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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - July 31, 1844, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaSo and fifty cents per an Rio of cents deducted if the year and for Cash actually in Irving Dwer is after All ccrti6cas Many other curt1 will probably iring under Jau dropsy do Pavo i until All arrearage ate option of the ill Tor. Not exceeding twelve. Lines in rec times for one Dollar and for certion Twenty five a Epact notices not inserted for poverty five cents. It Psi so for one or three Insch tons the same. I in Cral discount Ronde to a Carly advertisers vol. Undertake War wit traits of have reparative should and renown grateful tons urbanity the Light on the Shore. Our life is. A Bubble and time is the Ocean each wave is trouble Lant Piki Anu love the emotion. By at to our Breeze is a sigh. That wafts us Safe o or and woman s soft Eye Tho Light on the Shore. From the Rock of despair Otis a to let go the rope of this through Tho Breakers we Wear with the Anchor of Hope in Kidist no the cry True Friendship the store and woman s soft the Light on Tho Shore. Though we weather the blast and cherish Tho cargo old death comes it last Ami lays an embargo u Hen thus Ca led to die Miry to still look before still Krep in Eye Tho Highl on the Shore. Hope is still an Evergreen. There Are Hopes which never Blossom theto Are Joys too soon Light the pensive bosom smiles that beam too Light to Hal transient As the summer Flower for Rinnas the Twilight s Ray Joy shines out its Little hour then forever fades away. Care Sti rotol the Sou in sadness Yeti la Piti of present pain i Uon Contin future it i Ilsc Sivad Hope Oga n 1 memory in the Ila test hour to tent French by gone scene thus it j in fleeting hour Haw a still in Evergreen. From the of few York american. Impromptu or e Lite j no is said to refrain habitually from Tell evil Blest arc the lips that open but to the t never yet the Gen tin heart belied still prompt to smile to Praise or to Ami Ever to Low to censure or to chide but they be on Earth by nil who hear their vocation change in heaven above for we t Ilo Angel lips in that Bright sphere hut sin of Praise of mercy of love life 01 Gen. Zebulon Montgomery he we gentleman competent u site task Amos Holton esq., has n to furnish with a biographical , of the accomplished who expired in the arms of Victo it in upper. Canada last Meverel soul. 49. Wellsboro wednesday july 31. England. The country has yet to be t Ade acquainted with the Peculiar. Chivalrous abilities the High souled Pitri a the comprehensive grasp of mind Nee excellent officer and Good Man. It is sir nge that such shining qualities should n allowed to remain so Long in Corn some Friendly hand of Ere this have elevated to their Tankard his Noble deeds and charac have paid the proper tribute to his to major Holton the task is a petted to from such a Quarter. When his ranks were broken and forced to give ground in a hurried Retreat it was difficult to rally and form them and the Separ ated parts of the same corps would in the noise and confusion of the a upon each other unable to distinguish the Hatting word in the deafening Roar of winds and Woods. Our own troops suffered what from the same causes. They were in joined imperatively to keep in close order and condensed. Difficult As such the late William Crock Ord the great gambling the notorious William founder and keeper of the House in by Nadori who died re of arid was was p air to Monger the peasant was originally a fish and doing Busi without for an order strict and Ness in a very Small Way. He was he had a Peculiar i844. Entry at the age known from the but ignorant As mathematical a one. He the last War for some time with general Pike and has seen Hon in a. Variety of scenes and n the Domestic Circle where the of his manners and the a lameness of his e Nile Lent Joy and gladness to each arid in the dread hour of tries the qualities of the sternest the following is an extract from the work which major hol Tofi will Complete As soon can finish the collection of mate r that purpose which we Are inform by no Means easy of Access c obliged to any one rials feed Are would in pos Nish to Diglaw Ohio. Who and he May be posses session of any important facts to fur pm to him directed to his address but to the extract which a thrilling interest Ohio i i it Tho eloquent preacher of Short answers the above question til red a Pike. Dem. Monthly Magazine an never forget while memory holds her a solemn and impressive if not a Palling scene that occurred in our last i to dislodge the foe from his fortified of the Ecsedi und col. In ode town Canada near the close first Campaign and Hope i May be sex from giving a slight sketch of it Here. A petition consisted of some four on was commanded and led by it was last Days of of which in the hype Borean re Gion Tare usually cold and boisterous. The weat Freir having been Lor a Day or moderate suddenly changed soon after the p be left our Camp when i ask myself the question n it puzzles me what to answer materially speaking 1 am a sort of increased Small of the unstained Oil of nothing thickened in a substance by a Cunial y coming in with a cold congealing world. Chemically speaking i Sra a compound of phosphorus Gas and atmospheric most of you Long ago discovered. Mechanically speaking i am an oui clock made wound up and set in motion Somei several years the great clockmaker of the universe. I was made to run seventy years at ii Kaie and Fortune vill Only keep my Mer a works in order 1 shall expect to keep join till my weights have run the full length of air cons. Morally speaking i am an i Lral of vice and Kinin of am molasses mess. So that the vinegar of vice is not As to be unpalatable nor the Molas virtue so Sweet As to be wings Are As tender As Young Toad Ray passions Are As Strong As a de int of destination a at Char Plain and while on for our the angry and drilling Clouds rotted and filled the concave above with e dark port ending wind and Temma re 1 together a. Den pest. It was the intention of the Comman Der to approach As near the enemy by even ing of practicable without Haz arding a Dis when night Drew her Black pall Over that tack Earth to bivouac at the Best Only be conveniently found until tha Dawn then a bold and vigorous at Vas to be made upon the position of the slump bring enemy and carried by a coup de Many causes combined to interpose Sta Les and prevent the Complete Success of Enterprise causes unseen and beyond the reach of human foresight and against Whilt consequently no human skill or Pru Dent or Wisdom could guard. Unknown to dec col. That Cay and the preceding troops frs eau Nix and the three Rivers and a Mathieu the Forsythe of the British with his embodied militia Well discipline for such guerrilla warfare and his Hundred indians was near by and As Alert and Active. By Nightfall a Reg storm had ensued which raged through from Majo army stasis of tobacco sympathies Are k soft As the Down under an Angel s my Josire for the promotion of human happiness Are just is i happen to feel about 3s head heart and stomach. Speaking i am a toy thing of time played with for a Short period and tin cast among rubbish a foot Ball of Fate Mckeil about till i burst and am no longer even of a kick a Windmill of excite that moves with the popular Breeze is stud in a Calm a Correct thermometer my Mercury rising to summer heat by the warm rays of Hope and sinking to below the cold atmosphere of doubt a mean mow Candle already Burnt one third of its to the socket and every moment in anger of being extinguished by the snuffers of death an Boot worn by a Pil 5rira with a wooden leg Over the rough Load of existence till it is neither Worth baling solving Patching nor preserving. In my friends i Don t see that Lam of any use to be universe considered As a than a shovel full of Poudrette to a a Aero Corn Field. When i am dead and i shall be As a thing that never had the children of posterity will pro shoot marbles across my grave Asun of their sacrilegious doings As a parcel of mice gnawing at tha Greasy leaves fan old and favorite family Bible. Three Ever ular the 1 guid of tie elements the darkened the blinding sleet and and prot viol adv div part for to Ike the enemy guard had been reinforced was under the circumstances uniform Observance it was nevertheless generally obeyed. Yet some Young of impulsive temperament and excited by the contest rushed unrestrained Day with their commands upon the foe and drove him with precipitation some distance from the main body and had occasion to Rue their temerity. The fight lasted about two hours and Many realized there for the first time the Dan Gers and horrors of a nocturnal engagement in such a night As that was. The firing Cea sed and the enemy withdrew and was again quiet but the elements. The attack was renewed an hour or so after and continued about three fourths of an with no better Success than again the foe withdrew. It was now past Midnight arid col. Pike after waiting some time for another demonstration from him ordered the necessary sentinels to be posted and the Resi due of his command to seek what repose they could obtain upon their arms until morning. Even the fitful slumbers of such a situation were grateful and refreshing to the wearied and exhausted Soldier. Col. Pike made no attempt to sleep that night. After the hum and casual talk of the Little Encampment had died away into silence col. Pike with one or two favorite subordinates Drew up to a half smothered fire the smoke of which eddying about in circles for a few minutes Rose gradually in spiral columns i from the hollow until stricken forcibly and borne off by the upper current which had been blow ing a Gale but was now lulling to a gentle Breeze. The storm had abated its fury and the murky Clouds were beginning to Sunder and course in broken fragments through the heavens and the stars those celestial sentinels supposed by some to guide and gov Ern the destiny of Man and the irresistible charmers of the philosophic mind were occasionally seen in All their sparkling Beauty and appeared to derive additional brilliancy from the surrounding darkness. The scene was Well suited to the contemplative and sublimated soul of Pike. It was a moment for Calm and solemn reflection and musing and he seemed to realize All its Peculiar and influences. He would speak for some time in a glowing and elevated Strain of moralizing then pause awhile and appear to be wrapped in profound thin pour fourth another continuous Strain of just sentiment and Sublime eloquence Seldom the occasional interruptions from the wind which at Brief intervals Rose and fell and sent its moaning voice through the bending tree tops was a circumstance rather in Cor Respondence and Harmony with the others and instead of diminishing seemed to lend additional interest and solemnity to the he dwelt on the relative duties of Man As a member of society in different situations at considerable length and All his remarks were pertinent and Well applied and Many of them forcible and thrilling. Abstraction Flam self or disinterestedness Public spirit and a chivalrous patriotism were Cully of calculation and was close in his study of the doctrine of chances. Having cleared his stall by Day. Of fish in the even ing with his profits he risk a few shillings at Hazard and with Bis winnings gradually extend his transactions in he a dash in the sporting world by bet Ting and winning the Long Odds on a race horse and with his gain he purchased the fourth part of a gaming which on account of certain frauds had but a negative whole no. 311. You Hain t to occasion for a Jer nor nothing i said a Jolly son of St. Cris pin from the land of wooden Nutmeg As. He entered a shoe establishment with his kit nicely done up in his apron. Wonder if i was the reply of Why i should like a dozen if i but what k and of a shoe said reputation in the sporting to id. Having had great Good As he called it he enlarged his sphere of action and Bis four partners to video in one year s with this and other he built his magnificent edifice in St. A expense of and fun did Lyat a farther Cost of splendid edifice into which nes Street at an Rinshed it spleen in this none but Noble men and gentlemen of distinction could afford to be fleeced were admin to tunes have been lost. The there of rare description cd immense for suppers and winery thing that Art and nature could produce was secured those entertainments. Ease elegance magnificence were United i self was still the same i lit spoke in the same Hackney that he did when disposing and his Grant ii his Book called the great gives an interesting account of. This Rema Kab night lord Ash Grove lost observed to Tho Earl of Man. One which he i in Wood was the last Farthing of ready Cash Tho Noble lord however prospective resources. Sex said Crockford making a at his command had undeniable Cuse me my Clumsy Bow but s sex still it was the Best at i Cuse me my Lud did i heir Yon say As How you had no More ready Money my Lud this Ere is the Bank Poi Ting to the Bank if your Lud ship wishes it or is at your Lud ship s or. Cro word j Are v i Don t think i shall Playa Ery obliging but in More to said count whiskers Grove do accept or. Croc Fer of the perhaps All you have not Ling i azure your Lud ship vill give me greater pleasure than to give you the said Well let me have Crockford dip in his fingers into the Hank took out the Pei and handed it of St Baloff the night and More. Our had lost their Way in the turmoil of atmosphere rain which forced upon them irresistibly by a fun Ojvind. No shelter could be found to let col. Pike and his company the no of the storm or other place where his favorite perhaps your Lud ship would oblige me with an i 0 a and pay the amount at your con 1 i shall be a couple of said his lordship handing the sex fishmonger the i o ship s Werry Kinin Werry resumed the game in an Tobej Clotild expect any considerable Mitziga Tori of its severity. One was finally fixed upon a hollow wherein to spend the night. The enemy by some Means obtained Gen. A of our situation and resolved upon a Nigl t assault. He possessed Many positive stages Over us. The country was much themes and he spoke with Peculiar Force and feeling of the duty of dying for one s coun try in defence of a just and righteous cause and of the rewards that must be in re serve for All such beyond the grave. He referred enthusiasm to the glorious examples of the Royal Gustavus Adolphus and of generals Wolfe and Desaix bad fal Len on the Field of Battle in the embrace of their s As an enviable was again Henri less. To is is a single Case we presume of Many hundreds of to ruined by tricks frauds and devices Practised at Crockford s. The Devil in the rum. The following anecdote is too Good to be lost constant habit of Bern in the country three times every happened to go to Trilok list who was a Man who was in the going to a neighbouring to where two or Day for his Glass of grog the tavern just As a Ven travelling entered the Bai called for his grog and his Mouth when the Ven voice round the Man s Ling of an angry dog. Of reified by Hills and Dales of it was densely covered and a Large with Woods. Thijse were perfectly familiar to most of the by but unknown to col. Pike or his Mand except partially and through the representation of others. The enemy be Sidis were four or five to one of us in Buical Lorca and could if repulsed Retreat such were the Ful Odds against which col. Pike had to Fea Cor tent1. The enemy s plan was compliment. An Irish was a High sir by married to the daughter of lord a a of which he was very boasting of this Union once to a. Female fiend be observed that his lordship had him Hud highest compliment in his Power. He 1 daughters said be and he gave me oldest and he timid me too that if he any Oulder i should have her. To surround our a and commence an attack at several to simultaneously and by such an a Rajjo Cmunt Cut off All Retreat and thereby 1 a surrender. The attack was made act Ardingly. And a scene ensued which defied Ripton. Our command stood in solid in or formed a hollow Square of Char upon the foe agreeably to orders and As Sion required. The darkness of the night s More unfavourable to the enemy than to he was placed upon higher growl and in a heavy Cloud was drifted past and a Light emitted from the stars through the 4rvening Haze became a ready Mark for 01 r Best shots and the bayonets of colonel to ice s command taught a lesson that the surrounding foe which he Fate and expressing a fervent Hope that such might be his. He repeated some poetical effusions tasteful and appropriate to the of with patriotic sentiment and Rich in Sublime and original and thus were spent four or five of the last hours of that eventful night. When Day Light appeared no enemy was to be seen. A. Recon loitering party was sent but soon returned without bringing any intelligence of him. The line of March was formed in a Short time after and we moved in a circuitous route on our return with a View to As certain the position the enemy than held but the main army was not to be discovered by our scouts. A body of troops sent out to intercept us was met about mid Day and a Sharp conflict but did not continue Long the British being forced to yield the ground with the loss of several men in killed wounded and prisoners. We Learned afterwards that a destruction of life on the part of the enemy had occurred in the night Battle than was apprehended by us at and further that a serious difficulty had Arisen Between the officers of the newly arrived troops and those who had been on the station some time about seniority and the right to command. They had separated in consequence and refused to Coop Erate. The indians too had become dissatisfied. And these were some of the reasons i Why we did not. Find in the morning a for i Midale array around us ready and eager for i the sing the Tumbler and Loo dog but could see none to raise the Tumbler to produced a sharper and louder growl from the supposed dog. He Stopp came frightened and could be when a Voici grog replied i am re Devil the Man left the House in great would never taste Aneth while . The pc Ter the House with cause to any one. Room were much Terri for and my the Host him rate person and Coachman style if his linings really Ford s Liberal of you May win Back the Boss could get you make Oas to the matter of sb0b, i. Reckon How i can make a decent sort of a Craft. Spread your kit said the Boss ill give you a pair to try and if your work suits me i can give you a steady seat of Crispin was soon at it hammering and whistling away As Happy As a Clam at High water and the Bossinas called away on some business which detained him two or three hours meanwhile the tramping Jour had produced a thing which bore some faint re semblance to a shoe and feeling ashamed of it hid it in a of leather chips on the floor and proce needed to make another which he had barely time to finish when his employer entered and began to examine it. Look Here said he i guess you need t make the mate to this it is the greatest botch that Ever was made in my shop that s a a raps like to Beta trifle on said the snob. Responded the Boss Why i la bet a ten Dollar Bill against a hand of tobacco that there never was a shoe made in this shop half so bad As says Crispin at the same time casting a sly Wink at his shipmates but Stop let me see if i be got so much of the Weed with me. Of yes Here s a whole hand of and laying it on the cutting Board he ventured to suggest the propriety of having the suet skin Laid along Side of it which was no sooner done than he proceeded to draw from its hiding place the other shoe. Here said he you Mast decide the bet say which of the two shoes is the Well i guess i m fairly sucked in this replied the Boss push ing the Cavendish and Shin plaster toward the rightful throwing a nine Pence to the youngest apprentice the boy needed no farther instruction As to his duty but was off in the twinkling of a bed Post and soon returned with a quart of Blackstrap after All hands had sufficiently themselves the shrewd Yankee put his Sticks together and bidding the Boss a Hearty Good Bye started again on a tramp the vast sum of Una an Jade no of Little Sik Vas minutes tand seconds. Now it who employs to some valuable purpose these Smalt divisions of time that makes c proper use. Of period that is allowed him in the world. Fere an excellent advantage Wihib we often think that embodies the Sarrie principle Tho applied to an entirely different subject. Take care of the cents it says in a familiar practical Way and the dollars will take care of themselves " is brought to View in a single unaffected sen tence the. True system of Economy. It is absolutely Worth to the thoughtful Man than Laboured volumes that person a Hajj prudent about his. Trifling expenditures and take s Good care of his smaller sums is sure to ble economical and saving. He wisely lays by Bis store for a wet ,Day." but re the practice and let him take no plus t of the Small sums that Are expended apr use less there is not one. Case in a thousand where he would hot prove a spend Thriff and fellow ant dropping wears the and the thoughtless spending of cents and Railis will in a Short time ruin the most ample fortunes. A cent of itself to a is but of Little Worth hut then it should be i remembered that Dre cents to make it requires Only a inn a Dollar and unless we to his lordship. Be to pay it Ujj. Your lord 1 lord Ash Grove Nour and a half he room. The Man As just raising it to Tri Loquist threw hts it like the grow 1 he Man stopped Rai Ted round for the he again attempted his Mouth which am and what be that from the Glass of and Rurrie is the dropped the Glass and error declaring he very Well satisfied with his Forenoon s work. Fit for a lawyer. An old lady in Icse Diggins walked in to a lawyer s office a few Days since where the following conversation took places lady. Squire i called to see. If you would like to take this boy and make a Law yer of him the b0y appears rather Young Madam. How old is he lady. Seven years sir. Law a is too Young decidedly too Young. Have Yon no boys older of yes i have several but we have concluded to make Farmers of the others. I told my mail i thought this Little fellow would make a first rate lawyer and so called to see if you would take him. Law. No Madam he is too Young yet to commence the study of the profession but Why do you think this boy so much better calculated for a lawyer than your other sons lady Why you see sir he is now just seven years old to Day when he was Only five he would lie like All Natur when he got to be six he was As Sassy and impudent As any Critter could be and now he will steal everything he can icy his on alb. At. . We Are rarely wrong when we act from impulse. By that i do not mean every rash and wayward and selfish fantasy but allowing its natural course to the first warm and generous feeling that Springs up in the heart. Second thoughts Are More world by More cold and on some advantage. This is what the i ancients meant when they said that the in pulse came from the gods but the motive from men. Our a Are careful a Hundred Dingy coppers May be foolishly expended before we think of How important then it is Young me if you. Would learn to be truly economical that you take of the cents and re Mem Bei ing that the dollars will take care of themselves Democrat. Dandies. There Are some fools in the world fio after Long incubation will Hatch out from the s hot bed of Pride a Brood of fuzzy ideas an then go strutting along the path of Osty with All the self importance of a speck Lei Hen with a Black Chicken. I have Ari antipathy to such people. They Are Mere walking Sticks for female brass Heads did i say no. Their Cuits Are Only. Half Ripe mus Mellons with thick rinds All hollow inside containing the seeds of foolishness Evvi Mairig about in a vast Quantity of sap. Tinkered up with Broad cloth Finger rings safety soft solder vanity arid impudence they Are no More men than a Plaud Teaspoon is solid Silver. I de test a Dandy As a cat does a wet floor. Dow or. H7" a wag happening to go into the shop of a tailor just As the latter was in the act of Patching an old garment with new cloth Tylius add messed the Knight of the Bodkin you sir. Are no Man and i can prove it by the higher 1 How re plied the. Unsuspecting tailor As he plied his Needle with redoubled activity i should like to hear the evidence of your you shall be accommodated says the wag asking him at the same time if he re collected of Ever having read the passage in the new testament which declares that no Man Putteti a piece of new an old the tailor laughed heartily at the jest and insisted upon quaffing a pint of old Sicily with the wag at his own expense. Toje rare ones of Earth they on Earth who live out their whole life and fully perfect Powers so that they Are Able in continually holier forms to bring Forth the treasures which lie in their souls. They Are the heroes of life s drama the great geniuses of the Earth. But life has also voiceless geniuses. They think deeply they feel most fervently hut or drop of liquor. Notri Loquist soon of it explaining the All tie people in the bar red. This occurred several years ago and report says it has had a very Happy effect in to e whole neighbor Hood where the circus Ance actually took place. The ventriloquist has never mentioned this fact excepting to a few particular friends. A capital reply. They were shipping lately it London s ome vile Tea for this coun try. Said a Man de to be the owner the Ger belief our ready pity our kindly Sensa Are the materials of Good with in us. As one of our poets says with equal truth and Beauty the heart is Wise we present who appear Tea is is not Worth a Farthing a pc and so we Are Send ing it Over to the inferno Yankees will know wha plied a listener As it they had to dispose of to do with re is not the first time Tea belonging to the English if my memory serves me they once Mape a Tea pot of Boston titular accommodation o several americans were present and a Roar of laughter ensue 17 1 the. Should be not Only happier but better if we attended More to its dictates. Half the misery in the world arises Isrom want of sym Pathy. We do not assist other As we might do because we pause to ask do they need Bur and this works out the moral of suffering we need to suffer that we May learn to pity. Id a celebrated coquette in new to Ork while making Calls last find one of her female friends absent from the fashionable boarding establishment when e she sided. The coquette Leie thought but a loud laugh among some gentlemen Over their wine after dinner roved that instead of her own she had Harbor for the a r your k ing and coun they find no words to give Back those divine images Eye and ear daily drink in. They pass by without being understood like silent shadows then hasten away. Let us look on them with pity and reverence for they Are the most unhappy among the children of the Earth. But we know that an Angel will Here Auer loosen their tongues. Retort of those empty rated self conceited would be witty sort of puppies that Are always attempting to appear smart by pointing out the ignorance of others was travelling one Day in the and falling in with a Shepherd thought he might c rack a joke upon Auld Donald Pray or. Said the fellow How far have i got to go How just Twa mile replied Donald indeed How do you know that because they Are putting tip a Gallows to hang Twa knaves there i m 5far Mista in if year a one o upon. Certain time an orator who wished to advocate the of a new Turnpike through a Section of the following Sublime May it please your worship while Europe is convulsed in civil her empires trem ble with internal commotions and while her astronomers mount the wings of their imaginations and soar through the mrs ing their course from planet to planet and from system to system until they have explored the vast eternity of us direct our to what is that which makes every sick out those who pro jews a Pes news Papest

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