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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - March 4, 1852, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaFamlin newspaper to science flite Tatur country is the most prosperous where labor commands the greatest Buchanan. Wellsboro thursday March 4, 1852. In Tiole Job. 707. A ctr Veirs Igo there flourishing in Man ninth Iroll Tho r to vol its Memborg and the i Shpir vvi3 commonly ladies Mode of Dregs a cause of disease. I Racu toners of Medicine Are often speaking and writing of the unaccountable and alarming increase of nervous do Spelic and other Dis eases which blasts clip Hopes of Many very Marv Yonng ladies and which Twenty jars were rarely seen. But alas Hesp sex client thought and Wise suggestions Are heard Only by medical men or lie locked up in medical books Little known and piss regard rail i i i r i they to id one grand annual i hive Long of arved the Ingli Lcoo of dress on Hekli and by repealed Truls am fully convinced of the importance of a Rali Oual change Ai once if my theory of the Tius of such us old suffering on hip pan of ibis Cliss in patients be Correct As i medical Man h is my Nicl Nalion if Riol my duly to speak and Lell the mothers what that theory in permit me anic Riean Daugh lers to Call your most serious Alle lion to the vol m-1 whith Tich one tried to c icel Linin Kunne s and Bisp Bemy and on ii was 110 slur Amongal them l Wirht wis More conspicuous than to or Archibild a who endowed tiltnl1 and a inn dome person ii a Rei Promise in his boyhood and hid been completely trus scan int reckless i ibb spation Nui liter Rcpt in intr irom an annual Viln no i having retired to bed in t i Iris in acini mint h him Al was mounted on n a r h always Rode and he or r i i Squir k his own a 1 mrs Iii w Trucl with Trees and situated h 10 v entirely built Over and forming c a Stringer whom the if the Provci Ilid dist Molly tin us do nov his horse s rein i must to with m in van1 reel need the Young n a of Olhs Whilo he Trug Ltd in1 i Wil in Mil by returned the r of the Earth per us in me put to tins myst Cri i in ill but i refer Moie Parlick Lurly to the and list ingot the under dress the skirts my h ins Tieu nil of unlit Lai ing and its direct con Sei Pinci s , also of exposing the Chest did its Toi de nay to disease the lungs. Vou have Bee n old again and Virnin thai Damp cold Lestroy Lizul the Usel Mode of suspend it the greater pin of i woman s Allire Ibong Llie loins has been too Long Practised and its Consee Junces too much Overlook of lentil about Evemy years a Lough lit dress w is worn very Low on the Chest yet it was always Hung by Broad straps coming Ovet fillip shoulders a reprence 10 the pit the fashions 11 the Century Iti nil in 10 Mii Uirt o1. Ivhon w 11 i i Btu c him vol Alhi r mentioned or the to Sturnes 1 Rance t id ilium and in the past penury will prove this Lizul Esabill dress it Ghoul where Are Here urn i m he i reply d the the Ger and mime i in melt a this repelled the Tirril n h i to hell to Hill 11 vol Atli non in i but ill i 11 of inc Trie the i 1 Hnit Iii ill in Vlinch la e Sci Rilius n in _ to ins i in Tut inn in Init Ali a n inv did in Frump c i i Citrin ii Eti i p r1 build Liuji i inv u in i i r f til i i inn t 1 in mull Loi what a sine i n it e n t r p Irsil of Man n to i t n h i in i d on Wilh i instances of Pieski ziment. I have Heird of several cases of people hurry ing hone from a fire and or m Calderwood wis once when from Home seized with such on anxiety about his to univ that without being Able in any Way to remarkable volcanic eruptions. Go with me to the Sandwich islands and we shall get an impressive glimpse of the principal Agency by which the Earth s has been ridged furrowed and dislocated As we land upon Hawaii Vve perceive it to be composed of of lava of no very ancient Date we ascend a lofty plat Cav and Many a league in Advance of us we see a column of smoke rising from a vast Plain directing our course thither while yet some Miles from it we descended to deep slope to a Broad Terrace and then another slope to another Terrace. These slopes and terraces extend circus holy around the Pill in of smoke like the seats of a Rabi Ampi theatre coming near to this column our stops Are arrested on the margin of a vast Gulf fifteen Hundred feet deep and from eight to ten Mies in circumference whole Bottom is the seat of the most remarkable Volcano on the Globe i mean Kiu Luca wait Here till night around is and we Ahnell witness a scene of awful Sublon nit Over the immense area of that Gull will the volcanic Agency beneath he tended Ever and anon and mingled in strange discord will hissing and groan is and heard rolling from silo to Side and miking the Earth tremble around then from one and Mother volcanic Cone per hops from fit will the Eva burs red hot Stalnes will be driven furiously upward vapor and smoke and limes will be poured out and the d irk and jigged fides o that vast Furce will glow with in Eirthly blender and Here and Uherc will lakes o liquid lava appear one or two Miles in pylent heaving up their Billows and dishing their fiery Spray into the air of there is not on family Circle. Oin death a Little children. B7 mrs. M k Browne the Chi Fiest beauties of a woman if not let them make horsewoman or bating Llinat let them make acquaintance with the Sun Rtse lot them pick Flowers with the few upon i them Lel them study music of natures own 1 orchestra vulgar y s not essential to health and a Lithe classic figure does not grow in hot 1 homies for ourselves to incline heartily to the belief that if american women have i wish to add to the respect the admiration the love the present Wetor the Angel of death and if need be the far of men they ill finder our Cit and Many a play an easier Road toward that Gam. In a Little vigor rut door exercise and a uniform gladdened Many a Parent s heart has been to the great essentials of health than in any Faken from he Arm fire Side to slumber 111 the Nev Fane led costume or applauded quiet Houe of Tho dead the cold and silent harpers Magazine Tomb often has the fallen Snow been i Pucco to hollow out the last resting place for Little ones dear to a Parent As their own soul diseases Peculiar to infancy and childhood have been unusually fatal this w inter Many a Tooi Ljra has borne the sign of mourning and death Ana m a a plier lifted it up and attempted to Many papers we have read the Short and smile i us words that speak of tie departure of some loved and Mno tent child to the spirit world cold and carelessly Are the words read by the Man of the world that announce to the world thit a payable a Man was cutting Dow n branches m a Forest Nolte up a Load a bin he was to carry Home on in shoulders he gathered a Large bundle carry it Ivray Tut finding it Verv heavy he Laid it Down again. He then went to Tvorik to Cut Down inure boughs and heaped them on he now mod a second time to carry it off but nit Wui i sidle in re wis danger of ihe1 Tail Al length he was Ohl gtd to yield on i a Piner in non Neil it would h be done r acini to ins House he found every Annj the in i a " in c inv Inre of suspend a h i Zuj Tift but he now Ell himself d to re irom Niri hts no Vvhs Albone the Lowi r ones of t1otp he jul from tic Corner m which it which upon the Wiist hits trim to a but As it ind us vips stood there i in r i Hill ire Stylc Beaune m Jet and Munro tins Impulsion also Ilov Tver the t Iii Moi i me the Tusim of Misti i 1 j Vum a did it seen a he in Usiri in us i hip Waist Lull tin n Juu uus it t Miil do it so he sum Nond Imi i die 11 f is Noi so App nil no first while me Drew the Ltd to the o her Ilith swire Hughl and Suomi Vav nit a View of Tho room after which he Felt quite at Rovniy Beu t inn the lower put of tin1 i Elbe and returned to spend the Restif the even in Vav Viry Lun leu Olsi Viril i Iris some inn s i seven. 1 lit n Ninde of Xvi mis is Callju i Bulky Ami in Ivy Mil Sev Grill Why i Sicina driven Iroini the b and ili7u rendered Bill in in he in i Ratlae we h Ive Sev n it Marks these Hii Dinos Anil strings Lor diva alter have bae n Rem v i in even Ufier Ileath dul nil Othar work Vii thin 1 a Loik of hair. Few things in tins weary world Are of de pm and no further f f v to me few weeks ago to Siiter a death sir is keepsakes nor do they Ever to my the most remarkable eruption on record wis Home and behold a scene of unusual Sorro cirt at invt nor to my eve their Lender in , one of the vol Yucca blinds in i Trio parents had already mourned the death of no Why of april and did two1 of i hair Cherie had ones they had now a t Nase til july the explosions were h Ard two Angel daughters in the world above when direction nine Hundred and seventy Roilos disease made appearance and tier a Short in in Power i How Siah How Small i us tin a mar Manl a one i n a no Thoi get i St in supportable thit o ppr total b of Forret Gulnesa when i to e i Ini Iol a hire Nisi ice i use then is a Greit Pec is 1 ii Rollin cd ind in Hitu is thus Kipi tip must a Lenity tin Irr iss in cur to this however we add the of la rot is Mil i , he Kaniut bul per live inv Curren an Force we sen n , us irly la Opi ration is exert Uli Pirn minis any Iii among a to Lilily almost equal to fluid be Pio tily id trunks at ten o clock the Pirly broke up and he Jitu sued hone ind went to bed and to sleep in the in Idle of the Niht he void Avvis keyed by a loud Cri hand on look in out he Siw tint a huge beam hid Fillen briting pan of the dealt nor with it and vets lying exactly on the spot hib bid had occupied one of the most remarkable chiefs of ment i know is tint Wleh occurred not very Lone since n h ird one other Mil my s when Hing Oil i arts Mouth Tho olm trs Iwami one Day it the Mesa Tab of a Voun lieutenant a sue Donly line Down hit knife and Fork pushed Wiy hit Plute and turned pile. He alien to e from the table Cive nug ins face with ins hands my retired from the room the president of the mess Ipp sin him to be ill one of the Young men to impure what wis the Milter at i it or p Wisun Willisjr to Spenk bit on a Contr pressed he Cou f ii hid been Sci a a sudden and irresistible impression Tinl a Biol her a hid pm n Irish wis n to in inevitable Dunap i t of in horror tin Perenc inn spiral Riner Tun i air and a a Monsier. There exists in Trench society remarks the ii Lior of Monte leone., Ulm Vve May add that in is by no Means Ihmi Ted to the French society a hideous monster known to All though no one disturbs it its Favager Are great incalculable ii saps reputations poisons dish mors and defiles the splendor this nit t forms tins minotaur us which so Miny in Nocent Persona a up i lev tearful because the her in Leiven the Cone was most Tad and Dias Vve entered the parlor and beheld the two Black coffins containing the Little sleep Here they Lay m that Stra deep lumber from Winch nothing tie voice of the almighty pm Ain up it the voice that culled the e Lille ones Home is a voice of _ been i1 and love bereaved parents look to ictus. Axe Rise win h our i to i Micro no Lai Ignie Mil finally b. Tomes Ili Slisi Ful. Lissi Lude lakes no in c i v v c by the Mil now Ibe Rice of disease k a in m 1-.c t h Dreizin the per Winke f Cri h lun1 i 1 in i Vahi her trim the fact of to to Reiri or n i he wis 6 i u in r i is in in no i 1 to up his of motor f in iiv1., t urn to Vvhs Ali Pei id he hid i r i nov is r i Lumm Vav High ice Ninalea in nil in to in Neil in la e club and bib Licen u a Momii j a Ivi in inv Over than they f Indium by no on re a Cring by Vilu i i in my r f tin in Soti in in i having v r m Linn a Ennis irn of the cruise of ii n w 1 the in imy be a pin cd no paired in i Niue Reily they soon contrib i in i i in d of h s Brood resolutions men Liim inn and his in of 1 f and when i la ennui a m u came round he mind himself with i in hit Hind at Tho Tilc when to no r in in it hit Lech Tomud speech u via Guil Man this is leap r i i n Yir and Viliy inc our hot in to i a Etc Ibe words truck upon the in 3 Cir Hoo n Knell Bill ashamed to in inc a to trip jeers of ins com he it hip cast plying in Belf be even m re liberally than usual in i the 01 1 n like n or run Hij intrusive thoughts till m in of i i a Tarter a Moran or he mounted horse or inc some hours afterwards us was Fomb with ins Saddle and bridle in a Moil Cir inf by the Road Side about halt and or b s House whilst r v v h off Lay the Corpse of his master 1 Ihk q n Rue Story and no fiction the Cir c in s inc a Hipp Neil hero related an act Antni u skis published at the time but the cur a hopi put up by Tho family two or or a Vic re preserved and the Narra in i mar n quidnunc and bore wan Saun do n a rent a Tercel seeking upon whom 1 m a Mtyr nimble twaddle at or so i he apr Nieling in hot Histel the w v and in iras in a Jerrold the i in inc san pm and tap Lens on him Wilh his i i cation Well my dear Jerrold lit 9 Enmor on v releasing himself the wit f n Erha tily Avny Cic Liming it consumption my Likelio spinal Illet Tion Imp or organic , i i the or it Miv ultimately the killing disorder. I Hough Mirk the Luler meddle Steps be assured e Itsu is very c in n the i he s evil inlay to Point to the it in re Din Illy i re Quant Embarrass me in occurs of or nearly All the internal a a Moran a Zirri Laulita which Reifeis throb ibo nervous system upon Hes r. Oral Heith. Resulting Oden 111 Pruni lure death , and Moie Pai Licu Honjio the symptoms Havee onem Eul to tint in very a Iii cases Ibe pressure Ihoko de sunbed keeps up if u does not actual y Indiee Strain Lalion of Cuc Lalion Winch nut i Sci Flerius it tunes my be reasonably at rib Ulel acting upon my e on Ilion of tins Lalo of things 1 Advie that this Mode of climes in be at once dispensed Wilh in every finnly the. Nodi r garments of every be n lie of whatever material to consists be made Vii a want and closed Wilh buttons. Lei this a Vail fun hit lorm smoothly and it will be found Inch More easy Llian the old shoulder ins. 1 advise also for the Sake of health thai mothers be their influence to keep the style of Elress so Aslo cover the whole of Hie Chest and neck and to be Short and Light skirted and quite easy about the Waist. Let not the cart is oppress any Poi lion of the body Solo prevent Ibe full so pension of the Chest in breathing walking shoes should always a substantial c Garrett m. D. He d said he it o clock i in no arguments could which in due course o was verified to the letter the Young Man hid died it Caw pore Al Tho nod crowds Highl Side of nature. Fasl Iiona e happiness. The Dull its of St Albans was a a smiting actress of Pool in n in on scope who roamed Luibl a Inker and then a Duke she had seen poverty m the most trying As will is the most Toho Rable of its slopes and was Well prepared to of High life by comparison she thus of it in her memoirs few persons into Sten so much various Hay say extremes of Lite As Mysell and few therefore can be belter judges of the difference Between great poverty and great wealth Bur after All tins does not by any Means constitute the chief and most important distinction Between the High and Low states a no Iho Nghil the striking Contrat is not in the external circumstances but in the totally opposite in Mph of the two classes As to their respective enjoyment of existence. The society m Winch i formerly moved was nil cheerfulness High fun frolic and vivacity they cared Lor nothing thought of nothing beyond the pleasures of Tho present hour and to these they give themselves up with the keenest Sec Whit an Elish move a timely paragraph. The Folio v ing Beautiful passage by washing ton Irving m Tho Home Back of the pictures might almost make a november Day cheerful j and hero let me say a word m favor of those Vicissitudes of our climate which Are too often made the subject of exclusive refining if they annoy us occasionally by changes from hot to cold from wet to dry they give a one of the most Beautiful climates in the world they float our summer skies with Clouds of gorgeous tint or Fleecy whiteness and Send Down Cooling look at the cycles m which i now can any Hinst be More weary stale Flat and than their whole course of life1 Why on might As Well to in the Treadmill As toiling in the stupid monotonous round of what they cull pleasure but what atm fact very cheerless and heavy work pleasure indeed when All merriment All hilarity All indulgence of our natural emotions if they be of a joyous nature Are declared to a vulgar there con be no cordiality where there is so much sex Grimness no All is coldness Reserve and Universal ennui even where this Star Chinesa of Man is unaccompanied by any vory strict in matters of conduct look now at those quadrille dancers m the other room they have been supping they hive Beun drinking As much Champagne a they liked the band is Cipi Tal the men Are Young and the Girle Are pretty yet did you see such crawl mar move ments such solemn if they were All drag Reg themselves throw Fth the most irksome task in the world of what a different thing was a country dance in my younger Days " happiness is not to be found in the Socia Glass nor in Tea Festal Hall nor in the Hilari ties of the Ball Roon nor at the gaming table nor in Pursuit of wealth nor worldly Fame o Honor but it May be found it doing Good i ind 13 cil Ltd thai do you know such a one 2 is often asked and the person is pointed out no but they Pmj 1m morals Are very bid lit. Has had Trango adventures and hid family is very unhappy Are you sure1 no 1 know Noah my about it but they say so do not Trust that gentleman who has such credit and is thought so Rich be on your Bah h s Fortune is immense he his say he Verv much involved Are you certain of that7 not i they say this heard in Overy relation of life it is elea Adly Moril and not to be grasped it goes hither and thither strikes and kill Manly Honor female virtue without either being Ever convinced of the injury done Eich As he reads these lines will remember cases illustrating the truth of what we say. Instinct. If a pan of water to paced within six inches on either Side of the Stem of a Young pumpkin in vegetable marrow it will in Tho of the Naglit approach it and will be found in the morning with one of its leaves floating on the water this Experiment my be continued nightly until tha Plant be Nib to fruit if a prop be placed within six inches of a Young Convol Volus or Scarlet runner it will find it although the prop be shifted Ekly if after it had twined some up the prop it be unwound and twined in the opposite direction it will return to its original position or die in the attempt vet notwithstanding if two of these plants grow near each other and have no stake around which hey can entwine one of them will after the direction of us spiral and they will twine around each other. Duhamel placed some kidney Beans n a Cylinder of moist Earth after a Short time hey began to germinate of course sending the i Tim upwards to the Light and the Root Down nto the soil. Alter a few Days the Cylinder was turned one Forth round and again and Agair this was repeated until an entire revolution o the Cylinder has been completed. The Beans were then taken out of the earthy and it a found that both the plume and Radicle had been Bent to accommodate themselves to every revolution and the one in its efforts to ascend am the other to depend had formed a a select spiral but although the natural tendency of the Root i downwards if the soil beneath be dry and an Damp substance be above the roots will seen to reach Sydnet Smith said of a great talker that would improve him if he had now i lion few fishes of silence Cire to one we 1 ves them with a tar More ceiling love fan yours with a love Lenl infinite can you not yield Plum us jewels or his Crown tin1 crop Vul that adorns the blow tint was once can Vii d with thirds for you they not Safe with i n they Are not dead they Liiva but their residence nil none to 1 be with the lord in glory and in Ahlness and rapt Inest liven Are the countless numbers of those hippy redeemed Little ones who in vips a thu Llic f tee of our father in Leiven 3 Mart Rev t Here in is is in the Clumber i Ith Foco fill of gloom j Tor the Illo b no no to Ilie Tomb of there was to stir weeping Rosido the lilt e one but Iho swec.1 i 1 were b of ills voting i be was Gemo thru Mont in 1 the Anil coif ii a e Eyra and Mill that Iri Bollert in san Ircel in l to Ftp info Bui the the Sweet Malilyn the Louii Gerlt and the pet t goil Vii Neil Pirn lir to them to would Riol nuo her yet she was her f Ither i in run Sho in i lie Side the Elnor 1 o men i in Vibon return Mhz were those Happy draws nil o or her Cheek vans pal intr to her Husiar f Moble Tine and noon bar spill hns lined to be in Iltanen too p Ris t r fir in 1 a i Al in Lieeel. A Ter True ule Yafei ions in which ill nature i a b ins t it to which. I no More for Fitten a Civ thit sue been Deid Tor a nov. Miny ions West in Oullis years thin forgotten duing me Griir of a enc lint cime a Wissig and the Sunshine of her Liv ing her i Vanir of the Are Sidon a the follow Amer shows the Ages of each of the presidents of the United slates at the tune of i their Elt Clun to the executive Clair Mirim Iphi i in it or n t r i lie in Tiu five m i Ira 11 a r so a 4 50 1 Nio Englert i to a i i h i 1 i in i 1 i r i 1 i in q a nil i the Averick of tie is fifty seven it is a Litlo remarkable that five of our thirteen presidents hive been of the same no entry seven it the me of their e Section and Al with .1 two it vice n id f la More who Weie paced m Fie presidential Clair by the of those Vvhs Noii Thev succeeded should be of the time age filth Harrison it will be Obser de was the oldest and Polk the j Oun pest living v in Brea is the oldest. Mourn not Etc Emp parents o Ringh j u their fice no More they Jum cd la Weir Llytle Sisters Tho Imp Oflida g me before of to in Meek submission Neith a in Lair b gentle Han a and or spire to enter heaven. And to n thai Happy band Pitts Urff morning out of door exercise. J our eyes have just now fallen on a passage n or Greeley s last letter from europ a m Vlinch he Speaks of the appearance of the eng ish women and commends with a Little More ban usual ardor and expression their perfection of i cure. He attributes this and very Jii atly o tote English lady s habit of out of door exer ise we had thought Towt fact was Well known that it was known years ago and that our fair country women would catch a hit from it that would throw color in the Cheeks and fu1 into their forms and yet sadly enough our ladies still Coop themselves in their heated rooms until their faces Are like and their Lilly stems we have alluded to the matter now for the sate of asking those one or two Hundred thousand ladies who every month Light our passage with their looks i. Thev do indeed prize a Little unnatural Pearl Moss of Lush and delicacy of complexion beyond that Ruddy flush of health the very tempter of a kiss and that full development of figure which All the poets from Homer Down have made one of to Mcvon Ihetu Birse of my travels i have seen Mapy a and Fine Young Man gradually led to dist Pinion. Gambles and rum Mere y by the want of Means to Moke a solitary evening pass plea singly i earn slav Advie any South who q its that abode of purity peace and de in Home a table for Reading and Vii Ino at every place where Hermy reside Long whether m Iho City or to the country let him Sluda to make his apartments As attractive and Comfort Ible As possible for he will find a hot e expense "0 bestowed at the beginning to be Good Economy at the end let him read the Best books in tie language of the place in which he lives and above All let him never retire to Lesl without writing at least a Patre of original comments on Whit he had seen read and heard m the Dav this habit will Teich i ii to observe and discriminate for a Man ceases to read desultory and Deriv or and which is utter waste of time when he knows that an account of All the information which he has gained must be written at night. Sketches look our the col 1 wind take Cire of your nose that it does t get froze and wrap up your toes m warm Woolen Hose the above we supro a was written in prose by some one when knows the effect of cold snows. Mam is a bundle of habit. What then is a c a crusty old Bachelor save she to armful of sighs bran and whalebone. Fit her look out fur for trouble3, nor been rely unprovided for them never accuse others to excuse yourself

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