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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - March 14, 1849, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaA a tamil published weekly by j. Vol. 30. J agriculture and amusement address delivered before the Adelphie Lodge of i. O. Of o. P., on the Celebration of their first anniversary at Tioga Village fed 28th, 1840, by f e. South n. G. Nals of literature and patriotism. England Scot correspondence. Tiona March 1, 1649. Dear sir. Oun Nufim tender you Oie thanks of Adelphie Lodge no. For the Able address delivered before the 7 o of o. Of on the 28th ultimo., and respect Lully request you put into our hands for publication a copy of that address at your earliest convenience. Trusting you will not withhold it. We Are in f. L. And t., yours a. Humphrey , committee. Jno. A Mathers 5 k e Smith Esq March 1, 1849. Polite note requesting a of he address pronounced by me yesterday re Cre lie Adelphie and Oiler lodges of the 1. O. Of 0 before me. In writing the address i did not intend it for publication but from Ninny in i citations of friends and gratify o r i have concluded give it you Elji ouch a its imperfect state and accordingly transmit you the copy herewith. Yours f. E. Smith. J o Putnam a. Huh Piibe Jno. A. Committee. Address. Brothers order and know of no More appropriate Way of com Raen Najj my remarks than by quoting the following from nature s poet first my fear then my Courtesy list my speech. My fear is your Dis pleasure Ray Courtesy my duty and my speech if Jour pardons. If you look for a Good a peach now you undo me for what i have my is of Nuno own making and what i should say will i doubt prove mine own land and our own country in a still later Day have witnessed the perfection of an institution which claims origin As far Bach As the building of the jewish Temple by Soloman. Such an institution is our sharing for its aim the Good Ofiu members and the ultimate food of society. We boast not of its Angioi intr Luoie me a society commenced in a matter of Small moment whether in the first or fifteenth Century whether at Rome or among the Hills of Scotland whether among the Early persecuted christians or those of a later Day it matters not. Could we prove Odd Fellowship be As old a the pyramids it could make it no bet perpetuity could not give it perfection. The principles have existed from time imme Morial for they have always existed and never changed. They Are As immutable As the deity from whom they sprung. It is enough for us know that the institution has existed in our country since april eighteen Hundred and four teen when first planted Here by Thomas Wildey. Prompted by a generous love for his race and Havig an intimate knowledge of the condition and the wants of Man he exerted the energies of a powerful mind introduce and perfect an their nature and their wants and the grateful remembrance of thou Sands upon both hemispheres has been his ample Reward. The blessings of the widow and the orphan and the gushing gratitude of the sick and distressed rendered Happy through his Means have been and will be his heritage. Who would not rather thus live in the hearts of the Humble the grateful Una the suffering than Wear the proudest Chaplet Fame Ever placed upon the conquerer s brow j but he wears a Chaplet of brighter Green for affection placed u there and it grew in the hearts of the grate j tul. Long Long after the names of Alexander and Bonaparte and other butchers of human but uie purpose and so the Ven discuss illustrate and aet Forth the kind sha11 teen and the cries and groans caused by them have been hushed in the distance of time the names of Howard acid Wilberforce and Wildey will dwell a glad int Bem lure. Doctrines we profess in their simplicity and n a tack Winch requires More ability Lias fallen or Humble Jot Justice these principles thus portray i 11 in world at Large that the uni Nitia l Lear 10 Tail is in prop a let me quote again curl Sci Iun and advantage. We look in vain for a in the wide world where this feature does not obtain. Nor 3 it , result of study or con up with civilized Man but it arises spontaneously out Olhs a densities which Cluster around Tan n Hen he first breathes into the Greece Ono ent Greece where lived and died Solon and Lycurgus where too a Socrates Greenly in our and of Praise go up them from suffering relieved r the situation the most trying fails the upon which we had fondly hoped lean such being the melancholy and deplorable i tory of human existence an institution was formed based upon this conclusion that As All men Are the off Spring of one Parent they Are bound at two Della is a year. No. 553. Prop cherish protect and upon this principle Are altar measures based however faulty they May be in their operation and however Little heeded is this doctrine by the great Corner Stone of Odd Fellowship is Good will Man. It goes the Bible the Fountain of Good for Ita precepts and Trya inculcate in the bean of Man the spirit of that being who is styled the god of love and whose essence and whose character is emphatically defined in the simple declaration god is its objects Are cultivate the social feelings make Man More mane his fellow Man ameliorate his condition raise him from the influence of avarice and selfishness and instill into his Soai Aims and aspirations at once generous ind Noble. Pecuniary Oss Iata nce indeed is among he objects of our order and Are perhaps too often the motives of its members but its ultimate object is far beyond that. A the ploughman urns the Sod and discovers the richest minerals the immortal Newton while seeking for the cause that made the Apple fall discovered the sub Irmest of Laws of the universe so the her who enters within our Walls from selfish motives finds a nobler a More elevated inst ution than he had supposed. To cultivate kindly and social feeling towards All men promote Lon esty and Honor arid bind the world Gether in Bonds of Friendship and love is the prominent office of on affiliation. Our Laws command us visit the and by kind words and gentle deeds lighten the heart end ustain and soothe the responding spirit and Back life and health or should disease rated. Raffle our efforts smooth Down the pathway o the grave and by our Assurance disrobe the gloomy Monarch of half its terrors. To re Lieve the distressed by All the Means in our the names of Howard and Wilberforce have been already Given immortality and even j yet while living the name of Thomas Wildey i is heard with love and gratitude upon old eng land s Shore and in our own loved land of the even where Are new England s Pine Clad Hills the Iron mountains of the key Stone state and the far Everglades and Savan Nahs of the sunny South. But Pardon my digression from my subject speak of the Fulmer of our society. Had 1 the Power i would eulogize him in words worthy the feelings of my heart in language pure As immortal Maro s verse and Strong and Beautiful As Tully s die Tion. But i can not and i Lurn my subject the design and character of Odd Odd Fellowship As i have before intimated had its origin in the wants and Irir Naties of Man. From some cause the greater portion of human existence is filled up with suffering. Care and sorrow and distress seem be the Peculiar he n Ita Grofman. No station however exalted no position however enviable no person however fortunate can be totally exempt from these ills. Our course even from the Bright morning of existence Down the evening shades of old age and Tuo darkness of death is Thorn incident human life support the responding by sympathy and assistance and bind up the Bro Ken hearted by offices of kindness. To Bury and perform decently and in order the last sad offices of kindness which the de was love spake in the still Small but which awoke an Echo in the hearts of men the Thunder tones could not reach. But 19 that we Joju toe Preat question is what we do there week after week i shall i mystery placed unon our menu changeable purposes known in All their Exten Sive glory and perfection any of his servant. The respect thought it consistent and infinitely for he Best a teen some the say unto you out yen can Harrow up the blood of age and make infant is Crews Strong As and make each hair ration of the immortal washing Norm his fire hand in hand with the charge of secrecy come the of repeated Decla stand on end like i the Lodge Hills upon the fretted por meets the doors Are closed and they come Oner the officer presiding then solemnly and seriously asks if any knows of a sick or distressed brother1 has disease Laid its invidious hand upon any of our Little family and placed them upon the bed of pain has misfortune overtaken any and Are they now writhing under its pangs 1 if so the Lodge at once devise Means for the Relief of such distress and a far As possible Render Comfort and assist Ance. Two Brothers in rotation Are commissioned night after night Lake their station y the bedside of the suffering brother obtain a physician and provide necessaries for him and is family. Is the stranger in out midst Hun Gry naked and distressed we take him in bind up his wounds and Send him on his Way and Blessing in his heart of hearts he simple and talismanic motto of Friendship love and this is the main object of our weekly meetings and we meet thus often est some Case of necessity should escape our notice. Another item of business is receive and consider any proposition for the Good of the order by promoting Benevolence Charity and food will Man. These Are our secrets and these on Only practices should we proclaim each action the world or should we obey our great Law giver and so dispense our offices of kindness that the right hand know eth not what the left Handl Zoeth v by these practices we not Only Benefit our selves but the world at Large. Our Charity is not confined the immediate Circle of our initiates. More than one Hundred thousand dollars has been expended out of our . By die practice 01 inese Virtues the heart is made warm and generous. As the Arm that wields the ponderous Sledge becomes lower Lul As the mind that grapples with mighty Hou Glits becomes Strong greater efforts so the heart that expands with Charity grows Large other ser. Instinctive parted needs on Earth and then educate i in proportion As it exercises these Virtues. But his lessons of Wisdom and philosophy a Ifo Jer and an orpheus Sung and Here a Demosthenes thundered Forth those dealt of eloquence which have aver since in Rance i the world held the among lne and noblest of her sons. Germany classic soil of Germany the Home Fly the Patriot and the scholar the fatherland of Goethe Schiller had and still has her secret and institutions which in dark gloomy stepped Forward save their country from impending rum and revolutionized Liben Tec redeemed from the Thra Dom of tyranny a ind which has become the brightest on the an tangled and Fortune smiles or frowns Over our birth place and her attendance Ever after is fickle and capricious. To Day a Friend upon whom we leaned for Succour and support drops into the grave and a gone forever. To Morrow Fortune s chill blasts sweeps Over us and leaves us desolate the next Day we May be summoned the City of leaving those who have looked up us As their slay and support baffle with the dark and cheerless world alone. Friend after Friend is snatched away. Storm after storm sweeps Over us sick Ness ind old age follow in their course until sometimes this fair world of ours seems like a Charnel House Over which the malaria had Pas de Alitt left its withering track. This world s selfish and contracted. It locks its charities o its own bosom and contents itself by pre anti if its own suffering or if indeed it now and Ihen dispenses its scanty and grudging is it is cold and heartless and unfeeling. Thire is wanting the tender sympathy the kind and gentle word and the soothing care which on ers into the heart of the sufferer and buoys up the sinking spirit and the fainting soul. It gives not the kind Assurance that the widow shall be cherished and protected and the helpless orphan educated which lights up the Eye of the Hus band and the father just fluttering upon the confines of eternity and who yet strives stay a Little longer upon Earth enfold those dear ones in the arms of his affection. With this Assurance Deseth is disarmed of its sting and the grave of Ftfe Victory for he know that he leaves his Lovell and his Little ones the care of those who will protect her and guide their the All these we Are commanded perform and our every lesson tends these offices. Finally our objects can be summed up in the three simple words of our motto Amicitia. Amorel Veritas or Friendship love and Friendship Man in All situations love of that Noble and elevated charac Ter such As Brothers should cherish among themselves and truth which should characterize the dealings and professions of All and which emphatically Marks the Intercourse of Odd Fellows with each other. Having briefly touched upon the design of Odd Fellowship i will speak of its it is a secret and social institution. Yet its principles Are Laid open All inviting the most searching scrutiny and examination. We hang our Banner on Llie outer and ask the world examine and indeed if the world would examine More closely than they do they would be less ready condemn than they Are now. We have printed and published and placed in the hands of every one disposed learn the whole code of our Laws. And you can find no other institution that has so earnestly tried propagate and promulgate their principles for indeed upon their purity and Excel Lence Are found the Beauty of our society. But we have secrets it is the dispensing our benefits we Are in a measure secret when the fell hand of disease lays a member upon the Couch of pain Naglit after night two Brothers Lake their station by his bedside support his languishing head or administer the soothing cordial his parched lips and in the arms of is our institution so entirely secret a Many would at first suppose its design is surely not secret its statistics Are not secret its and place of meeting Are not secret nor Are its members but the simple words and Signa of the order Ore secret and hence terrible because not heralded from the House top and born upon the wings of the wind. If these secrets Are of no Benefit the world then certainly we injure no one by withholding them from general propagation if they Atid the principles and Privi Leges of the institution Are open every one qualified receive them but of these qualifications we must Reserve the Power of judging ourselves. This u no More than All do m the daily avocations of life every Trade every occupation every institution every family every person have their secrets which Are entrusted Only Llie True and the faithful. We Only claim a like indulgence that of imparting our secrets and of admitting a participation o our rites such and such Only As apply for them upon our own terms. So far from wishing deprive any of the Light we enjoy we sincerely wish All the race of Mem were suitably qualified receive it and if so on doors shall never shut against them but Pur Lodge our heart and our souls Shalt be open receive them As the of this Mystic compact i spread Over the surface of the two hemisphere and the Isles of the Ocean it would be impossible distinguish its members without some Well advice his countrymen beware of secret but the objector does not Stop think that the great Washington was his last Day an Active member of a secret society. The beet and the Wisest men of every age have been members of secret societies. The immortal Goethe was a member Schil Ler was a member Madison was a member Jaclson was a member Thomas Jefferson Wai a member and the founder of a secret society. The anathema of Washington were hurled against those secret clubs which Are found in the dynasties of the old world founded upon a political basis and that their Only end and aim. Hut our association seeks no political aggrandizement nor does it mingle in the strife in the turmoil and the of political neither does it seek propagate any particular religious tenets or doctrines yet Devotion our country and its institutions duty and reverence our god taught in the doctrines of Odd Fellowship. Our aim As i have before intimated is Benefit Mankind and improve the world by our existence in it. And do this we come not in All the pomp and Pride of glorious warfare against principles or doctrines but contend against vice in All its we commence no crusade against the moral and a Lional views of any one but raise aloft upon our Banner the simple inscription Friend ship love and and exclaim with Constantine Toulo by this conquer. Bui a thousand and one objections arc daily hurled against us originating in the brains of those disposed meddle or find fault. Among them the silly and useless expense of having and wearing regalia. To this we can among us or is a seep meaning known and appreciated beat by those who have entered within the veil the contemplative mind they arc lessons of b Auty and Sublimity and the sensitive heart they Are fraught with deep significance. Again it is charged against us that we exact unnatural oaths under heavy penalties such As Are inconsistent with the civil and natural rela ions which we Bear society and our country this we say that it is As false is the heart was malignant which propagated Mich untruths. To sustain this position three Hundred thousand men of respectability and will Bearma witness. I have seen the candidate for initiation trembling and hesitating Al every step fearing lest some hidden oath or obligation was about be tendered him and in ins desire for rectitude and Honor ready Nike resistance whenever any wrong should appear and i have seen him smile afterwards at his own credulity and fears when he found that the obligations were Only such As a Man of Honor Justice and probity could consistently take. The character of the members and i speak without and the privilege and ease of leaving the institution Are a sufficient Gua Ranty that the falsehoods the slander and Ridi Cule hurled upon us Are but the futile emanations of weak and corrupt brains and will Only injure by recoiling with three fold Force upon the Heads of their promulgate is. But Here we Are met with a serious objection and one that strikes deep at the gallantry and Good taste of the order. We hear it occasion ally from the fair one s lips but More frequently from the thrice weaker and More effeminate specimens of the sterner sex who think no society Blest unless graced with woman s pre True her nature her modesty her own sense of propriety forbid. The hour of adversity w woman s hour. La Roll Wytze of Fortune s Rich Meridian her modest darkness dim the wanderer s pith that Chute and Lovely Light Forth cheer him an Emblem and cat nation from the heavens. It is then her love her Emlue Aad her Power me As the Vine which has Long ined in Graceful foliage about the Oak and been lifted by it into Sunshine will when the Hardy Plant if Rifted by the Ihander Bolt cling around it with caressing tendrils and bind up the shattered Bough. So is it beautifully ordered by Providence that woman who u the main de Pendant and ornament of Man in his happier hours should be his stay and Solace when Smit ten with sudden calamity winding herself into the rugged recesses of his nature tenderly sup porting the drooping head and binding up the broken in these gentle ministrations of her sex. Odd Fellowship is her co labourer and companion. Woman s nature is too much Al lied Odd Fellowship and her feeling too consonant with the came pursuits for either oppose the other fur she herself has formed similar institutions. Go with me in imagination the bloody Field of new Orleans on the memorable eighth of january eighteen Hundred and fifteen and see that beauteous line of lifter Hood going about even at the Cannon s Mouth bind up the wounds in Outen the lips acid support the tottering forma of the bleeding and dying soldiery and again when the Lagna swept Over that devoted City As even now hurrying thousands an Early Tomb see them Sillers of the contagion s breath and the pestilential air going about do Good with no Reward no remuneration except that blessed silent and grateful approx Vegs of conscience and the Hope of Gra Cious ssi Ile which a Waits them at the portals of the upper world and the Welcome Home come be blessed of my father. Inasmuch Asye did it Wutt if tatty Aon Battle Nih the world alone when far Dis Tant from her when she cannot be near hover around his Couch nurse and protect him she feels that a brother s hand will of right claim perform these gentle offices. The sister Ai Speaks the Farewell word a brother and feels that he is be for away from a sister s love the wife Vhal for a time parts with the companion of her Young Days the daughter As she think of uie venerated form of her sire absent and in sickness the Maiden when she dream of hex wandering Lover All All Bleas the institution of Odd Fellowship. All indeed who understand and appreciate its design. But it would be in vain for me attempt answer All the objections and need i for have they not been answered repeatedly and by those of More ability than your Humble speaker and sufficiently too for any candid mind searching Afler truth 1 the advantages arising from a connection with this order Are such As can be known and fully appreciated Only by those who Are the recipients of its privileges. Like education it is a companion which no misfortune can repress no clime destroy no enemy alienate at Bane a Friend abroad an introduction in Solitude so lace in society an ornament it hastens videos it guides virtue and gives at once a Grace and an ornament it expands and the heart it sir Gethens and refines the Peculiar Mark by which they become known. Do not admit the the signs words and tokens become the medi-1 we do not but does that prove that we do not us of communication Between Brothers of All love Admire and cherish the sex my pipe wandering footsteps in the path of ree tilde and virtue. When Fortune and honors and wealth crowd our embrace then the world is kind in its professions j hot when the chill dark hour of misfortune comes when the heart grows sick and the spirits Droop with Despon Dency and despair then Fly the crowd of Sun Shine flatterers that have gathered around oar pathway. Then at the hour toot love sooth and sustain him or should that Consolation be denied them go with him even Down the Brink of the grave. Without noise or ostentation the order then lays him in Hia Nar a jew r Asting place and Deposit therein a sprig of Evergreen in Token of an immortal life and a Home beyond this fleeting world where we Hope meet the departed brother clothed in the regalia Ofil life everlasting and having stamped upon his brew the ensigns of the Lodge of the new Jerusalem. The order then return and take the widow and the orphan children under their care and protect them from destitution s Iron grasp and penury s chill hand. Thus has Tho order for the last fiscal year buried More than one thousand dead relieved and protected seventeen Hundred and nine widows and Fame ies and expended in educating orphans eight Tousand eight Hundred and forty two dollars and thirty six cents. And As the Dew of heaven silently descends upon the Earth moisten and refresh it so has the order within the last year dropped Over three Hundred thousand dollars into the Lap of suffering and want yet As an opprobrious epithet it is hurled against us that we Are a secret would god that secrecy would flourish be world Over it such Are its fruits and such its but it was the Pharisee that made Long prayers upon the Corners of the streets he seen of men while a who had All Power and majesty and Wisdom Whoso name and whose appellation nations and tongues by which they become intelligible each other and their necessities made known. The importance of secrecy with us is that we be not deceived in the dispensing of our charities that we May not be betrayed in the tendering of our affection or that others May not usurp the portion prepared for Liliose of our own family. Who can be so vile or so inquisitive even As wish promulgate that key which would guide the their sten.1 from a sick brother the Medicine which would restore his health the Balsam which should close his wounds 1 the clothing which should shield his trembling limbs from the severity of Winter the drink which should moisten his parched lips or the bread that would have his soul yet there Are Buch who ask. Us throw Down those those harriers of our institution and say if there is any Good in them let All the world enjoy this would defeat the object of our affiliation at once and the the Inatsu Tion would sink into ruins and be forgotten or Only remembered a a Bubble that arose and floated for a while upon the surface and burst and vanished forever. But thisse not the doctrine Learned from that great Chart if life from which we draw our code and out lessons. Set a watch o lord before my Mouth keep thou the door of my was the prayer Mohe Wise Man. The glorious author of our being has informed us that he work eth All things after his own will Ani yet he has never made1 Hii in feelings it purifies the character and ensues the Man who enters into and practices its teach Ings it takes the suffering and the weary by the hand and them Over the rough path Way of life and buoys up the responding soul and sinking spirit. It takes the homeless and fatherless orphan under its Protection guides his Young and wandering footsteps in the path of rectitude and encourages him practice those Virtues which will make him respected and Happy himself and a Blessing be Mankind. It places Man upon the great platform of Equality for in our Intercourse As Odd Fellows All Are equal for All Aie Brothers and alike seeking for one common suppression of vice and the promotion of virtue. When the Lone wanderer heart worn and weary. Meets Rienche has been woefully miss indeed if Odd Fellows Are not As susceptible of the charms of the fairer and Betler portion of creation As any other class of men. Indeed my fair friends appease your indignity permit me say int Odd Fellowship does by no Means imply single Fellowship. But. Seriously the institution was made for you and you would . Half the kindly brother s Eye and the Arm is Force and Beauty. Man More rugged and of his hand his heart rejoices find at least a letter fitted for the storms of life can struggle with the world alone but when misfortune comes when the dark and trying hours draws nigh and the husband the father the brother is receding from the shores of time eternity then the blow almost invariably Falls upon your devoted and defenceless Odd Fellowship was founded by fond and devoted husbands loved and Laving and those who respected and appreciated your sex. You Are not indeed invited participate in the business of the Lodge room where strangers of the other sex assemble Tor Council men of various opinions and sentiments Aud characters. Nei ther Are you invited nor do you wish mingle in the political contest or affairs of you Are excused from the labor and business of the order while Yon is the recipients of its blessings. Woman s sphere is the Domestic Cir Cle there her Virtues stand out in Beautiful proportions there she reigns supreme in the hearts of those who surround her. She seeks not co mingle in rugged turmoil of Llie fraternity of feelings of interests and of senti ment. To him a knowledge of the secrets a Safe guard from danger a letter of introduction and recommendation themselves and a shield and Protection from imposition. Frequent meetings in the Lodge room Are also a happiness of elevated nature no convivial enjoyments no speculative schemes no mid night revels but an enjoyment of the heart of the soul and the intellect. I doubt not this will seem strange Many but the Brothers of the. Order with Rulh a Well As poetry can exclaim. Lone Tang b my heart Wilb Inch pcs Malm 6u0d, like i void in which Rwei Beta Diu jul. Yon May break Yon May my the vue if too will 3ul theol of lha will but rom cd u but time warns me close and i will Leleia your impatience after a few remarks Brothers of my own Lodge. A Little Mote than one year has rolled away into Theori too of the past since we first met in yonder Hall and Edom crated ourselves an institution which Marks in a Peculiar manner the spirit of the age. In that comparatively abort period of

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