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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - March 17, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaBy amec editor and a Clu note of Aceti i Luc Inajet one Jollar will be Pape r at the option Vanolen Bibb fur one Ion Twenty Miniee Saeei r one1 or Thi Zerouni to Al tar i co., ind fifty cent Bufty cents d id at cub acini ii Ledu Ted until All arrears f the editor. Twelve Nirgi ueral Bjo ivc cents. Rio for a evenly Fly Al insertions the Aily advert leis. Ils f the whale fishery. It the following from the be a Young Geo Lemaa like Many other of o. Early age left a Happy Lio at of a sea. Faay March 17. 1847 was there she i from the Majl head away demanded the Captain. The Rai Foj Poi its off the Lee Bow Jesup your Steinl sir vol. In. Be no. 449. Softly is Man away air hush by Tebor i my the softly. Let Harp of i Yoor time i on buried the Matt head Abay eng to two do Yon see bal while a so cobol of sperm in Thriles 1 she Bingo out every sir a Hows Oul Bingo out every a sir Inere she Bio tile far off Miles and a Bill j there to too Al tick the in bolts All Lead tub Ider and lightning so dear Call Clew up Ibe fore top Gallant sail hard Down our wheel mail a Jour Lubs Bear a Bard Clatur your stand by All to lower ready sir away went the boats with a lust s Crew sprang Over the Trail Anil in is jul the Larboard stub Ord and ,11, boats were manned there. Goral u r in Selling Ibe Start 1 he Variet boat i of in pretty Good time and away went j incr dashing the water High their nothing could be Moie exciting Luau the Ivert Rord boat cd Mandt a male awful Waist boat by the second Tabor Iron give Himlan Olber away sern All 11 Stern if i1 and As we rapidly Bac ced from the whale tie Flung his tremendous High in the air covering Cloud of Piny he then souled making Tai line Whiz As it Pas through the chocks when he Rose to the surface again we hoped up and these cond male stood ready in the Bow to despatch him with Lance so Srov Tang blood Tabor a he won t leed much Lancing ii was True enough for Lefoie the officer could gel Dart of him be commenced Bis do ing struggles the sea was Crim soned with his mood Byi the time i we reached him he was up we Lay upon our oars e. Moment to witness Hill last throes and War i the nun rom every when he Bod turned Jshii dead in a Loiuis simultaneous Ebejer Bur lip a Low rumbling sound Lihe be Roar of a ached our rare. Each Ere beat head be was my lads give Way fouled our headman we Gay a steady tin y to Tell u i yay cried Tarbor 01 ii j on them that s Ilis Taru Waterfall now n moment it grew louder the Siva Arch of the heaven19 Bechai Clouds tossing flying Beutling Over and Over like i he i surges sea a White Cloud Gleenio Black behind n. Came in reaching Forth in Loi us in its Fital e Silil Lommler it growled and Ero Vird jus spread whirled Tiver a now it wore the mane now he head of s with us Turmen r Steersman 1 aral co duos Javis extended roaring it swept lid not have d be say boys Liall w lick ill pull echoed new Arij we danced Over uie Waves i Sicily seeming to touch them " be Chase now truly soul stirring e dark Wilb and whirling o an angry the Coward uhf arms As if to louder and e White Cloud d lost its hoary head feet of a lion the1 Ocean w is hidden in in Zhini hissing d us the Demon o a More f right whole face of the utter darkness save within toe Circle of Al few Hundred Yards our lilt i boat floated i fled by a breath of w rolled lazily past us reigned id the a on a sea almost Unrur and i be Trevy swell yet a de Atli like cat t beyond the Circle Side by the boats it is firmly secured by Large rope attached to the Small by a run Ning noose there the not a Little do entity in the Way the Fluke rope ii first passed under the body of the whale. A Small line la which a Lead is fastened with a of Wood at the extremity several fathoms from the Brown Over Between Ibe whale and the grip s aide. From the impetus Given to Ibe Lead it sinks in i Diagonal direction drawing the Block Down after it. End of the Lead line a fastened to the end of Fluke rope on Board and to Block attached o the other rues at the of the whale it is then hauled on Board by meant of wire Hook fastened to a Long pole and i hauling it in the Fluke rope i Sufea Roun Indef the body of the whale till the end arrives on Board when it through in hoop at the other ext Reijm and a run Ning noose if formed u testily shape Down to the Small. The is Ihei made fist to the forecastle and the a hauled to the Bow or As near As they Wil reach leaving the head pointed aft. Of the size of the ups Vel and length of Thi whale make a great difference but in Genera the head reaches to the j Quarter to fire enl concussion the whale is always on the we her Side the Progress of Bic is usually under easy sail during the time culling in keeps Ibe from Drifting out Al right angles from the aide though in Moat cases the Brad is kept in its bjpproprio.1 position a Small rope made fast aft. The cutting Lade is made fast to a Pawel Ful strap or Pendant passing found the m in tit main lop by two Large Thi Are in fact two Lack Les the of pact round the Windlass to Earlb of to tackles is attached a Large blubber to which upon being Malle fact to the Blurb Are a fouled up by the j Windlass Olie Only tug in operation Al a Lime so Bat n Ben first strip of blubber or Blanket pie reaches the stationary Block on Ibe pen Dahl the other can be mane fast by a strap Send Bolt of Wood 10 a Lime below the Poineal which Itiat Blanket Niece to be Cut off i have endeavoured to give some idea of i part of the process in the Ace pinging this work the Blanket pieces stripped off in a spiral direction run Down toward Ibe flutes the a Rale turn All was strife in team All peace we eced Bixio Unity id each owner s faces Bat not a was spoken the Veteran Ber i Raffier looked upon blonds with a face i of unusual elem Unity As we Lay upon our i oars aimed to Ulen Wejby the Sublimity of the i scene. The ominous stillness of everything within the Circle Otis Pamfil for Many Long minutes the surface of the water remained nearly smooth we trended but longed for a change 1 his growing intolerable Long drawn Respi Rati to Windward and i read every ibo Ughi stale of suspense was 1 could hear the deep on of those around me Caw the Quick ious glances they turned fancied t. Could almost hat passed within their to flan of us tugging Hurd t it Lac Oiher Wales which wer breast suddenly a while Streak of foam appeared within a Hundred Yards scarcely j bad uns hipped our Oate when the Squall burst upon us with Glunn Fig violence. The Weall Jer Side of the boat was raised High out of the water and the Rushing foam dashed j Over be gunwale in torrents. We soon trim med her however and by sailing got her Clear of water it is utterly impossible to conceive the violence of the Hind Small As the Sui face exposed to the Squall was we flow the Tough Rifae Seal digging the dead body of the whale after a with Inczedi l Hie velocity. Thus situated entirely at the mercy of wind i to under j the Lee o Leeward for the a be seen in Ibe Hor to turned Al ikes before vie c whale Bow uld reach him e Ibe surface t that he had approaching and w angry Oclean Obiji Jour oar Well and continued every Era nent to i Creiss our in stance from barque when Ibe Squall abated we came the whale and looked que not a speck could ion1 night rapidly were on Ibe bread Fetn lie appeared again Abo i the water it was Eider while Down by which Mancen vre he on us nearly a mile Chase is almost hopeless be he making to rapidly. A Freavy Block Cloud was the horizon port ending la approaching and the barque was fait fading from but still we were not to be discouraged to Circuns Tahfs of this kind and we braced we can t yet if make land someway Sau and. Live on roes nerves for a grand and i never give up my la to Todiman in a cheering Voic Well have that whale i ours and no Al Effort said the link. My Only Thini stake about it 1 Mil be ours now for a hard Heady pull Gire Way give Way sir Gate Wahr All there blows of poll my Lively , mite off there Ibex the wind had by i tin time increased Al troit to a Gale and the heavy Black Clouds seat Ewing Over ind we. Part o chef Squall had passed of Flo Leeward and entirely the tote aloft rather unpleasant i rough sea the Othir Boita out of if it Aid each moment wind if creating. We attain Ivery manacle till Weie Bard Opol the what e. Tabor in Rios Tea Bow and stood by w to the Harpoon. Said Ibe Many Wilb old blubber make the barque we can Ere Tabor with la sly Leer beef and Turkey while we Are Misbin it with heavy bears Ami Many misgivings we shipped our oils heartily wishing Ibe whale a the Devira try pot for we thought it rather hard Tea should be rankled for a few of Oil. For two Bourl we pulled a Long Lizy dogged stroke with out a sign of Relief. At last Tabor Load up in Tea Bow to look out and we Lay 01 our Kari. I a jell Tabor what d be Wai the general inquiry. Laid Tabor coolly rolling the quid from weather to Bis Lee Cheek "1 cd died old barque taut look like wish tub with a few Sticks rigged up in the Middle of see a Grain Broom ill. Yonde Vili cried p it Duff tide o was o m i he Cooks Copperi Yea i Ibok i smell Tabor. Al Oear Dirk when we arrived along the barque with our prize but what r Gur Price to find that the ital Board Aad us bad killed five Balea be tween Benj j they All of Arnall riot Lod d d not average More than fifteen Oliea Tea Waale in been in first place been hich Are a nicked on Boa it every Lesve of the wind Lisi 1 covering of the blubber is Hifp flukes parts co a Jainder ing in t cd Rcd to the Board a Hajn Laming Oil Cut away thrown overboard t cd the Stern is now bus Down if 1 and Hois Leil convenient bailed ii the wed off toothed and i if May be a Long pole and As there is no Little d there e head Nav off and leed up with o Large to be taken on fir out of the Walger As and the Oil or liquid it with a vessel attached Ved i Atte n in and ending this i i of fretting tie sperm Aceti and a great debt of waste the it always taken on Fard when nil Loo Large or heavy i the which is the name a Ireijo by whalers to Ibe head sometimes1 contains from ten to of Foleen barrels of Spe Maceli. A Blanket an Llo of Tillig piece not or in Tau Long u Sirj by the Les to i greens the vessel very f sequent a Wilh la at of the , the surface of which when Lionar boat is in frequently weighs Ingle of or Twenty de to its own great weight co it raises several feet of be Blanket ton tack Over Rees. Lined of the piece has reached t be top it is Cut off Leerer who by with a Boa Aler Sta by a Ding knife having first however been secured below by the bother blubber Book which is haute taut to prevent it from breaking away y too sudden a t is drop i d Down into the r room w Ere it is Cut up into Block hard Are f Ihen swings in lion Blurb of a and oot sni a get or the Are called is Whit and when the upper it cease Alf or two inches in feet in Width. Piece s to 1 old or clocks length these Horsa pieces the ire ii ice ibs locks Ca Liin but Little Oil Aiida which and near Midi at the bakes Bone the the whale when stripped of its buoyant covering however some blubber in in sickness. From the Witlof i have Veea it float Stern Latance without sinking Eri is from four to ten inches t is Cut from the whale in the dead the Afleur the Blurb of Coarl with a i Dante in the Mai layers about Ihlen feet wide which r n from flukes in a spiral r and flukes Borge Teclo Elte chec t top the boat steer them id sufficiently Small to fit item on a pen is Cut snugly in the blubber roam in apartment in the Man hold. The try works Are then cleaned out and got in read Mai for boiling two or three bands Are Ottati Werft in Ibe blubber room with whose duty it is to cat up the Large pieces into 3r pieces about a foot Tad half Long and Sik inches kids. The Blu her 11 Ihen minced into thin and calf into Fie Bolen a Are started ind the fire Batch of Oil obtained of blubber lie used for Tine hot Oil a Eua med lain Large Copper cooler where Ilie permit std the till the Are ready to by Empire j. It then trained into casks id kept Ion Dick tilt quite Cool when it u a Lowed a the in the bold by none of Ilease. J it Wai found in old newspaper that looked in was printed when Adam a boy. I wis a Slive to a mister who wis cons Tut anally addicted to icing. Simbo being it fondly devoted to fail mister bad by dint Long pc tick made himself an i dept my giving Piliu ability to in master s ingest it or i one Day when the Mailer a i entertain ing company in Hie customary Minner among other Mir Melloue he in incident a bib look piece a one of i voting excursions i fired at a Laid he at dred Yaritzi distance and the Ball pissed tar Hugh tin left bind toot and through teed 4 just Bick of fail ear the ii evidently producing torn in the Toins of a neat h4 Sambo to Biu Little doubt upon j Eaid the almost Chin Feuidi de after c Nix Leoti Hes Italio me de bait hit in. Jei As Maas if up i gun to be Eye. De bulk if up him foot 10 scr Ilch him ear an Tasss s poll p head at Tai same Brou Obj him foot j the guests were Sambo s explanation feet la satisfied Wilb mad swallowed Ibe Var Thoat Farl or Benta Lioi but when Hie a Jueli Wai Gocso Sambo ventured be far Aslo for mighty mint when Yoe Tell a dodder neb a. Bis lie Don t Pat in so far apart a bad Deb Lii bars work forget us i human i c. The passion for Irei ent and renown is a deep abiding principal the human heart. To be remember Resl after f and survive Ity. Is an be veet dear to one it is ave a name that shall Wake the the wreck of Noria the human heart arid to ill dreams Ambi Tion. Yet Haw rat Poi tetons the a sirs How frail id. Strongest barque of on which Man relies be float his Fame to future Generalises what indeed is earthly immortality but Mere delusive Bale to Senoler act in lome tenure that lost Olive dread of death 10 natural to the bosom of Man is immortal Aad full Efua dying thoughts and Sublime it can lighten through All it can a sic the Progress and the Power of Lime and and bid rie6ance to the Dominion of decay it can Dart through space and Span the uni verse and Catler around it in firing and breathing creations the ample of its divinity it throw its Richness nto the Colon of the run vase ill rapture shall stand still to gaze upon it. It can embody in Marble All the Ferrer and intensity of Pas Ion and All the Sublimity of it can infuse into language an eloquent a that Snail More and melt end heart of a world. Yet what avails All thie while the with which it Are Baag ing fragile and perishable thought Caius and Lancy May be immortal but language Marble and Bank ass. All must fall. The Dia Lect of to Day May be to other Agea an unknown Tongue tailed Tod As the of Egypt. A pulling babe May tear in tattered be master puts of a Raphael and the kick of an ass May Troy the Pride of an Angelo. Up Childboy Teao greater defect i educating children than neglecting to accustom them the work. It is an evil that attaches mostly to Large and cities children suffer much from it Psi rest Nehrer whether work Lee Isary or not to the child nothing More Uncertain than their Independence and much de on Beine in customer the vide for the thai aside constantly securing Wanti that nature entails in us. If were lot 10, still it Pru serves Tebesa from bad it secures their he Altai it strengthens Bott their mind and body Ena Bles them Beturia Bear the of the pent up school room and it tends Mere than any icing use to give them just Aad pro per Ollile. It too often the Case that children pro tided they spend half a dozen hours of the Day at icon of Are permitted to reit As they Tui they grow up in the world Wilb Oati any knowledge of and circa the View it through r false Midi no they can not appreciate you bestow they do not knew the toils they Cost their bodies and mind Are enervated and they Are exposed to whatever vicious associations aria within their reach. The Diu Julesr probably becomes that pitiable Belles a object a novel Reading girl. The Ion if he surmount the Choc sequence of your neg Edt it probably after Hia and nation for life Are fixed and Ven f Alii too Lite no Man or accustomed. T Complick Meyti they wide re i Bur mental Traini in a deduction most be world. Touching fat the rapidity fast every 1 r one of important Lemaa m fully educated if not useful Libor. A liver in for ignorance of that important chapter of the Prat at can be More Beautiful or the following by Sterne or f time. Time too tier i Trace tills me with what rapidity lire my pan the Days and of it More precious my Ducai Jenny thin the about thy neck Are flying Over oar heeds like Light of e Windy Day never to return thing Boa Art twisting that it Growe Grey and every time i kill thy band to bid Adieu and every absence which it. Are to that eternal reparation which we Are shortly to make l i i a Clear conscience cannot be bought with Money Bat often sold Lor it. Ife of solitary Man will be Bat not Vertu Only devout certainly review of the Market. Corn is and i be me May be fluid of Sheet Iron. The demand is and Fia then be classed under the same head corks ditto fire have of to. Mexican War a gun having improved con siders Bly our list report. Grizio id Grain have recently got cent ered which them a appear Ance in this article Hare had the thus lately end it is it Avert some of the Consumers my Dpi ladies Ibin slippers intended excl naively for borne consumption parasol i Are a Lomer rum a sales Are steady which in air from bring the ease with of it. Tobacco can be had at any Price you Ehert. In the Money to Aiken there in no change worthy of nun ice a candidate for Congress an aspirant for a seat in Congress oot while1 addressing Large assemblage of the Faithf Jil i i front of the City tar Era let off following if i m ele led to ibis offie i will re present my constituents As the Tea represents the Erlb the Highl con Rasta with the Day. I will a rivet human society Clear All us parts did to Crew i together again j will Correct ill out All corruption thro fifa the Nemiec of our party like a rat throw ugh a new cheese my chief Are that at a dinner Given. Be 1 a Exmore than any men it the i be just bought a new Cuit of Cletues to Wear in Cong res and 1 be got the handsomest Aister in Oil it stuck he will be Jele eted beyond doubt a pointed hit an invalid once sent a physician Aad after detaining him for some time with a erf paint abet Etc be thus summed up now a doctor you have hum bugged me Long Wilb your Good for nothing and syrups Bey Don t touch the real difficulty i with of to strike the cause of a laments if it is in your Power to reach it i it shall fat sail the doctor it the same time lifting his Cane ind demolish ing a decanter of Gin that stood on the cide Board a Al Chi suit a joking lawyer were conversing a Pat the doctrine of the Iran Migia Tion of the Iliili of men into animals says the judge suppose you and i were Lur Jned into a horse and an ass which worm you refer to be7" the to be replied Thi lawyer. Why Tbs judge has s reply i hive Heird in As being a judge but of a Irr j told yer wanted a twelve mile aed yer me Well Wisn t he a twelve orse yes was and Naulin else could t Gic another mile aut on him no How Jill he Well yer la git do custom old Mutton Bead that s by did t yer give me As Good a animal 11 Yir did Bill a i did Yir did t Bill s went Over thirteen Afore a dropped will the lid a Peck More of than yarn of Mere of to him you not alarmed at the approach of the King of terrors said tha Milliner to a sick Man. Of i hive been living six end thirty a Jesus with the Queen of King on not be much worse was the re p r j i tit i meant to have told Yoa of that nid an irishman to his Friend who is i Lomg with Tim id the Garden Iod into a pit full of water no mat Slid the mud out of his Mouth i be found it to the following things Are Slid to be useless to write history in the Sand to try to make a pig s Tail curl when it is Loo Short to reason with a fanatic or to try to Mike i jew Eit pork fortunately the new York May eat Csc signs without any danger of lasting Thi proscribed article Cash gentleman was a cited by a poor Loafer vrho asked for Char a i will rime Rober you the next re plied gentleman your said the Loafer i Don t credit i deals of the Cash Principi. J vhf a Cheshire auctioneer thus Ezil Ted the Bie tits of i gentlemen and indies Sorre folks sell carpets for trimels which Are not Brussels but it can Mast Asmara you that elegant article was made by or father was t Alexander a yes my replied Oats Well then father was t miss Alexander a Ike it girl take Ibal boy to bed. What depravity itt a wicked old Bachelor Odb hid that to matter whom you mimed you would find Oul afterwards tint Yon bad married a different person. Nth a in t that Man in what is called the of Fife " Why my son " Coz the Green by. An editor Tai March of civilization the slow but intrepid slip of a Lackaii a Bushel of Oati

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