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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 9, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaThe to o a e a l. By 1a.mes p. Magill 1 editor and proprietor Wellsborough Tioga co., a. Dollars and Fiat cents Par an num exclusive of cents deducted if paid within the year j and for dash Actium 7 in and Vance one Dollar will be deducted no paper discontinued until All arrearage Are paid unless at the option of the editor. Advertisements not exceeding twelve lines i times for Oue for every sequent insertion Twenty five cents. Notices not exceeding sir lines inserted for seventy five cents. The charge for one or three insertions the Jame. A Liberal discount to yearly v. Bitten Fob the Tiona eaoi.3. F 4. I have intimated that Light falling non to transparent body is partly reflected and partly transmitted. Thia is generally the Case but not in every instance. When a beam Falls very obliquely on the second sur face of a transparent body it is wholly reflected arid not a single Ray is transmitted or suf fers refraction a that surface id plate Glass where the Angle of incidence is greater than 41 leg 48m the reflection is total. When we speak of All the Light being transmitted or reflected by transparent bodies Mast be understood to refer Only to that which n not arrested by absorption. Pro Bably there is no substance which does not absorb Light More or less it is speak intelligibly on the subject of it fraction without referring j diagrams the reflection of Light has a nolo which Are familiar to the general Rea Der and susceptible of easy examination by Means accessible to All. But refraction has not that i know of any obvious analogy in All the other Phenomena of nature though its effects Are every Day observed by those who us their eyes its nature and Laws Are not understood without careful study and i believe very few peo ple have any Clear ideas on Ibe subject in order to write intelligibly without the use of diagrams i must assume Itaf refraction is caused by attraction Between the parti cles of Light and those of matter i will ask the Reader to remember carefully that this Alt action operates Only at an distance that is a distance so minute that it cannot be distinguished by the Eye. Now let him follow me in an investigation of the effects of this attraction and i think he Toon acquire a Clear of retraction let us suppose As Case 1st, that parti c e o Light is moving within a substance of Tvett density texture and a plate of pure Glass in this Case its direction will not be Affe cud by attraction for that Force is exactly the sane All Loun i and is completely balanced the particle of Light will in this Case move on in lire to the surface As it passes out it ill for an instant be exactly Between the g ass on the atmosphere a re the balance or equilibrium of attraction does not exist the atmosphere being less dense than the Glass a cell Ecrert a weaker attractive Force than the Glass because a smaller number of its particles or atoms will be within attract ing distance of the particle of Light condition includes two which t will Call the 2d and cd the 2d, is when Light passes perpendicularly through the surface Here Hie bal Ance of attraction tends to Jrew it directly Back toward the Glass and May retard its velocity but cannot its direction Case 3d, is where the Light passes obliquely through the surface Here the sur face of the Glass will be nearer to its path on one Side than on any other end this is the Side toward which its course is inclined attraction of the Glass will draw it downward on that Side inclining it More and More to the Glass until it has passed beyond its influence when it will continue to wove on in the fast direction thus Jeiven it this binding of a Ray of Light is called Refrat Tiyo in this Case the. Ray is rendered More oblique to the surface of the Glass that is to is the perpendicular. Just the reverse of this happens to a Ray of Light As it passes from the atmosphere info the Glass. Supposing it to be affected by attract lion and within an insensible distance from the surface if it meet tha surface perpendicularly i Progress May be accelerated by attraction but not its course altered for the combined effect of All the attractions 19 to draw it directly toward the Wai its direction at first. If it meet the surface obliquely this combined effect of All the attractions will cause it to approach the Glass More directly and thus Render its direction More perpendicular if the atmosphere were of the same Den sity As the Glaas or if from any other cause us attraction Lor be particles of Light were equal to that of the Glass none of these re fractions could happen but the Light would Pait in straight lines through the to face As through tie body of the Glass for All the attractions would in that Case be balanced. The gloat and the atmosphere May be taken As representatives of any two transparent of different densities Beira a in Contact while Light is passing from one to the other. To save words i Jill introduce b plural me which Means any substance fluid or which transmits Light. As in the Caie of the class plate to in All other cafes the Law of refraction May be that stated when a Ray of Listii is seas Obi utly from a rarer to a Denstitt Zelit toward the perpendicular hat it passes from a to a medium tit is Bent the per endict Lar being a supposed straight lint inter in stink the surfaces of the at Rig fat Angle. This or refraction is North All cases proportionate to the differ ence of density in the Media for certain Tubito Cei Potsis greater Power of refraction afr vols 42.1 than Independent of their Rel tire densities Bat the above expression of the Lam of refraction is generally True. The inquisitive mind will Dot Lack for Means to examine the Phenomena of refraction to a very extent though dryer be gratified with the Light of optical Apa Ratul made expressly for that Pur pose. A will meet with Many Lamilia Tancig which the unthinking pass by the brute or Only note As Tou Emp Taule for their exalted tastes. Vary Likely if one should be caught in a be contemplation of these every Day mysteries of nature and Providence be will suffer Ridi Cule from a Tajo. Ity of Bis neighbors. Lim have Pat Tience and not blame them nor ear them. Their eyes Are not Bis eyes perhaps they have been taught to value the Man As they value the brute for the dollars and cents of can earn. It it even so with be great iriss As yet they Are partly and cents Are very subset annal Ood things i they be Neces sary things which All people do Well to look Ufier and put to Good use but this in elect which is Given to Man to look into and understand and Admire the work and contrivance s of creative is for nothing Bill to help him get dollars and Centa. Me Boury. Miscellaneous. The locomotive. There is a fearful Power in the Iron horse of the Bird Resistless Rushing Energy a bib perhaps is the Best Type of the Iron age of puffing and Progress the steam monster so like a i veg creature and yet but a ghastly caricature of life is thus delineated by dickers in the latest number of Dombey son Holove Fasti to the railing and read with the shriek and a Roar and a rattle from the town Browing among the dwelling i of Man and a taking the streets hum Falej big out Luto the Meadows for a moment mining through tha Damp Earth booming on in darkness and heavy air burs Ling out Gaia into the sunny Day so Bright and wide away with a shriek and a Roar and a rattle through the Fields to rough the Woods Tjho rough the Corn through the Hay through the Chalk through Ibe Mould through the Clay through the Rock among objects close at hand and almost within the grasp Ever flying from the traveller and a deceit us distance Ever moving slowly with him like As the track of the remorseless monster death through the hollow on the height by the Heath by the Orchard by the bark by the Oit the canal across the River where he sheep Are feeding where the Mill is going where the Barge is floating Weie the death Are lying where the factory is Smo King Vebere the Stream is running where the Village clusters where the great Cathe dral rises where Moor lies and Thi wild Breeze smooths or ruffles it at us inconstant will away with a shriek and a Loar and a rattle and leaves no Trace being but dust and vapor like As in the track or the remorseless monster death away with a shriek and a Roar and a plunging Down into the Earth again and forking out in such a storm of Energy and perseverance that amid the darkness and the whirlwind the motion seems reversed and to tend furiously backward until a Ray of Light upon the Walls shows its surface flying past a Swift Stream. Away once More the Day with a shrill of exultation roaring and rattling tearing on spurning everything with Ita dark breath sometimes pausing Tor a moment where a crowd of faces Are that is a minute More Are not some lapping greedily and before the out at which it drinks has ceased to drip thing upon the ground shrieking roaring rat in the purple distance louder and loader yet it shrieks and cries As it comma tearing on Resistless to ther goal and new its Way like the Way of death is strewn with Aires thickly. Everything around is blackened. There Are jagged Walls and falling houses close at band and through the tattered roofs and broken windows Wret bed rooms Are seen where want and Feve hide themselves in Many wretched shapes Whilo smoke and crowded Gables and i distorted Chim Nies. And deformity of bricks and rooster penning up deformity of mind and body choke the murky distance. As or. Dombey looks out of Hia chamber window it is never in b is thoughts that the monster who has brought him there has let the Light of Day on Beia things not made or a knead them. It was the journey s fitting and of everything it was ruinous and dreary. Clergyman happened to pass a boy weep bitterly. He. Halted and asked what s Matte t my. Little fellow the boy re ing the. Plier before we could hardly get enough to eat of any thing and now what shall a do for there s another hush thy Moc Maring and wipe off those Eaid the i Clergyman and remember he never sends Mouths without bending victuals to pot into them. I Kaov that said the boy but then he sends All this months to on and the victuals to Houke i from the Philadelphia saturday Sonrier consequences of smoling. We have become so Melba identified with a single and in come revising opposition the Idle Pernic Ous and filthy practice of in and Street smoking in parti Cular. We have hitherto Regar led these vile practices More especially in their bearing upon the non Consu Rrt sri of the noxious Weed who Are most unjustly and Oft times indecently aul ejected to the disgusting expectoration and suffocating exhalations of their neighbors and friends. Who among us is there who does not know dozens of the class of persons to which to allude who have Lovely wives and pure and sensitive children yet whose brer Tbs from the United effects of tobacco rum and cigars Are Little if any Leas repulsive and Nicken ing than would be the malaria of a Charnel Houser but it is not Only in a social Point of View that he abatement o this evil is worthy of every Good philanthropist. Its physic Are of the most important Anc character. The editor of to Tizen and re effects alarming e London fallowing literary Gazette holds he language i the habit of smoking has not yet had due medical attention results of smoking so Are blackness of Teeth and gum bolls. There is also a Sallow paleness of the completion in irresolute enels of disposition a Tantio Fife and constant Solwa who do not drink a tendency to pulmonary Phthisis. Or. Wright of by Mirt Gham in a letter to the of Thor fatty corroborates his and both agree that smoking produces gastric disorders inflammatory byte Ctina of the Larynx and Pharynx j1 diseases of the heart and Low Ness of the spirits and in Short is very injurious to the respiratory circulating alimentary and nervous Sysma. The egyptian obelisk in Paris. A Bacillus Church of Rochester is in tick a series of letters for the Christian sector of Boston called the rambles n in the last of these letters he peaks of the egyptian obelisk and his re actions upon it Are nearly equal to the finest passages in Stephen s travels in the holy and. The account is As follows at a Central Point on the spot where owed the noblest blood of France during the reign of terror where Lubis the Xvi and his Quew the father of Ibe present King ind finally Robespierre himself Ibe chief actor id this scene of carnage paid the debt of nature under the fatal Guillotine the famous egyptian obelisk As the connecting paid to it and its consequent Only by two or three year. Lions that or. La cock i become fully aware of th2 great flanges diced in the system by the abuse of tis it is Between ancient and modern majesty. Observe obelisk is one unbroken Stone seventy tobacco and of the varied and obscure form of disease to which especially excessive gave origin. He proceeded 10 slate some of Tern As they were met with in Pharoh tical mucous membrane he Slof Nacho the lungs the heart the brain and the nervous system. The tobacco consumed by by habitual smokers varied from Hal an ounce to twelve ounces per the usual Quantity from two to three ounces. Inveterate Cigar smokers will consume from four to Fiva dozen Pei week. The first morbid Jesuit is .11 inflammatory condition of the mucous membrane of the lips and Tongue ther the tonsils and Pharynx j mucous membrane becoming dry Anc congested. If the Thorax lie examine to Well it will be found slightly swollen with congested veins meandering Ove the surface and Here and there a boreal of mucus. Caiiou ascent is upward into the posterior Nares. The Eye be comes affected heal sight redness a Reculin spasmodic action of the Orbicular is i Scle experienced with Inyol Cratice of Light on awaking in the morning. The frontal sinuses do nip escape but there is heavy Dull ache in the t Ilion. De ending do Ivy the aliment by canal in come cd the stomach the e the Resul in extreme cases Are symptoms of a iritis. Pain tenderness and a sensation of sic Liness and desire to e pectoral belong to this affection. The action of the heart and lungs implied by the influence of c the nervous system but a morbid Stai oath e Larynx Trachea and lungs Resul from the direct action of the smoke. The voice is observed to be randers cd hoarse and with a deeper tone. Sorri times a Short cough results and a Ca of ulceration in the Cartilages of to Larynx came under the doctor s notice. The patient was such a slave to the habit that he hardly Ever had the Pine out of his month. Similar sufferings have been caused by Sim Lar practices in other instances. Another form Ista slight tickling Low Down in the Lynx or Trachea and the p Tient cough or rather up a Gru Nous Loo Kirl blood. It is so alarming As to by my Laken for pulmonary Hsen opt Sis. Anfe action of tobacco smoking on the heart is depressing and am i individuals who feel it in this Organ i More thin others complain of an uneasy Sensa Tion about the left nipple a distressing Itsvo feet Long and As it stands on the plinth and Pedestal its top reaches an Altitude of ninety Nam feet and two inches it was brought from Luxor to upper Egypt where it wag erected by see Janaa 1550 Yean be fore Christ daring the life time of Moses and simultaneously with the Exode of the children of Isreal. In All human probability it was the work of that captive people when they were lashed to service by cruel task masters. A before the establishment of Ibe hebrew polity before the first lines of written revela Tion were communicated to paper before Ca Naan Naa Cadmus had introduced letters into Greece before Troy was sacked and Homer bad timed his Lyre prior to the founding of eternal Roma far Back in the Depths of an unexplored Antiquity ibis Gran Ite column lifted Ita Summit above the Sands of the the battlements of the Hundred gated Thebes proud Slone time that has swept away a Hundred generations from the correspondence of the n. T lion trial of Currl Meree the Buena Yiasia its importance considered. I trate not Ibe least do Tibt that the Battle o Buena i Vista is considered by Many if not the greater portion of the people of the oin led states at an affair of no great importance in these warlike but Chat it was a. Matter of every Day occurrence nod there fore was not much to be admired or wondered it. In order that Bosje persons May be unde. Cei Ved. I Hope i be Able to show from facts which i have gathered within the last four Road Jeths connected with Bir subject having had Tome considerable knowledge of the mexican character that it was an affair of some Little consequence and of rather vital importance to the people As Well is the government of the United states that Fuch a Fanda Amis thai is not got every Day in the year in we Are at War with Mexico in the first place Gen. Santa Anna after the defeat of Ampudia at Monterey assembled and organised a Large army at san Luis Polosi and every one will agree with me w in i say that this Force was so Large that m i Ico could ill afford to support in a state of total inactivity. It was evidently for some purpose. That Santa Anna intended it co hold Possession of Tampico is not at All Prib Able As that place Vraa abandoned Wilhour a struggle. That he intended for the def ice of Vera Cruz is likewise highly improbable for the Only Commini cation Between Ian l Uia and Vara Cruz is by Way of the i Ity of Mexico a distance of Over fire Hund de Miles and if intended for that service in All human probability it would have been concentrated at same Mere convenient Point the City of Mexico itself As a matter of course needed no defence for it certainly was Safe so Jong an the mexicans held pos Sion of Vera Cruz where then did Santa Anna intend to operate with the of thirty thousand men which had been r at suck an expense and the very subsistence nation Atli their from f As certain. But reflected Santo Anna the Helm they looked upon a defeat As a matter of fatal Ity. The Only Region heard assigned Dot carrying oufbia., ten on the Day App a mexican Buena Vista All hit be Tern Tance of did not consider notwithstanding of Mexico were of his Arn Ticao Elep Lant with Coward be. Doubt but this not advancing what most have Surprise when of Gen. Taylor batteries of Art. Lioted1, is of it signed Captain Takeo prisoner it that Gen. Tyler bad leg Lars within striking Dis that Gen. Santa Auna himself equal to the the bulb crimes of the City bonding him on and some who had not yet seen the actually charged him i have not the Lezaic was the real cause for his at the time specified. But at san Luis not must be some Nis Taka of which amounted to thou iams of do daily was it supposed that he would main quietly at san Luis Potosi will been his Delight and agree withdrawal of nearly All regulars with two or leery Viat announced to him Ivell May be have said it is cannot be possible there and oat unlit be was officially s cities at Saltillo it. Fresh Coor tons through t announcing 10 colous Story t become alarm thirty thousand consequently w had left the to t undo by. The mexican author would be believe a word of in All a fire Rio Grande ers were sent e Valley of the he ignore it people ibis Ridi pc at the american general bad in at hearing that there were troops at Sar. Lais and had i drawn ail Ibe regulars and lung ears on account of their cars re his mar Moth Force until period he did not know nor was it in the Dower of any human being to inform him. A Man of known Energy of character like Gen. Santa Anaa we wild be the last person to be him self Down in a position that he would lie the laughing Stock of the whale world us Well As his own nation it was therefore reduced almost to a certainty that be had some grf cat scheme in View some herculean last by which be hoped by a single blow 10 Reg feeling not amounting to Allied to it. The action but of he heart observed to be feeble ind Irr Gull an uneasy feeling is also experienced in or beneath the pectoral Muscles and oftener on the right Side than on tha left. On the brain the use of tobacco to diminish ther Ipi Lily pfc Efre bral action and flow of ideas through the mind. It differs from opium and Henbane and rather excites to wakefulness like Green Tea than composes to sleep induces a Drea Ness which leaves nor oppression on leaving a great Susce Stibil indicate b by a trembling of the a and Zirri ability of temper. Such i the tends Are compel Mankind to acknowledge him one of the first military chieftains of the age think i shall be Able to show that this his plan and if i succeed i shall claim no i o has left Thea unbroken and thy mite Nous that Mexico bad lost and at the same characters in effaced representatives of the pharaohs speak Tell us the contrast of thy new with thine ancient Mode of life which is Best which most Beautiful most joyous most corrupt contemptible 7 Are the Pari Sian hordes that swarm around thy base bet than the theban throngs which adored thee As a god did Abram s sons polish thy smooth surface or chisel out thy cabalistic characters of what is grecian roman or tuscan Antiquity compared with thee thou lordly Defier of time and time s Rava Ges my head reels my ideas grow confused at the Rush of sentiment that poors in upon me at such a Point As the Sailor doctor Sailor hav ing purchased some Medicine of a celebrated doctor demanded the Price. Why said the doctor i cannot think of charging you less then seven and six Well i Tell you replied the sail or take Odd and i will pay Yon the even. Replied the doctor. We won t quarrel about the Sailor Laid Down the sixpence and walked off the doctor reminded him of his mistake. No mistake at All sir six is even seven is Odd All the world Over so i with you a Good get Yon said the doctor i be made Foar Pence oat of you in All time inhabitants to be Sac Rifi you will be surprised when i Tell you that even this Story was believed by thousands As will be sees by calculating the time Between the March of Gen Worth Saltillo and the attack on Taylor at Buena Vista when it is considered that san Luis is three Hundred Miles from that Santa Anna did not Long delay his move ments his Large bodies of cavalry were despatched immediately in different directions Gen Minon was to reconnoitre Gen Taylor at Saltillo Gen. Valencia was sent to carry out the operations in the Vicinity of Victoria san Fernando and Gen Urrea was Serjit to play his part in the Vicin Ity of Camargo China and Monterey the plan worked Well Ibe Ranc Beros in All parts of the Valley left their Homes and joined Valencia and Urrea and so in Lions were the inhabitants and near Presidio Rio to give a Good account of themselves that they rated tilds by subscription and sent a party of traders to san Antonio Texas and purchased nil the powder to be bad id that town As Early As he 30th of january mexi can expresses were running in All of the country and every thing was on the qui Vive for the great Day when Santa Anna Cabouli give the which would set ibis overwhelming machine in motion fifteen Hundred Ranc Beros joined Urrea in i one Day the inhabitants of All classes left the Principa credit ily in Franklin was dining Vith a tory preacher just before the revolution wino gave As a Toast the the doctor and others of Bis Way of thinking Dran k it. By ind by his turn came and he gave the this created some confusion but the Clergyman s lady understanding the Drift said fray gentlemen drink the Toast or. Franklin has drank to our Friend let of drink to Bis. Come Bare my said a attorney to a y about of j age. The boy Cane and asked the attorney to tie tried next. The lawyer answered Case Between the Pope and the web do Yon think will gain the act oat Thi boy replied i guess it will be a pretty tight Pope has the most Money Bat the Deril the Law Painter whose Talent Wai very Ordinary embraced the profession of doctor. When asked fan reason he replied in painting All faults Are exposed to sight Bat an medi Cine Are buried with the to myself for As i said a tend to state a few fans. Many things occurred As Early As lie 25th of november last to prove to my min that something of the kind above alluded to on foot As Early As that period intimations to that effect were made to me by Friendly mexicans of standing and respectability at the same time they said if they should go into detail and Tell All they knew Ibey would endanger their own necks since the de teat of Santa Anna at Buena Vista and the consequent failure of his Campaign which was for the recovery of the Valley of the Rio Del Norte and the total extermination of everything american from this part of these men speak out fearlessly for notwithstanding they love their country they despise their Rufet s. As Early As the 35th of november i say Santa Anna commenced his operations to show that i am not far from Correct i beg leave the refer to the letter of Lieut Abert. Topographical Engineer to show that Santa be wus included a Well As the lower part of the Rio Grande that notwithstanding there seems to be a screw Loose As regards the Low country yet the Santa Means played their part and commenced operations on the Day appointed. Santa Anna s troops were to be employed in this Way portion of them were to occupy Victoria o form a nucleus around which the militia of the country in that Vicinity and Matamoros might rally. Another Force was to occupy Cadar Cita and China to form another nucleus for the Rati Cheros Between Camargo Laredo and the mountains. Secret circulars were sent to the Alcalde of the different towns calling on them for every Man that could possible be spared with instructions to equip them Ai Well m he could stating at the same time that if they had not fire arms they Mast Arm them with Long a Caiwei pears and every warlike weapon their imaginations could de vice. Santa. Anna wan to Advance from Luis and attack the americans at their i i their eyes to Thev indic they remain can said to towns where our troops were quartered and those who bad friends among is Besought them with tears in leave the country saying that their throats would he cot if a very respectable men Irie that he Nas not an Alai m is but be new Santa Anna was advancing with an overwhelming Force and that not withstanding he believed one american sol Dier to be equal to three mexicans yet he feared that it would be impossible for Gen Taylor to withstand be Shock Sinta Adina s in paralleled March against san Antonia Texas in 1836, did not exceed the rapidity with which he rooted the main body of his army from san Luis to Agua Nueva so certain be of Victory that be Only took twelve Days provisions with him saying to his men the immense Gran Aries of Thi enemy Are before you you have Only to i and take them of they moved full of life Oil of Hope certain and sure beyond a d met that they should carry every thing before them and Santa Anna Bimi Elf looked Forward to the Day when he would enjoy a reputation not inferior to that of Napoleon him self Well May they have raised the sri out when they found the americans bad Abando led their Camp it Agua Nueva Well May Santa Anna have said to Bis men in the Northern barbs nans the de spoilers of your soil the Deserra Toralf your churches Are fleeing before you Onward Onward and avenge your slaughtered country can they rolled like an Avalanche net to it Siiter was to drive them

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