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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 26, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaWe Neay poetry. Black Axi Willtz. It ii. If. Mints. To tire Rel filled one Golden morn s maid mid Ruddy Box and s so rid Bounds wore born tin Nileth Corning hours with Joy. climbed with Ziehl Blissful Tat morning ? earliest incr was Ahod a muffled Scarso went by wind to c ashes of lilo dead. Mess eng of Loath from. Lii c mansion had been brought every passer hold his breath seethe Hue ii now Hod caught. Wore to the Carriage Blick waving on each Lind j. Vicli Iii Ito Mourner s brow was crowned Mack is wrapped the dead. While now by on the buried Heath uni cell which yawned Bolow an i sin Wii soon will Sloop Benoosh tech i in Mourner s come or go. A plumed Tho gloomy sea sri White of Arncel fining wins Loa pod in air i the kit Reily lowing there. A w site a travel towards the a Fork rolled Down tile wet Roji j Tihoni which Una least t had sought the Ocean s breast. Ivl r reason can Clino. A Irons contrast of Tho two 1 to of Ilic life that s Wirich i Sci maj View. I Don t believe missis said the injured mrs. Wiggins i Don to quit Strougin bawled some lady with a very shrill voice who upon the other mde offered of the boat. Then not Long for this Shin old Dir. Wiggins apiculture at two dollars a year. I i i morning june 26, 1850. Whole no. 620. World though that was nothing brightened up Zirri mediately. And the Remai to carry Arabella which somewhat so me overboard and mended mat.er8, and they walked along very or was lost or was of .11 a trip to the Encampment. Sir Cit no balt. A ice ice or a it it be on annual custom with l ii military or militia or whatever they to leave the noise and con t tin at a certain Lime during the i not and depart to a country spot f petting up tents Parade with r. Drink Ginger Bur and bran the aggressor a against some body else and him against the wave reached the fat lady whose Bonnet was knocked into a cocked hat and herself into i. After she was again eel up she appeared quite resigned and of Flor straightening , turned to her companion the lean i tidy and they la commence the layers the lord Send you re placed upon the ground floor whispered a male voice j behind. Los. Wiggins turned round very indignantly and would have severely rebuked the gentle Man whoever he might have she found him out but the Only Man behind her at that moment seemed to be deeply engaged in pointing out the beauties of a Cluster of pig pens across the River and eloquently decanting upon the same to the great apparent satisfaction of the lady beside him. Mrs. Wiggins was not euro that it was him to to Compromise matters she just cuffed the ears of a Little girl who was seated upon her Lap and told her to " Mouth was t bed time the propriety of which the Little . Not clearly understand ing Why she might not gape in a free country disposed to question by setting up a dismal howl which was echoed from baby to baby until a bawling chorus was raised which it would have been difficult to Slop the boat at that very moment providentially started when the noise ceased As if by magic which was very remarkable though no less True. Mrs Wiggins enlivened the trip by the re lation of a number of very interesting stories All of which were connected with steamboats. She told one Short one of a Steamer with a Large number of indeed so Many As there were on somewhat sprung a leak and two thirds of the people on Board were lost. It was very Odd said the fut lady to bringing up the rear. After they had accomplished about half the distance and were All comfortably enveloped in about two inches of dust apiece some consider ate gentleman in the crowd behind called at the top of his there ahead Here comes colonel bawled out another the crowd in Advance opened and showed the subject of these polite attentions to he an unfortunate dutchman who had been left and was now endeavouring to with All his might to reach his company Winch was probably upon the Parade ground. He was b Man of about four feet Fen in and was dressed in the full uniform of a private Soldier in some German corps. His head was surmounted with an immense hat with a red Feather in it and altogether gave him a very top heavy Light Flaxen hair was shingled or Cut close to his head behind while in front it. Was Long and spec in his hurry escaped from confinement and was stick ing out behind like the. Quills of that pleasant Little animal the Porcupine. Go it Porcupine head shouted another of of or. Wiggins because mrs. A looked at him very contemptuously indeed. I should like to said the latter How you can Tell whether a lady s dead or not or. Yorgey but you re jest like that other feeler there wot you re All the time a Leadin or. Porgy looked inquiringly at Wiggins As if to ask whether it were better give the fat lady Battle or not but that gentleman Shook his head mournfully and signified in dumb show that it was a hopeless thing. Wot Are you Winkin mrs Wiggins indignantly As she caught the red nosed gentleman in the act of telegraphing in that Wayl to her husband that he was clearly understood. Don t make him no worser than he the lean lady who had been neglected during this conversation now recovered with remarkable Speed and without assistance assumed a pitting posture beside the fat lady who immediately turned to her and asked a great number of questions without waiting for the answers. Is it it a shame 1" what Don t they de serve 1" aint they a pair of were among these inquiries which were pro pounded with Many shakes of the head and what asked or. Wigging. Small youth who has been before mentioned m Why adjutant replied Juthe lean having been innocent of a shirt and who stood ,1 among the crowd of outsiders Don t know returned , manner that denoted that he did n t care a among i the sentry made a Rush at. The new offender against his dignity and privileges and had the tuppence about his acquaintance. J rash youth fallen into his clutches he would of course you Don to you never know any probably have sorely repented his audacity but body cent them As you ought t to soc Inte the Young gentleman considered discretion by. With and indeed is n t fit for bears to far the better part and speedily made retorted his wife looking significantly at the himself a Carje. After placing some distance unconscious porgy who was intently gazing at the charming appearance of the Ragamuffin that brought up the rear of the soldiers. , finding herself unheeded was about to pour the vials other Wrath upon the yer aint used to it head of or. W., but changing her mind looked the Shook his fist at the delinquent at him i tingly As though to signify that no t which kindness that Young gentleman returned knowing better he was excusable and condos by getting up a Nice Little pantomime for. Hit " ended to explain. J Friend s exclusive Benefit. He imitated a Battler you see that gentleman with the ten Field and his Friend in full Retreat and then to 1 men behind him 7" Between himself and the Soldier he turned. Hey you Leatherhead in the red flannel coat pick up that gun d be hear and mini Yon Don t Hurt yourself with it cause yer know what the tall timidly inquired or. Wig eiris. No you that s the Serjeant. I mean the Captain who s ahead. She pointing to a Little fussy Chap whose hat was about As tall As himself and whose sword show the Mournful consequences attendant Nonu plunderers being permitted to handle fire arms he mocked the loading of a Gan by the sentry which not going off is fired by Means of hot coals poured Down the barrel when it go off and to does the unfortunate Soldier which the Young gentleman phantom Mically illustrated. Sighs and appeared a great Relief dragged on the ground and whom altogether by fall ing. Down As if deaf being careful How to both ladies who never mind Trey la she might have comfortably deposited in a Side Ever to keep one Eye open and fixed upon the get paid for it one of these together and then professed themselves quite rested and ready to look at the fun and ask questions that could t be answered. I la charter a Wagon when we go i drop of water in it and after miking her numerous hearers who were thrown into a or ii of them elves Lor a stipulated delightful state of uneasiness by t lie aforesaid c irn highly elated with their i Cpl Vii we do not pretend to know i. As much in Tiu May be. That something of the cur. During one summer we Are per to pfc Cloud Don t lose yourself in that Ere said or. Wiggins rubbing his hands overjoyed at this unlocked for the troubles the unhappy German Grenadier pushed his under ladies had Laboured. Hat Over Ilia eyes and commenced walking at a who said anything about Goin Back you very in Soldier like said his wife. Come Here to there goes the flying dutchman from. I see the Eggers did t we 3" Bucks county screamed another As lie per-1 i when we went gently Sug secured trooper increased his Speed. Mean tested her husband with a considerably Elon while some mischievous urchins perceiving j countenance. How the Hind Lay All at Onci discovered some i How d be know we will go backs maybe cakes of hard mud and killed. I be Heerd of such things which they commenced pelting the victim of Fogers fired off their run stats and the unpopularity whose Pace was changed to a Ruh. J Judy. Looked tis though it were such an every his Swallow tails assumed a position i fair that she quite expected it quite and the Bayonet it his Side worked around be sogers so very asked Hind until it was fixed in a manner Tomt enabled Crock looking rather alarmed. It to hit his legs it every Sipp to the infinite yes very cause i be seen pm when they put them through their a is lobe believe the gentlemen the then the facings to the evident gratification of the j a True Soldier and therefore was entitled to the Ragamuffin congregated in front who testified i satisfaction of snapping Hia fingers in the face their Delight by whistling shrilly and doing a i of the cart we Little drilling business on their own private a the Wiggins had been observers of All that count j passed and Many such As did you narrative because the River was iut Lik la ill v pursuing crop Vul Jmc say you sir shouted a Youns of gentle twin Ever i and no i had issued from the one no rocks Fornoth in in it and the Vlf Orrl t relic tin Hurior terrific i he r blicker.3 tied round their go m m without a Shirr and with a remnant of breeches lips of Tho two As though they had drawn it must have Bellfl and shouts almost to the lines when they wanted to kill any body they could n t pull up your head and keep your hands out their own deductions and would not make them 11 Muat e leaked became there were so Many they Best foal love the party arrived upon the ground and All for a few moments were a ind prof Rahlf any to the course including the amiable mrs. Wiggins. If one might judge by the her child companion and lastly husband set thronged the Cabins i about reaching the place of Encampment by the and Captain seemed determine most expeditious Prncess. R i Usu space into very Small allot there were a number of wagons standing n in inn inches each and i about the vilage tavern covered with in bleach passenger to1 occupy just i de factory and upon either Side were painted the words for the in a very unpainted like manner. Some of the letters were larger than others and some stood us though Uncertain whether to fall Over on one Side or the other and remaining undecided leaned toward the right or left in a state of Grassy Puri in astute of exhaustion de Al tie different companies Titio e no business of be his m itt Ine Tomrdl at be him and dropping daughter j command. At length an individual with la cocked hat on his head and jingling spurs on f his heels issued from a tent and strode toward a finely a courted horse held by a Soldier which wife with him. U you re a Nice Man for said the fit lady when had recon ered her a Small Tea 1 of Nom and no More. A tinny ladies on Board and most i Cir Werc scale to upon that part of it train in a it. I the Sun by an a inning the dear belter halves and i a n thing Jin sir tip Inion that it should to a comfortable and some to signify a much in to those near enough to was not very difficult to find Nudi breath which providentially took some some difficulty for the horse would shy to. One Side from fear at the sight of such a Soldier like a appearance he managed to mount and off at a Gallop making his horse throw up Hii head and whisk his Tail several times to the great astonishment of the that s the whispered mrs. Wig As though it were a fact not. Generally f known and had been imparted to her in conf insolent Ragamuffin who in contingently Retreat before so formidable an array. After trotting the soldiers about considerably if he colonel manoeuvred them into a Corner and in this critical position did not like the celebrated colonel Pluck say " get Over the Surprise. The wagons were nil soon filled to s we the room of two or three at it to had a child upon her Lap besides or or i b i Csc the wretch to pile us in if there chimed in a appeared to have made 1 1 -7 Way of contrast but very Large number of ladies indeed and said1 Asmi lit Kornhi stably be read of in but was toe horrid to even a n reality. Remarked mrs. Wiggins shaking t adn Yor two that the brain and started for their intended Destina which was Distant about three quarters of a mile from the Village. Mrs. Wiggins and party were disappointed in their endeavours to obtain seats and were there fore obliged to walk As indeed were a very a very fat Large number beside. Said and ind n Pirttle gentle Mimi Ely stood besides Thyl fat 4 up hat Llis Arm and quite resigned mentally repeated Hini i t to j a very melancholy that lie Mync tiling of the animal de and if there in which he had. Not Yie Wod he was Why did it you get seats for us 1" said mrs. Wiggins reproachfully to her husband. But it s always the Way with you you was too late though i believe you Sidn t never the unhappy or. Wiggins smiled faintly and said the seats were All or some thing of the sort for which he was rewarded by his amiable help mate declaring she did t be Lieve a single word of it not i but it s no added the lady it s no ufos trying to make a sow s ear out silk purse and you Don t know no or. Was about correcting the quotation of the proverb but thought better of the matter and merely said he could t help of course rejoined the fat lady very contemptuously. Ugh you wretch but you would t care if1 me and the child were to drop Down dead corp ses at your feet no you d be glad i know you for then we d be at a mrs. Crock the lean lady looked As though she sincerely pitied the delicate health of the fat lady and deeply commiserated her unfortunate Fate in being linked to a Lisband that treated her like a brute. Aint you ashamed of yourself to run so to but my 11 Don t dear me sir "1 could t help said nonsense sir you could you did it a Pur but the rejoined the Crest fallen Wiggins humbly commencing to exp afr. What have you to do with the crowd Why did get out of it i d like to know i but no of you kept on and made Rise who you should have push you i told you it would be ventured the unfortunate spouse who could t help thinking. That her pushing had not been any remarkable assistance to him but indeed iad been rather of a nature that impeded his Progress. " i told you How it would you denied it and said you would see the turned up her Eye a at Lucllan instance of monstrosity and uttered Small screams and groans at a Jarid what s been be of mrs Crock 7" said she changing the subject. I should t wonder if she had been squeezed to death among pm. But of course you would t that considerate manner. This gentle was tired to death and As for herself she was Man had b red nose and appeared to be a Friend great Deal better and other people s children would n t have such a bad example to said mrs. Wiggins Friend the lean lady tossing her head and speaking with great solubility. would have been a Blessing in various land As though she were accustomed to that Perspicuous method of conversation. Yes indeed Fli rejoined Vitra. Wiggins look ing indignantly at the luckless nosed penile Man and then at her child whose Viand she held. What do you think of such thinks on sunday Arabella what pretty music the a Tild. This answer not exactly meet Wirf the Mother s cuffed the delinquent so soundly that the Little girl set up a delightful accompany ment to the music which the Matron Only succeeded in corking by give her something to howl it was n t i said the lean lady mrs. Crock clapping her hands in High the adjutant "j3o it is i said my. If some people would t be quite so Handy i bringing his Musket to an awkward sort of a with an opinion ready5 made for other people some people would be liked by other people a ways bul not being sure that his wife would agree with him merely said he guessed which guess was proved Correct by. Some gentle Man who had benevolently placed the missing lady across his shoulder it that moment elbowing his Way toward and after reaching the , depositing her beside them on the grass. She s dead screamed Are. Wiggins glancing at the lean lady s body which had opened its eyes but immediately shut them again after mrs. Wiggins ejaculation and re lapsed into insensibility. She was t when i picked her said the gentleman who had brought her there in such a Tea me i perceive you have sir and without Knock ing at the door or rinsing interrupted the adjutant severely. The Soldier looked around the Lent Ai if search ing for the door Knocker or Bell pull which he had so stupidly overlooked and not finding either tents not being generally supplied with such articles hinted a much. At any rate the adjutant you should have Given me some evidence of your approach so that i might have been now sir. That i have Laid aside the civilian and am a Soldier How were you to know that i was not at this moment planning some great Battler or siege that your Entrance might have interrupted and ruined sir How were you to a now i beg your returned the unfortunate object of adjutant Smith s displeasure f i will not trouble you Stop rejoined the adjutant As the Soldier thought slightly unbending. I did not say that it was so but waa showing you what might have been the consequence of such indiscretion. The emperor Napoleon wat in the habit of inculcating lessons in a practical Feller can walk where he pleases i guess with Way and though i Don t say there exists any Bill having it charged to him. Don t catch me i similitude Between he and i still in this instance a i Lara Happy to say that we coincide in gome said Tho enraged Soldier. Of though of borne things a did i cannot by i you Don t i la fire on you i t1. Hit him Over the head with the butt of the adjutant As a civil Pursuit Zooie Tuinei yer know yes Don t know How to shoot it j scribbled for the and was renowned of Don t make a fool of shouted a i for making mountains out of mole a Haj and for charge Buyo fit corns out of what fur 1" said the other stopping and gazing at the Soldier As though he perceived for the first time a new specimen. You re crossed what lines3" the lines of the i Don t see any returned the Ragamuffin looking at the ground about him As if Desir Ous of atoning for his egregious piece of Folly by rectifying it i Stanter. I Don t see what s it made of t whar is it 1" what i said th.6 insulted sentry. Come out of you Don t All i have to say my orders is to charge and be free country and a

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