time Tor something on account of thai ten dollars which she had loaned to him for in Impi Seweel put up at billiards. He came.1. Down the Steps shivering in a Zooi hut air. Ii is boots were looking glasses. Ilis Leira Wero spools Whereon threads of cassimere were rolled. He caused a passing horse to sneeze with u e scent Bieh his handkerchief As it to a miss of fourteen who Rud stolen to the drawing room window opposite to see Lier Darling Freddy Safe. Off l these Hor rid Alifi pry he had consulted a tune Iiene wondered in itis mind if it were Loo Early fir filters he sighed to think hint be winked at by Blind people and to death across logs by cripples. Ann and that in t All. Breast a Surveyor s level to get out til i the w me of my Sci Irun is i a Liurni up the Knees m y f i Iii it Xmas the mental of nit in 1 made a -it1 very drop of blood in my r n in in u Roncil to no and anon i bin of k in o in until very bar that my i. Any w Rouse the reptile r i of i l i Agim Lay paralysed. 1 i for it nil a Cuis remained a l i .1 eng i of remained 1 know not Foj time tin it air is thur got eternity. Eliot Cihiy for Ratib membership was called like Bat in the vulgar Mailer owing lie Loo Liing Forward to n walk ton mis ins father s office to a one handling seem thut in the Days of ancient the Knight often took his eldest into it to a cup of flu r late at Tay irn she loved to Ogle the Rountry Beau lie who Dray there by Clay to a flirtation of the evening pastime Al the opern or dash at 1 Lite in the purlie us of the tie Paris and in the family Bible which lies in the Gerrot of his Parven lather be was writ ten Down an infant Only eighteen years ago Ito Yish mind As Well As Boyish body is de generated under metropolitan May thumb political Economy at fourteen the sky cleared up Tho Snoop Liono v h u to Mirs Over me i could see Crusoe or Sand Ltd and Melton. Classic Fie tons for youth did very Well in thinks when the germ of Young America was not yet unfolded but that they Ara too slow now when compared with mysteries or 1 professor nil As i Lay stretched on my Side one hand my lil id Olio no i dare not remove it Ivr dared i look downward at the loathsome w which my evil stars bad sent me. T p h Teddy t. Univ object of terror super 1 a run out purring sound behind me Fol 17 two smart taps on the ground but the in Tho no cart for it moved and i Felt r crawling upward to my breast. At Nten i was almost maddened by r. Trubl apprehension into starting up to i a ramp i certain destruction something i upon my the reptile Ani n shrill cry from the new assailant "i.l. hib. From the Serpent. For Antil i could feel them Rcd thing so if it of my body in Trio next they were be c in a 1 Clit Neil whitewashed and which smelt i1" i i oked go much like a comfortable wine eel hit i Raught myself More than once look kit Irmund Cor Tho bins and bottles. The first i was a Largo Square Tomb surmounted l erect figure of an Abbot and close by in an it1 i noticed what appeared to in n collection of Dusty rags but a closer in n proved that this was All that remained Onnon renown cart conqueror of pern. He has still on Lum the same clothes and slides which he n a Normont of his assassination. Of is nothing but a Skeleton cover Eurt Jih dry Losli and skin so that no features or ii-eornihi0. The body is covered with what onco White Linen swathed around him but la just of cent uric has collected on him and ironed it to a Light Brown color and it almost ? iltnnz9j when touched. Trio body is placed curious theory relative to the deluge. A Clergyman of Cincinnati Rev. Or. Stuart has broached i somewhat novel hypothesis respecting the scriptural account of the to that it is an allegory and assumes that the Ark intended to represent the Church established by Noah and his posterity into which was incorporated every principle of doctrine and Only necessary Tor Tho salvation of Man Al that Day. To enter the Ark was to be confirmed in the life of religion which it . The flood of Waters he considers the Emblem of an inundation of evil and impiety and rulers to a Nous passages in Daniel Isaiah Jeremiah Anc the new testament for the purpose of showing that the encroachments fallacious reasoning and false Prid Cipuns Aro not Only compared in the scriptures it floods of water but Aro actually celled floods and the overflowing of Rivers. This lie argues is the real import of the flood in the time of Noah. The perishing of the millions by the deluge is to be understood he says in a spiritual sense As the perishing of souls by the overwhelming influence of sin. In a lecture upon the subject delivered by or. Stuart he advanced Many plausible arguments in support of his theory. A literal flood like that described by Moses the reverend gentleman says could not have taken place. Men of science1 reject As an Absurdity the idea of Universal having occurred since the creation of Man. Geology utterly confuses this supposition. The Learned or. Buckland tha orthodox or. Hitchcock and Many others equally worthy have abandoned it and none stand out for the literal flood except a stubborn few who make the omnipotence of god the scape Goat of physical impossibilities. These Are or. Stuart s views As we find them reported in a Cincinnati paper and we give them As somewhat startling innovations upon the general belief without expressing any opinion As to their soundness Virgil s Tomb. The locality of the grave of Many a Genius is now lost to the world. Even the Tomb of Virgil near Naples which has been for so Many Cen Turies visited by travellers and regarded by them with veneration As having once retained the ashes of the great poet cannot be pronounced with Confidence genuine. It is a Small Square building with a rounded roof and stand on the very Brink of a precipice immediately above the Entrance to the subterranean Tunnel of Posillipo a Beautiful and we learn faithful View of which was Given in Vvaughn s Italy. The old Entrance to the Tomb has been enlarged and a modern window Cut through the Wall. The Interior is a vaulted cell about twelve feet Square having Small recesses for urns. The urns if Ever any filled these recesses Are now wanting and with them of course the one containing the ashes of the great poet. The epitaph re ported to been engraved upon this urn is Tho Well known Ristich Mantua me Genuit Calabria rapier a Tenet nun Parthenope Cecini Pascua ran eyes globes and by placing their eyes More in front of their Heads so that these Little insects can see almost around them without turning their a gentleman who has examined the eyes of a Fly says that the two eyes of a common one Are composed of 80uo Little globes through every one of which it is capable of forming an image of the object. Having prepared the Eye of the Fly for the purpose he placed it before the Microscope and then looked through both in the manner of Tolje Telescope at to Steeple which was feet High and 750 feet Distant and he says he could plainly see through Little hemisphere the whole Steeple inverted or turned upside Down. The title of Esquire. Real esquires Are of several sorts. 1 the King s num Ber is limited to Fiir. 2 Phe eldest sons of knights and their eldest sons born during their lifetime. It would Tho wars or the purpose of giving Bun a practical military education employing him mean while As 3, the eldest son s of the youngest sons of Peers of the realm. 4 such As the King with the Collar of is including the King turnip heralds the dignity of Esquire was conferred by Henry and his Surce Sorn. By the in posture of the Collar and the Gill of i pair of Silver Purs. The poet Euch an by creation. 5. Esquire to the knights of the bulb for life and their eldest sons. 5 sheriffs of counties for life coroners and justices of the peace and gentlemen of the Royal household Valulu they Continuo m their respective offices. 7. Barristers doctors of divinity Law and Medicine mayors of Lowns and s6me others Are said lobe of Scuta Nal dignity not actual supposing this enumeration to comprise All who Are entitled to . It will be Evi Dent that thousands of parties styled esquires Are not to in reality. It is a prevailing error that persons possessed of a year in land Are a quires but an estate of would not e would alcohol and break ins wife s watch for the mock jewels bid against a Vidow at her husband s auction and steal the orphan s shoe strings before Temperance Banner. T yes thousands of such souls As that Man s would rattle in a Mustard Contra dances on the Point of a Wasp s sting of March abreast through Tho Eye of a Cambric Needle a solar Microscope would fail to discover them Al Ectlis the same if he be cast Down from the dignity and opulence on which he had placed his heart. To the wicked then what ared Igni ties and riches but stumbling blocks 1 not so to ill Cooil because they do not place their hearts thereon but on the goods for the doing of which and riches serve As therefore from the promotion of the impious to dignities and Rillies and their being made no Bles Dud no one can confirm himself ajar just the divine Providence but a worshipper of self and of nature. Besides what is greater or lesser dignity and greater or less opulence1 to door listens eagerly to All that is said then repeats exaggerates or by wicked insinuation conveys a meaning that was never intended is u source of infinite mischief and often bitter and hopeless feuds Between neighbors and families. We can conceive of no Trench cry More deplorable or More a insurable Linn which abuses Trie frankness and Confidence of an honest nature and by persuasion or distortion creates and inflicts a wound where nothing of the kind was intended. Thus a confidential Conversa Tion will be repeated with the solemn in junctions not to betray the mischief maker who not Only tells the whole truth but adds some is u Janet hmm i a itself but. some thiner authorized interpretation or describes the Man Confer the dignity. Nothing but one or other of the conditions above mentioned is sufficient. By in Post. Yes and that Ain t All such a fellow would Rob a lame Goose s nest of the last pair steal a rat s Tail from a Blind Kitten for there t nothing Low and mean that he would not do. He should be tied to a Broomstick and scolded to de Ith by old maids and then his Bones should be nude into buttons lobe worn on the breeches of con san Mirror. Amen such a Beilig would steal a meeting House and Rob a Church Yang. He would molasses out of a sick Nigger s Ginger cake take from a Drunken Man s Mutli his last Chew of tobacco walk at night through the rain to de Prive a Blind Liepp of its fodder travel fifty Miles on a fasting stomach to cheat n dying woman out of her coffin and steal the Wax out of a dead dog s car such an unprincipled wretch ought to be tied to a sheep s Tail and but led to York Junz rtt. Origin of dancing. The dance which at the present Day is of Miach Ai mired As a diversion was in its origin a sort of mystery and ceremony. The jews to whom god himself gave Laws and ceremonies introduced h in their festivals an l the pagans after them consecrated it to their divinities after the passage of the red sea Moses and Marian his sister to return thanks to the Al mighty for la preservation of the people and the defeat of the egyptians drowned in the red arranged two great Dinces with music. One was for the men and the other for the women. They Ilan Ceil sinning the substance of the fifteenth chapter of exodus and performed a Graceful Ballet. God s one of his sacred songs David Speaks of truth As a Herald going before the face of god to proclaim his glory. I Salm xxxix. 14. Justice and judgment Are the or of thy throne mercy and truth shall go before thy Here observe that Christ s throne is a Strong throne. No rebellion of Man or of angles can Shuke or endanger his throne. The Mutiny of and when found would not Gil the smallest Cran is having been offensive when the fact was exactly otherwise. Some dark suggestion hint or innuendo is also made and thus a playful re Mark or Frank expression is tortured into Aslan Der an created Gin Al parties Are widened from Day to Day by a double system of treachery and mischief maker proles Smi to be confidential with both parties and enjoining secrecy upon both. Hence hearts become is Tranger friendships Are broken and affection is stifled. There Are we Are aware Many mis chief makers who Are so Houg Llesly foolishly Anil Mth out any deep deliberate or serious de sign ref doing evil. They Aro simply babblers or rattlers who Lack discretion judgment and common sense and who have Naver been Able to practice tie philosophy of holding their ton gues. The infirmity of such is soon detected Anil thus by the practise of a Little caution their Power to do harm is nullified. But there Aro others who Are Subtle wily and adroit and who 1 As if prompted by some incarnate fiend seek for and study every to undermine i d trate Darken Charity destroy reputation impair Confidence and or Var Friendship. We can conceive of no Darker illustration of human depravity. A lip of face former to them scarcely an individual in existence who could not be injured seriously it not fatally by such insidious and double faced guile it is impossible at All times to be watchful and wary especially in social life and when the inter course is free Frank and undisguised at such moments the thoughts and feeling sore Apt to be expressed with the utmost Freedom and even the weakness and prejudice of cherished friends to be alluded to not in . Agin iry 1 in one More prosperous and Happy than the is the dignity of a or even of a King or an emperor after a year s do rat Oij considered Iny otherwise than us some non which no longer makes his heart la allot la ui3iu1i to -1 or a slight. The Breech thus to dimple Joy and my even become vile in unit tingly created so far As the Ori s Shtar men by virtue of their , 0 m an Reater Deree of Hames than those m any greater degree of Happes than those who Are in less dignity or for than those even who Are in the least of All such As Husbandmen. And Elwir servants May not these taller be in a greater degree of happiness when Uliey Are prosperous and contented with their lot who is a tire restless at heart More frequently fretted or More grievously enraged than a Lover of him self Fli this is the Case As often As he is not Hon ored a according to the Pride of his heart or when any lining dues not succeed according to. His wish and pleasure. What then indignity if u be not to sortie use and purpose but an idea cans Ucb an exist in any other the sight than in that about self and the world 1 and is it anything m itself but an idea that the world is everything and Feu mity Bolliing 1 Liall Here add a few observations concerning the reason Why the Providence permits the wicked at heart to b e to dignities and to acquire wealth. Tha impious or wicked can equally Well perform uses As the pious or Good in with Grater ardor for they consider them Silves in uses and donors they consider As uses therefore in proportion to the prevalence of self love. Is a idled the lust of doing uses with a View to Ali or own glory. Such fire does not Operto with the pious or Good unless it be kindled from by the consideration of Honor for which reason the lord rules the impious at heart who Are in dignities by the love of Fame and there by excites them to perform uses tote of their country to the society or City in which Uliey dwell and also to their no iffy or fellow citizen for the lord s kingdom is tie new York dutchman has the following remark about lawyers lawyers Are the Only men who have no Faith in experience Anil who believe that the the world the less it knows about right Anil wrong. Judge of taday refer to the judges of the last Century while the judges of the i list Century Bow to those of Tho Century almost All our Legal decisions Are based us the opinions of a lot of old models who belief that the Earth was a living monster movements of the Bidet were caused that monsters breathing. In the court of lord chief Justice Busty Slaw who lived Jiei the Devil was supposed to be afraid of a horse shoe actually exerts More influence Justice or common sense. Had physicians been As afraid of new ideas As Jay cars Are Aeses Nilk would still have been considered Trie Only remedy for a Model Folly eng is an extract from a speech of general Buncom m favor but in conf Ili Nee sincerity and sympathy. In l a kingdom of where there Are Only a however a malicious mischief maker happens i pc fore uses for the Sake of being use to be at hand it is the easiest thing in the world lie causes the worshippers of self to a to misrepresent the real facts of the Cane so As to annoy irritate and create a sentiment of distrusting and of coldness and thus to Lay the foundation of a misunderstanding which if followed up is sure to end in enmity countless Angels did not affect Bis throne when and ill will. Some persons Are moreover i site a j i can Liliuo Nti Roll Rel Willhi eel whelp others nip satan and his legions rebelled and we re cast out of heaven. They could More shake god s throne than an insect could1 overturn a Moun Tain. What makes gods throne so sure 1 it sensitive on car train subjects while others particularly credulous. The mischief maker is sure to discover All this accordingly. We some of 54 40 or. I open my eyes and look Over the vast expanse of i see How the yeast of Freedom has caused it to Rise in the scale of civilization and expand on either i see it growing swelling roaring like a Spring cannot resist the idea sir that tie Day will come when this great nation like a Young school boy vill burst its straps and become entirely too big for its boots. Sir we want continent the whole continent and nothing but the continent we will have it. Then shall Uncle Sam placing Bis hat upon the Canad a rest his right Arm upon the Ore on and California Cost his left upon the easter Seaboard and whittle away the British Power while reposing his leg like a Freeman upon Cape Horn sir the Day the re Rev must and to play Lua gome _ time since heard the is judgment by mercy particulars of a end Case. A Young lady was Ami truth. What a blessed what a durable engaged to be married and the wed Jug Day throne is Christ a it rests on four foundations. Was fixed. Meanwhile her Aff juiced was Acci if one of these wore removed his throne could dentally thrown into the society of a former not for one hour. But Neve can be hover and he either recklessly or maliciously removed. They Aro immutable As god s being. J mide an insinuation utterly unfounded As was Uliey Are eternal As god s nature. I i .1 the Day must Corn e. Wonders of the John Iler Shell in his essay on the Power of the Telescope to penetrate into space says there Are stars so infinitely Remote As to be situated at the distance of twelve millions of millions of millions of Miles from our Earth so that Light which travels with a velocity of twelve millions of Miles in a minute would require two millions of years for its transit from those Distant orbs to our own while the astronomer who should record the aspect or mutations of such a Star would be relat ing not its history at the present Day but that which took place two millions of years . What is our Earth in space to almost infinite and still More what is Man. That he should be the special object of regard to the infinite author of this system of worlds use of Good pcs in is very necessary that Good men should live in bad times to reprieve a wicked would that god May not utterly destroy it is he once did in the Days of Noab when All flesh corrupted Ite ways but also to season human conver i station to give Check to wickedness and to re i Vive the practice of virtue by some great and Bright examples and to redress those violence and injuries which Are done under the Sun at least to struggle and contend with a corrupt age j which will put some Stop to the growing evil and scatter such seeds of virtue As will Spring up j in time. It is an argument of god s care of the j world that antidotes grow in the neighbourhoods of poisons that the most degenerated Ages have j some excellent men who seem to be made on purpose for such a time to Stem the torrent and to give some Case to miseries of Dean Sherlock. Give children a child beginning to read becomes delighted with a newspaper because he reads of names and things which Are very familiar and to will make Progress accordingly. A newspaper one year is Worth a Quarter s schooling to a child Anil every father must consider that substantial information is connected with advancement the Mother of a family being one of its Heads and having a More immediate charge of children should herself be instructed. A mind occupied becomes fortified against the ills of life and is braced for any emergency. Children amused by Reading or study Are of course considerate and Ned. How Many thought less Young Man have spent their evenings in a tavern or Gre of shop who Oug lit to have been Reading. How Moiny parents who never spent for books for their families would have Given thousands to reclaim a son or a daughter who had ignorantly or thoughtlessly fallen into temptation. What sir have my client did t nothing sir nothing. But there is the Man what have did the mischief. Him it were sir what with the ferocity of a bloodhound seized a Shingle and pursued the victim afterwards Shook the Confidence of the intended husband provoked a Maunder minding Ami led to n final separation. To Sonn after left the City for California was seized with illness and died on the Way her cute a equally Chelan Ehnle and is embodied by t la touching lines of the poet a Lii ppr tie air a of tone ant Yel t Irh in Uilys i Ater in i War now Iii lit u Only in cry Najr f inner a Nir q quid Neil paper on caught up Trio Hale in Eining sound Anol Lici Lias real tied it choir Anil go it Winders round from oar to i p to ear told it reached a Gerslki licit and ced to offices of preeminence m which they Are All excited by Elf love to do Good. Suppose Llivera any infernal kingdom in this world i Lucre is not any which the love prevailed self love being the Devil himself would not every member of it per Ejmi uses from the fire of self love and tie Ful Endor of ins own glory Niobe than in any to Theta kingdom All such have in their Mouths nothing but the Public Pood and in their hearts no Lhing but their own Good and As every one Bitch Case looks up to Bis Prince that he my the greater for lie aspires to be greater can one that there is a god whilst be is Eucon passed by the smoke As it Wera of a con , no spiritual truth in its Light pm pervade seek every method of information and inquire How Many of those tins Dviny i aspire to dignities in the kingdoms of the Eartis ire any other Llian lovers of self and of the a Worril. You will scarcely find fifty in a thousand who Are influenced by the love of god and among these Only a few aspire to dignities. Since then they Are so few in number who Ara Reci Xvi. The have had their prospects blighted and Lua 1 mo1 Inelli ended by the love of god. And up Many who Are flu ended by the love of self ind Oft lie world and since the latter loves from the nature of their fires Are More productive of uses than the i love of god is fire How can any one confirm himself against divine Providence from i the circumstance of the wicked being in greater j preeminence and opulence than the Good Vieve is also confirmed by these words of -me1 in. Lord v and the lord commended Tho unjust but who cannot Point out Dom Wise vice is heartless Crue and dangerous and its victims directly or indirectly May be counted by thousands. It is such an a sensitive spirit. It is so or soil Confidence May be so readily May by so promptly excited How Many merchants have hid their credits Many honest men i j ser than the children of Light. And 4-Eiy unto j Youj make to yourselves friends of the mammon i of u Iress that when be fail they May Vou into everlasting Haji lations Luke 3. What is meant by these words in natural sense is evident but in the spin sense by mammon of unrighteousness Are uni pics subjected to All the horrors of poverty j meal he of Trua How Many have been provoked w of lie they use How hearts have been lace aled meow i purr use of Many hearts have been made the thoughtless or the vicious the heedless or the Crafty and malignant propensity of the mischief maker the poor wretch who in a moment of necessity and Labouring under All the horrors of hunger commits some paltry theft with the object of satisfying the cravings of nature is promptly arrested convicted and sent to Dur Ance How Many destroyers of the peace of families disturber of the happiness of Brief moral assassins of charac their wicked work to artfully stealthily and hypocritically that they see the ruin and the wreck they make and yet contrive to escape he responsibility. Let Thorn be assured however that a any of reckoning will come Plain dealing is a jewel but they thai Wear it Are out of Tachyon. Dignities and riches. It is these knowledge of the Good or the children of Light Are to make to themselves friends and which Are to introduce them into everlasting habitations. That there Are Many who Lovo themselves Ani tie world Aad few who love god the lord also teaches in these word wide is the Gate and Broad is the Way tint Lead cab to destruction and Rainy there be which go in thereat be cause Strait is the Gale and narrow is the Way which let eth onto life and few there be that find it _ Oiiver was a staunch Puritan a and could tit Bioko the least approach to paper what Are he once inquired a Essaw a dozen Silver statutes in the niches of a Chapel. The twelve replied the trembling Dean. Toke them said Cromwell. And Coin them into Money of that like , flier mat Rrt no int Rrt infer trn Fia 1 they May go about doing Good. Newspaper

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