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Read an issue on 6 Mar 1850 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - March 6, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaFar feb to politics. Tarim Turt Anil vol. 23-1 a milk by j. W. Kirk in Wellsborough Tioga at two dollars a Yearl wednesday morning March 6, 1850. The Morm avg a Kayek. A i umber she her up and put , a Praver Innon Hirbai Xcvi Lii Urcil in us tic Foi Kallur Brel u Cli Irmi it hid her i l in Russ slim scr loot lie c Irolli did i c sufi and Imio and he Oil and w inn i Fucili Iroini be Avult inf h Iipp i lick l Lii and or Icell Loritt Farr a j Lium h g l Nic i h f hit 10 he o l l ill toll l the lilt us it i i t in Mic v men pc in hit cd tar and Imu in 9 no cold if a up i in Toni Pray or Iron Alico k i a per in 1 we 1 it in Wen v. D he f in Jim. N at this time Jerusalem was of conquered cities the most difficult to govern so turn beat were the people that i lived in momentary expectation of an insurrection. To repress it f had but a single Centurion ind a handful of soldiers. I requested .1 reinforcement from the prefect of j Syria who informed me that he had scarcely i troops sufficient to defend his own province initiate thirst of Empire to extend our conquests beyond the Means of defending them. Among the various rumours that came to my ears there was one that attracted my attention. A Young Man it was said had appeared in Gali Lee preaching with a Noble unction a new Law j in the name of god who had sent him. At first i i was apprehensive that Hia design was to stir j up the people against the but Sonn i were my fears dispelled. Jesus of Nazireh i Blok rather As a Friend to the a Jinks than of the Jewa. Duty in passing by the Palace of Siloe where there was a great concourse of people i observed in the midst of a group a a nuns my Leining a tree who was c Almly address sing Hie multitude. I told it was this i could easily have suspected so great was the difference Between him and those who of Nazareth i have Grant roman Yoke. They never could forgive him of having entered their holy City with banners that bore the image of the roman emperor and although in this instance i had committed a fatal the sacrilege did it appear less Henio is in their another grievance also rankled in their bosom. I had proposed to employ part of the treasures of the Temple in erecting edifices of Public Utility. The Pharisee were the avowed enemies of Recua they Jaired not fur the governor but they bore with bitterness the severe reprimands which the Nazarene had during the three years been coi usually throwing out against them wherever he went. Too and Loo pusillanimous to act by themselves they had embraced the quiz Rel of the herodias and Sadd Cees. Besides three parties i had to contend against the Reck less and profligate populace always ready to de you for the last three years ample Freedom of speech nor do i regret it. Your words Are those of d Sage. I Knovs not whether you have read Socrates and Plata but this i know that there is in your discourse a Majestic simplicity that elevates you far above thes6 great philosophers. The emperor is informed u his Humble representative in shia country am glad of having allowed you this Liberty of which you am so worthy. However i must not con Jceal from you that your discourses have raised up St you powerful and Intel Ernie enemies. Neil her is this surprising. Socrates had his enemas and he fell a victim 10 their a red Vouis Are doubly incensed against you it that Muht Dinini Hins influence with Herod called on me one Day in the Pretorius fur what crime 1" he has by is limed he has prophesied the ruin of the Temple he Calls himself the son of King of the roman Justice 1 said i punishes not such offences Wilh crucify him crucify him shouted Forth the relentless rabble the Voci i nations of the infuriated multitude Shook the i lace to us inundations. One Man j alone appeared Calm in the midst of the i he was like unto a of innocence placed i 1 in the temples of the Euin Mides. It was the Naza Rone. Aher Miny fruitless attempts to p a Eccl him from the fury of his merciless persecutors i had the adopt a measure Whiteh Al that moment appeared to be the Only one tint could save his life. I ordered him to be scourged then calling for a ewer i washed my comply inns were daily made i the pre and on rising in Lake leave after s it me in n not the injustice of Kicsar that of to rom Agam a the of be Sifi i was cant curve ution. He asked Rajie what was my cd Ai informed tint so be misfortune Fuld befall i n opinion of the in Irene. H it would not be the first lime1 that Jeru i replied thai Jesus of speared to me to be had signed those who called the selves one of those real philosophers that great a that if the Pretorius Lions sometimes produce that his doctrines Tice in Appeal would be made to cad a j were by Means dangerous and that the in is the chi3c of your bums Long line i known you humic. 1 Scon you Are the cum not my miss 8ny not that i am the j this i had prevented Connol vim lne victim of a All thai hid happened. The to nans regard me As an of cigars a Issacc the jews As the up Chi isl the christians As the exec i the parthian War. Odd " i being to weak to suppress a sedition i re 0 Dii Ryon say tin Piotis solved upon n measure that promised e re a go i Horn in a Manger and to re of Kablish the Tranquility m the City without in a circus s Iboje citing the or ploium to humid Ali in c. Aces Beuc albums beware Pilate Sioris i wrote to Jesus requesting an interview. A Christ Hul been born under purple he would pie came. By informing item of Tention of them to to men the free proved of by the Senate and i was promised a Reinzi arcement of after the termination if have been adored. Listen. To your Friend in Mollt he events of my life you 3 judge whether i am worthy of at Jour Silum i took posse wion Riim. And ordered a splendid feast in t0 which i invited the tetrarch of albums now the it my blood runs col i in my veins and this Boly is Bent Down Unitt the Load of years it is not surprising that Pilate should sometimes tremble but when i was Young in my veins flowed the " mixed nth the roman blood As of fear As it was of puerile emotions. Of on a Utica tie High priest sol off Cert. At when the Nazarre made his appearance f ppm Neil hour no guest appeared. This was walking in Myra Ilic my feet seemed fas 11 n insult offered to my dignity. A few 1 tuned Wilh an icon hand to the Murble afterwards Tho tetrarch to pay me ment. He was Calm As innocent when he came upon me he stopped and seemed to my conduct was ap-1 Ilam of speech which was justified by his a clans. Herd smiled maliciously and saluting me Wilh ironic in respect departed. The great feast of the jews was approach ins and intention was Travail themselves of the popular exultation which always Mani fests if it the of the passover. The Rity was overflowing with a tumultuous population clamouring for the death of the Naza Rene. My emissaries informed me thai the treasures of the Temple Hud been employed in bribing the people. The Darger was pressing. A roman Centurion had been insulted. I wrote to the prefect of Syria requesting a Hundred foot soldiers and the game of cavalry. Of i Deli red to pay fill grave and deceit h pret Nilca hl8 Rel Dijion forbade him i say Here am ii ii to sit Down at the table of for some Lime i contemplated with Admyra uni i s. Thern. I tinn this Lype of a a Type to accept of Immi known to our. Numerous sculptors have in Ament i was convinced that the Given Funn and figure to All the gods und All i inti fro n Depla Rcd the enemies heroes. Said i to him at my Tongue he declined i saw myself alone with a hand Ful of veterans in the midst of a rebellious City weak to suppress disorder and having no other Choice left but to tolerate it. They had seized upon and the seditious knew they bad nothing to fear from the pre orium believing on the Faith of their Leader that i walked at their sedition continued y life rating crucify three powerful parties had at t hit time combined together against first the he rodins Sadd Cees whose seditious conduct seemed to proceed from a double motive they hated the Naurene and were impatient of the hands in the presence of the clamorous Multi tude sign if ing to them my disapprobation of olins death. But in vim. It was life that the thirsted after. Often in our civil , have i witnessed the furious animosity of multitude bul nothing coulis be co spared to what i beheld in the instance. In to night have been truly said that on this Occa Sion nil the phantoms of the infernal refer Ion had been assembled together at Jerusalem. The crowd appeared nut to walk they Vivere borne off and whistled Asa vortex rolling along like living Waves from the Portal of the pre thorium even unto mount Zion with Bowling some Soli Liers Wilh him to superintend the inter ment. Lest be profaned. A Days afterwards the sepulchre was Lound empty. The of Jesus published All Over the country that he had risen from the dead As he had for Tom. F a lat duty remained for to per fam it was to communicate 10 cd Earthe details of this deplorable event i did in this same that 604. Philosophical the . The interesting and humbling views of absolute and relative extent of the solar and sidereal fyn tems we owe entirety to the Tele instrument which hat a higher claim Lour admiration than it he which by the incur vement of which it is will prevent in astronomy Taueli grander Ducor eries than the sanguine of in students has vent u red o imagine or anticipate. There is indeed no Iii Rumen or machine of human to recondite in theory and to Surini in its results. All others embody ideas and Procip is with which we Are familiar and however Complex their construction or vast their Power or valuable their they Are a lined in their and sub Lunary purpose. The mighty steam engine has us term in the sit no e boiler in which the peasant prepares Liis food. The huge ship in but the expansion of the floating Leaf freighted with in cargo of atmospheric dust and the flying balloon is but the infant s soap Bubble lightly Laden and overgrown. But the even in its elementary from embodies a novel and Gigantic idea an analogue in nature without a prototype in experience. It enables us to see what would forever be invisible it displays to us the being and a ure of bodies which we can neither nor touch apr smell. It exhibits forms and combinations of matter whose final cause reason fails to discover and whose very existence even lie wildest in ruination never ventured to conceive. Like All other instruments it is applicable to Ter rentral purposes but unlike them All it has in noblest application to the grandest and remotest works of creation. The . Rays the North British View was never invented. Toutch spectacle maker stumbled upon it when Accident threw two of his lenses into an influential position. T was a divine gift which god gave to Man in followed the fatal catastrophe and had just j one ast Era la s a vol e to place him and finished the communication when the Day began beside him new worlds and systems of worlds. 16 Dawn. To fore show the future Sovereign ties of his vast at that moment the sound of Clarion playing Bright abode of disembodied spirits the air of Diana struck my ear. Casting my an the final dwelling of saints that hate suffer eyes towards the be Saran Gate i beheld a de and of sea that have truly Wise a troop of soldiers and heard Ata distance other i with such evidences of his Euch Man trumpets sounding Cesar s March. It was the j feta Tion of his glory can we disavow his am that had been pro ii ised thousand chosen men who to hasten their arrival had marched All night. It has been decreed by the said i my hands that the Greil iniquity should be in Rise of averting the deeds of yesterday troops shoo Bassior disdain his message or disobey his commands j in looking Back upon what the has reckoning the thousands of celestial to lies which hive been detected and reflecting of Tho vast Depths of Ether which have been sounded and on the sex with the affairs of t it but too True Whit the Nan Rene exclaimed when writhing on the a ii a. Mischievous Daji Kev. L. A. Wilmer. Arrive to Day cruet destiny How Thon shortest i Ellis of sidereal matter out of which worlds and systems of worlds Are forming and to be funded we doubt it to be the divine plan that Man shall yet discover the whole of tie visible universe and that it is his individual duty As Well As the highest prerogative of his order to expound its mysteries and to developed Laws 1 Over the invisible world he has received no commission to reign and into Augustus p. Dorsey or d Olsav lately from its secrets he has 110 authority to pry. It is Orer b Iston a Dandy Nerro of the Frew the material and the visible that he Husto away clan undertook to Harangue a coloured Hassein a the intellectual Woepi re. His among the Struc Blage in Philadelphia the other the sub i lures of organic and life that hit of his i nurse was the superiority of the j fun Nons of and analysis Are to be africans Over the Pale puny descendants of chiefly exercised. Nor is this a task unworthy the this coloured Chevalier of his Genius or unconnected with his destiny. D orsay averred that All Black Anim ils were placed upon a Globe already formed and con super Lor to whim ones. B Nek Hor it he re marked the be tracers Black does mide the Hunters thick cats the Best Black roosters the Best fighters and breeders and Black men excelled in All these particulars. Tue White people sail i he. Pretend the coloured folks have a Strong Small. He did not Titu Ini i Topf a system already co Splete he a Cicely Trace either in the solid Muni Liuji. Orin the forms and movements of planets any of those secondary causes by Winch these Bolies have been and inn Click on their journey. But in the Distant Hea Vens where creation seems to be Ever Active wish to deny it. The coloured folks Are Strong j where vast distance gives us the vision of huge every Way. A Eaid the dip Alier is the quadruped on the of the Earth considering his weight and a n Black. Thit s the reason he is Pnra ecu de my respected said the eloquent 3 orsay. Bat the fled shows his persecutors hat he if he is Black. The niggers pm bite got first Rule cried the ethiopian at the same time to Shiw How his Deri Mulh was furnished. Shrieks and voc iterations such As were never fivery thiner resume i the said heard either in the editions of the Panoria or j air Matt tile coloured Pupu Taiton that can be said in the forum. Ith Call us a pick of Nunn my by degrees the Day darkened like a Winter i and Honor a Rentle Ian i never d Twilight such As had been at the death of the great Julius Cesar. It Xmas likewise towards the ides of March. I the condemned governor of a rebellious province was leaning against a column of my Basilica contemplating athwart the dreary gloom this theory of tartarus dragging to execution the innocent Nazarene. All around me was a desert. Jerusalem had vomited Forth her i dwellers through the funeral Gate that leads to the an air of desolation and sadness me. My guard had joined Shepa Wally and the centurions to display a Shadow of Power were endeavouring to main Tain order. I was left alone and what was passing at that moment a pertained rather to the history by the gods than to of men. Loud Clamp Ravere heard proceeding As from which borne on the winds appeared announce in agony such As never heard by Nair Tal ear. Dark Clouds hovered Over the Pinnacle of the Temple and their Large ruptures settled Down Over tha City and catered it As a. Veil. A Nigger to steal anything in my life. I d Trout a Nigger time with a Bushel of diamonds a Eold rings without counting them. Yes in deed gentlemen and ladies i d Truat a Nigger forty Miles where i would t Trust a White Man the length of the rope that Wou d bang him speaker appeared to be much put his hand into Hia Itnatz pocket As if to feel for his looked fright ened Vixen tried another pocket and broke out Wanh the exclamation which of you Black Sarpen Ltd has hooked my Nef bind Nunn Idt Flint Cost me six Shil inns my n4w Hawk last Yon std tally by Koshia Ting with the White hash and tending the Mileam to Risti rvs the r Ilion Meeli Ruff. Jest you Rind Hack Tjit nil i Ivl Keroher. Or i philae Leolphy niggers Bud naive i be Back Julile coloured auditory not u Dowse Jnue Mlo Nanri Ihweil lived de fun mat Ion fell on of tatar d orsay and would hive Given him a Bod he not been delivered from their hands by one of the despised Anglo Saxon a Kosp Aprl and where extended operations re actually going on we May study the Cosmogony of our by Teto and Mark even during the Brief space of human lie the formation of a planet in the consolidation of the nebulous Ravs that sur roved it such is the icon Legde which Man hits yet to acquire such the lesson which he has to Tench his species. How much to be prize a the intellectual faculty by which such a Wjk is to be performed. How wonderful the process by which the human brain in its casket of Bone can alone Stab ish such Remote and transcendental tenths. A soul so capricious and ordained for such an Enterprise cannot be otherwise than american. Blow stuff sover the reason May be strength ened by logic or the conceptions of the mind enlarged by the study of nature it is necessary that m in be not suffered to neglect the study of himself the knowledge of his own a tation in the ranks of arid his various relations to the innumerable multitudes which surround him and Wilh which his maker has ordained him to be United fur the deception and of happiness. Years May pass Over our Heads without affording any Opportunity for acts of High Cence or extensive Utility whereas not a Day pastes Kut in the common of life and a be Cilly in the Intercourse of Domestic society gentleness ends place for causing tha happiness at and strengthening in our i. Habits of True virtue. Rial greatness h not greater foe the poise of men it is Whit it is in spite of erf

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