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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - July 17, 1918, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaThe agitator pa., wednesday july 17, 1918. The mercy Call of the sea. The stupidity and cruelty of our enemies. German warfare has rendered ube Lees the mercy Call of the sea. We All know that the final act which brought America into the War Germany s declared and executed ruthless warfare on both Passen Ger and freight shipping on the Ocean. International Law on destruction of belligerent and Neutral shipping is Clear and humane so far As Thero can be humanity in warfare. The Rule provides that before a boat is bunk the destroyer must Rescue the passengers and make them Safe then under certain rules it is Legal to milk the boat. But Germany developed the sub Marine and submarines can act Only As makes of the sea. The old Rule of warfare the old agreement the old pledge of Honor Given at. Men and As nations did not buit the German method of warfare As applied the submarine so Honor and the Given word had to go and the germans deliberately sent boats and passengers to the Bottom of the Ocean without warning. But worse than that has been her action with the development of wireless Telegraph came the distress Call or a Nerv Call the s. O. S. Call of the Aea. A boat in trouble could Send up that approach the London up a curtain of shrapnel fire about the that is Many big guns powerful enough to shoot two or three Miles in the air. Are Keut in certain positions and fired constantly so Long As the enemy planes Are hovering near. The guns Are not aimed at the planes but so Manv of them Are fired that it is almost impossible for a plane to get Over the City without being hit. Most planes and the fire so hot that the pilots turn Back but frequently one or two get through and do their damage. It is said and the authority seemed Good that it costs London 000 for powder and shells every time they have to fight off German air planes. And a fight takes place on signal to they Cuoio return to their Homes with safety. Germany is As stupid As she is cruel in this method of warfare for it demonstrates does not understand the British character at All failing sought. Absolutely in the object e g. Pipp. Nearly every Clear Moonlight night. There is a constant booming of the guns of defense for two or three hours at a time. The planes come up the thames River and locate the by counting Bridges that Cross the River. Zeppelins quit coming some time ago. That is because the British in vented a Shell that would set the Zeppelin on fire so Long As British shells merely punctured the Bottoms of the zeppelins the germans did t mind but with the inflammable Shell the restrict their raids to the air planes. The object is to terrorize the Brit ish women and children with the Hope of bringing England to a Ger Man peace. The terrorize Many of the women and children but the effect is directly opposite that sought by the raid Tor it Only leads pie to the inhuman be of warfare makes them fight the harder to Down the militarism that orders it More than that it helps to arouse All Christendom against the brutal warfare of Germany four of these raids were made in the four week that i was in London. In three of them an air plane got German orders to America. Extracts from a speech by Secretary of agriculture Houston. H was from this Feudal minded vain insolent and arrogant Power from Tho military overlords of Prus Sia that Tho orders Camo in february 1917, to us to of the freest people in the world. These orders were the final expression of prussian whim. Keep your people at Home they commanded. Tie up All your ships except one. Stripe h As i dictate let it sail on the Day 1 fix Send it to the port i designate. Tell manufacturers to keep their products in their warehouses. Surplus foodstuffs go to waste. Tell your Farmers to keep their millions of Bales of Cotton their Grain and their meat at Home till i order otherwise. Set aside International Law and accept my Law of necessity till i crush the great modern free states of Europe. Stand by till i finish with them and then maybe 1 will attend to you. Although our spies Are operating among your peo ple in Mexico Japan and elsewhere even while you give hospitality to our ambassador and although our agents Are ing your plants and our submarines Are killing your Citi Zens stand aside. These Are my or what would we do about it what answer would we make what answer was there except one life is precious but not at the sacrifice of everything that makes it Worth while. National peace is desirable but not at the Cost of everything that makes a nation Worth saving. No Man worthy of the name of american Cit Izen in such a situation could fall to exclaim with Patrick Henry is life so dear or peace so swot As to be purchased at the Price of chains and slavery forbid it almighty god. I know not what course others May take but As for me give me Liberty or give a what would Washington have said and and Samuel Adams and Andrew Jackson what Lincoln and Davis Grant and Lee Sherman and Stonewall Jackson what Albert Sidney Johnston. Stuart Sheridan Almeade Thomas Wheeler Hancock and hosts of others who died that the nation might live what did you say then what do Jou say now for my part i would rather see this nation gloriously fail fighting for Freedom with great eng land heroic France Italy and Bel Gium and to see it pass from the pages of history than to see it survive in the greatest ease and luxury submissive in any respect to the dictation German we have discovered that there is truth in Jefferson s assertion that the tree of Liberty is a tender Plant and that As it grows from More to More it has to be watered by the blood of we have discovered that Independence in this world is not a thing which can for All time be secured by what is done at a Given place Cana Dajas Park permanent playground established in Rocky mountains. In of the sword highest Peak Forest tract streams and valleys form attractive features of the resort. Canada is following the example of the United states in setting aside tracts of her Rocky Mountain Region As per manent playgrounds for the people. The latest of these is Jasper Park far up in the wild Northwest where the play is still top rough to attract any great hordes of Urban dwellers but which is one of the most Beautiful bits of Mountain scenery in the world. The building of the grand trunk Pacific Railroad had a Good Deal to do with the setting Nolde of Jasper Park. In Jasper Park fenced in the highest Mountain in Canada an immense tract of Virgin Forest and Hill country a miscellaneous assortment of nameless glaciers of various sizes half a dozen big Trout streams and num Berless Little Green valleys that look As though they were Laid out by a land scape Gardener. That the Park is still difficult of Access and Calls for Pioneer ing methods in its exploration is Only another recommendation in the eyes of the Lover of the out of doors. Here also certain important Rivers take a Humble Start in prominent streams As the Saskatchewan and the Columbia. The land looks As untouched and As primitive As Virginia must have appeared to John Smith but As a matter of fact it has a Long and romantic his tory whose record is still to be writ ten. And May the Man who writes it Wield a skilful pen and May he possess a real imagination for his subject de serves it. This Region Lay for centuries i on the Boundary of the preserves of two great fur Hudson s Bay and the great Western. Here they fought Battles without number for the trapping Between Man and Man instead of Between Mil Lions and millions but All the More full of daring of strategy and of adventure for that. And there too was a favorite Hunting ground of those free lances of the wilderness the free traders who committed the ultimate bin of bearing allegiance to no com Pany and Many of whom paid for it with their lives. These cold Green glaciers have seen a thousand thrilling dramas played out years before the explorers came for the trappers were too Busy to publish accounts of what they found. They were after fur. Nevertheless in Canada As in the they were the men who really opened the West Home of cult was at Wenden on North line of the German offensive in Russia. The National geographic society 16 sues the following War geography bul Letin on Wenden on trip line of the German offensive in the direction of Petrograd the town of Wenden one of the old est in the province of Livonia in Situ ated a few Miles by rail Northeast of Riga. It is a picturesque place built two Miles from the left Bank of the bluer a. The a flows in a South Westerly direction from this Point through that part of Russia known As the a Vonlan Switzerland not on account of the height of highest Hill is Only 265 be cause of the Charm of the landscape with its Well wooded slopes bordering the River Valley. The Story of Wenden goes Back seven centuries to the time when the Breth Ren of the sword recognized by Pope innocent in in 1202, made this place their Headquarters in the Campaign inaugurated by them to disseminate christianity among the Heathen Alvo plans. A Castle was built Here in 1210, and though it is now scarcely More than a crumbling ruin As it was never restored after the destructive fire of 1748, around it Cluster Manj romantic and fascinating stories. One of the most celebrated grand masters of the Brethren of the sword was Walter von Plettenberg who Rose to Power during the closing years of the fifteenth Century and was finally recognized As a Prince of the Empire by the emperor Charles v in 1527. Plettenberg also built the Castle of Riga which has fared bet Ter than the Wenden stronghold Foi it is still used As the seat of the rus Sian authorities or rather was used up to the time of Riga s fall a few weeks the most tragic chapter in the history of Wenden was enacted in 1577 when the members of the Garrison of the Castle besieged by the forces of the implacable Ivan the terrible blew themselves up rather than fall into the hands of the Czar. The Castle soon repaired however and a Short time thereafter was the residence of Patricius no deck appointed Bishop of Wenden in 1583 by Stephen Bathory. King of Poland. Compare your baby s first four years with this world and of subjecting the disorderly to Rule of Law is a slow one. There must be another fourth of july for All the world and we Are now in fhe midst of making it Good. But j verily believe that when we this time set me world tree from Germany its Independence will not again be seriously menaced for Germany is its last great foe. Motorcycle for Hunting. The feat of the horseback rider of Cowboy Days who could kill game or an enemy while Riding full tilt is if not surpassed by a naturalist and taxidermist who shoots some of his Quarry while Riding at High Speed on his motorcycle Accord the to Putar mechanics Maga Zine. He hns devised a Clamp to hold his loaded Shotgun above the gasoline tank of his Cycle while a Sling attached to the weapon passes Over his shoulder. His method is to ride swiftly along the Road and when he sees a desirable Bird perched near the High Way he seizes his gun and fires upon it without slackening Speed. This of course involves skill in Riding with out touching the handlebars. By this spectacular method the naturalist is Able to fell Birds which would take flight if approached by stealth. Through and each time women and children were killed. It is probably True that the ger1 mans to to hit definite objects in their flight but the difficulty in aim ing Well can be realized if you can imagine yourself on a fast flying express train on the Edge of a Preci and trying to throw a missile from a Miles an hour. The British Sung Heep him something like two Miles above the City possibly More it is always neb theme when he Homes and he has to locate his objects by their distance from the River and proxy mite to the Bridges appear As Mere streaks across the thread of the River but hit the object soil est or miss it. Their bombs come and usual la with deadly effect on others than aimed at Ono bomb hit a motor bus earn ing 40 persons and Thero was Noth ing left of bus or pass papers. That Welch of wire and Metal and explosives falling two Miles or More will pro throne and building that it hit and .1 Uncle will wreck a building in feet s Iuar one hit a Hospital killing it Mother her child and injury inc the doctor in fbanrc1 Purina Onn raid i want to the top of ,1 building at the outskirts of Lon Don to Wau a Tho explosion of the Phpllis Thorn were constant flushes Ai Thuv Hurst Riith up. Scattering their pieces of Meel and driving Back he s Safe is never married no a Long old be Mike Shure the Man i d marry Ain t been born yet an his Mother s in a sarcastic vein. There was a drumming bombard ment at Verdun when an american general officer visited the Battlefield. Fifteen Man Jutes after he reached the the colonel who waa to be or the Day the Telephone wires were Cut they were never re established. However they were not needed. The French advanced systematically. The colonel kept in touch with the rear through his Liaison run ners. By and said the american he released a Carrier Pigeon. It flew away through the gunfire. The ground was obscured by the Clouds of dust and torn Earth. Air planes were swooping overhead pelting us with machine gun fire. The air was filled with vivid flashes from the massed guns. It trem bled with the continuous shocks. Why did you release the i asked. Have your other Means of communication suddenly " of said the colonel smiling benevolent it is Only that i am very fond of Birds and i thought it would please the Pigeon " his Price was Low. While ashore in a port of one of the Little Island republics in the carib bean a number of United states marines attended a Bull fight that Wai graced by the presence of his Excel Lency the president of the Republic says the saturday evening Post. The sea soldiers occupied a Box near presidential party and to amuse them selves while waiting for the show to begin threw pennies into a River thai flowed by the Arena and watched native boys dive for them. The word quickly passed that so Dados Ameri Canos were pitching wealth into Muddy Waters and soon hundreds of Black shining faces were on the Banks of the River just outside the Bull ring the marines enjoyed themselves hugely watching the Little Fellows dive bul finally ran out of pennies and wer forced to raise the limit to quarters and half dollars. One Marine More reckless than the others pitched a big Silver Dollar while a score of Blach boys dived for it. He was jus Aboul to repeat the performance when an excited native seated near by plucked at his sleeve and whispered hoarsely please Don t do that Senor you la have the president in 1918 Little Marie was born in a vol Lage not far from Meleres it the ardennes. In 1914 Marie s father called to us colors fell at the Marne. And and her Mother stayed in the Village which now in the germans in 1915 a poster was pasted up on the door of the Village Church and that night Marie s Mother vanished along with a score or More of other women. In 1816 Marie was Mill living in that through the Charity of the few elderly Folk the germans permitted to stay. In 1917 Marie with All the children under fourteen Yean nod All the old people left alive in the Village waa bundled into s crowded car and shipped into Germany round through Switzerland and thence into France arriving at Brian. She was underfed of course emaciated sickly dirty too lightly dressed for the time of year. And she came into Ertan with not a relative not a Friend left in All France to take care of her. Who took her your bed Cross 1 Over there in Brian your bed Cross took charge of her cared for her in the bed Cross children s Hospital clothed her fed her built up her i strength taught her to play a and then helped the French authorities find her a Home. Multiply Marie by 500 and you will have some idea of just one Day s work your bed Cross does at evian it is Only one of the bed Crow activities in France to be for just that one alone can Yon help being proud of it can Yon help being glad Yon Are a member of it supporting its great work of humanity can you want ing it to go on helping the Maries and the grand daddies that come in at the train that saved aka110n How the red Cross helped round Tina. Could eat that horse won a ribbon at the horse show. Ton of Hay would have been More appropriate and useful. Pay As you enter. Should you insist on having a Friend precede Yon in entering a i consider it Wise anyhow. He s Apt to the fare for doing their bit War tanks carry pigeons for sending put messages in Case of need. This is yet another use to which pigeons have been put in this War. The ingenuity of the French in this respect however hard to beat observes a correspondent. In one of our allies War museums is an apparatus which shows How the French have at tempted to get news from their invaded territories. It consists of a balloon which carries 40 Carrier pigeons. In floating Over the land now occupied by the enemy it drops from time to time a to which is attached a Basket containing a Carrier Pigeon an aluminium message Holder several sheets of thin paper pen j Ell and detailed instructions for use. The finder of the Basket after writ ing a message has Only to slip it into j the Holder in the Bird s leg and set it j free. The homing instinct then Al lows the Pigeon to find its Way Back to the French lines. A Cameo kingdom. Prince Liechtenstein whose Frank utterances formed the most striking incident of a peace demonstration held recently in Vienna is heir to a principality which enjoys the unique distinction among Continental nations of having no army and no compulsory military service. Prior to the Austro prussian War the tiny state of Liechtenstein constituted part of the Ger manic confederation and was bound to maintain a quota of men for service in the Federal army but after Sadowa its Force of eighty soldiers was Dis banded and have never been revived. Boy drowns cat saved. The nine lives a cat possesses stood one creature in Good Stead in Northeast London not Long ago. A boy was Tak ing a cat in a Basket to the Oats Home to be destroyed. On the Way he slip Ped and fell into a canal the cat being in the Basket which he still held. The boy was drowned but the cat managed to save itself and has returned to its owner s House. Thorp 11 Alvair fun nor in Lor Ulon i from full inc shrapnel Whlon rail on for the Aro firer to fill hip air 1m lir of. Fill a pro in Jun dint it Ila Zipprodt 1o on be Fri Point no tit an l ounce Philil run h iroc up 1 top Thor awaiting the my ulnar Arthur Wooley Joseph Porter in opera burglar proof Cage. A burglar proof cashier s Cage located in a car House in an isolated District has been installed by the Washington water Power company says the electric railway journal. It is described As follows the Cage is sheathed with Iron on the outer Walls and the door and the windows Are provided with steel Tut talks. Counter weighted which can be lowered for Complete wrote clod. In the Bottom of each steel curtain is a trap or hinged Box which can be swung inside or outside without at any Lime affording n direct opening into the room. Cash placed in the trap on the ont slip Vrh leh is swung in to pave the cashier to it a Peck Hole who Sll line Rover is provided just above the hoop Holdt up cars. A mile of cars were recently held no in in Mon by a Small boy playing with a hoop. The blockade occurred in the evening just As the towns of were travelling Bou Ewerds. The Hij Uris a final Feln before Gonc Liotte a lion rolled into the electric current Slot which Ron Troli the tube anal Tramway. Only worry was that he Ronld not extricate his hoop. Police and vainly tried to poll it out and it not until the Hrcan Down a Fang arrived on in fit i to it the hoop was re moved and the Neffic could proceed. His memory. You try our pie if s just like Mother used make. Knew your Mother and you d better bring me ice Cream. Have you heart of what happened in Ron Manla when that stricken nation stood in rags and starving before shocked Eye of the world we had thought ourselves grown used to trag Edies until this greater horror struck a blow that roused still untouched sympathies. And yet we feh so helpless you and 1, so terribly weak in our ability to at Ler Aid. But were we after an were we not the very ones who car ried new life and Hope to the heart of Bon Manla you shall be1 your own judge. Fighting with the desperation of de Spair the shattered romanian army still struggled to the Kaiser s bloody inns who were mercilessly trampling the life out of the Little kingdom. And Kaiser smiled Bra tally As he saw is wolves at work and knew that from behind attacking the fighting men of Rouma Nia from Tho rear entering the Homes where mothers Clung to the frail Tor cd forms of their Sta ration. No country around Rou Ratoiu could help America was too pm away. Would die before supplies held in on own country could of sent her. Hope was gone. Death by Hungo and by the dripping sword of the Kai ser was dosing in. A Brave Little nation was being torn to pieces. Then came the Miracle one morn ing the streets of the War ital of Ron Manla. Swelled with Sochnuk of rejoicing. A City where the Day be fore there was heard nothing but Walls of the starring and the ticks of those mourning dead now we by boots of Joy. Too my Friend you who helped in the heroic work of the american bed a tour had Gooe to the Bou Monla. A Tram at is big can packed to their utmost with food Ukiu inc and upon tons of it arrived in after making a record breaking Brijs from the great store houses of Tbs american red Cross to rom la Ochej trains followed it were fid and clothed and nursed Back to a Earth for and Erin to this Day Tom Bra re people of Roumania Are Cam for in countless numbers by on own Cross. To was Ron Manla helped end history records Bow vets hut of a sturdy nation was kept oat of Tim bands of the huns to a Ftp tic Lory to or tray american ool Molly so. Oft rvs h to Iii Iii Duff i him n t in Rel ill1 in unit License. War Nairn la an to Forth. I i know i eel Jou for easy to buy and apply Wood Board have an inviting dining room at Only a Little time labor and expense you can apply Cornell Wood Board to the Walla and ceilings of the dining room or any other room in the House and increase the Beauty a Hundred per cent this Superior Wallboard nails right Over old Walls or direct to studding. Decorates perfectly with paint Oral Somite. Gives beam and panel effects. Panel suggestions free for the asking. Makes House warm in Winter Cool in summer. Remarkable resistant of fire and moisture. Satisfaction guaranteed when properly applied. Perfect material for garages Chicken houses All farm buildings repairs alterations Etc. Write for Sample and Complete information. Your dealer has Cornell Wood Board in boards 16 thick wide Standard lengths. R. W. Bailey co. E of Tho thirty leading scientists of Tho seventeenth Century Only three germans and of 27 in the eighteenth j Century again Only three were Ger mans. The Leblanc method of making soda Ash directly from Salt was Dis covered by a Frenchman and the Vav process by a belgian. Tho can Anide process of obtaining Gold and Silver is an american invention. The soda process for making paper from Wood pulp is american. The electrolytic treatment of Bauxite to obtain alumni num was invented by an american also the process of Mak ing carborundum and Graphite in physician believes a genuine Bem the disease has been Pound. Rheuma the wonderful rheumatism remedy sold by Fay f. Howd and All druggists gives quicker and j More lasting Relief than other reme does costing Many times As much. Rheuma passes the deadly Poison Ous secretions into the bowels and kidneys from which they Are quickly thrown off in a natural healthy Way. Read what a reputable physician says about Rheuma i have made a most careful investigation of the for Mula employed in the manufacture of Rheuma and i heartily recommend it As a remedy for All forms of rheumatism. I find Rheuma far in. Advance of the methods generally employed in the treatment of rheumatism and altogether different in com position from the remedies usually m. C. Lyons this should give any sufferer from rheumatism Confidence to try Rheu bookkeeping shorthand stenotype typewriting teachers 4 months at 2 months in school. Investigate. New plan to Lessen your our look ahead club of 10 students each month 428 a Market St Elmira. id mrs. Michitaro Onawa in a japanese play. Along the Road to fourth Day at Chautauqua. No alarm. Mid re out fit if a nil it the worst charac ters no the speak distinctly listen intently when you Telephone proper Telephone usage is always in order and particularly in these Rimes when great demands Are made on Telephone service. In making your Telephone Calls speak Jis Tomcik and directly into the Telephone Mouth piece or transmitter. La Stan carefully and cont fruit on is Buny no repetitions he no conversations needlessly Proton cd and no import ant Calls related of a prolonged use of Telephone lines and service. Sauces tons ire offered in the belief that will Pur them into practice in order not Only that wastes in Telephone usage May he hut adequate service May be available always for All needs. At the Simc time your conversations will be smooth and satisfying. I ill u r i. R i i r of a. E i .i.1 11 i i i Molto. New spa Peri new spa Peri

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