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Read an issue on 5 Jun 1850 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 5, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaCitero Tutte Al morality agriculture amusement. A yeah w. Poetry. 1850. F 3 t r ii Ighland Maky. Of icky Loop s Magazine i it m whom sell ill loves r i t 1 or More i Dill n in inc Byrd on ing Tiv 11 so truly e i h Iowie pc Vitila or Cilc i l r in Ini nun i nor sighed m Ilij Ilund iary i a f h Watro ii i h in h fit ,4 o twice to g if to i Qew r in i Niu Bench Brike i no t i by Jiing i j Cliv i ii Emo Shook he t Vij Husum n b Rii e Lla i How soon v ire b inv cried i r a Tott Pul cd i in s Ipi Ltd cd i in Mare n 3 i r i in i to 11 t i int Ligula he apr cred n Urt no j int p is ton it in met f Ivor i q i to ii jew c i in it Irod p to in flu i 1 in i s bum in. T f n ten to is m in in Iri t worn of in i d or i m h ill in i h h Wili Loncto h her Icib pm Rcd ice t1 i i or blood 1 t Ortts nor r tin in i to m prom Hcan Firo t lot Mon v i to of in j c r Len Thor Lubers f r int i Toj it Haiko i i i t l i c r for Icard m it 1 _ h i it 1 1 i on bin Lodi n 1 rec ave j r f i h he i r i l i 11 r i i in n t r lit a c in 5r _ 1 hid in i of 113 n Imo 1 re ii undid fun o t i incl aunt moby s stewed Goose. A Yankee extravaganza. It was aunt Nabby s birth Day and she was bound to have a stewed in onions and with cabbage and Salt pork to match said she to me be it we got a about the farm1" said i we ate the old Gander at can Mas and he was the last of the patriarchs aunt Nabb went Down to sue who was get Ting breakfast said she the boys Tell How we be it got a Goose in creation now what shall we do1" go replied Susanna Nith that amiable tone which her father said had worn off her to path close to the Gums. Aunt Nibby however was Bent upon a Goose and when such a stiff person gets Bent on any thing you May consider the matter settled and i saw that a Goose of some kind or other would be hid at any rate Here you cried aunt Nabby to the Little Black specimen of human frailty who was digging potatoes in the Here i want you to go along to the neighbors and borrow a Goose Cato Laid Down his Hoe got Over the Fence and shoved off Lua pedestals to borrow a Goose. 1 he first House Cato came to was that of Sam soap into the shop went the Yankee fied negro and made a Bow to or soap who sat like a dignified Hindoo idol busily engaged in Patch ing an old Blue coat with still older Brown rags humming most mournfully lie air of 1 c a inks and Braes o Bonny Dom or says Cato Saint got no Goose nor nothing Saint pc for aunt Nabby 1" soap was a literal not a literary and to he called his daughter. Propriety Olio hav ing but one Eye Avis likewise called that is by ome who were classical muttered he Giu Cato my Goose 1 Rety like a Good girl took the Brnad Flat Fine i can Tell you and then susanna1 and Cato to bring in dinner aft while they were doing that the company All toot a stiff grog by Way of appetite mid then stroked Down their faces and looked at the table and there was a pig roasted and stuffed and a line of veal and two philosophical scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge has often been neglected from i Lea that it can Only by attained by old hens and an Everl Aslog lot of All kinds of individuals who previously possess considerable Earce pies puddings doughnuts and cider and information there cannot possibly exist a above at the head of the table the dish in which greater mistake for nature is so simple in All the hero of the Day that a smothered her operations that they can b of rendered As intelligible to the mind of the Humble Mechanic or unlettered peasant As to that of the haughty in onions Ami utterly hid beneath the Load of carrots and cabbages. The Squire flourished his Fork and pounced the pig the Deacon tack led to it the veal while the Sexton went sen ouly to work to exhume a piece of pork from an Avalanche of Beans the minister with spoon gently a tarred away a carrots and onions in Hopes of thus coming at the Goose it smells remarkably Edid he to aunt Nabby it s particularly fat and she replied i picked it myi Elf from a whole Heap i and still the minister puked until hip spoon grated upon a surface. A skewer i and plunging Hia Folk my the onion mass he struggled to raise the Iron handle with which he had a pmed is be bless cried aunt Nabby what s that i should says the Squire that s an old Goose gracious me after tugging away at the Iron handle a few moments he raised ilium and exposed the tailor s Goose to the View of Irie Asl Omeed company aunt Nabby fainted away and when she came to the company had left the table Lienare of advertising. Of Ike Boston journal a customer addresses the clerk tre a state Ofca Ciment you recollect sir that i ordered my advertisement into our paper about a w Eek ago sir very Well directions to have it inserted three limes Only i sir your directions were com plied with if you examine the file before you you will find it inserted three times i j i Tel ii no in i v r in i i h t b re ii n i lit Umi i Bru id i i Ini in in Iron off the shelf to piling Cato to be As careful according to order at Ever Alai in not it wet she wrapped it i custom know that it in a Piper and away Wint the nor was inserted three and if you had slopped Tallo deliver his to Susan. It then All would have been Well but it was i lir i Lind Burns k c i t of cd cd r i n it Ruhr Miko i non in acc to ii acini of j i re mor i n i i me i to Miko f ii i r ind liar Nejl a in line nver i c i he in i 1 i mils to Rcpt r r m unkind Ini owed tic i inc Jour l i r Kish. Ins r l or int Turca r j Jeroon 5nnk an i Brao n Nini by 3 cos k c Jln. I Flowers and i hero s m. Bin s pcs Lac 1j" i i Iii nil 1 i v Bacn slut lung list i Bun Sac Kodl f a recorded a lands is Iii Wiur Scro Poknan i Rock Impre Binand in Bruckn i Jinx in Nils be hl38od y draws i t cd first in sisal or a Kuna. Join thing rather than own a i everything depends upon owning a w to Jon cil her own blindness 1 Len tin world was in darkness is cast away upon the arrogant the "1 or Loo heavy to understand it arc looking glasses for Tho face but that defect must to sup m3 reflection upon oneself never All parts of our time neither Cao reason 3 of he a odc6 Gladden Tho May hold head m Sua on our a Lennesa to our fellow Crea surest Way to lire with r lobe should not be despised Many . Many drop. My Agncious if that Nigger Saint got me an continued contrary to my orders every Day to the present time s it was her business to indeed inspecting the file you slew the Goose and ask no questions at it she Are right sir was continued through a mis Vunt. F ullo the print Long of ice but there Iron Goose to Stew but nevertheless i went and pretty soon the tailor s treasure was swimming among the cabbage and pice All As Nice As could be. After break fast aunt Nabby had gone abroad to ask in the and when she came Holinej went to How the Camo on 1 peer or the most Learned philosopher it is certainly True that a former times partly from ignorance or the defect of the English language and partly from an ignoble wish to Feller the Progress of the human mind Tho most simple truths studiously obscured but the Curi Ous signs and harsh and disjointed crude and complicated technical terms which were then in general use have now been done away with and the pathway to science is at the present Day open and easy of Access to All. In this age of intellectual excite ment Many Means have been contrived to extend in blessings of education and schools of Art be been instituted and popular lectures Judi Reiou by delivered with a View of commune Calm in the most easy and familiar manner those principles of science which explain the various Phenomena of nature and the different processes of Art by which we can Supply the necessaries and the luxuries of life. Science of mits of two general divisions he first compre Hending an investigation into the nature and opera Lions of our own minds the second into the various properties conditions of Mailer or the objects Winch we perceive in the Exter nil world it is by a stick examination into these that we become acquainted Wuh the Laws of nature without some acquaintance with them we must be continually passing Over Many objects and Evenll unnoticed that Wise excite the greatest possible interest and admiration nor is this All for when any event does occur of so uncommon and striking a kind As to attract our attention and so to awaken our Kulij Wir and by Sydney Smith Vivis. 11 i wish after All i have said about wit anal humor i could satisfy myself of their Good effects upon the character and disposition Bull am convinced the pm Bable tendency of both is to corrupt the understanding and the heart i am chinese tradition of the in an a drets lately delivered in Dublin by or Giza of shut distinguished mint among other to a the following let them new ii Iok to the East of Asia and there on its shores washed by the Pacific they would find Chira an ancient nation which has retained its customs for Over 2000 with a strictness and attachment that would do Honor to better thin hrs. In fact the chinese had a continual history even from the i deluge not speaking of wit where it is kept Down by a p time had writer i in All More serious qualities of mind and thrown into nes Anil in and they Lead a the background of the picture but where it stands out boldly and emphatically and is Evi Dently the master Quality in any particular mind. wits though they Are Gener ally courted for the amusement they afford Are Seldom respected for the qualities they pos sess the habit of seeing things in a witty language which m its essential parts forme ver in he change for the past 2000 years. Was it not a wonder that this nation could exist so Long and could not be subdued by the storm that had swept Over the Plains of Asia the fearful in loads of barbarian who wasted and overthrew the roman Empire in the West and Point of new increases and incursions j m the All that the Wisdom of the Hindoos from its own proper regions upon principles and Stabli hed did not annihilate or disperse opinions which Are Ever held sacred by the Wise f Nii nation for he called the chinese his own and Good a Wilty Man is a perform Ilion the invaders of China instead of or in process of time he can no More exist a nuns heir Triumph a nil ional character were without applause than be can Evist without air obliged in to amalgamate with the cd Nese if ins audience Small or if they Are Matten ani1 thus thin nation was preserved in its purity live or if a new Vav it him of any portion the comete history stated that there was at of his adm ration it is All Over with one lire a gnat deluge when the Val pal Roe sickens and is extinguished Tjie applause o i o lne heavens and that the Empire was then the theatre on which he performs Are so Essen converted into a swamp which a King called to him that he must obtain i them at the sex i shun got pruned by Means of canals whose Pense of decency Friendship and Good feeling Mouths opened in Lothe spin and Rivers the t Mut always1 be probable too that a Mere wit Date event Only diff red a few years from is a person of Light and frivolous understanding i that generally is Synod to the Deli due ii Hia business is not to discover relations of findeis a confirmation of the Louth of holy Scop turns that Are useful and have a real influence pin that so i Tant j nation As the chinese who did life but to discover the More trifling relations not know from the Bible of the occurrence of which Are Only amusing he never looks at Preat fall should yet record the Samet vent things with the naked Eye of common sense As of m holy writ there were but la always a Zig at the world through a Onei coincidences also such for example As Claude Lorraine Glass discovering a Tho record of a great starvation which look appearances which Are created Only by the in p act Yonut. The Tine when Joseph was prime c 10 consider As very amiable very ignorance if we Are unable to explain it on of had i a i c be or very Safe so far the world in in principles we must fall Back upon the Dere of v. is no Hirm done you need not get in a passion of course we will charge for Only three insertions but i will get in a passion sir id like i Don t mind the charge proved Lead to the most absurd superstitions Thunder and lightning comets meteors North Ern lights rainbows and indeed every phenomenon of nature his in its turn excited those superstitious feelings which appear natural Toman while in a stale of ignorance in ancient times Thunder and lightning were regarded As occurrences beyond the common course of nature under the Strum enl of inspection and covering every object with facetious and unnatural colors in Short the character of a Mere wit in is impossible to consider As very amiable very i jul i Tjing of wit where Inias swallowed All other Quail fictions judge aright but doubt if they Are sufficiently indulgent to this Fatu Ity where it exists m a lesser degree and As one out of Many other ingredients of the undersea mining there is an association in men s minds be tween dullness and w Wisdom amused England Folly which has a very powerful influence in decision upon and is not overcome without Tion the jews were accustomed to open the to doors and windows of their dwellings during a outward sign of a Dull run and a Velmn Are minister of Egypt effects of proportion. It is singular says count Stol Berjer in his travels ill Bolh the outside and tie inside of St Peter s Church at Rome Platho tight the first a pet they fill the heart with a Samime sense of majesty do not appear so vast As Thev Are in reality some Grilies Ferm thit tins is a defect in the Structure others maintain that the gradual development of ibis grandeur though it does not immediately convey to the Eye an idea of its extraordinary magnitude is but a consequence of perfect of Melry and i believe that these ire in the right. You 1 is it Lender Susinna 1" said the i Susanna it is not of that i complain but great Barm has smiled so sweetly that the old his clock in been done the culpable neglect of your Pnra the Corner next to the cupboard stopped and i Ter has been the cause of a degree of annoyance and vexation that will Cost me my life Ever since the advertisement appeared my store has been crowded with customers and in a loud voice they Are increasing thit i have had to double the number of my clerks and do More than double duty myself i have no Lime even to take a comfortable i held its hands of replied it s so ten Der Arter Bem boiled and fat " Oil bless be it s so Broad across the Back my mint s Mouth Vii tired so that she was for ced to look at Susanna to Correct the agreeable impression am with my work through the Day Well noon came and the neighbors began to i and evenings that i Cann Ougel a Wink of Slepp drop in first Camo the Parson who being a nights and raising his voice Man of remarkable punctually took out his to stand it no longer. If you doff a t take that watch As he came in for the purpose of advertisement out of the paper forthwith i shall How it chimed he Sud Wuh the old clock he go crazy or i shall have to bum Mem the police walked into the Kitchen bade miss Susanna to keep out the you shall pay the Good i com ate i i hum n figures As Well mile As female appear same and so Are the outward signs of a i less than those of Seq in size that Are not so Well frivolous Man and a witty Man and we Are nut i to expect that the majority will be disposed to look to much More than the outward sum i Germany toll the Bells of i the continuance of a Thun i Athens when a person was struck dead by Gigli lying the spot on which the Accident occurred i was enclosed and an altar raised for the people offering sacrifices to Shpir gods the superstitions of the ignorant which can Bend to such customs have from the rapid advancement in our own Days of the the Only eminent Quality which resides in the mind of any Man it is commonly a compiled with Miny other talents of every description and ought to be Considene As a Sirons evidence of a Fertile and Superior understand a Alonsi All the pets. Oriti rt., and state men of All times hive been witty off Isar Levand. R of Fem formed i have a Ftp ride the same of or Vatman on Trees the finest Oik 1 Ever saw did not appear to me so till or a Lari re As Tiura around it which were less Beautiful and which m fact in size 4. Word to Little girls who is in ply it is the lit lip girl who drops give i Unrine kind Reiniks ind smiles a his a kind Vic in of f lit i ult never scold knowledge of science not Only been dispelled g romans attached undue importance to the Comet u., .1, f by that to enter into common place Declama Mii which appeared a Short time previous to the c Al j l against faculties because they Are Din rent augustan War and to that which attended the j frn St l l wit is do Nerous. Eloquence is Dan re Ous a the enl of of Pertalion a dangerous a celebrated historian been of Thal ha8 them at the destruction of Jerusalem we Are Happy that such not the condition of the work ing men of the nineteenth Century the school master is the press has wrought wonderful Amer lifting heavy persons. One of the most extraordinary passages in sir David Bressler s letters on natural magic is the Experiment in which a heavy Man is raised with the greatest facility when he is lifted the instant that his own lungs and those of the persons who raise him Are inflated with air. Thus the heaviest person in the parly lies Down upon two chairs his legs supported by the one and his Back by the other four persons one at each leg and at each shoulder then try to raise be raised giving two signals by clapping Nis hands at the first signal he himself and the four lifters begin to draw a Long full breath and when the inhalation is completed or the lungs filled the second signal is Given for raising the person from the chair to his own Surprise and that of his bearers he rises with the greatest facility As if he were no heavier than a Feather sir David Brewster states that he has seen this in explicable Experiment performed More than once int greatest difficulty in the education of children is the immorality of parents for unless they actively concur in this great work every thing is vain add useless. The grand foundation of a Good education is that parents teach their children none but virtuous principles and set them Only Good examples. He who in the came Given Lime can a Roduco More than Many others has vigor he who can produce More and better has talents he who can produce what none else can has Genius. nothing is Safe but mediocrity the business is in conducting the understand ing Well to risk something to aim at uniting things that Are commonly incompatible. The meaning of an extraordinary Man is that he is men not one Man that he has As much wit As if he had no sense and much Sene As if he had no wit that his conduct is As judicious As if he were the dullest of human beings and Munagi Nitina As Brilliant As if he were irretrievably ruined bit when toil is combined Vyvah sense and information when it is to ten de by Benevolence and by Strona lire the trap Piaru Ami in Cunn stones which Tan never by loot take the hand of the Friend ibs s Isle on the sad and dejected. Pal use with those in trouble strive every where to diffuse a found you Sunshine and Joy. It you do this you will be sure to be loved. Ship s Blacksmith a ship s Black myth Colton has no such word As can l in his inca Blary he takes his order and tries to Shipe his Iron accordingly Thi ugh he my know it to be utterly i prac Tible. We had on Board the Natchez an old time piece which had broken its Mam Spring. The first lieutenant for fun told the Blacksmith to take it to the Anvil and put a Neva mainspring into it hearing the puff of the Bellows and the a Lek of the , i went Forward a Harp i pm Cipp when its in the hands of a Man who the m Wach taken to p1pce3 8nd the Vulcan Beatin with can use it and despise in who can be and something better than who loves Honor Justice decency Good nature morality and re Firce a p inc of Ron Tollne Vulcan beating with you doing Maui red making a Gion ten thousand times bettor than " ing to make it wit la then a Beautiful and delightful pan of 1 was the reply our nature. There is in More intending spec Tacle than to see the effects of wit upon the Dit Ferent characters of men than to observe it expanding caution relax my dignity unfree zing age and care and pain to reluctant gleams of pleasure the poor Man who envies not the Rich who Pine companions of poverty and care Lor him that is. Gull poorer is in the realm of human to. A King of Kings one paper f Iho great it Silvan tires of a news a Fini ily of children is a constant Stim from melancholy and charming even the pings of grief. It is pleasant to observe How it Pene the acquisition of historical scientific trates through the coldness and awkwardness of and gradually bringing men nearer Togo ther and like the combined Force of wine and Oil giving eve Ivy Man a glad heart and a sliding countenance. Genuine and innocent wit like this is surer the flavor of Tiff mind Man could direct his ways by Plain reason and sup port of Hia Lite by tasteless food but god has Given wit and flavor and brightness and laughter and perfumes to enliven the Days of Man s pilgrimage and to Tharin his pained de Steps Over the burning knowledge. Who then is a father will be so not to say natural Aslo refuse the tender objects of Hia a elections and Retro Sibily such an important Aid to their advancement a Bright and Beautiful Bird is will come to mid the darkness and tha sweetest song when our spirits Are Saddest when the Lone soul 18 weary., and Long to pics Awny it warbles sunniest notes and tightens slender of our hearts that grief has been tearing away. Spa Fri

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