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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 7, 1855, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaUs bomb id e mtt0, Sec inc cite Cit country is the most prosperous where commands the Greco spare the old Homestead nor Rulh Esaly part the lies that have bound it so ions to my Bearl. When wooden Gand weary and burdened care a Bright spot of Sunshine Sull beams for me there j then spare the old Homestead to Wear to me yet the Home of my childhood Neer can forget. 0 spare the old Homestead twas there 1 first knew the have of a Mother Sull changeless and True a father s a brother a a loved Sisie a 0, these Are the memories. Thai beam on me there then spare Honn Siead tie dear to me yet the Home of my childhood i Neer can forget 0 spare the old Lime Lead though Moss overgrown ii i alls All deserted decaying alone it Back to us Hearth Slone will repair As though Ila warm greetings pm come me there to pure the old Homestead tis Drar la me Yel the Home of my childhood 1 Neer can forget of the old Homestead till Ilia pensive hour when age makes me weary and lil Yieldi us Power then Beai me when Fain up to breathe its weel air. And dip mid the Sunshine beams on me there Tiu n Llie old Homestead Tii dear to me yet the Home of my childhood 1 enter can Furguel. You Salt dear Jim Why i took to much in Terest id Ihal boy 1 i will Tell you. But Mark me you Sisusl never allude to the eur decl again. I had Iho ight. Ibal for my own credit no one Mould Ever know the reason of my solicitude concerning him 01 by Hia death has affected me co deeply. But he la dead now and Leal you should misconstrue my int reel Iri him to Ray Prev Ute be i will Lell you frankly All that i wellsbok0thursday Juff amusement. 1 have had Nany severe i ones my dear have of Elnadi All was lost and that my life h As nol won a Ruih. I hive seen my Foo dest Hoppa crushed by one fell flow and i hive Lell to cry oui if in agony Al the cruel Fate Ethdl pursued me. Bul All that i h was non mar to what i fell Whir pile Zijm interim equal boy. Wit Blue Eye gazing supernatural Ihnn Ghl How Hal perhaps but know of i the of revolutionary time lie r i Mong slurry related by a Sci liver to cd Wren a Lew since will the Imi rusted among the people of Kew j and Billie trying period in which it related n Hie a Ternoois of of the i id to far As u affects Mysell i was n l always Yogi Are aware dear Jim the Man j of have recently known a i once lad posit i p and influence and when you Firat Tejw me had never done acl to brine a Blurb of e Amelo the Cheek of Friend or relative. But of his enough. In sub Ceil Lloil one year n thereabouts As i went to my office n a Beau Laiful morning id March i noticed a of walking Down Ibe Streel Juat ahead of me looking pile emaciated and Yel there Wai a exceedingly anxious look Ibal i bad never sees Belbute thera waa he face of a boy with Ibe anxiety of a Man. In truck Peculiar Al the first glance and i ook at Hini 1 perceived Hal u waa Uley he could restrain himself from us. When he Law me he rear eased i and spoke up with an obvious Effort in. Sir Are you not the editor of Laid 1, my file fellow and Ubai can Topp Edlo Vii diff robbing a us Emilio f uncool 1 please do far o sick sir and we Are very poor and i Wand to gel a place to work whal Tan you due said i o i will try to do he replied but i Don know what i Jean do for i always ent to pc Stool before i came to California i ill iry to do any i Hing the Boj inhere Ted me and though i Anoka callous Man whom buffeting with the world has hardened prematurely i could not allow him to i rave me till i had Given him a word of Comfort 1 my Fine i. Can you come to my o Bee Al Een o clock this evening 1 i he will do anything earn Eon p Money for my poor pick Mother i look a Ive Dollar piece my pocket and it into us hand had 1 a right to do if i lad often i i ought to pay my honest debts Elbre i in the boy too i Light of Chanty. Hui i a right to med at the Money Ihen he looked id Eiver a looked on thai i Bright r into mine and for my neglect i know f know his Mother might then have Bee i alive. Nol How i looked or How i aced. But Hal Man never suffered More in a Short spare of i line Ihan i i have never got Over in Yel. And i never that i you May not be Able to realize the Fult Force of it bul i would not have the same Louch of heart Brea Klabin no nol for All the lands Ever owned by Mcgregor after thai 1 tried to do what 1 could to drive away he deep melancholy thai free riled to Hnyp oel led upon him bul he would uni be comfor Ted. He Ece med in be impressed with the idea Hal Here in Kan Francisco Wiere to Many live in extravagance and splendor his Only Friend his beloved and affection Nile Mother had Heen allowed to perish in a Biel poverty and neglect i attended the funeral and interested some of my friends in the Case so Hal she had burial bul the boy thanked Rne nol How could he1 could feel or allude. Thai i had shown an interest in the dead which i had de Nied to the living1 he seemed disinclined to receive any favor from me and i to c ear Calm mild Eye waa Loo much for me to Lonk at. I quailed before it a i quo led before thai he Miehl nol suppose Hal u was i who was acting in his behalf i got a Friend to offer him a situation where he could am More than his support. But lie hid not keel it Long. He grew paler and paler each Day and soon wan Loo weak to attend to his Dules at All. Watched him with More than fre Ernal interest and i often went to see him a his room it was verde Nihat lie would Bonn die i procured a watcher for him for my own i sence seemed to trouble him and when 1 went the next div to tee him i found Hal he was Deal he died As he had lived pursing me. I belittle in i heal Cei Ved a passion for some of kor Washington s love in one of these Nan scrip practical Slud ipe and ene irises upon some documents Emula with All thru we have just apparently unto Mariia can ii there Are evidences in his before he was fifteen Yeara iou sat to disturb Hia other a Buchanan affairs memorials of we have dome by in con and with a. In a word Ibale be had in Beauty i Well regu whole Job. 899. His cast ins Ted i fell while he lived that his q upon me and i have often recall mind and to make him really unhappy. Why Shis juvenile attachment waa a source of Unap Tinea we have no positive Means of Ascenion of. Perhaps the object of it Roxy trave consid ered him a Mere school boy treated in i As Uch or his own shyness May Navel been in his Vay and his rules fur behaviour and Convy a Uon May As Yel have sat awkwardly on him and rendered him formal and when he riot sought to please. Even in later be irs he was Apt to be silent and embarrassed in female society he was s very bashful Young said an old lady whom he used to visit uhen they were both in la Weir non age Al used o Len to with Hal he would talk More whatever May have been he reason this Early attachment seems to have been a big rce i poignant discomfort to him. U Clung Long Fier be look a final leave of in the a a Iii of 1747, and Well try Ceide with his i to her Lawrence Al mount Vernon. Here he on med his mathematical studies and his Ifa Clice in surveying disturbed Al Timeo by recurrences of his unlucky passion though by no Means of a poetical temper Aroner the waste noes of his journal betray several attempt 310 Lour foil his Madious sorrows in verse t Ley Are Mere common place rhymes such a Loi use was justly d the terrible Hen Hurt i into tears believe me i had a mind to Lai 713 when i was a few months Thuri of i y4" have Vej Brink a Lears o a nonce isme to Townsend. Where my father used to live thai fifteen Aid he did i act like a Little big smoke the word beggar he burst t again i and the tears gushed Annh Alruth t lad mid i bul hit to your this evening i will have a place Tor m Hai Uoti can Tarn Llie Money arid uhen to it Era were wanted the ire Ming band was instantly called ofin1 my brother next older than myself was one selected he did not return till f n when All were in bed when i Rose e mailing 1 found rms Mother in tears who d me i hat my brother John was to March a after Sunrise. My rather Al Boston in the Massachusetts Assembly Ier Taid thai though John was supplied summer clothes he must be away seven or months and would suffer for want of Ivy garment. There a at ibis time no and no articles to be had except such As Fame y would make itself the sight of a Era tears always brought All the hidden Atli Osmy mind to action. I immediately j her what garments were needful. If that is Faid i we will fun Shirri a pair before he goes said my Mother the Wool is on the nil she and i i of Flea Back and the sheep Are in the 1 turned to a younger brother Nde in re Lake a Salt dish and Call Ihen to her replied poor child there Are no Kuhio three Miles and a half come Small shears at the loom of j Laid in we can i spin weave to 80 Short a certain we can Mother Yon weave u1 there is a Long Linen in the i Muter can find an Fth pay loom Inis Lime the sound of the sheep made me to my Boppe Howarda the Yard. I to bring me the wheel and cars i went for the Wool. I went to the Yard rat brother and Sec Fred a White sheep e Mailer i talked with one and he Case of the poor by was quite my Herid be lore i returned the Dif latches of gun to for m he 10 friends and next Piper i Quitine faced boy and his dying Mother hat i cop id not see the rain uld employ him. But if he would to Day at two o Cloche i would gel in seven Cluife of came my heart mole it when 1 saw him for i had neglected and for Rotten my Bui i old Foi Ive so much for the deception a ii neglect l a i t bought w come the n in i the Situa lion and pay him he fir i month s Sal by in Adi Ance. Dejected be turned upon and Elihe office. The next morning i Vien i to in Friend s store he was out for a few minutes while i was standing in his door an acquaintance with a Fine horse and buggy can e along Ajka asked me to ride with him a he Mission i i Al once consented thinking local a i Camle in we went to he Mission Iron i Sheie to Ibe race course. Time flew sri try and before i was aware of a two o Cloi k had passed and i came Home to find that the boy had been to see my and had gone away. Idi not i would Nee him again thai nig 1, and would Pul off the import Lan to him a Lill the next morning. But he can e again in the evening Ami i had to Ell him lha i had Bee i away the next Day Ai twelve Bow Over shot id see him i his new place. I was near y twelve of the next Day when i Bell ought my Lell of my Promise. I Hameed Down to see m y Friend and found thai i was Loo Lale the Tsoi nay had been filled shool an hour before. Cons hence Trainen i returned to my office and i let the boy s anxious look As f emceed the door. I told him f had just been to see about the Aro Majed situation and if was taken Yel. I thought i coiled gel him a n lace soon he thanked me but his heart was burst f a anxiety terrible Lor one to Wall Viia fing his life away f found him a place Sunden ii for him. T sat in my office writing the door wily opened and ire entered not Eden Tor Tomt i before own ing Roluri lines of Coleridge orb in a curse win Eddre Lowell a spirit from on High Bui of Mote Lerna e Tenn Hal a Curee in a dead Man he is dead now. Dear Jim by this Leann i have again to pit off he Husi of another for the take of Niv own. Lite or deals May depend upon Lik i i Shilu Niino you know in of Lilily fur though life be Al Saki i to Tok Why i should perpetuate us fitful an a Frid cumin n free country i lived in la Bella France Sare Zey used to say to me. You thou d go to amen que dal one Grecni Countree where everybody do Fth Usi As Zey like pleased me to picked up my Box. And Goon boar the sheep and pretty soon after Long time i landed in be amen que Porter seize my trunk we Ileal want him or no and carry him off so Velo run after him and try to gel him away. I Ell him i re port him to be Gen d armes its be a free spa he and i want a Quarter Dollar i gave u to him for i very much afraid i lose my Box Ai i go along lha Street a Man Epil lob acc juice and it fall on my Coal and say Lomm Sare anti hive soil my coat you should to Kent Jour Mou choir and wipe him off but he Only s n a tree Countree i Taw a Man cruelly peal hid Little Hoy with o poker to my heart fill with completion and i by to Sare you Are one very bad Man to hurl be Little infant Wiz be poker v of about your business you Eez he 11 Eum Zis is a free Countree a Leelle while after i met Al great pig Irish Paddy Whit he culled a Shili Elali in his hand he came to me. And pointed a Leelle Rubben which i Wear in my Waistcoat and says by Jivers. Are Yob one of bloody know nol h Ings said of Here shall Lell you i not bloody Al Ell Aro yes a know nothing 7 Sard he 1 know nol what he Means go i say Idon l know he exclaimed you Don t know you know nothing t will make Yon know zat us la a free country of free for me As for you end with he raised Hia Shil Lalah and Lay in an my head. I run very much frighten Mon Dieu that i should come into a free country where everybody do just As hey like and nobody to Alop zem. I sail be hell sheep for France i no want to live no More a a free Coo tree woman s cd docent remark Man nera fear More than the menial Force which might be compressed and Pompei into a javelin to Pierce Quile through a charac Ter they splinter into Tittle Liny Dahl Al Elick Al aver the features complexion Altitude drapery mow often have i entered a Roo Ift with the embarrassment of fee ing Hal All May motions. Pom Drea Drees were critically appreciated and self complacently condemned but Al the same time Wanh bold consciousness that the inquisition could reach no further have said within my character that la the Roan Fau Sha it you be hints this Mil May be he Whit you can Tell and Yon would nol perceive e Ruthef if t were o Light he him. R you five my 1 place at in Lark a Fine fellow last. . In veg by Are to have Twenty Elk. And you shall have t whole salary Jin Advance if you he came toward me and handed me a slip of paper ii Wasu notice for the newspaper and the Utah of hit Mother the Young lady who jumped klan of dislocated ref ankle and threw Fier Hearl out of place Al Lasc accounts she was recover ing. Leaping has its danger the great mistake in Many of the plans for Reolie Anitius society consuls in supposing Tutt Tun ply the want of mme. At his age Are Al to write in which he Bew us poor restless heart wound by cup and 4 bleeding for one to remains of his Griefs and woes the Lehr of some of his Verelee induces u be but Ai vented by i that be never told ins Lave already surmised was or 1 me idl t fcb mild Vve Long have i willed and never dare reveal it is difficult la reconcile one s to his and conce in this hard Riding old Nobleman that the youth imbibed that fondness for the Chase for which he was Atler wards remarked. Tradition gives very different motives from Sheie for his two a Journe in the lat court ship. Charles Augu Mua Murray an English Tran who once sojourned with the Pawnee Inbe of indians says when the liver wishes to break the ice a conies to her father s tent Unm viled and sits of to r j unit i the Corner of Ibe mat for considerable Lime. Ter City. He found there an Early and Riu Dkl men Duco in Raj Wiki uni a 1i1d id schoolmate Beverly Robinson son of John Hob be 81epi perhaps to Ibe Inion speaker of the Virginia House of barges gentle pressure of the first Seg he was Liv tog happily and prosperously j b Rahing hesitation in brat Mutual with a and wealthy , having mar of understanding after a few Day. The pc m. Young Man returns wearing Hia Buffalo Robe ried one of the nieces and of or Adolphius a Rich landholder whose Manor Bouse la still to be seen on tha Banks of the Hudson at the House of or Beverly Robinson where Washington was a honoured Yueai to met i a Mary Philipse sister and Ca heiress of mrs Robinson., a Young lady whose personal Are Eaid to rivalled her reputed wealth we have already Guen an instance of Washingion a Early sensibility to female charms a lift however of constant Acu Vii passed Tor the most Par in the u werners and sible i social Man i York tha 18 s he but a Bable on if Frontier fur from Fennal left Little mood or Leisure for the n Luo the ten Dei sentiment but int Yehirn in n in the present Brief of no t j be. To the Aitra Lions of an e i uni w Roi Ghl up in the Pohle Circle of new Young Man re Iurna wearing with the hair outward and Avaio Siu Down Ai Lehl in the Corner of the this lira promo a regular popping the Queetro if lha father is to reject him nothing in placed for him to my on and no meat be offered bul if lie approve of the in Alch obese rights of twp itally Are observed resets Given by the Nartis. In order to obtain the Content of their r Lutaves if both Easla vermin at in this Krupp it i Young Man reprints himself free of Irp Tief Orp his m inc of her ii i anal Ihnn Rund and walks is j Vav of Rowan in. Own she Rise a and follow him is i err c nil pop if Ahri ii Iuri s t me u h hit her Ami y tit i in i l1 All do in w id Lei la to kept p uni j in i Lori r v h k is t adds ilm on p n i in i dec Flo the n of the Cool and Perlote Vav a Hiir Ion Hunt am i Berly a worn Lover n in Fullr fill Days sighing like Furnace mining plug inure Gerocs about the gropes mount vermin. We Are glad of an Opp Orlu Row Eier of Penel rating to his value feel and finding that under Giudiei decorum and Reserve he hid a Henrj of1 flesh throbbing nil a warm impulses of Fiu Ian nature. The merits of Washington of appreciated by the Fairfax family quite sri teen years of age he no a boy nor was he treated As us Letic and for ins training end the code of conduct gave a Gravity end decision to hire known though Onger seemed h tall hta Early Talf e had lie i conduct Ordial Rega de. A frankness and made sly inspired and the melancholy of which h Speaks Irisy have produced a softness in his laced to win favor in ladies Eye to his own account the which he was surrounded had effect on Ilia melancholy the charms Carey the the Brile seem e Ien to have Cauger e slight j i his Hondru which Howe r was cons anti rely ind by the remembrance o his former us least we judge rum letters to his Youthful confidants rough drafts o which ire still to be seen in his Lell Lale Journ i to one whom he addresses As his dear Fried writes or residence is at press Al his lordships where 1 might Wii my Hei disengaged pass my Lime very pleasantly there s a very ajar enable Young lady lives in i same House col George Fairfax s wife Suiste a Hal s Only adding fuel to fire u Mak me he More uneasy for by often and Una Vou Bly being in company with her revives n former pastion for your lows and beaut whereas was i to live More Neurei from you women i might in some measure alleviate n sorrows by burying that Chaale ant Iron Brevoo passion in the grave of similar avowal he makes to another of i Young correspondents whom be styles de Friend As also to a female Corfias Bly led dear Sally to whom he a Knowledg Hal Ibe company of the very agreeable you lady sister in Law of colonel George Fairful in a great measure cheers his sorrow and Deje Ted Ness. The object of his Early passion is n positively known tradition slates that Lowland beamy was a miss Grimes of we Mareland afterwards mrs Lee and Mother general Henry Lee who figured in revolution by history a Light Hytree and was Al ways a favorite with Washington probably Iron the of Bra Early tenderness for it Mother. I whatever May have been Sheflo oiling effect of the female society by which he was surrounded at Belvoir Tfaye youth found a More effect a remedy fat love melancholy in the company of lord Fairfax. Hia lordship was a Eta tin cd Fox Hunter and kept horses and Bounds in he English style. The Hun log season had arrived the neighbourhood abounded web sport but Fox Hunkins m Virginia required bold am skilful horsemanship he found Washington bold m himself in the Saddle and As eager to follow the Bounds he forthwith look him into Peculiar favor made Hunting compan Ion and it Wai probably under the tuition of urging his Sun with a Early accustomed of society by and the most or hobble Verdi in of the to Iory e was Call d away by his Public Dulien e had made sufficient approaches m Hia i he lady s Hearl to warrant a summons under. I 9 in ton web by sir John rih Quad apr master general of the Tor r general fur bed to repair to Williams id Lav thu Hole of the before the he eel of promptly in Horeb air Al Llie miliary Eer he Lale neral Braddock ii proved an 1 in Birney. Though n t in a in Hilary Point in Ero bins Alkerry of Llie a Murrey i of York rift he fell in cum Piny mrp who lived in the Rhonda and who1, in the emt of Virgin he was an open admirer of mis Phil tsp toned fact thai he sought her hand 3 refused is traditional and not very pro his military rank laurels and distinguished presence were nil calculated to find of Hoof in female eyes but his sojourn or new y re was Brief he my hate been diffident in to the mixers is thai before siege 0 to Burr Wai Sicu Ces in Bur ii Nunci tended Ved of evenly of i a bran Uilah Nei Jhb Ian Hospi Lashly claimed him As ii with difficulty Vrabl Emulon could be prevailed on to halt for dinner so Imp Niini was lie Loar rive a Williamsburg and acco Coph a his mis Sion among the guests m or Chamberline s was a Young and Blooming widow mrs. Martha Custis daughter of sir John both path Chin names in the province tier husband j in Pirk Gus Lis bad been dead about three years leaving her with 100 children and a Large Torenne she is represented an being Rel her be Low the Middle size bul extremely Well shaped with in leg Lefebre dark Hazel eyes Jii Haurand these Frank engaging Man ners set captive alg in Southern women we Voljin formed whether Washington had met fore probably nol during Haj widths i time he and been Elmo Al by on the Frontier we have shown h All Hia Gravity and Reserve he was Quiec Tilv to female charms and they May Fia re had a greater effect upon him when thus Cai a ally encountered in face tire moments Anat he i from the cares and perplexities and lode nes of Frontier warfare. At any Rale his heal appears o Bave been Aken by sur prise j the dinner which m those Days was an ear Lier meal than Al present seemed All too Short the afternoon passed a was like a dream. Dish of was punctual to the orders he Hud received on the horses pawed at the door bul for Lonert d in the Pathol duly. The horses were countermanded and it was not j until the next running that he was again in the Saddle spurring for Willia Mabuyo happily the White House the residence of mrs Custis was in new Kent county Al no great from that city1, so that he had Opp Orlu her in the intervals of business his to no for court ship however was Brief military duties called him almost pm medially to wine tester Bot he feared should he Lene Llie matter in enterprising rival Mihi supplant him during his absence a in the Cage of miss Philippe Al new York he improve therefore his Brief Opportunity to he it meat. Hie Blooming widow had Many suitors Hul was graced Hinl r Nown so Ennab ing in the of woman in a word before h by had separated they had mutually plighted their Faith and the marriage t Lake place As soon a the Campaign against Tori Duquesne was Al in Rod Init hip v it Hippi Dru generally hip inv nip y doing the Lead nerf the a pint Ulla iia and cons quest a curious typographical French in his lateral work in the English inn Quige Pom s out in the 24 i verse of the chapter of Matthew. The which or am at a e Nai and Swallow a c Imel the professor thinks contains a miss not which having Heen Over in the first edition of 161 1 has held of found Ever since the Granfe Tamora intended to say which Strain out a gnat and Swal Low a Camel Hal a Fiina hip to Rraci rendering of the nor Rinol As uppers in t Idale s and Cran Mer a translations Bothof huh have Sirim our it Waslh custom of the a Lecler jews to Strain their wine vinegar and other Poi Bleg in rough Linen or Gauze. Leal n in they should drink Down some Halle unclean insect a Flat and thus the Levi Cal Law it was to this custom hip Saviour alluded intending to say thai the scribe and pharisees while they Elearn of e gnat from their drink would yet Swallow a Camel Al Gulph Tab Kitchen we give to Niel Lect to to Rainy to religion and to All the Virtues lha Honor Hal belongs to them and Tull n be boldly affirmed Hal Economy table ill and neatness m the Kitchen hive a great Deal to do id making life Happy and prosperous nor is it indispensably necessary the it a Houe should be filled with luxuries All the qualifications for Good housekeeping can be displayed As Well on a Small scale As on a Large dub a Small House can be More easily Kepi clean than a Palace. Economy is most needed in the a Deuce of an abundance taste in As Well Dis played in placing the duties on a Pine table a in arranging the folds of a damask curtain and skilful cooking is As readily discovered m a Sicery baked potato or in a respectable Johnny cake As in a Nul Brown sirloin or a Brace of canvass Back the Charm of Good House keep ing la in lha order Economy and taste in attention to Little i Hunga and these Little things have a wonderful influence a dry Kitchen and bad Coati no have a Laruen Many a one from Home to seek for co furl and Happi Mesa somewhere else Doi Ueen Economy u a science a theory of life which All feasible women ought to study and practice none of. Our excellent girls Are 61 o be in red until they Are thoroughly educated in the deep and profound mysteries Ottlie Kitchen a Allye who Are mothers that your daughters Are All accomplished by an experimental knowledge of Good housekeeping Ohto Farmer a fool in High Dialion is like a Man on the top of a Monument everything appears Small to bit and lie appears Small to every body the Fame which follows True greatness no Friend need he d up and no enemy can keep Down. But few Iii his in a a per Are Clar enough for Ubron omits to Muff if a Birva Lions so bul a sea i pan of life to Serene Lor the i tin i m Hurni v a. Going to sleep is a delicious moment certainly thai of being Well nettled in bed and feeling it at you shall fall gently to sleep the Good is c Ime nol past the limbs have been lire i enough to remaining m one posture delightful the labor of the Day is gone a gentle failure of in e perception creeps the spirit of consciousness Isenga Moi e and More and with alow and Defeee like a Mother selecting her that

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