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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - July 31, 1851, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaWell proportioned edifice containing some Fin pictures by living artists and surrounded by thursday i phys d a soft doleful 1 Une an old and moving at old rude Long Liat ruin wild and hoary. A p listened with a fitting blues. With Dow Nunn and Molcil Greco fur she Lin tvs i could Nuccio la in Gazo upon iut fico. I it id Irr of hip a who Moro is n Brand that fur ten inn lie would the of Luo and. I Lulu her How to pined nil a the deep. Low Tho pleading Iono with which i snug anole or o Lugo intr Proli a Ray own. Waif n i Tho Ranii l to crn7rd ill Knight and Ilmi lie Crokin the noun min nor rented c try or night Anil that Ink what he did he no re a mull Conui hand and of Lingo porno limn Doalph tin of ii c lurid. Shr in him n Cuvo and How i i Mill firm went Newny. On la yellow Louven dying Man to Lay. The heart of the City near thu Iceme i have not seen and the sex Tenor seems Low straggling and every Way. In impose my. Its extent is almost incredible by in Pirn Urtin a inc word Hui when i ponched train of nil inc Siuy my Fuli Orin and Harp 1 Isiu Rord her Lou with pity a of had thrilled my the music and no Inlo Tho Rich Anil Balmy co and and an Umili linguist Sohlo Chr Nasr and. It Nilo Wiiliam Long in duo soul cd Anil Click Islic Long she with pity no i Leglu i luae.1 Virgio and. Mihe of n Droit. I Irr brat to my Garrto to Erin Moniti a Moi to of Draco and Landing Huck her fcn.1, looked up and snied upon or fico. To fit Annly love and parity fear. And n an. His i Mii he rail lips foil the by mint Odir Lirhart. Those who have not seen than Versailles the louvre is the finest so Rulure of All and most worthily devoted. Its lower Story is filled with sculpture of no considerable Merit but its galleries contain j Good paintings than i shall Ever again Bee under one roof. I have spent a Good pah of two Days there and Meari to revisit it on my return. Eu80pea.1 railway Cari Vagim. The european railway so furl have yet seen them Are More expensive and less convenient than ours. Each is absolutely divided into apartments about the size of a mail coach and calculated to hold eight persons. The result is thirty two seats where an Ameri can car of equal length and weight would hold at least fifty and of the thirty two passengers one half must inevitably ride backward. I eve the second class cars Are More sociable and mean to make their acquaintance. I should have done it this time but for my desire to meet some one with whom i could Converse and americans and englishmen Are Apt to cling to the first class places. My aim was disappointed my companions were All frenchmen and what was worse All inveterate smokers. They kept puffing through the Day first All of them then three two and at All events one till they Gol out at Dijon near Nightfall when be fore i had time to congratulate myself on the atmospheric improvement another Frenchman not in lit his Cigar and went at it. All this was direct and flagrant violation of the rules persons with a weather or Foremost apartment directly under the Driver with a Lookout on each aide and in front Over the tacks of the horses the Middle apart ment which is much like the Interior of our Ordinary stage coach and the rumble or rear apart Rnell calculated for servants or other cheap Irav Elers. Two thirds of the roof was covered with a ton or two of baggage and merchandise and in this behind and Dri ver s seat is the Banquette a single Seal across the lop calculated to hold four person chaise top to be thrown Back in Fine and a Glass from to be let Down by night or in Case of rain. I chose my seat Here As affording he Best possible View of the country. At 8 p. N., precisely the Driver cracked his whip and Bur Good horses started our lumbering vehicle t a Lively Pace on the roa3 to Turin some i to Hundred Miles away in the South East. Savoy. France is a land of Plains and Glades and gentle acclivity is Savoy is a country of Moun ams. They Rose before and around us from the moment of our crossing the urged am precipitous they formed a St Rikino on Rast to All of Europe i had hitherto throughout the Day and night following we were or never out of sight of Snow covered peaks nay i Bavo wot yet lost sight of them Smice they Are distinctly visible in Iho whole no. Crossing i font ceni8. At length about Len o clock we reached the foot of mount Cenis where sinuosity of course could Avail us no further. We must now face our five tired horses were exch an made to posted up in the car but when did a smoker Besoiu bomb. a journey from Paris to Genoa. Or. Greeley. Of the new York Tribune now in Europe writes Homo some inheres a inters from which we give a few extra cos. I s looters Are characterized by that be a minty of Lioi Iglus and language which Mark ins productions. His last letter a dated the description of his Jour from Paris to tint City across., the Alps is full 11 f interest and Ever care for Law or decency 7 i will Endeavor next Lime to find a seat in a car where women Are fellow passengers and see whether their presence is respected by the devotees of the noxious Weed. I have but a Flint Hope of it. French Fahm Inci. The Ruil Roud from Paris to Chalons passes through a generally level Region watered by of the Seine and of the Saon with a Range of gentle Hills skirting the valleys Gene rally on the right and sometimes on either hand As in England the track is never allowed to Cross a Carriage Road on its own level but is earned under or Over each. The soil is usually Fertile and Well not so skilfully and thoroughly is that of England. There Are places however in which the cultivation could try visible in the Clear italian atmosphere frown the streets of this sunny Metropolis at a distance of some thirty Miles North. Our route Lay through Savoy for about a Hundred Miles and not one acre in thirty within eight of it can Ever be slowed. Yet tha mountains Are in Good part composed of Limestone so that the narrow sheltered valleys decidedly Fertile and the Vine is often s to thrive on the Steep Rocky Hill sides where the plow could not be forced an Inch be Low , and where an of could not keep ins footing. Every Inch of ground that can be is cultivated j Little patches of wheat or grass or vines Are got in whenever there is a Patch of soil though no. Larger than a cart body and far up the sides of Steep mountains wherever a spot is found so moderately inclined that soil will lie upon there f grass at East in human labor in such a Region fully peo pled 19 very cheap and not very the grape is the chief Staple and wine be the principal and probably is the Only the music. J de for eight fresh new ones we commenced the slow laborious ascent of some six or Rekhl Miles. Human habitations had already become scattered and us frequent but we passed three or four m ascending the Mountain. Their match of course live upon the travel in one or another for sterility he inexorable Law. Jet our ascent was not so Steep As be ejected being modified when necessary by Zig Zungs from one direction or one Side of the chasm we followed to the other. The horses were stopped to breathe but once Only else where for two hours or More they pursued their firm., deliberate deeded though slow Advance. The shrubbery dwindled As we ascended and at length disappeared save in the sheltered Gor Ges Tho show came nearer and spread a time Carrifae. On my return from the upper Mississippi i found myself obliged to Cross one of the wide Prairies which in Hal portion of the United slates wry the appearance of the country -1 the weather was Fine .11 around me was As fresh and Blooming As if it had just issued from Bown of nature. My Knapsack and my dog were All i had for company. But will roed lowly nor gun a and Brillia Anco of the flyers and the gambol of the of mans around then dams to appearance As though t Lesa of danger As i Felt myself my March was of Long duration i Tow the inking beneath the horizon Long before i could perceive any appearance of Woodland Elji in heavy j Beds or masses half melted into ice just by the Side of the Road and on its Edge through i think there was none actually under the finally a Little before one o clock we stood on the Summit the Moon from behind the neighbouring Cliff burst upon us fully two hours High. Two or three houses stood Here for the use of travellers around them nothing but Snow and the naked planet. Before us Lay the Valley of the to the great Plain of Italy. Six o Foj our horses were Here detached and sent Back to the Savoy base of the Mountain with the two remaining our rapid and dashing descent. The Mountain is decidedly Sleeper on this Side than the other it is Only surmounted by a succession of zigzags so near each other that i hink we travelled three Miles in making a direct Progress of one Dur ing which we must have descended some feet. Daylight found us at the fool of the Moun Tain and at 8 o clock a. We were in Turin descending the Alps to the easter South into Piedmont a new world lies around arid before you. You have passed in two hours from is mat Day. J he track which wag. An old Indian Trail and As darkness Oversea ded the Prairie i Felt some desire to reach a copse in which i might lie Down the nighthawks were skimming to Over and Fiauu around me. Attracted by tie Buzzin Wilrigs of the beetles which form their food and the Dis Tant howling of wolves gave me some Hope that should soon arrive at the skirts of some Wood land. I did so and almost at the same instant a fire lighted Eye i moved awards it full of Confidence Liat it proceeded from the Campos wandering indians. I was mistaken i discovered from its Glare that if was from the Hearth of a Small lug Cabin and that a tall Fig ure passed and re passed Between it and me As if busily engaged in household arrangements. I reached the spot and presenting myself at Arlic Circle to the tropics from Lapland to ,1, n n f i woman might take under her roof for the night. Her voice was Gruff and her attire was negligently thrown about her answered in the affirmative. I walked in look a and quietly seated myself by the fire. The next object that attracted Cuba. Wine Musl port at least one third devoted to the Vine. Wheat is pretty Ellen sively sown and is now Koa Dinv very in Rifle ily. But i patches Ray notice was a finely formed Young Indian rest a Long Bov tested against the slopes i by one nearly As level on the other Side. This great Central Plain of Italy with the to in ils on Les Distant j 0g and two or three Raccoon skins arrows his feet. The or average product would not be More Shah two thirds that of England acre for acre. There Are very few fences of any kind save a slight one enclosing the railway beyond which the coun try stretches away As the Eye can reach without a visible landmark the crops of differ ent cultivators fairly touching each other and growing Square up to the narrow roads that tra verse them. Will see for instance first a strip of grass Len rods wide and running Back sixty or eighty rods from the Railroad then a very near the Mediterranean far and Genoa and Sivc narrower 8trip of then one of grape i Borer s children i a one or rape Rosanie 19 a striking Monument of the Sel vines then one of Beans then one of Clover of and the Long suffer Hen wheat again then grass or Oats and so hundreds of thousands on. I very Little Rye and if there were must have gone hungry to potatoes or Indian Corn they were not up sum Straw pallets in order that their needy a gently High to be distinguished. The work might pay the inexorable taxes levied j going Forward was the later weeding Wilh the j this Palace. Vet after .11 it has stood i earlier Hay mailing and i saw nearly As Many its immense extent and j women As men working in the Fields. The splendor require an immeasurable growing crops were generally kept Clear of pm Sion m us occupant and Tho incomes even weeds and the grass was most faithfully Bill not Kolu Loly limit. So i very slowly Cut. I think one Yankee would is Andrj. With us or other Royal Panacea j mow Over More ground in a Day than two around pnri.-, has generally stood empty. Frenchmen but he would Cut Lees Hay to the on Tho country an no rebus annual j acre. Or course in a country devoid of fences for a preservation. And now and half covered with Small patches of Grain Rran cd h19 outgrown Royalty ii know there could not he Many cattle i saw no oxen what to do with in costly spacious glitter very few cows and not Many horses. Re Shiells. A single Pince Rambouillet j carts were generally drawn by suspect tha average size of the a Quarter of an acre each _ not much of it Cut yet. Indian Corn and Polatos Are generally Cultivar i r put a the ground neither Corn nor potatoes being allowed More than eighteen inches be tween the rows making the labor of cultivation very great and the Chance Ofa Good yield none at All. Savoyard women. I a link i saw quite As Many women As men at work in the Field throughout Savoy. A girl of fourteen driving of oxen attached to a walking Barefoot beside the and ply mlle of ing the goad stick Oil. A boy of her own a e . Lay at length in the cart is one of my liveliest a moved not he apparently breathed not accustomed to the habits of the indians and circumstance which in some As evincing the apathy him in. French in he a m n Renc partially known to t a 0 or the of that neighbourhood. U he raised is pointed to one of his Eye. With his Fine a significant glance with Heo Lher the Hay into asses or by pans was converted j horses so Small As nol to be easily distinguished storehouse j from asses As we whirled rapidly by the a Wilile its a Pocious Parks and gardens Gonson the roads were generally drawn by email wisely devoted to Tho Breeding and horses. I judge that the people Are Effene rally Trio choicest Merino sheep. The mainly stand empty and How to dispose is a National perplexity. Some of n maj be converted into hospitals insane others into libraries or galleries a and science but Versailles a Loo far people Are generally " m i Iris Auglyn but a Retreat As aforesaid Cost so a sum tint any use a be made of it will Geom wasteful. I i for a tent of a Cost. F perhaps it will be " Ere fore to convert All Tho rest into direct p Orve this for Public inspection As a of Iho reckless prodigality of Lolo a and my pomp of Kingo and As a warn Lions Norco again to entrust their Des Wen who from their very education 0 influences surrounding them through millions to led to consider the t. Nl7 created to pamper their their Pride and to pave with their r Road to extended Dominion. Ucli smaller but More plea and Moro tall fully furnished Miles nearer than City i. Externally a Chuto and industrious but not remarkably efficient and that the women do the larger half of the work housework included. The Hay Carls were wretchedly Small and the implements used look generally rude and primitive. The dwelling Are Low Small Steep roofed collages for which a Hundred dollars each would be a Liberal offer of course i speak of the Rural habitations those in the villages Ore Betler though still mainly Small sleep roofed poor and huddled together in Roost chaotic confusion. The stalls and pastures for cattle were in the main Only visible to the Eye of Faith though cattle there must be and Are to do the blowing and hauling. I suspect that they Are Seldom turned Loose in summer and that there is not a cow to every third collage. I think i did not see a Yoke of oxen through tout the Day s ride of 243 Miles. At Lyons or. Greely turned aside from the general dream of Italy bound travellers and booked himself for a ride across be lower Alps by to Turin a Fritkin Dilio Erce. The european but More especially French Diligence a. Often been de bribed. Our. Con of. Carriage divided into the Coupe recollections of Savoyard ways. Nut Brown Union netted women hoeing Corn with an implement Between an adze and a pick axe and not a bad implement either for so rugged an in slowed women driving hogs cows to or from Market we encountered at every Lown. So much hard rough work and exposure is fatal to every Ince of Beauty and i do nol remember to have seen a woman in Savoy even moderately Good looking while Many were absolutely revolting. That this is nol nature s fault is Barley than in my journey of a Hundred Miles across the Noble Valley of in Olio or Piedmont and the Indian Corn potatoes Are less Only because of the amazing ignorance of their requirements evinced by nine the first place next most of thirdly it is three or four is planted As should be. I i tha Twenty seed potatoes or Ker Corri to each Square Yard is Abri it the average while five of either ii quite a Nouffo 1. A tree had split in the top of upon the Cord and or late. Times As much see sprung Back with Euch violence into his right Eye As to destroy it forever. Feeling hungry i inquired what sort of fare i might expect such a thing As a bed was not to be seen but Many Large a tanned Bear and Buffalo hides Lay piled in a Corner f Drew a to proved by the general aspect of the children Swarthy have often Good forms who though and features. Water and towels hot thrown in. The Road from Geneva and the Aix to Turin comes Down this Here inter sects that from Lyons. We were allowed Twenty five minutes for breakfast which would have been very Well but that the time required for cooking most of the breakfast had to come out of it. There was enough and Good enough to cat usual throughout All this Region wine in abundance without charge but Tea. Coffee or chocolate must be ordered and paid for extra. Even to i was unable to obtain a cup of Choco late the excuse being Hal there Wirfs not time to make it. I did not understand therefore Why i was charged More than others for break fast but to talk English against French or Hal Lani Smoget a mile behind in no time sol pocketed the change offered me and came away on the a oath with an englishman near me who had travelled this Way before and spake French italian i ventured to. Expose my ignorance As follows neighbor Why was i charged three francs for breakfast and the rest of you but two and a Don t Oij had Tea or no drink then perhaps you washed your face end Well it would be just like that s it the Sale Franco was or the Basin and a Oziri nut was accounted for. That Cocos. Then both but especially Corn Are hilled1 up sugar loaf fashion until the height of each Hill is about equal to its breadth at the base so that two Days hot Sun dries the Hill completely through while there is no soil a foot from each stalk for its Rootes to run in. From such per verse cultivation a Good yield is impossible there has been no rain of consequence Here for some weeks whence wheat and Barley Are ripening too rapidly while Corn potatoes and vegetables suffer severely from drouth when with deeper blowing and rational culture every tiling would have been verdant and flourishing vet this great Plain in some part is and in most might be easily and bountifully irrigated from the innumerable Mountain Elre ams which tra verse it on their Way to the to. I never saw a Region wherein a few sub soil plows with me. Qualified to use Hera and to set Forth the Natur and advantages of skillful cult Valion generally Are s6 much wanted As in Piedmont. Spec Ulvino stories have been Tow of mania speculating the Best hit at which was made in 1837, by a Western wag. It seem he had watched the motions of the land dealers and had noticed the Humbug which they practice m procuring elegant Mips Lof their property with railroads canals nicely done on so he purchased a cow and advertised her extensively in the papers As for Sale at a bargain. What u your asked one. Sway he answered. Sixty Hun voc iterated the countryman Why what kind Ofa cow must she be a Here is a map of said the fellow pulling a paper with a Large cow picture upon it out of his pocket you see Here the great Wildcat Turnpike run. Immediately under her Lajla to the Cir of swamps Loon Lake canal a Jujj intercept her Lead on the lop Horn Side and the Cataract Railroad panes very near her Mouth. Gentle own Don t All speak at Man that it was late and Hal i was fatigued she had espied my watch the Richness of which teemed to operate upon her feelings with elec tric quickness. She told me that there was plenty of Venison and jerked Buffalo meat and that on removing the ashes i should find a cake but my watch had struck her fancy and her curiosity had to gratified by an immediate sight of it i took off the Gold Chain that secured it from around my neck and presented it to her. She was All ecstacy spoke fits Beauty and asked me ils Pul the Chain around neck saying How Happy Sion of such a watch would make her less and As i fancied myself in so retired a spot secure i paid Little attention to her talk or her movements. I helped my dog to a Good supper of Venison and was not Long in satisfying the demand of my own appetite. The Indian Rose from his Seal As if Tex Treme suffering. He passed and re passed or eral Umes and once pinched me on the Side violently that the pain nearly brought Forth exc Malion of anger. I looked at him. Eye Mel mine but Bis look waa so forbidding thai to struck a chill into he More nervous of the system. He gain seated himself Drew from ils Greasy scabbard pallet of them and calling my faithful do to my Side Lay Down with Ray gun close to my body and in a few minutes was to All appear ances fast asleep. A Short time had elapsc.1, when voices we re heard and from the Corner of my eyes t saw two athletic youths making their Entrance bearing a dead slag on. A pole. They disposed of their Burden and asking for whiskey helped Liems Elvab freely to ii. Observing me and the wounded Indian they asked who i was and Why the Devil that Rascal meaning the Indian who they knew understood riot a word of English was in the House. The to Sho proved to them speak less loudly made mention of my watch and took them to Corner where a conversation took plate the purport of which in required Little shrewdness in me to guess. .1 tapped my dog gently. His Tail and with indescribable pleasure i saw his Fine eyes alternately fixed on me and raised towards the Trio in the Corner. I Felt that he perceived danger in my situation. The Indian exchanged a last glance Wilh me. The lads had eaten and drank themselves into such a condition Hal i had already looked upon Ihen As hours do combat the frequent visit of the whiskey bottle tale ugly their dam i hoped soon would reduce her to a like stale of my astonishment Reader when i saw this incarnate fiend take a Large carving knife and go to the Grindstone to Vel its i saw her pour the Waler on the turning machine and watched her working away with the dangerous instrument until the sweat covered every part of my body in despite of my meation to defend myself to the last. Her task finished she walked to her reeling sons and there that la soon Settle him boo., kill then for the i turned cocked my gun locks silently Oucht de by faithful companion and Lay Teady to tart up and shoot the first who might my life. The moment was fast and that might have been my last in this world had not Providence m4de preparation for my Rescue. Ati ready. The infernal hag was advancing lowly probably contemplating the test Way of despatching me whilst her sons should be1 engaged with the Indian. I was several times on he eve of rising and shooting her on the but she was not to be punished thus. The door was suddenly opened and there entered two tout travellers each Wilh a Long Rifle on his shoulder. I bounced upon my feet and making them most heartily Welcome told then How wifi in was for me that they have arrived at thai moment. The Lold in a minute. The Drunken secured and the woman in spite of her defence and voc iterations shared the same Fale. The Indian fairly danced Wilh Jovi and gave us la understand that As he could not sleep for pain he would watch Over Yon May suppose we slept much less than we talked. Of their once having been themselves in a some what similar Day came fair and Rosy and with it the punishment of our captives. They were now quite sobered. Their feet were us Bouzid but their arms were still secure f by tied. We marched them into the Woodoff the Road and having used them As regulators were wont to use such delinquents we Sel fire to the Cabin gave All the skins and Impi Einen Young Indian Warrior and proceeded Well the sell events. A our Crea when the. World was created and All Tures assembled to have their lifetime appointed the ass first advanced and asked How Long he would have to live. replied nature will that be agreeable to answered Hie remember what ass it is a Long s wearisome exist 60 an his examine Ommon. De is Edge As i would do a razor suspected Dum replaced to and again his rom he Back pipe of Wilh and sent me expressive whenever our hos Ess chanced Hasher Back turned wards a. Never Unhul thai moment had Myse Westeen awakened to the danger which i now suspected o b6 about me. I returned glance for glance to my company and rested Well assured that whatever enemies i might have he was not the i number. Of r asked the woman for my Wales wound it up and under pretence of wishing to see How he weather Wight probably be on Morrow we my gun and walked out of the Cabin i lipped a Ball into each barrel Sara fed the edges f my Flat renewed Tfaye and to the hut. Flav. I look Fol ence mine will be from morning to shall have to Bear heavy burdens dragging Corn sacks to the Mill that others May eat bread while i shall have no encouragement nor be refreshed with anything but blows and give me Bui a portion of the Pray v nature moved Wilh compassion and presented to him but eighteen years. The went away comforted and the dog came for Ward. _ _ How Long Dost thou require to live 1" asked nature thirty years were Loo Matiy for tha. Ass but Wilt thou be Conlen led with Themi is it thy will thai j should 1" replied the dog think How Mitch have to run about my feet will not last for so Long a time and when-1 shall have lost my voice for Barking and my biting what else shall i be fit for but to lie. In the Corner and nature thought he right and gave him twelve years. The ape then approached. Thou Wilt doubtless willingly the the thirty said though Wilt not have to labor As the Asa arid dog. Life will be pleasant to s _ a cried it Mab to others Bat it win not pudding ram Down i Hall have no spoon it play merry trick., and laughter by then be rewarded with to Apple flow often Arrow lie. Nature and be received but t spa erf

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