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Read an issue on 21 Jun 1855 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 21, 1855, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaGfc.4mk.0, to Purchase for themselves and if so Joga county a Stobs. A n. County in with an in tall Trade f Butos decorate of Cut Nard rec Eliris vases j t 5 r of y que Liina miso a res t. Arp Jacht asset of state Tass. On ump globes tic years exclusiwely1 to cubs Welt Molho enabled Trofler Cliate it Overacre n Stoma an3 by Tioy. U Selene h3s.naade ulale the uns Mefs of nor via prolong he term of an lie named of More run count bunion r j c hats a 14ih 54 j j literature a Otalingcountry is fhe labor commands the greatest Buchanan thursday. June 1855. For at Tioga Eagle. Refining. B7 f. There s naught to be gained in refining whatever one i object or Qara t image there s so Many inclining to Genovo life away in Dup air. Of Fabal like a heart that is Ohe Elul and Why should a Perrion be tearful be mourning his away 7 our race u a queer fabrication 01 different manners sad some Feirl m Loo Humble a station some fear be or have been " tis ill i Hough a mental de us Ion a longing for in vain Ica Lui but tear and confusion source of false Troub e and Pun Dur fairer in heaven Bah made us tin pleasant and Beautiful Home Bould we Noi be Content Asha bade us can we flame him for what he hath done remember this be who in sorrow forever Are sighing his name remember toe trouble be borrow u caused from a spirit to blame Toby is it not truly wonder since Earlh is so charming and Bright people All gloomy Ibon d qua Oder the time thai would thro fiem Delight Al Millers but Little our station u love and Contentment we Gam Tho of Humble vocation is Sweet is proudest can claim there s a Aulbi to be gained in refining sad Lover you Lamec of that once your Tell to sound reason resigning i ear Jou ii appear life a dunce s How does u look lobe grieving fur ont when so Many still Rove cupid of know id of fee on your dying for love Wii toe thought of refining away with its lingering woe h do not be Ever Clining Triam a bib Dull Sadden you so or what s like a heart thai is a mid that Happy and Gay t and Why we always be tearful b grieving our spirits away f most of heir thes to be and Pursuit. That the where the Ataw Deere science of Earth had then reached to at the burners ado Roach in air Era a tract iss absolutely degrading. And that in the rapid h a less worthy Cora the classic scholar n a thoroughly rates the character and history of the Early romans will be struck with High re Gard paid to the culture of the Earth and its naturally attendant pursuits. Mara Sang in in Siree i Oumano a mortal be hts the pleasures ind the beauties of Greal Metropolis. The Pastora life and in the facile line of the now. When w four an Al can control your leg mature and direct who 1 Best fruits known with directions for races shall represent your interests and expend your propagating and growing the proper Money. Yet Lor a Long series of years you soil location and climate costing have permitted your legislature to expend the the american farm Book by Allen time and Money of the people a chartering and u on horse., almost in aiding fancy Stock corporations individual and the american poultry Yard by Brown a i and in passing local Laws and Youatt of cattle sheep and Hocij first Bills fur the Relief of those woo sucking like the american Bee keeper s manual by leeches from the Public Treasury and continual Meier by crying give1 give and Danas essay on manures Organ Ziff an association in every school District and neighbourhood and then meet every evening during the Winter and discuss the Best d of raising particular Crow the proper the appropriate manures and dressings Han there 1 25 1 00 1 50 1 00 i 50 1 00 require your legislature to of us profligate expenditures and funds thus anted total i 9i75 Here for the mall sum of nine and three fourth Dave a list comprising the whole scope 6f your what intelligent Man who hears Irie will say that after a some careful perusal of these books and a practical with the application of the directions contained in them Sut Saks Tea it men it must Loikow that Agri Nettl and thus commence a Farmer. A Irp nut a Reade a nor n quoted Long passages for Bis guidance spinning Jennies of Railroad telegraphs and the oreo gics and Calls the author a daguerreotypes then n roust follow that old Lellow Cicero who by his cultural knowledge and improvement is far is Naitoh Era eloquence held the roman Senate in Hind the age Why is so i Why has not the breathless Olence declared that no thug in the world was More useful More agreeable or More worthy of freemen than agriculture. And of any the historian tells us that then the Earth look pleasure in beg cultivated by the hands of with laurels and Deco rated Wuh the highest honors the Stern old Farmer kept up with the Onward movement of the times 1 one great reason has been the comparative want of Neces suy a strange Rea eos it May appear yet evidently True when closely considered it is truly said is the Mother of invention the firm cultivator of Earth remunerative investment Yon can male per cent in your life valuable legacy to your place be reports in the school districts Afore children should you present prices m and thus commence a circular. Your whole of wheat hot five ing Library to which you Ard your sons bushels or your crop of Hay but a single Tun or daughters can turn for information raise a Little better Colt or Yoke of steers u and Here permit me to congratulate Yau up on the fact that your legislature already la institution for your Renevil Cal de a Hole As to take year after year from the toil ton after ton of Hay or Load alter Load of wheat Corn or other Gram or roots without Givus Back something to support it. The Earth is not quite like themes the widow of Mam or at least so Active in in its operations and recuperative Powers there u no new matter created As i have said and it take Long Yem for nature to bring Back that which you have taken away. Without fertilizers., you exhaust All those properties of the soil which enter into the composition of plants and animals and your land must lie until nature through her slow pro Cess by the Sun the air the rain and the Dews endow it again with the missing contemplate the hundreds of millions of that Are annually taken from the toil lot he shape of grains grasses Woods horses cattle sheep hogs and other animals and the millions of the human we ourselves Are the growth of the soil and then think Bow Little a. Been restored to it and do you wonder that your Fields some times become bankrupts and protest Jour drafts upon them or pay but a Small percentage think How much of the marrow and the Fdl of the sell is annually exported Frem the country to foreign lands and the great cities m the Grain and animals and then calculate the few Hundred of guano As other fertilizers that Are brought Back to Supply this great vacuum. Toss Rageand loosen ih8 in the held behind Hie ground with his fingers perhaps but he soon ,1. Announced found that his fingers became sore and bleeding to Bun the More than regal honors which Awa and it waa necessary that he should devise some Bunij when the emergency was passed other plan to and move the soil. A charted an the Farmers High school of Pennsylvan a and let us Hope that it will generally endow its now Youthful offspring again our Farmers must read and inform themselves of what going on around them All men Are not prank Lins Arkwright is or Fulton sinking out in and untried paths with wonderful Success. But the great mass Only enjoy the benefits of such inn address do err before the Tioga county Afrie Ulter in Socier in the court House Wellsboro june sin 55 by r e Smith Esq Ard wove the garments of to wrote books upon agriculture Columella wrote twelve books upon husbandry which constituted a Complete history of All the agricultural pursuits. Mage a celebrated car Hagenian general dropped the sword and took up the pen and wrote Twenty eight Hooks upon husbandry w were translated into Laun by order of i a roman Senate. Herod the grecian dra Matic poet who must have lived Over two thou years before the Lime of Christ and was a a temporary Wuh Homer wrote his Ojera it old Xenophan who wrote of wars and marches and counter marches says most correctly it in the employment of All others the most worthy of Man the Moat ancient their labor. But any other Art of science it is True that with the theories thus Learned you will re quire practice to make practical Farmers but so does the lawyer and the physician Loje come successful practitioners would ears ago took the place of the flail and the , and the reaper and the Mower Are now begin neg to be used. But until recently the productions of the farm have been Low and labor his been cheap and there was no danger of a serious Competition John Doe could raise a Bushel of Corn or a pig. With and by the same process As cheap As Richard Roe and thus Juder Manl you must be willing to give up the Ood old when i better presents itself and of willing to try new but the Earth is not pays a Gener Paya the whole expense and you have the books for a few pounds of dressing and a information Lor a life a another it returns to you Asbia Ted by the ambient Means of improvement i would recommend a the genial Dews and remodelling of the common Sci Biol meet m a measure the wants of the Farmers pursuits perhaps it May require a Long Lime to effect much in this Way yet in time i series of Plain simple and comprehensive books be obtained treating upon the pathology of plants the nature and uses of the anatomical Structure of animals their care and Breeding with a Correct and practical system of an Cultum chemistry with Irealius on fruit Arismo which might be Success ully taught and earned in our in my schools and thus by an acquaintance with the departments into Wlinich agriculture seems to beauties of the science of learn the Divide itself to dwell More fully upon the to n sin generation to Jove and seek it rather Atil Lional elements of animal and vegetable than detect and Shin it life to examine More at length the rvs Lessof but time will not permit me to Nolice but a Stock and Wool growing and illustrate few of the really practical Points and these i the benefits b the Pecunia Rily and patriotically must necessarily pais Over hastily first of fruit growing and horticulture but will refreshing showers an Hundred told these remarks would naturally suggest what i have before alluded to the be of a knowledge of the chemical proper ties of the soil of manures and fertilizers As and of the elements of animal and vegetable i e for you would Call him a poor any Wician who would Treal a patient with medicines of which he did not know the Iii ram v administer an irritating Rem Edy when a palliative was indicated or pre scribe an Alkali where an acid was required i would like to follow out in detail the sever Malever is Wor h doing Well log rest importance cannot be Given to the crops and lighten but that want of necessity 13 fait Tutu Nuvil in Ucucu Cali v is mat and and Sita be to his nature As the most common approaching the present Price of Are nil ran of nil Erroa Norl Ninnat Tynna r experiments end new theories m the Hopes of proper manner of cultivation effecting an improvement which was never yet Seei Lime crops should be made by fallow the old beaten track without doubt Many erratic Tennisee have made great blunders in tendering from be Given Way vet am great improvements have been made there is too much prejudice against Hook farming a h is called yet Al most every thing else is Learned and m learner the science or professions we and the proper will got Inland that in their season to insure a Good return and who uttus the Farmer and b tier abandon Hia pursuits for some other in which if h find select your Breeding Slock Wuh Orr eat care for Good Points and qualities and then give the Oioi her and her such care and treatment As they deserve and never raise a or or indent my a2evand o . H e 0? t an a More to says he of my reject Many of the theoris which your own experience tells fanciful yet believe me you will not find your time or Money thrown away i put it of town As null a loom and every Herb Bearmor seed which u the face of the Earth and cares not thinks not or if he does think he would be loth to do that which would rivet his More firmly our own country shows the same thing ii is the Yankee among the sterile and Rock bound Hills of new England. County owning Twenty five acres of improved land would Purchase ten dollars Worth of books attentively read them and Ara Clice upon the information thus obtained this county would increase in wealth and real value one Tho me Nee 01 me Earth and every m my classic or me i Loer we Are to to atari e and Rock Nimri hit u of now Rorr Lynnh i r r a run of a tree yield dog seed believe that the science of agriculture Asun that rep Taul of and a he the earliest authentic records to find policed by the romans was i we air icel re is s 7 l Artand pursuits of avarice d with that w modern Are the Oraz was cursed for Ihn a. A. But unfortunately wars came. Mater. in. .k., by or constituent proper was cursed for the sins of the first torn and the dread mandate was Given m the we it of thy free shall thou eat and in a Row shall ibo eat he fruits of the but unfortunately wars came and set gregarious Man a Tel tag with his Fellows and in the dark Ages which succeeded the Down fall of the roman Empire the arts and the Fri in be writings of Moses the earliest historian and Wuh them agriculture the Art sus Lold thai Abel was a keeper of sheep lamer of All other arts was almost entirely it the ground and Noah elected and abandoned it subsequently revived me me de age had swept off the wicked and somewhat in the British Empire by nowhere Niqi Iiona generations from be face of the Earth eve Down to modern times do we find it to bin in be a Husbandman and planted a Vine in so High repute As in the palmy Days of Romp o i chinese were Early engaged in a military tame Prible culture of the soil and the almost but sometimes successful speculations and persian gardens whose Beauty luxurious indolence have Long been seductive nose have been the pools theme allurements from the simple and honest employ the the soil were not menu of the Field so that for a Long time the Only Teal labourers upon the soil have been those whose Means or feeble talents would not afford them a subsistence elsewhere f mean the actual it in True that Many mated that the feel gis too prevalent that the Pursuit was degrading and there has heretofore been too Little intelligence among the producing classes upon the subject of to Weir own Pur suits and because this class have stood too much isolated dependant and alone and has per muted the More Active manufacturer banker and capitalist to monopolize All the favors which scrawny beast plow deep and exec Nanc Genius his sail that Farmers Loo generally supp ised their title deeds did net convey the land for More than three or four inches deep and that they always appeared to be afraid of trespassing i pm their suite Rankin but land says a great Law not Only the of the Earth but every Ihms Over it or the productive soil May be twelve inches deep As Well a five or of Ford a much larger amount from ties of wheat Corn Rye oals or and of to draw sustenance Andux Spirl All it grasses How Many would be Able to give me a is up and bringing Correct answer i probably not More than Oie in a Hundred then ninety nine of these Hui dred Farmers Are producing articles of which they cannot Tell the simple inc constituent elements taxing the Earth to bring Forth Vear Ufier year from its secret store houses pro not permit and i will relieve your impatience Afier a few remarks respecting a Milizer i select this from the great mass for its Peculiar benefits. Lime in All us various forms is said to be the most valuable and most extensively of Al Mineral cubs Anres Liat have Ever it the sluggard and the Sloven will succeed been available in practical agriculture and has been aptly called the basis of Good husbandry the principle Olline in Farid m most of the such As Marl Gyp sum ashes plaster guano Bone dust and the undoubted reason of us beneficial results. Is lat la enters largely into the composition of one and when raised they Are Worth plants and animals on an analysis of the and Straw of wheat we find that Lime is one of the constituent and principle elements its sneers largely into the Bones and blood of animals and therefore vegt tahe matter requires the presence of Lime to support animal life con sequently Lime must be in the air soil the Farmer a avs has a proper and hone to Pride Over a Good animal and will boast ugly about he feels ashamed Aid vexed every time he looks at a miserable w the surface to be acted upon by the Atmos phere and fertilizers and you will have doubled he amount of nourishment for your crops in Uma Lely connected Wanh this Point is the sub decl of manures and fertilisers the system of skimming and skinning the Earth Robby of and mile land of Tho Cedar and Vine r beams Ever Shine government could and would be Tow the far Duclion whose very name and nature they am drawing from it every particle of Nutriment Mer has too Long been willing to live As his ignorant of and then if they fail through sex without repaying is highly a insurable the miners lived do As Hii fathers did and die As his Han lion of Hose qualities in the soil. Or their in Earth and the sea contain All the ele Wistner died contented to stay upon his own Norance of the proper Means to Dev Nynne them meals of both animal and vegetable Hie for it is Romam. View his own Broad acres and exclaim they curse be Earth As Barren and unfruitful conceded principle of physical philosophy with , i am Monarch of All i Yei for Small sum of one Dollar and Twenty hat not a single atom of new Mallei has been tie has thought or lived As if five certs. They can Purchase a Buiok which created since the world began when Tea 1 he thought the visual line that Girt him round will give them All Thia Lull great architect had finished his work and Given them the nature and constituent elements of til was he has neither their productions and furnish them with added to or diminished the game. The new Sands of useful experiments for their guidance features which we constantly see in the animal the worlds extreme but fortunately these things Are being done e the gardens of Gal in her Bloom of Chiron and Olive Are fairest of fruit is Mote the Ems of lha Earth and the hues of the Bough vane m Beaurry May Nete purple of Ocean deepest in Dye twine the spin of Man n divine 1 these pursuits but other hands than theirs Bear my of Felt the Fanner w the rail Road theia weat Anc Burden of the Day and thus the business As a species of labor has become in popular and by Many weaker brains considered degrading jut what a Ead and fatal error the shades of the old heroes poets and scholars rebuke it the ashes of the mighty has come to his very door the conductor has cried All and the farther his wife his sons and his daughters have stepped on have visited other towns other counties and states and have returned with new and Enlar ged views and ideas of the world. They have should i ask our formers re Minera and vegetable kingdoms Are but the spec log fruits their constituent properties transition states in accordance Wuh the in their nutritious qualities the actual per cent of my Taybl Laws of the universe. Parts of these real food they contain the Best method and Lime bodies of ours May onre have helped in compose of propagation and the luxurious und reptile that crawls or per Chance profitable growth and probably but a very few have been a Beautiful Flower whose color was could Tell me and yet for years perhaps adm Trec and whose fragrance have been ignorantly and of course a in their turn shall go Back to dust and be food dabbling with fruit Trees. Now for twelve worm animal and vegetable dead who sleep m mount Vernon Ashland and seen hew things new crops Pew implements Abling with fruit Trees. Now for twelve or the worm animal and vegetable death and carrying on t great chemical analysis with the Marshfield rebuke it in fhe language of an husbandry and new methods of ullage and Bey can Purchase n Hook which would decay Are but transitions to some new develop Clouds the lightnings and the storms for her 1 or the Waier from its nature we should most confidently look for it in the soil. If Ihen by a succession of the wheat crop by which All the latent or hidden Lime is extracted and sex part Eden the Bones and flesh of animals and m grains we must of necessity restore it again to the son or the Plant will Lack one of its con in tent elements like the animal will Pine away Ard die for want of invigorating and digestible food Limo id also a valuable decomposing agent and much of its Good arises from us decomposing animal and vegetable life the ground is full of insects Worms and Small plants and weeds which when decomposed and de rating Render essential nid in the growth and maturity of other life but which might other Wise be noxious and deadly t Iwa been said that no creature is born have at the sacrifice of another Lite and certain it is thai change and Taneilian Are the physical Laws of the Atli verse Lime is a powerful solvent of Sands and other minerals which contain Many of lha ingredients of Vega table life and which being Relea de from their inertia of rest become a

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