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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 16, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaT i o a Eagle. James p. Magill. Editor and proprietor Wellsborough Tioga cof a. Fifty per an num exclusive of menu deducted if paid within the Yea i and for Cash actually in Tao a Dollar will be deducted no apr discontinued Ooth All arrearage Are paid unless at the option of the editor. Adv Tiu Omeata nol exceeding twelve lines in three times for one for Era sub sequent insertion Twenty five Cense. Isoli Besnot exceeding six the charge for one or three insertions the some. A Liberal discount to yearly advertisers. Wbitte1 Fott the Tioga . 5. The effects of refraction May be disco. End in common window Glass. Every Point of an object n seen in the direction in Vronich the Light reflected from it enters the Eye where is any unevenness on the sur face of Ibe Glass every object seen through it appears distorted this appearance is caused by an irregular refraction which change the direction of some rays More than Ibal of others and thus apparently locates the several parts of the object. But if lha two surfaces of the Glass be smooth and parallel every part of the object and of Ibe whole , seen through it is equally displaced and in the some direction. The two at each Tralie each other a far As the parallelism of of the rays concerned All the rays Are slightly displaced so that the whole of View As seen through the Glass appears a Little aside from its True place this May be discovered by observing objects which Cross the Edge of the Glass they will appear to be broken at that line 1 he amount of ibo displacement depends on the thickness of the Gluie in very thin Glass it 1c is barely Purcell Ible let Rea Ler reflect on thu phenomenon a moment Al first surface the Ray is Bent and enters he gloss in a new direction and moves in hat new direction till it meets the other surface Here it in Bent in the opposite direction just enough to compensate for the first refraction and restore us parallelism but it now takes its departure from a Point n hich is out of Iti first line of motion suppose that line extend through the be Azeil distance from this Point measures the displacement where the i to surfaces through which the Ligart pastes Are not parallel he direction of the rays is permanently changed be cause in that Case the two refractions Are not equal or Are both in the same direction a notice of every Case of this Lind would occupy too much time let a few suffice Ai representatives of All the rest the most simple is that of the triangular prism but As Many of my readers May not under stand precisely the form of this solid i substitute another which is different in name at least but will answer the same Pur pose wit a of Glass or of any transparent substance what is commonly called he head of he wedge we will term the base one of its laces or inclined surfaces vie will Call a and the Oiher b if a beam of ight fill upon the surface a in such a direction that it thai pass through the Wodye in a line Neaily parallel to the base and emerge through the surface a the two refractions will be in the same direction and toward he base the Dujam will entirely change its direction 111 is change will be in proportion to the shortness of the wedge As compared with the distance Between a and 8, at the or in other words in proportion to the the planes a and b if the Rea Jer understand the explanation Given in number 4, be will easily discover the cause of this the rays Are Bent towards the base at surfaces i ii a beam of Sun Light be Mada to pass through this into a dark room so As to fall on a White ground toy a i Jeet of White paper an interesting phenomenon takes place Ibe different colors being separated As the chaff and Grain Are separated by a current of air the different colors Are not equally refract ble j in thai respect they stand in the following order beginning with the most Violet in Dago Blue Green Neil Oil Orange red j the illuminated spot on the paper is called the spectrum it will consist of lines old these colors More or less Distant lying across Ibe spec drum the Violet being extreme correspond no to the base of and you shall have reached the the Jour Ney of life upon which bar Day of happily commenced hand grasp a in hand Anil heart folded to heart May you lie Down find his Sweet and Happy a repast As Al the close of the frat 11u la rec a stage. The lights of the Village Alre kindling Rand stars too Are kindling in the i heavens thou weary world for to Morrow s round of toil and pleasure will be Equla to this i and each bring us one Days March Tou Ards eternity More anon. Seasons Fob not a Duel de lingerie and m. De malian do both remarkably ugly and challenged one another arrived at tote place of meet ing m de Langene i Tares Pis adversary in he face and i have just can t fight with this he returned the sword into the scabbard How does this mean it Means Hal i shall i of fight what you insult me and refill to give a satisfaction if i have insulted you i ask a thou and pardons but i have an in or Mountable son for not fighting wit i y but sir May one i nov it will offend no sir you assure me 7" fes i assure Well sir this it 6ght, ing to All appearances i s then i Suall remain the ugly hit adversary could n and they rely red to the c All kill you fellow i t help Laug to Good file Sarta clocks Eer of Norfolk a few nig its since i Bis company slow at Bidd of the and i present you with a new is called the Santa Anna witty sue Orr the ing is. Loa Ding Ted to run without i Toppin no for clocks now gentleman kind of clock pc it lock sind a written for the ticks a Eagle. The Temperance question. Much has been said and written and much philosophy has been exhausted in different a of the world upon the mysterious work Ings of mind. Philosophers have reasoned and generalized non facts culled from Long years of attentive observation. Sages have at Midnight Over the Massy tomes of Ici ent legislation and gathered analogy m the history of nations which have exed Anterior to their own and All for Rose of obtaining knowledge of sorb and legislative regulations would be i calculated to Advance the moral interest society and Lead Mankind to approach a Ouder Eminence in the scale of moral and Teller tool greatness. But after All Ribeir Nerous exertions to elevate the condition if their kind the same jarring evils that ook the foundation of ancient societies ill invade the ground of social and political Cun Orny. Spreading anarchy and desolation ver Fields that should yield id the hand of Dusley the fruits of a prolific soil and Gen the Cannon s dread Thunder yet alls the san ficus offering of Tho bunds to he of carnage and and sons still clasp in their Iron embrace the i deluded victims of unhappy the Bloomil of the suicide Mill smokes upon Ibe alter of Bacchus ascending flume is yet a quenched by the Shower of tears Ibal has burst upon it in copious torrents from the storm rent Clouds of human sympathy Why has not the oppression of these evils upon society awakened Mankind to a sense of condition and a knowledge of Ibe True Means of happiness 1 in answer to ibis interrogation i will say that though every True philanthropist has bad in View the same grand object yet Many Good and Uneit hearted citizens in the confusion of their , have of the right Means by Lisa their designs and run p the. Multitude pursuing popular excitement which be lock of experience and eager hands at the delusive to imagination which have Confes Othi Muneis to the critical disc rim on of unerring reason the Cloud that menaces danger often darkens the Means of Security yet experience is the Prophet of the grand Telescope by whose penetrating Power we unfold the mysteries of the the destiny of men and nations and by which we should Ever he directed in the Sage deliberations of legislative policy the Wisdom of a Benefi client creator Bis so constituted Mankind that an Appeal to his reason Honor and con science is always More efficient As an incentive to moral action Thau the threaten ing Vun Getice of a frowning Law to sub due any cruel disposition of mind we should approach it by an Appeal of principle unlike itself and thus Sollen its icy coldness by manifestations of kind Leeling and tenderness Law is not a successful impediment to crime b pc merely operates upon the effect of a cause Over which it has no control the motive is will obeys and the effect is inevitable. A knowledge of this lad should be sufficient to induce every Lover of Good society to cast motives of generous sympathy around those whom he would Lead by Bis gentle influence and direct heir wandering Steps in paths of peace and pleasantness. It is amusing and often pain Lully interesting to a vigilant mind to observe the precipitate changes of Public Opin Ion without any visible cause for such might revolutions in the great tide of popular Serin ment. But a few years since some Gen Irons healed individuals organized them selves Inlo Temperance society and styled themselves Washington tabs what a glorious appellation and hour happily applied to a society that sought to Mould their principles to the Model of that perfect Char Acter whose Wisdom shone As clearly in the councils As in the Bailies of ibis nation the organization of the Ciery was established upon generous and Noble principles and for the purpose of arresting the evil of intemperance whose growing strength had already become alarming arid threatened destruction to the moral and religious institutions As Well As to the political Prosperity of the country. Moral was than the Motlo of every temperence ban Ner and the language of its and Oral Ere. For awhile it attended with Success which outrun even the highest expectations of Fis most devoted friends. It breathed a spirit of Consolation to be responding heart of in fortunes e influences and wiped the glittering tear drops from the Pale Cheek of the deserted and heart broken companion. It script the inebriated of Bis him in respectability and Lei him to Bleyl the god whose image he bad perverted and whose name be Hail blasphemed. Nor us influence destined it rest this bide of the Breeze that unfurled the spot less Olds of the Washington Ian Banner Bora Upun its Halcyon wings the spirit of it Mollo to the Green Island of the and called of degraded ions to to a glorious redirection from Vitae very grave of infamy. But in our own country anon behold the change thro Ghou. Stale of Tew York nil lome of via Dolomont went up from be of the to the Law Man fac of those slates invoking legislative interposition to shield the country from impending ruin before i proceeded to speak of the result of those Laws which were called into existence by an Over zealous disposition to Force mortality into the hearts of men Lei me inquire of their faithful advocate what marvelous change had taken place in the Dis positions of men which required an opposite cause to produce the same effect have the the of mind Anil Dialler changed 7 does not the motive which was considered danger Ous to the Prosperity of the temperence Causa and excited the minds of men to indignation three Jere ago when presented elicit the same feelings now does nol the Stern Appeal of reason which touched the heart with sympathy then stir the deep Fountain of j the same generous feelings has moral suasion lost its Power or the human heart be come calloused to every sense of Honor and moral obligation when such interrogations Are answered to the demands of Ruth let me ask where is tha necessity from which proceeds this Law experience the foundation of All human Wisdom has invariably shown that Legista live enactments cannot a brought to Bear successfully against the evils of i temper Enre. It has been tried in Massachusetts and resulted in disorder confusion new York has made an attempt to Erato Clade the evil by a somewhat similar enactment though less imperfect and in consequence of its unfavourable result the legislature of that slate has seen fit Mills Wisdom i Trust it was Wiser in repealing then in framing to abrogate the Law in its infancy and place its subjects on the old ground of License regulations then alas comes a Large portion of Pennsylvania which with regard to this has forsaken the Standard of per manent policy to venture on Ibe dangerous Cean of Experiment. If what we have Al ready seen is any criterion by which we May judge of its probable results it is Suffi cent to condemn Ibe measure though we May hold in High respect the integrity of those who framed and recommended the Meas ure and supported it 10 la adoption it contains the very elements of discord and disunion. It has already carried Contention nto the heart of society no the evil which it Wab created to destroy. It is extremely difficult to enforce its to and when enforced circumstances May such thac he Inaa of i Gejl or wrong May be doubtful. I discover the length of m y letter demands a conclusion if my article should meet the approbation of the editor of the i Trust none of its readers will consider me opposed to temperence principles or he spirit of improvement in any Way calculated to Advance the general Good of society but Evke opposed to such measures As have a tendency to impede the March of Mankind in moral pro Gress or the dignity of intellectual Suen Gih j May 29, 1847 aft with my dangling in Irb. He old lady s berth was immediately opposite to mine and one i ring she note ranch ear Lier than usual having been prevented from by n serious the of both our tale rooms happened5 to be wide open and or. Tee to Luro. Her eyes Over toward mine saw a sight which would have Reade i particular on end if she bad any of her own. The top of her Voles of. Lord of. Loid Steward mime of lord i of or Tung him self dead he s dead out rushed the passengers from every berth and Down tumbled the ship s Cieu my Inch another of laughter Atlantic never before dec biped and All Nal caused by my Boon drag me in to inv inn Idonas by Ribeir Dofort Unali straps a new question. The Good old. Commercial tells the Fol lowing amusing a serious Iliff Cully has Arisen we Are told Between two individuals Emp owed at either end Ofa telegraphic line in the refrain As yet from mentioning names one of these communicated to the o her by wires a certain matter which it appear was erroneously translated and Occas oried some Mil chief among Ceil sin spec no lers thu led to a dispute Between the workers who Beean abusing each other by dots and scratches very severely nil Al length one charged the Liber with direct and Ibsen Lional fraud this was regarded As a Gross and the offended Pahy appealed to a neighbouring Justice for Stanter Ibet a process be is used against i Ibello r the Justice carefully looked Over All the Laws and waa some Uhn puzzled but he con dered that it a to proceed and furnished the writ which reported word by word to the off Emlet on the Wujec Una a Volun Teer addition that he thereby consider himself arrested and appear in person before Ibe said Justice on the following monday Hen and there la less lao ing return Wai and dotted an and a that your Are to ans n or Len minutes after the follow clearly scratched Tell Justuce of be is ool and Tell All your friends ditto ditto to what be and the Justice this return considered a Legal threw both into a paroxysm of rage the Justice Bun sell now went to the Telegraph office in person and directed Ana Suer of replica Tion to be despatched to Ibe offender couched in the severed language that offended dignity could Ponikly suggest and it in hinted that either in Sciog sight of his office or by some Interlink nations on be part of the injured Telegraph officer some pretty Hanh Nurmi be tvs As it May the message proved too for the wires for it waa reported shortly hat they had broken with the con hot the Ofle to let the m Learned sides and i rally n ten Miles from the office ice for the present then ended i cd patties Are determined not her rest thus. Lawyers Are engaged on both is Reco Njoni de that the parties . Amusing incident. An amusing incident is pleasantly recorded in the following passage from a letter of a writer Down 1 Sancho Panza says blessed is the Man who first invented i do not say ctr sri is the Mari who first invented straps on but i do say blessed is lie Man that first abolished heir use in How Many awkward predicaments have they not been the cause of placing us How touch More free How much More comfortable How much More natural to dispense with these pulling knee irritating monstrosities is it not enough that we have or As our juvenile nomenclature used to have a very suitable name i was by the bind us Down to Earlh with the pressure of the but we must also have the upward pressure Olibe fool straps both drawing us together with the Power of a Twenty horse Hydraulic press i rebel for one i have dispensed with both straps and Lus Pindera and i address you or. Knickerbocker As a Man of Plain com Mon sense discretion and age to do likewise but All this is not furthering the object of Ray writing to you on the present occasion i wish to Tell you of an incident that happened to me some nine since when com Ming from to Boston on Board the packet Brig a it was All owing to those unhappy straps one of my fellow passengers was a fat old lady who suffered much from sea sickness. More than Wenly times in Ibe Day he old woman would put the Good nature of the Steward who was a Jolly irishman to the test by wishing to be logged upon deck then below again inso much Chat they died to Call her tee to Lara sometimes she longed to recline on the deck but then it was cold and the bad nothing 10 Asp herself up with. I made my self a great favorite with her by spreading out my Buffalo Rob and tacking her no with my cloak. You live no doubt been to sea Are cd painted with the exceedingly easy that gentleman and ladies make end Nam Ikon on ship Board. Following the general practice i usually in pah inf off my five Lor i Arnii Hung them up to ceiling to Tai Ittu Toom opposite the employed in the Telegraph offices at either end Finhall for the present desist from scratching or do Ting an thing on ibis subject till he new code shall defined More clearly Whai Mehali constitute libel also that words or United or scratched by Telegraph shall be added to Ibe words writing or so As to embrace re new method of communicating by lightening j but be q Jarret though Ulena still continues since Ibe lines were no mention is made of Ibe firs difficulty for instance last Friday a usual commercial communication w As made "tel1, messes Scott k co to Purchase 430 Bali new Meis pork on account of b l which was added by Way of p s you mean Dir y scamp the answer to bit b l co thai s15 per bbl due 19ih inst have you Ever paid old its for that pig you stole Frorer her lost sept you scoundrel and thus Bors if form me sri Scott Al their order Lor pork is executed he quarrel by on the wires continues Between these iwo Dollers and scrap to often hers no wonder the wires Breal but if Node in invention has gone a Lilke ahead of old Laws we Are consoled by he he be that the new code will reach the existing evil Aud if it be True lha a Wink is As goo i As a nod to a Blind so May 11 be equally True under Ibe new code that a la Mallch and a Dot shall be on in equal fooling Wii i words spoken or printed Jet a few c ays ago. At the rendezvous of Cap Chaae in the tenth Waid a woman with Chubby child in her Aroni appeared and demanded a Light of the officer. La himself so sir you be clapped your dirty Sojer trappings on my husband have you 7" Vvhs is Jour husband madam7" deman ded the lieutenant so Blasej Billy Mcmurtey and a bold boy he is. E Butil s a dirty thing o you my pretty take him from in wife and children Caa t be he a l too now Thlen take the baby cried the woman forced the child into the of it. G. I Taka pm a i 1 lend Foar the off the ran at a rapid Pace leaving the onor Tunette Lieut with Ibe nov recruit Squal Ling in in arms doubtful of its value to the service of Uncle Sam he seat it Home by the father commercial. Tiev do say that there s nothing Ruu under t tie son but if their Ain t a new pair of said an old lady As she took Itice then i m mint akan that s

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