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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 30, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaE a l e. Fax James p Magill editor and proprietor. Wellsborough Tioga co., a. Two ind Fly Cociu per an tvs Nam of postage fifty cents a he Yea and for , actually Nad Vance Ono Dollar will be deducted r discontinued until All arrearage Are at the option of the Jiw not Curoe is llne9 three our one Dollar and for very sub Eque Lintt Tion Wenli not inc. Marked for seventy five cents. A he Narv for one of lug Tiong the same a Iberal discount advertisers. Tin run. Tue Tioga Eagle to memory. Mrs l1dia 1 Ebro come and commune with me of memory mine eyes Are weary an 1 Souid rest Arbue t Pun Pale and Pensec loveliness i by jeep Blue dreamy the and tearful smile come sit me in this quiet place a d let u hold communion of the i c Ose the boo i i which the y hand ilj5 painted All the loners nit would not last futures arc so very Brau lfu1, Pic id with Ucli Liming truth though time has Laid o or each a i sue like the Mist Jota in Sollic 3f Uiel lowing i get and Shade my heart could receive the optic nerve on the Interior or concave nearly All portion curtain of its this with a net work of Art hence is called the Reini lion of the Organ which the forms of those object a Tate Light it is a Blar Wells or 1 c scenes 01 childhood of t a Caru it far Ever nil breathe in 1 t 11 ice of pure my hold 1 i at been Lief t Lor the Lime Bem Tura of the e Neld of Visio objects Haie the Sarne r have no Paretty in the cent that the whole is i motion Are represented ing in the opposite direct hich spreads itself Bible lining All or Nch is behind the using is inner lured Lea or veins and this is the por credits Light and which reflect or a. Mop on which the impresses a Pic i on ibis map All native plan As they upward veiled y their images mov n across the map it May be inferred Iron this motions and of position part of Ibe Eye is analog de chamber Vul Belig Ibe i a Small opening email opening is i Cular orifice in the Iris the Eye and div Udea it where childhood s feet have j be in terror and i this Errall opening is i of Cru s so w Blue and Radiant skies j sight of the Eye ii l i each Luud a Pear an Ingel s form i healthy Eye 1 he t in c Leru Wilh k Len Flowers i a Klong a the storm in not Lith a Wreath of varied Green Lowers Are All frat rarity an 1 to fair i in Tel o i b j by go t and i in u Al i acct b Rob an singin0 club y Liere in Iper m flier i Llou Are Here i inv Nicek Luau and Long Eye t or i jux a lev u Unwe ried Ewe n s 0 n re l Nger with me Achi e let me weep Lycie arc fragrant tears 1 it in Iron precious i j m i in j hit n Hiwa the of years lib june 1s47 portion of the Eye and i people allude to when Hazle Bike or Giey yes i membrane to Bougie anal i decide w hello r it Poss world sex objects in Fob. Tue Joc a person making a Lour Vergn or a Home i publish a journal of la and Eagle. To nods Siren rec Citer Mirc Jeli reality agriculture an5 a amusement. June 30, 1847. I whole Avo. 464. Of that Ibe posterior no to the marked t entering it through i is Irue and that in which is a Cir Bat Strelches across i no cd Nabers he posterior Back effusions pf1 h s own the pub l and they Ynve a right to do so lished7 the author ought answer that it is either amusement or both if neither of these it la a men the former is attained by the Sotidie Shiue u did nol know be Ling something previously k Light or More useful form is Milamed by describing w spirit what he h in seen and Thor Pio Lesses to have Neil i Juds in View write wha my n gratification 1 he i my rambles extend about 3. Either in a for he write and ill it up with c naturally by u is pub to be Able to or instruction a com Impert Ling the world fore or by Pul own in a Clear the second end in Filfli j and Felt this by r of these of Hlll i for in cities where Ellenboro Are 11 i Lull nil isl Nence i alter kno Uii to every Reainer of ibis Ihan no Only called the j i author therefore Noah if new can be told them 1 make no Prele Lions of being a Journ Alizer or of Curacy or minuteness of Obs nol its co fractions to be governed by in very pc Long Light Falls ins expands so As Albu i ind vice none Light is fickle in Condrac i As to enlarge the Pupil a Rev tiie r a 11giit l on Muei when disease of the ,001 in the i a proc or a of the Relina hence the a ill end u the which is of i Afflic Ted with cerebral line s Theo Plumle Sibi ii t y to is i the Pupil to contract in s v. Hich a Robles is Ira cry from to nip then. In its it i in very hark in j la the k coloured is the o this v speak of Black i ageing Habil i o Zmij cell is a contractile quire ends which Are so Nee Itie useful Wilh the Agre Eab cannot entertain i merely Down in the form of a Dia lists Are to uses muscular Ity or and s rein j upon the Retina the St to close t e i in any great Valion Genet lie Fucien Livic a ussary to mingle i therefore i wish to Nole what Little i by May observe in my wanderings fouling from Iii Summit of some of the elevations win a Sui found us upon the coun i 11 would be carelessly Lingle performed a would be Miner 1 taught the mud Ibe n 1 he front Iran Par in called the Cornea Ore converges the i into it Eye belie. Clear fluid called the rims i Mas i True Elsa in possible direction from d 1 p r 3 c f a Adial surface the same is a r f f c u n g aurd c p s Wilh the exception 0 those finer be such which Are perfectly Banoo it. It from shia fact that at f pan t tsp w1 ire an object is Dis c i y visible i h p r 11 an inter sect Ion of c Ray each distinguishable Point in t a face thus the whole space Vulman a c am d Anco of a visible object is full of i c Iii s it is 13 not strictly Irue 1 i air Prat Jodl sense because 1 gel i Noil urge near the surface r of it ii e or reflected and density creases a3 lie Square of the but thin the d stance Al which dial ii it Ision j led Hie 7 i m 0 p acl cab c the diff Fence is nol a Precia a s through nil inc full e experiments May illustrate 1 s f a r t h i Tley cannot be said in strict f m o prove it and u reels other evidence in proper i on fist above slated the i oof of Ubico is Iceni one in a former j n Der Lake d 1 a Tell Candle in a room Iron which l Side of an object t o Ner Lingl i 13 excl led and Lei in nine throng i of the Central Point a smal Hole in a card so Bat the i go left of the Obj Mfd 11 Ilema i in that part of lie Hose from the i of w Nch corresponds to the Hole will Ful ing below incl be seen lie n a of it flame of the f and in falling above incr Ltd lha a the i the map on the beyond its Ordinary the brain or pends the Sempf bitty effect is produced natural appearance of observed in patients bran disease Sorre i is sen creased lunch cuffs a w be Connivance ret a to Orlend self in Riise Lingl i Anil id Mill f d Accord n g let a Ere left to the Mil iry town Village Field Flo again conning my Obs Vali As Aie of interest to me which Era y arise Eskot sketch is attended to and d probably the Eye fore experience had of Buch Core no covering o the Eyo and i re s of log it w hich Al and the Jih is a Means mor because it resembles water immediately behind the in in a social a 1 he p founded Eti Virely upor an in Tuell upon my observation be ctr noticing it it was n co i Stormy ening in june the dreary Wii and Ibe bowled As was just declining Halo full of a be pie i be r morning w t i i is filled with a Xinji i i i Lureal ii putting on its Vei As 1 was gazing Clouds a Milan Choli sell let j partaking of the Staie of in t Bell irom the Church Bleep l gentle notes of invitation a i like the vehement and a thrown for cml Steeple of City but rather a Jib notes Iii l bal forced and 1 cannot Lor x u quiet morn i was w. H i s Ling 11 in m surr or j t Lennon did me t the Ai my Pere i a hip Pil is a transparent form of a do it its com talkie Lens behind w Ith a transparent j Reuna j rom 1 at has i the Rea or ill Perc i ass solid substance of the Lens called the cry Ihn the by e is filled 11 like Cal r the Jig i must before it reaches the in already remarked Ive that the Ryfa which la must unless they Are i Early parallel intersect or there the rays Corring from the right hand org upon the hand f the Retina those from on the opposite Side Ier parts the o Jet Ose lion the lower parts ibis is the reason Why Elma is inverted per the linage it erect or each of Herd theorice a Din at hey occupy two Coli cd spaces the Amicus i uiting map haps 1 speak to pos is commonly attrib Cornea and see 1 think thai i he orifice Nde e Bladow Ofa Cloud As projected in rough u opening into a Dai Knetl chamber is on Ibe door or oppose e Wall mov a in rec lion contrary to motion of oud a self and the to ctr Tom of the Sun a part Fol eclipse seen under similar i Ari object one to out tins the 1 a Aud vision 1 tile consideration ble surface throws the Cornea if heed those frat each map picture the id products ances Clews the dark portion on the i their proper on Rary to its place on the Tun other ent parts would o migrations and proof of the fact appear who e we Are examining the and functions of the Tye which is orally the Neit subject treated the Curran Rye which n like those of Cornea ser Heith. In i Quantity of Light Pupil As it 11 mahi Power of refrain species of lie animal kingdom renting both in its mechanism in Jap on to the Laus of Light it is main y in latter respect that i propose to con r it evidently could not be the re i of the Mere Laws and forces Uhic in to m mater Mailer in its Best informed and inspired i i h living could not invent such in instrument never perfectly understand or compre Itie adaption of its More n thousand years in making the first covery of the reason for its Peculiar con Sti action tie More we study it the More we convinced bal he Stentor la a be ins of intelligent Fole thought who perfectly understood the nature of Light and had a de finite object in of endowment Bis creatures with the Means of acquaint cafe themselves with the forms band them the Eye is nearly spherical m its form j u covered Wilb one or More Strong Mem perforated at the posterior to aether towards the held of As i out prom Melly ant a much broader i i to in the scope o the Field of vis c and 150 c coolness of Gen. Virly As the inv Eising de in refraction by the uns lib easy to Multi Lake f Idee kith und Hal they Are Nelo Uit o bring almost colloquial a Greel and soothing the Church which is at the Toner rises Anotle and ence Over the buil Ilir no yet seems to evade any com Elilion with the Bills around leaving it with them to 1 Raiff the Eye and fix the i guard thug let several persons going in the direct inn of the Church i fell in will the crowd soon Learned that a Malgrim finial rite was be performed 1 Lay no Cli ims to bpm very devout Man or even i Christian be there is am thing calculated o an Valion lid Sublimity of eel Luig it is d or Wood and us to such i ii Yel Toh upon the upon my weather Ilell flying bean the enl Forth i s persuasion not Lorinal i e p r r Ine streets of a Ofaf Mcclon and Square with its Eads the Way to urls to Side fihe is a pre Ernon in the Villate Rogelb Greet commenced the Starling a dearly beloved we Are gathered re in the sight of god and in face of this company to join together this and in is woman in holy Matrimony be be Verrl by was Beau Laiful and impressive and seems to reach the heart of every one present of a death like stillness prevailed in ibis Sci in of happiness he buoyancy of i pint and beaming of affection the consume ipalion of Ong cherished Hopes and Oft re pealed vols what heart could remain men Toni Ign no heart May open Iti por for my affections no Eya kindle with Joy at Ray i presence no hand Welcome me the Arm grasp of i Felt the hence of the Happy looks of those who had c Immen ced a new existence in a new order Trio Are on storm Abr afflictions let Pali Oil should the the of being. The fortunes of the through Sunshine and through ugh weal and through woe in hould they tall upon them in should they beset them crush the hour of deals i they he one and faithful x communication. Entering a Aan Cleary of he i from the noise i High the and oct palio the world the seclusion aul solemnity of place Combine to Hurble heart in i miss be Tevere it and to heaven Tinl the though entered and took the nearest seat top the no it the come Irum one Pool of t on the Retina with Wou d be it i ill by i dirt on a hat each Point of a pm is Light on every part of e rays were not collect Point respectively to 1 the Retina the differ lie each other in the nothing but a la folic i door How much at Lanance my Lee lugs and the col where 1 has Mere a re Cole Lions that Caine to me of she Foi Mei room Mai y to Ergy Whol lad their lives in Over a i 1 i exp element and thus rendering the Church disordered by furious engagements and Finati Cor Roversi can Sianily is calculated to Cli Eilish a so i peaceful and cheerful spirit but la has been perverted Byl foot knaves Erin Burious aspirant we May despise absurdities of Ibe former and the Atic my the s also to increase the Nch passes through the times larger and by Man us Ion Ibrous the Raya to i ii 1 l Upil it enlarges the very obvious a Landing receiving the Light from Mensi than would All he Pup a Lone includes vertically 120 horizontally Rorth the bombardment of ibis Gallant officer finning his horse considerably exhausted Des patched a for a bucket of water Juit As the Man was raising the bucket to of the Laller we have Bible and Olive Bianch lol others Anil pit in the to a gains the ene Loca l in the Bible to in 13 it not a Grealer Folly Call in the sword to supp Saviour derived Force Fiji in Uhal god hath v ill an Allenl i be a Thili s of tin shall see Nave midst of Contention and tildes what has beco they have b in produced am he consequence of is time for us to be Een them Lak rom the ban r Stead the s in if it is Sporl the Swor i and Nick Edne it the Bible i j us Eye uie Sucre me churches r rites and of the s of Tord the f we the prolonged Pissi tie of the original Ved what cd what effects these changes veils to the the horse s Mouth ground at the dist Man started in Ler sening that the f out said per Emp to the Man Mechanic Worth captured t inches in diameter pounds Detroit a Large Shell truck the Nee of a few Yards the or but Gen Worth of be was not quite burned Only without r bucket on that thing ally obeyed and general e Shell whole. It was 13 and weighed about 120 fret press when tidily shall decide what Christiani Calvin May quarrel will the Pope an Pope May quarrel in he Calvin they unite in damning a third and de nation which la let trily May Lough disbelieve them both have sent i thou Anil enquiries for ipe truth or c yet no new Light has afforded ing has been bequeathed to us my meditations were suddenly diet by a rustling movement in Ibe Chur looked toward the Opp Cuite aisle am couple who were o be United in Lue Bonds of v Ere approach in Nhar with a my Pic to and Humilis noes have a Faith y is d the May Lomi and Rob a Zolb red a i Ibe holy the of Friend u a late Vuirl Ticle Mien for tilt Tioga Eagle sir in looking Over or of the i noticed an ared As a reply to my views published in t in Eagle of May 5th, 1847, on the justness o lie Alexi Ien War ii is no sir from a desire on Ray Parr to Pool race a discussion upon this subject through the Hal i so Init a whorl space in the -oljinn9 of your paper Lor 1 am too Well maj of of my incompetency to vie with the article to thai rip he b says h reason to which Bis resp on of a thuggery who penned the which i allude the gentleman failed to discover any Trace of r org Quiem in the communication e has made an Effort to reply in to 1 think he much resembles the mole after having consulted Many occuluts1 for the Benefit of his sight was Ai last pro Villej with b Good pair of spectacles r Bur Upora his endeavouring Lof make use of them Hill not her told him that although they might help the of a mini they could be of Nolise to a mole 1 should not have made this reply bad not the author of that communication perverted the Irma and in Hij self in Forward unmeaning Epil Nib mixed largely wifi personal at tac is Wullich Are As re note from the question As Daylight from darkness and Are Dishonour Abl on part of him who uses j make those assertions knowing that every candid Reader of the Eagle or of the he Raj will Usaj Are out in them and attest the truth of it be of Miltonj a number of minor principles 1 sea i Nolice those Only which Are of the greatest importance for to go into a minute exposition of his communication Wonell Loo far exec d the limits of a letter the Gen theroan ass int i following in the Wake of a Natl readers haunting myself upon my patriotism and abusing those who from Phi nip Are opposed to the War or of the Alini Al on of Texas which is he says of Nice sit led to he War a strange idea truly t Hen if War was to be the inv Brablc result of annexing Texas to ibis Union i Wou d i so where rests the blame upon the de states 1 answer no for the right to Annex i exas cannot be questioned in another clause he a s my Patriot ism1, a pars to be More a patriotism of words than if. Deeds curious indeed what an express on in answer to this i will say that it have not patriotism i have not any of of my venerable thru ugly by veins i do not inherit any and Noli worthy to be called an american pm zen Yei for try and fearlessly did Hien list in Ipie sanguinary contest Jor Liber y under was the cause of the greatest disunion Bat prevailed in the democratic ranks the organization of a party id the county men that never voted before voted last fall i could give reasons for my taking the hand i did. But As they Bare been Given to the pub lie on former i forbear in con delusion i will Lay i have written this in great Hist and i Hope that it will be received As an apology for its Many imperfections i c. O b in Ozville june 1847 with an unaccountable loss of life Youlif Only be the overture of a dissolution and general Wurslin up of be Union what m deplorable Laid the use order yes said the t heard in and took tour main and i came la the Cenc Lusi wrong i d balance the ticket in on the other a Zsoner sorrowfully it i want right off thinking and finally in Ifeta if i d voted Natter by beam a Side 1 he response Fame glory and All that. The fun of police reporting is mainly Cor fined Row to the new Orleans papers counsellor Gill who used to do it up so cleverly in the Baton poit is or Justice Gill and cannot descend from his Judi Cial dignity and the new York papers hate All their drollery in the City items from Billy was too great 1 Poulan t Stard up every Man women and child in the Stales pint their Foj Rigours at me and a there goes the Man that destroyed tha Union the unhappy victim of conscience was on much overpowered to proceed further the recorder motioned to Ibe officers and he was removed for further and future sex animation i another incident of it lie Battle Field of Buena Tibia the Arkansas publishes an extract from a private letter of an officer of the Aimy containing some particulars of the Battle Bur in Vista of them is is Olio after the Battle of Buena Vista i was ordered with sixteen men to major Bliss with a Flig of truce to sati a an it a when we Arr within about one Hundred Yards of a of lancers which ice med to be the Star guard we halted major Bliss was blindfolded and conducted to Santa Anna on the Par uie of ice major a platoon of lantern was on Erbil for m the regiment and took Post facing my i attorn and Uil Hin ten Steps of uie he lieu enact in Coinman d dismounted ins rarer i Cid the some he was fat Good looking flow Woro a Short sack coat neatly trimmed with lace and quite As be Dia pro noted a Hai Dej Ibe Bud e rein to h s or Derly and commenced str in front of his i Aton in a Ely Libi ight manner Freihe a feta or Leaai Delta copy the follow i ing sketch of an affair in which the names of two illustrious heroes Are made Verj free Wilh nevertheless the unconscious subjects of the strife May add Lustre in future eurs to the names of Winfield Scutt Zach Aby Taylor the til loss and the was quite a scene in the recorders office a or Erl who Hai ded yesterday morning Between iwo ladies each i from focus in la s l e of e s " Idle a of whom had a chem in her Norrs mrs to 7 Lor a Short dumpy Worren with a pair of shoulders Broad enough to Bear i of the burdens of life she rather negligent in her dress but there was an honesty and determination in her face thac aroused the dormant sympathies of even the police men mrs Scott on the contrary was a Toan and Ernp Rcd p Ajir tall woman with rather a lady figure front my Man Ina mlnutt8 l bottle rom my Lii he i of a link til howl saving a word to or much to my Aston it intent Aid com org As 1 just Ihen Zero Lect d 1 lad i my bolster a Small Billle Olai l that it Vitou d not to be outdone by t ii i so i handed my Reio to Ibe Ngi t i e of m Pla she wore a red shawl and her Gimp Bonnet was decked Wilh a profusion of Giuy artificial Sowers thus a Strong contrast to the Plain Cap and homely dress of mrs Taylor Ibe infant Scott seemed very Deli rate and languid while the 1 Aylor was As sturdy a Little brat As Ever played in a and puddle or got scalded by it up seling of a Tea Kettle ladies said the recorder with h s accustomed blandness please slate Jour cases Here a slight qua he e look Niace which finally ended in mrs being Allweil to speak first Gracel Illy adjusting the folds of her shawl web a slight hem and an indistinct she commenced you see sir i live door to irial woman her husband id a c Zinmon Man Vito works on a farm up the coast while my has band is head Waller in a rest aunt Down town she a Amlin tally insulin me and Chr vim out hints that my baby nol quite three error thu old is Djin of the Mea hailed Short and Ord Ted Rry Buger to Hai d me the bottle out of is Holster Ai i. Look a drink curled my Nous Uthe Anci continued Peacock no it soon us my mexican Friend new my imitating mover Rei to he walked faster 1 increased iia led and took a t i in i Tlle 1 a 1 to k a d re Treijs we p formed for Sorre Lixe unil Lac tally bluffed Hirn off for he a Loile rear of vis i hailed end sat Down on the Force ordained As a principle of govern ment the Rev or luit of Kos on Mast i vere i the annual Sermon before lae ancient Aid honorable Coin any of that City on the 7th it i on lha of Casion of thei 209th Arnner Saij in course of which re made the t e a in exed re or Ercyl to he War i act Iris Pucul Armneas Al the present time when Bolli clergy Man and laymen nol la or destitute of Sles and the we doping cough Kimb med learning ant la Lei t show Ery erd Rupert Cial yesterday told mrs Jinkins Hal 1 bought indeed i i the limes that preceded the French revolution the slate of soc Ety in thai country the morals of the people in All classes Ibe monstrous abuses which were not Only tolerated but consecrated by the insane delusion which left unburned ind chained to the living body of a Ocielo Ibe dead and corrupt a and is u not our Hor ror at Ibe scenes which Iol of much Dimin Ishmeil who at the present Day peaks or writes fihe French revolution in the Man Ner of Dmund Bike Al the of the last Century 7 under the influence of his sym Pathy tar the Persona fief Fennis of the Royal and Noble migrants w to cared to England Oil the Grace end Eit Gance of the French Conr we can see w Hal the Cote s 1 am a Young Man w upon in i without family she bothers me or my Little Zack any More i purines of the Ireat tragedy were to near to Dis Cern that the interest of human by required thai there should to a violent Ever throw of existing Iii Nutine the Boh of such society must have been broken up i la hit her again the recorder gave mrs Taylor a sound Lecourt and bound her aver to keep Ibe peace whereupon mrs Scott walked out of the voting at the ensuing election what a pity i make an procure such station at the coming election and need i Aik id All humanity what the consequence can the gentleman but enough of this. Now As far As i is concerned i Bare endeavoured to consistent course it 11 True i did Coly approve of the nominations nude democratic parly of thu county at t election for obvious reasons ii is Wellik town that tha settler question on one and the Tariff question upon police office As Happy As a Peacock Wilh a ploughshares of War before u Cou d full Tail strut log in the de to produce what humanity raped Lake Ibe thirty Odd years of peace since Ibe overthrow of Napoleon is there a thinking the new Orleans gives the Fol Man am orb 60 Bindl Lei let d lowing As an excuse of a Voler for doing More or afraid Lael Ramg a Good cause by a than his duty at recent .1. Ethdl a plan truth who believe or j will As Start Hal such a peace could e beet enjoyed for to Long a be Jud no1 Bee preceded by the Desoline but purifying Flama of ibis set is to be one of lie appointments of the divine Providence stat rules in the affairs god the Wrath of Man i0 Praise him and the remainder of he out of ire fierce wars Rhose Oil ice is to rend and As stray and devour there comes Forth a better Ocial Conj ton of the world 1 his maybe 11 All along a wanting to do what was right whimpered the prisoner awaken ing to a sense of his moral turpitude j m a victim to conscience sir 1 always want to do what s right i went in he inor Nin i and voted one ticket cause i see it was the Reg Lar it must be right pretty soon somebody asked me had i voted and when told him i had he asked me Huw and w Ben i told him the Reg Lar ticket and what names Uris on it he told me the country was ruined that i a put a rope round every poor Man s neck and Dia wed the Slippery noose tight that i d twitched the last morsel of food oat of the orphan s Mouth and betrayed the unhappy widows checked the current of the Mississippi abolished the inspection of Steamboat bile i and that the general burst ing up of All the steamboats an Ibe River take of human affairs sad ind but we need not on that account shut our a Yei to Ibe Plain acts of life a sad mysterious e to part with life willingly study More How to die than How to live if you would live tul you Are old live As if 700. Were to die when yen Are Young

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