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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - July 28, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaIce naive of pos j within the Jear one will j a Mere p. Magill a id proprietor. A Tioga co., a. Ind fifty cents per an cents deducted if ind for Cash actually in and e deducted per disco Nair aed until All arrearage Are in of the editor exceeding twelve lines in be Dollar and for every sub Ity five cents. Notices not sorted fors evenly five cents three insertions the same. Three times for Luent insertion Twe Irke charge for one or h Liberal discount t yearly advertisers. Tioga 2. 1 there n paint lha Retina of the Eye Nch More distinctly or i should Rath r by More intelligibly than any other part d re ing the Eyle so a to examine any part of an object it i fro m hence Falls up straight line the that to which the Eye lae a of Tsien if is directed to the same seen single As with one Eye but if lobe Rise the object a jars Doub e if the muscular re Roulai object or 90 that the life ai3 Point of thl this Point we j Este i it Callej it of each e Liing of an object Toga co Lei is trodden by men who if they per irae strange contrasts Are not less he to less confident id the infallible for f their cause iban the famed Gifu i the Flag of republicanism supplies see of the Cross whose reign the Span s Rote tune i to Tudor the p to nttd6, politics science Citer nature 49 Wellsboro wednesday caused by i refraction and re flexion of the Sun s rays by the Lam drops it would be difficult to give a satisfactory explanation of of this will out diagrams if the Reader is anxious to understand it he will find boobs in which this whole matter u Clear y illustrated the red rays have their direction changed 317 degree 43 m rhe two Pic ence who breadth of direction in 2 m mules express the last direct from the i from the formed ibo interfered Wuh apparent Post i on 18 More or Les May in Chi Only account y pressure Intel i n i of the Retina i 3f True cause for great Aslo prod tie shape of the Wren. Displaced adjustment of the eyeball j by one by mechanical pressure o of the whole of i changed As any one who be for himself this is de for by supposing that other color Gles Are petion of the 2 minutes the Violet 319 de ii Les these being thus Volois no Remes of he spectrum intr differ h in 1 decree j5 be Rainbow minutes is the this change of afr 5js, 1847. Whole Avo. 468. The red rays jacks but 42 Deg a Complete Circle these figures Angle formed their first and is that is by the Ray As it co Mee and the same Ray As it comes in drop to the Dye the Angle by the Violet rays is smaller dec forty five minutes that of the being intermediate these an rna nent and apply to every por Rob in its whole length this be any eyeball accounts for a fact which nost people May have noticed to wit that the attitude of the spherical i the a inversely As that of the Sun fact which results from this Viz Are not often seen when the 1 his 1 think cannot be another the pressure need not be j hat rainb0 material Chang neither is the Sun is of the p1 ent in proportion to the he it depends on the manner in which form Spectator in order to address lied and May a in some corrected by a muscular be Eye it probably 1 in the direction of the and takes no cognizance through those nerves n the Eye and brain the 3. Pressure is a Tamo e resisted o Iford o readjust Ici Uit by a it Ange of re the r u in i a produce form Bette medium of volition and consciousness Nely judge of the attitude of our Bod in and limbs Bylthe muscular Effort to in i n t Lal Attil Ulle of which we Are con c j Oua the Altitude of the body must be a i vie ctn understand hip position us 1 i Eye being move i h relative to thai of the body in be under blood in order to know r be place of he objects of a Rye cannoli see itself the mind can i of us , Only by the Power sex be in the ruse a r e Vav h u Jone of n its first e to reason la i to ii Ressio Tor u s for som Mij of shut and Orti Noily of i Jan Nous body a train of Iii be if the Seni Atlon ceased the instant the no 11 Ileri Pele i i Art Cpd by we 1 1 u r p n i ii a which move the Eye at direction is caused in Force the mind is de impressions and must have in order to ascertain the of Light upon the Retina time 1 the eyelids opened without interrupting he sensation of Light and rapid Moon appears co it behind it which could if one should look for window at the end of a i Ipi ulment a d then quickly direct the vibe dark Wal he would see an acc it represent Ion and Bright if the window with dark Ops. But this is instantly 1 is called compliment which the bars will be is Lark the a Practised in be Likely to notice Only a the course rays 13 then upward Ude of the Sun is greater than the de by the rays As above stated the us be elevated upon the horizon j Aee them the democratic state Cen trial committee. To Ike people of Pennsylvania full lows citizens a government like ours where the Sovereign Power is Racli Colly of Well As theoretically vested in the up opel the highest political duty that devolves upon the citizen is to fuel the responsibly that rests upon him end to Lake a Printer part in All that concerns the Public Well i in ancient Greece there was a a which con Pelleio every citizen under a Penally o declare his sen Timeus upon Del Public questions Here there is no such Law but it is not therefore less a duty in the citizen to declare Hie sentiment in regard to Public and Public men and he u to fails to do so country is becomes a Patriot and Good citizen 1 he pric toil and lion and our ngh their Pat How i chive to does not discharge his duly to Bis of the Liberty we enjoy was the Lood of the patriots of the revolt the admirable institutions by which s Are secured Are the result of lot ism and Wisdom an any Man who has a mind to per ouch the traditions and history q his country and a heart to realize and feel what the men a and women Loo of the revolution endured to secure lha blessings of religious and and of Good government be to hip pre Reva lion of a Man free an Bui do not by cd of Campli Mintat or accidental interest in but would occupy too Oom if tre i led of to a great extent i for sometime on a Small Olor and then directed to i Aper or to any other White i he same shape will be seen a Eye be file cd of a vivid 1 to of while i a spol of filie object be a red wafer the spot an the paper will be round and of the of the wafer but of a Light blueish 1 color t is is called the accidental or of red eat i Oiher color of the spec it has its co h Hal is re is found in the Origina spectrum Long coi ilm a u i Islai " Ops on the or 5e ram Toto the Rainbow s inti oops a primary Anc primary it is a love it pre order and m the Espoo dog accidental color i Nar Kable the Occidental 13 i he same spectrum Dian color just half Ibe length of de Lolur of Light upon the he holy heritage e is unworthy of if there be such the land of the the Home of Trie Brave re there not to Many amongst us who openly estimate the value of our in St i Tut Lor s w to v e w t be rights they possess As Ordinary common ply inc things and who put to enjoy in inglorious ease Allol Good government without n any of the perplexes which Are adverted emphatically to the evils of its sex diminish i us sensibility this is i by the fat that a sudden change from to a fee lie Light makes the utter Ike dark Ess and after time has been the Ensi bitty of the Eye to re Ess becomes Light Central Gorlion of the Retina suffers because it Tec Erves most Light hence i it has Ibe strongest Power of per the rial ire and shapes of things p caption of ii it is never so Strong As that of ins surround g parts in gazing at the on a Cle r evening Many smal Slars which disappear the instant the a Mon is d reeled towards them former 1 explained How the Arp con the Bles sharing Una void car act Pla n w Rong nation has the at the plaints a Puma Aon out be the cause of the complain most bitterly mate the value of his i sergeant withdrawal of Confidence and support with in regard out cause the Federal we have mad these general observations dark he a with a View to impress upon each and every avowed any v voter the importance and responsibility of and As be is the Trust confided to him and the obligation Whoie settled he is an Ter to exercise it not Only for his pies for the own Benefit but far that of the whole com of him by the Mummy we know of causes which induce Pany he is f Many Good citizens to abstain from an Active know he Vasili participation in political Cona Eros bin vie Federal Ami know of none that is sufficient excuse to jus Fol owed he tiny them those who say ii hat political revolution affairs Are managed by men in whom they have no Confidence and that therefore they have ceased to take any part in them offer the very worst reason for their conduct if they believe what they say the obligation resting upon them to Endeavor to Correct proceeds of i what they regard As an evil la so much the of which fron greater As no Good citizen will abandon what rendered ii in he believes to be the interest of the re pub Tea arid Coffee lie in despair that he of we i in Congress we willing supporter of Al the Ratic measures of the Day and ily in the lend of the great Henry Clay and John Elk now he voted for a Bank of the u try denounced John Tyler for vetoing it. Tjwie know he voted for the bankrupt act Anil Tea inst its repeal we know be was the supporter of the distribution of the 1 Public abstraction Khe Public Treasury would have Tessary to lax uie poor Man s i Supply the deficit favor of the most we know Ultra pro for Benefit of special in Ess of the other great interests whether be will avow him any or Oil these measures an Tell for n is which he belongs not Only to and measures but heir id identity we take it for scr that these Are Velill Futon be ires aril that notwithstanding their denial of some of them at least if they had the panel they carry them All into effect if really abandoned a Bank of the United Uithol the perpetration of the most signal abuses for which the people have in every in stance ejected u from Power the first Opportunity during the administration of f slates Why did hey denounce a traitor to whig principles the bank7 e measure How Ever of stale e know the Federal part is in on that we Jam Issue inst n this measure we have their names on the record As top last session of the we allude to the act pro Vidag for a Transfer of the Public improve Lon a opals to a c Many on the 9 son a Feder read in r shunt we Assef boldly and fearlessly j incorporate that the executive department of our government has been honestly and faithfully administered with an impartial and strict re Gard to the rights and interests of the people to this assertion we Challenge truthful and successful contradiction from any responsible source we invite any responsible Friend of Gen Irum the Federal candidate to Point out to any official act of gov. Shun. That has been at variance with the interests of the people at Large. He on All occasions advocated the necessity of maintaining Ibe Public Faith in. Impaired he has urged the necessity of practising the most rigid Economy and of holding Public officers to a strict accountability so Ailo enable the Treasury to meet the demands upon it and ultimately to form a sinking fund to liquidate a portion of the Public debt. During his administration the of Public officers have been More Prou Pilj settled and More outstanding bal ances glue from former delinquents collect a than during any preceding administration. He has advocated the necessity of maintain ing a sound currency Anil without aiming at the destruction of the banking system he has Cess and urged upon the legislature end the people the importance of restraining and keeping it within reasonable Bounds in order that its benefits May be enjoyed and its mis chiefs a. Voiced. As a Means calculated to effect this great object he has recommended thai Bankers As Well As other corp orators who engage in business for private gain should be liable to Ned a nomination and election May pay their debts As other individuals Are ble in us preservation those is Are generally the first to com in anything my their judgment goes and Are the loudest in their condom others forget sting that perhaps it r own negligence and indifference Roper Lime that caused All com their neglect perhaps to y meeting by which some unfit Prfu primary meet my lose the general election by evil of which they no Man can Esti influence and vote at a decl candidates or at Many of the most in colors rely be Sepe raied by Means of fat ire does no furnish a great Cei of the like. We see it Hoar Frost and in the Dews but More strikingly in is Well known consists extending Over the Region of Iosue a Sun bows Are seen the and the secondary at tunes however i generally seen Art of a Circle whose idarae 84 degrees of the phere of ends the seven colors 10 the relative breadth As they Are Ali Malta spectrum Tad u portent lev ends in the history of our country Nave Botn determined in our conventions and legislative bodies by a majority of a single vote an going Back to the primary assemblages jul the people it will perhaps be found that this vote in the stale convention or legislature depended upon Ibe vote of a sin Gle individual in some township meeting or county convention their occurrences have been frequent and they go to show the in fluence that every individual voter May exert upon the institutions of his country it has been said by Ibe great apostle of de Mora cry Thomas Jefferson and very often repeat Nal Vid thai the Price of Liberty is Eter and the truth of Bis Maxim there an be no doubt ii is therefore import understand what is meant by ibis Vig. J 19 to be Consia it and continuous fre Tant t l Lance and re ales to that watchfulness and c which is required from the people in Ting their Public agents in scanning with jealousy Hue Al the same time with Candor and liberality their conduct in distinguish ing Between the Man of sense and integrity and the demagogue and political Dremer in sustaining toe faithful and just Public ser vant and discarding the unfaithful and Dii honest. To an honest and patriotic Public servant there is no Reward far his services so highly prize As the approbation and Confidence of bit fellow citizens and no censors 10 unjust he thinks it unjust that a set of individuals should obtain a charter to carry on business of a private nature and if successful Pockel the prints of their Enterprise but if Success Ful throw the loss or Al least a portion of it on the Community at Large he does not believe such a system is calculated to make Mea either prudent or honest and that it is in Many respects of Kin to the late bankrupt act which discharged men for All time from the payment of their just debts even when they Are abundantly Able to pay he believes that honest Industry and frugality and men engaging in such by Sinese As their Means and talents bring with in their reach much belter calculated to pro Mote real Independence and permanent Prosperity than the aggregation of capital under the control of a few irresponsible corporations. Al All events be believes that what Ever system May be adopted in regard to any interest or business it should be regulated by general Laws operating alike on All cart Izant of which who Are disposed May Avail Rhein saves and the whole system of partial legs Lazion by which special Privi Leges Are conferred on some which others can not obtain is at War with the spirit of the Constitution and the Genius of our free institutions which regard the rights of All As equal a these views of Public belie re a Large majority of the people of the state of All parties concur and were it possible to obtain a vote in relation to them irrespective of other considerations we have no doubt they would be sustained by four fifths of the citizens. Road Corn Iii for the Publ of february last or Wjlliam i member from Chester county Lack a Bill Enlil Jed an act to he Pennsylvania canal and rail a and to prov file a sinking fund debt which Wai Laid Jon the table on t e 12th of the same month this Bill Viii Coit pitied to the committee of internal i pro Emels and on the 17th, it was reported to i e Senate on the 22d it was referred to i p committee of the whole arid on the same any reported Back to the Senate and on Motif in of messes Carson and i in son both the Wab immediately read a Spond time and on the question it the question was on motion of messes. Bigler and Jimmick postponed for Thuc present on the 27th, Sles Sra Johnson and Smyser both wigs moved that the Senate proceed to the consideration of of Ibe one Hall woul l not Hare exceeded seven millions of dollars. By the provisions of the Bill the individual stockholders were to receive five per cent on the amount of their Stock before the stale should receive any dividend whatever. After payment of Ibe expenses and five per cent to the individual stockholders then the state was to come in for her dividend on the Stock retained but it was provided that in no event could she receive More than five per cent if the profits of the company should Ever exceed five percent on the whole capital then the surplus was logo to the individual Stock holders and this us authors bad the impudence to Call an act providing a sinking fund for the payment of be stale debt but the Bill contained other still More sex Traer Minoty provisions which we cannot Adverl to in detail such As conferring on the Ash chose to believe themselves i to enlarge the pre g destiny of the Union u an article of across the Atlantic and one for which Vinel Vail in Faith Manila citizen would to be a Martyr such is the spirit and such Are the men who Are making their Way Wuh Only a Shadow of opposition from ver Cruz to Mexico such is the Enterprise of which every three or four Days now brings us fresh tidings hitherto the mexicans have represented rather the ancient natives of their country iban he conquerors from whom they have really descended on their Side u has been All Defiance obstinacy and rashness the notes of preparation have been loud and the threads sanguinary Al the moment when these promises should be realised the Bobble seems to burst. Afler the stand at Monte Rey there has scarcely been anywhere a resistance worthy of an Independent nation the impregnable san Juan d Ulloa was no sooner known to be invested than tidings of its capture arrived Kven courage was not wanting Mexico could not give it the Means of resistance since that Freeh occasion has proved both the i to of the slate and the degeneracy ii i chiefs the Bailies of Juena Ista Aid c or sir i or t the morale in the mexican Republic to Rrapi Tairi an effectual car of defence City afer Tarri a Luspian Ilal Donoras Mon Crey Vera Cruz Ard jul in the occupation of the Encino. As for the. Mexicans one is tempted 10 ask by what accides t of Bah or of Cir instances they exhibit so grotesque a character in Een uus a Dimirra late Jear they were out for Eire and for Boner ibis far they or a Ora Ity and Independence jut h v Are Thev now meeting an occasion which blips but ii Jowers and All the Virtu in of Dos in and weakness Siruc Noti up Ai i cow e Are the chief varieties of the Midi Arm the Bill we Black and Anderson to postpone which was negatived to a party democrats voting in the i affirmative and the federalists in the ii fat the the question then recurring on the first notion of the Bill passed m the affirmative in party and then the Reu lining sections passed on the 2i scribed for March it Palow ing Vole Cornman Harris Joh Richa Williamson except or son a funner in a motion was made by messes. March it was ordered to be Iran a third Reading on the Sib Seil a third Reading by the Fol Boas Carson Rabb Darrah Darsie Giles son Jordan Levis Morrison f its Sanderson Smith s miser ind Gibbons 19, All federalism Giles Ander Bigler Black Cream Refl Hill Hoover Alison Over Field Poitinger and Ross ii Alt democrats t now w e in hesitatingly pronounce the pcs Sage of this Bill As the boldest and most Reck less measure and Ibe greatest fraud on the state that has been attempted people of i ii since the i combo Alcor these Feder you when people t stage of the Dank of the United states in u36, by a most corrupt and foul Mark fellow citizens How in legislators attempt to deceive key contemplate a fraud upon the e Bill contained the Char Ter of the e link of the United Stales was originally taxes and Public irn i Side ration and provide a Kinin to fund for the pay of delt deception the one was to Repi Al titled an act o repeal the slate provide for a Colliu Calion of the cements the one under con As a Bill to incorporate the canal and Railroad am pan Mark in the stale to xes the other to provide a suit fund Lul both in reality calculated to Rob the peole and Enta i perpetual taxation on them sow fellow citizens Are you not curious to now whal this measure for pro Viding a is King fund to pay the slate debt was we will Tell you. It was an act to take from of the control of your whole line of Public in prove Menis from Philadelphia to Pittsburg. I in Ludig the Columbia and pore age rail Wos and to place them under the control of i company for the miserable pit Tance of be Ween seven and eight millions of dollars at i oat. That the whole line was to be value i at Twenty millions of dollars and form a so c 19 that amount in shares or one Hundred d Lars each ten millions of which were to be sold to individuals and paid for in state Stock which were then Worth not More than seven by dollars in the a untied. At this rate the c it to the individual stockholders company Power to construct Leral railroads j to 0rdo have proved list arid canals and a Bonty to become numbers inure is not the transporters and to establish lines of steam boats on the Ohio Riv i. Now How did it happen Ilia ibis Bill was defeated7 it passed the Senate and was Seni to the House of representatives on the 10th of March on Ibe 12lh March being saturday and the a of final adjournment being fixed for tuesday he Ibe House proceeded to the Consul erosion of the Bill in the afternoon and the Federal members allem Ted to Force it it rough the House Wii Boul debate or a be ailment under the previous question Winch they were Only prevented from doing by the Energy and determination of the minority who bin ing that the majority was de Ermine u Perpe irate an act which would Rob the people of their property and inflict an irreparable injury upon the Commonwealth resorted to All the rights and privileges which the rules of the Hubp afforded them and thereby pre vented final action until the hour of adjourn ment arrived on monday other business intervened and the Bill could nol be taken up out of order without two thirds agreeing and on tuesday the legislature adjourned thus As the consummation of this outrage upon the interests of the people prevented and for huh Fie democratic members were denounced As rioters and blackguard by a Lead ing Federal paper of this place this very year we feel assured that the Public works will net a million of dollars and what their value a be Twenty live Vears hence with the increasing population and resources of the country no Man can now Tell to this measure then the federalists Are i. A god on Ibe record and if they again of lain a majority in the legislature end a pliant governor of Kindred feeling in the person of Genera Irvine we have a right to Antici Pate its consummation next session in opposition to this measure gov Shunk that the net tolls of the Public works together with the present taxes on real and personal estate be pledged to the payment of the interest on the Public debt and to the creation of a sinking fund for the pay Merit of a portion of the principal and has shown in the most satisfactory manner that the debt ran be so far diminished within a reasonable time Aslo allow of a material re Luction of the present taxes Here fellow citizens Are two distini.1 lines of policy pre sealed it is for you to decide which you will prefer is it not fellow citizens most extraordinary thai in a party embracing so much Lal ent As the federalists claim that they have i on All occasions when in Possession of Power shown themselves incapable of administering it has been so in regard to Les disappear Wuh a Ess at d com pied Jess which makes it doubtful the Ihrer they Ever existed except in the Birbas of manifestos the commander in Chie is a Man whose Only Power seems to be thai of raising expectations which he is the to fulfil himself a deceiver he is decent de in re turn the slate which chose him for Lack of a better does not really Trust him while the War rages in the frontiers and shore6, and penetrates into Ine prov aces Over the outer Circle of those vast natural barriers that sur your d the capital that City is Divi Eil har raised and weakened by civil strife Baltjes and revolutions the presence of in invading Aimy and the con lick of omes in la Lions Are Loo much for any nation Mexico bids fair to exhibit one of those tremendous catastrophes which stand out Lior Riby distinct in the annals of Camarri to Santa Anna and his colleagues Are nut men to be deterred by any consideration of social consequences his present object seems a Kin to that of Ibe desperado who blows up his Strong hold As the assailants in Ler he wishes to involve the conqueror and Ibe conquered in a common ruin the proclamation of a guerilla warfare Gorg authority to every score of ruffians to concert la Weir own plans to make their own attacks to compel the co operation of the unwilling to murder All Ibe americans they can find of whatever age or condition is the act of one who gives up honorable War and would of face or eclipse the memory of his failures by a Mutual and Universal macsacr0 it is in pos male to say How the p an fare will work Lut Santa of a guerilla. Anna is stir near enough to his to him serious annoyance on his Road to the capital Here a we Are credibly informed has jus occurred one of those acts of ily which can give an air of Ibe ludicrous 10 to p most gloomy conjecture the mexican Cor is has been gravely discussing the 11 Nas been to in regard 10 i be general government As Well As in our should nol now accept the mediation of own stale they have been aptly called the party of the incapable in 1835, when they obtained Power by a division of the democratic party they outraged hip pub lie feeling in the re charter of the United states link and other dangerous measures until they closed their career in the Cronin Het i or it be Brit is government proffered Mai y months since Aid then contemptuous y declined they who thought the Mailer could be to easily re opened realised As Little of the moaning of the medial on As they appear to do of the meaning of a 1 ins was gravely discussed declined scene of the Buckshot War and ust Winter when Accident placed Power in their hands no far As the legislature was concerned they Only distinguished themselves by attempting to give away the Public improvements and passing some corporation acts and foreign divorce Falls far Init Grant applicants Over Ibe veto of the governor i Reily Chat j g m Kinley Secretary from London times. United states and Mexico. The Conquest of Mexico is a familiar Story even to our childhood the City of Gold of idols and of hecatomb the reckless Cor Tes the unfortunate Montezuma and a Rich and populous Empire overthrown by a lend Lul of foreign adventurers excite by turns the Ibe admiration the sympathy and Ibe ambition of our nature it will some times occur would that we had lived in those Days How did the world receive the successive reports of those incredible events " we can scarcely expand our minds to the breadth of Fez Pertalion which the discovery and the Conquest of a new world must have universally raised. Perhaps however Many who have indulged in these reflections Are entirely Una Ware that after three centuries that history to a wonderful coincidence is acted Over again. At hit moment the very path of not As being useless but upon the faired liberties of the republic1 to prospects of the americans Are rot without their gloom Boih far Ai d i ear As they approach , the r aim Mella away a even Wuh mexicans takes ils quota Gam sons and co Nurmi cat 101 b Brake heavy draughts the Bummer Row the Gin to Tell though the a 1 v Anching column ii halve now passed Ibe Iturra i the Lobito is an annual Scourge and is now in the lit Ira tempt adn among Snow capped mountains and e evaded Plains 5 e the reinforcements have to encounter All the perils of a summer s March through a tropical Cli mate meanwhile a More serious Cusp is draining the army at a crisis Nhen it wants men the volunteers Ore returning As their period of service expires As in the ancient wars Between and Scotland Victory appears to be More dangerous than of Amateur warfare defeat. In those Good old Days Jcj sooner did the licensed marauder touch the spoil than he sought 10 return and enjoy it by he own Fira Side in this Way the largest armies and the most successful expeditions would suddenly melt away and or Zes do More harm than panic whether it e of glory or of spoil the american vol unlearn it appears soon satiated this it no Ali giant circumstance for a general plunging into the heart of a Hitler and Hostle country. But Grant that he arrives at Mexico that is Only the beginning of troubles what in

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