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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - June 2, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaX h t i o a b Al e. R by Jam bi3 v. Editor and proprietor Wellbo Roufeh Tioga co., a. Two Ilo Llara Gnu fifty cents per an num Cic Loaive of cents Dedo tej paid within the year and for coat actually in nov Vance one Dollar will be deducted f i no paper until All Arr pah unless Ai the option of the editor. _ v not Eide Elfrig inserted three times for one Dollar and for Aab sequent insertion Twenty five cents. Polices not exceeding sir lines inserted cents. The charge for one or three Bonie. A Liberal discount wk1ttem Fott the Tioga so Lyle. I , s. La Lait no. 1 said a Ray of Light when reflected. Passes from the reacting so face at the same inclination with which it had approached it. This fact it commonly enunciated id another form which is More convenient and ought to be understood. Imagine a line perpendicular to the reflecting surface and intersecting it at the exact Point where the Ray touches. The Ray while approaching that Point is said to be and the Between it and the perpendicular line is called Ibe Angle of after being reflected the Roy passes off on tiie other tide of this line creating another Angle with it which is called the Angle. Of their angles Are always equal that is the Angle of incident t ii equal to the Angle of reflection 1 it is Eacy to see by the above Law that Syi of Light reflected from a plane surface Mill if for no change in Mutual relations. The direction of each will be equally changed. If they were parallel they will continue parallel so if they were conver gent or divergent that condition is not affect Vej. But the surface is convex con Cave undulating or irregular the rays will Ripi Stively undergo of direction varying in proportion to obliquity of that part on which they fall. Such a thing As an even surface strictly speaking is perhaps unknown. The surface of fluids when perfectly at rest and those of Glass or of Metal mechanically polished pro Ahly Are full minute irregularities and although Ibe re Flection from them is comparatively regular there is always a portion of the rays Disper a sed. Nearly All the objects around us Dis Perse the Light in every direction. This is owing to the. Unevenness or roughness of their surfaces. I it follows As a result of the foregoing Law that rays of Light being reflected from a can cart surface become More convergent than before that is if they bad been parallel they become convergent or if convergent More convergent and if they had been diver gent they become less so or even convergent. And Ibe degree of this change is in direct proportion to concavity of the reflecting sur face the effect on a convex surface is i Reci y the reverse in every respect. Reader who desires to investigate these facts minutely May do 90, by Coin trucking diagrams which shall represent sections of surfaces in question with perpendicular on various Points and lines representing. The paths of the incident and remit Clad rays Al these Points. Any substance of regular form employed far the purpose of reflecting Light or of form ing images of objects by reflection is called a to civil Tui or Mirror. If it consist of Glass or some fluid or other transparent material it is generally called a Mirror while the term speculum is used to describe Metalic reflectors Glass and other transparent sub stances though they transmit a great por Tion. Of the Light which Falls upon them reflect More or less at each surface. Thus a try of Light falling upon a of Glass is parity reflected at Ibe first surface while another part is reflected in the same direction at second surface and a third passes on Ward without obstruction. Glass alone would not constr late a Good Mirror. The Back surface of the Glass Mirror is there fore covered with quirk Silver which reflects nearly All uhe Rya of Light a careful observation of a plate of Glass Wilt detect the two reflections and the thicker the plate the More easily Are they distinguished. Mirrors or Are of three kinds plane convex and concave. From what has been said of reflection from the various kinds of surface it May be readily inferred thai the plane Mirror does not change the appear since of objects while the convex diminishes Anil the concave enlarges their apparent size. This however will not clearly under ii Ood till we. Have examined the of vision. Perhaps ibis will a done in a future number. There Are Many interesting experiments practicable with mirrors some of which i will nine. With a sufficient number of plane mirrors the Light or heat of the son May be Rii Rovn together in such intensity 19 to i la i v get the Appa 41-3 they will Continua to diverge forever fun less Semi obstacle Stop their Progress or direction. 1 have that a Mirror Enlar. Enaize of objects As Iseed in their reflected image. This is Ibe Case Only when is not farther off than the focus of Ibe the rays begin to beyond that Point the image is diminished in size and also inverted. The inversion is caused by the rays changing Ai before explained. The reason of the diminution of size must remain a mystery till we understand the Structure of the Eye. I at a certain distance beyond the focus of a Cance be Mirror the observer will see Bis own image i not larger than e mouse head suspended in Ibe air not in or be Hind the Mirror but Between it and himself the focus the i Magle object shown by a ton vex reflected is always Dimini nihed in pro portion to tiie distance Between the observer and the Mirror. This is because Ibe rays Are divergent continue to recede from each other exactly As after they have passed the focus of the concave reflector. Granting the truth of what is stated in the preceding paragraphs it allows that in All cases the image of an object formed in the Eye is larger in direct proportion to the convergence of the rays which produce and less in it. The reverie ought to be True and such t be Lieve is the common opinion. It appears very Plain that Ibe More the rays diverge spread the larger must be Ibe surface which Ibey will cover Jin the Eye and of course Ibe larger Willie the image. Direct proportion to heir diver would seem at first thought that suffer Rne o invite some of your readers who have studied the Structure of the Eye to account for or disprove this apparent a urd ily i have noticed two errors in no. 2, which i will Corr excl 1st column 91 h line from the for in 2d for Jet. Mercury. Tscellcmeou0. Anecdote of Achille Murat. The following curious anecdote made its j first appearance in an English form in this country in the columns of the new York j Mirror. It was translated from the courier i Etas Dis. Wednesday june 2? 1847. Which you will embark. Here if a Puree of Gold for each of will you Promise to. Behave yourselves everything happened As he by 4 arranged it and Napoleon thanked for having taken the lives of Only three of Dpi soldiers. The circus Munce remained secret until Prince Achilla Mur lit walking in the suburbs of Orleans Ivas caught Shower. He sought shelter in Ibe neat Eit Bouse a Small and Plain one Man and wife with their children were t e Only inhabitants. The Man had in a i6teret yet Good natured and that s which in old Soldier g fish walk rid the Price remarked i Bat the hoi fixedly and seemed strangely Agi Prince the Olber band Silt Bumble Bearth cast Hie eyes Arou Wilh thing curiosity of one to no. He Rose for he Siw t him ated. The no by the d the room has no on in Napoleon s Walls some Gojii the engravings of Napoleon s generals and oodles. Above i hem Here placed Lunder a Laurel Crown t o portraits of As general and As King have you Ever served France asked the Prince. Yes answered the bos not with out some embarrassment. V 11 in Italy under Gener Almur the son of the Soldier King h out hit Hail to his father s old Comrade. Your name my Brave fellow Claude Gerard might i ask i us Achille ii in True then Anil my Eves did not deceive me you Are the son if my Gen eral of my King and my Savior. If 1 am now alive if i have a wife and children i owe it to him and in Hereupon the old Soldier Lold the Story we h Down often interrupting it with exclamations of gratitude. The Prince whose singular aversion to society led him Loai Oid Ibe cily and wander about in the country never while he remained in americ roof More Welcome and visited hone oftener than that which covered the Fumble abode of his father s companion in a we in having be with the i Murat Soi of the sex King of Naples made mention the name of a Prince As a for a time at least connected Mew Orleans bar. A j Achille us an advocate there and showed remarkable Man if no an orator no Clarily belonging to Ler be never appeared Al the bar a Bis. Dewitt him Selya with a s his Ehara second time and has since quilted Ibe town orid country. We May however Mennon an Arinda the of his stay Here which rests on the authority of his Mother the Princess of j Lidna. I i while Italy was a province of the Empire i a Mutiny broke out in the Garrison of leg Horn of to furious a character Aslo excite in a by ghz degree Napoleon s indignation he was it o Friend of insubordination and re j solved Toj crush it in the Bud and make a terrible. Example of the culprits. Achille mural was charged with ibis painful duty when he arrived there the insurrection had spent in self and shame and remorse succeeded a temporary forget ulness. However the Hereupon e sketched blessings and bar actor and annually make As Many interesting paragraphs for the newspapers As do the deceased of revolutionary soldiers or heaths of Cen tar Iron servants of Gen. Washington and readers Are accustomed to Swo Luw about As much of what they see prism concerning the first As the iwo last. The following Story which had been related to us by a respectable person of unquestionable Vare cily who assures us that Ilene is o doubt of its truth hundreds of persons v ill remember i an old woman who ass set or years by Little cake hand close to the Kail of Chi Church in second Street. Every body thought the old creature miserably poor and Many a Penny has sympathy thrown into her tin cup. She lived in extreme in an old Shandy that stood the neighbor ing court and in Che Winter Lime Charity supplied her with the scanty amount of food Anil be she used. Well Day last week the old woman suddenly sic Laened and died. An affect Naie and Dutiful daughter herself such in ase fault gave him Cuc a a severe Shock be dropped it like a could he be prevailed on to make a second trial at length Tbs Captain procured a Sho end put hem both in without any difficulty. The next Day i observed one of the monkeys drinking from the tub but accidentally put his Bead Down too Bis nose came in Contact with one of the by which he received k Shock that made him beat a precipitous As soon however As be bad somewhat recovered from its p Tec i he returned with vehement Wrath Pic need in Bis interesting countenance. Having i mounted himself on the tide of the to ii he brought the eel a severe on head with his Ireland and the United states. At the meeting of the Irish conf Emeralion held in Dublin on he 22d of april by alluded to ibis country in Ibe following terms another May it lie among Ibe stars another Banner flutters in Ibe i ree bearing a Aid and Assurance from the mighty where that Flag was bowed and England s ice pure broken. Loud and Long continued cheering is it not a strange thing in you the subjects of be Crown which England owns should Lumu Llu Ousby rejoice at the mention of any Power by which Ber ambition was made to bile the dust and so it will be until a free Senate and emancipated Energy shall work the change. She Wai weak is we Are oppressed Asro by the same government but she strove As we have not striven and her name is Foremost in history and her destiny the brightest that answers Back from Earth the smile of the Sun. Cheers so May valor and right Ever be rewarded. Renewed cheers among other things with which Vve Are charged there it this crime that we land Iba great Republic without stigmatizing the Laws thai bind her Black slaves to. Their Thrall. This is an unjust charge. Wherever the slave is our holiest Hope is to set him free. But Ere we reprove America let us make reckoning with England on this score Ere we extend our sympathies to the Black Man in chains let us shiver our Oriyn. Loud cheers and let us not be so exulting in a Freedom of fifteen years which is ajl that England can boast since she too was in the human Market and made wealth out of the Sarls of men. Loud cheers and when Bev Lustful merchant princes let go their hold of this property it was upon condition Hal they should receive from the harder worked slaves n.1 Home Twenty a limes its value. In 1834 the whig ministers robbed us of Twenty trillions to compensate the planters who had thrive upon blood and 1847, Ibe same ministers refused half the sum to save from death the whole Irish nation. When we Are Freeman ourselves the Black slave shall not want True friends until we Are let us help curse v mole no. The Battle of Cena Gorto. From Thi n o a Testa of Way 2rf we Are indeed to capt Hughes of the topographical corps for much valuable and interesting inform lion. Relating to be late Victory of Cerro go feb. I on the arrival of the of her divisions of the array Al the Encampment of Gen. Tvr Iggi on the of april. Scott la King a recon Nisan be of the enemy s works storm them. The position for went to Ibe wrenched abode of look tier Mol i in a ill to buy her 10 cause combustion and even a greater de pose. This it is was understood by of heal than is necessary for that Pur Chr ancient philosophers and we Are Lold that by this Means Ifie defenders of Syracuse actually set fire to Shpir enemy s Fleet in the Harbor the same effect is produced with leu trouble by of a con Cave Mirror. This As we hive seen Eon Vergas the Rajt or causes them to incline towards other so that the reflected rows smaller and smaller it recedes till its Taya Nti eel .in1." this Point is called the beat and its density will b. In proportion to vhf. Of the a elector. A Small any Sao Ianc. If the Ray. Not they will Nova on eath in diction. Haring. Ton merged to words this Point they will Cross each other path and sides. Those which were bore wit i now Tom. Which feb Tjia n it will now on tit fee emperor s orders were strict that punish ment be i inflicted. Mural therefore called the soldiers together and after reproaching them bitterly for their offence required thai the ringleader of the Mutiny be Given up otherwise ten men out of the battalion would be drawn by lot and shot. The soldiers Hung i heir beads and professed themselves ready for any punishment the emperor Migbel inflict upon them but begged the Genera not to Force them to inform against Ribeir com rades. I Murat could not yield and the ten whose Lames were drawn were about to be carried off when three soldiers stepped to the frail and avowed themselves instigators of the revolt. There Wes 10 much shame and contrition expressed by the Mousta Ches list Murat was deeply moved. He stood s Lent awhile Ihnn ordered the three criminals to be taken to prison to be Sbol next n orning. That same night when every thing was quiet except the measured tread of the patrol and the. Cry of the sentinels on the Walls. Murat was seated in Bis while be pro him stood three grizzled veterans Cap in band weeping like children. It was not death the heroes of arc la and Marengo was to be die Ibe of traitors they for Ribeir Fate but for their crimes listen said Mutaf. I believe you Are really sorry Tor that Yon have done and to save your lives. To Morrow sit Daybreak you will be led out to execution on Sitte the City i will take care there shall be no special or. The platoon will fire on you with Blank Cartri Tei and you. Malt fall. Dovo and Remetio motionless till they match off the ground. A fruity Man will be ready to put you in Ellie ves Sel soils to Morrow America on Board of very death the a a wind her Par which ered a contained Hundred in Spe Cie a portion of the Money was applied to the Ibe coi ant to Flag the turned Vitaliti resort and in Guhler had not where no Sheet and while searching among no s effects for a Faw garments in o give her decent burial she disco a enveloped in Somi of rags Hal Purchase of suitable and use remained Laid of half. Body As the us into Ibe col for at least a was put in the face As n animated of try and other signs of became visible. Simulations were to when the old woman revived be to speak she Anline so. The o. Litle terror As the superstitious huckster woman body and dept a Short Lime was a is now alive and Likely to circumstances occasioned Well a i astonishment living in the court. One of soul As big As Hei ses a miserly disposition insists that. It was nothing Rise in the world that Wake Ibe old Apple woman from sleep 08 but the Jin gling Jbf her Money paper. Electric Day wishing to change the water in which Bur eels were kept we upset the tub on the deck and thus threw them on. Having the vessel with fresh water we requested one of the sailors to Pat them in. Is proceeded to do so but no sooner had touched it than h received a Shock which paused him to drop it quickly with an excl like with was tried he alter do better Success nation something pied it again but ban before great i on Arlenea and wholly Nae quaint the amazement of Fellows All in torn to put the any serious fish into the sub but none to acceded. It was Amus ing to see their looks of wonder at the it Renge sensations which they Stre rally expert the mate look been j Dainise de with i be properties of the reptiles be Sailor i dropped them More on a count of Ribeir ipe riness i Bah other came. On the Stengl i of ibis opinion be walked up to boldly to to e largest one and in older to retain Bis him with rest lot the eel Little Urslis Hirjig Beautiful the recent meet ing in new Orleans for the Relief of the Irish sufferers the Hon. S. S. Plentie made a speech from which we Lake the following Beautiful extract there lies upon the other Side of Ibe wide Atlantic a Beautiful Island famous in Story and in song. Ill area is not so great As Ibe state of Louisiana while its population is almost half that of the Union. It Bas Given to the world More than half share of its Genius and greatness. It has been prolific in statesmen warriors poets. Its Brave and generous sons have fought successively Ell Battles but their own. In wit and humor it has no equal whiff its Harp like its history moves to tears by its Sweet but melancholy pathos. Into this fair Region god Bas seen fit to Send the most terrible of All these fear Ful ministers who fulfil his inscrutable de crees. The Earth Haa failed to give her in crease the common Mother has forgotten her and her breast no longer affords them their accustomed nourishment. Famine gaunt and ghastly famine has seized a Nalion with its strangling grasp and Unis Fly ire land in the sad woes of the present forgets a moment Lite gloomy history of the cheap mail has an amusing Story of the travelling adventures of a Young Man who. Volunteered in the Masia can sets regiment. He was in Phi Ladelia with Only fifty cents in his wished to go to new Orleans. So he started to go by Way of Pittsburgh and look Bis seat in Ibe cars. When called for Bis fare be bad no Money and of course he was put out at the next stopping place. He took the next train that came along and thug secured another instalment of his journey paying his. Tavern Bills the Lime As his travelling by turning his pockets inside out in the. Face of the landlord. In this Way by Railroad canal boat and steam boat he at eur gab reached new Orleans As Good As several times be was striped and examined for his Motley but the search was unavailing generally the Steamboat captains would give him a posterior kick As they landed him at a Wood Yard and a Volley of oaths by Way of parenthesis but who that has no Money Ca n get along without kicks and cur sea in Short whole journey edit him but thirteen kick sind a Bort ten times As Miber Cartel be Calls that cheap to Ufa trans line for body. Arron preen t ble and truly Lotta n american soldiers it must have appeared an insurmountable and in Pra Lible undertaking to carry in by storm or turn it by strategy the Road from Vera Cruz As it passes the plan Del Rio which is a wide rockey1 bed of a once Large Stream is commanded by a series of High rising one above other and extending several Miles and All the Road then Debouchet to the curving Ridge Pis ses Over a High Cliff which is completely end bladed forts and bal terries this Ridge is the commencement of the Terra Templado. The upper mountainous . The High and Rocky Ravine of the River protected the right flank of the position and a series of most abrupt and apparently impassible mountains and ridges covered their left. Between these Points running a distance of three Miles n succession of strongly fortified Farls bristled at every turn and seemed to defy a Al Brayer and skill. Cerro Gordo commanded the Road on it gentle declination like a glaces for nearly a approach in that direction was impassible. A front attack must have terminated in lie almost entire annihilation of our army. But Ibe enemy expected such an attack confiding in the desperate valor of cur believing that it was impossible to turn their position to the right 5r left. Gen. Scott a skill Ful general their at set for him and determined to avoid it. I he. Therefore had a Road Cut to Ibe right so As to escape the front fire from Cerro and turn Bis Posi lion to be left flank. This movement was made known to the enemy by a deserter from our a prep and consequently a urge increase of Force under Gen. La Vega was sect of _ the forts on their left. Gen. Scott to cover his flunk on Ibe ilk of april ordered Forward Gen. Twiggs Agi inst the fort on the Steep ascent in front and a Little to the left of Cerro col. Harney commanded this expedition and at the Brad of the rifles and some of infantry and Arl Illery carried this Posi Tion under a heavy fire of grape and mus Ketry. Having secured his position in front and near the enemy s strongest fortification and having by incredible labor elevated one of our Large guns to the top of the fort. Gen Scott prepare Dvo follow up his advantages. A dead station was made from ibis Posi Tion against another Strong fort in the rear and near he Cerro bul the enemy was considered too Strong and the nude raking was abandoned. A like demonstration was made by the enemy. On the next Day the 18th, Gen. Twiggs was ordered Forward from the position he bad already captured against the fort which commanded the Cerro. Simultaneously an attack on the fortifications on he enemy s left was to be made by Gen. Shield s end Worth s division who moved in separate col urns whilst Gen. Pillow advanced against the Strong forts and difficult ascent of on the right of the enemy s position. The enemy fully acquainted with Gen. Scott s intended movement bad thrown Large bodies of men into the various positions to be the most serious Enterprise was Bat of Twiggs who had advanced against the main fort that commanded the Cerro. Nothing can be conceived More difficult than this undertaking. The sleep and rough character of the ground the constant fire of the enemy in front and the Cross fire of the forts and batteries which inf Iladell our lines made he duty assigned to Gen. Twiggs one of surpassing difficulty. Nothing prevented our men from being utterly destroyed but the steepness of the ask evil under which they could shelter. But they sought to shelter and Onward rushed against a bail storm of balls and Musket shot led by the Gallant Harney whose Noble beating elicited the applause of the whole Arpin. His conspicuous and Stalwart Frame at the head of Bis brigade his Lowig Arm waiving his men on to the charge his sturdy voice ringing above be clash of arms and Din of conflict attracted the attention and admiration alike of the enemy acid our own army. On on he led. The column whose front lines melted before Ibe enemy s Firo like Snow flakes a. The torrent and stayed not their course until leaping Ibe. Rocky barriers gunners they Ett jpy Mell from the fort Delire Ruic a deadly fire into their rank from heir own 8hbstai they hastily retired. Truly a tall att deed worthy Chevalier Bay. Ard of army. Jarpey is Well Gen. Col. Harney Teie had Rode join to the act Lewiel Fatti his Aid remarked to hoj col. Barney Foj can not now express my admiration of your Tallant but at the lot proper time to Hill take Pleasnt ing you in proper terms Harney Artith the of True Lor claimed thex Mise n and Musett Ibe division of Reter occupy Orl Ibe ii was piled j a a feel Ersi Worth having by passed Steep the enemy mined a Strong fort in the rear of Ibe Cerro s surrender this fort manned by a Large Force under Gen. Pinion a mulatto of ability and to Jaje. Who seeing the Cerra carried thought Pru Dent which be did with Alt his gun. Shii lds was not join the Battery which be attacked and which was commanded by la Vega a heavy fire was opened upon him under which the fort was carried with same lots by the Gallant Baker Bennett supported by the new yorkers under Burnett. Among those the under Hiare was inc Gallant general who received a grape shot through Bis lungs by which be was completely per Al Zed Anil at Ibe last accounts was in a lingering slate. On the enemy s right Gen Pillow commenced the attack against the Strong torts near the River. The under Haskel led the column and the other Volun Teer regiments followed this column unexpectedly encountered a heavy fire from a masked Battery by which regiment was nearly Cut to pieces and the other Volunteer. Regiments were severely handled. Gen. Pillow withdrew his men Atid was preparing for another attack when Ibe operations at the other Points having proved successful the enemy concluded to surrender. 1 bus Ibe Victory waa Complete end four generals and about 6000 men taken prisoners by our army. Una of their Princi pal generals a4id a. Large number of other cers were killed. The mexican Force on ibis occasion certainly exceeded our own. The mexican officers admitted that Santa Anna bid 8000 Irien in their lines and 6000, including 200o cancers Gen. Scott s Forre was about 8000, Gen. Quitman s brigade not having Orr Ved in time to take Par i in the engagement an awful calculation. An authentic ingenious and valuable statistical work published a few years since states that be num Ber of inhabitant who have lived on the Earth amount to about .846, this sum when divided by the number Square leagues of land on Tfaye sur face of the carib leaves 12, "32 of persons to each league. There Are 000, Square Milts of land Wuich being Jiri ded a above gives about to each Square mile. Lei the Miles be reduced to Square rods of land of the surface of Ibe Globe and the number will be which As above will give persons who have lived on each Square Rod of land. Reduce Ibe same to feet and it will pave five to the Square foot. Let the Earlh be supposed to be one vast hurry ing ground acc aiding to the above there has been 1.2s4 persons buried on each Square Rod of land capable of being divid d into twelve Graves. 1 will Iben appear that each of obese Graves must contain 107 persons and Bat the whole Earth has been dug Over 107 tires to receive her children. What an Over whelming thought what a result to the infatuated being who Bis entered All Bis Hope and affections upon the evanescent pleasure of ibis truly transitory life. Ashoke. A Vera Cruz correspondent of the Nashville Union says Irben Ibe sailors got ashore they wandered All through the country and once a party of them rime very near being cat off by a parly of lancers came into Camp much excited Sta Ling that they bad seen about two Hundred mexicans on Board Bors a tacking about through the Bush i with harpoons in Ribeir hands. During an alarm on the Beach one night in officer end sedred to form some sailors who were in. Great confusion but finding his efforts in. Vain Sod apprehending momentarily in track be ordered the boat Swain to get them into line immediately when that Weir thy called out All hands form in line of Bailie on the starboard this brought Faem into line forthwith. They pot every ass in Requin Sligo Riding without Saddle or bridle. One of them in trying to Rifle a la it Xicara am tilling so far Back that he Ihre lined to fall off was accosted by Soldier Wilb hello Friend w Bat do you sit so far bark on four horse for avast to Ere my Ladd every Man Bas a right to lit on the Quarter deck of Bis own Craft i Reck answered the old tar Wilh the str not san Froid then giving Bis Donkey Anothy slap jogged on with his feet trailing in nand. A shrewd Bot. A Friend tells the Fol lowing which we consider a Good a. Being in a Mechanic s shop the other Day an Urchin came in Bis Dren covered with mud. His father observing Bis dirty plight said to him con How came you to Muddy your dress so Tather what am i made of Dost. The Bible says dust then Art and unto dust h of Salt Well father if i m Dost Bow can i Blip being Muddy when of met so Down stairs and gel Lone Wood stall the blk is a font Ajoc in. The works of Shakespeare Wycie be says Grosjr is in egg Fiam which ajl Rico May thai Waits for an Opportunity to do at once misure Sivo it Bis life in Idle Ali Frei and regret in the lest ten Entea Tooi and Birren Zeal

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