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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - July 24, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaJam i neuter too Sci. To 48. P 0 e t r Wellsborough. Tioga county at to Dollos a year wednesday, internal heat of our Globe is glowing beneath every spot of ground wherever we May tread. Iii. Hot Springs. Also occur in every country on the Globe. They abound most among mountains because there the crust of the Earth has been broken and elevated and a More ready escape for the internal heat has been firmed. Hence in the United slates they boil up most numerous by among the Allegra the Ozar it and Rocky mountains. In to Fly re 1c to tic duties Europe they mostly Rise out of the Alps Trie pyrenees and the there us Well As Here they often Spring level Plains. It is the same in Asia Africa Oceania and both the americas. They Are honest when volcanoes Are most reaching the boiling Point though in All cases they must be greatly cooled by the Waters and the rocks for flip Tioga Carlo. Or jars. Following poem by t locis Moore was picked up As a stray Lut Iii on the Ocran of literature by the a recent visit to Island of i we written in the year 1803, ,.-.u tin author s Short residence on that by appointment of his gov c to int. Irav Itig his office which he years in charge of a Deputy i Iii. It in the beginning of july a ii is of Only three months on the Liore he wrote two poems which Wil i bar milians to perpetuate the his visit among them. Ono to the Coal into Anthracite and slate into Mica. Their texture is As a molten liquid naturally assumes in. Solidifying. Their com position is identical with that which now streams from As feldspar Horn blend and Silica. The transition is gradual and perfect froth a extern Lavaa into All the varieties of igneous rocks. And artificial experiments have shown that these igneous rocks when melted by great heat in furnaces assume on Cooling in the open air the same characteristics lava and it is know i that lava Cooling und or great pressure As in a volcanic Cone and after wards rent by earthquake forces and exposed to View presents the exact form of a trap. This latter fact is exhibited on a grand scale at j mount in the Val Del Hove. Here then we Nave a grand and magnificent evidence of near the surface. The great numbers of these the Interior heat of the igneous a Large and favorite tree of and their Universal prove also the universality of the Interior heat of our Globe. In. Artesian have been and the following one i ii Ive u Ivan of e name no calculated to awaken recollections delighted the Anglo with his Rich stores of thought i Furjin Whoso advanced and ills dissolution is trembling by . Cannot but be acceptable 1 Hope the poem May find a in yur Piper. The description 13 ardent is Jio Vic but the scenery of Bermuda by Ciri Cir no it retch of fancy to Pic a j i Atli of the poem. Ii. G. B e ii m u d a when Trio zephyrs Bland our my in this Encl Stoit land to k in if upon to Ocean thrown 01" u or a Silver z Jno v i i Hae Ivnic fancy gave Iii Yiirs o or Tho we sworn in pc i a to scam More soothing it. A Cmith Crail or lilo spirit s t Lovely Cor wave was still u per runic of a Lipil ill with smiling Cedar nil Tbs us la Iti a. Trio wind Trinid i lick Wanton Euils Tel Hurt jul Vales u or i in wave Serene i Urmil Alie i Job suit n Green a Rill keel w ii whispering play no Heringa to oui to steal in Way. Worry bark no re a wetly in a Lov Lior Tito. Nov a Bril Liitt Jonic ii Rii c it a Mil 1 lie in ovary Grove Lii Puiul Iii a of inv in rocks entirely belting around our planet form ing the foundation of the Earth rising into lofty Mountain peaks and Mountain chains and cd bored in almost every country to the depth of j All having their birth from a former melted Uil i i i Morin t Irisco own rat to my her kindling Torch me ill Ilif Days jul i sri in Loir in Irum the Rich 1 edit Colic Inonu Iii of Sointu a Vail e fount. J Ukia Lii Newark advertiser. Ecology the i Kat of the Globe. Of sonic geological Tours a few wore led to make mention of a rocks and of Tell air origin by a Lityma from n previously heated of lotion. To is sounds wonderful incredible to hence we a View of the Many classes illustrate the Interior heat of Are three Liun and icy Are situated on every if we take i round Ball and 1 Norli on its outside 300 dots we i to a. Ibo Bull is very thickly dotted our Earth on every aide it h ill 5otne of these three Hundred a pc Felicy Interior shines out Moat Bril molten Content Are expelled j of thousands of our follow men. In number of volcanoes their huge Ian and the lofty mountains they of the Interior of that the amount of that great Many Hundred feet for obtaining a copious Stream. They Are but a few inches wide and a tube is let All the Way Down to prevent the internal escape of the water. This water which boils up is always warm at Wurtemberg in Are used to warm the water which drives factories and this prevents their Stop Page by ice in Tho Winter. The s ame is the Case in Alsace and Stu Gardt. In China they Are not uncommon. Condition. In this truth All geologists Are agreed and confirmed. The Southern shores of that Peninsular presents similar Opp Arances both of rising and of falling. Ancient temples stand ing on the Shore have been so far let Down that the tops of lofty columns Rise Only a few feet above the water. This has happened in the Bay of Baiocc both to the Temple of Neptune and the Temple of the nymphs. The Temple of and every where the deep Jupiter Serapis on the coast of Naples was or they Are Wanner is the water they bring up and they furnish an additional proof of the universality of the i Interior heat of our planet. V. Sep descending about 40 feet the temperature of the Earth remains the same both in summer and Winter below that depth it becomes warmer As we descend. This increase of heat downwardly advances with perfect ittle faster in some places and a Little slower in others but in All without any exception there is an unvarying advance., on an average around the Globe this increase is one degree of fahrenheit for every 50 Teet in depth. At the Bottom of the mines in Cornwall the thermometer stands at 83 is 1300 feet below the surface and much warmer than summer weather there. We can conceive of nothing calculated to Stop this heat in the direction towards the Centre of the Earth and if it continues to increase according to the ascertained average rate then All known substances must to in a melted condition 20 Miles below the surface at this rate we must cease wondering at the numerous earthquakes and volcanoes for the crust of Earth must be a Mere Shell resting on a molten flood earthy materials Are non conductors and therefore this internal Hent cannot escape or affect us at the Yuriaco. In the same manner streams and pools of lava become cooled and hardened on the surface and thus their heat is confined and their interiors after Remyn years in a. Fluid state. I. Fossil Remans or plants . Remains show that tropical plants Atid animals in former geological eras flourished in the Polar regions. The Ivory of the elephant is dug up and furnishes an important Branch of Industry on the extreme Northern shores of Siberia and the delicate corals of the present warm and mild oceans displayed their glories luring former periods in what is now the ice bound regions of the Arctic zone. Thousands of facts like these from every department of Ani mated nature proclaim a former High tempera Ture in All High Northern latitudes and this elevated temperature can be accounted for in no other than from the influence of the internal heat of the Earth. It Lias fooled gradually by radiation to its present state and further sensible cooking is prevented by the non con ducting crust in which it is enveloped. Vii. Extinct by far out number the present Active ones. In North America along the whole line of the Rocky mountains and through the West indies they stand thickly As monuments of the past. Their craters Ore As symmetrically formed and they exhibit the same lava streams though in a hard ened state As those now burning. In germ any along the Rhine he travellers speak of the Castu a crag1 of the Eipel and Many others presenting the same Phenomena. The Centre of France is studded with especially about Clennon. In Italy the town of cum a founded a thousand years before the causes of these Are Christian Era is built in the Centre of a Volcano. There in a space of 60 Miles in length and 10 in breadth Are sixty extinct craters one of is two Miles in diameter. All these with others in every Quarter of the world should be joined with the three Hundred that Are now burning if we wish to have the full proof of the. Fiery wonders in the Interior of our Globe. Viii. Igneous these Are meant All Rock that Are not stratified such a the Gran no As i he causes of volcanoes. This we their Phenomena Are the there ire plan to alarming noises from n of fillings of the surface like Long s o flip sn3_ihcn violent in the emissions of flame 0 jail hied rocks. If Vapours and natural Calm then to a ins been an earthquake but if men Are in doubt whether Valcano or a prolonged Are every conceivable Gra there to among these phenom ule Merior heat of our planet in Somo both these classes of terrific won volcanoes Are indeed the wkly Globe but not in however occur in reveal the great fact that the and trap. They exist Granite As we have before remarked forming the great foundation Rock around the whole Globe the evidences that they have All had their origin from a liquid Are Complete. Their position is rising from beneath the very Region of intense heat. Their shape shows a former liquid been ejected in veins cracks and crevices of other rocks. Their effects on these other rocks have been of a burning Chalk into Marble Sandstone into Quartz bituminous gradually lowered Down beneath the Waves and Shell fish attached themselves thickly to the gorgeous Marble and again that same Temple with the adjoining coast has been to gently raised up that the Marble pillars Are still standing and the remains of the Shell fish still attached Are now elevated thirty feet above the level of the sea. In South America the coast of Chili Tor distances of a Hundred Miles has been seen to Spring up suddenly with tremendous commotion both of the and arid of harbours have Beeti destroyed the rendered shallower and As a proof that Interior of the country Rpse still higher the streams and Brooks showed an increased descent and More violent rapids. The most noted of the upheavals occurred As lately As in the year and 37.0 another class of proofs of these risings and depressions occurs in mines. The strata Are broken by a smooth crack and on one Side of this Cleft they Ore sometimes raised up or settled Down Many feet so that the Beds of Ore or Coal come to a sudden Stop and the Minera with much difficulty Are obliged to search upwards and downwards to find their continuations. A still More stupendous class of evidences Are presented by both continents and All Large without exception they have All been repeatedly submerged beneath the Ocean. Ocean Rise up above its uni Versal level the continents mint bodily have been lowered Down. And these astonishing undulations both of falling bespeak a fluid heavy fluid of molten Rock on which the May float and admit of being elevated or depressed. This external hardened Shell would be too Large from time to time As the Interior cooled and contracted and hence like an Arch it would press laterally against itself Rise up into mountains sink Down into valleys and Ocean Beds and be fractured for with so Flat and thin an Arch it could not Bear its weight. In. The specific Gravity of the by Earth can be weighed arid its density ascertained. And its known density is not so great As the pressure of its materials resting one upon other would naturally pro Duce if these materials we re at the Ordinary surface temperature. This deficiency of natural density is so enormous that it b Speaks the continued operation of a great and general a cause co extensive with the whole Interior of the Globe and the Only adequate cause of which we Nave the knowledge is this Interior heat. Heat expands All bodies and makes them lighter in proportion their bulk. X. Tiivel Sinape of the is nearly round it is somewhat depressed at the poles and raised up about the Equator precisely in the form which a fluid receives when whirled around. It is the shape the present Ocean tikes its polic diameter 25 Miles Shorter than its equatorial diameter. ,.anj this Peculiar form of the present solid parts of our Globe indicates a Forier state of fluid caused Betti plural Interior heat. I. The nebular theory of the solar theory rests foundation not upon nebular appearances properly so Call Tor these by glasses May be resolved into stars upon a multitude of facts in the Constitution of the solar system. The solar sys tem is a single piece of mechanism. Any one of its parts is incomplete alone. It must be regarded As a unit. A single intelligence with one most simple design Baa called it into being and that by natural Means. Its whole Structure corresponds with the nebular theory of its Ori Gin. None other is conceivable. Such a theory is entirely co servant with All the known Laws of is not a single a sin Gle difficulty. The facts in its favor cannot be Given at least a they in order to be standalone. Moreover the natural condition of matter As we chiefly behold it is a fiery condition. The Suu we must regard As i great x i ignited also the fixed stars. Some of the fixed stars go lose their Bright Ness and Shine no More like our Earth. The mighty changes going on among them should prepare us for our present argument. Our Eun too has occasional of solid a. Trial floating on its surface. Some of them Are Miles in diameter and occasionally they split and break into fragments like a piece of ice. Some philosophers supposed that they were openings in a shining envelop through which the dark body of an opaque Sun is seen. Such openings might close up from the sides but could not present the appearance of a split ing breaking solid. Thus while astronomy teaches us that our. Eatty is a planet and shines with reflected Light like Jupiter and Venus geology by her doctrines of Interior heat leads us to suppose that it once shone by its own native Lustre was a burning glowing glittering Star. Peter Flinn a Luck. By . In that Beautiful quiet City of parallel streets Sweet butter and Sweet there once did live a certain native of the Emer Ald called Peter Flinn. Has vocation was that of the most honorable because of its usefulness to the commercial world of driving Peter owned a very ancient and horse and an equally unstable Dray by Meana whereof he essayed and by dint of great physical exertion succeeded in obtaining for his Large and growing family a tolerable living. Stephen Girard lived and carried on his immense mercantile transactions at the time of which i write and was a principal performer in my Little Story. The one eyed Little Frenchman great pet of Dame not a Man of very wonderful development of heart and soul or sympathy in tie misfortunes crosses or losses i 11 i 1.1 Nevair mind you bid on be Tea. Own be Tea knocked Down you take de whole zen you come to fix pm. Good morning and stumbling Aad awkward with astonishment got out and the rest of the Day he went about muttering Over to himself the entire strange and bewildering part which he had to enact on the Morrow at the great Tea Sale. Next Day the merchants of the Quaker City assembled on one of Gerard s quays where the huge , chests of Tea were ready auctioneer s Hammer and the bids of the Mer chants. It was a consignee s was to be raised id Short metre and the whole cargo was put up in three separate lots half Cash and balance at for months with approved endorse ments r now gentlemen said the auctioneer open ing the Sale we put up eight Hundred chests of Young Hyson do i. Hear for this Hyson Lea 7 warranted.-. All through As Sam Ples or no Sale How m och do 1 hear 3" Start shall not dwell Long on this Tea. Forty cents a Pound i hear bid Only forty j cents a forty forty forty agents a Pound Only two and a i linear is forty two and a half i said Peter Flinn in a tone of voice that fairly startled some of the merchants. The auctioneer paused. You bid is it s me go we Are not Selling a Pound or a Box but 800 be dad and sure i know with i that sir go on i of his fellow beings but now and then he was known More through eccentricity than ought else to perform some very creditable and really magnificent acts of kindness and generosity to those falling in his Way. One Day said he to Peter Flinn whom had Oft and for a Long time employed upon his wharves in haul ing goods from his Large ships to his warehouses be Tair i believe you have worked Vairy yes sir and be my soul i responded Peter. Very Long Lime you no save said Iho banker the merchant Prince the millionaire be my conscience mister be Rad it s not a a Puth i save at All the divil himself might dance his hornpipes in my pockets of a monday morning without disturbing a toe Nail of his foot agin the Silver that s two three five seven of de children Home Faix and it s herself that s guessed it exactly Mishur be Rad it have seven As Brave boys a and girls As Iver be clapped an Eye upon a yes i see i Seei. Vairy Well be Tair you shall have one change presently by and directly to do summing Bettario Zan drive be old horse and Faix Mistler its myself that s a saying it As should not be saying it perhaps but it s few men labor harder nor longer for the meat bread praties and Hay that we ate than myself and Barney the old Hosa there and be me conscience it would be a god Send that would put us both myself and the poor Ould Baste there Over All our ills and said Ibex drayman. A a Vairy veil be Tair you come into my counting House by and and the Little old Frenchman with his hands locked behind him stocked off to Hie counting House leaving the poor drayman considerably mystified As to what the result of this conference was to be. Be says Peter to himself May be the old Feller s whim to get me up in a or be Gorry to buy a new Dray and horse. Of be my conscience there s no tellin what the old gentleman will do when he takes the Thirn and thus Soliloquy sing after a respectful delay Peter presented himself at the door of the millionaire s counting room and doffing his hat in he walked. Said the merchant Prince be big Canton Pac Liet ship Mozart Lay Down at Ray have one grand cargo of continued a Faix she said Peter. To Morrow be Tair be whole cargo be put under de Hammare to be sold to be Hig Liest Peter replies still deeper in mystery to what or How that could interest or concern him. Vairy Well continued the banker. To Morrow morning when be Sale begin be you Dar be Tea be put up two or three lots one of be merchants begin to bid Den you bid de i me of be Gorry save your Privince mis thur be Rad would it be for the likes of Pether Flinn to be among the merchants and bidding for a cargo of Lay. It s mad entirely they d say i the merchants and the auctioneer grinned. No More bids were and Dawn came the l the name sir Pether i where is your House Flinn i me House 1" yes your place of me house1 and Faith i have no House its two roams and a cellar i have in Wather Street and me place of business is round Here on the your endorser s name if Yon please Stephen Gerrad _ this dubious declaration produced another stretch of the whizzes of the merchants and the auctioneer in great doubt put up another lot of 500 chests. Down it went to Peter Flinn and so likewise went the third. When thesal Ewas concluded the merchants glided off believing the auctioneer was certainly a sold but on. Presenting the Bills and notes of Peter at Ilie desk of Stephen Girard the old fellow cashed them on sight. The sales came to nearly the Tea was much wanted in the Market and Peter got rare bargains and another but Lluz the last one i looked at but when Squire Crumpton come to our Dilfina his two gals tuck1 the Shine off of All the rest on pm specially the one called Betsey. I Shan t attempt to describe when 1 Tell Yon she had a Calico frock with her Jailer Flowers As big As your ear Bobe besides half a dozen Strans of beads As Large a the end of your Little Finger you May think she was a did anyhow. Of All the magnum Bonum characters i d Ever seed she was the i magnum Bon must Handso altho Fellers said to. When i Fust seed at Deacon Snook s meeting. I fastened my 01 her. Tier s met looked Stead it stay then smiled and blushed and looked Down. I Ord but there was a fluttering equal to a ear n my two jacket pockets i Felt i Yara Gaw Ner from that hour i was too big for Rhy breeches and of a sunday s i homed dad s breeches he d been married in Afore the revolutionary War and came off at the Knees but As he Wijs tall and i warn to they came be Low mine two or three inches. Agin the next Meetin i was prepared to Cut a big stiff sail for that1 purpose searched and Iron d my new Fine shirt As sleek As a Sheet of new tin. This shirt has the finest kind of flax Linen in the and Collar but the invisible part was of coarse Tow with a hem that would Cable a Steamboat. Now while sail was smoothing wrinkles near the said hem with an Iron Juk from the fire Down stairs tumbled one of the carnal brats Knockin the breath out n it. It was saturday night and she was the Only one up she run to it in course but a Afore it come to the Iron had decidedly made its is Burnt two holes in the extremity of the Linen. Nesit morning i put it on As it dad s True blues then the first regular pair of shoes i d Ever Tiad. I was just seventeen that sunday Morni nand in my sunday Riggin Felt myself a Man and was resolved if Betsey Crumpton was a meet into show it Well she was thar and i axed for got it Walkin by her Side i Felt As Light As scarcely tetchy the Earth i walked ii. But i Shan t Tell you the Fine things t thought Jand said to her on. The Way and More after we got Home. Of yes said Sev eral voices no you la have enough without to git the Cream of the Story yet. She kept me up quite late say two o clock and in spite of the Novelty it being the i got sleepy. Now the Squire had just come to the parts and put up a one Story one room log Cabia and the whole family Cep some of the Young Riib slept below. I was a Little bashful bout Gwehe to bed thar but i was three Miles from Home and it Ivas raining like Blue blazes i had to do it and did it without sex before noon next Day received Bonus Posin the Blanks in my Linen. I resolved to be for his bid on the cargo of Tea. The cargo was soon transferred Girard indemnified and the poor drayman found himself with a snug Little Fortune in his Fob. Love in on Jemmy Wafi dle s fihs courtship. Talking of sprees boys puts me in mind of my Young Days. I should rather guess i was in for pm some this was said by an old Man whom we shall introduce As or. James Waddle. Everybody knows him excepting the and his Penchoen Tofor spinning. It is the evening of a militia training Day. There is a goodly number after the company is duty who Are lounging around the aforesaid old Jim to whom lie has already began the and Only awaits soon body to urge him to go on. There Are enough to do this. He then inquired what they would of his Huntis or Courtin sprees the boys unanimously demanded the latter. Then after re questing that none of them should laugh till he got through with a few preparatory hems and an Assumption of comical grave face i wish i could report in his language verbatim it Litera he commenced when i our a boy you know daddy moved from Virginia to Kentuck. I d been born and fetch d up on the Frontier and Kentuck was a Paradise for me to Hunt bars in. But i you want a Courtin Story. Well although i was always Cuttin up some Devi try among the boys yet some How i was a Little shy and Skerry among the hiked the critters prodigiously but the Only Way i could manage to show it was by Castin sheep s eyes in abundance at pm. We had meetings and frolics sometimes. While the preacher was preaching tender heart brotherly kindness and love i was think in of nothing else. .1 used to sit where i could look the gals in the face and then gaze at some purty one till she blushed As red Ai a Pepper pod. Then i Felt so queer about the Gizzard and Wisht an earthquake would come Aad thro flt me in her Lap. I was in but i could t Tell who i loved the most. There was Peggy Maeon Homer a mighty Fine Gal even in her Tow her Cheek s were As full As a China pigs and red As a Turkey gobblers and thar was Sally Perkins with her gloriously striped Home made Cotton frock beside her hair and eyes As Black As Ink and there was dimple cheeked Wue eyes True Smith who always toted her shoes in her hand till she got in eight of the meeting. Well of those i could t Tell which miked one and some up in the Mornin on the same account and some others. That was the last i know d till awakened by the hounds half a dozen of which slept under the bed pull n the Kiver off me. Holy Jupiter the Sun two hours on the table and me in As i was Gwine to Spring out in pops the old Oman with a plate of Venison. It Wajdo Days and she cooked it in a shanty. I Post Jamed sleep till she went out again then looked for my. They were in the jaws of the pups at the foot of the bed1 a mighty lunge Over the foot Board to retake them but of horrors head Down and heels up what s the matte., thinks i but it Flash across me in a moment that the holes in my Linen was Over the Post and a tall one to i kicked and floundered and flounced but All to no purpose. I could not get Down i strained to break the hem but it Yas All no go. Just now All the. Hounds commenced Yel-1 Lin so furiously that the and both come Runnin to see what , and when they seed it was me they run out began to holler for the while others through the cracks with poles battled the cursed hounds that were Woolen me of r thought of Absalom and everybody else that Ever did hang but he did t hang with the wrong end up and that was a Consolation i had t j i d a Cust my Fate like Boston but i remembered i belonged to Meetin and it was agin the rules. I did Hows Mever think Somo mighty hard words if i did t but All that did t do any Good. I could t make anything by pulling Down Ards and so i thought i d climb the Post and a loosen myself that Way. I bad nearly succeeded when one of. The in mannerly pups attacked me in the rear and my Holt i fell in a peeling off my Linen the Button busted off and i came out full length on the floor in precisely the same fix Job said he came into the world the next minit i was under the bed where the pups had dragged my i cuff them off every time i put one Teg partly of the in Fernal whelps would pull Tother of. .1 worried this Way some time when a Puncheon Way and i fell through into a trough under the House. F j thought i was in the pit that waa bottomless i sprung for my life but in doing this i threw myself into the face and stomach of Squire Crompton who was comin on the run pectin the injun was make screen the whole family. The collusion threw him Down the Hill and i followed suit heels Over head to the Bottom. Here i recovered my understandings and without any apologies or even a word i struck a Bee line for Home just As i was in Ray native purity at a Speed that split the. High twin my toe nails strike fire out r the flints at every jump. But b Hoys i never went within a quitter of a mile of Squire Crumpton a i Ever cast sheep s eyes at Betsey again let alone Gallant in her Ine spa per

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